First, everyone take a few minutes to enjoy some Bowie….mmmmmm….I love Bowie.

Now, look at the top of the page and notice the masthead. Notice anything different?

For those who need a hint…here it is…we are no longer going to use “Soul Patrol” in our moniker.

I have been thinking about this for a while and yesterday’s post at Gray Charles really put me over the edge. I’ve pretty much had it with all the hoo-ha of the Soul Patrol.

I applaud Gray for continually trying to make things work in such a cuckoo world, but I, for one, am done with it.

I’m still kind of formulating my thoughts on all of it…but there may be a post from me in the next week about it all…or maybe not…because, honestly, I’m sick of talking about it all together.

On to brighter subjects…

Monkbot Head on a Stick

As requested…I’ve created a Monkbot head that is suitable for printing and mounting on a stick to take to concerts. Simply click here and print onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock. You may want to laminate and cut-out the head before mounting it on a stick (a paint stirrer should work nicely). Take it to Taylor concerts…heck, take it to the next piano recital you attend (that should be fun)! You can even let your Monkbot on a Stick join you in a photo-op with Taylor…or your mayor…or your boss at the next Christmas party. The point is…have fun with it! And be sure to send me your pics. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, please let me correct an oversight from my write-up on the Monkbot Convention. I failed to mention a special carriage ride around the French Quarter with our very own BamaBot. She was lovely, with her pink bow. Please see picture below.

BamaBot's Carriage Ride

Now…for everyone who watched “Dancing with the Stars” last night…please tell me you’re as in love with Joey Fatone and Kimberly Johnson as I am!

(Oh…and Cheryl Burke rocks.)


65 Responses to “Ch…ch…ch…changes”

  1. Quossum Says:

    I always thought kittens tasted like Necco Wafers.

    I like bunny muffins, too.


  2. Hatson Says:

    I can live with the changes……..I think. Yes Joey was the best tonight (I wasn’t going to watch…….I have lost my mind with these shows) Thanks for the Monkbot (speaking of losing my mind, I am currently printing several) This is going to be fun. I thought of taking the real Monkbot down the Rogue River(where The River Wild was filmed), but now I think I will have a practice run with this copy. Thanks again!

  3. Hatson Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Elliot Yamin is going to be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow.(Tuesday) You might want to tivo! I will still be snoozing when most of you might be reading posts in your time zone!! Goodnight All.

  4. SoulReporter Says:

    I want to be a MonkBot! What’s the price of admission? Honestly, I just love the spirit your group seems to have. Shelley, you are hilarious! I read your blog a lot and it never fails to make me smile and laugh out loud. Oh, and Squeebee and Wompuss are the bomb!!

  5. Shelley Says:

    SoulReporter…consider yourself one of us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. jenfera Says:

    Easter is coming! I’m gonna run to Michael’s and get me some molded baking tins and make some squishy bunny muffins! (I made double chocolate cupcakes with ricotta, bourbon & orange this past weekend, and they were quite squishy and delicious.)

    Change is good. Me likey the new masthead.

    Looking forward to printing the Monkbot head. I have a girlfriend who I think has her own laminator too, which may save me from having to bring it to Staples and enduring the odd looks.

  7. ivoryhut Says:

    Jenfera, you are making me hungry for chocolate cupcakes first thing in the morning!

    I will print out Monkbot and take him to meet my mom. Because, you know, even though I’m married, I still have to introduce all new guys I hang out with to my mom.

    My husband doesn’t have to know Monkbot’s a guy. Shhh.

    Sorry, I never got into Dancing with the Stars. I already have a long list of shows to start watching so I can play with everyone. (Shelley recommends I start with The Office. I’m soooo behind.)

  8. ivoryhut Says:

    Oh, and welcome SoulReporter!

  9. Dr. Bob Says:

    Hey New Monkbot — The initiation was tough, wasn’t it? It took a long time for the Kool-aid to wash out, but the sense of belonging is more than worth the public humiliation of having grape-colored hair. For a month. Did anyone else have problems with the Monkbot Scavenger Hunt? The monkbot outfit was a little hard to find, but finding the stripey pants in my size was a real challenge. I don’t think that I looked at all bad, singing and clashing my cymbals out on Highway 124 for an hour. All of the sacrifices were worth it, because I truly enjoy being a Monkbot. Shelley — you made me feel right at home and for that I thank you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

    I missed Dancing with the Stars? (Cheryl Burke is hawt.) Must see why — could be a 24 conflict. I love the spirit of the new masthead, but I admit that a part of me can’t stop puzzling about a rainbow-flavored kitten. A little jolt of OCD in the morning with my coffee … thanks a heap!.

    Shelley, I don’t mean to be dumb, but I don’t get the post at Gray’s. I think I get it a little, because of what you wrote, but I am just here for the ride. Change is gonna come …

  10. Dr. Bob Says:

    (and I love the head … you rawk!)

  11. leejolem Says:

    Welcome Soulreporter!! I can’t wait to get home and print off some monkbot heads.
    Shelley, does this mean I have to Sharpie out the “soul patrol” portion of my monkbot shirt? I hope not. It’s in really small print, so I don’t think anyone will notice it.
    Gray’s has been crazy the last couple of days. If I were GC I would have thrown up my hands a long time ago.

  12. leejolem Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention DWTS. I loved Joey Fatone. A few years back my daughters were really into NSync, and he was always my fav. I also thought John Ratzenberger was charming. He reminded me of Fred Flintstone when he did the twinkle toes bowling thing. I was a little nervous when Heather was dancing. I really hope her leg doesn’t fly off.

  13. nolagirl Says:

    Look at the purty pink-bow-headed Monkbotess!!!!!!! I LOVE it.

    Shelley – Also love the new masthead. Bravo, bravo.

    And last but not least, welcome SoulReporter!

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Welcome SoulReporter!

    Baby Duck- I’m am laughing so hard at the image of a grown woman, dressed like the MB clanging cymbals on the side of a highway! Yer hysterical!

    I love the beeotiful MB lady that is in the carriage with y’all. She’s so stylish with her bow. Lucky girls that got to hang with her….

    LOVED DWTS last night. It rawked!! I’m so down with Cheryl Burke…it ain’t even natural! I also loved Kim and Joey. Adorable! Everyone was pretty good…’cept Achy Breaky Mullet. Even the ones that weren’t that great…like the giant bball player (who was so sweet and gentle it just made me feel all squishy muffin bunny inside) had things to offer…like style, personality, etc. This show might make up for the lack of entertainment value in AI this season!!

    Shelley- Love the new masthead. And, I vow, if I ever get Brian Less to take a pic w/the MB again…I will say something to him if he starts yelling “Soul Patrol!” like he did in NOLA.

    We need a catchphrase.

  15. Shelley Says:

    is it “squishy muffin bunnies” or “squishy bunny muffins”?

    i want it to be right.

    which do y’all prefer.

    also…here is slezak’s write-up of DWTS.

  16. Squeebee Says:

    Yay! I am so glad you took my advice, Soul Reporter! Y’all, Soul Reporter is one of the sweetest people I have met at GC… will love her!

    Dr. Bob….shhhhhh…you’re gonna scare her away!

    Shel, the printable MB looks great; I might have better luck getting that across the border than a real-life MonkBot…..yes I have thought of this!

    Jenfera…, but those muffins sound wonderful! I think you should share the recipe on the food thread!

    Bama….the MonkBot -with-a-bow is cute and all, but YOU are way cuter! I can’t believe you hate that picture!

  17. jenfera Says:

    lee – I am glad you said that first. My very quiet 16-year-old stepdaughter doesn’t say much, but when she does, it is often laugh-out-loud funny. We were listening to the radio on the way to school this morning and the DJ said something about Heather getting a standing ovation. My stepdaughter said, “That wasn’t a standing ovation. They were standing back in case they got hit with a foot.”

    It’s wrong, it’s wrong!! But it’s funny. Heh.

    Bama, you are totally stylin’ in that pink bow. And I agree on the catchphrase thing. Squishy muffin bunnies might not work all that well. It could come out “Squishy muffy buns!” or “Squid bunch muffies!” or even “Squid pro quo, my little muffin bunny head!” You just never know.

  18. baby duck Says:

    ::Big sigh:: I can see why, Shelley. After wasting a couple of days trying to follow the Dallas post and then gray’s attempt to regain some control yesterday, I’m somewhere between exasperated and grief-stricken. As of right now I feel like both SP and GC have been hijacked. Can that ch…ch…ch…change? Yes, but I can see why you want some distance now. I await your formulated thoughts. Or not. Back to the regularly-scheduled squishy muffin bunnies and rainbow flavored kittens.

    Welcome SoulReporter! The initiation rites seem a little harsh, don’t they, considering Monkbots are all about the love, er, lurve?

    Thanks for Monkbot’s head! Although I may have to do some photoshopping myself and get me one of those pink bows.

  19. jenfera Says:

    Squee – your wish is my command. I have posted a link in the food thread.

    Shelley – I wrote my response to bama before I saw your last post. No disrespect intended in terms of catchphrase development. If it is your decree that we shall prevail over the tongue-twister that is squishy muffin bunnies, then so be it. I will train myself, dagnabit.

  20. double d Says:

    I thought “Vive La Monkbot” was our catchphrase?!? No?!?

    If not, how about “Monkbot: Putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional”


    “Monkbot: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”


    “Monkbot: Home of Banana Daquiris and Monkey Bread”

    (did I mention that I’m STARVING???)

    p.s. We’re not going to hold Taylor in contempt because of Soul Patrol, huh? I think the idea is/was great, some “factions” just ruined it (for me).

  21. baby duck Says:

    Bama, that was Dr. Bob on the side of the highway. I came on board later, after parental complaints of torture, and a full investigation by the chancellor’s office. Roadside humiliation was deemed cruel and unusual punishment, so you don’t have to worry about that one, SoulReporter. But fair warning, you’ll have some explaining to do to your family, friends and co-workers about the purple hair for a long time to come.

  22. double d Says:

    Ok, since I’m all about taking a mile when offered an inch…can we have multiple Monkbots on a Stick? Like a “full” Monkbot in dress regalia? So the “initiation” pants can be shown…and the cymbals.

    Shelley — BTW, I don’t get the whole Chicken on a Stick thing at State.

  23. double d Says:

    Oh, and where ARE my manners…SAWRY. Welcome, SoulReporter.

    So…..Is that like newspaper reporter or hall monitor reporter….’cuz the latter we’ll have to modify. The former, we all want a job.

  24. Shelley Says:

    Jen…I didn’t take your words as anything but humorous…no cause to apologize. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Squishy muffin bunnies is referring to an older faction of the Monkbot Division….plus the phrase just cracks me up. I think it is a Bama original.

    The rainbow-flavored kittens is another Monkbot Talk original. I think it stemmed from a comment I left at Gray’s back in the olden days…I was telling everyone to be happy and referred to happy thoughts like “ice cream, rainbows and puppies”. Folks took that phrase and made it their own…changing it up as they saw fit. Here at Monkbot, DD added the kitten reference because she’s our resident cat lover…me, I prefer puppies.

    DD…yes…”Viva le Monkbot” is the battle cry I prefer.

    However…Monkbot: Not that there’s anything wrong with that…cracked me up.

    And there is no way I’ll hold Taylor in contempt for the bad behavior of the Soul Patrol.

    I just want to enjoy Taylor SANS Soul Patrol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Shelley Says:

    DD…the whole Monkbot (printed on 8.5 x 11 home printers) would be a little difficult to see in a crowd. I thought about it and felt the head would be the best…graphically. Trust me. Trust me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for chicken on a stick…if y’all haven’t ever had this…you don’t know what you’re missing.

    You must get it from Penn’s restaurant.

    It is a skewer of onion, chicken and pickles dipped in batter and deep-fried.


  26. baby duck Says:

    double d, now you got me thinking. I want a Monkbot-on-a-Stick like a paper doll! Accessories include pink bows, cymbals, antenna toppers in a variety of colors. He could change out his pants for a kilt when visiting Rowan. And substitute that vest for, oh, I don’t know… a paisley shirt maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, since I was the first person to ever mention “squishy muffin bunnies”, I think it should be kept the way I wrote it. The term “squishy muffin bunnies” refers more to a “feeling” than a “being”.

    However, I am all for EATING squishy bunny muffins….that would be so YO, ya know?

    Baby Duck and Dr. Bob- I apologize for making the mistake. Dr. Bob: you are hysterical. And Baby Duck: you are hilarious. Major distinction people!!

    I still think Gray should make a special secret blog where folks can only visit/comment by invitation and registration. That way he can just let the “official” site go on it’s own way…and we (hopefully I’d be invited…maybe he already has a secret site, and I don’t know about it b/c he thinks I’m stoopid) can have decent discussions the way we used too!!

  28. double d Says:

    Ok, Sistah Sue, I’m wid you!

    jenfera — Do NOT be swayed by these maniacal dog lovers. Womp and I KNOW that CATS are where it’s AT. My kittens are legendary.

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh DD, I love this one:

    Monkbot: Not that thereโ€™s anything wrong with thatโ€ฆcracked me up.

  30. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, they really don’t deep fry creatively enough up here in the frozen north. That chicken-on-a-stick sounds amazing! Ever had Thai chicken-on-a-stick? Good stuff.

    double d – word. Here is Stella, the fluffiest, squishiest, most rainbow-loving, snuggly-wuggly kitty baby EVAH!

    Vive le squishy monkbot kitties!

  31. Squeebee Says:

    Ok….I admit that I went to a slogan creator site… are some that popped up:

    Monkbots as far as the eye can see (perfect for MB conventions)
    Monkbot: Built to perfection (Yay, Shelley!)
    Long Live Monkbot!
    Monkbot sees all, knows all
    Put Monkbot in your pipe and smoke it! (??)

    I could do this all day!
    Jen…thanks for the squishy muffin bunny recipe!

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jenfera- that kitty kat is soooo cute!! Y’all I may have two dogs…but I am a feline lover as well. I just don’t have any kitties right now. I’ve always loved them though….

    Squee- I love: Put Monkbot in your pipe and smoke it!! Hahahaha!!

  33. jenfera Says:

    Thanks, bama! I am in the opposite position. I have a cat, but I do love puppies too. Maybe someday I will have a dog again. I had a basset hound named Myrtle when I was a kid. She was da bomb!

  34. texan Says:

    :::waves to SR:::: at last SR comes!!!! good to see ya!

    good to see all the rest of you too! i have tried to write up the Taylor Does Dallas experience for you all, but I have been too busy for words! still basking in the glow of Steamroller and Run Baby Run! DD I owe ya big sis!

    Shrew…pls hand over your laundry crown, after yesterday I think I have earned it for a day or so!!!!!

    Squee aka Squee CP fav is “Put Monkbot in your pipe and smoke it! ”

    Shelley…now you know I love ya to pieces…but now that I know that you are down with the fried pickles I heart ya even more. Please email me a serving stat!

    and SOULTRAIN I know you lurk on occasion POP IN we need YOU!

  35. Hatson Says:

    baby duck, I so felt it when you expressed your feelings about GC as being exasperated and grief stricken at the same time. My sentiments exactly. It is sad that when you lower your standard for a few you lower the standard for everyone. This site maintains a great integrity and a sense of fun which is why it is so special. For the record I love “Monkbot: Not that there there’s anything wrong with that…..

  36. leejolem Says:

    I’m all about the kitties and puppies. We 2 doggies and 3 cats. We just got our black smoke persian “groomed”, and they shaved him except for his paws and tail. I wish I had a pic of him. It’s hysterical (or is that hilarious Bama?).

    Bama, I’m afraid if it were invite only at GC , I wouldn’t be invited. The only time I got a response from Gray is when I commented that I didn’t get Tom Waits. Can’t wait to see the monkbotbama w/pink bow pic. I’m so into the Monkbot head w/paperdoll attachments. That would be kewl.

    I like all the slogans… how about as a tip of the hat to GC “it’s all about the Monkbot”– I know a little egocentril–but funny.

  37. double d Says:

    JENFERA!!!! Stella is DA BOMB!!!

    Kittens RAWK, but CALICOS are SOOOOO YO!

    Here is a “blast from the past” post of our pets, in which you can see my Rosie and Domino, who really were just kittens then. They are now full-fledged Catses….and BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL!

    Monkbot pets

  38. leejolem Says:

    ok, I can’t type today. It should be “we have 2 doggies and 3 cats” and “egocentric” not “egocentril”. Sorry!!!

  39. texan Says:

    thanks for the Bowie hit! funny i was just chatting last night with a pal and we discussed Bowie. I think I might have to list it as “the-best-concert-i-ever-saw. and as for mr stardust…he may be the one of few performers i would prefer to see in a mega venue.

  40. baby duck Says:

    Hatson, how does Shelley do it? ::thinks of ‘Monkbot: built to perfection’:: May be time for gray to take a few notes. heh-heh.

    I’d go for:
    Monkbot: It’s all about the lurve
    except I don’t know what lurve is exactly or how to pronounce it.

  41. jenfera Says:

    SoulReporter = SR? Silly me, I didn’t make the connection! Welcome, SR! (Of course, I should have welcomed you already anyway, where are my manners? Too busy thinking about muffins and food-on-sticks.)

    Double d – thanks for the pet link! I can’t believe I missed that one. I have been going back and reading the Monkbot archives and I guess I didn’t hit that yet. Domino and Rosie are so cute! Do they still like to hang together? Calicos totally bring the YO. There’s another calico that comes to my ground level windows and looks at my Stella sometimes. It’s double the cuteness!

    Monkbot – Bringing the YO

  42. double d Says:

    jen — Yes, Domino (the male) won’t do ANYTHING without his sister going first. He’s a big ninny (but then, aren’t they all?)…Rosie is fearless which continually gets her in trouble but she’s just so Calico cute that she gets away with murder.

    Uh, folks…..jenfera appears to be a cook extraordinairre (see blue text). Me thinks she might be able to significantly contribute to the “foodie” post??? — BTW, where’d that go?

  43. nolagirl Says:

    Man y’all are pretty damn creative for this early in the week – I am impressed! Me? I am *already* burnt out at work and so am coming here for refuge (help!help!)

    Don’t let DD hypnotize y’all with the cat talk. CLEARLY, dogs are the real deal. Word.

  44. texan Says:

    bring back the foodie post..please…pretty please

    and DD i did somthing terribly wrong with the gumbo. roux is a science eh?

  45. baby duck Says:

    NOLAgirl, Clearly.

  46. jenfera Says:

    The food post lives!

    Baby duck -heh! I love that. I love that you never know quite what your cat is thinking.

    Awww, double d, wompuss is the real foodie queen around here. I am just a wannabe with a blog.

  47. double d Says:

    tex — That’s why I suggested this Roux. Yes, it is a science — or sorts.

    baby duck — HILARIOUS….and sooooooooooooooooo true.

    Cats = complex creatures

  48. texan Says:

    :::crosses heart but does NOT hope to die::

    DD, I will not stray from the Savoie’s again!

  49. shrewspeaks Says:

    Shrew hates her job…wishes I was still stuck in NOLA

  50. Claire Says:

    *waves at Shrew* I hate my job too. Wanna trade?

  51. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    DWTS was pretty awesome last night, but I’m ashamed to say that I was a little disappointed when Heather Mill’s leg didn’t fly off….omg….I believe that qualifies me as a bad person. Anyway, I LOVE put your monkbot in your pipe and smoke….I cast my vote for that one all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. leejolem Says:

    HC4S, you better go stand in the corner for that comment ( I can say that since I’m your mom). I wish I were home so that I could look at all this cute puppy /kitty stuff.

  53. shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh and I LOVE Joey Fatone! (Words I NEVER thought I would utter)

  54. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    Masthead? Isn’t that the thing with the crow”s nest on it? Welcome all new monkbot members.

  55. KD Says:

    Okay, so forgive me…didn’t get to read the entire thread, but for some reason

    “Monkbot—it’s what’s for dinner!” dashed through my head. Nonsensical yes, but again… just popped up. XO

  56. texan Says:

    ack! everyone hide! KD is a cannibal. who knew?

  57. Hatson Says:

    KD that’s just sick and wrong, ……………………but very funny.

  58. nolagirl Says:

    Awww, Shrew. Let’s all commiserate. All together now: “Work sucks! Work sucks! Work sucks!”

    Playing tourist would be a fun job wouldn’t it ….

  59. double d Says:

    Shrew — I don’t know WHAT to think….Joey Fatone? Say it ain’t so….have you gone over to the “dark side”?

    Sorry, but I draw the line at ANYTHING NSync. FWIW, I did meet Justin Timberlake’s Dad in the dentist’s office in Memphis when I lived there. My ONE brush with fame…..sad, but true.

  60. shrewspeaks Says:

    Hey…I kinda liked Fatone in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

    MonkBot, Opa!

  61. baby duck Says:

    double d, I’ll say cats are complex creatures.

    There’s a reason we can’t read their minds. Thank goodness they haven’t discovered the efficacy of tin foil or we wouldn’t stand a chance.

  62. jenfera Says:

    Monkbot -quality is job one!

    Got Monkbot?

    Monkbot – You deserve a break today!

  63. SoulReporter Says:

    Thanks all of you for such a warm welcome. I am content now, grasshopper. *wiping the Kool-Aid mustache off*

  64. Dr. Bob Says:

    I still like Monkbot: Not that there’s anything wrong with that

    If my cat had opposable thumbs, he would rule the world.

    (Bama — I am hysterical!)

    Max: What’s the matter with you?
    Leo: I’m hysterical! I’m having hysteria ‘cuz I’m hysterical! I can’t stop when I get like this! I can’t stop! I’m hysterical!
    (sound of water being poured)
    Leo: I’m wet! I’m wet! I’m hysterical and I’m wet! I’m in pain! And I’m wet! And I’m still hysterical! No, no, no, don’t hit, don’t hit, it doesn’t help! It only increases my sense of danger.

  65. leejolem Says:

    Baby duck, That dog/cat journal is perfect. I lurved it.

    The slogan generator site is addictive. How about: Nothing gets between me and my Monkbot or Show me the Monkbot.

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