Taylor Hicks Performs at Endymion Ball…a Monkbot Exclusive


Our dear little NOLAgirl has had a rough year and a half…what with Hurricane Katrina destroying her home and city. So, she richly deserved her special night last night at the Endymion Ball in New Orleans where Taylor Hicks gave a private show as part of the Mardi Gras celebration. And the wonderful girl she is, our NOLA was gracious enough to share her experience with us. Thanks, NOLAgirl.

Taylor at Endymion

A Monkbot Exclusive by NOLAgirl (a.k.a. Katie)

Click here for photos of the event.

It was a chilly 30-minute wait to get into the Dome for the Extravaganza (my mom told me to bring a wrap but I thought I’d be fine. Duh.). Wind was blowing, excitement growing. It was about 6:30. BRING IT ON. Got into the warmth of the Dome and trekked our way to table DD 29 (coincidence? I think not!). We had a GREAT table (thanks Mr. Keith!) and the first 2 pics show the stage from our table. (The Taylor pics are from closer up, we just walked right up to the barricade) Pretty cool set, huh? No AI tin foil high school prom crap. Nice. Local band The Cheeze Weez entertained us until the parade arrived around 8-8:30ish.

As his float was entering the Dome the announcer gave a little background on Taylor, mentioning that he was a Southern boy and then stupidly saying he also attended Auburn University, to which the boos rang loud and clear (including my own AND the friends in our group that went to Alabama). Taylor was still chucking beads and cups like a champ but you could tell he had to be pooped. I am sad to report that I did NOT catch anything from him on his grand marshal float. However, my friend Meaghan said she DID she him say “Katie, I love you!” So I felt better, naturally. I didn’t get a pic of him on the float, but you’ve seen some cute ones already here at Monkbot.

Covered in beads, we moseyed back by our table to unload (the woman next to me by the parade route got clocked in the face with beads and had to put an ice pack on her eye – ouch.) and get ready for Al Green. He made it do what it do and toward the end of his set Meaghan and I (the blonde in the pics) headed to get in position for Taylor. She didn’t know much about him, but I think she was somewhat impressed, or at least enjoyed it. (I talked to her today and she went online to search for Taylor to find out more about him and his music, so that says something!) They had the stage divided into two sides so that the musical acts could transition without having to wait for the crew to change out all the equipment and stuff. So as Al Green was finishing out, I saw Brian, Jeff, Zippy, Sam and Mitch come onto the darkened side of the stage and get into position. I told Meaghan that Taylor was coming soon because that was his band and she was impressed with my skillz and “inside info.” Word.

So then the fun REALLY began! He came out ready to rock and started with “Call Me the Breeze.” He then did “Hey Pocky Way” with some tagging (“When the Saints Go Marching In” and that “Hey, the Mardi Gras” callback thing to the audience we’ve heard him do before). He did two originals, which he announced as such, “Soul Thing” and “Hell of a Day,” and then did “Gonna Move.” They were all great and I was so feeling it (and no, it wasn’t just the gin and tonic). The up-close crowd seemed to be, too. His circles dance and harp seemed to get the most response, naturally. He then closed it out with “Dance to the Music” (fun!) tagged with a little “Higher.” He of course gave props to all the LMBO guys like usual. Didn’t talk much, just the usual “How y’all doin’, New Orleans!!!!” and “Happy Mardi Gras everybody!!”‘ sort of thing. It was short (less than an hour) but SO sweet!

The woman next to me during the performance turned to me after it was done and said “Aww, he didn’t sing that song!” and I said “What song?” “That ‘make you proud’ song,” she said. “Ohhh,” I said. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s one of his favorites. You know, not really his style.” (trying to be “PC” with this stranger). “Well I like it!” she said, “And he did make me proud!” So one woman was a little disappointed in not hearing DIMYP … but this woman had no complaints, all around! (except that Taylor didn’t call me up on stage to dance with him, as my office mates had predicted Friday – those nutcases).

(In other news, Styx was pretty damn good. “Come Sail Away” was by far the most fun of their set. It sounded like the whole Dome was singing along! Journey … meh. We left before they were done, as it was already nearing 3:00 a.m.)

I have to say my friend Melissa’s parents (her dad rides) were so sweet to me in particular, as they knew I was a big Taylor fan. They made sure we got a good spot and seemed to enjoy us enjoying him (and the whole ball, to tell you the truth!) Her dad came up to me at one point in the night and showed me some pics on his camera from the Friday night more casual dinner that Endymion has. He got some good ones of Taylor. He said Taylor was so gracious and signed autographs and took pictures with anyone who wanted them for two hours. Mr. Keith seemed impressed by him, so that was neat.

Shell, that’s all I can think of now! Sorry it’s not that creative, but it’s the facts baby!

NOLAgirl…no apologies, babe. That RAWKED! πŸ™‚

Laissez les bon temps roullez, baby! Yeah!

Just to avoid confusion that Mardi Gras is all revelry and no pain…here’s proof of the dangers inherent in having plastic beads hurled at you…our own Double D got this contusion at the parades in Mobile.


20 Responses to “Taylor Hicks Performs at Endymion Ball…a Monkbot Exclusive”

  1. double d Says:

    NOLAGirl — YOU RAWK, chick!

    WOOO! Nice. Taylor and New Orleans…..yeaasss! Can’t wait until 3/14….we gon’ rock tha house.

    Speaking of getting clocked… I went down to the Mobile Mardi Gras today with mini-DD. (Monklex had a golf tournament.) We went and partied with my friend down at the floats. Before the parade started, we made our way up to the “main drag”. Since I had imbibed on a few beers, we stopped at the port-o-lets. While I was in line, a dude got “clocked” with beads. While the guy in back of me and I were talking about it, I got clocked, yet the large PURPLE beads landed squarely around my neck. I ended up with a 1/2 inch circle “knot” on my forehead but I troopered on, one of the walkin’ wounded.

    I’ll send Shelley the picture proof. While we had fun, it was very crowded and of course, dangerous!

    NOLAGirl — you ma hero!!!!!!!

  2. leejolem Says:

    NOLA, thanks for sharing the evening with us! What a cool stage. Taylor looked pretty energetic considering he’d been throwing stuff for God knows how many hours. I’m sure if he hadn’t been so worn out he would have called you up on stage girl!!! He could have used a little love and a monkbot hug. Did Styx sing Babe? Lerve that song!!!

  3. wompuss Says:

    The beast has been released! Thanks, NOLA! Great stuff!

  4. Rowan Says:

    NOLA, that was great! Whoo hoo! have yet to see Taylor in person (hope to one day) but appreciate the chance to live vicariously! Love the pics.

  5. wompuss Says:

    Sheesh, DD…hope you were properly “anesthesized” ~wink~

  6. jenfera Says:

    Great pics, NOLA! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. jenniesaunt Says:

    Thank you for sharing your description of the Endymion festivities. I’ve been on a search for any information about Taylor and Mardi Gras! There seems to be mutual admiration between Taylor and New Orleans. Taylor really looked happy!!!

    BTW, War eagle!!!So glad that the announcer commented on Taylor’s connection to the “loveliest village on the plains.”

  8. Jax Says:


    How GREAT for you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful pbp!!! Awesome pictures!!!!!!!!

    You deserved nothing less!!!!!

  9. Karen Says:

    Hey Nolagirl, it’s Gumbeaux. I got a black eye too but from Taylor personally. I felt honored. A cup he threw got me right on the bridge of the nose. The show was great. Everyone really enjoyed Taylor and LiMBO sure was digging Al Green. I noticed that a lot of people who were there for Al were really diggin Taylor too. Party Gras.

  10. baby duck Says:

    NOLAgirl, thanks for sharing your experience with us! I’m so happy for you that you were able to go.

    The pictures are great! I love the one of Taylor and Brian. “We just walked right up to the barricade”. Good job of representing the Monkbot division and reporting back!

  11. Dr. Bob Says:

    I had no idea that beads and cups were dangerous. You were soooo brave!

    (DD — you okay?)

    NOLA, great job! You carry on the proud tradition of monkbots everywhere. I very much enjoyed the pictures and the write up.

  12. double d Says:

    MindDoc– only when you aren’t looking. Since I was in line for the loo and laughing about some other schmuck who had just got clocked, I wasn’t looking….I’m thinking karma has something to do with it.

    After a few beers, all is well. The Monklex says maybe it knocked some sense into me, but after re-thinking said “Nah. That head is way too hard.”

  13. ivoryhut Says:

    Great writeup, Katie! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it was really fun. I didn’t think it was possible to make me wish I could be at the MB convention even more, but there ya go.

    Lee, I love that song “Babe” too. The “rock band” I was in back in high school (we were about 12 years old then, hence the quotes) used to play it all the time.

    DD, that instant karma stuff happens to me all the time. πŸ™‚

  14. Rowan Says:

    Aww, DD, that looked a painful bruise. The only plus side to being concussed would be seeing two Taylors….

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better. Very cool shades, btw!

  15. nolagirl Says:

    Yeah, you really have to be alert especially at these huge “super krewes” parades b/c they throw a LOT. It’s kinda hard to be at your best alertness when you’ve been drinking, but hey, we try. (and I’ve never gotten hit …yet)

  16. double d Says:

    Just to clarify….I didn’t see Taylor. He was in New Orleans and I was in Mobile. All I was seeing was a bunch drunk Rednecks….fun though they are. They do “throw” ALOT of stuff and were a bit carried away throwing at the folks who were in line for the bathroom. Hence, my unfortunate “clocking”.

    This is what happened. (‘cept I wasn’t looking)

  17. rowan Says:

    Ouch! Felt that one from here!

    Looks like a tradition which is for the stout-hearted, rather than the lily-livered. Think I would be wearing a motorcycle helmet with my monkbot head pic stuck on the visor.

    Thanks, DD! Great clip.

  18. Squeebee Says:

    NOLA…sounds like you had a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

    Double to da D……ouch! Makes me think twice about going to Mardi Gras some day!

  19. Quossum Says:

    NOLA–Good on you, girl! Sounds like a great time all around.

    Can’t wait to see everyone in a few weeks!


  20. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Wowee! Nola what an awesome time! Yay you!

    And DD next time…DUCK! Mheheh

    DANG! I must say all of this just makes me so eager for the Convention coming up!

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