Wow…I Guess I Wasn’t the Only One Getting Tired of Chris Sligh


An ever-so-subtle message from Cooper to express his feelings about Haley remaining in the game.

I understand why Chris Sligh left this week…but I’m still sad.

It was the anticipation that he would say something funny or surprising that made him so much fun. I’m just glad to see he ended on an up “note” by stopping his swan song long enough to tell Phil Stacey that Phil owed him $50. Good stuff.

Chris simply didn’t infuse enough of that kind of personality into his performances throughout the competition. If he had, he probably wouldn’t have been the one to go this week.

It would have been Haley Scar-NOT-o to get the boot…no matter what you say, Cooper.

Other highlights worth mentioning…Ryan donning a fauxhawk wig and Gwen’s performance. Very nice.

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40 Responses to “Wow…I Guess I Wasn’t the Only One Getting Tired of Chris Sligh”

  1. shrewspeaks Says:

    Coop-Dawg…excellent! I have to say I laughed out loud at that!

  2. Jan Says:

    Funny Coop… I was getting sick of Chris Sligh myself even though he does have an interesting personality. There was just no passion or feeling in his performances at all.

    I wonder how long VFTW is going to make us suffer? Sanjaya is on the tour. I can’t wait to NOT SEE IT! Let’s say there was an alternative universe in which I would attend an AI tour show of this season’s contestants. Sanjaya being one of them would change my mind. I can’t stand to watch that dude. I don’t think it’s absolute torture to hear him but his lack of confidence and refusal or inability to actually sing, let it go, show his love of the music is something I can’t take. I actually couldn’t watch his whole performance. Thank goodness I watched in on my DVR so I could fast forward.

    I’m starting to feel like Melinda and LaKisha are starting to slide and Blake and Jordin are stepping up. Gina was freaking great last night. She deserved the praise she got from the judges and being in the top 10.

    Blake… I like this guy but I am waiting for him to wail on something. I want to see big voice just arrive. I’d love to see him make a CD with all the rhythm man. I’d buy it for sure. Boogie!

    Jordin has a great voice and is a really good performer. I know why she dressed the way she did. They all tried to look fashion forward especially for Gwen Stefani. Gwen’s got her own look that is quite distinctive.

    I love Gwen Stefani being on the show. I think this is the end of the naivte of the show. Last season maybe. People know what’s up and how to manipulate the audience. Simon knoes that he has no influence at this point. Established artists realize that it’s a great way to reach a big audience and that it’s worth taking seriously. I can’t wait to see Gwen Stefani on tour. I hope she comes through Austin. She gained a fan in me tonight. Turns out I loved the music she had done and I have never bought anything by her before. I’ll see to it directly. I love the video you posted Shelley.

    Gwen sure knows how to make you shake your bum.

  3. Dr. Bob Says:

    okay — as I am on the west coast, I am NOT watching the results tonight. Too painful.



    I miss Chris already. Better to watch him struggle than the absolute torture of Sanjaya. What does it say about the competition when being the worst is actually a benefit?


  4. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Ok……….I am SOOOO depressed that Chris went home this week. I guess he just wasn’t “bringing” it in his performances. He did sometimes look a little out of his element. I’m not gonna say anything more about Chris going home because it serves no other purpose than bringing up saddness and depression. Anyway, it’s kinda hard to take idol seriously this year for some reason. I’m kind of hoping Sunjaya wins for three reasons.

    1. It will make Simon REALLY mad, and make him want to quit (and that would be really funny–that martar)

    2. Idol just showed in last year’s season that it doesn’t really matter who is the actual winner of idol–the top 4 still get as much fame as if they all had won. Even the top ten get a lot out of it.

    3. Well to tell y’all the truth, there really isn’t another reason why Sunjaya should win except for his cool (but REALLY scary) hair he had last week. He seems that he’s taking kind of a “screw you” approach towards Simon and America–although sometimes it sounds pathetic…

    And yes, I know there are a million reasons for Sunjaya to go home. Not that I would be sad if he did go home, but I wouldn’t really be sad if he won either. Wow…I definitely sound like I’m a Sunjaya fan. I’m not–just to clarify to everyone. And to quote Forest Gump or whoever said this “and that’s all I gotta say about that.”

  5. Hatson Says:

    Cooper funny, yet tragic!!! LOL Jan, I have been laughing too hard to post . I mean you saying that even in an alternative universe you would not attend an AI concert is so so hilarious. Pure Genius. I am probably going to laugh about that for days. Thanks!

  6. Jan Says:

    Oh no Hatson. I attended 2 AI concerts last year and one of them with Shelley and Quossum but this year the talent is a lackin’. I’ve never attended an AI tour show before and probably won’t again.

    Hmmm…$50 to see Sanjaya or sushi. $50 or 4 CDs at retail from Waterloo records. 4 hours of drive time plus show to see Sanjaya or sitting on my couch watching the weather channel. The choice is clear. Weather rocks because it doesn’t actually hurt me.

  7. jenfera Says:

    I’m with Jan. The Weather Channel sounds way more appealing than Jambalaya.

    I missed the show again last night, and I am sad that I missed Ryan with the fauxhawk.

    So, I was driving down the road to pick up my stepdaughter from school yesterday and I saw this guy running down the street. It didn’t look like he was running for exercise, he was running to get to something. He was tall and was wearing jeans and a hoodie. He looked fairly young, but had a full head of gray hair! I craned my neck to take a better look, almost swerved out of my lane, and thought to myself, “wow, he’s hot!”

    Somehow, a year from now, I don’t see myself nearly going off the road for guys with fauxhawks, ‘fros, or even semi-pointy haired blonde guys.


  8. Dr. Bob Says:

    Jenfera — very funny. Yep, there is no one this year that I would swerve off the road for …

    Jan, the weather channel has some really good shows. I am very fond of the up to the minute local weather.

    I am only a little sad for Chris. (He gets to go on tour, right?) I am only a moderately annoyed at Sanjaya. This time last year, I was more than a little anxious over the whole thing.

  9. nolagirl Says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head, Shelley, with Chris not being able to bring his charisma on stage – it’s a shame, really.

  10. Hatson Says:

    It is interesting how disengaged we are this year. I wonder what the demographics will show as it relates to money spent etc. Most of us spent alot of money last year on concert tickets, travel, phones and of course multiple copies of cds. Have we been replaced in the marketplace by any fan base this year? I think the producers are attempting even more manipulation this year ie. “the crying girl”, Jordin being given a more prominent part in the Ford commercial,and have you noticed that when they show the performance clips some are from the worst moment in the song for some of the contestants. OK maybe I see conspiracy when there is none, but I doubt it.

  11. shrewspeaks Says:

    No one is touching my foil theory that Sligh was doomed from his VFTW shout out huh?

  12. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shrew — I do not doubt your spidey sense of these things. Do you propose a larger conspiracy involving AI or just the belief that the shout out itself was a harbinger of dooooom (“I’m gonna sing the doom song!”)?

    Yep — Chris prolly should not have shouted out, because Sanjaya is the VFTW darling. In some ways, Sanjaya must be a VFTW dream come true. Awful, puppy-eager, and oblivious at the same time.

  13. nolagirl Says:

    Shrew – I am sure the VFTW shout out produced fury on the producers’ part, but I really think Chris just kinda sucked in his performances – I think that’s what got him. So much hype, but no delivery…

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Must read article here.

    Now I know some people might be gleefully awaiting the demise of AI…or at least a drop in credibility and ratings…but I, for one, think that is a sadistic stance that lacks foresight.

    If people were to take a step back from all the gossip and pointing of fingers, they could see a show that has provided millions upon millions of people with laughter, music, unforgettable moments, even hope…You know, that thing called entertainment.

    I’m an optimist and a person that hopes for the best… I see the good in other people and I would like to think that AI can offer many more seasons of great entertainment for “us”. That AI can offer a chance to other musicians that have been struggling for 10 years, having doors shut in their faces…or even to some sweet, unknown tremendous talent.

    I haven’t voted once for my favorites this year. I can only blame myself and people like me if this show goes down. Sanjaya is getting votes b/c “those people” are motivated to vote for him. My motivation for voting (if I can’t get inspired to vote for any other reason) should be to push him out. I mean, there are more of us (AI fans) than them. If we “played” the show correctly…he wouldn’t be there anymore.

    I don’t care about this season in particular, but I have faith that there are still people out there that can move me like Taylor did, and that they want the opportunity that AI offers. I want they chance to hear those people.

    I’m just sick of the negativity. Why not do something positive with our energies???

    Stepping off my soapbox. Was that Pollyanna enough for y’all?

  15. Hatson Says:

    bama, I hear what you are saying and I agree that’s it’s entertainment, but wasn’t it more than that in the beginning? I lament the passing of a lot of great shows that have been replaced with shows that are just lame in my opinion. Where are the well written characters with brains and morality?(Either would be good) Pollyanna looked for the “Glad Scriptures” but had to read the whole text to find them. I don’t think AI will go under, but it is frustrating to know you have such talented people not getting a break! I feel sad that there is such a thing as VFTW!

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, VFTW is/are just exercising their voting powers. Are we? I’m not. But I’m going to start next week.

    It’s not about this season…it’s about future seasons….and those unknown talented people.

  17. jenfera Says:

    bama & Hatson, I have been seriously considering starting my own campaign, sort of the opposite of VFTW. I even set up a blog on WordPress, but I haven’t decided if I should go through with it or not. Is it just a silly waste of my time? Or is there a way to galvanize voters, the same way that VFTW has, but get people voting for talent again? I haven’t voted this season at all, but I guess I shouldn’t complain then, right? None of us can complain if we aren’t voting.

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m with you Jenfera! I’m on board!

  19. Hatson Says:

    Jen, You are absolutely right. Just like politics if you don’t vote you are stuck with what happens. Good for you!

  20. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, I think Simon was glad that Chris S. (“curly”) was voted off last night, but I don’t think he had a lot to do with it. I had very high hopes for Chris, but I think he really misses having his band with him. He seems self-conscious w/o them. I acutally think he will have a great recording career, and performing with his band. He seemed kind of lost on stage w/o them. I loved seeing his old spark when he told Phil he owed him $50 (as Shelley mentioned). I’m certainly going to buy his cd. I love his voice, just didn’t get the thrill out of watching him perform like I do when I watch good ol’ TH.

    Has anybody considered that w/a little confidence Sunjaya may not be so bad? Maybe I’m crazy, but I do see some potential. He just needs a couple more years, rather than months to get his act together.

    Bama, I’m with you. I still find it entertaining, and I don’t think it has “jumped the shark”. I just think it’s kind of suffering from “sophomore slump” after AI5. Every TV series has good and bad years, and I just think this year is average. (shared by another Pollyanna)

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Thank you for saying that Lee! That’s exactly how I feel about this season.

    And, yeah, I see potential in Sanjaya…but he’s definitely not ready for all this now!

  22. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama – There’s the ol’ spark I’ve come to know and love! I hear what you are saying about stopping the negativity…and whether the show has jumped the shark or not. I am entertained, but not as much by the singing this season. And you are correct about “if you want some one to stay, then vote.” I get that my friend. my issue is I have changed horses about 18 times this season…very much like the Fantasha season. I wasn’t a Fantaha fan, so week by week I sat cooly observing rather than being a part of the process. This is Season Three times 2 for me. I will say if VFTW hold a block on raining Confetti down on “The Hair” there will be a long haul to bring the show back from the brink. Lee to your point, however much potential The Boy beneath The Hair may have, he is not performing to that potential and whether wittingly or not he is using his hair to steal the spot light from those who are performing to their potential.

    I hope season 7 will once again be about getting the best singers rather than the best maliable singers.

  23. nolagirl Says:

    About the whole Sanjaya having potential thing … I think he is too busy trying to be smug and sassy to actually “live up” to any sort of potential. I am all for smug and sassy, but when it’s real, not just “put on” do you know what I mean? That gets on my nerves.

    I don’t think the show has jumped the shark necessarily, I just think they are trying to create something, anything out of this year’s rather bland contestant pool. And if that means Seacrest sporting Sanjaya’s fauxhawk, then apparently they’re willing to go there.

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrewbiedoobiedoo- Maybe, instead of voting for your favorite or “the best” contestant….you could vote for “the least” bad.

  25. Shelley Says:

    Will Ferrell likes Sanjaya’s hair.

  26. leejolem Says:

    Nola, I think they forced Sanjaya into a corner. He was trying to be quiet and polite, and they were eating him alive. His “smug and sassy” is him trying not to be a “deer in the headlights” I think. Who knows!!! I feel kind of sorry for him, because he knows he’s not as talented as others who have gone, but he has no control over people voting for him. I honestly think the hair this week was an acknowledgement by everyone (he said the hairstylists came up w/it) that it doesn’t matter what he does/sings/how he wears his hair, he’s staying. Kind of a strange situation. When he told Simon he was just jealous (when simon said he obviously didn’t have a mirror in his dressing room), I definitely saw the claws come out a little. “Retract your claws, kitten!”

    Do the contestants have an option to bow out? I wonder if he would do that if he felt he was being made a fool of. What if he makes it to the final 2? Weird!!!!!!

    **I thought Chris R. was adorable in the Ford Mustang ad** (runs to corner to avoid flying objects)

  27. jenfera Says:

    My theory, if I were to go through with the campaign, would be to encourage everyone to vote for everyone except Sanjaya. To try to even out the damage VFTW is doing. That way it is sort of like the effect of having an “anti-vote.” I wanna vote Jamba off the island and let the talented folks take back over!

    Of course, some people might have a hard time bringing themselves to vote for Haley, or for me, Chris Richardson. For cases such as this, I’d suggest just voting like crazy for anyone else you can tolerate – as bama said, “the least bad.” It’s better than not voting at all.

  28. leejolem Says:

    Will Ferrell is so silly–he makes me laugh! I think his new movie looks hi-larious. I’m sure he’ll find an opportunity to be almost naked in it (have you noticed his penchant for running semi-nude in every movie he’s in?).
    Why do the hair stylists insist on straightening all the girls’ beautiful natural curly hair?
    They did it last year to Lisa and this year to Jordin? Our country’s obsession w/straight hair is almost as bad as its obsession w/skinnyness. ( I love Gwen S, but honey, eat a sandwich).

  29. leejolem Says:

    Do you guys think VFTW is having that much impact, or does Sanjaya have a legitimate fan base (tweens?) that are keeping him alive?

  30. shrewspeaks Says:

    Lee ggod point…it is not just VFTW…as evidenced here. CNN is calling it a Syndrome.

  31. nolagirl Says:

    I LOVE Will Ferrell. I might go see “Blades of Glory” this weekend.

    Lee, I see what you’re saying, but if that was me, I’d want to save some of my dignity, you know? But he’s 17, so what does he care? He’s on TV and all OVER the media.

  32. jenfera Says:

    Hallelujah, leejolem, on the straight hair thing! Makes me crazy too.

    **shakes fist at her own sad, limp, straight hair**

    I think maybe Howard Stern’s promotion of VFTW may have given them more of a boost. I suppose there could be tweens and grannies voting for him, but you’d think the grannies would have even backed off by now.

    Anyone remember Scott Savol from Season 4? VFTW backed him, and he stayed in for a ridiculous amount of time. Top 5, I think. And I can’t imagine who his natural fanbase would have been.

  33. shrewspeaks Says:


  34. nolagirl Says:

    Yep, good ol’ Scott Savol – a perfect study in VFTW! He was so bad, I have tried to block it out.

    I straighen my naturally curly hair *ducks for cover* BUT I also wear it curly too, just not every day. Weather’s gotta be right or else it ain’t pretty.

  35. jenfera Says:

    nola, I’ll give you a pass. At least you let your curls free some of the time. It’s all about choice.

  36. double d Says:

    Sorry to be blunt, but….if the talent were better, people would be engaged and voting. I’m not going to vote for someone I don’t think is worth it, just to “save” AI. They have it in their power to put through good talent, but choose “novelties” or people they think will make viewers tune in….do you all remember your favorite Tami Glockson that didn’t make it??? Has AI they treated their idol winners fairly? Have they done everything on the up and up?

    AI is getting what they deserve because they’re not “true” to the process. People can smell the “fishiness” of AI and the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.

    As for undiscovered talent, someone will fill the void….and maybe next time, it’s a real talent contest that doesn’t try to manipulate the public. While the show is and has been entertaining, it won’t last forever.

  37. rowan Says:

    DD – great points. Were Tami and Sean still in the running, my interest would likely be more focussed. I am just not dialled in at all this year. There does seem to be a sense that the interesting and original folks we caught a glimpse of were headed off at the pass before we even saw them broadside on.

  38. nolagirl Says:

    I was thinking of Tami, Sean and that guy who sang Amos Lee this morning actually. It would have been much more interesting for sure with them in the mix. There’s always next year, that’s my take on it I suppose.

    Jenfera – You’ll be happy to know that in honor of you, I am sporting the curls today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. jenfera Says:

    Awww, thanks, bama!! Hooray for curls!!

    Double d, I totally see your point. And while none of them has moved me to vote yet, I just feel like I have two choices – start voting, or stop whining about the results. And really, stopping whining just doesn’t sound like much fun!

    Maybe I am just stuck in the past. AI roared to this amazing crescendo last season and I want that back. But it obviously ain’t happening this season. Maybe it will come back someday, or like double d said, maybe something else better will come along to fill the void. I just hate seeing the whole thing be made a mockery and a laughingstock. Maybe they did do it themselves, but I just worry too much that if AI is maligned that it could cast a stank on worthy finalists from prior seasons.

  40. leejolem Says:

    Jenfera, I think that is why a certain gray-haired artist, who we all know and love, has wisely distanced himself somewhat from the show. He doesn’t want a “stank” cast upon him. I too don’t want the show and therefore the winners to become laughingstocks, but some people labelled any product of AI as silly and not valid artistically from the beginning. Nothings going to change those people’s minds anyway.

    I do think there’s a little karma at work–TPTB manipulated the audience for a long time, and now the audience is manipulating back.

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