‘Cause She’s a Woman…T-I-G-E-R


Melinda’s performance would have made Peggy Lee proud.

I know I’ve said how much I love Chris Sligh and how great I think Blake Lewis is and how fabulously LaKisha Jones can sing…but…this year’s AI title belongs to one person…and one person alone…

Melinda Doolittle.

The girl’s got it together. She dresses sharp. She performs like a pro. She sparkles like a star. And she has a phenomenal voice.

Honestly, she needs to win this competition.

However, since this is a competition, I guess it’s only fair that I give a little attention to the other contestants.


We started last night’s performances with Jordin Sparks singing “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar. Let’s see…Pat BenatarJordin SparksPat BenatarJordin Sparks. I don’t know about y’all, but hearing this 17-year-old Kids Incorporated singer belt, “You’re the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy” really creeped me out. And seeing Little Miss Sunshine give the symbol for “rock” worked about as well as using a banana to drive a nail…plus, did anyone notice how her voice kept projecting after she moved the mic from her mouth? Hmmmm….curious. However, she’s staying.

Sabrina Sloan sang “Don’t Let Go” and, honestly, keepin’ it real, dawg…it was bad. She was screechy and nasally. Plus, it sounded like she ran out of breath in more than one spot. I want to root for her…but I just couldn’t last night…but that doesn’t mean she’s going home.

Okay..on to Antonella Barba. She told us that she has been playing the violin since she was 4 years old and all I could do was scream “NOOOOOoooooooo!!!’ As a violinist…let me say how much I hated having this connection with someone who sings as if she’s tone deaf. And, as if to pierce my heart further, she came out on stage and managed to make me hate “Put Your Records On.” Corinne Bailey Rae she ain’t. I think Simon said it all when he said she is out of her league in this group of women. Unless Vote for the Worst saves her…she’s gone.

Haley Scarnato sang some song I had never heard before. It sounded very pageant-y…or very “special music during the offetory-ish.” (Can I get a witness from all my Protestant peeps?) Randy did well to say it had no pizzazz or “yo”…and really…he’s right. I think Haley is going home.

Next up was Stephanie Edwards. She looked fetching in her black dress with blue satin ribbon trim…but that’s the nicest thing I can say about her performance. Look, I’m a white girl…sadly, a very white girl. That said, I have to simply admit that I don’t “get” this kind of music. The song had no melody or fluidity. And even if I put that cultural difference aside, to me it sounded like her voice gave out halfway in. I really didn’t like it. But I think she will make it through.

LaKisha Jones came out and sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” She looked amazing (though I didn’t really like all the bling). However, this was the first time I heard a good number of imperfections in LaKisha’s performance. She had some pitch problems and strained reaches on a few notes, though the overall performance was very nice. She’ll stay.

Gina Glocksen sang some Evanescence. I will say she did the best she’s done all season…but that’s not saying much. Her breath and her voice and her pitch were all over the place. However, I think she sparked enough interest/curiousity in what she’s able to do to keep her in the game another week.

Last but not least…actually, last but the very, very best…was Melinda. She came out and tore up “I’m a Woman.” Not only does this girl carry herself with a vitality and energy, she actually manages to channell every bit of that vitality and energy through the television into my living room. I sat slack-jawed through her whole song. She is fantastic and, truly, as Simon so accurately put it…a little tiger.

Absolutely. Love. Her.

Entertainment Weekly write-up on last night.


16 Responses to “‘Cause She’s a Woman…T-I-G-E-R”

  1. Squeebee Says:

    I think Melinda was great! But to my ears, LaKisha did an awesome job too. The guys really aren’t even in their league, and I will be surprised if one of them win the whole thing.

  2. SpaceyTracy Says:

    Melinda is far superior to anyone in this competition. I watched AI on TIVO last night and I immediately wanted to watch her performance all over again (and I did, didn’t even wait for comments). It was so freakin’ entertaining. Very few of any of these contestants know how to ENTERTAIN. Taylor knows how to entertain, even freakin’ Bucky with all his imperfections knew how to entertain….. but most of these kids just sing. And as far as the girls being superior to the boys, uh, they are louder, the scream more, they screech out a song more, but thats it…. screaming through a song at the top of your voice doesn’t make you a good singer. There is no variety in the women, except for Melinda and Gina. Thats my story and I”m sticking to it….

    If there is any justice in the reality tv world at all, please, please, please let Antonella go home. I can’t take her one more week…. she should be put in a room and forced to listen to Sundance and Sunjaya alternately sing Mustang Sally and Waiting For the World to Change over and over again until her own ears bleed.

  3. jenfera Says:

    Melinda was fantastic yet again. I liked Gina better last night and I hope she sticks around for variety’s sake. I had to laugh when Simon said he didn’t know who Haley was because I didn’t either! I can’t remember a single other performance of hers.

    Ryan needed to lose that turtleneck last night, but the dark jeans were pretty hawt!

  4. double d Says:

    While I think that Melinda won the night, I’m not wanting to hand her the confetti umbrella yet. Lakisha was still rock solid, but why in the world do the “divas” always pull out Whitney? I’m with Slezak, retire the “I have nothing” jersey…Lakisha needs to get out of her comfort zone or she’ll be this season’s Paris Bennett.

    Melinda still needs a neck but she was VERY entertaining and made me watch and listen….she was fun. I’m with Shelley in that my heart was also pierced at the CBR “Put Your Records On” debauchery. I actually shouted “NOOOOO” at the TV at that point myself. Picture it….CBR fans around the country ALL doing it at the same time.

    The others are really just background and cannon fodder at this point. Someone to juxtapose the good ones off of. While Gina was different, she still wasn’t good.

    Although AI won’t break their 5 & 5 rule (even though Shrew and I agree that it should be 3 men and 7 women), the dudes will quickly fall after the top 10.

    Going home tonight for the girls: Poor unknown Haley and a Stephanie surpise.

    For the guys: I think it’s HWSNBN and “The Bald One”

  5. shrewspeaks Says:

    Gina was who they wanted her to be…she does have a “big ole voice” but I fear not enough stregnth to withstand the weeks until May. I hope for her sake I am wrong.

    Jordon…why oh why was she allowed to audition at 17…I want to see a 25 year old Sparks…who would be throwin down Joni Mitchell and Nina Simone with grace style and elegance. Perhaps even a bit of Etta.

    Haley? Oh yeah…babye

    Stephanie- Can she sing a ballad?…you know something like CBR so I can hear her true voice. This chick is trying WAY too hard. I fear for her…3 Divas are one too many…Just ask Jenny Hudson.

    Sabrina Slone – Dang I always forget about her…I correct my previous statement, 4 Divas are two too many

    Antonella – For the record…I am ashamed to be from NJ

    Here’s the thing about Miss Melinda and Miss Lakisha as long as they battle it out all season I will be happy.

    I see Melinda as a smooth polished professional who didn’t fully believe in herself…or she ticked the wrong person off and was blackballed or something…cause I look at her with her Gayles and finely tuned (better than any other season I dare say) performances and I wonder…so wait…you were in da biz sangin’ backgrounds and no producer said “this girl can wail”? I am just saying.

    And then there is Lakisha the type of person this show was made for…she was in Flint working in a bank with no real connections to da biz and bam! Idol auditions and she earned her golden ticket.

    But song choice…WHY O WHY Whitney…Stop. Just Stop singing her.
    And truth be told…while Melinda was laying down Peggy Lee…I was thinking I wonder what Lekisha would have done with this? Maybe that is hat season 6 will be all about…Gladys and Etta going back and forth…not one better or worse…just different and LUCKY US!


  6. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Can we please just have twelve weeks of Melinda and Lakisha battling it out?

    And…Blake and Chris S. can just get signed and make some music for me to buy!!

    P.S. Shelley- that song Haley “Peace Out” Scarnato sang was Faith Hill if I’m not mistaken. It was barfy.

    I hope Tiny Baby Deer goes home for his own sake…also HWSNBN for our sake…and Scarnato and Skanktanella Barba.

  7. shrewspeaks Says:

    Interesting…the bad boys garnered more discussion. Hmmmm.

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi Shrew….wonder where the crew is???

  9. shrewspeaks Says:

    Don’t know Bama…maybe no one wants to discuss since it seems Melinda’s win has been fated to happen.

    Maybe I will root Joisey block style for Barba…that will spark debate

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah…but we’ve never actually stayed on topic for very long….a month ago this post would have already degraded into a conversation about fried chicken or which toilet bowl cleaner is the best.

  11. ivoryhut Says:

    Bama, I like chicken crispy (but unfortunately that ain’t fat-free), and the best toilet bowl cleaner is the one that jumps in there itself and does all the work without me having to lift a finger. I don’t think it’s available yet.

  12. shrewspeaks Says:

    I could kill for a Twix bar.

  13. double d Says:

    Four Words:

    White Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Discuss amongst yourselves….

    (Sorry Shels, I know this should go on the permanent food post, but Shrew said Twix, so she started it…..)

  14. Shelley Says:

    throws hands in the air in disgust

  15. shrewspeaks Says:

    But, but, but….I infused pop culture into my food reference

  16. nolagirl Says:

    Here’s something about last night: Is it just me or is the first year where the judges are REALLY giving their blatant opinions about who should go on and who should not? I don’t remember Ryan ever being like, “So, judges, was that performance good enough to make the cut?” after a contestant sang.

    Perhaps they were SO miffed that Taylor won despite their obvious love of DAUGHTRY that they want to try even harder to influence the viewers’ voting this year…

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