Sanjaya Ain’t No Irlene…But Jordin’s a Little Bit Rock & Roll


Ahh…the winds of change.

Slowly but surely my love of everything Chris Sligh is fading…and my appreciation of Jordin Sparks is growing.

I was so excited to see Gwen Stefani on American Idol last night. This was almost up there with Prince at the finale last year. I’m so glad to see such an awesomely contemporary artist on the show. Plus…could Gwenie be ANY cuter? (The answer is resoundingly, “NO!”)

Okay…on to the competition.

LaKisha Jones looked fabulous and, predictably, sang well. However, other than her rockin’ dress, she really didn’t grab me. I think she could have made Donna Summer’s “Let’s Dance” more her own. She’s slipping in my esteem. She’s still fab…but she needs to infuse more originality into her performances. She’ll be staying, though.

Chris Sligh tackled The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” and, keeping it real, dawg…every little thing he did was tragic. He was off beat and sounded labored on the vocals. The beauty of that song is its edginess and pensiveness. He missed all of that and gave a karaoke performance (I’m channeling Simon, I guess). Terrible. He got ripped by judges, and even HE knew it was pretty stinky. For the first time this season, Chris is in danger of being in bottom two.

Let me preface this next recap by saying I HATE THE PRETENDERS AND CRISSY HYNDE. However, Gina Glocksen made their song, “I’ll Stand By You,” more than just bearable for me. She deserved this victory this week. She was on her game and made what could have been an awful song choice really shine. She’s safe.


Never before in the history of television has there been someone so painful to watch…not even Irlene Mandrell on the drums. I’m putting out a plea for decency from Vote for the Worst…please, please, please put this boy (and me) out of his (my) misery. Stop backing him and let him go home and comb out his fauxhawk. Look, the kid has a sweet little voice and a 1,000 megawatt smile, but he lacks the confidence on stage to sing with gusto…with power…with lungs full of air.

However, all that said…and because I know VFTW will never back down (I wouldn’t respect them if they did)…Sanjaya will be here to torment America (and me) another week. I’d put money on that.

My baby brother’s favorite contestant now that Antonella Barba is gone is Haley Scarnato…or as Cooper calls her…Haley Scar-HOT-o. Here’s what I have to say about her take on one of my all-time favorite songs, “True Colors”…her legs are nice. The idea of singing to a lone guitar was a good start…but it didn’t take long for her to crap it with her Disney Princess rendition of this classic. I think Jasmine-Ariel-Belle Scar-NOT-o will be going home this week…that is, unless Cooper manages to scrape together enough allowance to pay all his friends to vote for her. Sorry Coop.

It would take a phenomenal singer with a raw and powerful and emotive voice to tackle “Every Breath You Take”…a singer, say, like Sting. Phil Stacey is no Sting, sir. I didn’t like it. I don’t like him. I want him to go home…but he’ll be staying for a while longer, I think.

For the first time in this competition Mindy Doo disappointed me. Don’t get me wrong…she sounded great…and I loved the flip ‘do. But for her to come out and sing Donna Summer’s “Heaven Knows” was sadly predictable. I think Melinda should have chosen a Police song…a Cure song…or even a No Doubt song. I think that would have shown a versatile side to her. However, she’s safe this week.

Blake Lewis took on The Cure’s “Love Song.” I loved the arrangement and his coolness. I also LOVED his hair. Bama pointed out to me that 311 covered this song with this arrangement…so it wasn’t truly Blake’s interpretation. However it WAS his performance…and he owned it. I also loved that he didn’t beatbox. He’s pacing himself well in this competition. Well done. He’s definitely safe.

Jordin Sparks took on “Hey, Baby” and did great. This song was tough for the live band (it really needs more studio work)…but Miss Sparks kicked it out of the park (even with her couple of rough notes). However, that outfit looked like she plucked it right out of Pippi Longstocking’s closet. Hideous. She’s not only safe…I think she elevated her appeal this week.

Last but kinda least was Chris Richardson…who did “Don’t Speak.” He started strong…but the arrangement was a mess. I hated the key change because the minute-long song didn’t build enough to really hit the change with power. He did okay…but there were too many pitch problems and lack of breath support. I still like the guy, though, and think he’s safe for another week.

Entertainment Weekly’s take on the night.

Okay…before I give y’all the floor to discuss AI…I have to mention a couple of other fiascos from last night…”Dancing with the Stars” and “The Great American Dream Vote.”

As for “Dancing with the Stars”…I only have this to say…


This country has no sense of whimsy.

And why for the love of all that’s right in this world did I sit through an entire hour of “The Great American Dream Vote”?

I should have turned it off as soon as Donny Osmond walked out and tried to convince me to take seriously a man who has a beautiful girlfriend but wants a full head of hair…or the man who wants to run a chicken amusement park…or…the former pageant queen mother of a little girl who, at 12, has had a “lifelong dream” of being a Miss America.

And if that wasn’t creepy enough, the little girl made her pitch to win her dream by saying she is a champion for kids with cancer (nice) and has had “several girls buried in her crowns” (gulp). The sentiment is nice but the bluntness of a 12-year-old saying such a thing while standing in front of her crowns and trophies actually overloaded my Creep-o-Meter.

If there is any justice in the world…tomorrow night, when the show airs at its regularly scheduled time, Donny will jump on stage and shove the dream candidates out of the way. He’ll then pull Marie (who’s been sitting at home twiddling her thumbs since “Celebrity Duets”) from behind a curtain…and they’ll launch into their old routines…complete with bedazzled outfits.

Then Irlene will play a drum solo.

Man…television used to really rock. (But I still rock for managing to start a post with Gwen Stefani and end it with Irlene Mandrell.)


48 Responses to “Sanjaya Ain’t No Irlene…But Jordin’s a Little Bit Rock & Roll”

  1. Staci Says:

    Thank you for my trip down memory lane. Irlene, for the record, is WAY more bearable than the fauxhawk. For all that is good in the world, the boy must go home. Although, I have one positive note about the hair, and I CRINGE to write this – he’d be much cuter and maybe even likable if he’d cut his hair. As I held up my hand over my eyes to cover the fauxhawk, I caught a glimpse of what a shorn Sanjaya could look like…. think about it.

    Simon was channeling my brain last night, EXCEPT for Blake. I was bored by his version of the song.. meh.

    I actually voted for three folks: Gina (whom I just love, and I’m not sure why), Phil STACI/EY (sorry, Shelley; even though I am a HUUUGGGEEE Sting fan, I put aside my bias long enough to enjoy Phil), and Melinda (it’s amazing how much an ugly outfit can bring down my opinion of a singer– I’d like to believe I’m not that shallow). If I had voted for a fourth, it would have been Jordan, but again, the clothes got in the way.

    Now, let’s all stand to sing and wave, “Na, Na, Na, Na…. Na, Na, Na, Na…. Hey, Haley, GOODBYE.” 🙂

    Excellent post, Shell…

  2. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shelley — Indeed you RAWK on the Mandrell reference and also the fab video clips. (It is pre six am, so I wrote clops, but caught it). Gwen is a fave. I thought that she did a great job as a coach and she came across as personable. What a cutie! I will put on No Doubt as a tribute on the way into work.

    I liked LaKisha but did not really enjoy Melinda — and her dress was distracting (swirls badly placed, to be overly picky). I thought that there were better songs out there. Was there a theme tonight? Could not tell.

    Poor Chris. I think that might have been a fatal mis-step. I hope he makes it through til next week and steps up his game. He needs to do better. Phil was okay, I fast forwarded through pretty much everyone else. Blake, however, was a nice surprise. He might be my new favorite — however I LOVE the Cure (it is legit — I loved them the first time around) and his voice was nice. Jordin was okay — horrible outfit, though — it sent mixed messages, but the messages were garbled. And Sanjaya?

    When they did the little pre-take, I actually groaned, “Oh, no!” out loud. And that is NOT a fauxhawk! (despite the wikipedia reference) A fauxhawk is a leeetle mohawk — kind of like Blake’s hair, but more pronounced. A noticeable point. I don’t know what that was on Sanjaya’s head, but the boy has lost his mind. It is actually creepy, now. I don’t know why it seems a little gender-bending, but it does. It seems to be weirdly unintentional genderbendingish. Ack.

    Great job, Shellski …

  3. jenfera Says:

    I missed Idol last night. I am sad, if only for my lack of input today here at the old virtual watercooler. But, really, not all that sad for having missed the performances. I would not have enjoyed hearing the Police get butchered by Phil and Chris S. Although I did hear a few clips on the radio this morning, which is interesting to be able to just listen without being influenced by what you see. I heard Phil and did not like it at all – I am a totally biased huge Sting fan, but that was some bad karaoke no matter what. (There’s a burning building and there are two people inside. I can only save one. The two people are Sting and Taylor Hicks. What do I do??? Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!)

    I heard only a very short clip of Jordin and all I can say is she must have really sold the performance because what I heard was very weak and plodding. I thought Gina sounded pretty darn good, excellent song choice for her. Okay, I guess I am a little sad for having missed Blake’s performance. Didn’t hear it on the radio either.

    Man, TV must have been so bad when we were kids. I remember watching the Mandrells faithfully, despite not liking country music at all. In fact, my sister, our best friend and I used to pretend we were the Mandrells, and I’m pretty sure I was Irene. ****hangs head in shame****

  4. Shelley Says:

    Jen…your question boggles the mind…Sting or Taylor? Taylor or Sting?

    Brilliant dilemma to pose.

    For that…you win the

    Official Prize of the Day

  5. Dr. Bob Says:

    oooohhhh — Jenfera that is a thorny one …

  6. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, that prize is an excellent argument on behalf of saving Taylor. Thank you indeed!

    But when I look at this things get all complicated again.

    Hmmm. Sting has already done so much and Taylor is just starting out. It would be tragic to lose a young life.

    But Sting is an ICON. And he has a whole slew of children and a wife to think of.

    Aww, forget it. I’m gonna start working out more, just on the off-off-off-off chance this ever happens, I’m slinging them BOTH right over my shoulders and bringing them to safety!

  7. nolagirl Says:

    I skipped Idol last night *gasp* to have dinner with our very own DD. I am very, very glad I made that call, so that I didn’t have to see the spectacle that is Sanjaya. Eww. (Btw, Shelley, thanks for always posting Slezak’s write ups – I love them!)

    Now about that Great American Whatever show, I didn’t see it, but I heard Donny Osmond on the radio this morning talking about how WONDERFUL it is (naturally). Anyway, did y’all know he’s a grandfather? The show host was going on and on about how he must be the best looking grandfather in America blah blah blah

  8. Hatson Says:

    Seriously I can’t take AI anymore! Gina was actually was pretty good last night, which shocked me. Jordin was OK but her outfit suggested an old Judy Garland movie with Judy saying “Let’s put on a show in the barn”! Now about who to save…………………… Would CPR be required?

  9. shrewspeaks Says:

    Lakisha – Ummm…she is starting to be more of a drag.
    Diamonds and Last Dance…yikes. I know they liked it, but I need
    more variety from her. I guess I expect her to have musical taste that matches her god given voice. Really, I have no issue with the R&B picks, but at least she could go for the off-beat/unknown choice rather than the old and tired.

    Ryan again with the shoe shout out…I smell a fetish

    Chris Sligh – Every Little Thing Is Magic – Talk about struggling. Double Yikes.

    Gina – In a dress by Saran Wrap…I really want her to do
    well…but I feel like she is Memorex Rocker…not legit. It is her best performance to date.

    The Hair…Sanjaya is no longer a contestant, but his hair is still in the competition so hence forth he shall be named thus. I will no longer critique the singing, just the coiffure. Tonight’s offering I will dub “Pigtails of Rage”. Will The Hair finally make nice with the stylist next week?

    Haley AKA “I got legs” – True Colors I didn’t recognize it…she is
    stunning but boring…Dang but she has mighty fine gams…gee, she is GamBot! I have a theory that GamBot will be back next week.

    Phil – After last week with Tobbacco Road and Police this week it is clear Phil doesn’t know who he is. (Other than Scary Bald guy that is) What was that weird high note at the end? I think it would be fun to see Phil’s voice tackle something campy…and not in a “blues/pop/rock” mold…more from the GlamRock catalog. Hmmm Could we handle Bohemian Rap for the 3rd year in a row? I actually think he could pull it off.

    Melinda – Why can’t I like her? Technically, I get it. I just can’t
    route for her. WHY? I want to like her, but I can’t. I guess in my opinion she suffers from the same thing as Lakisha…BREAK out of the mold baby…prove me wrong.

    Blake – Good for him…my favorite thus far. I listened to the Cure this morning in honor! How about Simon invoking the fear of Daughtry in him?

    Jordin – I have a new favorite Diva…and look at last week with this
    week…VAR-I-TEE!!! (I think I have been unconsciously routing for her since she sang Tracey Chapman all those weeks ago)

    Chris R – (Notice they are giving him the pimp spot since he almost
    went home last week) Don’t Speak…He is so Boy Band. I must say he
    does know who he is…but Blake has him beat on complexity of performance.

    OKAY…who is going home? Sligh. Why…I think he really ticked the producers off last week with his Dave shout out and was placed in tough predicament this week (chips stacked against him so to speak…”I picked the song late” said it all) and Sligh just doesn’t have the musical chops enough to prove them wrong so we shall be saying Bu-bye to Fro-Patro tonight.

    And Jen, Taylor or Sting…I would have to say Taylor…not because of Taylor really…but because I have never gotten into Sting. Sorry.

  10. nolagirl Says:

    GamBot. Bwuahahahaaaa!!!

    Brilliant, Shrew! You must be in advertising or something.

  11. Leroy'sSharon Says:

    Shelley…thank you for helping me with my Christmas shopping. If Donny & Marie shows are on DVD for sale….I am going to buy them for my kids and grandkids for Christmas.

    Donny was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I almost felt guilty for laughing at Donny’s pranks in a skit he and Jimmy did. But it was cracking me up. My daughter reminded me that it was SO funny because ‘Donny’ wouldn’t do those kinds of things. You are so good at finding video of things…maybe there will be a ‘youtube’ of the Donny/Jimmy skit last night. It was related to the show Donny is hosting.

    Have you seen the video on of Sanjaya singing ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’?

  12. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Here’s what I have to say about last night:

    I freaking LOVE Gwenie Gwen Gwen! Love her. If she weren’t already married…I would marry her. Since she is, I would settle for being adopted by her and her beautiful husband, Gavin Rossdale….they would be perfect as my new mommy and daddy. I would be a great big sister to little Kingston.

    P.S. I appreciate that Gina and Blake showed her the proper respect. She’s an icon. She’s my hero. She’s my new mommy.

  13. Mr. Reality Says:

    Some key points for everyone to consider:

    Gwen Stefani is AMAZING. She already regrets slumming on AI to assist these hack contestants in their weekly acts of musical terrorism.

    Paulina P. is too smart and classy for the vapidity of DANCING WITH THE STARS. America loves a freak show like Heather Mills (“Will the leg fly off this week? Let’ watch, kids!”), the syrupy platitudes of Leeza Gibbons, and the has-been antics of Joey Fatone, who must have been stuck in a fast food drive-thru since the demise of ‘N Sync.

  14. KD Says:

    Ugh to last night….
    I think it’s pretty sad that Sanjaya has become such a joke that he’s actually playing up the fact. Pathetic.

    Some got voices, some got hair, some got legs…but ain’t none of ’em got soul. 😦

  15. baby duck Says:

    HA! Shelley, I think Mr. Reality’s comment of “weekly acts of musical terrorism” should get a share of the Official Prize. That pretty much sums it up.

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Mr. Reality- You know what dawg? I’m feelin’ you. That was YO.

    Can I just reiterate:

    I. Heart. Gwen. Stefani.

  17. Gray Charles Says:

    Is that link working?

  18. shrewspeaks Says:

    Gray in my mind it does.

  19. Shelley Says:

    didn’t work for me.

    what is it?

  20. Gray Charles Says:

    Duh, Shelley

  21. nolagirl Says:

    I have to say I was kinda shocked that Gwen was going to be the “guest mentor” — she seems way too hip for Idol, what with the likes of Peter Noone and such. I was way more bummed about missing HER last night than the actual show. But, she performs tonight! (don’t worry Bama, I don’t want to marry her, so she’s all yours darlin’!)

    I’m assuming she’ll sing “Sweet Escape” — great, now it will be in my head even MORE.

  22. KD Says:

    You know I just had to try it….just in case. 😉

  23. jenfera Says:

    I think Gray has made his prediction.

    Hmmph. I’m totally starting Mystery, brushes with fame, and crazed zoo-keeping are in my future!

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Gray. Hearts. Jordin.

    Nola- you better lay off my Gwen! She’s mine. She’s been mine since, like, 1994 or something like that…were you even born yet? 😉

    Jenfera- I’d fer sure come to yer new site if you started He’s so cute I just want to pick him up and squish him so hard. I’d squish him til he was as tiny as Ryan Seacrest so I could keep him in my pocket.

  25. jenfera Says:

    Bama’s making me snort-laugh again!!!

    Blake has a cool, young Sting thang goin’ on, mixed in with snuggly Ryan-ness. Killer combo, yo!

  26. rowan Says:

    Shrew…”pigtails of rage”

    As I’ve not seen Idol yet, can’t really comment, apart from to say that I love the post and have laughed heartily at all the great comments. One aspect I can give my tuppence worth on, however, is Jenfera’s philosophical dichotomy – Stingy or Tay?

    It ought to be a heart-wrenching choice, as I love the Police – they were the soundtrack to my mid-teens. Neverthless, as Jen pointed out, Sting has made his mark…we have his legacy in our iTunes libraries and um, well, that kind of makes him a

    Also…I am blamin Sting for wrecking a special moment at my High school Christmas social, circa 1979. As Sofia from the Golden girls would say, “picture it…school hall filled with young folks in their finery…handsome new teacher with all the charm of an undernourished Robert Powell, waitng to ask someone up to dance.”

    Ah, the hushed chatter behind bottles of cheap lemonade and ill-applied lippy…a classmate hovering about with a sprig of mistletoe. I stood behind a pillar in my electric blue polyester disco dress, with ever so slightly daring neckline and diamante faux-brooch. And the while sandals with ankle-endangering three-inch cuban heels..

    He did not ask any of the trendy girls…he asked me up to dance, geeky ole me, and we stood in the centre of the dance floor, waiting for the next song. It was one of those occasions where people who should be getting up to dance, decide to stand and just watch. Mr handsome student teacher smiled, and the song rang out… flippin “Walking on the Moon”…

    It is the worst song in the world to dance to. I will publicly drink ten bottles of brown sauce if anyone can argue otherwise. There we stood, geekier than geeky, trying to find a place to start – a step, a rhythm..all you can do is bounce from foot to foot, like you are, um, well, walkin on the proverbial lump of orbiting rock. A giggle errupted, then another, until a wall of schadenfreude – chuckles surrounded us. I wanted to go – just leave with what dignity I had intact, but he took my hand, and we plodded from foot to foot in lead-lined boots, amids snorts of laughter to the bitter end of the song.

    Sting, it is all your fault. Taylor, as all your songs are danceable-to, you win hands down. Oh, and as you’re a Southern gent, you can maybe carry me down instead, cos i’ve got a bad back and galloping vertigo.

  27. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, my, my Rowan
    DON’T DO THAT TO ME AT WORK!! I cannot go on guffawing while pretending to “work”. I’m wiping tears from my face, my co-worker is looking at me with scared eyeballs…

    You, my dear, are gifted. You are an expert at painting pictures with words…

    You can share Gwen with me if you want…

    I love Gwen.

  28. jenfera Says:

    Okay, was I the only one wondering if the student teacher was going to be Mr. Sumner?

    (So, the dates and place don’t quite add up… a girl can dream on Rowan’s behalf!)

  29. rowan Says:

    Thanks Bama, that was a very publlic-spirited gesture, but Gwen is sitting here spitting vitriol, whilst Sophia and I are slurping our fortieth cup of tea, discussing the merits of whalebone versus lycra in support garments and leafing through catalogues of surgical stockings and continence aids. Sophia is lecturing us on the necessity of prioritising the urge to pee over internet usage and learning complex dance routines. Gwen says she has enjoyed visiting with us, but she has only picked a her scone and looks like she is at the point of gnawing of a limb…

    Jenfera…He had the schoolgirl crush so well taped, didn’t he? Guess he was much crushed upon when teaching. It used to bug me sooo much, that he was so spot on about everything, when all we teen girls wanted to do was to be left with a little mystery – a little crushing integrity. It probably just bugged me cos I didn’t fancy mr know-it-all Sting at all, but his colleague, Andy Summers.

  30. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bwaaaaahaaaa Oh Rowan…as soon as I saw it…Walking On the Moon…I had that “ba-ba-boom…twang” in my head. Cripes on experienced stoners or people who are so in love that they don’t care where the down beat is can get away with dancin’ to that tune.

    Here is my question who was the cruel dolt who played THAT at a dance…HELLO..It’s called a “dance” so people can, you know, dance.

  31. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Rowan- should I be looking for whalebone and surgical stockings in the 2007 Fall Collection for
    ?? I would love to see your influence in Gwenie’s fashion designing.

  32. rowan Says:

    Shrew…maybe it was some jellis person who wanted to dance with him too, working the record deck. …but if I remember rightly, it was the Deputy Headmaster who was feeling all techie and cool bein DJ, putting the needle down very carefully so the vinyl wouldn’t scratch. Don’t think he had much idea of what the single sleeves actually contained.

    Bama and Jen – I am anxious now, cos Rose says she liked Andy Summers, but the Dorothy and Blanche, the cool peeps, liked Stuart Copeland. (I want to go live wih the Golden Girls one day. Laughter and cheescake…the biz.)

    Please excuse typos in my previous post – gak!

    Shrew – I will be Skype voting for Sanjaya just to keep reading your write ups on “The Hair”. Too funny!

  33. rowan Says:

    Bama – LOL! Yikes…that catalogue is sooo alternative universe! I am backing away from all the low rise items. I get this persistent low-level global anxiety when fashion involves defying the laws of physics for so many seasons. (That’s the right word, “seasons” right?). HOW do those things stay up? Blu-tack? concealed duck tape doubled around on itself? I need to know…

  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I love the Golden Girls too! I’m such a mix of Rose and Dorothy. Prolly more Rose….I wish I was a Blanche…what with all those hot old men always hitting on her….

    I’m sorry I scared you with the gold metallic hot pants and bared midriffs. It scared me too…although it’s something I aspire to. I want to wear gold hotpants to my work Christmas Party this year…..

  35. Shelley Says:

    Geesh…I miss all the fun. I’ve been in a FOUR-HOUR MEETING.

    During said meeting, I clicked in to find a link from Gray…and I tried it (without reading).

    Hours later I return to find I’ve been had.

    Jordin Charles, my ass.

    How about this one…

  36. rowan Says:

    shelley – ooorgh at having a four hour meeting! I did read the link, but I still clicked on it, and decided that if no one else had told him it wasn’t working, after I’d written the post that was in my head, I would go tell him so. O_o

  37. Hatson Says:

    I so enjoy Gray coming over for a play date. Really Shelley I am betting that many clicked on without getting it…….not me you understand, but I’m just saying…

  38. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    What’s an allowance? Anywho, I don’t have to pay off my friends to vote for Hailey because not only are most of my friends adolescant guys my age, but also they call her Hailey Scar-hot-o as well. I’m just kidding. I honestly think Chris R. is going home this week don’t ask me why I just have this feeling.

  39. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    I also am starting to look into Gwen Stefani. I always thought she was some teeny bopper fad, but her tunes are actually pretty cool and catchy! She also looks much prettier without all them weird clothes on.

  40. double d Says:

    Aw, I missed the fun. Dagnabitalltohades!

    Anyway, missed idol since I was having a wunderful dinner with NOLAgirl. Me thinks the wee PK is ko-RECK in his assessment of Chris Richardson.

    Les Terribleables….please make him go away.

    BTW, I just love the Sanjaya “controversy”…..can you see the shark a jumpin’?????

  41. Dr. Bob Says:

    Y’all, this was very funny. Thanks. Shelley, you was had? Not me. I got the joke as soon as I realized that the page was not loading.

    I blame my instant obedience to all things graycharles.

  42. shrewspeaks Says:

    DD, I am getting a hazy image

  43. shrewspeaks Says:

    which (cough- meant to do that-cough) is getting stronger

  44. double d Says:

    Gray’s secret desire:

  45. rowan Says:

    Bama – good luck with the gold hotpants! I am ordering my tartan bodice in a bigger size…

  46. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Patrickdoodlediddledoo- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???!!!

    Gwen a teeny-bopper phase??????? Check out No Doubt. The album Tragic Kingdom (circa 1995) introduced them to the world. They had a self titled album released in 1992, but it’s not the place to start for the casual No Doubt fan.

    Also: Gwen’s solo stuff is tremendous. It’s definitely “off-beat”, but it’s brilliant. She is a girl that definitely dances to the beat of her own drum….and I love that drum….

    Please, please don’t see her as a flash in the pan.

  47. rowan Says:

    Shelley – this was such a great post. Thanks. I am still laughing at “Jasmine-Ariel-Belle.”

    As we are the monkbot sisters, ought we to acknowledge the edginess of mandrils as opposed to the Mandrells? just a thort. They are the closest simian relatives of TM, methinks.

    the Golden Girls are my role models for later life. Any plans for a Monkbot retirement complex?

  48. Dr. Bob Says:

    Bama — you are spot on about Gwennie. I do love her — I snitched my daughter’s no doubt cd and she finally bought me my own. I like her solo stuff too — some. Last night’s song, not so much.

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