"I’m Gonna Kill Jim Halpert"


Thursday night was probably one of the best nights of television in a long time…for two reasons…

Pam Beasly and Denny Duquet.

I was so proud of Pam for gaining her newfound courage…and acting on it. Very proud of her.

And I have to say, she made me even more proud with how she responded to Roy’s rage about her kissing Jim. Her, “It’s over” was a true triumph for our little Pammy…oh, oops…we’re not supposed to call her that.

As for “Grey’s Anatomy,” I loved it. I cried from start to end…and Denny’s face when he said, “Izzy” melted me into a puddle of weepy kitten tears. I loved him so much and thought the entire episode was brilliant…especially Sandra Oh saying, “Try it again” like she was possessed.

Great television.

On the AI front…I lied. I watched the show. (Sorry…but I can’t help myself.)

All I have to say is…goodbye, Amy, Nicole, Rudy and Paul…I hardly knew ya…and I’m okay with that.

Though I gotta admit…my heart did go out to Amy for having to sing “I Can’t Make You Love Me”…especially after asking if she could sing a different song.

Poor girl…life sucks, I know…but she’s thin and younger than me…so I really don’t feel that sorry for her.

P.S. Did anyone other than me hear Simon say “I like this guy” about Chris Sligh after he apologized for ribbing Simon too hard on Tuesday?



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  1. ridearoundsally Says:

    I have nothing monumental to say..I just wanted to be the first to post hehehe I remembered who Sundance Head reminds me of..do you rememeber the old movie “Rosmary’s Baby”? well rememeber her doctor, Dr Saperstein!!! thats Sundance!!! Heres a little quote from the movie..Sal(playing rosmary)..”What happened to my babaaaayyyy..what have you done to his eyyyeeeeeees” Sundance Saperstein: “He has his fathers eyes Rosmary”..takes a bow.

  2. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, have you noticed though that every time they make Pam more accesible, they make Karen a little likeable? What she did to Jim last night was hysterical, and you’d think it would be just the type of thing he would like. Unless he likes being “the funny one” in a relationship. Hmmm, a lot of men are like that.

  3. shelley Says:

    Jen…I hadn’t noticed that BUT YOU’RE RIGHT!

    However…I wasn’t digging Karen last night. And for some reason (maybe the one you stated) I don’t think Jim was either.

    I can’t wait to see what goes down between Roy and Jim.

    And I wish we got more of Jan and Michael “insights” like we got last night.

    The whole show…though not the funniest (note to Rainn Wilson…you were TOO Dwight last night)…was a great episode.

  4. Squeebee Says:

    Every FREAKING week I curse Grey’s Anatomy, because every FREAKING week it makes me cry. I, like Shelley, was a blubbering mess throughout most of the show. How do they do that? Denny was definately the highlight of that episode….what a great actor that guy is! Oh and Christina was pretty dang good too.

    I didn’t watch AI last night, but I am glad barefoot guy is gone. I don’t remember the names of any of the ones voted off, so I guess that’s a good thing. Chris apologized for being to snarky? I think that was a very wise thing for him to do.

  5. Jax Says:

    Ok this is probably the wrong place to post this so forgive me ….

    Here is my thoughts on Taylor’s Jacksonville concert … same at Gray’s

    Wow … what a blast ….

    Mr Jax & I arrived in Jacksonville on Tuesday afternoon .. What a great feeling.. When you get a chance to meet other Taylor fans that you have only talked to online it is like going to a family reunion …where EVERYONE is so glad to be there & thrilled to see each other … This is a benefit of being a Taylor Hicks fan that sometimes is overlooked. Hugs, squeals, tears and ear to ear grins!

    The news that Taylor was not feeling well was met with concern … not for the ticket holders … it was met with concern for TAYLOR .. “Is he ok?” “Bless his heart!” .. Because we all knew that no matter how much this all meant to us … We knew what is meant to him …This was the beginning of his dream..

    For those that have not had the privilege of meeting Brian Less … This is a wonderful wonderful guy … he was everywhere taking pictures with all of us .. Smiling from ear to ear ..

    The Greyhounds were GREAT … as far as the standing ovation … no one around me that stood thought it was their last song …we just wanted them to know how AWESOME we thought the song they just played was … They gave us a standing ovation back!!!!! The right kind of music …& the personality of the band was an EXCELLENT fit!

    I am not going to recap the concert … but I want to share my “moment”… Knowing how hard Taylor has worked for the moment of HIS opening ..HIS tour. I wanted Taylor to know how HIS fans felt … When Brian Less announced “Ladies & Gentlemen …TAYLOR HICKS!!!” Taylor walked out on that stage to the most amazing ROAR you have ever heard . The look on his face was what I had dreamed of… Phantom has captured this look in her pictures. He was so touched by the reception. There went the hand to his heart …. It was a moment I will always cherish.

    The concert was amazing … the band unbelievable … Mr Jax (he only came to the concert because of me) and the (non-fan) friend we took with us came out of the concert saying ..”THAT young man will be with us forever ..what an amazing talent” … I just grinned & said ..”THAT is Taylor Hicks!”

    Thank you Taylor!

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ooohh…if Izzy and Callie end up being friends I will have to gouge my eyeballs out! They better not take the storyline that way!

    I am in awe of Sandra Oh.

    I actually really loved Merry last night. I hope she had a breakthrough and won’t be as whiny anymore.

    I bawled like a baby through most of the show b/c I love and miss Denny so much. When he “passed” Izzy in the hall…and whispered, “Izzy”…I lost all control. Why God??! Whyyyy???!!!!

    I’m freaking out about Roy. Men like that scare me so much. You never know when they’re gonna blow up and get violent. I was just starting to think he was cute and sweet, not like Jim, but you know what I mean….

    Run Jim! Runnnnn!

    AI: Bye-Bye to the barefoot weirdo and all the rest of those peeps I don’t remember!

  7. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, I agree on your “too Dwight” comment. Does everyone know he is hosting SNL tomorrow? I might have to stay up for that.

    Bama, I was a little freaked out by Roy too. I was surprised that he was that violent. Very scary, but as Shelley said, good for Pam for standing up and walking out.

    I love how this show is not a traditional comedy and it goes wherever it wants to, surprising us all the time.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jax- Thanks for the personal “recap”!! Awesome!

    Jenfera-I totally agree with you about how the show tackles whatever they want…and how it can get serious when it’s called for!

    I’m gonna try to remember to watch Dwight tomorrow!

  9. Jax Says:

    I have a question about Dwight …. did y’all know he once played on Six Feet Under???

    Or am I wasy late with that????

  10. leejolem Says:

    I didn’t get to watch The Office last night cuz I couldn’t wait to see Mr. Barefoot get the boot. I can’t believe how cute Jim H./John K. is. That video that was up the other day made me an addict. He has this deceptive “boy next door”, not stunningly gorgeous vibe that sucks you in, and before you know it you can’t look away.

    I was hoping Antonella would go last night, but there must have been a lot of sisters/Monkbot friends oweing votes from last season, so she stayed. Bummer. Amy Krebs had a better voice, but such is AI.

  11. leejolem Says:

    Ridearoundsally, Sundance kind of freaks me out too. I can’t remember the doctor from Rosemary’s Baby, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he looked like him.

    Jax, thanks for the concert update. It sounds like you had a great time. I got my tix from UPS yesterday to the Columbus,OH concert. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Wish some of you Monkbots were going to be there with us!!!

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    About AI last night: I wondered if anyone noticed that Chris Daughtry’s song (Going Home…or something like that) was playing when peeps got cut.

    Wonder if it will be replacing “So You Had A Bad Day” as this season’s “Peace Out” song. If so, we’ll be hearing it allll season lonnnng!

  13. Libby Says:

    Jax — so good to read your recap. I thought of you and Mr Jax so much on the evening of the Jacksonville concert. I knew it would be an overwhelming experience to see the beginning of his own major tour as a headliner. So glad you were there to hear the ‘Roar’ in person.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy last night. Shelley hit the nail on the head (as usual) — it was great and I also cried almost all of the way through the episode.

    It was comforting and great to see the original core group standing outside of Meredith’s room — they were, in fact, a family — her family.

    Christina Oh and Ellen Pompeo deserve Emmy nominations for their performances. Christina was just outstanding. I could feel Yang’s vulnerability and fear like never before — I left feeling I knew her and understood her so much better.

  14. shelley Says:

    Jax…great recap.

    But I want to let everyone know…all Monkbots deserve to SHINE!

    If you have a recap of an event that you want to be featured on Monkbot Talk…e-mail it to me!

    I think it’s great to share…but it’s even better to do it in the spotlight. 🙂

  15. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    sorry I dont watch greys but ai I did and at the end of the show I was royally mad… as they played the goodbye song I asked my fiancee if that was chris (ffrom last season) he said no way, I said yes I think it is, the songs name is goodbye and I looked around, finnally found it on the ai board, they are closing each show with chris doughertys song (not his single but a song called goodbye) another kick in Taylors butt imo, jeez if they didnt want taylor to win this bad why didnt they just fix the darn show last year so they could have who they wanted. dont get me wrong I like him, but I think if you are last years winner they should not be constaly dissing you the following year, he always thanks them and they always find a way to kick him in the butt.

    oh and yes I heard simon say he liked chris, he said it like 3 times before chris said anything and again after, he does really like him. dont think he LOVED the song but he ultimately likes chris and never got a chance to really say what he wanted (thankfully lol)
    I dont think we lost anyone too unforgettable and my favs are still there.

  16. rowan Says:

    Jax – awww, so nice to think of Taylor looking so happy and getting the roar that is so rightfully his! Am all glowy. Thanks!

  17. shelley Says:

    ruhappy…i know what you mean about the ending “goodbye” song.

    it’s funny, because I was all ready to hear “Had a Bad Day” and then that song played.

    I started thinking (I swear this is true) “What song is that? I hate it. Horrible song.”


    Goes to show…my dislike of Daughtry’s music is sincere and legitimate.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy (I guess) but I really don’t like his music.

  18. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Wow…………Wow………….man. I’ve only seen one real life flip out equal to Roy’s rage. That was one crazy episode.

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