Top 12 Guys…Quick and Dirty


Rudy Cardenas — Forgettable (okay…so my brother Cooper liked him). But I didn’t. He was cheesy and campy. Reminded me of “The Darkness.” I predict he may go home.

Brandon Rogers
— Cutie-pie…but very out of tune…or “pitchy” to use Randy’s overused term. He could…and probably will…be better. And I think America will keep him around a little while.

Sundance Head — Awful and boring. He was like a lump on the stage…and that weirdo coat and those pointy white shoes made him look like one of those scary Pierrot clowns. He’s safe this week…but not for long (unless Vote for the Worst has anything to say about it).

Paul Kim
— Dude, you’re not Jack Johnson or Donovan Frankenreiter. Put. Your. Shoes. On. And. Get. Over. Yourself. He oversang. And even when he didn’t, he wasn’t great. I think he’s safe this week…but he won’t be around long.

Nick Pedro
— I think he’s adorable and his voice is soft and just husky enough to be sexy. BUT…he needs to bring some life to his performances. I want to see him stay a while, but I doubt many people will Vote for Pedro if he doesn’t get on the ball.

Chris Richardson — A doll. Loved him. He has to gain some confidence, but he’ll be around a while. Thought for the first time out, it was pretty great.

Blake Lewis — I love this guy. Absolutely love him…and I think America will, too. He’s a contender for the crown and a shoe-in for Top 10.

Sanjaya Malakar — Aww…such a cutie baby. But I really hated his song choice (some random Stevie Wonder thing). Sanjaya…don’t let your sister pick out your songs anymore…please! He’s safe this week.

Jarod Cotter
— Looked good but….ZZZZZzzzzzzz. This was the night’s more boring performance. He safe for now, but not for long.

Chris Sligh — Absolutely loved it. He didn’t disappoint at all. This was the only time tonight I disagreed with Simon. I think Chris will be around awhile.

AJ Tabaldo — If I were a bettin’ woman…I’d put money on AJ goin’ home this week. Truly cheese whiz.

Phil Stacey — All I could think was…Britney Spears. How unfortunate for Phil that Brit-Brit shaved her head this week. Phil did end the song strong, but his beginnings are all over the map. I don’t like this guy. He creeps me out. He might make Top 10, but he won’t win.

In all honesty, folks, I really don’t care to watch the girls tomorrow. I will…but only for the benefit of Monkbot. I can’t think of a single girl who impresses me like Blake Lewis and Chris Sligh.

Oh well…what did y’all think?

Here is the EW write-up.


42 Responses to “Top 12 Guys…Quick and Dirty”

  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Umm Phil Stacey?

  2. shelley Says:

    Okay…the guy is nowhere near THIS creepy looking…but he remind me of Michale Berryman.

  3. Jan Says:

    I liked Phil Stacey the best as far as performance tonight. He is creepy looking though. I found myself chanting a mantra, grow hair, grow hair… What would be look like with hair?? It was a bit distracting.

    I liked AJ enough to remember his name. Why? I don’t recall. Wait, he must have been the person who was so dang happy while performing. He made me grin from ear to ear. I want this dude to stay around with his happy self.

    I really liked Chris. I hadn’t heard the song before and I loved it. Love the teletubbies comment. Loved Simon getting rattled by Ryan.

    Blake is my favorite so far overall. I love what he did tonight and that it wasn’t a song I knew. Love the beatbox stuff but know why he didn’t do that tonight.

    I wasn’t blown away or really particularly interested in anybody tonight. Season 2-4 I was interested in but not yet this season. I’m hoping the girls are better. I wasn’t dissing season 1, I just didn’t know about the show then. Also, I can’t be objective on season five. I can’t compare last season to this one.

    On a different subject…my DVR died with all my recordings so buh bye AI season finale and many episodes. No more watching last season’s performances on a 55 inch HD TV. Sad Jan.

  4. shelley Says:

    Jan said, “I’m hoping the girls are better.”

    DD…take it away…

  5. Holeigh Says:

    Alright. So.

    Rudy Cardenas: Umm…oh yeah, he did that one song. I’m just not seeing it here, sorry.

    Brandon Rogers: Sooo cute. I want him to do something more interesting next week, cuz I really like his voice. And dang if he doesn’t know just how to look into that camera!

    Sundance: Honestly, WTF? I hate that song and I hate that he has ditched all semblance of the blues.

    Paul Kim: Next!

    Nick Pedro: He left last year, rigt? By the time we got to “And here are the numbers one more time!”, I had forgotten his performance. Unfortunate, because he could be good.

    Chris Richardson: I don’t remember what he looks like, lemme check…ohhh, yeah. Another unfortunate, he may actually be able to sing, but this song just didn’t show it.

    Blake Lewis: I want to have his children. “Somewhere Only We Know” is one of my favorites and it really has an emotional connection with me, so for him to sing it…I downloaded the mp3 of him, enough said, haha.

    Sanjaya: This kid is just too cute, but he’s not going to last. He’s way young and he doesn’t buy into his own ego like Egghead Kevin from last year, so it will probably be the way of Will Makar for him.

    Jarod Cotter: Cute, safe, forgettable.

    Chris Sligh: This guy just makes my day. I preferred Blake tonight but Chris was definitely second in my book. He’s going to play the game and get very far. Loooved the Teletubbies/Il Divo remark, haha.

    AJ Tabaldo: Blaaaah, no.

    Phil Stacey: Agreed that he needs some hair. I know he’s a Navy man, but it makes no sense, his ears are too big. Hey, Phil’s Cute Little Wife? Get on changing that. As for the song, I was scared to death when he first started, honestly. It was baaad, but by the middle he really “worked it out”, ahah. Not the best of the night, but my 3rd place for sure. Some may find him creepy, but there’s something about him I like. And Simon? Chris Daughtry could never sing that song, just FYI.

    Last thoughts: If Ryan and Simon are going to play this game every night, count me in. I don’t have a lot of faith for the girls tomorrow night, but Lakesha is enough to keep me watching.

  6. Quossum Says:

    Well, Sundance IS the official Vote For the Worst pick right now, plus he apparently already has a fanatic following at the AIMB, so I think we’re stuck with his mug for a while.

    His audition was so good (though the anti-Taylor comments afterwards were a BIG turnoff)–but then his Hollywood week was wretched, and yet he was still passed on…baffling. I think he’s one of those singers who can blow it out of the park with a song they’ve over-rehearsed, but will falter badly on something new. Put that in the AI context and you’ve got a recipie for disaster.

    I like Blake Lewis and admire him for not being fanatical about his beatboxing. Chris Sligh was heavily argued for at VFTW, but it was decided that he sings too well to be their pick. Phil Stacey bugs me.

    It will be interesting to see how things pan out.


  7. double d Says:

    Wretched. Simply wretched.

    Blake was mildly decent and I was disappointed in Chris’ performance but it was jus’ awright, dawg.

    Yes, I (like Shrew) am holding out for Lakisha. If this is all the guys have to give, I’m dreading the girls…but maybe somebody will at least be on pitch.

    I’m predicting Barefoot Boy and Rudy go home this week.

  8. shelley Says:

    Little Miss Holeigh…you can’t mention that you downloaded the Blake song and NOT share the link!!!

    Hits Holeigh in the head with a wet fish.

  9. shelley Says:

    Here is the EW write-up.

  10. jenfera Says:

    Rudy – very karaoke, as Simon might say.

    Brandon – absolutely adorable. Blah song choice, but he still worked it.

    Jason – Man, I hope he goes home. I am reminded of that kid from Season 4 who inexplicably made it to the top 12. Okay, just looked it up – Scott Savol. I believe VFTW had a hand in keeping him alive as long as he did.

    Paul – I can’t even remember his performance. Wait, was he the one who sang Wham?? I think so. I remember thinking dude, just because Ace pulled off Father Figure last year do we really need to go down this road? I did think of you, Shelley, though for some reason when Ryan took his shoes off too.

    Nick – it was just aiiiiight.

    Chris – Not bad, but not my taste.

    Blake – loved him! Agreed with Simon, he was modern and it was good he held back on the beat box this one time.

    Sanjaya – if he stays, it will only be because he is cute on some level and the “grannies” will vote for him, as Simon would say.

    Jarod – yeah, cute but boring.

    Chris – wish I had recognized the song. I thought the verses were stronger than the chorus, whatever it was. I did think he went just a little bit over the line with his comments to Simon. It’s a little too early for that. Modesty is more appealing at this point.

    AJ – forgettable

    Phil – Holeigh, I don’t think he was a Navy man. I think that was a different bald guy who also made it to Hollywood but didn’t make it to the top 24. Anyway, he was all over the place.

    I plan to watch Friday Night Lights tonight and just flip to Idol during the commercials. Melinda and Lakisha are the only ones I am looking forward to.

  11. Staci Says:

    Can we send three instead of two home this week? if yes, then send Rudy, “He who must not be named,” and AJ.

    Most of the performances were boring — Don’t have anything positive or negative about Paul and Nick… zzz…

    If Chris R. doesn’t move out of his three-note range, he’s not staying as long as many would like.

    Sligh was not all I wanted him to be (and I agreed with EVERY comment Simon made… even made most of them to Hubby before Simon made them to America — scary).

    Sanjaya — sis wants you home with her, so don’t take her advice…

    Blake — one word — ENUNCIATE! other than that, he would round out my top 4 with…
    Brandon, Jarod, and (prepare yourself) Phil (and not because of his last name… but it helps).

    Looking forward to the Year of the DIVA, which starts tonight!

  12. leejolem Says:

    I was very surprised by Nick Pedro–I thought his voice was great, but he seemed very nervous. I also liked Chris S., Blake and Phil. I’m all for barefoot boy to go home and Rudy. I’d love to see “he who must not be named” go home (come on, Knights in White Satin????), but I think VFTW will keep him alive. Overall I thought song choice and nervousness put a damper on almost everyone’s performance. Sligh better watch his mouth or it might come back to bite him in the butt–people don’t like disrespect to the judges. He needs to read the Taylor Hicks Guide to American Idol.

  13. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    The boyz did pretty good last night…my favorites were Chris Sligh, Nick, and Phil I think wins the award for best performance last night although Chris is still my overall favorite. I loved what Chris said to Simon, but I have a feeling America will react negatively to it considering they don’t like the contestants to be too mouthy with the judges. *Hoping Chris will remembers Taylor’s stratagy from last year–just nod and smile*

    P.S. I got a fog day today (like a snow day, but with fog instead). I am very angry…but I will get over it…

  14. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Awww…I didn’t mean to copy what you said leejolem…stop thinking the same things as me, and then we can prevent this problem. Deal? Just kidding.

  15. shelley Says:

    Staci said, “He who must not be named,” and “Sanjaya — sis wants you home with her, so don’t take her advice…”


    I may not agree with you about Chris Sligh, but the parallel of Sundance to Valdemort wins you

    The Official Prize of the Day

  16. Staci Says:

    I’d like to thank the Academy and all Monkbots-Potterites everywhere!

  17. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oooh…the gray suit pic. That’s a really nice prize Staci!

    I love:

    Blake Lewis
    Chris Sligh

    I like:

    Chris Richardson
    Nick Pedro

    I hate:


    I can’t remember:

    The Rest

  18. Holeigh Says:

    Sorry, Shell! It was late, I’m sick, I claim all of the above as reasons for my forgetfullness, hehe. Anyway, here is the Blake MP3! As it says, just right click and save as the link right above the text that says as much, haha.

    jenfera: Are you sure it wasn’t Phil? I have to look this up, I swear I read that somewhere, although it did sound out of nowhere when I read it. Investigation forthcoming. 😉

  19. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Here’s my rundown:
    Rudy-Go back and watch the performance. I think it was cheesy enough to be good.

    Blake-My new favorite singer. Uber glad he didn’t pull out the beat-box on such a nice song. Now it may be a stretch, but imagine him singing “Roxanne” from the Police. IT WOULD RAWK!!

    Chris-We already know he is going to the top w/ his toned voice and sly southern wit.

    Nick-Who’s that?

    AJ-Brought a nice personality to the stage but as many said won’t be around for long.

    Brandon-Definitely worth keeping around because that song wasn’t his fort’e

    Chris-Didn’t like the song or the vocal AT ALL. I’m sure he is talented though, but song choice kills a lot of contestants.

    Phil Stacey-Yes he may look weird but the guy can wail I’m tellin’ you. Oh, and I don’t think calling our servicemen and women “weird” is very appreciative. (Yes, American Airlines? I’d like one guilt trip ticket please.) BURN!

    Jarod-His voice has a nice soulful quality to it but the vocal was kind of spotty in points.

    Sanjaya Malakar-Well…his name is fun to say. SAAN-JAYA MMMAAALLLLAKKAARRRR

    Paul-I wonder if his feet got chilled? Going home methinks.

    Sundance-The song was bad and so was the “costume”. I still have faith in him though.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi Patrickmawhatchacallit!

    Totally agree about Paul “barefoot” Kim. How annoying was he? I cannot get over the fact that he POINTED AT HIS FEET during that line “restless feet have got no rhythm”. I hope he goes home tonight.

    Poor little Sanjaymalamamalan! He’s so precious I want to scoop him up and put him in my pocket!

  21. Ridearoundsally Says:

    Blake Lewis is definitly in the running..not having heard the ladies yet ..if they are all crap tonight…Im laying my money on the line and tipping Blake for the title! I hope they keep Chris Sligh around for a bit though..I think he will make Simon’s life a mysery..and we all love someone that can do that. His voice isnt too bad either but unfortunatly he dosnt have the “cute” factor going for him..just the “Funny” fat guy..I sympathise with him wholeheartedly…I hated being the funny fat friend when I was growing up…lets face it..everyone loves a laugh..but it dosnt get you the girls..or the votes. Just my humble opinion! ps..loved your Monkbot site hits article!! very interesting…sorry I didnt reply..I am as flumoxed as you. This time last year I would have gone through hell and high water to get a Taylor concert ticket. This they are on sale, I’m really not that bothered. If he comes to Houston then fine, if not..Im not going looking for him. I guess my crush on Taylor is gone too! hmmm on thinking back..maybey the crush ended with the “coffee table incident”!!!! who knows! Anyway, I love your site shell..and when is Monkbot coming to Houston???? I wait with antici………..pation!
    Sally x

  22. jenfera Says:

    Oops, my bad. Phil is in the Navy too. I was confusing him with the USS Reagan Idol winner guy. Since he already had the compelling “baby born during auditions” backstory, I guess they didn’t need to play up the Navy part for him. From MJ’s blog:
    “Phil is a pastor’s kid. He plays piano, guitar bass and drums. He’s currently in the Navy. His favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Paul McCartney and Sheryl Crow. Lucky Phil had a great audition backstory–his wife gave birth to a baby girl on the day he auditioned. Phil has had plenty of screen time. While his initial audition was not impressive, his final Hollywood audition showed promise. If he’s able to shine on the Idol stage, he should have no problem making the Top 12.”

    Sorry again!

  23. ridearoundsally Says:

    oh and PATRICKADIDDLEHOPPER… I sooo thought Blake sounded like Sting of the Police too..I immediatly thought of the song “every breath you take” or “roxanne”. (my fav group…going to go see them next month in dallas)!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!!!

  24. baby duck Says:

    I kept thinking, “40 million people are watching this? And I’m one of them?”.

    The only ones who stood out for me were Nick, Blake, and Phil.

    I like the quality of Nick’s voice. If he can get over the nerves maybe he will be among the finalists.

    Blake was in tune, chose the right song. Showed some uniqueness, which is what AI claims to be looking for.

    I liked Phil! He mentioned being in the Navy at the beginning of his clip, prior to performing. Maybe it’s a requirement that they shave their heads? Dunno. I like that he powered up his vocals on the chorus. Too bad he screwed up the opening. I thought it was unfair for Simon to compare him to Chris. Was that just because of the shaved head? I don’t think he’s attempting to identify himself as a rocker.

    I was disappointed with Chris Sligh, probably because I liked his audition and Hollywood group performance, and didn’t think he was as good last night. Also, didn’t appreciate his mouthiness-in-the-guise-of-humor.

  25. leejolem Says:

    Baby Duck, Yay!! I’m glad someone else liked Nick. I like his smokey voice, and he’s a cutie. Phil can sing, but I finally realized who he reminds me of–the aliens from the tv show Alien Nation (i’ll ask my hubby–he’ll know their name–I think the Taylons or something like that. No , I’m not kidding the TAY-lons).

  26. leejolem Says:

    Ridearoundsally, Dare I ask about the “coffee table incident”? Enquiring minds want to know.

    HC4S, get out of my brain would ya?

  27. holeigh Says:

    Yes! That’s where I heard the Navy thing; MJ’s/his little intro video. I don’t think a pre-req to being enlisted is shaving your head, just getting the standard crew cut, haha. My cousin was thinking of joining the Navy (but he’s a screw up, so he chose to do nothing instead) and I don’t think he would have thought about it as much as he did if he knew he’d have to shave his head, lol.

    I’m wondering about the “coffee table incident” as well, Sally! What gives? 😉

  28. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Leejolem–*laughing at you in a caring way*

  29. shelley Says:

    Great interview with Nigel.

  30. leejolem Says:

    Ok, I just found out it’s Nights in White Satin, not Knights in White Satin. Remember that thread about me getting lyrics to songs wrong–here’s a good example! No matter what, I still think it sucked!

  31. jenfera Says:

    Thanks for the link, Shelley. I liked this quote, “it’s an interactive program, and we ask you to pick up a telephone and give a crap.”

    Ain’t that the truth? Last night I didn’t give enough of a crap to pick up the phone. Time shall tell if that changes.

  32. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh blast dang nabbit…I am so busy and I want to play…

    *Shrew presses her nose up against the glass of life and watches her little MonkBot buds run free in the glow of the internet park, while her task master taps at her watch and announces that “the day is wasting away, we must get back to work…Shrew sighs…her sholders drop and she turns the internet off…

    Until Tonight when she will be in MonkBot chat while wtaching to see if LAkisha pulls it out of the toilet for AI*

  33. baby duck Says:

    Leej, it’s not Knights?? Now I feel sheepish for believing for all these years that white satin is what they wear under the chain mail. That song never did make any sense to me. Now I know why.

  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Really good interview Shelley!

    Very interesting…that whole paragraph about them trying to have an emotional connection to the program/contestants. Puts a whole new light on Simon being an ass!

  35. ridearoundsally Says:

    ahhh the coffee table incident!! I had erased that from my memory..but I will share. Last october I was doing a wedding (floral designer) at the hotel in Houston that the AI team were staying at. About 4pm I was getting ready to leave and in walks Taylor into the front lobby..I was standing to the you have to rememebr this was when I was totally smitten with the guy and was convinced that it was ment to be, if he only just seen me, he would feel the same way!!! (coughs) you know..the fan girly stuff, anyway, theres me.. in my short shorts, tank top amd white sketchers (hot houston summer) and there he was..the man of my dreams..quickly walking I did what any self respecting crazy woman would do and jumped onto the hotels best Glass coffee table and screamed at the top of my lungs..”TAAAAAYYYLORRRRRRR”, “ITSSSS MEEEEEEE RIDEAROUNDSALLYYYYY” (like he would know who I am)..””SOOOUUUUULL PATROLLLLL”…frantically waving my arms and jumping up and down. And what did Taylor do?? He dropped his head down and walked right past me!!! Gutted was not the word..I stood there..jaw agape, stunned into silence. By this time the security in the posh hotel had noticed had everyone else in the foyer..and came to the table and asked me to get down..I was still standing there in shock. My hubby then came in and the security guard says to him..”does she belong to you”..he said “unfortunatly yes”.”then please remove her”..hubby slung me over his shoulder and walked out with me…still shouting..”TAAAAAYYYLORRRRRRRRR”..h hubbys parting comment was..”I’ll give you Taylor when we get home”!!
    Taylor..if you ever get to read could you?? and yes..he seen me..and no he wasnt shy and no I didnt scare him. and in the immortal words of Forrest Gump..thats about all I have to say about that! (grumbles…Johnny depp would have never iggy’d me)

  36. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    How could Taylor do such a thing–he know he cannot deny us!!! Just think what the man’s gonna do when I get a hold of him…

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard ridearoundsally!! Hysterical!

    Taylor must’ve mistaken you for someone he wouldn’t fall in love with. Obviously he didn’t get a good enough look at you!

  38. leejolem Says:

    Ridearoundsally, I can’t stop laughing! That sounds like something I would do. I would be like “it’s me, Leejolem, I’m a Monkbot, ya know, Shelley’s site?”. I’m going to assume he was struck by sudden blindness because God didn’t want him to be tempted by a married woman. How’s that for a theory? I love it that they asked your husband “
    “does she belong to you?” At least he claimed you and didn’t let them take you away in white coats. My hub would probably say “I’ve never seen this lady before”. Thanks for the belly laugh!!!!!!!!!

  39. Holeigh Says:

    LOL, oh, Ridearoundsally, that was too, too much…thanks for sharing that, somehow I didn’t hear it the first time around! I’m sure I would do something of the same…”C’mon, I used to be a regular at GC (like 8 months ago, ahah)!” 🙂

  40. kimmykins Says:

    This is kind of random but…

    “I hated being the funny fat friend when I was growing up…lets face it..everyone loves a laugh..but it dosnt get you the girls..or the votes.”

    Actually so far being the funny fat guy seems to at least have landed him the girl. His wife is quite the looker. Seen at the end of his audition clip 2:39.

    I think being the funny fat guy will get him the votes too. Along with his voice of course. Go Chris and Blake! You guys are my only hope so far.

  41. Rowan Says:

    Awww, Ridearoundsally, you kept the side up and fought the good fight, and shouted the good shout. way to go, Sistah! Maybe he was head down, desperately lookin for the bathroom, and came back later with flowers and chocolates only to find that you had gone…gone without leaving him a white Sketcher for him to go carrying about on a velvet cushion, searching…

    Thanks so much for sharing your brilliant story. I am very impressed about you doing the floral art, btw. I just chop a few inches off the bottom and stuff my blooms into n empty biscuit barrel – good excuse to eat the biscuits! Wish I had even a little of the skill to make flowers do what they can do, in the hands of a floral artist.

    What a great representation of loyalty and attitood sistah – you fill us with endless gratitood and make us proud! (Starts an appreciative sisterly chant..Sa-llee, Sa-lleee)

  42. ridearoundsally Says:

    Rowan..yea I can see Taylor now walking about Houston holding my sketcher at arms length with a peg on his nose saying what skunk does this belong to..hahahhahah But I do thank you for the moral support. New plans are underway for the next brief encounter if and when it should happen and Im counting on you ladies for your support should you need to come post bail. Never say Die!!!!

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