Not Such a Supreme Night for Idol



Okay….I’m on the road…but I managed to make it to Biloxi in time to watch the end-of-show wrap-up on American Idol.

From my VERY brief showing…looks like Brandon, Blake, Sanjaya (please, someone, shoot that thing on his head before it eats him), Stephanie, Phil, and Chris R. gave pretty crap-tastic performances.

On the other hand…it seems LaKisha, Melinda, Chris S., Haley, Jordin, and Gina did well. However, let me say, for the record, I vote for Chris S. to KEEP THE GLASSES ON!!!

Of course, I could be off by a mile with my assessments because I was listening whilst my head was in my parents’ refrigerator, foraging for some dinner.

I’m heading to New Orleans tomorrow and might not get a post up until late.

Have fun discussing and dissecting Idol.

Entertainment Weekly Write-Up
Slezak’s write-up is pretty great this week….my favorite line being “(Sanjaya’s) rendition of ”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was like a child’s gasp wrapped in a kitten’s cough β€” only with a disconcerting flip of permed hair at the end.”

Leejolem…sorry I missed your birthday…hope you had a GREAT one! πŸ˜‰


24 Responses to “Not Such a Supreme Night for Idol”

  1. leejolem Says:

    I was underwhelmed to say the least. I thought Diana Ross would provide a veritable feast of good songs, but not so. Chris S’s arrangement was weird, and he needs the glasses. Lakeisha, Melinda and Jordin were great. The rest were ok. Sanjaya has to go! Chris R. has good entertaining presence on stage, but his vocals were off. of course Simon hated it, cuz he moved around on stage. Phil was pretty good actually also.

  2. Holeigh Says:

    I wish Diana Ross had been crazier, just to balance things out, because tonight certainly was interesting. In order, shall we?

    Brandon — Loved his audition, have been waiting for that spark to come back, but it just isn’t. Forgetting your words is something I have complete disdain for on this show and he can’t be an exception, even if he is pretty, haha.

    Melinda — Of course she can sing like no other, but I found this song to be a liiiittle boring, honestly. Therefore, I can’t put her at my favorite. And I’m tired of the faces she makes when she gets praised — you’re awesome! Start acting like it a little bit, haha.

    Sligh — I don’t mind that he funked with the arrangement, as I don’t care for “Endless Love” (too cheesy). His vocals were okay, I don’t think he deserved the flack he got. And yes, he needs the glasses, lee. πŸ™‚

    Gina — I saw nothing great from her, either. She was just “meh” (and how about the “pronounciation” problem?) and her jeans were so ill-fitting I paid more attention to them than her performance.

    Sanjaya — I will always love this kid to pieces, but yeah, so out of his league it isn’t even funny. I thought he did better than he has done, but he needs to go. However, I still think he’s better than Kevin Covais and I don’t like how the judges hate on him whenever he gets through. It’s just harsh.

    Haley — Why, I thought Kat McPhee was a contestant last season. That’s all I could picture with her up there tonight, haha. I agree somewhat with Simon, she did have some presence for once and her singing was good up until the middle, but blah after that. She screwed up, overcompensated, and then it was screechy. Nope.

    Phil — Finally! A better beginning to a song. Not the most memorable performance, but I still like him and his funny looks. His tone is good and he hits those high notes so well almost every time.

    Lakisha — Looove her, her performance was the perfect balance of diva and subdued and she carried herself well.

    Blake — Not a huge fan of electronica, but it wasn’t horrible either. He’s pretty much damned if you do, damned if you don’t at this point, however. If he doesn’t beat box, Randy questions him on it. If he messes with beats/arrangement, he needs to leave the classics alone. I agree that he does well when he just sings things straight (Somewhere Only We Know, example), now he just has to find that balance.

    Stephanie — Apparently I need to listen to the original of her song (I shy away from disco, so I don’t know it), my mom thought it sucked, but I thought it was pretty good, really. She can sing very well, so that’s really all I have to say, haha.

    Chris R. — Good, they’ve stopped pimping this kid. I haven’t loved him since the beginning of the competition, I think his vocals are too reedy and thin. He has presence and charm and I feel like I *should* like him as a person, but I guess I’m just not teenage girl enough for him.

    Jordin — Love, love, love this girl! I kind of want to be her, actually. She’s like Lisa Tucker + personality and it all = greatness. A lot of people over at MJs have been saying she was totally off tune tonight, but I thought she did very well indeed.

  3. Dr. Bob Says:

    Thank heavens again for Tivo. I thought most people were just okay. I loved Melinda and Lakisha (yeah, melinda needs to get a different facial expression — the sentiment is nice, though. Blake was okay, not great. Chris was eyebrow-raising (and not in a good way). Sanjaya was awful.

    How are you doing, Shelley?

  4. jenfera Says:

    As much as Sanjaya needs to go, I at least give him props for seeming to have a smidgin more confidence this week – which was then, of course, slashed to bits by the judges. The hair – what the??? That was almost as painful as his vocals. Or maybe more so. I can’t decide.

    Chris S – even Simon told him to keep the glasses! And they shouldn’t have cut his hair either. I didn’t like that arrangement at all. The song was unrecognizable. It is a cheesy song, but I think his vocals are good enough to have overcome that if he had left it alone.

    I was disappointed in a lot of the song choices. I didn’t recognize the song Melinda did, but it didn’t matter. She’s fantastic. And yeah, she does have to stop looking so shocked when they tell her she’s good. Whether it is how she really feels or not, it is going to start looking disingenuous.

    I liked Blake’s attempt to modernize the song. And he is just so cute, maybe I didn’t notice any vocal problems. In that natty little suit he & Ryan looked like adorably snuggly twinsies. Double the cuteness, hooray!

  5. Shelley Says:

    Holeigh…great write-up. Thanks for that!

    Dr. Bob…I’m okay. Just chillin’ a bit at my folks’ before hittin’ the road to N’awlins.

    Just cleaned out my car and Windexed the windows, painted my toenails, and am about to tackle the dreaded CHIN plucking!!!

    Will be leaving in about 4 hours. Still have to put on second coat of paint, shower/shave legs, load up car, and get gas. Whew!

    P.S. I totally agree with you jenfera…Melinda needs to ditch the “oh my goodness” looks. Whether they are genuine or not, it doesn’t matter. She’s so confident when she sings that it comes off as fake when she listens.

    good call.

  6. KD Says:

    I didn’t get to watch Jordin yet, so I can’t speak of her performance, but I was so disappointed last night…Again. *sigh* Melinda and LaKisha were the only ones I was impressed with, to be quite honest. I didn’t like the rearrangements of any of the songs that were rearranged. (Forgive me for my lack of eloquence this morning!) And yes, the glasses should stay. I, too, was calling Haley “McPhee Wannabe” but Zan said it…she’s got nothing else, so she using what she does have…and lo and behold, it worked on Simon! Good call Haley…
    Yep…the Melinda “you like me? you really like me?” act is getting a bit old. I like her, love her voice, but come on already!
    And poor poor poor poor Sanjaya. End his misery, someone anyone???

    Okay…and I do hate to bring this up (not really) but, did anyone else notice the not so subtle lack of a Taylor mention when the show started?? This bugs the heck out of me…it shouldn’t, I know, but every time they do it my blood boils. “Maybe if we don’t mention him, EVER, his spirit will go away and we can get back to The Show as The Producers intended it.” *UGH*

  7. ivoryhut Says:

    I haven’t really gotten tired of Melinda’s facial expressions yet. I found it really touching when, in reply to Simon who asked her why she was crying, she softly answered, “I’ve never heard anything like THAT for ME ever.”

    (Moved, I say, but not in the blubbering Paula way.)

    Judges had it right with Lakisha. She could have easily oversung the song, but reined it in really skillfully. And to think she never even heard the song before.

    I could see what Chris S. tried to do with the song, but I didn’t care much for it. It did have a Coldplay-ish intro, and while I like Coldplay, I don’t think Chris Martin and Endless Love are friends. The new arrangement didn’t have a discernible hook, which made it sound like a really long first verse with maybe part of a bridge in there somewhere.

    Now, I like Jordin Sparks, but maybe it was my congested head or the dizziness, but I didn’t think her performance merited being put in the same league as Lakisha and Melinda. I heard more than a few off notes, especially in the first half of the song. Overall it was okay, and she showed great range, but I really didn’t think it was as good as the judges said it was.

    And Sanjaya. I feel bad for him. He tries, but he’s just in over his head. I suspect that he wants to be voted out and be relieved of this. Phil looked like an alien with that shiny smooth head. To my ears, Chris R. has the same Chris Daughtry-like bleating quality to his voice (albeit in a less angry tone) and I’m not a big fan of that. As for Haley, I heard but did not see (head was under the covers) so I didn’t see that “presence” Simon talked about. Blake is cool because he has a Mac, and Stephanie, please get some tape or a wrap or something, but that almost-wardrobe malfunction was not pretty.

  8. nolagirl Says:

    I’m here at work, waiting til noon to get the hell outta here and meet up with Shelley at my house. I was so hoping for good weather but it looks like 80% chance of rain this afternoon/evening. Frizzy hair, here I come!

    I’ll have a drink for you all tonight! πŸ™‚

  9. Hatson Says:

    I have been out of town and am just getting caught up with all the posts. I can’t wait to get all the dish from the convention! I hate to say it, but the boys should just go home. I have seen local high school talent better than them. To keep this competition fair and entertaining will be the only interesting thing about AI this year! Seriously with all the song choices they had to choose from last night their choices were mostly dismal. “Kiki”, Jordin,and Melinda were the only ones I would actually spend money to see.

  10. baby duck Says:

    I’ll get the requisite praise for Melinda, Lakisha, and Jordin out of the way. Their vocals were on, but I thought odd song choices for Melinda and Jordin. The Supremes had tons of #1 songs that people are familiar with, and they chose ones that sounded sort of broadway. The rest of the girls: meh.

    I didn’t like the “updated” arrangements of either Chris S. or Blake. Brandon, Chris R., and Phil: yawn. Sanjaya reminded me of a happy puppy, tail wagging and all. And it took me awhile, too, to get Simon’s whale/wail remark. The other boys were bad enough that I can see him sticking around another week.

    I’m also puzzled as to why no mention of Taylor. Not successful enough (meaning records sold, grammys, etc.) by AI standards? I thought DIMYP was the hottest single in 2006, and that his album was platinum. Have they said even once that he has an album out? I would think it would help get a bump in sales if they did. Just plain weird. But I’m not going to get worked into a lather about it. From Taylor’s perspective he is always gracious and grateful for all he’s received by being on Idol. He’s had plenty of opportunity to sound like sour grapes, and has been anything but. Makes me like him that much more… if that’s possible.

  11. Hatson Says:

    Shelley…… word…………………WAXING!

  12. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    I only got to watch half of Idol last night….:(……….but I quickly got over because it was pretty much a boring night….and they (as they always do) mentioned pretty much EVERY Idol known to man except Taylor, which shouldn’t bother me but it seems kind of rude that they don’t say ANYTHING about his success…

  13. Holeigh Says:

    I’m glad you liked it, Shell…I looked at it right after I posted it and thought, “eesh, I hope this isn’t too long!”

    I hope you all have a woooonderful time in New Orleans! πŸ™‚

  14. Jan Says:

    This season really, really sucks compared to past seasons. I mean it’s actually getting painful to watch. I like Melinda and LaKisha. After that Stephanie and Jordan. Blake is the only guy I like at all. Well, I liked AJ. Sanjaya makes me cry inside. He sucks so bad and I just understand how he got here.

    I can’t wait to hear all about New Orleans. I’m going to the Austin show tonight.

  15. Dr. Bob Says:

    have fun jan!!

  16. Dr. Bob Says:

    Ivory!! Where are you? I could not find your email address on your blog. I have a question for you…

  17. Hatson Says:

    Jan, I so agree. After my daughter on the East Coast called and told me who went home and how awful the show was I didn’t even watch! It is actually al little painful to watch when even the visiting STAR is not good. At least that is what I hear today. Does anyone else think the production quality is bad ie the sound? It is just not fun! I can’t wait to hear about the Real Show last night .

  18. Jan Says:

    Hatson: I was really surprised that I didn’t like her performance. She was out of tune and way over the top. If her performance were stellar, I would be ok with the over the top part but it just didn’t work. I like Diana Ross and would give her another chance.

    The Austin Taylor Hicks show was ok. I am looking forward to seeing the show in San Antonio in a much better venue from the 6th row on Saturday. I ran into Quossum and Monkbot at the show…

  19. ivoryhut Says:

    Dr Bob! My email is ivoryhut and I use gmail. Hmm … I didn’t think to have it up there at my blog. Will rectify that soon.

    How is everyone? Snowy day today here in the northeast. I hope Shrew isn’t flying in today, or she might see a lot of the airport.

  20. Dr. Bob Says:

    Thanks Ivory — no problem. Gotcher email. I wonder how the monkbots are doing….

  21. Hatson Says:

    Where are the Monkbots??? I want the report……. Jan, tell me more about the Austin show please. I am going to the Portland show on Mother’s Day week-end, and want to know more. Thanks!!!

  22. double d Says:

    Shrew IS flying home today, so it looks like Airports R Us for her. I’m sure that Shelley will be posting a fanstatirific recap, so I won’t steal any thunder. It was really fun meeting everyone and the concert was VERY good…much better than the Mobile concert, that I thought was great. The set list was really good with lots of stuff thrown in, but the Encore with Ivan Neville was DA BESTUS!

    Anyway, lots of stories to tell once “THE POST” is made. More to come…

  23. ivoryhut Says:

    Oooh … nice teaser, DD. I was trying to escape the clutches of cabin fever. (Although the snow looks pretty coming down.) Can’t wait for Shelley’s post!

    Shrewbie, hope you get in safely and without much delay. Hope you won’t have to dig your car out of the parking lot!

  24. double d Says:

    Oh, yeah, and Shrew….remind yourself as you’re “digging out”, how much you love the winters in Joisy. πŸ˜‰

    BTW, it’s 72 and Sunny here.

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