Happy Stinkin’ Valentine’s Day


I hate this day.

I hate hearts.

I hate lovey dovey poems.

I hate cupids.

I hate boxes of chocolate.

Well…okay…so I don’t hate boxes of chocolate.

But I do hate heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

Last night on AI…we said good-bye to our little Sean Michel. I have to say, I was sad.

However…I was very, very, very pleased with Chris Sligh and Beat Box Guy’s group performance. It rawked.

And how much do I love the little brother who cried for his sister? So sweet (but not sweet enough for me to look up how to spell his name. Boy, am I lazy.)

Great show…brutal cuts…can’t wait to see Top 24. Will anyone outdo Taylor Hicks’ Top 24 Walk Harp Solo? How DO you outdo that? Make the Top 24 Walk playing the piano?

UPDATE: Great write-up by “Entertainment Weekly’s” Michael Slezak. I agree with absolutely everything he said…especially about Sundance (whom, I think, is overrated).

Oh…and from the category of “Ideas Beyond the Realm of Simply Bad.”


Here’s y’all’s official Valentine’s gift…


13 Responses to “Happy Stinkin’ Valentine’s Day”

  1. Rowan Says:

    Hear you, sistah, hear you. I do not heart Valentines Day. It is tackeee, and the sea of pink in the supermarket hurts my eyes and makes me queasy.

    One good thing is that the heart-shaped chocolates will be half-price tomorrow….

    Sheesh at Sean going. I am mightily dischuffed. Love his song, “Forgiven Much”. Sigh.

    Umm…the Hardy Men…what can one say to that concept? Too funny! Bring back Ilya Kuryakin and Napoleon Solo…

  2. Holeigh Says:

    Ohhh that Chris…I see myself buying his CD less than a year from now. I can’t decide which I am looking forward to more: Top 24 tomorrow night or a possible Betty/Henry kiss on Thursday! 😀

    Did we really lose Sean? I thought he made it through…then again, that show was so fast paced I really only followed Chris and the best friends…so glad when the skanky one went.

    I only hate V-Day because it is so commercialized…I’d rather get flowers just because, not because a date on the calendar dictates it as such.

    Lastly: NO Tom…just put the paperback down and back the hell up slowly.

  3. Libby Says:

    Notes from the insomniac — still cannot bring myself to watch AI.

    However, thanks to Shelley — I did get interested in Chris Sligh. He and the band are good. Nice to see a SC guy doing well. (SC is my home state.)

    And you have to be kidding about Tom Cruise and a Hardy Boys project — they have to be kidding.

  4. shelley Says:


    Now I’m REALLY excited for Thursday.

    About the best friends…how much did everyone hate that chick who went home? Skank much?


    And…although I wasn’t a fan…I felt bad for little Bailey Brown. 😦 I think she got a raw deal being stuck with those two girls. I know she still could have remembered her words…but….

  5. double d Says:

    It still floors me as alot of folks don’t “get” showbiz 101 in these auditions….


    Frankly, I think ole Kat McPhee should have been left at the door for forgetting her words during Hollywood week but it appears that there are different rules for different folks.

    Told ya Sean would be gone. I don’t think there’s a clear favorite yet but I’d have to think that Blake Lewis is gaining some momentum…Unique, stands out, has talent, decent looking. Chris is going to go far but win? I dunno.

    I still think this year’s winner is a girl. BTW, did anyone notice that the Robyn Troupe chick cut in Hollywood was the girl that sang with JT on the Grammys?

    Oh, and THE HARDY BOYS?!? Puleeze. Has Ben Stiller lost his mind? Or is this part of his humor? Tom Cruise makes me gag. Just how celluloid can one guy be?

  6. double d Says:

    Oh, and Shelley — regarding “The Green Mile” tonight. No, I don’t think anyone will ever top Taylor’s entrance. It was BRILLIANT! And anyone who tries something like that again will simply look like a wannabe.

    THAT, will always be synonymous with Taylor.

  7. jenfera Says:

    Shelley – I agree about the foursome featuring Chris Sligh & the beat box boy. They were awesome! Even my jaded husband was into it.

    I totally don’t get how these people forget the words. I mean, if I am trying to rememeber something non-musical, it helps to set it to music. That Baylie girl barely uttering a word was unbelievable. I was glad they had the good sense to axe her, despite Simon’s initial drooling on her commercial potential.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Thank you for the sweet “Chris Sligh” video! That’s the best Valentine I’ll get all day! I wore black from head to toe in honor of the day….

    I’m sorry to see Sean go, but I’m thankful he was introduced to us…since I can now follow him on my own. I don’t need the approval of AI or America to know what I like.

    DD- I think you’re wrong about a girl winning this year. But I guess we’ll know more when we know who the Top 12 are.

  9. Holeigh Says:

    YEAH! That’s what I missed about watching the show online, you miss the previews for next week.

    Picture It: After last week and the girlfriend flying in from AZ (grr…no matter how nice she is), Henry and Betty were shown outside, real close to one another, leaning in to kiss. One of them says, “should we be doing this?” “No…” But they kept leaning in anyway! Now, it could be creative editing, but it’s Valentine’s week and all…hehehe, SO excited! 🙂

  10. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    thanks for the video! I really like him, was glad he didnt get booted, thought his group was good, worked well together and i loved the beat box guy.
    does anyone watch medium? they used Corinne bailey as the music, i think her voice is sweet.

  11. Dr. Bob Says:

    Not the biggest fan of valentine’s here. I also miss Sean Michel, but I am hoping that he got enough exposure to get a nibble from a label. I liked him a lot, but I had the feeling that there was nooooo waaaayy that AI was going to let him through. They learned their lesson with Taylor.

  12. ivoryhut Says:

    Yay! Thanks for the vid, Shelley. Really liking Chris Sligh a lot more, and he was already my favorite to begin with.

    I love his humor. “She crumbled in my chubby little fingers.” Ha!!

  13. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    I bet most of ya’ll didn’t even know that “Valentine’s Day” isn’t even a real holiday! I call it “capitalism day” because of Hallmark’s need for more money. Seriously.

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