Liquid Plumber Power Jet…I’ll Be Your Next Spokeswoman



This stuff is amazing.

I don’t mean to go all commercial on y’all, but I honestly and truly thought sharing my thoughts on this product would be of help to someone.

My bathroom sink has drained slowly for four years (since I bought the house). Periodically, I have had the pleasure of removing the stopper and cleaning out wads of goo and hair (yum).

It’s disgusting.

Well, my sink recently has been draining slower than usual. I removed the stopper and cleaned it out…and it was still slow.

I bought some Liquid Plumber Foaming Pipe Snake (4 bottles)…and it was still slow.

As a last resort to having to call a plumber…I bought a can of the Liquid Plumber Power Jet.

The can says…”blasts clogs away in three seconds.”

It was absolutely true. (You can watch a demo here.)

My little sink is draining better than it has in four years.

It’s rare that a product lives up to its claims…so, when it does…I want to let folks know.

If anyone ever has a stubborn clog in a sink or tub (it’s not to be used on toilets)…go buy some of this stuff. It’s fantastic.

Not only did it unclog my sink…it saved me from having to spend money on a real plumber…and from having to witness the unsitely vision of “plumber’s butt.”


24 Responses to “Liquid Plumber Power Jet…I’ll Be Your Next Spokeswoman”

  1. Malisa Says:

    So should I take back the ‘Drano Max Gel’ that I bought today and try to find this miracle product? Or only use said miracle product if this standard one doesn’t do the trick? (I didn’t see yours at Target where I got mine today.)

  2. shelley Says:

    Malisa…I’ve never used the gel.

    But if you’re dealing with a clog…I’d say try the gel and if it doesn’t work…go for the JET! (Who knows, maybe those four bottles of foaming pipe snake loosened things up for the Jet to work on my sink.)

  3. nolagirl Says:

    I hate the hair in the drain problem! Even though it’s my own hair, it totally makes me gag! How does it all even get in there so much???? Ewww.

    Note to self: Keep some Power Jet on hand.

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ooooh….I love products so much! All kinds of products: Beauty products, hair products, food products…and CLEANING products!! I will buy anything in cool packaging and with great advertising!!

    I’m running out to buy that stuff right now…I don’t have a clogged sink…but someday I will and I’ll be ready!!!

  5. Nunya Bidness Says:

    Slow news day?

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey did this affect anyone you know, Nola or DD: Tornado Hits New Orleans??

  7. shelley Says:

    very slow…unlike my drain after power jet

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Not everything is news. Sometimes it’s just plain-o conversation…

  9. leejolem Says:

    How about this for news–we’re supposed to get 12-14 inches of snow by this evening!! ugh! We already have around 6 inches and it’s supposed to start up again this afternoon. I’m at work, but the rest of my family is all snug at home–how depressing. 😦

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I want snow! I want snow! I want snow!!!!!!!

    Please send it my waaaaay!

  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Does this work on love lives that are stuck down in a drain? If so sign me up for a case!

    Lee I am sooooo sorry.

    Tornado in NOLA? And I just watched the new PBS documentary last night on NOLA!!! DD…NOLA send up flares letting us know you are alright!

    Speaking of news…I have an email from KD…guess what?

  12. nolagirl Says:

    I am fine in NOLA! Thankfully, the tornado skipped out on my neighborhood. One of the two ‘hoods it did it is where my mom’s former school was (she retired from teaching last year). The school had damage but she didn’t know to what extent, and of course, no power! Sad thing is that area had like 4 feet of water during Katrina so many people either just fixed up their homes, were in the process, or hadn’t even gotten to that point yet. Not fair, but that’s Mother Nature …

  13. claire Says:

    Shrew!!! News?? Do tell…..

  14. Squeebee Says:

    Shrew….how cruel of you to leave us hanging! Spill it, sistah!

  15. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Mini KD was born yesterday Feb 12th at 2:41 pm at 8llbs 0.5oz and 21 inches. Mother, baby and sisters doing well…Father I am not so sure about.

  16. double d Says:

    YEAH!!! for Mini-KD!!!! Lazy little booger that he is….SOOOO excited for them!!!

  17. double d Says:

    BTW, we were under Tornado Warnings but didn’t have any. Sun is shining brightly now.

    Hey, y’all…..

    Guess what is 1 MONTH from tomorrow?!?

    Of course, I only have to wait 14 more days (yikes!).

  18. Squeebee Says:

    Congrats to Mom, Dad, and little Graylor! I am glad all went well!

  19. nolagirl Says:

    Congrats KD!!!!!!! May your Valentine’s Day be FULL of love with your new little bundle of joy!

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww..tiny little babies being born!! Thanks for the update Shrew!

    Congratulations Kd and family!!

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- I’m counting the days til the MB convention!! Yay!

  22. claire Says:

    Congrats to KD!!! Great news.

    Thanks Shrew. Hows baby Beau, btw?…

  23. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Claire…Beau is the the fuzzy face I needed in my life! Thanks for asking.

  24. nolagirl Says:

    Yay for human babies AND “fur” babies! Glad Beau is still doing well. My little (or actually, big) booger, Bella, is going to be 3 March 1 and I can’t believe it! She was so widdle itty bitty when I first got her (adopted her from animal control at only 5 weeks old! She only weighed 3.3 lbs!) She’s getting a shnazzy new bed for the big day!

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