Remember the Alamonk…Traveling Monkbot Hits San Antonio


monkbot at the alamo

Text and pics by Quossum

After a fulfilling time in New Orleans and Austin, Monkbot accompanied James and me to San Antonio. We knew the city would be particularly fun for him on St. Patrick’s day.

We arrived at our hotel, the historic Emily Morgan. The V-shaped building made for some interesting hallways.

V-shaped hallways

A stop by the Alamo is obligatory to the San Antonio experience! (See image at top of post.)

Next it was off to the Tower of Americas. Look familiar, anyone?

Monkbot at Tower of the Americas

From the top, we could see the whole city.

We went on the River Walk, and I swear, I only looked away for a minute…

I had to scold that cheeky little monkey!

What’s St. Patrick’s day without a parade? And what’s a parade without Shriners in tiny cars?

Though Monkbot’s favorite might have been the band, what with his fellow cymbal players and all…

(That’s our hotel across the street!)

When this clown walked by, I asked, “Would you hold my monkey?” He cheerfully said, “Sure! Is this one of those monkeys that travels around the world?” We said, “Yes! He got back from Europe recently!”

Whew, after that much fun, it was time to relax.

At last, the Taylor Hicks concert at the Majestic. Monkbot was a little tired, so we left him in bed, but James and I were very eager to go—we might actually be able to SEE at this concert!

The theater is beautiful–possibly the loveliest theater I’ve ever seen. The ceiling is *really* far up there and painted to look like the sky, complete with tiny lights as stars. On the sides, the walls are covered with facades to resemble ornate Italian or Greco-Roman buildings, all in three-dimensions, as if we sat in an open-air theater in some ancient city. All the facades are deep and ornamented elaborately, with cherubs, peacocks, palm trees, curlicues, and the like. It’s marvelous.

The sound was good, nice and clear and loud. There wasn’t a full house; in fact, we heard the guy behind us talking about how he was visiting San Antonio today, saw the poster with Taylor on it, and bought tickets on impulse. And there he was on row 11–while I’m sure some Soul Patroller’s up in the balcony would have given their eye teeth for that seat. What’s up with that?

Ear-piercing-whistle-girl was sitting right next to me, and though there were empty seats in front of us, we never did move closer, though we should have–I think I was afraid to tempt fate for some reason!

Yes, this show was great–because I could see! I could see!!! I could see facial expressions and everything! With my camera’s zoom, I even got a few decent pictures, though I spent most of my time just watching watching watching!

The set list was great—some old, some new, some funky, some rock. My only quibble: No “Heaven Knows,” my favorite song from the new album! There was one point where Taylor was whaling away on a cowbell and of course the other usual antics.

My pictures aren’t extraordinary, but here are a few of favorites:

(Notice mini-Ray on stage.)

And of course, the wonderful sombrero picture. Some fans put this giant hat on stage, and Taylor had great fun with it the last few minutes of the encore—putting it on, mugging wildly, tipping the hat and bowing deeply to the audience–all the while obviously laughing his butt off.

After it was all over, James and I thought about going out carousing, what with St. Patrick’s day and all, but we were much too tired. We ended up standing on a bridge watching a couple of guys get arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, then we wandered back to the hotel and crashed.

Monkbot was really excited to see all the Taylor Hicks swag the next morning, though.

Then it was back to Houston. After some recovery time, I’m sure Monkbot will have a new set of adventures here in town!


31 Responses to “Remember the Alamonk…Traveling Monkbot Hits San Antonio”

  1. Hatson Says:

    Q fABULOUS….. The pictures are just great and the adventure was very exciting. I was looking for the man in the yellow hat! I am a little depressed that Monkbot is having a much more exciting life than I am. SIGH…. Thanks again.

  2. wompuss Says:

    HA! Quossom….I’m so relieved TM’s “Michael Jackson” moment didn’t end in tragedy and that you and James could actually “see” the concert this time. Travel on, little monkbot!

  3. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Wonderful pictures of the little monkbot-fabulous. THe theater sounded beautiful, and I’m glad you were able to see…..and about Taylor wearing the sombrero….LOL…that just shows that Taylor can pull off ANYTHING!!! (although having some maracas in his hands would have been a nice touch!)

  4. baby duck Says:

    Monkbot paper doll wants a sombrero, too. And maracas. And a bumbershoot for Seattle.

    Tnx, Q!

  5. jenfera Says:

    Another fab photo essay, Q! Loved it!

  6. Dr. Bob Says:

    That was just GREAT!! Q — you did a wonderful job. You did the Monkbots proud. Really great pictures — photojournalism at its best.

  7. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    S.W.A.G. Stuff We All Get!

  8. music maven Says:

    QQQ – The clown was da best!!! heheheheheh

  9. leejolem Says:

    I was askeered when I saw the Monkbot holding on for dear life to the railing!!!!! I hope he’s not scared of clowns like some of us other mb’s. Thanks Q for the pics!!!

  10. Hatson Says:

    Isn’t everyone afraid of clowns thanks to Stephen King?

  11. Shelley Says:

    I’m afraid of clowns thanks to the sheer creepiness of clowns.

    Mr. King just put me over the edge.

  12. leejolem Says:

    I’m also kinda scared of old shriners on motorbikes. My mom (who is 78) has always called them “silly old men”. I guess to each his own. They do bear a little resemblance to the TM.

    Amen to that Hatson!!!

  13. nolagirl Says:

    Great write up Q! I am, of course, fixated on the 2 drinks on the table with Monkbot. Yummmmmm.

  14. Libby Says:


    MB looks like he had the time of his life in San Antonio. Excellent photos. Cannot wait to see where MB is traveling next time.


  15. ivoryhut Says:

    Great writeup, Q! Almost like being there myself. Thanks for the warning; I’ll remember not to take my eyes off TM when he’s with me. What was he thinking, with all that gushing water? Why, he’d have to let go of his cymbals if he wants to monkey-paddle himself to safety. Tsk. You were right to scold him. If I were there, just to teach him a lesson, I’d sequester those drinks he had and make him watch me polish them off. (Nola can help me, right?)

  16. rowan Says:

    Q – really enjoyed the great pics and write-up. My faves are the pic with the marching band (wonderfully spontaneous) and the fab one of the tower/antenna. I’m intrigued at the clown asking if TM was travelling around the world! Has he been peeking at Monkbot?

    That particular clown looks quite benign, though I cannot thole them as a species, or genre, or whatever they might be. What is the collective noun for clowns? A revulsion of clowns? A recoiling of clowns?

  17. Shelley Says:

    a terror of clowns…to be precise

  18. Hatson Says:

    Ironically, a really great movie and Broadway play is “A Thousand Clowns”! Not scary and really really funny! OK enough with the reallys. Is there a plural form of really?

  19. double d Says:

    thole [thohl] –verb (used with object), tholed, thol·ing. Chiefly Scot. to suffer; bear; endure.

    The things you learn at Monkbot….MAHVALUS!

  20. double d Says:

    Coulrophobia = fear of clowns, FWIW.

    Maybe THIS is why……

  21. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Sweet…I’m coulrophobic……I really like that word…

  22. rowan Says:

    DD – Nooooooooooooo – the lyrics! That clip has the lyrics, and now, in spite of all my efforts to the contrary, they are indelibly burned on my memory….lol

    Very cool on the collective noun front, DD. I was just thinkin – if DD drops by she will ferret out the collective noun, and so you did! Am feeling vindicated and Speywife glowy. How great to know that term…coulrophobia…will stash it away for an appropriate occasion – maybe if I’m forced into taking my daughter to the circus but can thole no more and have to leave, or to get to the front of the toilet queue. “Let me through….I have a galloping case of coulrophobia….” Hee hee. A groovy new word. 😀

  23. shrewspeaks Says:

    Q – as a future holder of the MonkBot…would you suggest I keep him away from temptation, as it seems he has a perpensity for danger?

  24. ivoryhut Says:

    Shrew, we may have to do a tag team deal with Monkbot. Just in case he’s more than one person to handle.

  25. leejolem Says:

    “Thole” is a great word. I’ve never heard it before, but I committ to using it on a regular basis.

    I can not thole Simon Cowell and his propensity for massaging his gynecomastic chest.

  26. Shrewspeaks Says:

    I am down with tat Ivoryhut!

  27. Quossum Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

    Monkbot is resting up from his San Antonio vacation. I can’t imagine that Houston could possibly be better, but we do have an Agility show coming up that I think he’ll enjoy, and then he’ll be on his way to the next Monkbot Hot Spot.

    I have to say that San Antonio must be quite a Shriners-heavy city. That parade had Shriners in little old-timey cars, Shriners in little modern-looking cars, Shriners in little cars that looked like tiny fire engines and ambulances, Shriners with a calliope, Shriners on Harleys, and Shriners doing precison driving drills on giant Goldwing motorcycles with saddlebags. Oh, and Shriners walking, apparently having depleted the state’s stockpile of tiny cars.

    For future holders of Monkbot: Yes, he does have his mischievious side, so keep an eye on him, but the chief danger is to yourself as you fight that sheepish feeling when whipping him out in public. Then, as you overcome this feeling and start getting “into” it, coming up with more and more scenerios in which to star said monkey, you will find that those who are accompanying you on your mission (spouse, roommate, family member, trusted friend) become more and more mortified by your enthusiasm. It’s a delicate balancing act indeed. One to make a Monkbot proud.


  28. jenfera Says:

    Say what you will about clowns, but those Shriner clowns know how to party. My next door neighbors are very involved – the husband is a Shriner and past president of his group in this area (except they don’t call it president… it’s like Grand Poobah, or something like that, and really, I’m not being funny there!), the wife is in the ladies’ group called Daughters of the Nile and was president of that, and both of their kids were in Rainbow Girls. Anyway, they invited us to a dance once that was sponsored by the clowns and we had a great time! Most of the clowns weren’t in full clown regalia, although some just had on big shoes or a wig. They put on all these crazy skits, made balloon animal sculptures of questionable taste, and danced like nobody was looking.

  29. ivoryhut Says:

    Er .. more than one person CAN handle. Not TO handle.

    Unless TM has multiple personalities. If so, I’m hiding behind Dr. Bob.

  30. Jan Says:

    Quossum: It looks like the Monkbot had a great time in San Antonio. I love the marching band picture the best too. It’s like he found his peeps on his epic journey through the streets of San Antonio. You know you could always put a leash on him like some people do with their kids. That would keep MB out of trouble. Maybe.

    Jenfera: “balloon animal sculptures of questionable taste” That is funny. I’d like to see what kind ballow sculptures they came up with.

  31. rowan Says:

    Aww, DD and Lee – so glad you like “thole”. 🙂

    Lee – you realise that the word willl ever be linked with that vision of Simon for me now! Hee hee. And your description of his chest – “gynecomastic” – a new adjective for me too! LOL. I’ll never be able to say thole without laughing now, which is really a good association. 😀

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