Nevermind…Registration Off


I don’t like it. I can’t stand it.

Sooooo….no more registration.

However, I think we need to all be vigilant about letting folks know they are welcome…but they need to comment with some kind of name.

Anonymous comments aren’t cool!

This is your brain.

This is your brain on Anonymous comments.

Any questions?


44 Responses to “Nevermind…Registration Off”

  1. ivoryhut Says:

    I have a question. Can I get that with some sausage, cheese and ketchup on a lightly-toasted roll?

    Sorry, I missed the whole registration experiment. Was it really that bad?

  2. jcitysoul Says:

    If it’s off, why did I just go through what I though was the registration process????? LOL

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Shelley…several times I have tried to post and gave up having it post as Leroy’s Sharon…but I always have signed my name so you guys will know it is me. Of course, I am not always savy on some computer stuff…lol. So if I don’t get this post to announce me by the is totally my fault and I know that. I turned 57 in January and the thing I know for sure the most…is how much I still have to learn. *grin*

    I wanted to send you another link to the Flint Journal for a new article on Lakisha Jones (Am Idol). I think it is ok that I post them in the blog (?). This article speaks of her fellow students in Flint and also some teacher remarks.

    I do enjoy this blog and so often think I will add my ‘two cents worth in’. At rare moments I did manage a post….but I read here everyday, just as I read GC. And while I am posting…I will share that I am so happy for Taylor and feel so blessed by ‘his magic’.

    And now, I am on my way to pick up my 15 year old granddaughter, who is a Beatles fan and took me to my first concert ever…Paul McCartney’s recent US tour. And my granddaughter thinks Taylor is great and loves his album as much as we love any of his pre-Idol music.

    And gee….I guess I have exposed more of me today than ever before on monkbot. Do-hi’ (peace in cherokee language)~ Leroy’s Sharon

    Here is the link:

  4. Shrewspeaks Says:


    That is awesome Leroy’s Sharon.

  5. leejolem Says:

    Leroy’s Sharon, Yay!!! Another 15 yr old who loves Taylor. My daughter , Hickschick4soul, who also posts here is 15 (well she will be on 3/17). I hope you 2 have had as much fun sharing your fandom with each other as she and I have. You wouldn’t believe how much time we spend talking about Taylor. We’re going to the Columbus, OH concert and are psyched!!! Do-hi’

  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Leroy’s Sharon- Hi! Yay for you posting with us!

    When you are done writing a comment, you’ll see that there are 3 choices under “Choose an identity”. If you want to sign with your chosen name…you click on the “Other” choice and type in “Leroy’s Sharon” in the box labeled “NAME”. (You don’t need a web page entered.) Then you just click on “Publish your comment” and your comment will show with your name!!

    Hope this helps!

  7. Chaos Says:


    Thank you so much fo the formal welcome! I consider it my official citizenship green card to Wackadoo Island. This is really a great community of people and I am glad to be a part of the fun.

    With that said, I hope you don’t mind if I were to kinda ask a question to start a discussion…?!

    Obviously, I am new to the Monkbot brigade, and while I have been reading past discussions, I’m still not completely up to date on the who’s who. So, if Shelley doesn’t mind, can everyone get me up to speed on the who, what, where, when and why? Who are you? Where are you from? How do you know Shelley? What is your shoe size? Any info you feel like sharing so I can get an understanding of the monkeys in the middle.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi Chaos!

    Once upon a looooong time ago…when Monkbot Talk was still just called Talk…


    I’m from Dallas, TX and I’ve been here since purt-near the beginning. Just after Gray went bye-bye. I knew Shelley from her amazing posts on GC and was so excited when she invited the orphaned GCers to come to her blog to play.

    Some of the best posts/comments ever happened early on. We created the Monkbot legend…the Monkcopter…fluffy bunnies and ice-cream flavored kittens.

    It was/is the bestest blog ever in the whole wide world. And Shelley is the funniest, smartest Monkbotess ever. And DD, Nola, Q, Rowan, Dr. Bob, Ivoryhut, Leejolem, Shrew, Baby Duck, Jan, Wompuss, etc. are the most wonderful Monkbot sistahs a girl could ever ask for! (And if I left yer name off the list…it doesn’t mean I don’t love you too. I’m just bad with names!)

    We debate subjects a lot but no one ever gets mean or gets their feelings hurt….at least I hope they don’t!!

    Shelley can’t comment much during the day b/c she’s a good little worker bee…so if you don’t get answered by her during working hours…don’t be offended!

  9. claire Says:

    *is hurt cos ‘Bama left her name off the list…* šŸ™‚

    Hi Chaos, I’m postin’ at ya from Ireland, been posting since last October or thereabouts. Therefore I’m usually in bed when the fun stuff happens in your neck of the woods!

    Shelley’s is usually a fun, lighthearted place, but the Monkbots sure know how to debate a hot topic and share their feelings very eloquently and honestly. All opinions are welcome and will be treated with respect. We are a flame-free zone. (also a glitter-free zone!!)

    Jump in and post anytime!

    Soooo, care to share a few details about yourself with us, Chaos??

  10. Leroy's Sharon Says:

    I think I get it now….we will see if I show up “non-anonymous”.


    And my 15 yr. old granddaughter says, “Woooo for Taylor”.

    Actually she is helping me try and sign in with my name.

  11. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay for Leroy’s Sharon!! You did it!

    Woooo for you!!

    Claire-y Pooh! My dear, sweet, sistah…I’m dreadfully sorry for any pain I might have caused yer tender little heart. I would like to formally apologize from the deepest recesses of my own heart. You are the best Irish Monkbot the world will ever be blessed with.

  12. shelley Says:

    Awww…so proud of everyone! šŸ™‚

    A great place to start for an introduction to Monkbot (and the only REQUIRED READING is the Monkbot Manifesto…it should clear up a lot of things).

    Also…please let me make this clear…I’m only offering tickets to ESCAPE from Wackadoo Island.

    I like to think of Monkbot as a Taylor Hicks Recovery Zone.

    We loves our little Taylor…but most of us are trying to regain the sanity in our lives pre-Season 5 AI.

    The beauty comes when that delicate harmonious balance is struck between being a Hicks fan and a normal person. LOL.

    However, it’s also important to note that (as stated in the Manifesto) Monkbot is a place for EVERYONE. We don’t believe in shunning anyone…though our snark level can get a little rowdy at times.

    So glad you all are here!

    And, Bama…I truly believe the best is yet to come!


  13. leejolem Says:

    Chaos, good question! I’m actually not sure of where everyone is from either. I lurked here starting in September and I think I started commenting in October. I came late to GC (around September). I watched Taylor on AI and got totally hooked, but was a little late to the internet game. I’m from Fishers,Indiana (a northern suburb of Indianapolis). I think I’m the only Midwestern Monkbot.

    The Monkbot sistahs are the funniest, cleverest, most intelligent and creative women I’ve ever cyber-met. They make me laugh every day, and sometimes even cry. We started out having Taylor and Monkey vs Robot in common, but there’s something else that holds us all together–I’m not sure what it is, but I like it.

    If you have a chance read some of Shelley’s short stories–they are fabulous.

    I’ve acutally never met Shelley or any of the Monkbots, but I’m hoping to in the future. (I do know Hickschick4soul–she’s my daughter). My shoe size is 8&1/2. lol.

    I, unlike some of the more sane Monkbots, still hold on to the dream of meeting Taylor and giving him a hug and thanking him for….I don’t know what exactly…just thanking him for the joy he’s brought to my life. I know it’s corny, but I love that goofy, dorky, amazing musician.

  14. Chaos Says:

    What wonderful things everyone has to say! I don’t like to ask questions until I educate myself as best as possible first. I have read the wonderful Monkbot Manifesto…Helpful little piece of literature. From reading and through my own experience, I have a great appreciation for the creed of respect to all Monkbots. While a fish may have been raised, I have yet to receive a blow. I am so impressed with the posts I have read, past and present. The people that surround me on a daily basis abuse the English language, mostly from a lack of education. The posts here are so well thought out, intellectual and eloquent while also containing depth and raw sarcasm.

    More than anything, I was wondering about everyone as individuals.

    Shelley would it be possible to say that Wackadoo Island is almost like a rehab? Or is it more like a derivative of the land of misfit toys?

  15. Hatson Says:

    Chaos…… We are not a completely free glitter zone. I go back to the GC days of last year, but only recently began posting. I always enjoyed Shelley on Gc as well as most of the people here. I live in Oregon so some of the foods that are talked about are foreign to me. The beauty of this site is that there are differences, but great respect for one another.(What a family should be) I am happy to have a vacation home on Wackadoo Island. Thanks again Shelley for the welcome here.

  16. shelley Says:







  17. leejolem Says:

    This is a test; this is only a test!

  18. leejolem Says:

    Oh, duh!!!! You can’t put up new posts, not comments. Sorry, Shelley. I thought it was fixed for a minute. Good Luck!

  19. shelley Says:

    Lee…we can comment…I just can’t put up new posts.

    I’ve been searching Blogger Help now for about an hour.

    I’ve got to go bed…hopefully this will get worked out soon.

    Y’all stay with me, now!

  20. Hatson Says:

    No Worries Shelley. We are here “in good times, in bad times we”ll be on your side forever more, that’s what friends are for”…. Of course that said I can’t wait for your review of tonight’s show. Later!

  21. jenfera Says:

    Hello – I’m from Massachusetts and I might be the lone Northeast Contingent of the Soul Patrol, Monkbot Division. Or not.

    I have been reading GC on and off since sometime last spring. Before Taylor won, but after most everyone else found it! I lurked here at Monkbot for months before finally delurking… I dunno. Maybe back in December or so? I got such a warm welcome from the Monkbot sistahs that now I can’t get enough of this place!!!

    Love the no glitter policy. Love the intelligence and warmth.

    So, do I have to wade through all the comments at GC to read double d’s account of the Mobile show, or what? Perhaps that is what Shelley is trying so hard to post? I can’t wait to hear DD’s account of the event. She tells it like it is!!! And that picture on GC she submitted with the backup singer is hawt!!! Who doesn’t want to be that girl. Mmmmmm.

    Shoe size???? 7 to 8, depending on width.

  22. Shrewspeaks Says:

    It is ironic that you had to ask a question to get the information you need to…wait for it…ask more questions.

    As the manifesto indicates you can ask anything here…you just might get some smart alex like me responding in a way you didn’t expect.

    I am more than willing to share details…actually if you go back into the archives here you will find most of the individual details about any of us in the comments section…BUT since you ASKED…I am asking right back…share with US about YOU…Quid pro quo Chaos…quid pro quo…

    I love what you have been saying and would always be glad to raise a cup of kindness with ya šŸ˜‰

  23. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am sorry…did I halt conversation…I certainly didn’t mean to

  24. shelley Says:

    Attention Important Announcement:

    I’m working on a solution at Monkbot…so please be patient with me.

    However, I also need to let everyone know how wonderful and grand and magnificent and brilliant the all-knowing and extremely handsome Gray Charles is. He was kind enough to e-mail me…pretty much before the crack of dawn this morning…to offer help.

    I’m following his guidances and, hopefully, we’ll have things up and running in a day or so.

  25. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Yay Gray!

    *hits Bama in da head* wake up gal!

  26. baby duck Says:

    ‘Salright, Shelley. Don’t stress over it. We’ll be here, patiently waitiny your next post, as though you moved toward simplicity. Thanks, Gray, for helping. Just hope it’s in time for The Office analysis on Friday. Do you think Roy will do to Jim what he did to the bar?

  27. Chaos Says:


    About me? I am lurking from the depths of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Take the I-90 from Chicago straight north into Wisconsin and just keep going. Eventually, it will go from 8 lanes to 6, six down to 4. Keep going. Four lanes will turn into 2. Take a left and keep going, where the roads will turn to gravel, then dirt. Eventually, you will find my little cottage tucked in the snow. There is a plethora of flannel and lack of teeth around here.

    My shoe size is a 7, depending. I enjoying long walks on the beach, fine wines and poking dead things with sticks.

    Shrew, tell me about you. I am interested in knowing a little bit about everyone.

  28. Shrewspeaks Says:

    You did forget to mention your searing humor…unless that was left to the reader’s judgement.

    I am in the heart of the metro NYC area *waves at yankee neighbor Jen*
    135 of the Parkway to be exact. The land of high hair and broad crude vowels. I however have inherted my parents CT style of speaking and coiffer.

    I too enjoy fine wine, but will choose a nice smokey single malt over it. I LOVE seafood and avoid pooking dead things with a stick. I have traveled the world over and love all it has to offer, yet concider myself a home body.

    I have recently adopted a beagle by the name of Beau.

    Shoe size 39 EU

    I am also in Parma Advertising…pray tell…based on your description of your habitat I would guess you are either a dentist, the rare flannel trader or a taxidermist?

  29. Shrewspeaks Says:

    And I type very fast and make horrible spelling goofs

  30. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I didn’t know we could still comment…I didn’t even think MB would still be up cuz o’ da prollums. I happened by out of habit!

    Yay! I’m glad to see that we’re all alive and kicking.

    Shrew…I’m glad you avoid poking dead things with sticks. I’m sure they appreciate it too.

  31. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…I found that wasn’t a good way to get dates šŸ˜‰

  32. Chaos Says:

    Shrew…Oh how I envy. Sex In The City vs. Men In Trees…Need I say more?

    I have also traveled quite a bit (stopped packing now to check the weather). I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a fine Moet Dam Perignon at the Australian Jockey Club in Sydney and fruity concoctions on the sugary beaches of Mexico, yet sometimes, it just doesn’t beat a cold Budweiser on my front porch. Ironically enough, I have a beautiful Versaci hanging in my closet and dead dear hanging in my garage as I type this.

    Please, speak up! Baby Duck, tell us about you. Nola, Q, Rolan?

  33. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Sex in the City…hardly…more like “Ben&Jerry’s In the Suburbs”

  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Haha! Shrew…you just described my life!

    Although I have two big nights planned this weekend…I’ll be partying like a rock star! (Ummm..or not.)

    Chaos- Why don’t you make up a Monkbot survey and we can all fill it out? šŸ˜‰

  35. Chaos Says:

    It was you BAMA! I keep a blog on my myspace page, and last week I put my Rockstar kicks up for auction. At least I know where to find them when I feel the need to use them again…

    I would love to create a Monkbot survey, but being the quirky, analytical thinker I am, I first must ask questions to be sure that I produce the desired result.

    Will Shelley mind? I mean, this is her baby…Don’t you think she should have first dibs if she wants it here?

    Survey, defined by Merriam and Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 12th Edition, ISBN # 087779930X:
    1) To look over and examine closely. 3) To view or study something as whole.

    I am gathering a comprehensive list of fill-in-the-blanks could do the trick. Something for Monkbot member to fill in, so fellow Monkbot members can get an idea of who they are. Am I close?

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I dunno…I don’t know nothin ’bout birthin no surveys Ms. Chaos!

    Seriously…I was kind of kidding…although it would be interesting…I think Shelley prolly already has most of the pertinent info.

    If you have time…I heartily encourage you to read the past comments. You will learn loads of info about us. Besides…that’s how we learned about each other…and it’s more fun that way!

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Random aside: I got a “Soul Thing” ringtone today. It’s so cute!

  38. shelley Says:

    as y’all can tell…i’m really out of the loop today…trying to work AND solve my blog’s problems.

    chaos…the sentiment is nice…but no surveys, please.

    we did a pretty innocuous survey for all monkbots to take about a month or so ago (if i wasn’t sweatin’ bullets about the blog…i’d research and find it for you)

    please take the time to back read old posts and comments to learn about the folks around here.

    I really don’t like specific questions aobut where folks are from and who they are and their age and rank and serial number…it’s a little cold and prying for my tastes.

    i prefer to get to know folks over time and through them deciding what they WANT to share.

    also…anytime you have an idea for monkbot…please e-mail it to me at

    i’ll give it consideration and let you know outside the public area. šŸ˜‰


    let me advise everyone again to go back through ALL the posts and comments. with the snafu we’re currently undergoing there is a very strong chance that some of this information will be gone soon.

    i’m serious.

    i’m doing what i can to fix things…but you never know.

  39. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Wait…you mean I might get a clean slate? Start my whole MonkBot life over?

    Let’s see what would I fix…
    Well my spelling for starters.

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- I’d just be glad to take every comment down that I ever cried about being single and feeling fat…I really don’t like that floating around “cyber-space”!!

  41. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Not me BAMA…I take it a s free advertising šŸ˜‰

    Seriously, Shelley anything you need us to do to help?

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I can get my stone tablets out and start transcribing all the past posts and comments for posterity!

    You want?

  43. leejolem Says:

    I hope we don’t lose Shelley’s creepy short story about the office worker that stole the phone headset. I lurved that one!!! I would like an autographed copy when it gets published.

    Hang in there Shelley–hope you’re not stressing too much!!!

  44. shelley Says:


    Our new home is at

    I’m waitin’ for ya!


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