Escape from Wackadoo Island


Let’s face it…when you tell someone you’re in the Soul Patrol…oftentimes you brace for the worst.

On more than one occasion, I’ve had people giggle or…if they are related to me…roll their eyes, point their fingers, and outright laugh at me for being a Soul Patroller.

I had someone introduce me to a group of people I had never met as “Our resident Taylor Hicks fan.”

I’ve had more than one friend, when I’ve told them I like Taylor, look at me incredulously and ask, “Why?

I had my relatives shun the “Taylor Hicks” CD I bought as a Dirty Santa gift this Christmas…they actually wanted the lava lamp and thermos set OVER the CD. (The nerve.)

And my cousin said, “When I saw your present, I said, ‘I’ll be sure to not pick that one…it’s from Shelley and I’ll bet it’s a Taylor Hicks CD.'”

Yeah…there have been many occasions when I’ve felt I was a novelty for liking Taylor…like I was some bizarre baboon sitting inside a glass case, being studied by statisticians and pointed at by the public.

For as much fun as it is to be a fan of Taylor Hicks…America has attached to it a stigma. And that stigma seems to say…being in the Soul Patrol means you must be slightly nutty.

I can’t say I like that at all…especially for how self-conscious it makes me at times.

I don’t like that when I get ready to go out in public, I hesitate before reaching in my closet for my “Got Soul?” shirt.

I don’t like that I turn the radio down a little when I’m jammin’ to Taylor and I come to a stop light surrounded by other cars.

I just don’t like folks making assumptions about my personality or behavior based on my music choice.

I guess it comes with the territory…but I wish it didn’t.

Now, honestly, I don’t feel this is Taylor’s fault. The guy is charming and created some pretty amazing catch-phrases that are forever embedded in popular culture.

I think, sadly, the Soul-Patrol-Equals-Gooberish equation was fostered by the connection to American Idol…and that will take a long time to wear off. (Though the Taylors, Jennifer Hudsons, and Kelly Clarksons are helping this cause greatly.)

So…’fess up.

Who has found themselves banished to Wackadoo Island by friends, co-workers, family, and strangers?

Who fights the good fight to prove that being in the Soul Patrol doesn’t automatically mean you end every sentence with a hand clap and a shout of “Soul Patrol! Wooo!”?

What is the worst pigeon-hole you’ve been placed in by admitting your Taylor fanship?

And, finally, how do you plan to Escape from Wackadoo Island?


75 Responses to “Escape from Wackadoo Island”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As long as you don’t give me Taylor’s CD as a gift we’re fine.

  2. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I had a “Fanillow” make fun of me…seriously.

    I was trying to relate to her as my new neighbor. She had this big old Barry poster hanging facing me so I said pointing at a certain website (coughs “I think we might have something in common”

    Her retort burned “Are you kidding me? Taylor…c’mon look at the breadth of Barry’s work! No comparison. Don’t even fool yourself into thinking that some guy from a TV show is a real musician.”

    Now, I USED to be the serious music authority in my office…People came to me asking my opinion on all sorts of music etc…Now, because of Taylor…they all say I get my taste from American Idol. That does KILL me. It seems to erase years of street cred music buying. What causes this “wakadoo” impression? Taylor only…or AI? I think the later. And why do others like to pounce on that as a weakness? It is the need of people to want to reduce other human beings into a stereo type. It is so much easier to dismiss someone then.

    I am guilty of it…”Oh, he’s that body builder guy” or “She’s the quilter” (Sorry Q) when said body builder guy may read Prost or Quilter may also be a kickboxer (Q! I never knew)

    *steps off soap box of jangling nerves, sits and rocks in the corner*

  3. mouser Says:

    If you are confident in what you FEEL than there is no need to apologize. Everyone knows of my admiration for Taylor’s music…I am proud that I am not swayed by anyones negative reaction. Stay steadfast and true blue/ it’s the only thing we can do/ the vibes will get us thru/ the other’s don’t have a clue !!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, I get that all the time..I just say to myself….feck ’em. At Christmas time, I played your “Taylor Baby”, which I just love, quite a bit. My cousins and nieces laughed, but loved it!! Little by little, I am just owning up to it as I’m sure you are, and let the world get used to me….I am a true Taylor Hicks fan. As time goes by, I am thinking there will be a lot of people who end up saying…..”Hmmmmmmm, you were right after all!”

  5. spaceytracy Says:

    Being a known Taylor Hicks fan definitely builds character. I have basically taken a “kiss my a _ _” attitude about people that “don’t get it”. Even at 46 years old, I sometimes lapse into old behaviors of caring what people think. If you are a Taylor Hicks fan, you have to NOT give a sh*t what people think. That is very liberating and refreshing for me. I agree that some day a lot of people will be eating a lot of crow. It will take a few years but Taylor’s gifts will be made known to the world at large, and they will then nod their stubborn, hard heads and say “aha” now I get it.

  6. shelley Says:

    “feck ’em”?

    “NOT give a sh*t what people think”?

    I don’t agree…at all.

    Just like folks here at Monkbot are entitled to their own opinions…so are folks outside the Soul Patrol.

    I think it’s important to care about something you believe in and carry that attitude.

    Maybe folks will agree…maybe they won’t…but aren’t they more inclined to look at your choice with sincerity and respect if you carry a positive and caring attitude…and an openess…and an ability to see their side of the story?

  7. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Maybe it is an office only thing Shelley? In an office/career environment you HAVE to care what others think about you as the merit of your ideas/comments are often based on the respect points your office mates afford you. If you are introduced to clients or other office members as the “resident Taylor/ AI fan” it colors the first impression people have of you. And quite often the “I don’t care” attitude is not appropriate in that setting.

    I am more than just that, but being a fan HAS pigeon-holed me and I am NOT happy about that.

  8. claire Says:

    LOL, maybe I’m the lucky one…whenever I get the opportunity to mention American Idol, or Taylor Hicks, I gets nuttin’ but blank stares, vague shaking of the head, or an incredulous “who???”

    Hopefully Taylor will play here in the next year or so, so then I can say “Now THAT’S what I was talkin’ about!!”

  9. spaceytracy Says:

    Shelley, what I am talking about is people that look at my interest in Taylor as funny, or a novelty, or a joke. They don’t take it or him seriously. I personally can’t change their minds. And if I care that they think I am goofy, or silly, or a joke, then I am giving them power over me that I don’t want them to have. I prefer to be patient and let Taylor’s talent speak for itself, and I believe that it will, over time. I try very hard not to be a “militant” fan, for there are many out there that don’t care for Taylor. I get aggravated when I know they feel that way when they have never even heard him sing a note. But, again, Taylor’s talent will speak for itself. I guess I care, but I don’t care if they think I am a joke.

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Personally, I really do care that people like me…but I don’t mind if they don’t “get” me. (I’m talking of “people” in general, such as co-workers, acquaintences…not friends…I want them to “get” me.)

    My friends understand that I’m weird. I have greatly varied interests. I love trash magazines…and literature. I love coloring books…and great works of art. I like Taco Bell…and The Mansion. I like The Brady Bunch Singers…and Beethoven.

    I love culture in general…whether that means culture or pop-culture.

    So, really…no one is surprised that I love American Idol. No one is surprised that I love Taylor Hicks. (Truthfully, I generally really enjoy all the contestants…I have my faves, but I just LOVE the show. Which, btw, I feel myself defending my fervor for AI around here A LOT…much more than I do with my friends…that’s kind of weird, considering that’s how we all met.)

    I’m not that into football, Nascar, scrapbooking, etc. My friends (various) love that stuff. We just agree to disagree and support each other when we need it!

    And, for the record, I’m pretty outspoken about things I love…and I’m unafraid to be labled “wacky”. I try hard to convince people to come over to the “dark side”…and usually I’m unsuccessful.

    Oh, and: I don’t label myself Soul Patrol. I’m just a TH fan.

  11. texan Says:

    As a founding resident of Wackadoo Island, I am just thankful for the population boost!

    They sent me here when I was the only person on the planet that could not make nice with the song “Hotel California” I loathe it!

    But as far as Taylor goes…. I think that we are suffering the backlash of having the audacity to jump in the AI party and rob the show without the benefit of America’s utes! Kelly and Carrie had the young ones on their side, but Taylor fans seemed to be a collective sleeping giant of women 30 – 60 and Gray.

    All fan groups have their share or nuts. It is part of the game. But in Tay’s case he gets a new species, a 40ish, AI robbing, vocal, visible nut. We get painted with the same broad brush. The deal is done, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. But I do wish some of them could reel it in. Mom bra and and panty tossing ..eek! How many Mrs. Robinson fantasies can one man carry alone? I find that all beyond creepy!

    My kids certainly don’t give me high marks in the hip department! On occasion my kids like music that I love (Clapton, Lennon etc.) I am sure they think that a) they introduced ME to it and b) it is just plain wierd to like the same music as your Mom. They will grow out of it. Maybe. I forgive them!

    Until then… life of Wackadoo Island suits me just fine!

    ::cordoning off a corner of the island to quaratine the seriously afflicted::

    …and if I get hit with a wet fish, can you please make sure it is an omega-3 rich wild salmon?

  12. SoulPatrolShari Says:

    I’m a true Soul Patroler. My iPod is full of Taylor songs (some pictures and videos too) and my laptop and desktop are riddled with pictures.
    When people hear I’m a fan, it’s more of an “Oh that figures, Shari has always been a little strange” until they actually sit and listen WITH me. Taylor was great on idol. I started liking him from the jump but when I listened to music that he actually wrote, or preformed before idol I was hooked.
    In the car I dont lower it, I RAISE the volume and roll down the windows, even if it’s snowing.
    I’m only 34 and I have 2 young kids that are also hooked. My son (4) comes into the kitchen while I’m cooking and asks for Taylor all the time, which drives my hubby crazy and my daughter (2) fights with me all the time. She constantly says “dat’s my Tay-dah, Soul Atroll”
    Taylor spans generations, and in my case has brought many new friends into my life. I can’t wait to see him in concert and I am proudly making a jacket that I will sport everywhere.

  13. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I feel the same way–I want people to like me, but I don’t care if they “get” me or not. Because I have an easy sense of humor (I laugh at things easily) I think people view me as a little wacky. I’m a preceptor for pharmacy students doing their 6th year rotations, and I’m known for being a Taylor fan (not a great pharmacist or anything important like that-lol). My students have bought me Taylor cd’s and made me Taylor things–do they think I live on Wackadoo island? I’m not sure, but they have a good time and learn a lot (not just about Taylor) while they’re here. I have no problem w/people at least being open about Taylor and willing to listen to his cd. My boss is a huge Madonna fan, and he refuses to listen to Taylor’s cd and makes fun of me for being a fan. He has lumped Taylor into the “uncool” heap because of his
    antics on AI. This really annoys me, but luckily he only stops in 1-2 times per month, so I don’t have to put up with it too often.

    I think time is the answer, and over time people will see Taylor as the musician he truly is. Will his name always be somewhat stigmatized? Probably. Will he be on tour 20 yrs from now wowing huge audiences (not just the original soul patrollers)–hopefully.

  14. shelley Says:

    Ahhh…spaceytracey…thanks for clarifying.

    good points. πŸ™‚

  15. ivoryhut Says:

    Interesting topic. Just in time for my newly-resurrected router. πŸ™‚

    We’ve talked about it in previous posts, and I started wondering if perhaps part or the whole “rabid” SP nature that others perceive is not so much based on adoration of Taylor as it is maybe an unintended consequence of self-defense. Maybe it’s a case of “I like Taylor, and if you make fun of me for it and think less of me, boy will I pummel you with all the reasons that you’re wrong just to prove to you that I’m not crazy and oh by the way, maybe you’ll learn that you know less about music than you think I do.” (I over-simplify, but you know what I mean.)

    Sadly, self-defense is rarely about being compassionate and understanding and tolerant of the other person.

    As already mentioned before, it’s unfortunate that it’s probably that most vocal minority that dictates the impression everyone else has of the Soul Patrol.

    I haven’t been pigeon-holed or banished to any island so far because I’ve always been sort of the music geek of the family (and among friends as well.) So when they hear that I like Taylor, the most I ever get is a quick “Really??” followed by a request for an explanation. But for the most part, many of them already liked Taylor to begin with, so it really hasn’t been an issue.

    Although, maybe that’s also part of it, that phrase “when they hear that I like Taylor.” Because, while it will come up in casual talk, it isn’t a regular feature of my conversation. I don’t have a Soul Patrol shirt, I own only one copy of his CD, and I can be happy if I get to go to just one of his concerts this upcoming tour.

    Hmmm. Does that make me less of a fan?

    (Bama, make room for me over on the wacky side!)

  16. Chaos Says:

    Shelley…I am so glad you brought this subject up. Your eloquence with words of the subject were spoken marvelously.

    Anyone who is anything to me understands my LOVE for music, in general. When my friends call, they can usually tell where I am, what I am doing and what my mood is all by the music in the backround. This morning, I answered my phone with sleepy a grunt. My friend Leslie said, “Oh…You’ve got Sinatra on? I’ll call back in ten.” Upon hearing Nickelback when I answered again, she knew I had fun last night. My car had been lovingly name TJ…the traveling jukebox. Not one person, that has ever been in a car with me for more than twenty minutes, has not been nearly forced to play an impromptu game of “Name That Tune” with the radio. With my collection of music memorabilia, I could open a Hard Rock Cafe tonight. My passion for music has given me a label and reputation as a music connoisseur, which I have become fondly accustomed to.

    Then, in two words I lost any credibility I ever had…Taylor Hicks. George Carlin may as well have added the words to his list of dirty words.

    I admit it. I have learned not to say his name in public. My friends respect my appreciation for Taylor, but they don’t dare introduce me as “The Taylor Hicks Weirdo Freak” anymore, as they have caught the sneers and jeers from guilt by association.

    How can it be that AI has the highest ratings, yet it can’t be spoken of…or is it just Taylor?Do Daughtry fans go through the same thing?

    I like Taylor’s music and I have from the start. I will not stop listening for anyone or for any reason. Bottom line, I listen to it for me…not for anyone else. I don’t care if other people like him or not. I will justify it when approached, if need be, but I no longer put myself out there for ridicule.

    On a certain level, everyone wants to be accepted by others. Even Rebels have groups of rebel followers. As for the old Hollywood reference to the “Fifteen Minutes Of Fame”, I think Taylor is only seconds into his and I look forward to the day when I can mutter a few ‘I told ya so’s’.

  17. shelley Says:

    Chaos asked, “Do Daughtry fans go through the same thing?”

    Brilliant question.

    Can anybody answer it…or call in some Daughtry fans to answer it for us?

  18. Hatson Says:

    Wow, this is something to think about. I am not sure how this happened, but you are right Shelley. Just yesterday after getting tickets for Taylor’s concert in Portland I found myself thinking that I would not wear my Soul Patrol shirt to that venue. Last summer I was happy to wear it to the AI concert in D.C., now I am hesitant.Am I not keeping the faith if I feel this way,or can I dress up the way I usually do and be less of a fan? It is a different experience to have people who know you love music(good grief I own the original Pet Sounds album) make asides about Taylor. I think Wackadoo Island is a good place for me. I can own that. I have always taught my kids to be willing to stand up for their beliefs. Can I do less?

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I know that Chris Daughtry is thought of as a “joke” amongst the “real rocker” set. I think the pop-rockers think he’s pretty damn cool.

    I imagine if a Daughtry fan told a group of people at, say, an Incubus show…or a Tool show about him…they’d be laughed at.

  20. Chaos Says:

    I have another question that has been on my mind regarding Taylor, his fans, etc. Insight would be interesting…

    Due to the fact this is a Wackadoo meeting, I am going to make some very general assumptions to set up the question.

    Those of us that inhabit Wackadoo Island have been natives to the tribe for quite awhile, possibly since Taylor’s audition. Most were probably at least intruiged by the guy from the “start”. As the AI season continued, we were there, cheering him on from our living rooms. It is also quite possible that a “Wooooooo Hooooooo” was heard by at least close neighbors the night he won. We have spent time digging in the dirt; Where he’s been, what he’s done, where he’s going. Possibly made mental notes of his favorite foods, his fetishes, habits, allergies, blood type and shoe size. With these assumptions made…

    How big is Taylor…Really? What is the social perception of him outside our island? What does the name ‘Taylor Hicks’ mean to those that are…shall I say…less involved?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I will probably offend some people by saying this – I am a Taylor Hicks fan, but I don’t consider myself part of the Soul Patrol. I don’t like fan clubs, never have and never will. I don’t fit the demographic that is suppose to like him anyway. So, I consider myself more of a closet fan.

    Personally, I think Taylor should distance himself from the Soul Patrol. It’s too associated with AI and might hurt his career in the long run.

  22. nolagirl Says:

    During the day before the Endymion ball, my friend and I were out running errands in preparation. We got in her car and she said, “I’ve been so hooked on my Cat Stevens greatest hits CD this week, so I hope that’s OK to listen to.” I was like “Uhhh, YEAH, that is more than fine.” In that one second, I realized that she probably was basing my musical taste on the fact that I love Idol and Taylor. So I said, “You know, liking Taylor isn’t a sign of my musical taste.” (in truth, though, it IS because I really like the soul/blues/jazz/funk vibes HOWEVER that is not what SHE thinks when she thinks Taylor). So she laughed and said she didn’t necessarily think that, and then asked “So does Taylor’s CD sound American Idol-ish?” That right there showed me that soooo many people who (rightly so) only associate Taylor with Idol, also associate him with the schlockiness that is Idol.

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Chaos- I think many, many people know Taylor’s name, so he’s “famous”…but I don’t think he’s powerful in his fame the way a lot of SP’rs might believe.

    Or…I don’t think his fan-base is powerful enough to influence “the industry” or “the public’s” opinions for the good. I don’t think they have enough sway to cause the right people to sit up and say “Who is this guy?”. I think he can do it on his own…given time.

    I mean, his fans were/are shocked by the fact that Daughtry is outselling Taylor. A few months ago the SP would have laughed in your face if you told them that would happen. I think many in the SP believe that it has hundreds of thousands of members…where I think it’s just in the thousands.

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Anonymous- many of us feel that way here. I wish you would post with an identity. You shouldn’t be afraid to show yourself around here.

  25. rowan Says:

    Shrew…that was soo funny about the Fanilow, yet soo irritating for you! solidarity vibes acros the sea, Sistah!

    I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s comments in this great discussion. Wish I could contribute, but, like Claire, don’t have a large-scale awareness of Taylor amongst my geographical peeps. Even this is odd though – the appreciation of Taylor in cyberworld is juxtaposed against the almost total ignorance of relatives and friends, who mostly have never watched AI and don’t have a context for him. I’ve had a couple of people admire UTR and ask after the singer. This is when the in-skull debate ensues…to mention AI, or just discuss Taylor in the context of his music alone?

    I’ve generally gone for the full explanation, and tense up to recieve the seemingly obligatory eye-roll which the loaded terms “AI” and “internet” seem to engender.

    I guess I became pigeonholed as a native Wacadoonian when I found myself gleefully recounting to my mother and sister my strategy for garnering more votes for Taylor. It involved tracking down my former in-laws in the US and appealing to them to vote for Taylor on behalf of my four-year old daughter, their little relative heavily invested in Taylor, but sadly unable to vote.

    They did vote, and my daughter does kinda like him…she once told me that “Simon has a black heart, and Taylor is the handsome prince”..hee hee!

    Anyways…I was met with wide-open, nay, goggling orbits sporting stares of unflinching incredulity. Nothing was said, but my passport hung in the air ahead of me…”The aforenamed is a resident of Wacadoo Island. Let all whom it may concern allow the bearer to pas without hindrance, offering such asistance and protection which may be necessary.”

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous- many of us feel that way here. I wish you would post with an identity. You shouldn’t be afraid to show yourself around here.


    I am a regular poster on a few other boards, so people do know me if I used my real name. I’m definitely a mystery to some people, cause I don’t reveal very much.

  27. claire Says:

    Anonymous, while I agree that the term “Soul Patrol” is for many synonymous with American Idol, I don’t think it is necessary for Taylor to try and distance himself from those fans who voted their fingers off to help him win. Hopefully this group of fans can move with Taylor throughout his musical career. Any who don’t, or don’t care to, are maybe just “American Idol” fans as opposed to “Taylor Hicks” fans, IMO. I can’t imagine any artist deliberately trying to alienate those supporters who were with him from the very beginning. I know what you mean about fan clubs, though, I have yet to join up at TH HQ (mainly because I don’t have a credit card :), but also because I don’t feel the NEED to. Am I a bad, bad fan??)

    Any of you guys joined TH HQ yet? What’s the skinny? Is it worth the 25 bucks?

    And hey, we welcome new posters with open arms here, so maybe if you pick a different name than the one you usually use, that might help?

  28. double d Says:

    For me to answer this on this day of days, is very conflicting. I will say that most of my co-workers know that I am a BIG Taylor fan, but I rarely say anything about Taylor.

    But….I walked in the office this morning and our comptroller said, “So, DD….you going to the Taylor concert tonight?”

    “Damn right.”, I smiled.

    “Heard his grandma on the radio this morning and how excited she is to be going the concert, etc….”

    He didn’t dog me or tease me, but yeah, there’s a bit of “cheesiness” associated with Taylor. I believe that this is firmly at the feet of the two-headed dragon of AI that brought him this extraordinary chance but is also considered “poptastic”.

    Taylor is a real oddity because he never “fit” into AI’s mold and has basically been ostracized by them because of it, yet he’s lost street cred because of his association with AI and actually winning the AI title.

    It will take time for Taylor to dispel the “cheesy” AI myth as it has for Kelly Clarkson. And then, there are some who will never be convinced because they just don’t care enough about it to look further than the little that they know of the subject.

    I like Taylor. I like Taylor’s music. I’ll follow his career and support it where I can, because I think that he warrants it. I know that it comes with eye-rolling and sarcasm from others, at least right now, but I know when I’m right. And, I am right about Taylor Hicks.

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Anonymous-then make up a new name just for us Monkbots. That way we can differeniate between you and “other” anonymous folks.

    How ’bout: Monkbotluva4u? πŸ˜‰

  30. double d Says:

    anonymous — pick a fake name.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Claire, I think the term “Soul Patrol” may alienate potential NEW fans. People may associate the term with a flash in the pan “novelty” act. Doesn’t matter how good the music is – people will find any excuse not to like you.

  32. leejolem Says:

    BTW, who actually came up with the Soul Patrol moniker? Was it Taylor or some of his fans? I just wondered.

    DD, have a great time at the concert tonight!!! Represent the Monkbot love.

  33. claire Says:

    Anon, I see your point. But don’t forget, there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people in the USA (and millions more worldwide) who did not watch Idol, and genuinely have no idea of who Taylor is or what his music is like. Every artist is going to have people who think they are crap. If people have a certain idea of who Taylor is because of Idol, then so be it. And if people will “find any excuse not to like you”, then are those really the sort of audience you want to bother trying to impress?? The music will speak for itself. I’m certainly impressed with the live footage I have seen over the past year or so.

    Wow, I feel all mother hen-like!!!

    Tayluh – wear a sweatuh!!

  34. rowan Says:

    Claire – agree wholeheartedly.

    ROFL at the “swetuh!” Am of a similar mind. Was admiring the cosy-looking grey one he had on whilst bead-flinging!

  35. Hatson Says:

    As Stephen Colbert would say “lots of Truthiness” here today. To get back to basics, without Taylor’s great audition last year we all would not have met. During the season I can remember many people commenting on GC that our emotions were inexplicable to us. I think Taylor will have to work hard for a broader acceptance, but we were the first to “get It”. It is about the “Music”!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I would say that the majority of people living in the US, know who Taylor Hicks is. People who don’t, are living under a rock. Some people might also view Taylor as more of a celebrity, rather than a musician, because all he did, was win a talent competition.

    I said this before and I’ll say it again, AI created a break for Taylor. How he carries that forward, is entirely up to him.

  37. baby duck Says:

    I was a premium member of Soul Patrol during AI5, but I think my membership has since expired. By membership I mean being an active participant in a group with understood mission and goals. (Not that I think there was ever a truly ‘official’ Soul Patrol, just a network) Then there was a reason to be part of the group: get Taylor enough votes to win. I did everything within reason I could to make that happen. That includes using a considerable amount of my time and disposable income. And why not? How often does one get the chance to help fulfill someone’s dream?

    Did that get me a ticket to Whackadoo? Maybe. Some people laughed at me. Some considered me overinvolved, and in hindsight maybe I was. But from my perspective I was making an investment that I hoped would pay dividends in years to come by changing music trends. People have bought stock with less to go on than was in evidence with Taylor Hicks and his music. If I was on-island, it was as a visitor, not looking for residence.

    “How big is Taylor…Really? What is the social perception of him outside our island? What does the name ‘Taylor Hicks’ mean to those that are…shall I say…less involved?” Chaos, I would love an answer to that question as well as: Is he considered an Island resident himself, and if so is it because of his performances on AI, or can some of that perception be attributed to the behavior of SP? Or is his music and credibility gaining ground with those who didn’t “sign on” initially? I can only hope that as Taylor is seen in his concerts and heard jamming with the likes of Widespread Panic and Warren Haynes, that he will be judged and appreciated for that.

    Anonymous, just choose a different name from what you use on other boards. It gets confusing when more than one person posts as anonymous.

  38. leejolem Says:

    Rowan, could you print up a Wackadoo Island passport for me? I would like to wear it around my neck whilst attending the Taylor concert in Columbus,OH. Can I just tell you I love the word “whilst”?

    Isn’t it weird how musicians seem to fall into cool and uncool categories? (ie Uncool:Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Clay Aiken,Celine Dion Cool:John Mayer, The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, U2, Sting). I’m not saying those artists are or are not cool, it’s just my perception of public opinion. How does one cross from uncool to cool? Sales, musicianship, fanbase??? Just a thought.

  39. Holeigh Says:

    I hate catching crap over liking Taylor Hicks…enough that I don’t wear my Soul Patrol bracelet anymore. 😦 Even my family questions me all of the time, because they looove Chris Daughtry’s CD but don’t really “get” Taylor’s. I just tell them that his music really appeals to me and that I like Daughtry’s too, but the personality and spark just isn’t there with Daughtry like it is for Taylor. I don’t know…I guess that’s the chance you take with following a show like AI. What really kills me, though, is that hundreds of thousands of people watch that show every time it is on, the same people who will give you shit for liking Taylor Hicks. Ugh, hypocrisy is rampant up in here. πŸ˜‰

  40. Karen Says:

    I have had many strange looks at being a TH fan. I have tried to “hook” people onto Taylor and LiMBO. So far, it has been a success, especially to my family. Some of my friends agree that Taylor is a good musician after hearing his new album. Personally, I do believe AI has put a negative spin on him is the music world. You see, a large number of my family are musicians, including myself. Furthermore they don’t like AI for one reason or another but their reasons are legitimate. However, since Taylor camr along, minds have been changed. They see that Taylor is a true musician, a real artist and that is quite different from the previous winners. So with all that being said, I am proud to be a member of the Soul Patrol. I wear my logo shirts and jackets proudly. If someone asks me about it, I tell them all about Taylor Hicks and his style. I like a lot of musicians, various styles of music as well,….but Taylor is my favorite. My only regret is I didn’t know of him before AI, …I would have loved him then too.

  41. Karen Says:

    Double D, I have always liked what you have to say. You are always right there “on the money”.
    Maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity of sitting down and having a conversation with you. Keep it goin’.

    BTW, I know I had some typos previously, sorry about that.

  42. Jan Says:

    I am crushed by the weight of being a fan of Taylor Hicks. I love music and have been passionate about many artists in my life but it’s the degree. I cared about Hall and Oates this much when I was in high school but I was a kid and that wasn’t so unusual for my age. I’m acting the same way as an adult that I did then and I have no idea why. Is it all about the music or is there something more?

  43. baby duck Says:

    leejolem, The way I remember it, the name Soul Patrol came from the Taylor Hicks AI message board. Early in the season there when there were fewer participants on there, the early fans discussed having a name. A number of choices were mentioned, with the majority liking Soul Patrol. Either Taylor read the board, or a friend informed him. He liked it and ran with it.

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Baby Duck- yer so smart! Look at you with all the inside info!

    (Hi Karen!!!)

    So, how many of you are embarassed to watch/like AI (nothing to do with Taylor)?? How many of you would distance yourself from the show? Or give yourself a “buy” b/c you only really liked it b/c of Taylor…and after all, Taylor’s “all about the music” not about AI…

    I’m just curious if we label other people for their tastes. I know I’ve seen/heard some SP’rs ragging on “rockers” b/c they associate it with “noise” and “screaming” and Chris D. Can’t you see that it might be that we all just “judge” things/people b/c we just don’t understand, or care for whatever it is…

  45. baby duck Says:

    bama, that’s what Premium Membership is for. πŸ™‚

  46. NoTaylorObsession Says:

    I associate MOST (Key Word) SP’s with those individuals who chastize me for saying JTFTW isn’t my favorite song on the CD (and not the best single choice) or that Taylor’s publicity shots are so photoshopped that the People Mag. photo didn’t even look like him, or that even though they called 2000 and voted each show, that he doesn’t “owe” anyone anything. I am new to this blog and I think it is a great read and I love that the author has a sense of humor about herself. I stopped visiting any “Taylor” sites because if your opinion diviates even slightly from the masses you are attacked. I think the guy is great, as a performer and individual. But he himself has said he would’ve made it without AI. Probably not as quickly, but I think the diehard SP BELIEVE they are responsible for his success, and that’s simply not true. I do appreciate Taylor fans with 20/20 vision…and am sure this will not go over well. JMHO.

  47. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Totally agree wit you NoTayO! I get scared around some of the other sites. Really, besides MB I only visit Gray’s on a regular basis…and hardly ever comment.

    I’m glad you are here commenting! I hope you feel welcomed and realize that we disagree with each other all the time! And we’re really nice about it too! πŸ™‚

    I hope you get a chance to go back and read some old posts and comments. You’ll get a great feel for how we are.

  48. Shrewspeaks Says:


    Okay guys…is this whole wakidoo thing the whole “in too deep fan” thing?

    Let me throw out some names and let’s see what your thoughts are:

    Soul Patrol

    Does anyone elses score card look like mine?

    Deadhead – tiedied drugy mellow out dudes and gals with dirty feet

    Fanillow – Uptight, slightly geekish, older women and gay men

    Parrothead – Party with hawaiian shirts and tequila, tevas and flip flops, but always sunburnt

    Phishhead – See deadheads just younger

    Claymates – See Fanillows, but older and with more denial

    Soul Patrol – Crazy women in 30-40s who have a thing for harmonica gray haired dudes

    I am not saying these are fair judgements…nor that if you like any of these artists you ARE what these groups identify. I am just pointing out that there seems to be a mob persona associated with them. Like wise these groups DO seem to shun those who don’t follow the groups “rules” as only casual fans. I remember some years back a self professed Parrothead chastized me for actually not having a hawiian shirt saying “no self respecting parrot head colud live without it” I did and I am fine. Jeesh! I feel the Soul Patrol falling into that trap. I have had people in chat give me greif because I can’t name in three words which Taylor song they are quoting. Does that mean I am less of an admirer? Or does that mean I am not “garden variety” refusing to done the lemming uniform?

    *steps off soap box AGAIN*
    Thank god this is strong wood

  49. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh poopy…I offended everyone didn’t I?

  50. texan Says:

    good topic Shelley!

    Like all things in life…Wackadoo Flu will pass!

    I love Taylor’s voice, his originality, his triumph and all. I don’t store pics and vids, but haved seen them. The Magic shirt pic caused temporary insanity, but I survived.

    I do not listen to his music daily, but it is in my playlist. He is in good company. And all I ever planned to do was to give the guy a shot. He can take it from there. I will buy his music!

    and in my own mind that does not make me CRRRRAAAAZZZZEEEEEEEEE

  51. notaylorobsession Says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I visit Gray’s site, too (they educate me over there!) And, there is no fangirly talk which is nice. But even the SERIOUSLY Taylor fans over there have a sense of humor about it – they no that going to 7 concerts in 3 weeks is extreme and some question their own motives, but it’s more “about the music”. I just think he sounds different and he is a great performer. I also think he is WAS somewhat of a socially inept (but definately improving!) dorky musician which has gotton some quick lessons on public appeal. I agree with your scorecard shrew. Now I must go shine my shrine and say my 10 Hail Taylor’s before I drink my blue Kool-Aid and listen to DIMYP.

  52. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Not me!!

    If I could pick a group to be in…judging solely by your description…I’d be a Parrothead fer sure!

    How come I always get hungry when thinking about Jimmy Buffet…I start craving cheeseburgers and margaritas…yummy!

  53. leejolem Says:

    NTO, you only say 10 hail Mary’s for Taylor, shame on you–a true member of the Soul Patrol says 20/day–just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I definitely have fangirly thoughts, but I can laugh at myself about them. If I start writing fiction about Taylor just shoot me please. I agree w/you about Taylor maybe being kind of a dork musician off stage before AI. I always think he’s had the magic when he’s on stage. I don’t think he even understands it, and is surprised by the effect he has on his fans (especially the women).

    Shrew, it kills me when people try and grade your level of “fandom”. Who makes the grading scale? Are you less of a fan if you have glittery t-shirts, but don’t enjoy LiMBO? Are you more of a fan if you go to 7 concerts and buy 20 cds? Who really cares!!

    Bama, don’t mention cheeseburgers again! I’m starving.

  54. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Now see Bama I agree…but I always crave juicyfruit

  55. bamaborntxbred Says:


    I’ve been dieting cuz I wanted to be fabulous for New Orleans…but I keep screwing up. I hope my MB peeps aren’t too judgemental!!

    Do you think I can lose 20lbs in two weeks?

  56. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Try PeterPan Peanut Butter…works wonders

    PS- We won’t judge you to your FACE, SILLY πŸ˜‰

  57. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey- Do you have any left? I’ll pay top dollah!

    As long as to my face you act like I’m the most beautiful, witty and fascinating person you’ve ever met…I could care less what you REALLY think of me! (I wish.)

  58. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe Bama…I will always love you…to your face and behind your back

  59. shelley Says:

    hits every single person who mentioned food above in the head with a wet fish

    i put up a post dedicated to talking about nothing BUT food…and conversation continues to devolved into culinary madness.

    shakes head in disbelief

    y’all must be the hungriest group of folks on the Internet. ha.

  60. jcitysoul Says:

    I disagree with those who think the Soul Patrol is a detriment to Taylor and forever associated with AI. Sure, it was born there but continues on as a fan base for Taylor. Contrary to those who advocate it’s downfall, I think it is advantageous to have a fan base with name recognition. Taylor seems to appeciate our dedication and until he says otherwise; I’m a SP member.

  61. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey! I AM hungry! And after awhile…when no one else is engaged in “real” conversation…and no one is responding to “real questions anymore…we sometimes digress…to food…

  62. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi jcitysoul! Thanks for commenting!

    I don’t think it’s detrimental to Tay to have the SP behind him…I just don’t think of myself as a member of the SP. I used to…but not so much anymore. I’m not committed enough. I love Taylor and will always buy his cd’s…but I don’t have the gumption to listen to his podcasts, watch vids of him, look at every pic that comes along…

    Ya know?

  63. shelley Says:

    Bama said, “Hey! I AM hungry! And after awhile…when no one else is engaged in “real” conversation…and no one is responding to “real questions anymore…we sometimes digress…to food…”

    hence the permanent link to the food post…

  64. Shrewishungry Says:

    Sorry Shells.

    *filets and broils head smacked fish*

    jcity…good point…but do I have to lable myself a SPer to be a Taylor fan?

  65. spaceytracy Says:

    Hi Bama…. we had lunch in Dallas in Sept… we were at opposite ends of the table, but I remember meeting you. It was the day of Taylor’s AI show and the Limbo afterparty (taylor was a no show). I hadn’t been posting on GC anymore, and hadn’t seen your name….

    Anyway…. this has been an interesting discussion, I’ve been following it off and on all afternoon. I’ve never been a “fan” of any artist from the beginning of his career (although this is hardly the true beginning of Taylor’s career). Its really been a very interesting ride… lots of different degrees of “fandom”. I hated Runaround when I heard it and I hated when Taylor chose it to sing on all the shows, but I was almost afraid to say so…. eventually I did express my opinion, and to this day I think his CD would be more successful if he had chosen another song to “promote” in the beginning… but thats neither here nor there…. I think I’m rambling so I am going back to work now, which is where i should be anyway… I just wanted to say hi to “bama”

  66. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi spaceytracey! I totally remember you! That day was so much fun. I remember the anticipation of it all…ahh…those were the good ole days!

    You should definitely comment here more often. It’s good to have the variety of opinions around to fill out the group!

  67. Rowan Says:

    Leejolem – interesting thought. I’d agree with your cool/uncool folks. As for crossing over from uncool to cool, I’ve been told by somebody generally considered cool that Tom Jones made the leap, but I didn’t believe her. That makes me too uncool to pass comment, wnich is a shame, coz I’m very interested. My little brother, when aged fifteen, was asked for English homework to put the word “antithesis” in a sentence. I took a peek at his exercise book, and he’d written, “My sister is the antithesis of cool.” : (

    Shrew – like your analysis. The in too deep fan thing, culminating in the experience you described in chat, is what constitutes Wackadoo Island for me. I could laugh at my obsessive interest in all things Taylor during AI,as many of us could, but could never assume the mantle of self-elected judge of what constituted a ‘designated’ SP attitude or response in any post. There seemed to be a lack of humour in all of that, a restriction, which didn’t typify the originality in Taylor, doin his own thing, surprising people, not conforming in any sense. Taylor appeared to appeal to a richly diverse fan base. I see myself as a Taylor Hicks fan who would buy a SP shirt out of a sense of warm nostalgia. I liked the “Soul Patrol” shouts, and don’t think they are/will be detrimental in any real sense.

    The fact that the show launched the hugely successful Idols such as Kelly C, suggests to me, as it has to others posting, that AI is not in itself an insurmountable stigma. I am on my second copy of “Breakaway” having worn the first one out. I heard the cd in a supermarket and hunted it down, having no idea whatsoever who Kelly C was. I know I would have done the same if I’d heard “West Texas Sky”, only a good deal faster, cracking ankle-bones with my dodgy shopping cart. Taylor’s voice and approach to his music is deeply original and he’ll go on gathering momentum. He has the wow factor, and also a fun, wacky side that keeps him real and helps peeps like me identify with him. And he admits to liking Bonnie Tyler! The Wackadoo Island motif is a great template for group and self-analysis! Luurve the header graphic, btw.

  68. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, “Claymates-see Fanillows but older, and with more denial”–I just reread your post. ROFLMBO!
    And how dare a Fanillow diss you–that’s just rude. Crazy peeps from any fanbase should support one another–call it empathabarry or compassilow or some such nonsense. (ok, it’s time for me to go home)

  69. leejolem Says:

    Rowan, thanks for responding to my cool/uncool question. That makes you the antithesis of the antithesis of cool in my book.

  70. spaceytracy Says:

    I’ve encountered a lot of degrees of “soul patrol” out there, I have to admit I just attended 2 of Taylor’s Florida performances, and he did say Soul Patrol in one if not both shows, so I think he still likes the moniker. But I have encountered some fans that feel as if they are entitled to more than the casual fan. Some that feel they own a part of Taylor because either they’ve met him, or know little oddities about him, or have listend to each and every sound byte that is out there about him. I think I fall in between. I will be going to one more show in Birmingham, just cuz a lot of the people I met online are going and I’d like to be a part of those festivities, and also because going to a Taylor concert is a party like no other. I guess Buffet’s parrotheads feel the same way. Going to see Taylor is an “event” for me. I love Harry Connick Jr and I belong to hs fan club and I’ve seen him several times and I adore him and his music, but going to his show is not the same kind of “event” or “party atmosphere” as I encountered when going to see Taylor. My husband has grasped that part of my enthusiasm for the Taylor tour dates because he’s never experienced that kind of thing for himself. I’m sure a parrothead or a deadhead could totally relate.

  71. spaceytracy Says:

    correction — my husband has NOT grasped, is what I should have said in my last 2 sentences.

  72. double d Says:

    Ok….off to see Wackadoo Magoo….

    News at 11….well maybe 1?

  73. leejolem Says:

    Wackadoo Magoo–brilliant!!!

  74. jenfera Says:

    Wow, the stuff you miss when you are traveling! It is now 1:48 my time, 12:48 in St. Louis. EIther way, I should be going to bed! But I just had to check in here at Monkbot and read all these comments.

    I guess I need my ID card for Wackadoo Island, if only because of my need to be here at Monkbot, or at Gray’s every day, multiple times per day. But, as I have said before, the whole “SOUL PATROL!!!!” thing was not for me. Taylor was on occasion just too manic with all that for me. But, since it *is* all about the music, I got past it. I got a little thrill today on my way to the airport when I saw a billboard for Taylor’s show at Foxwoods in CT. I proudly told my boss’s boss, who I was traveling with, that I am going to the show. He just said, oh, is he the american idol guy? And didn’t judge me for it. At least not to my face.

    I am really weary of folks who try to judge their coolness over me by what bands they like. I live in an area with a lively local music scene, lots of indie rock and such. They are all “down with the establishment” blah blah blah, but I think it comes down to jealousy, doesn’t it? They haven’t made it big, so whoever has must be so uncool. Whatever. I just like what I like. If they want to call me a dork, so be it. I am in mighty fine company.

  75. Trixi Says:

    The phrase “Soul Patrol” started with the loyal group of people who followed Taylor pre-idol.

    Where can I get resident status for Whackadoo Island? I’m a soul patroler for life!!!( and proud of it, not afraid to shout it)

    Groove on Soulman

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