Taylor Hicks…Sombrero Over the Rainbow


Great picture, Q…thanks for sharing!

Trust me…Q has more to share. She said she’ll be sending me a write-up from the Taylor Hicks concert in San Antonio…so hold on! 😉


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  1. Dr. Bob Says:

    what was he singing when he was wearing this?

    (why am I reminded of the line ” would you say I had a plethora of pinatas?”)

  2. leejolem Says:

    That’s the old dorky TH that I love. He even manages to look adorable in a sombrero.

    **waves to Dr. Bob**

  3. Dr. Bob Says:


    How are you? **waves back, happily**

  4. Claire Says:

    Dr Bob – why an I thinking of the movie “The Three Amigos??”

    Live the pic.

  5. double d Says:

    Mucho Gracias, Q…..


  6. Claire Says:


    LOVE the pic, I meant LOVE!!

    Kudos, Q!

  7. baby duck Says:

    Just when I thought I was over downloading Taylor pics! Have to have this one and him with TMB. Thanks, Q!

  8. rowan Says:

    Lee – yup, “the dorky old TH” is still kickin. Love that he doesn’t take himself so seriously that he can’t be quirky and have fun. I want a “Soul Patrol” sombrero now, and have a nice frisson of schadenfreude at the thought of the postman struggling up the street with it…possibly even wearing it.;)

  9. leejolem Says:

    Schadenfreude–Rowan, you made my day with that word. I’m 3/4 German, and we all enjoy a little schadenfreude now and then (the other 1/4 is Scottish–that makes me a stoic, hard-working big-boned woman who has a great sense of humor).

  10. Jan Says:

    He must have been at the end of Going Mobile because that was the encore and he didn’t put he hat on until the then. It wasn’t dorky at all because it was sweet since a fan threw the hat on stage.

  11. leejolem Says:

    Jan, to me dorky is a term of affection–I love dorky!!!!!!! I guess I mean when he’s being a little silly and less intense. I love that side of him also.

  12. ridearoundsally Says:

    Thought you might like my rendition of San antonio:
    Saturday March 17th 2007…The Majestic Theatre, San Antonio.

    I got there just after 8pm and met Caryl. Thank goodness she had gotten a spare ticket that had a good seat. I had paid $75 and was stuck as far right as you could get with my view impaired by two large oversized speakers. When Caryl invited me to go sit with her in the centre I was overjoyed. The support band were already on stage “The Greyhounds”..I have to admit, not really to my taste but the lead singer was great interacting with the crowd and got everyone ready for Taylor’s big entrance. To the left were a bunch of women who all wore flashing guitar pins..apparently a Soul Patrol group that has been following and going to all his concerts. When Taylor came on naturally there was a roar from the crowd..everyone got to their feet. We were soon to find out that we were not allowed to stand and dance that we had to be seated thoughout the entire performance. I have to say..I have never ever been to a concert in my life and had to sit through a performance. Anyway..back to that matter later.
    Taylor rocked the place..he was better than I could have ever imagined. His voice was amazing live and the band and sound quality were excellent! I was totally blown away by him!!!
    I have to add this comment though, as derogitary as it may sound, he did look as if he was just going through the motions. No he didn’t dance a lot, and in no way interacted with the crowd. He thanked us for being there and for voting for him and that was about it. In saying that, it in no way affected the quality of the performance musically.
    The other things that came to light were, when people stood up to dance to fast songs like “runaround” they were either getting told to sit down by security or getting “shushed” by other sitting fans. I learned a new Texas word that night for hearing it many many times..”sidddoooooownnnn” (sit down). At times it could be heard over the performance. They even had the ignorance to be heard over the music when Taylor was singing a soft song. Yes you people know who you are!!! Taylor, get these people told.
    One particular security guard who had long blond hair and resembled a cross between Fabio and Michael Bolton ( if this is one of Taylor’s crew are we not allowed to enjoy his concert?) made a particular nuisance of himself with fans to the point of angering them. Maybe it should be printed on the ticket “absolutely no dancing allowed”!!!!
    The new chant…Soul patrol – no dancing??? I will stand by this comment I am about to make 100 per cent .”you do not go to a live rock concert and sit on your bum, if you need to sit down to watch Taylor, maybe you should have stayed at home and watched Dr Phil” I hope I never have to go to a concert like that again and have to sit on my butt while the music is whompin!
    About 20 minutes before the show ended “Mr Ridearoundsally” got lucky, he had came to pick me up and was looking in the front door. The lady at the door at the door mistakenly held the door open for him so he naturally (up to his old tricks) walked in free of charge!! (he reckons the lady at the door mistook him for Taylor and said get in there you have an encore to do!! Yea right!!) He said sound quality was much better from the back of the hall, he loved the fender Rhodes, the “Taylor guitar” Taylor was playing but cringed at manner in which Taylor was ..and I quote.”banjo-ing the life out of the poor thing and especially when he banana’d the strings”!! He had to finally concede “yes, the guy can sing”.
    When it finished we all ran round the back of the theatre for an autograph, we stood for about 40 mins and Taylor came out. Now I say Taylor, at least someone came out dressed looking like Taylor. He was obviously a mute, who was making it clear he had no desire to be there. Yes this may sound harsh, and I cant believe Im typing it but this is what went down. He proceeded without a single word and straight faced to go up the line of people. His security guard commented, nothing but signatures only. When Taylor got to me I handed him my ticket to autograph. I told him how much I enjoyed the show…no response, no eye contact,…I then asked him why he looked so sad…no response, no eye contact…I then said. “aww common Taylor…give me a smile”…he looked straight at me, eye to eye about 1 foot from my face, handed me back my ticket with a beaming big smile that would have melted the iceberg that sunk the titanic. This smile lasted approx 2 seconds (oh but what a 2 seconds it was). Then his face went back to the sad demure look again. He went from fan to fan in this way. What happened to our Taylor??? What have we done to him to make him appear so depressed and sad?? It was very un-nerving and shocking to see him like this. Maybe I expected too much from him? It was clear he did not want to do this and not be there. I almost felt guilty to the point of apologizing for being there. He then turned and without looking back got on the bus. We were all left standing there…wondering what happened. What had gone wrong? My heart went out to one girl behind me who had flown all the way from Oregon and spent over $200 on a ticket. She never got a glance or autograph despite asking him..all she got was him walking by, head down. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Another fortunate one was my 4yr old little boy who was on my husbands shoulders at the back. He was saying “Taylor Hicks” repeatedly…Taylor looked up at him and gave him a genuine half smile. I cant comment on what would make Taylor like this..I have gone from disrespectful comments like “Stepford Taylor” to “was he on meds?”
    I don’t say all this to slander Taylor, far from it. The guy is an awesome entertainer and I would go back to see him in a heartbeat. My husband in his infinite wisdom says it shouldn’t matter about the person, its all about the music, and perhaps he is right. I pray that Taylor gets all the support and help from us fans, his management and whoever else is involved in his future. I wish him nothing but success and happiness and now ranks right up there on my list of all time favorite performers. If you are having any doubts in going to one of his concerts..DONT..you will not be disappointed. This guy rocks! And will be around for a very very long time. And at the risk of sounding all fan girly…luv ya Taylor!

  13. ridearoundsally Says:

    here my photos!

  14. Shelley Says:

    Great write-up and pics, Sally! thanks so much!!!

    I have to say…that same sad Taylor outside the House of Blues, New Orleans.

    I guess he’s ready for a remote beach somewhere…away from all the glitter…at least for a while. 😉

  15. leejolem Says:

    RAS, can’t wait to see the pics when I get home (mean workplace blocks them). I hope you saw my comments on gc–I would have been disappointed also, but like you it doesn’t affect how I feel about Taylor. i think he’s spreading himself too thin. I’m sure he’ll learn from this tour what’s doable, and what isn’t. Plus I think the introvert in him is taxed by the fan part of celebrity.

  16. jenfera Says:

    Sally, what an experience! Such a mixed bag of good & bad. That’s crazy with the no dancing. It should be a majority rules type of thing, that’s the etiquette I’ve always seen in action at shows. Great pictures!

    Just a thought, and a question to Sally & Shelley – is it possible that ‘sad Taylor’ is really just more of a ‘spent Taylor’? It sounds like he puts so much of himself into the shows, and doing those meet & greets before the show, maybe he is just shot afterward and just wants to get on the bus and chill? Or maybe he is just trying to limit himself and rest a bit after having been sick at the beginning of the tour?

  17. ridearoundsally Says:

    Leejolem…I agree , I think hes doing too much..the poor kid. I think the mother instinct in me wanted to just hug him and tell him “it will be ok”. I really do feel for him, he looked so so sad..you know like when you are so spent to the point of you have nothing left and you are running on adrenaline..kinda zombie like..like Shelly says..he needs a warm sunny quiet vacation to recover. Maybey he should re schedule his M&G’s to a later date. It might help. Heres hoping he feels better soon.

  18. ridearoundsally Says:

    I wanted to tell you guys about something that happened to hubby when I was in the queue for an autograph…Shelly if you think this post is not fitting please feel free to delete it. I dont want to be seen dissing Taylor in any way..only relaying the facts as they happened. When Hubby was standing at the back of the crowd one of Tay’s sound and lighting guys came up to him and spoke to him..he was also from England and recognised hubbys accent. They got talking and hubby commented about the way Tay was actiing towards the crowd. The guy said to hubby…”yea..well..he was sick from day 2 of this tour but hes ok now”..hubby said “well he looks burned out” the guy answered “well yes..what can I say…the kid likes to party”..he then shrugged his shoulders and shook hubbys hand laughing. Hmmm..gets the old grey matter thinking dosnt it!!..this all came out later from hubby..who also told me he got to shake Taylors hand to which I grabbed it and licked it..heheheh (I know..Im not right in the head). Anyway..just a little tidbit of info for you all.
    Of course then hubby payed big time for not asking where he like to party!!!!!! sheesh…men!!!

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    Sally…Stepford Taylor…HA! I wonder if it is an allergic reaction to Daughtry Dust?

  20. Shelley Says:

    I think Jen is on to something.

    I vote for “Spent Taylor.”

    Maybe all the M&Gs and ticket signings should be cancelled all together…or only offered in cities where he’s going to be there for more than one day…and then scheduled before or the day after the show.

    Or is that too complicated?

    Or…does it really matter what I think? (I feel I’m going all “analysis” on this subject.)


  21. shrewspeaks Says:

    Did I go into moderation for mentioning a certain kind of dust?

  22. Shelley Says:

    Um…I was fine until the licking.

    Throws a GINORMOUS fish at Sally’s head

    Remember, folks…this site is PG-13. 😉


  23. Shelley Says:


    i delete all such posts.

    believe it or not…i’ve actually done it.

    shelley is the meanest anti-glitter alive

  24. Shelley Says:

    how’s that shrew…can you live with the edited version? ^^^

  25. Claire Says:

    Sally, if I had spent a decade slogging it out at dive bars playing to nobody for peanuts, and then suddenly I’m headlining my own nationwide tour, on a Big Purple Bus (Taylor loves his bus, LOL) then I’m sure I’d like to Party too. I hope Taylor is enjoying the opportunity to the full, and heck yes, I hope he’s par-Taying like it’s 2099!! He will still give it his all on stage.

    Loved the sombrero. Very St. Patrick’s Day-ish. 🙂

  26. shrewspeaks Says:

    Yeah…but my mention was not “pro- w. dust” it was meant as anti-w dust

  27. Shelley Says:

    i know.

    but i’m being an ogre.


  28. jenfera Says:

    Daughtry Dust is making me snort-laugh.

    I have this whole tableau going in my head with Shelley in a western… she spots Shrew decked out head-to-toe in enough glitter to make the Rhinestone Cowboy blush. Shrew threatens to t*** or *q***, and Shelley says, “Go ahead, make my day!” And she takes Shrew down in a hail of moderation.

  29. shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…I understand

  30. ridearoundsally Says:

    rofl at ginormous fish! lol

  31. ridearoundsally Says:

    I think I need edited!!

  32. baby duck Says:

    Thanks for the great account, RAsally. The no standing policy got me thinking about my AI concert experience. My son and I got there early, we had seats in a tiered section. As the auditorium began to fill up, a group of 3 sat behind us: an “older” couple (55-60) and a younger adult. The older woman leaned forward and said to me, “Did you know you bought tickets to the only seats where standing is not allowed?”. I took it as a joke and said, “That’s probably safe for the first nine performers. But I came here to see Taylor Hicks, and when he’s on, I will probably be on my feet, ha-ha.” Of course we stood and boogied at different times throughout the concert, but the entire time for Taylor. Afterwards, talking to my son, he thought she was incredibly rude and manipulative, and that I handled it well. I guess I could have offered to switch seats, but who knows if the people behind them wanted to sit, too. And the people behind them. I could have ended up in the upper balcony!

  33. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, now let’s not be hasty about the m&g’s–He can cancel them after 4/24 in Columbus,OH when I am destined to win one, and get this out of my system. I have changed my mind about waiting at the bus after the concert though. I think he’s just too drained then, and I think he should just get on the bus and chill. So HC4S and I will have to prowl around before the concert and hope he comes running up to us (Taylor:”are you the 2 beautiful monkbots from INdiana? Let’s go get dinner at Applebees”)or hope for a m&g (where I will present him a gift and not ask for an autograph and he will decide to give me a hug as a thank you, and I can die a happy woman). No matter what happens I’m sure it will be an awesome concert, and I will definitely respect his space as much as I can.

  34. Dr. Bob Says:

    asks sheepishly “what’s a m&g?”

  35. Dr. Bob Says:

    oh! and great write-up, sally!

  36. Shelley Says:

    M&Gs = Meet and Greets

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