New Orleans or Bust…


Monkbot & Gray Charles bumper stickers

Bumper stickers firmly in place (albeit messily and with an old web address)…and I’m off to the Monkbot Convention (with a layover in Biloxi).

Will post as I can.

Y’all hold down the fort.


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  1. rowan Says:

    WHOO HOO! GROOVY-TASTIC! Have more fun than you could ever imagine yourself having, if you imagined yourself having as much fun as you possibly could. Loove the bumper stickers!:D

  2. ivoryhut Says:

    Yeah! Y’all enjoy your hearts out and document everything!!

    We’ll hold down the fort. We’ll pin it down and chain it to a post. It won’t know what hit it.

  3. jenfera Says:

    Have a safe, happy, rockin’, groovy, monbotastic time! Can’t wait to hear the reports.

  4. ridearoundsally Says:

    sooooo girls…what say…while the cats away??

  5. leejolem Says:

    I’m hoping for a pic of all the Monkbot sistahs w/TM and Taylor!!!! 2 of them have to be giving him a big ol kiss on the cheek. I’m willing it to happen!!

  6. Dr. Bob Says:

    I can’t even think of a prank … I am pathetic.

    Have fun, Shelley. Don’t worry your pretty head about us. Really. Just forget all about us and have a good time. Honestly. We will be fine. No worries. Rowan is still suffering from the nightie-concussion, but she will be fine. We are applying cold compresses and administering chocolate. Ivory is also doing well. She seems to be entangled in a chain for some reason. But we are all great. Just great. Jenfera is looking a little tearful, but we are all humming rousing tunes to help her. The reply box is smoldering a little still, but we have given sallly a stern talking to about proper monkbot behavior. I might be coming down with a Big Case of Woefulness. But really. We will be fine. You just have a really good time without us. Don’t even think about us. Don’t give those of us who could not make it another thought. Just put us right out of your mind.


  7. rowan Says:

    Aww…hey…(passes round a big box of Kleenex, the expensive ones with aloe vera) so when we gonna meet? (Blows dust off Abba’s greatests hits.)

  8. jenfera Says:

    What time zones are we all in? Is there a time when we could all be on chat at the same time? I am in Eastern. I’ll be watching Friday Night Lights at 8:00 EDT, but will be up for chat between 9:00 – 11:00 EDT.

  9. ivoryhut Says:

    I am in Eastern too. Shrew would have been here, but she managed to escape that bout of Big Case of Woefulness (thanks for the diagnosis, Dr. Bob) by high-tailing it to NOLA.

    Every time someone mentions tissues with aloe vera, I remember Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond.

    Hey, those tissues stink! Yeah, they got the lotion on them. They’re all greasy. You pull one out to blow your nose on it, you think you did it already.

  10. KD Says:

    I’m eastern! Will do what I can to be here nine-ish….and since I’m a little slow these days…what night? Friday??
    And have a ball y’all! (Hey, see what I did there…) 😉
    (Sorry…not enough sleep…is it that obvious?)

  11. rowan Says:

    Um…I am roughly five hours-ish ahead of Eastern time, I think…so that would make it a roughly 2 am-ish start. No probs!

    Ivory – like the tissues quote! Very troo, very troo.

  12. Squeebee Says:

    Hey gals! I am on PST, so I may be an hour or so late due to putting kids to bed, etc. Will see you all tonight!

  13. jenfera Says:

    KD, it’s tonight! Sorry, I think I led you astray with my Friday Night Lights comment. It’s a show that is actually on Wednesdays, despite the Friday in the title. Fabulous show, by the way! I highly recommend it.

    Poor Rowan! I hope you are a night-owl!

  14. KD Says:

    AHHH!! Tonight! Good thing I checked back in! Don’t worry Jen…I’m so easily led astray and out of touch these days, it’s a wonder I remember where I live… 😉

  15. leejolem Says:

    I’m in eastern too, so I’ll try to check in around 9:30 or so. We’re gonna be in chat, right?

  16. rowan Says:

    Jenfera – yup, I’m a nocturnal monkbot! Staying up practically all night two nights a week on Taylor’s Idol performance and results night have given me dual timezone stamina. It means I eat twice as much in 24 hours, though…

  17. Claire Says:

    Ack, I have to be up early tomorrow to put in an all-day practice for a musical performance tomorrow night! So no MonkBot chatter for me. 😦

    Enjoy yourselves, keep it clean(ish), and remember – it’! 🙂

  18. rowan Says:

    We’ll miss ya, Claire – hope there will be another pyjama party soon you can come to. I was lookin forward to zonking out on the large foam shamrock, after my eighty-fifth girl scout cookie. The purple pyjama party poodle doesn’t look quite so comfy.

    Hope the musical performance goes well.

  19. jenfera Says:

    Rowan, you are hard core. Or maybe you are actually Wackadooish, not Scottish. (Is it Scottish?) Either way, I like that about you!

  20. rowan Says:

    Thanks Jenfera! ‘Hard core’ makes me sound like the sort of chick I’d like to be, edgy and gritty, who could set up a motorcycle repair shop at the edge of a dusty desert town. I’d have such an air of classy mystique and mean mechanical skeelz that no dodgy characters would bother me, and my two old english sheepdogs would knock folks over and bay at the moon whilst I tinkered with engines in the moonlight. Hee hee – have been watching “Mask”, again. Cher was great in that film.

    Anyways, am a bit of a hard core wanabee, as well as a biker chick wanabee. Can’t even um…drive yet! Workin on it, though.

    Scottish is fine, but we would normally say “Scots” when talking of a person’s nationality. Both are okay, tho.

    Good to meet you at the party!

  21. jenfera Says:

    Rowan, it was good to “meet” you too! Good times, good times. Crisps and lemonade, anyone?? Let’s put on our red shoes and dance the blues cuz planet earth is blue and there’s nothing left to do!

  22. Claire Says:

    LOL Jenfera, I was part of a show last night where, at one stage, the conductor gets usurped by some clowns, told to sit down and take a break, and gets handed – guess what – crisps and lemonade!

    Good fun. And I get to do it all again tonight!

    Looking forward to the Nawlins recaps….

  23. ivoryhut Says:

    Hello all! Chai anyone? Just made a fresh pot. Watching the snow come down outside, and reminiscing about how it was just 70 degrees the other day.

    It was really fun chatting with the gals. I love everyone’s sense of humor!

    Can’t wait for the recap too, and the pictures. Ooh, and I hope they took some video too. I was scouring news for word of

    “… screaming ladies, some with what looked like stick bodies, on a joy ride around the French Quarter screaming “Whoo!” armed with a mechanical monkey. The gray-haired driver was allegedly the instigator of said revelry.”

  24. leejolem Says:

    Ivory, LOL!!!! I would love to see a shot of that. I’m hoping for a pic of all the monkbots (stick figures included) w/TM and the Supreme Monkbot himself. That would so rawk!!! I can’t wait to hear the recap. From all the comments on GC it sounds like Taylor was on fire.

    Sorry I missed you all in chat the other night. My oldest daughter was on the computer working on a school project, so I didn’t feel like as a good mom I could kick her off to chat at the pj party (but don’t think I didn’t consider it). I did make her feel a little guilty though (there goes my mother of the year award).

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hey y’all!! I’m sitting here with Shrew (she waves) at the hotel waiting to see if she can stay and play one more night…hers might be snowed outta Yankee land.

    We’ve had so much fun and will post much more later…hopefully Shelley will be posting something.

  26. leejolem Says:

    Bama and Shrew, great to hear from you. I hope you all had a suuuuper good time. You 2 don’t have Taylor stashed in your hotel room with you do you? “Snowed out” indeed!!!

  27. rowan Says:

    And I’m floatin in a mosta peculia wa-a-y
    And the stahs look very different to-daaaay

    Whoo hoo on the Bowie soundtrack recap, Jen! Innee cuuute in his first tv rendition of Space Oddity?”

    Ziggy played gittah, jammin good with Weiahd and Gillie,
    And theSpidahs from Mahs…
    He took it all too fah, but boy could he play gita-a-ah

    Oooh, and Jean Genie, just because…because I’d like to hear Taylor sing it, being a bit of a jean genie, and because it will let me dance around the kitchen and burn off some of the high-octane apple pie my mum just brought over.

    Ivory – you are funny! Oooh, Chai for me, please!

    Bama —- Yaaaay – great to hear y’all are having a great time. (waves back to Shrew.) Hope to hear your story sooonly!

    (crosses fingers hoping links will work…G_G)

  28. rowan Says:

    Claire…the show sounds groovy!

    Lee – sorry to have missed you, in chat, but you did the decent thing, giving up the computer to your daughter. She owes you big time now, tho! Hope to see you at the next bash. Yoo too Claire and KD! Come and get high on thin mints, exotic teas, crisps and girl scout cookies:)

  29. rowan Says:

    Sigh, posted Ziggy twice by mistake. Tryin again! Jean Genie.

    On tenterhooks to hwear more from NOLA!

  30. jenfera Says:

    Rowan – interesting how you can hear the harp so clearly in Jean Genie, yet you never see who’s playing it. Curious.

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