The Police, Christina, Corinne, and John x 2


I hope everyone got a chance to watch the Grammys last night…for three reasons:

  1. The reuniting of The Police. They were great…in look and sound. I really could have listened to more.
  2. The James Brown tribute by Christina Aguilera singing “This is a Man’s World.” Oh. My. Gosh. The girl blew it out. Fantastic.
  3. The trio that was Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend, and John Mayer. Truly, television doesn’t get better than moments like this. (If anyone finds the clip, e-mail me so I can post it…it wasn’t up when I went to bed last night.) See top of post for clip.

Not that my opinion means much…but…I have to say, I think John Mayer is one of the most talented recording artists out there right now. He is truly fantastic.

Like a Star – Corinne Bailey Rae

Where Did My Baby Go – John Legend

Slow Dancin’ in a Burning Room – John Mayer


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  1. double d Says:

    The show, in general, was good. John Mayer is fabulouso. With the exception of Justin Timberlake’s sacreligious rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine, most of the performances were pretty good.

    Without getting into politics, did I miss something so great about the Dixie Chicks CD? I mean 5 Grammys? The CD has certainly not been on my radar. Have any of you even heard it? Seems to me this was more of a “flip off” to Bush than “about the music”. If so, it really has NO place. To me, there’s NO way that their CD was better than Continuum or Corrine Bailey Rae.

    It appeared that even Natalie Maines knew that it wasn’t about the music, from her remarks.

  2. shelley Says:

    DD…you are DEAD ON THE MONEY.

    I didn’t even realize the Dixie Chicks had a new album out this year. Maybe because I don’t listen to the radio…but in my mind, if Mayer and Rae had albums that caught my attention when I don’t listen to the radio…that really says something.

    My jaw kept dropping at the DCs winning so much. I mean, musically and techincally and emotionally and everythingelse-ly, I don’t think they can touch Mayer.

    To top it off, I wanted to slap Manes for being such a horse’s ass when she got up there. Her last comment about “I’m all out of jokes” said it all to me…it’s one big joke to her…it’s NOT about the music.

    Mayer made just as poignant a political statement on his album…(as has Norah Jones, whom I expect to win scads of stuff next year)…and he was very gracious.

    Give me a break.

  3. jenfera Says:

    I have to disagree about the Dixie Chicks. I don’t even like country music, but I love Not Ready To Make Nice. I think the music is beautiful, and I love the story. It’s all about free speech and what makes this country great, when it comes right down to it. They do have the right to say whatever they want.

    “Made my bed and I sleep like a baby,
    No regrets and I don’t mind sayin’,
    It’s a sad, sad story when a mother would teach her daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger,
    And how in the world can the words that I said
    Send somebody so over the edge
    That they’d write me a letter
    Sayin’ that I better
    Shut up and sing or my life will be over?”

    Think about it – they exercised their rights as Americans and got death threats because of it?

    To rise up above it and win those Grammy’s, well, I say you go girls. Their country music career will never be what it could have been, but this pop fan will welcome them with open arms.

    Just my two cents, and yes, I do live in a blue state.

    Meanwhile, seeing the Police was hella exciting! Sting looked hot as ever and they sounded great. Loved John, John & Corinne, and Justin Timberlake needs to just go away.

  4. shelley Says:

    jenfera said, “They do have the right to say whatever they want.”

    I totally agree…they DO have the right to say whatever they want.

    I just thought Manes was a bit too flippant…the night was more than just about her.

    I also agree that their music is good. I’m not a fan of their genre and have never personally liked any of their songs…but I would never say they are lacking as artists.

    I just prefer Mayer as a musician and writer.

  5. shelley Says:

    Oh…and about Timberlake…I have to say, I was impressed with his performances.

    I really liked that he played piano. I didn’t know he played.

    Anytime an artist can accompany himself on an instrument…I’m duly impressed.

  6. Squeebee Says:

    I didn’t see the whole show, but I have to say, the DC’s winning so many awards “made my ass twitch”, to use a phrase coined by a good friend of mine ;). Some of the lyrics in that song seem rather hypocritical to me. Of course, NO ONE should have to be scared for their lives due to death threats, but the line:

    “It’s a sad, sad story when a mother would teach her daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger,”

    is interesting, considering Natalie Maines’ comments about Dubya.

    The collaboration with the two Johns and Corrine was wonderful! I had read over on GC’s, I think, that Corrine was not great live, so I didn’t have high expectaions. She was great, though!

    I’m with Shelley about Justin. I was actually impressed with him, although I think his falsetto is awful. Seeing him play the piano gave me a new respect for him. (Did you hear that, Bama?? πŸ˜‰ )

    Shelley…aren’t you glad the MonkBots pressured you into buying Mayer’s CD??

  7. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ummm…yeah. I love Justin Timberlake. I think that b/c he was in a boyband when he was a teenager, some people pigeon-holed him. He plays the piano and the guitar. He has a wonderful range to his voice, he’s maturing as an artist…and the boy can dance. He was also very gracious to that sweet girl that won a chance to sing with him. I thought he was a perfect gentleman. I understand that his brand of pop is not for everybody…but I think members of the Soul Patrol take it too far when it comes to him…all b/c he said something nasty about their mini-deity. Puh-leeze. Get over it already.

    Dixie Chicks- I used to loooove them. I have always dug their sound. I was very disappointed when Natalie shot her mouth off…but I woulda dropped it after awhile…except that Natalie won’t drop it. I think making that album was prolly really good for them. They processed their feelings through it…and that can make for some great music. I have heard the album and I think it’s spectacular. I really think their wins were justified. I was just so sorry to see her being so catty last night. Why not just be thankful?

    I was most impressed with the John, John, Corinne set, Christina Aguilera (her voice stunned me), and Carrie Underwood….man she’s good!!

    I loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the end too…it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen them…but I love them and that song…they are an institution.

    (Actually I really liked Chris Brown and the “stomping” too.)

  8. Holeigh Says:

    The best thing John Mayer ever did was grow his hair out…dead sexy, haha. I wanted to watch the Grammys for his performances but I couldn’t sit through the Dixie Chicks. I support their right to say whatever they want, but I’m over it. Political statements like those of Jones and Mayer are in good taste, but that DC CD (ahaha) got about zero radio play because most people hated it…however, they win 5 Grammys…all that says to me is they won because they hate “the man”. IMO, move along now, Natalie. (I also live in a blue state.)

    I really hope someone finds the video for John x2 and Corinne, gotta see it!

    Lastly: I am actually seeing John Mayer in concert next Thursday night in Grand Rapids! I cannot wait to hear Gravity…

  9. claire Says:

    I understand that his brand of pop is not for everybody…but I think members of the Soul Patrol take it too far when it comes to him…all b/c he said something nasty about their mini-deity. Puh-leeze. Get over it already.

    Bama, thanks for saying that. I was starting to feel that some SP’ers were just hating on Justin just because he said something less than complimentary about Taylor, and not because they necessarily dislike him as an artist. He certainly wasn’t very nice about Taylor with that tune-in-a-bucket comment, but in the end he came out looking worse, when Taylor didn’t retaliate with a similar style of comment. I happen to think some of his stuff is good. His comments certainly wouldn’t put me off buying his album.

    It’s the same with the Kat and Chris bashing. I have never participated in that. I think Kat is pretty and has a lovely voice, within her range. A potential Diva on Broadway, perhaps?.. Chris, while I wouldn’t be a huge fan of his, can also undeniably sing and has a niche market. He also seems like a pretty decent fella, if you read about his family situation.

    I think the only reason the same fans don’t pick on Elliott is because he appeared to have a close friendship with Taylor during the competition, as opposed to Kat & Chris, who were definitely portrayed as “The Competition!!”

    My point? Taylor is going to have other artists come forward who say he is crap. In an ideal world, I would ask the fans who then attack these people like killer bees to look at their motivation. Is it because someone was mean about our Tay-Tay, who is obviously unable to look after himself or deal with the situation, or is it because they simply don’t like the artist and their music/genre, and the way they handle themselves and their comments in public? There is a fine line.

    And obviously nobody is going to listen to little old me.

  10. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh boogers, I forgot it was on and decided to watch old movies on DVD.

    Drats and tarnation!

  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…the Justin thing.

    Bama I agree with you, I do believe some people who don’t like Timberlake have taken their stance on the “TH principle”.

    Claire I hear what you are saying…about there will always be those out ther that don’t like Taylor…but my concern is the fact that TL HAD to comment so negatively. Why make that bold of a comment…to me it was marketing right before his cd dropped. Kinda of a negative PR stunt. Maybe I am wrong, but to step on another artist like that feels really wrong.

    Can’t comment on the Dixie Chicks…never like em…so I can’t comment one way or another (see TL THAT’s how you do it)

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew said “Oh boogers”!! Hahaha! Boogers! (I’m a little boy dressed-up as a grown woman.) I hope you get to find some of the performances on You Tube!!!

    Claire- Thanks for backing me up! The only thing I slightly disagree with is your statement that Timberlake came out looking bad in comparison to Taylor’s lack of retaliation. I truly think the only people paying attention to the whole debacle was the Soul Patrol. In that case, JT was always going to come out looking bad. Taylor could’ve gone on some crazy rant and the SP woulda still patted him on the back and said “Way to go”! JT’s album sales, tour sales, Grammy nods weren’t hurt by his comments at all…b/c no one outside the SP cared.

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- I highly doubt that JT made that comment in order to make pr for his album. He didn’t need to. He has a HUGE worldwide fanbase. The SP is a drop in comparison.

    I’ve gone over this before and I think what he said was taken out of context of the situation…was prolly something he said flippantly and out of ignorance of Taylor’s true talent…and I don’t think he should’ve said anything…but I say stoopid stuff all the time and I know most people do…we just don’t have someone recording it and writing it down for the world to see.

  14. claire Says:

    Why make that bold of a comment…to me it was marketing right before his cd dropped. Kinda of a negative PR stunt. Maybe I am wrong, but to step on another artist like that feels really wrong.

    Exactly Shrew – publicity. And then there’s the whole Free Speech thing. Justin was perfectly entitled to say what he did. The real issue here, IMO, is people’s reactions to those comments. Maybe JT thought that any publicity is good publicity? I don’t agree with what he said, because I’m a Taylor fan, but hey, I’m not going to let it bother me either.

    I truly think the only people paying attention to the whole debacle was the Soul Patrol. In that case, JT was always going to come out looking bad.
    Exactly, Bama! The SP were the only group of people who really paid any attention to the comment, so, by Taylor not retaliating negatively, the Soul Patrol was mollified, because JT ended up looking petty. It’s all swings and roundabouts.

    Anyway, that’s my 2c on the matter. Basically a certain faction of the SP need to keep a little perspective on whats really important – Taylor’s haircut, love life and weight. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I kid, I kid. It’s all about the music, baby…

  15. leejolem Says:

    The JT comment bothered me only because he criticized Taylor’s voice, and I thought that was uncalled for. It made me wonder if he had really heard Taylor, or if he just assumed since Taylor was on AI. Bama, I like your point though that we all say stoopid things, and God forbid if they were all recorded and replayed ad nauseum. That would so suck!! My girls were big NSync fans back in the day, and we actually saw them in concert, and they rawked!!!!! I have to say I was always a Joey Fatone fan, and will be watching him on Dancing w/the Stars next season. Justin is an amazing live performer as was JC Chasez. Both can dance!!!!!

    I didn’t watch the Grammys–sounds like I missed a good show. I need to get John Mayer’s cd(s).

  16. leejolem Says:

    p.s. I love Christina A’s single that’s out now. Has anyone heard the whole cd? Is it worth buying. She has got some pipes!!!

  17. Jax Says:

    Hi Everybody!!

    DD — could not believe JT tried that song … note the keyword “tried”

    Christina A .. did a great job with “It’s a Man’s World” .. but was I the only one thinking that it shoulda been Taylor??

    Dixie Chicks … there is not enuff space to describe my feelings … it’s the disrespectful part of all of this that I cannot get over … Why can’t I get over it … because everytime she has the chance she stirs it again … I do not watch entertainers to listen to their political views … Yes, they surely can exercise their right to free speech … as I can exercise my right not to support … and I do.

    Umm may I mention???

    IT Is NINE days til Jacksonville???

    I am so totally over the moon about all of this!!!!!

  18. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay seriously…I can’t find clips of Christia nor the JCJ sandwhich on YouTube…I really want to see that.

    *Shakes angry fist of fate at Netflix for arriving on Saturday and predetermining my night watching the stoopid Grammys*

    Hey Jaxy…long time no see.

  19. nolagirl Says:

    I of course agree that it was a total pleasure to see the Johns and Corinne in that performance. Johnnie boy was making me laugh those with his faces and such … gotta love the passion though!

    I have the Dixie Chicks CD. I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, but someone gifted me with it on iTunes. It is good, and I like it. However, I agree that Natalie’s attitude last night was so childish and annoying. The other “chicks” are way classier from the looks of it. It’s like she’s TRYING to make sure the “haters” still hate her. What ever happened to moving on??

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nola- the other two DC’s always look like they are cringing when Natalie speaks. Like they are terrified about what she’s gonna say next.

    By the way y’all…what the h-e-double hockey sticks was this????!!!!!

  21. shelley Says:

    Vid of the Police is up for those interested (see post above).

    let’s hope they at C & jx2 soon.

  22. Shrewspeaks Says:

    BAMA that is the MonkBot Convention Uniform

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Do we have to hold a little frog like she has?? I like frogs but I think the Monkbot might try to eat them.

  24. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama I was going dressed AS the frog!

    Sorry for the decent into lunacy.

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Heehehe…that’s why I love you Shrew!!

    So, are we supposed to carry your frog-self around in our arms? Where am I going to get scrunchy white boots???!

  26. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama What Size?

    And goodness no…I will peddle my own amphibias patooty around

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh my weirdness!! I can’t believe you can do a search for “scrunch white boots” and find millions of them!

    Okay…so where am I gonna get a garden to wear in my hair??

  28. Shrewribbits Says:

    Do you doubt me?

  29. double d Says:

    For the record, I don’t dislike Justin because of Taylor comments. I dislike him because his music is horrid. Ain’t No Sunshine was passable but that next part was atrocious. I did think it a little odd that he chose THAT song, however. To me, it IS sacreligious for him to sing it. Stick to “bringing Sexy Back”.

    Sorry, y’all but I thought both he and Christina were terrible. She was just screaming and his squealing (attempted falsetto) just hurt my ears.

    I did dig RHCP although I think Flea is a little ridiculous. But Mary J was awesome. I even liked some of ole Ludacris.

  30. shelley Says:

    DD said, “I dislike him because his music is horrid.”

    Shelley holds Bama back

  31. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Naw Shelley…I don’t mind that some people are wrong. Haha!

    And…Flea being ridiculous is just Flea being Flea. He cannot be any other way than the way he is. This is the man that used to play concerts in the nude….

  32. double d Says:

    I lerve Bama….JT, not so much. And white tenny shoes…PFFFFT!

    We just have to agree to disagree on this one.

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay. I’m not here to change yer mind anyway!

  34. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am…Ribbit, ribbit ribbit.

    PS- Anyone get that I have recaptured that levaquin feeling?

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Sa-weet! I love drugged-up Shrew! Yer so much fun when you aren’t being yerself….wait…I mean…uhh…well, nevermind…

    Bring the levaquin to NOLA, k??

  36. Libby Says:

    Hi all —

    Enjoyed the Grammy Awards overall. The trio of Rae, Legend and Mayer was fantastic. John Mayer is exceptionally talented and has a tremendous future as he continues to get better and better.

    Loved Continuum. Unlike many of my fellow Monkbots, I thought The Long way Home was one of the best “rock” albums I have heard in years. Rick Rubin was a genius in working with the DCs. Natalie Maines speaks without thinking — and her comments in France were ill advised and not appropriate — they are clearly trying to help her be more sophisticated and wise in sharing her thoughts and opinions. But these women are very talented and have taken a bad situation and a mistake in judgement — and made an awesome comeback with the help and direction of Rick Rubin. I think the DCs deserved every award last night that they received.

    Still not a music fan of Justin T. — dont care what he did or did not say about TH.

    Carrie Underwood did a great job last night — so professional, talented and lovely. She is the only Idol winner who graduated from college. After the AI tour — she went back and finished her degree program while recording her Some Hearts Album. She is young — but disciplined and focused. A great example imho.

    Love to all the MBs.

  37. leejolem Says:

    I lerve white tennies, and lerve TH wearing jeans, white long-sleeved shirt and white tennies!!!!

    Shrew–surely you can pick something better than levaquin. How about Tussionex at least–liquid gold? Bama, you don’t want her to bring levaquin–boring!

  38. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Libby- I totally agree about Carrie. I have become more and more impressed with her as time passes. She is so poised and well-spoken…as well as imensely talented. I feel like she has really grown.

    Did you see that Simon Fuller was her “date” at the Grammys? It’s good to see that she has a good relationship with TPTB.

  39. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Levaquin = uninhibited shrewbie

    That is what is cool about it…and Bama…I am not on it at the moment…I have just learned to live life like I am

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- Maybe you should give seminars and stuff on “How To Live Like Yer On Levaquin”. I bet peeps would pay all kinds of money for that!

  41. shelley Says:

    Cooper called me and asked if he could write a comment for the ‘Write Your Own Caption” post.

    How could I turn him down.

    Here’s what he put (this is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I was wanting)

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Loved it Patchitmacallitahopper!

    I hate that some rude person killed the post for us. I didn’t even have my chance!!

  43. nolagirl Says:

    Good one Cooper! Hopefully Taylor wasn’t wearing his open toed shoes. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t believe I forgot to comment on Carrie! I was never blown away by her b/c of her lack of “performing” (FarmBot as VFTW dubbed her) but she has improved in that area from Idol time. She is so pretty and so …. nice! I love seeing someone like her succeed.

  44. Jan Says:

    I love the Dixie Chicks. I don’t care what Natalie said and I’m about as anti-Bush as you can get. I didn’t even know they had a new CD out though so I have no opinion on whether they should have won or not.

    JT: I don’t like his music. End of story. To be fair, I don’t like that genre much. I do like Jay-Z, Tupac, Mary J Blige, The Black-eyed peas, Eminem, and Kanye West so I don’t hate that type of music as a rule. He has more talent than I thought he did though. I didn’t realized that he plays the piano and the guitar and dances quite well. He was also very gracious to the grammy moment winner. The video cam thing was really funny. He was right about Ain’t No Sunshine…I felt like a black hole opened in my soul the moment he started singing that song.

  45. Dr. Bob Says:

    Anyway, that’s my 2c on the matter.

    Claire — is it cents or pence?

  46. claire Says:

    Dr Bob, it’s cents, LOL! Ireland is part of the Euro gang.

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