Melinda’s Night to Shine


I had major issues with Blogger last night…so no write-up.

Just know that I thought Melinda outperformed EVERYONE…including LaKeisha.


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  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I know everyone is excited for my rambling stream of thought review…

    Gina – A little rough start on the Heart tune…She supposed to have a great big voice…yet she seems just under the correct pitch

    Paula is very lucent tonight…hmmm…did they curb the cup happy juice?

    Alaina – Dixie Chicks – great choice for her! I am so impressed at the beginning…really pitchy in the chorus, but she is still way better than last week

    LAKISHA – I am so excited…She’s doing Gladys! I”n LUV with Ryan” HA! I LUV this woman…she doesn’t over sing and she connects deeply with the lyrics and she HAD to do it differently from Paris. Well done.

    Melinda – so she has a ton of professional advice? She does sound great…dang this woman is fantastic! She and Lakisha are making this season fun to watch.

    Antonella sings Celine? Oh my. Ummm I think she needs to go. Poor kid is in over head.

    Jordin Sparks – Before she sings I must say I like this girl…she is doing well…i just don’t like Christina I guess…I still like her a lot but based on the song

    Stephanie Edwards – I always forget about her. She can sing…I just don’t connect with her…I am not sure what is missing. Tough song too…just don’t get why I can’t like her

    Leslie – Nina Simone Again…I do love this song…Opening was stunning…Scatting was “interesting”…She should be doing a different style though Joni Mitchell or Ricki Lee Jones or even Cat Stevens something more “crunchy” to cut through the Diva blockade…I want her around longer

    Haley – She’s engaged…I hate her already…She did well…A bit Branson sounding…I am bored and want to fast forward her

    Sabrina – She was great last week….She can sing too…She has a real Whitney Houston quality to her voice…ooooh a bit screechy on the high notes..ummm She needs to do more to be able to compete with the best of the night.

    Best of the night Melinda by a long shot…

  2. jcitysoul Says:

    Melinda was incredible. Has never been one of my favorite songs but forgot all while I was saying “wow”. LaKeisha better not get to comfortable because Melinda is just as good or better. Antonella must go!

  3. leejolem Says:

    My Funny Valentine by Melinda rawked!!!! It is a travesty that Antonella is still around. Almost makes me want to stop watching…..almost.

  4. Hatson Says:

    Melinda was definitely the best last night! What I really liked was her dedications to her”Gayle’s”. That was so funny and thoughtful. Did anyone see Taylor on Dr. Phil today? It was really interesting. A music critic was there who said he made it because of his great charisma. Actually she said it as a compliment not to be negative about his singing. Shelley, glad you are back.

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