Let’s Play da Fun Game dat Helps Us Learn Each Udder’s Names


For those of you who haven’t seen Disney’s “Heavyweights”…
it’s Monkbot Assignment time…
(I secretly am in love with Lars)

Wow…our little site is really growin’!

I’ve noticed in recent days that there has been somewhat of an increase in regular site traffic to Monkbot…this pleases me.

And all the new faces in the comment section has me thrilled. Please allow me to formally welcome…mouser, spaceytracy, SoulPatrolShari, Chaos, Hatson, Karen (or have you been around these parts before?), NoTaylorObsession, and jcitysoul.

I’ve also noticed quite a few Anonymous commentors…and y’all are welcome, as well.

However, because having more than one Anonymous makes things confusing…and because I like to know a little bit about the folks coming to my site to comment…I have decided that (UPDATE) ALL BOLD MONKBOTS SHOULD ENCOURAGE SHY MONKBOTS TO AT LEAST MAKE UP A NAME FOR CLARITY SAKE Monkbot needs a registration process.

Okay…before anyone panics…let me assure you that this isn’t my way of censoring anyone. Rather, I think it’s a good way for me to keep order on the site.

Anyone who has posted at Gray’s knows you have to include an e-mail address before submitting that nerve-racking FIRST POST! This will be much the same (I think).

At least let me try it out and see how it works before y’all start throwing wet fish at my head. Okay?

And I don’t want anyone to worry about encountering any difficulty in registering. I’ll implement the “body system” (see Lars reference above) to help in times of crisis. The system works like this…if anyone has a problem…e-mail me at monkbottalk@gmail.com and I’ll be your “body” (buddy) and try to help you through it.

If it causes too many problems for too many people…I’ll remove the process.

Thanks to all for your patience…now…go register so you can comment on what a pain in the butt it is to register!


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A BLOGGER ACCOUNT. (Which is basically the same thing as above because Google owns Blogger.)

UPDATE: Okay…y’all let me know if this is worth the effort. I know it’s easy…but I was hoping to get more information on everybody through their profile information. Since that ain’t happenin’…I guess it’s still good that folks are required to at least post under an actual name…instead of anonymous. I need feedback from everyone. Let me know if this is too much of a pain in the @$$, ’cause I’ll remove it if so.



18 Responses to “Let’s Play da Fun Game dat Helps Us Learn Each Udder’s Names”

  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Shrew is in da house

  2. shelleypowers Says:

    tested the waters to see how easy it is.

    and, yes, it’s easy!

  3. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Way easy and no fuss commenting…Do it folks! DO IT!

    *no peer pressure was intended by this post*

  4. Libby Says:


    I have registered and inadvertently started a blog page of my own. We will see if I really do anything with it.

    Shelley — you are the best !! It is a comfort to come to Monkbot after a tough day — and I have had quite a few in the last month or so. Your friendship and internet presence has meant a lot.


  5. leejolem Says:

    hope this works.

  6. Katie Says:

    I had forgotten that I’d already had a Google account, so no extra work required. Yay for me.

    So, what did y’all think about Chris Sligh singing “Trouble,” and more importantly, how much did Sanjaya suck? Hooo boy.

  7. NOLAgirl Says:

    Ooh, there we go.Now I’m NOLAgirl. Didn’t want to throw anyone off!

  8. holeigh_annie Says:

    LOL, NOLA. Sanjaya did suck, which makes me sad because he’s a cute kid.

    Chris’s “Trouble” sounded a lot more like Ray LaMontagne’s version, his voice is a lot closer. I still like Taylor’s growling on the song better, but Chris proved he can sing tonight, most definitely. And thank God Sundance stepped it up. Who else…oh, so Chris Richardson is not that good, IMO. Phil = still good. Blake = didn’t like the song, but he made me pay attention and he did well. Brandon = too cute, even if the beginning of “Time After Time” was ewwy.

    So yeah, much better this week, boys!

  9. Rowan Says:

    Ooooh I have gone blue! Now to think of a blog page name, even if I never start a blog.Hmmmm…ponder ponder… This is fun! Do you have to stick to the first site name you choose?

    Hello to all the new people!

  10. shelley Says:

    I feel bad for everyone having to start a blog.

    I don’t think you actually HAVE to…just to let y’all know.

    Can y’all tell I’m nervous that this little venture of mine will mean less people will comment?

    Yikes…my insecurity is definitely showing.


  11. shelley Says:

    Rowan…yes…I think you have to stick with that name…unless…wait…you might be able to edit your “profile” information. Try that.

  12. L Says:

    Testes, testes, I have none…

    *Ducks to avoid wet fish*

  13. shelley Says:

    glares at Squeebee and throws fish anyway

    Squee…you don’t want to use your “Squeebee” name?

    Seriously, folks…I’m not digging this “register” crap. It seems to really limit folks.

    You can’t include your own URL if you have one (other than if it’s a Blogger URL).

    I think I’m probably going to take it off.

    What do y’all think?

  14. Rowan Says:

    Ooh, I like the idea of thinking of a blog name! It is very very fun. It is good that Blogger give you time to think about a name and come back. I don’t feel pressurised at all by your idea of registration – it opens out new vistas and opportunities. Blogs are the biz! I would like a wee one one day. I don’t know if it would mean less folks would comment, having to register but I have found the idea really cool.

  15. Rowan Says:

    I seem to have a wee deletey dustbin at the end of my posts. Does that mean that you can delete your post or that I have done something daft? Hee hee!

  16. jenfera Says:

    I like the registration thang. Keeps things a little more orderly-like.

    I am traveling for work this week and I am in St. Louis. I missed most of Idol. Was Sligh really that good? I have to admit (call me fangirly if you must) that I can’t handle others singing songs on AI that Taylor made his own. They should retire Trouble, Change is Gonna Come, and In The Ghetto. Raise the Hicks jersey to the ceiling and call it a night.

  17. shelley Says:

    Rowan…yes. That little garbage can means you can delete your own comments if you’d like. 🙂

  18. Squeebee Says:

    Sorry Shell….I TRIED to use Squeebee but it didn’t work! 😀

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