Something’s Different this Time Around


Bus Monkeys

Chaos sent me this pic from an article that ran at These little monkeys sit on the dashboard of Taylor Hicks’ tour bus. I like to think that it’s Taylor’s way of acknowledging the Monkbot Division…ahh, a girl can dream, right?

My how times change. A mere seven months ago I headed out to Birmingham to see Taylor Hicks perform at Workplay and see the American Idol concert. At that time, I was still pretty deep in the throws of and I was definitely more than just a little crushed out on Mr. Hicks. That seems like years ago.Of course I still visit every day…but my manic level of “must comment in every thread” and “must read every single word uttered there” has passed…thankfully.And thankfully, too, my crazed fascination with Taylor has subsided.That’s not to say I don’t still enjoy his music…and, okay, his looks. It’s just, well, I’m approaching this concert with far less expectations and concerns. I just want to visit with my new friends and hear some good music.It’s nice to leave the pressure behind of how I look and trying to meet Taylor. I feel like a sane person again…well, at least as sane as I can be.

But what I’m curious about is the…for lack of a better word…magic.

When I saw Taylor perform at Workplay…adrenaline pumped through my body like water from a fire hose. I was enthralled with how “shiny and pretty” he was. It was truly magic. In a way, I’m sad to think that I won’t feel that way again, because…as nutty as my feelings were…the experience was exhilarating.

Is it wrong to hope that for those first few precious seconds he walks onto stage that I’ll ever-so-quickly revert back to my Taylor-mania? Just for the five seconds of a butterflies-in-the-stomach high. Gah…I’m such a weirdo.

Oh well…we’ll see what happens.

While I’m in New Orleans, I will capture as many pics and videos as I can while I’m in New Orleans. I’ll try my best to upload stuff each day.

As for a write-up of the concert…I’m not sure when I’ll do that. I’m going to wait and see how late we stay out after the event.

Traveling Monkbot is supposed to be in New Orleans with us…so, look for pics of him in the Big Easy!

Also, I wanted everyone to know that I haven’t forgotten about the Monkbots who won’t be in New Orleans. Look for a pajama party post in the next day or so! 😉

Finally…let me end this with some well wishes I received from Texan:

Dear MonBot Conventioneers:

Just in case I don’t see you before the big trip, I wanted to tell you to HAVE THE BEST TIMES OF YOUR LIFE! SCREAM, HOLLA and LAUGH so hard that you have LAUGH HANGOVERS! Meet Taylor and chase away the glitter bugs and the “unseemly” women. Sing, dance, eat, drink, be merry, don’t sleep a wink…you can do that when you get old. We all love you much! Wish I were gonna be with your smiling faces!

Man…I think we should do all of THAT every day!


48 Responses to “Something’s Different this Time Around”

  1. Dr. Bob Says:

    have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  2. wompuss Says:

    womp, taylorsgirl, squee’s giant head and rowan’s giant head will see you there, monkbots! a good time will be had by all!

  3. double d Says:

    T minus 24 for me.

    I think we’re in for a real treat, Shelley, to see Taylor at the NEW ORLEANS House of Blues. He really didn’t have time to show his stuff at the Endymion bash, so here’s his chance. After reading the B’ham show reviews, I think it’s gonna be HAWT….and you just might get to feel that “electricity” again.

    I’m with you, though. This trip (my first to travel to see Taylor) is about experiencing some great music with friends.

  4. wompuss Says:

    btw, I think Traveling Monkbot would be right at home sittin on the stage wid the Ray Charles doll, too

  5. shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…not nearly ready…My hair still needs to be done, I have laundry to do (oh no water conflict…shoot late night), All Beau sitting instructions need to be written out for Grandparents, I NEED to buy q-tips (what a time to run out), Pay BILLS…MUST PAY BILLS, Did I mention I need to pack!


    What the heck did I do all weekend?

    I must say I am more excited to see you all and mooch around NOLA. Not that the HOB show won’t be a blast…but this is much more than just going to a concert…and in many ways removes the pressure from the concert.

    Now, removing the pressure from fellow MonkBoters…HA! NEvaH!

  6. KD Says:

    I’m so excited for all of you!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!
    Womp—sorry I couldn’t send off the “head”—between Zan’s computer rebuild (resulting in no access to already saved photos), and that little “having a baby” thing, I couldn’t dig through to find (or take) any good shots….and “glamorous” hospital photos post-birth simply won’t do! 😉
    Even though my head won’t be there, my heart will be! Shrew—feel free to share any of our Daniel Street photos with our Monkbot “sistahs” (if you’re so inclined) while you’re there. Blow Taylor a kiss for me! And Shelley, if you don’t get that little bubble of fangirly thrill upon seeing the man at the first, I’ll be shocked…there’s just something about him that has nothing to do with lusty crushes. He’s electric! So enjoy every second, especially those Monkbot Moments! 🙂 XO

  7. wompuss Says:

    Aww, KD…..I’m shua ANY pic of you would have been fabulous….(now searching the internet for a picture of a big ole heart to represent KD)

  8. KD Says:

    Aw, Womp…you made me cry a little bit—you’re too sweet. *bigol’mushyhugstoyou*

  9. jenfera Says:

    Ditto what Texan said!


  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, so, on Friday I wrote three long lists… a To Do list to make sure I get everything done b/f the trip (such as clean my house, make dog-sitting instruction lists, pack, buy stuff to pack, etc.). I had to make a list for house cleaning…b/c, yes, I won’t get it done if it’s not on a list to be checked off. And my last list? Packing list….I scheduled every day/event and planned exactly what I will wear. Of course, then I threw in every other item of clothing I own b/c I’d rather over-pack than under-pack. Is 16 tank tops too much?

    I printed two different maps, a set of directions, my hotel confirmation, a set of hotel etiquette instructions. I still need a map of downtown NOLA and a map showing rest stops along the way.

    Somebody needs to help me stop the madness.

    I NEED HELP! Or a drink….

  11. shrewspeaks Says:

    I have my Foddors book on NOLA so don’t worry about the map..etc. Remember sensible footware Bama…SENSIBLE walking, standing at the concert and incase of rain… better to be a little “clod-hoppy” looking and comfy than wear cute shoes that are ruined within 15 minutes of leaving the hotel!

    and yes 16 tanks are too much…try 8…ooooh and did you check out for trip tick planners…great for long drives to show all stops for gas, vittles and well…ummm…pees.

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m heading to AAA right now!

    Ummm….I’m wearing flats to the concert….but they are FABULOUS red patent leather peep toes with a hawt silver buckle. I did decide against the 3″ leopard print wedge sandals…so, I think I’m doing pretty good….although, they still might make it into the suitcase…just in case of an emergency.

    I’ve never been much of sensible person…why go changing now?!

    I will have comfy shoes for daytime wanderings though!

  13. double d Says:

    Shrew’s right on the “practical shoes” and rain gear….here’s the forecast:

    Monday & Tuesday: Partly Cloudy and mild today with highs in the mid to upper 70s. There is a slight chance of rain, better chance to the west near Baton Rouge. Expect rain chances to increase Tuesday with highs in the mid to upper 70s.

    Wednesday & Thursday: Rain likely. The potential for strong storms Wednesday afternoon. Highs in the mid 70s, lows in the 50s and 60s. Rain decreasing Thursday.

  14. shrewspeaks Says:

    *mental note pack windbreaker*

  15. nolagirl Says:

    Come on Monkbots, let’s start the anti-rain dance!

    *shakes fist at weather forecast*

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t really have “rain” gear. Hmmm…maybe I should buy more stuff!!!!!

    NO. Put the credit card down. Walk away from new shiny things. Must resist.

  17. baby duck Says:

    Ahh, the excitement is building! For the convention and the concert. I wish I could be there with you. Shelley, have sympathetic butterflies when you see Taylor for all the moping, pajama-clad Monkbots left behind (Yeah, that’s right. Blame us. YOU are so over Taylor, but for the sake of monkbots who couldn’t attend…) . We’ll be huddled around our crt’s and lcd’s, waiting to hear all about it! HAVE FUN!!

  18. double d Says:

    Bama — no need for bending the plastic. There are such things as Taxi Cabs in New Orleans. Also, the weather changes faster than Taylor’s Tambourine, so we could miss it all.

  19. nolagirl Says:

    That’s what I’m hoping for DD – that the rain gets out of here by the afternoon on Wed. Fingers crossed!

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Taxi Cabs? What is this? Some new-fangled contraption to keep your feet dry???

    I keed, I keed….

    Yes, please I need a taxi to pick me up at my room and drive me all the way to my table at HOB. Is that possible?

  21. shrewspeaks Says:

    Ummm…for the budget conscious…(ie those who paid for a flight) how much are the cabs?

  22. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah DD. Still, Shrew, we can all split the cost of the cabs.

  23. shrewspeaks Says:

    Thanks Bama…

  24. double d Says:

    Not to worry, my pretties…cab won’t be more than $10 and we can split. We are only 5 blocks.

    To celebrate our New Orleans trip, I just purchased 3rd row seats to see B.B. King at the Saenger here in Mobile in June. WOOOO to the HOOOO!

  25. wompuss Says:

    Um, just got off the foam wid HOB. They have a strict “no camera” policy, folks. Guess we’ll just hafta be satisfied wid pics of ourselves.

    WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO DD!! You will really enjoy BB!

  26. wompuss Says:

    Shewbie? You at woik today? Shelly? Didja take the week off?

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m at work today. I’m here in body…not in mind…I’ve been goofing off all day.

    I’m sad we can’t take pics!!

  28. Quossum Says:

    Oh, is HOB one of the places that doesn’t allow cameras at all, or just video cameras?

    I actually *did* go shopping–couldn’t resist. But I didn’t get any rain-worthy togs, so I hope y’all anti-rain dance works!

    Leaving tomorrow evening!


  29. double d Says:

    So, what DO we do with our cameras? I want mine along for other “party pics” throughout the night (and blackmail fodder).

    I keed. I keed.

    Seriously, will they confiscate? Won’t let us in? Strip search?

  30. wompuss Says:

    DD…..Shelley just sent an email clarifying….RD can keep the locked up in my VW during the concert, if ya want.

  31. wompuss Says:

    oh, and Quossom…gots two umbrellas inna VW, if that helps

  32. wompuss Says:

    poor bama……can’t wait to see ya girl

  33. shrewspeaks Says:

    I is woiking…slaving for da man! Not off until after 5

  34. wompuss Says:

    ack, shrewbie….~tossin ya a cool towel to wipe ya furrowed brow~

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Wompers I can’t wait to meet you too!

    I’ll be thinking of you all during my 8 hour…boring…sad…lonely…car ride.

  36. shrewspeaks Says:

    Two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel missy!

  37. shrewspeaks Says:

    okay…mixing Joisey to NOLA…you get this

    watch at your own risk

    If I start singing this some one please slap me.

  38. Squeebee Says:

    My giant head is thrilled to be accompanying you! Hope you all have a wonderful time in the Big Easy! Hugs to all and SOUL PATROL!

  39. Claire Says:

    Have fun y’all!!! Wave a giant foam shamrock in my honour!!

  40. rowan Says:

    Awww, lassies, have a fabulous time! With you in spirit, and in huge head! I would like to be useful to my sistahs, so please use the aforementioned head to whup a path through the crowds to the front of the stage, and I will ‘pit the heid on’ anyone who obscures even an inch of your view of Taylor. The same tactic could be employed clearing a path to the bar! Make mine a single whisky – a long drink would only make my head soggy. Thanks Womp, for all your hard work!

    Bama, those shoes sound the biz!!

  41. wompuss Says:

    Rowan….not to worry, girl…you’re laminated!

    Yes, I agree….I am jellis of bama’s shoes already.

  42. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama’s shoes as I see them

    My shoes

  43. Dr. Bob Says:

    You are all sooooo cute. I dearly wish I was there. Pajama monkbot party! We need a time to meet.

    NOLA, Monkbots, Taylor Hicks. It sounds just fab.

  44. rowan Says:

    Womp – laminated? Yay! Okay then – ply me with unaccustomed intoxicating liquors in tall glasses, and support my staggering head on a stick as it stumbles through the evening streets of New Orleans, tunelessly warbling half-remembered Scottish airs.

    Claire – please bring your giant foam shamrock to the pyjama party! We will be there in the wee small hours, so it may offer a soft landing If I crash to the floor. 🙂

  45. jenniesaunt Says:

    All of you should have a grand time in New Orleans. I wish I could be there! Lucky enough to have attended 2 shows and would go to more if I could. NO is a favorite place of mine, especially Miss Sally’s Pralines and all of the other amazing sites and sounds in the French Quarter. Maybe Taylor will eat some of the great food in NO. (His jeans were very baggy-looking at the Bham II show.)
    You know that Taylor has a special place in his heart for NO, so send him the love at the show and he will send it right back to you.

  46. leejolem Says:

    I’m so excited for y’all!!!! Unfortunately I don’t have a giant head to represent me because I couldn’t get my act together and get a pic to Wompuss. I know I’ll be there in spirit though. You can blow Taylor a kiss for me too. Hope you all have a great time!! And Shelley, no worries about the electricity thing–I have no doubt you’ll feel it when he walks out on that stage. When is the actual concert? I’ve been sick and feel so out of it. Hugs and kisses to all the monkbot conventioneers!!!!

  47. rowan Says:

    Lee, sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Hope you’re better soon, sistah!

  48. rowan Says:

    Yay! Can post from my phone on WordPress, but the old template wouldn’t let me! Very cool! :)l

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