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Wow…I Guess I Wasn’t the Only One Getting Tired of Chris Sligh

March 28, 2007

An ever-so-subtle message from Cooper to express his feelings about Haley remaining in the game.

I understand why Chris Sligh left this week…but I’m still sad.

It was the anticipation that he would say something funny or surprising that made him so much fun. I’m just glad to see he ended on an up “note” by stopping his swan song long enough to tell Phil Stacey that Phil owed him $50. Good stuff.

Chris simply didn’t infuse enough of that kind of personality into his performances throughout the competition. If he had, he probably wouldn’t have been the one to go this week.

It would have been Haley Scar-NOT-o to get the boot…no matter what you say, Cooper.

Other highlights worth mentioning…Ryan donning a fauxhawk wig and Gwen’s performance. Very nice.

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