I’m Gonna Pre-Order Mine…Anyone Else Gonna?



I can’t wait for July…

Pre-order from Amazon.


24 Responses to “I’m Gonna Pre-Order Mine…Anyone Else Gonna?”

  1. Shelley Says:

    I’ve already placed the order! Yeah for me!

  2. Quossum Says:

    Our Borders bookstore was giving away stickers with pre-orders. You could choose “Trust Snape” or “Snape is a very bad man.”

    I’m in the “Trust Snape” camp. 😉


  3. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Oh sorry, I went to the future and already read it………EVERYBODY DIES MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..ha.

  4. Stace Says:

    Last time I pre-ordered I had to WAIT until 11:30am for the book to be delivered… I’m not that patient… I’ll be getting mine MUCH earlier… don’t want to lose valuable reading time. 🙂

    Have fun in NOLA!

  5. shrewspeaks Says:

    I am such a looser…I have only read the first one. I guess I have a summer reading assignment.

  6. Dr. Bob Says:

    We will probably be at the midnight party, as we have been for all of the books after the first one. My son is a big fan. We discovered Harry Potter one loooong car ride when we took a wrong turn in Castro (the artichoke capital) and took a long winding (sort of scenic) trip through central california. Eight hours later, we were finishing up the book and had found civilization.

    I do not trust Snape, myself.

  7. Shelley Says:

    Dr. Bob…we’re not jumping on the conspiracy train are we? If so, I hope Snape is my conductor.

    Not only do I trust Snape…I’m one of these.

    But then I’m one of those who still thinks Harry’s parents and Sirus will come back from the dead (we have yet to see any portraits of them).

    Of course, I’ll probably end up going crazy when Harry wakes up in his Kansas bedroom and he’s dreamed it all.

  8. Holeigh Says:

    LOL, Shell, Jo has told us repeatedly that Dumbledore is D-E-A-D.

    I will not be pre-ordering mine, because I’m attempting to attend one of the midnight release parties. I’ve been all about the HP since I was around 12 and I have yet to attend one of those parties. Right now, I just can’t wait to see cover art!

    As far as Snape goes…I don’t know which camp I’m in. I’m leaning toward Trusting him, but he is so very much fun to hate!

  9. Shelley Says:


  10. Quossum Says:

    James and I attend the midnight parties, but since I read the book aloud to him while we travel, we take longer to get through it than most.

    The last three books…we’ve ended up carrying them inside after a car trip that just wasn’t quite long enough, with me reading those last couple of chapters in the living room because we just couldn’t bear to stop there!

    I liked the site, Shelley. I totally believe Dumbledore is dead, but I totally think that it was Snape’s distasteful job to kill him as ordered. I’ve thought that since we first read the book, for all the reasons the author of that site mentioned as clues.

    Plus, Rowling just seems too sophisticated a writer to have it turn out any other way. Oh, what, the guy that seemed to be a bad guy all along, despite multiple subtle clues to the contrary, actually *is* a bad guy? ‘Way too obvious. 😉

    We shall see!


  11. Shelley Says:

    So, do y’all think Harry will die in the last book?

    Or do you think Rowling will have a happy ending with Harry and Jenny together and Voldemort dead?

  12. ivoryhut Says:

    Err … Shrew, I’m even worse. Haven’t even read the first one. Or seen the movie.

    Coop, since you’ve already read it, would you please remember to post more songs in MySpace next time you travel into the future? That way, I’ll have enough to keep me entertained while everyone talks about the book. (Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he posts a song about Harry Potter just to confuse me.)

    Either that, or I will simply sit quietly with some white chocolate bread pudding. I wonder how long I’ll be sitting alone …

  13. ivoryhut Says:

    Shelley, I think McSweeney’s just gave away the ending. And I quote:

    “Suddenly, Harry noticed darting shadows in the corner of the ballroom. Ninjas!”

    The End

  14. rowan Says:

    Aw, Shrew, you’re not a looser…or maybe just not as big a one as Iam – I haven’t even read the first one. Harry has totally passed me by, alas. I have benefited from his spectacle-cular legacy, though, in that I can go out in my progressive story roondy specs and not get beaten up for crimes against fashion.

  15. rowan Says:

    Ivory – had my posting box up for a while and didn’t see your post! Haven’t seen any of the movies either. Maybe someone can read us some at the pyjama party, with steaming mugs of cocoa, wheh the party is winding down.

  16. Holeigh Says:

    I really don’t think JKR could kill off Harry. I mean, there is substantial evidence for both sides of the debate (here is where I shamelessly plug Mugglenet.Com’s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Falls in Love and How Will the Adventure Finally End, since I bought it and really enjoyed it) but what kind of message would she send if she killed Harry? This is the ultimate good v. evil, and we all know who wins that. 😛

  17. holeighannie Says:

    So I just made a blog…don’t know what that’ll do to my comments login, if anything? Haha.

  18. leejolem Says:

    Put me in the loser’s club with Ivory and Rowan. I haven’t read any of the HP books. I have read all of the Lord of the Rings and the Narnia Chrnonicles. I just couldn’t get into HP. Bummer!

  19. jenfera Says:

    I haven’t read any of them either. I have seen the movies though, but it is harder to keep track of the characters that way. I’m thinking, uhhh… who’s Snape again? leejolem, I was a big Narnia fan when I was a kid! I read all of those books, but I still haven’t seen the movie.

  20. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Well then I believe that I am the president of the loser’s club because to tell you the truth I don’t like Harry Potter, but that’s just me…not that I don’t respect the passion of it or anything…I just can’t stand it…but like leejolem I LOVE Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia…woot woot…:)

  21. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t do the smiley thing or the avatar thing……ER!!!

  22. ivoryhut Says:

    HC4S, the ellipsis right before your smiley emoticon is what did you in. You have to make sure the “:)” stands alone for it to be recognized as a “smiley thing” (which, by the way, should be the technical term for it).

    So dots before it will show as …:) and if you put a space after the dots, then it becomes … 🙂

    (I think I just regained the loser title for writing that …)

  23. patrickkadiddlehopper Says:

    Shelley what world do you live in? Why would Jenny marry Harry? Cho-Chang all the hot way baby! Oh and ivoryhut…there is no internet in the future…sorry. By the way, JK Rowling said she’s going to kill off a main character. I’m telling you know it won’t be Harry Hermione or Ron or Jenny or Fred or George. I’m thinking one of the Professors (long-live Dumbledore), Hagrid, Luna Lovegood, or Draco Malfoy, or maybe Neville. Seamus Finnigan rules ergo he must not die.

  24. Dr. Bob Says:

    Cho Change? You have got to be kidding! Maybe Ginny. I was hoping for a Harry/Hermione pairing, but, ah well. The smart girl gets the brave bumbler. I don’t think that Harry dies, though.

    (my husband says that he wakes up and finds himself under the stairs again)

    I think it is Snape that dies. Or Hagrid.

    (Shelley, I also keep hoping that his parents come back …)

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