My New Blue Snowball


blue-snowball.jpgI’m so excited. I ordered a Blue Snowball Professional USB microphone last week and finally got a chance to try it out tonight.


I still need to work with its settings and how it records (I’m still blowing out on the top notes)…but it captures sound beautifully…and cuts WAY down on the hissing I get recording straight into the computer.


Here’s my dad’s favorite hymn…”Brethen We Have Met to Worship”…as recorded by me on my beautiful new little Snowball.


8 Responses to “My New Blue Snowball”

  1. Hatson Says:

    Three Words…….. More Songs Shelley!!!

  2. Shelley Says:


  3. ivoryhut Says:

    Ooh. I didn’t think there was something out there that can improve on an already angelic voice, but there you are.

    Now I want one too. Right after I finally get me my Mac. Stupid PC. Been holding me hostage because of work, but not anymore. Just wait till I can get myself to adequately justify $3k on a new MacBook Pro despite the fact that I have four working PCs at home.

    I second Hatson’s motion. More songs! Disney Girls, perhaps?

    Clearing skies and drying eyes now I see your smile.
    Darkness goes and softness shows a changing style.

    A bit apt right now, yes?

  4. Squeebee Says:

    Shelley, it sounds great! Very clear sound, and a beautiful voice, as always!

  5. texan Says:

    if only i could sing like shelley! dang i want one of those anyway because they are so darn cute

  6. nolagirl Says:

    It IS cute, texan, I agree! It sounds great, as do you Shelley!

  7. double d Says:

    Lovely, but must be prot. Not familiar to me.

  8. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shelley — if that one breaks, I will buy you a new one, if you will just keep singing for us…

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