I’m Back and Working on THE Post…And, Yes, I Got This Close to Taylor Hicks



Got lots to share…so give me a little time to get my act together.

There will be a fair share of pictures, too…though, this one is the best of the Taylor variety that my camera spit out.

Thankfully, the other Monkbots got some REALLY great pics, so be sure to check back here to get the links to those masterpieces when I post the convention recap! 😉


16 Responses to “I’m Back and Working on THE Post…And, Yes, I Got This Close to Taylor Hicks”

  1. leejolem Says:

    EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! Shelley, that pic got me excited to hear about the whole Monkbot experience. Read DD’s post on GC and said the view wasn’t great but the concert rawked. Does anyone else think that Taylor looks like Elvis in this pic?

    Hope you guys had a terrific time, and your feet aren’t hurting too bad. Get some rest today then fill us in.

    p.s. Just found out that Taylor is performing at the Elkhart County 4H fair in July–only 2&1/2 hours from us. HC4S and I are waking up at 4am on May 12th and driving to get tix at 8am. County fairs are kind of small events, so this might be the closest we will get to him. Maybe we can share an elephant ear and a ferris wheel ride (ok , a girl can dream).

  2. Staci Says:

    Welcome back! I would ask if you had a great time… but I know you did. Looking forward to the recap.

  3. Libby Says:

    Very nice close-up, Shelley ! Cannot wait for the full report. Wish I could have been there to meet the fellow MBs in person.


  4. rowan Says:

    Take your time to marshall your thoughts Shelley, we’ll be patient! (Jumps up and down and gnaws fingers with anticipation.) 😀

    Verrrry cute pic!

  5. wompuss Says:

    look at that skin….dayum….

  6. double d Says:

    Heh. heh. heh.

  7. wompuss Says:

    DD!!! Just sent squeebers her head onna stick…email me the picture you took, girl!!

  8. wompuss Says:

    oh, and rowan….my thoughts will be incapable of bein marshaled evah again….I’m covered in woo dust

  9. jenfera Says:

    I’ll try not to gnaw through another whole sleeve of Thin Mints while I am waiting!!

    Welcome back, Shelley!!

  10. Shelley Says:

    Thanks for the welcome back.

    Wompuss…you’re incorrigible.

    And I’m now having to add “w** dust” to the spam filter here.

  11. wompuss Says:

    incorrigible…….I like that word….glad ya made it back safely, shells!

  12. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Welcome back….was the concert AmAzInG???? Very nice picture of Taylor….can’t wait until it’s my turn to see him!!!

  13. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, did you lean in and kiss that bee-yoo-tiful cheek of his?

    ***runs to corner and ducks the fish that is assuredly coming my way***

    Wompuss, I daresay I might not ever shower again if I were covered in w** dust!!

  14. Squeebee Says:

    Welcome back, Shelley, and all the other Monkbots! I am anxious to hear what my giant head on a stick got up to!

  15. ivoryhut Says:

    Welcome back everyone!!

    We been waiting patiently. We held the fort down. We didn’t do anything bad. Really. It’s true. Ask Dr. Bob.

  16. Dr. Bob Says:


    not too bad. Really. I don’t know that I would leave us alone again, however.

    WELCOME BACK!! Sooo excited to hear what happened. Lovely picture, btw.

    You know the saying about incorrigible, Womp … (if I am incorrigible, then go ahead and incorrige me …)

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