Junk Mail


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  1. Shrewspeaks Says:

    It’s Blogger

  2. Shelley Says:


  3. double d Says:

    heh. You gots some spring birdies…..do you close the lid? Might help.

  4. wompuss Says:

    Ok, Shells……..it’s either spring birdies…….or some mighty persistant rats….either way….I’d be wearin me some disposable plastic gloves to handle that stuff.

  5. Dr. Bob Says:

    Yikes. Rabid squirrels. You are brave — I wouldna’ put MY hand in there. Yeesh. (and I am brave enough to clear out the garbage disposal …)

  6. leejolem Says:

    It’s TPTB! They’re trying to distract you from your love of Taylor Hicks and keep you from buying his cd or seeing him in concert or calling radio stations to request JTFTW.

    **now removing tinfoil hat**

    p.s. or maybe it’s a wild Monkbot indigenous to Mississippi

  7. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    I think its some punk kid. I’ll wait with a bat in the back yard if you want 🙂

  8. Holeigh Says:

    Shell! I just wanted to leave a quick note so I can get my comment through moderation and all. Unfortunately, I can’t watch the video in this post as I’m at home for Spring Break with the Dreaded Dial Up. However, I am so glad that you’ve made a new, beautiful home for us. I think I like this much better, haha. Good luck with unpacking! 😉

  9. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww………It’s probably a ninja….those pesky ninjas…..

  10. Hatson Says:


  11. Shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh boy Hatson, wait until DD sees what you wrote!

  12. Dr. Bob Says:

    DD does not like duct tape? I like duct tape. My son made a very nice wallet from duct tape. That I don’t use. Evah.

  13. Squeebee Says:

    It’s DUCK tape , people! I was a long-time duct-taper until Double to da D set me straight.

  14. Libby Says:

    Shelley — even the little birds in your neighborhood know what a wonderful Monkbot home you provide. So, they are trying to move in…

    Southern hospitality attracts them everytime.


  15. Leroy'sSharon Says:

    Hello Shelley……it looks like there were a lot of leaves in the mailbox. I couldn’t tell about the amount of twigs. To me it looks like the gatherings of a squirrel. Squirrels do like to make nests in high trees, but it does happen in nesting boxes also.

    Is ‘someone’ lifting the lid to gain access to your mailbox? That would add to my guess that it is a squirrel.

    Also…do you have Red Squirrels in your area? They are famous for having many caches where they store food.

    And some squirrels are very stubborn and don’t give up easily on a claim to a certain box or hole in a tree.

    We feed birds and squirrels (and some pesky raccoons, a possum or two and even some wild turkey’s have visited our feeders…not to mention a pair of Mallard ducks visiting once…I have pictures…LOL). Well, I mention about our hobby of feeding the Creator’s four-leggeds and winged ones, because when I saw your video today, I right off thought what a fun adventure it will be for you. But……maybe you don’t see it that way. LOL!!!!

    Keep us posted on this event with your mailbox. I am anxious to know ‘who’ is trying to interfere with the U.S. Mail.

    And blessings to everyone at monkbot……do-hi’ ~Leroy’s Sharon

  16. leejolem Says:

    Testing….duct tape, duct tape, duct tape…. is anyone out there?

  17. double d Says:

    Dammit, people…a year later, I am STILL educating on DUCK tape….


  18. Hatson Says:

    Ok double d….. I surrender to your vast knowledge of the ducktape club. I may not become a dues paying member quite yet, but I won’t have any ruffled feathers over it. By the way, as an Oregonian I know alot about DUCKS…..

  19. leejolem Says:

    Hee hee!! I knew my evil plot to get Double D to come out and play would work!!!

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