Y’all Asked for it…So Don’t Complain About the Cheese


For the record…this is probably the worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen…including the Ashly Simpson variety.

Well, well, well…lots to be thankful for today.

First and foremost…we were able to bid farewell to Sundance Head and Antonella Barba. Did y’all hear me screaming for joy when Ryan declared the dark days of pitchiness were over?

(Warning: Everyone brace yourself for the wrath of Patrickadiddlehopper. Not only did he have to say good-bye to his beautiful and beloved Antonella…he was a fan of Raindance. He vowed to me on the phone last night that he would spend his entire third period class on Friday coming up with WHY Mr. Head should have stayed and Sanjaya should have gone.)

Now, that’s not saying that I thought Sanjaya should have stayed…I’m just saying HWSNBN had to go before the Top 12. I think Shamalamadingdong will go next week.

Where my jaw DID drop last night was when Haley beat Sabrina into the Top 12. Again, I think Sabrina pretty much stunk on Wednesday, but she didn’t deserve to go home.

I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say about it all…especially the “special announcement” about Idol reaching out to the poor and devastated. I have to say, my heart jumped when Paula mentioned that help would be going to New Orleans AND Mississippi. Plus…how could you not smile seeing Ryan and Simon with those sweet kiddos in Africa. That was truly wonderful. Maybe all us Monkbots could pledge to call at least three times on the nights the votes count toward the donations. Anyone up for it?

Entertainment Weekly’s Write-Up

Now, on to things even cheesier than American Idol…(if that’s possible).

As per your request…I’ve recorded a Monkbot original for our little player.

I tried my best to work in as many names as possible…I think I got more than 20. If your name didn’t make the lyrics, don’t be sad. It doesn’t mean I don’t love ya! Plus, I promise, once you hear the song…I think you’ll be glad you weren’t mentioned in this ginormous cheesefest. Also, I realize my site is NOT “Gray Charles light.” I would never presume to put myself in the GC.com category…but I wanted to mention Gray and I needed to make it rhyme…so….”Gray Charles light.”

Anyway…here ya go (lyrics posted below)…

Monkbot Love

Download MP3

P.S. After this bit of ridiculousness…don’t y’all EVER say I don’t love you. 😉

Monkbot Love
Lyrics and Vocals by Shelley Powers

Monkbot, Monkbot, Gray Charles light
Doin’ the blog and doin’ it right with some teasin’
It’s pretty pleasin’

Monkbot Shelley, Monkbot Bam
Beat up glitter bugs out in Monkbot Land
And they snark lots with other Monkbots

And they laugh and they gab and they tangle
Sharing their thoughts and their angles
But it’s Taylor Hicks that stays high above
Keeping that Monkbot Love

Nibblin’ on gossip, chewin’ the fat
DD, Shrew and NOLA know where it’s at
And there’s Quossum
Rowan is awesome

Ivoryhut is our techie
Dr. Bob knows the score
With Leejolem and HicksChick nothing’s ever a bore
Folks may bicker
But mostly they snicker

And they laugh and they gab and they tangle
Sharing their thoughts and their angles
But it’s Taylor Hicks that stays high above
Keeping the Monkbot Love

Squeebee’s Canadian
Claire’s from Ireland
Monkbots come from everywhere that Monkbots can
Texan’s from Texas, at least that’s my guesses

And Sally rides tables
Holeigh’s in school
Wompuss and Jenfera are way beyond cool
And there’s Libby, Baby Duck is a sweetie.

And they laugh and they gab and they tangle
Sharing their thoughts and their angles
Taylor Hicks that stays high above
Keeping the Monkbot Love


78 Responses to “Y’all Asked for it…So Don’t Complain About the Cheese”

  1. rowan Says:

    Whoo hooo! And I say it again, cos no one is going to quibble: WHOO HOO! Shelley, this is amazing. Blogmeistress, Singer/songwriter, fiction writer, photoshop queen…what a plethora of talents! The song is lovely – if it is in any way cheesy, it is a gourmet and highly select cheese only served on rare occasions to those and such as those. Faabulous!! I am visualising a potential duet with the certain gentleman mentioned in the refrain…. it has to happen… yay! o-{:8)}=

  2. shrewspeaks Says:

    I will be back with my thoughts on idol later…but I NEEDed to comment on the lyrical offering

    To borrow a word from Will Farrell’s James Lipton…”SCRUMTRULESCENT!”

  3. double d Says:

    THAT is DA BOMB, babay!!! Off to play some “work golf” today, so I’ll take the Monkbot Love with me. I’ll comment later tonight on the “departures”.

    Later gators!

  4. jenfera Says:

    Omigawd, Shelley!! Way to start our Friday morning off!! That might be even funnier than Taylor Baby.

    I am so thrilled to have made the song! I feel so… official now!! (sniff… sniff….I’m all verklempt!) Is there some Monkbot pledge I could sing to myself?

    Particularly loving “They snark lots/with other Monkbots.” Was there ever a better rhyme?

    Regarding the departures, I went two for four. I guessed Brandon, Jared, Haley, & Sabrina. (Not based on who I wanted to go, but based on the freakish ways America tends to vote.) I was very conflicted with Raindance up there with Jumbalaya. I wanted them both to go. But I was happy at least one of them went. I can’t believe Haley made it. I am still saying, “Haley who?” I predict (hopefully) a pattern just like last year. Haley goes the first week, a la Melissa, and Jumbalaya goes the second week, a la Chicken Little.

    I was very excited about the Idol Gives Back announcement! Simon was so right saying how they have all done so well with this show and it is time for them to give back. I am totally on board for calling as many times as possible that night!

  5. Shelley Says:

    Jenfera said “Jumbalaya”….BWAHAHAHAHA

    I wish I had thought of that one.

    A Monkbot pledge? Hmmmm…I’ll have to think on that one. 😉

    As for the night of calling in…YEAH!!!!

  6. ivoryhut Says:

    Shelley, your techie can’t figure out how to make giant old screaming letters in neon lights with fireworks all around so I can beat Bama to the draw and yell, “THAT WAS THE ‘YO!!'”

    Love your voice, love the lyrics. Can you see me clapping here with wide open palms and stretched out fingers, ala-Paula Abdul’s patented trained seal move?

    I’m convinced now that there’s nothing creative you can’t do. At least that’s my guesses.

  7. Staci Says:

    How do I forget on a daily basis how talented you are?
    beats self over head
    Awesome song…
    agree totally with your assessment of the night. Ding, dong, the Head is gone!

  8. ivoryhut Says:

    For a minute there, I thought that maybe the surprise announcement would have something to do with that rumored AI songwriting contest. Cool to hear about AI giving back, and was excited too to hear New Orleans and Mississippi mentioned. I’m all for calling in on those nights.

    Based on what they’ve shown so far, I thought Sunflower, Sanjaya (who sadly always looks like he is sans joy up there), Haley, and Patrick’s pick should have gone (sorry dude). I definitely did not expect Sabrina to exit last night. Then again, as Shrewbie said, too many divas in there already.

    Oh, and my husband needed help understanding Carrie’s outfit last night.

  9. KD Says:

    SOOO glad I checked in this morning!! Shelley—Monkbot Love—a true classic!! 🙂 You made my day…beautiful voice by the way!

    As far as last night goes….who the heck is voting for Hailey??? I really don’t get it. (Anyone else think she sounds like Sheena Easton?) If Sabrina had stayed she would have gotten a lot farther—I predict the guys will start getting pecked off one by one for awhile.

    Love the idea of Idol Gives Back—it’ll make me vote where I wouldn’t have otherwise this season. Part of me hates that I’m being manipulated to vote, but it IS a good cause so I’ll do it. And I must say, I was feeling the love for Simon last night, seeing him with those little sweeties. Brought tears to my eyes…well, everything involving children brings tears to my eyes these days, but I would have been teary even if I wasn’t all post-baby hormonal! 😉 Have a great weekend all my Monkbot Loves!

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Aw! Ivory! I was just on my way to say that was the YO! Dang! You beat me to it!

    Loved it Shelley…I really think you should enter the AI songwriting contest this year and try to slip in Monkbot somewhere in the lyrics. Maybe at the finale someone will be singing “Does Your Monkbot Fly Without Wings While Making Me Proud?”. How sweet would that be???

    SO glad the HWSNBN is gone bye-bye! He made me want to stab my earholes til they bled.

    I’m kinda sorry M. Knight Shaymalamnaladingdongalong is still with us…however he is a very sweet boy and I would rather see his smile than Sunbutt’s wooly chin.

    I could care less about the girls that went home…see ya! However…I wish that Haley coulda gone with them too. Her eyelashes scare me.

    I was crying my eyeballs off when they were talking about the AI charitable dealy-o, and then they say the words “Borat will be here” and I was stunned into tearlessness. WHAT?? I don’t remember Borat/Sascha Whatshisname being very compassionate to those less fortunate than himself.

  11. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…I was struck the same way

    Weepy eyed sitting on my couch say “what an awesome idea” than Ryan said and BORAT will be here…Whaaaaaaat? Now, if he had said Sacha Cohen will be here. That would have made a world of difference.

    OOOOh and did anyone else catch how they were trying to make it SOUND like BONO would be there?

    Waiting eagerly for Patrickdiddlehopper’s wrath

  12. leejolem Says:

    I must be coldhearted, but I wasn’t feeling the whole AI being charitable thing. I thought it was so manipulative. Although, if the bottom line is that money is raised and people are helped I guess that’s all that matters. I just think it is soooooo manipulative being tied into the call in votes. Oh well, color me jaded. More later…. too busy at work to have too much fun.

  13. shrewspeaks Says:

    I just read the press release…

    “The special two-hour results show on Wednesday, April 25 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) will be a star-studded evening featuring world-renowned artists and celebrities, including Gwen Stefani, Josh Groban, Pink, Michael Bublé, Annie Lennox, Il Divo and popular Kazakhstan journalist Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen) among many others who will take the AMERICAN IDOL stage.”

    Il DIVO? That is a little self serving…no?

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww…you kids are too jaded. It’s better than the big celebrity fundraisers where people pay $10k a plate to listen to Elton John and pat each other on the back. I think it’s wonderful that AI is giving us a chance to do our part….and we get totally entertained in the meantime. Having us call in our votes is a great way to get the AI audience involved. It seems fitting for the program and the way it works. Remember, AI didn’t have to do any of this.

    If you aren’t down with calling in for a particular contestant (though by the top 6, I’ll already be voting)…then I’m sure there are plenty of other charities that you can give to.

    It’s about choice, not force.

    Sorry…I’m off my soap-box…

  15. shrewspeaks Says:

    True…but Il DIVO?

  16. Shelley Says:

    Wait…wait…wait…you mean to tell me that BORAT GOT PIMPED OVER GWEN STEFANI AND ANNIE LENNOX? SERIOUSLY?

    I don’t know about y’all…but the thought of an Annie Lennox performance has me friggin’ HYPED! She’s amazing.

    I didn’t get the Borat thing at ALL. All he’ll do is come out and play the innocent defamator! (That sounds like a new movie villian…THE INNOCENT DEFEMATOR!)

    And Bama…Haley’s eyelashes are bit too Tammy Faye for me.

  17. shrewspeaks Says:

    Thank god for TiVo

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yay for Gwenie Gwen Gwen!

    Shrew…what were you trying to say with the TiVo deal? The link didn’t work!

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh boogies…I was being all snarky about IlDivo being on Wheel of Fortune…but this is much better to sho how excited I am

  20. shrewspeaks Says:

    I was being snarky about Il Divo

  21. leejolem Says:

    ***Lee hangs jaded head in shame****
    Bama, alright, I see your point. I’m usually the rose-colored glasses type of chick, but this year I’m turning into a bitter, jaded old lady (I’m turning 42 on Monday). I will try not to think of this as AI manipulation. Acutally Simon and Ryan with the little kids was very adorable.

    Shelley, thanks for the monkbot song!!! I can’t listen yet, but am thrilled that HC4S and I got a mention!!!!!!

  22. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee! Don’t mean to cause you shame! We’re all jaded sometimes. I just want you to call me on it next time I say something like that!

    And 42 isn’t old!!

  23. baby duck Says:

    “But it’s Taylor Hicks that stays high above
    Keeping that Monkbot Love”

    Aw, now I have the warm fuzzies! Sweet, Shelley. How could Taylor resist a duet with you? Dih dootie ih doo. Yeah!

    I won’t miss any of the ones who left last night. Sabrina and Jerrod were on my hit list for singing through their noses. I can tolerate Gina or Sunshuffle hollering in a rock song, but nasal singing: might as well get on stage with a chalkboard and fingernails. Nananana Heyheyhey Goodbye.

    I forget, when they get to the Top 12, do they get eliminated one at a time, or will 2 go next week? And if Diana Ross is going to be there, does that mean the start of theme weeks? I reeeely want to hear Sanjaya sing ‘Where Did Our Love Go?’. Not.

    Who can argue with charitable giving? I’ll vote. But I see lejolem’s point. Ryan just sort of rattled it off the same way he did with Carrie Underwood’s accomplishments. The end result is still good regardless of how it was presented. The redeeming part was the footage of Simon and Ryan with the kids in Africa. Whatd’yaknow, cold ol’ Simon has a heart afterall. If he gets any more squishy he’ll be applying for Monkbot membership.

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Baby Duck! Quack, quack!

    Next week starts the theme weeks and kickin ’em off one at a time….and I’m so with you on the nasally thing too….

    Normally, I don’t mind screamy songs…but Sunhead just didn’t know how to scream correctly. Ick.

  25. texan Says:

    Can Shelley be my write in Idol vote?

    They got nothing on you sistah!

  26. Shelley Says:

    thanks, tex. 😉

  27. Claire Says:

    Wow, namechecked in a Shelley Powers soon-to-be-classic! Colour me flattered!!!

    OK, I won’t se AI until later on, but Ol’ RiverDance is gone?? I thought he was a “sho’ thing” for the sho’ down!! And isn’t Antonella the girl with the “interesting” photos?

    I’m still surprised li’l Bailey Brown didn’t make it there. She’s was just so damn marketable… and that’s what it’s all about.

    OT, Simon just axed his fellow judge (and my fellow Irish person), Louis Walsh from the next season of The X-Factor on British TV. Also gone is Kate Thornton, the hostess, their version of Ryan Seacrest.

    Just ‘cos he can. 🙂

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Claire- girl you’re so funny chile.

    Why don’t you call Simon up and tell him yer available to replace Louis…

    I hated the American X-Factor. Barf-o-rama!

  29. KD Says:

    Do we really believe that AI is doing this Charity thing with a purely charitable heart??? Seriously…I agree the result is the same, and I love that good will come of it, but I really think it is a stroke of genius manipulation of the viewers during a comparably sucky season. The good that will come of it is just the icing on the cake—the cake being increased viewership and voter turnout. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. 😉

  30. shrewspeaks Says:

    I kind of see all that you are saying…yet…Other huge hits have NEVER given anything back like this. Shows outside of the US have a long standing tradition of charitable giving…Like Comic Relief in Britian. I am glad that the producers and sponsers are giving and have found a way to take something that many do each week anyway and make it mean something beyond the simple talent compition. Manipulate me baby for something beyond lining a pocket that is already flush.

    What I am really bothered about is the suckatudage of that weeks theme…I am already seeing “I believe I can fly, because you are the wind that lights up my life, I hope you are proud to be my inspiration”.

    I am also seeing the producers signing Melinda’s release of “God Bless The Child”

    On a light note…
    just days away

  31. Shelley Says:

    Well, whether or not Idol is being charitable for ratings may be debatable.

    However…I think what’s more important is our personal choice of participation.

    If me spending my cell phone minutes to make 10 calls on a particular night means that some big money-making monster (actually three–AI,
    Coke and Ford) is going to hand over some of the profits to help people in need…then it’s totally worth it.

    I’m choosing not to question motif behind the act…I’m just going to ACT on the act! 🙂 Ultimately, they could have chosen to NOT do anything but rake in the bucks.

    I sponsor a little girl in Africa through World Vision. It’s a wonderful organization and I love my little Achieng’ Violet…she’s a beauty! Anyway, I’m telling y’all this to let you know that my little monthly donation is small…less than the cost of cable TV per month…BUT it’s amazing what even the smallest amount of money can do in an impoverished area. It can pay for clothing, toothbrushes, paper, pencils, clean water, schooling, fuel, etc….all from a few dollars a month.

    Just think…even if AI is a greedy monster and only gives but a fraction of what they earn from those shows to a handful of needy people…it still will make a world a difference. I guarantee it.

    Oh…just to let y’all know…I just got back from the salon and got 5 inches whacked off my hair so I’ll look all purty for New Orleans next week! 🙂 Yeah!

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    What’s up with all the close-ups of the pigeons in that video?

    KD- I do not believe that the producers are doing the charity thing merely from the kindness of their hearts…neither does any huge company that donates to charities…even they are thinking of tax write-offs and how it will make them seem more touchy-feely.

    I just choose to focus on the positives.

    And, this type of thing had to have been in the works for months and months…there is no way they could have known that Season 6 would be a little less than stellar. So, I don’t believe they are trying to manipulate this season’s viewership b/c of that reason.

  33. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley- How can you be any purtier than you already are????

  34. Shelley Says:

    awww…i heart bama.

  35. shrewspeaks Says:

    Look at Shelley raising the beauty bar…NOW I guess I will have to shower and everything. 😉

    I still do question Il Divo?

  36. KD Says:

    Bama…good point. I suppose they might have needed more time to pull something like this off….hmmm…maybe. 😉 Okay okay. So I won’t question motives…focusing on the positives. And as I said, I’ll be voting those nights where I wouldn’t have bothered before. I wish I knew how much money one vote equaled…just curious.

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    KD- maybe they’ll tell us more about how the calls count, etc. later. I could be wrong (every once in awhile that happens) but I thought Ryan said that each sponser would pledge a dollar for each call received….but that would be in the tens of millions each…that doesn’t seem right.

    If Shelley got her hair cut, and Shrew is gonna shower…then I fer sure am wearing my gold sequined, bubble skirt prom dress!

  38. KD Says:

    A dollar per call…wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!

    And I’ll just say one more time….I’m SOOO jealous of y’all going to New Orleans. Me=Sad. 😦 I’ll be home in my PJ’s thinking of you all….I might get around to showering that day, but it’s unlikely at the rate I’m going. 😉

  39. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama I am so getting this so we can be twins

  40. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, won’t you look hawt in that “vintage sassy” gown!!! I hope you have time to bedazzle it before the convention. OOooooh! I wish I was going!!! I’m with KD–me very sad 😦

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ooohh…Shrew! We might just catch us a man!

    Sad that Lee and KD won’t be with us!! And all of the rest of the missing Monkbots.

    I think next year we should have a European convention so we can see Rowan and Claire!

  42. Claire Says:

    Who mentioned pigeons??

    I think I killed one with my car this morning on the way to work 😦

    KD – me=sad too. I wanna go to Nawlins. Alas, I too will be in my jammies, at home, far far away from any fun shindigs like that.
    Katja from Finland, who posts at the Boogie, flew to Atlanta for the gig there, and also the Birmingham gig. Gray got her a M&G with Taylor 🙂

    So, what y’all up to for St Patricks Day next Saturday???

  43. Claire Says:

    I heart you, Bama!!!

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Thanks Claire!

    My St. Patrick’s Day will be all about driving back to Big D from NOLA. Now, that’ll be a saaad day for me. 😦

    Poor little dead Pigeon.

  45. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Where’s P-Diddyhopper? I was waitin’ for him to put the American Public on blast for the Sunbutt/Antonella/Sanjaya thingymabob.

  46. leejolem Says:

    It’s Hickschick4soul’s b-day on St Patrick’s Day. She was my little (cough, cough, 10lb,2oz) leprechaun baby! Maybe AI could raise funds for the European Monkbot convention next year–I think we’re a noble cause don’t you guys? Well, maybe not, but it sure would be fun! I better start watching ebay for a plus size sassy vintage bubble skirt dress. How about fuschia, or magenta?

  47. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ha! Lee, great idea about the AI funded convention!

  48. double d Says:

    Hey y’all….back from golf….ok, NOLA = FULL of pidgeons…wear a hat.

    Did y’all discuss White Chocolate Bread Pudding?

    Taylor best get some rest after his big B’ham weekend. I don’t want no “tired-ass” peformance in New Orleans, of ALL cities. He best bring the A game…..certainly he knows that the Monkbots will be in attendance, eh?

    Y’all miss me?

  49. Claire Says:

    DD – you wuz missin’?

  50. ivoryhut Says:

    I say we Monkbots who will not be in the NOLA vicinity during the convention should hold our own pajama party. We can all wear our jammies, go to the Monkbot chatroom, and sing whomp songs to each other. Then we can say we’re all showered and smell nice, because honestly, who’s going to check?

    Shelley, I’m already imagining you with shorter hair up on stage singing with the Great Monkbot himself in NOLA. That would so be the YO!

    Meanwhile, I’m a-waiting for Patrick’s rant too. However, any more talk about white chocolate bread pudding might affect my attention span …

  51. ivoryhut Says:

    Dr. Bob! Where you be?

    looks around for her House, MD classmate …

  52. Quossum Says:

    That was *awesome*, Shelley! I’m LMAO.

    The tune has particular meaning for me because I used to be called “Muskrat” in school due to an unfortunate rhyme with my real life last name. Thankfully, today’s children don’t know what muskrats are, so I’ve avoided that appellation in my teaching career.

    I can’t wait for the convention. Just think…by this time next week it’ll have happened already! 🙂


  53. jenfera Says:

    Is chocolate bread pudding like a big mushy brownie? I’ve never had it, but it sure sounds good.

    I like the Concurrent Monkbot Satellite Jammy Chatroom Convention idea! I’m in.

  54. rowan Says:

    Bama and Lee – love the idea of a European Convention! there will be a sorority initiation at Heathrow – Claire and I will solemnly hand out three creme eggs each, which are to be demolished on the spot and washed down with a litre of Earl Grey, whilst warbling, JTFTW. At that point, the magenta bubble dresses will be handed out 🙂

    Lee – Love the idea of an AI funded convention! Simon most definitely owes us for all the free publicity we have given him over the past year…all the acres of blogspace we’ve filled, saying all those lovely things about him. 😀

    Will definitely be hanging out in the chatroom for the pyjama party. Yay!

  55. Claire Says:

    Rowan, I like the way yer thinking!! Although, I’m a little dubious about the magenta bubble dresses – I think the ’80’s might call us up, wanting their clothes back… 🙂

    And everybody is welcome to stop off in Dublin on the way home. I walked through the City this morning after choir practice, and the place was FULL of American tourists, so you guys would fit right in! (we even have Starbucks now..)

  56. wompuss Says:

    What ARE we all wearing, anyway?

  57. rowan Says:

    Hey Womp! Howyoudoin? Did you get my head piccy?

    Claire: Dublin sounds very fab. Am hoping to visit for the first time sometime towards the end o the year. Maybe meet ya for a guinness (which I have never tried!)

  58. Claire Says:

    Rowan, as close in proximity as Ireland and Scotland are to each other, I have never been to Scotland either! I would love to visit the highlands, they look beautiful. And the Scottish accent??? Fuggeddaboutit!! Sexiest.Accent.Ever. (Um, unless it’s coming from Rab C. Nesbitt, LOL…)

    Come to Dublin anytime Rowan, I shall meet ye for a pint or two. And, I have said this before about Guinness – It’s an acquired taste, people.

    Happy Saturday, all.

  59. double d Says:

    Mmmmmm. Scottish…….

    Sir Sean

  60. rowan Says:

    Claire – great! Yer on for those pints, lassie, even if they’re pints of Diet Coke!

    DD – LOL! Thank you, thank you, for Sean da bomb. He is one of our best exports. Am hoping that his long-term legacy of elegant smoothness counteracts the contemporary vision of the unintelligible red-haired mad Scot janitor in The Simpsons… I don’t recall his name, was too traumatised by the whole watching experience.

  61. rowan Says:

    Ah now…not forgetting Liam

  62. nolagirl Says:

    Finally got to listen to your song Shell – LOVE it!

    Shrew – Woooo hooooo!! You packed yet??? 😉 Oh, and I’ll shower if you shower – deal?

    Can’t wait to see your hair Shelley!

  63. Claire Says:

    Hey, Rowan – Liam Neeson is not Scottish!!! He’s from Northern Ireland!!! Hands off, hee hee….

    And the janitors name from The Simpsons is Willie..he rocks.

  64. rowan Says:

    Claire – yup – know he’s Irish – he was meant as a nice Celtic counterpoint to Sir Sean. Just thought you’d like him! Glad you do! Yo! Was going to send Ronan Keating, but thought you’d prefer Liam.

    Um, Willie…um, guess I ought to be a little less defensive about him, but, well….

  65. rowan Says:

    Claire…Liam would have made a good James Bond, I think. Added a touch of mystery and humanity to the role. Liam and Sir Sean rawk! The jury is out on Willie, but I’m glad you think he rawks. I feel better. 🙂

    Nighty night, Monkbot sistahs on both sides of the pond!

  66. wompuss Says:

    Rowan…yes’m…got you and squeebers onna stick in the back seat of the VW…all packed and ready to go! and…..you look FABulous!

  67. rowan Says:

    Hey, thanks, Womp!! Hope you have a great time! I tend to get travel sick if I sit in the back, btw…just sayin. 😀

  68. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley, great song! I am honored to be part of it. My giant head is excited to join you all next week!

  69. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shelley! I am dizzy with ambivalence.

    On the one hand, I LOVE Monkbot love.
    On the other hand, I HATE Muskrat love.
    On the other hand, I LOVE your voice.
    On the other hand, I have this weird little refrain going on in my head — you and Tenille sort of like dueling banjos. It’s kinda freaking me out.

    Hello to KD and the baby!

    Hi, Ivory. I watched House last night (the one with Dave Matthews). Hugh Laurie is fab! Fab, fab, fab. Sigh.

    I am very, very sad to miss the Monkbot convention. VERY SAD.

  70. Libby Says:


    Monkbot Love is a classic! Thanks for remembering us in the lyrics — too sweet and such a hoot!

    Just got back from business trip late Wednesday night and meetings all day Thurs and Fri — until time to leave for Taylor’s concert at The Tabernacle ! What a great week and a good performance from TH.

    I bought 2 copies of the autographed IYT repress. One for me and a friend in SC who could not attend the concert. I asked the saleman — he ssid sales were going well for the Modern Whomp booth. I went over before the show started arounf 7:50 pm — they had 4 signed copies of IYT and a bout 6-8 signed copies of UTR. The salesman said he has about 30 autographed of each before the doors opened. I think there was another booth on the other side of the auditorium. Hope all of that money goes back to TH and his investment of the tour.

    I wish I was going to New Orleans with you all. It was cute to see folks talking in line outside The Tabernacle. I did not meet any brethren from GC board or here. I ahd met Jena at Smith’s last Sept — – but did not see her on Friday — did not see Julie either.

    It was very cool to talk with Brian Less — I noticed him in the parking lot and we both walked to the Will Call line. Thought I would pick up the “laminate” — noted in an email I got mid-week. ( Basically — looks like luggage tag — have added it to my TH memorabelia box that I am sure will be worth thousands someday) Brian was talking with several guys including one with an Auburn cap. He was waiting to pick up special passes for some folks — so we all just talked. He said he was the only member from Limbo officially a part of the touring band now. I asked about Jeff Lopez. He said Jeff has several committments that he was taking care of — back in Birmingham right now. He thought Jeff would likely hook up with all of them at the B’ham performances.

    Amazingly, Star 94 radio had parked there remote van in front of The Tabernacle — quite interesting — since they still have not played JTFTW or any of TH’s songs — to my knowledge.

    The crowd was “in the demographic” for the most part — there were a few women who appeared to be in their early to late 50’s who nearly came to blws fighting over seats in Section 206 of the balcony. Pretty funny in hindsight. ( Libby stayed out of the way.) I happily sat in Section 204. I have seats in Section 206 for Norah Jones in April.) Really Taylor gave it his all — missed hearing Jeff Lopez on sax — the other guy is good — but if you have heard Jeff — there really is not a comparison IMO. Hope all is going well for Jeff.

    Oh — and I saw little Ray Charles Statue on stage — it was so sweet — glad to see TH got a replacement for the original one that he mentioned so many months ago.

    Well — I need to play Monkbot Love for my Mom — she will be excited that Libby is mentioned. I have told her about Baby Duck here at MB several times. Ironically, Baby Duck has been my Mom’s nickname since Christmas of 1978 or 1979. She is pretty sweet too ( Just like MB Baby Duck) — we always call her on the phone and say “quack quack” — so she is always especially interested in hearing her fellow Baby Duck’s comments and opinions here at MB. She will enjoy MB love — I just know.

    Thanks again, Shelley !

    Love you all — have a great week!

  71. Libby Says:

    Sorry for all of the mispelled words above. I do know better — just too tired to edit and review appropriately. Forgive me.

  72. Shelley Says:

    Libby….thanks for sharing! Great account. So glad you had such a great time! 😉

  73. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    ANNOUNCER:He comes when you least expect him….PATRICKZILLA!!!He prays on those foolish enough to diss Sundance Head and Antonella Hotra.

    ROOOOOOAAARRR!! ANNNNNTTTONNNELLLLLAAAA!! (crushes monkbot beneath its feet) 🙂

  74. Shelley Says:

    Nice, Patrick-Ka-D.


  75. Dr. Bob Says:

    EEek. Sorry, patrick-KD, but the Monkbot scorns your attempts at intimidation.

  76. Theresa K. Says:

    I liked Jason ;( Oh well. He kinda reminded me of Taylor but never quite sounded good enough to go all the way.

    14 days until Taylor Hicks comes back to Minnesota!!! I go under the knife the very next afternoon…I actually postponed my surgery for his concert. Hope I get a new photo of him and me; I’ve lost 35 pounds since last August.

  77. Dr. Bob Says:

    Amazing, Theresa! Good for you on the weight loss. Hope that the surgery goes well.

  78. TK Says:

    Dr. Bob,

    Explain your website, please. It is completely fascinating!

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