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Goodbye, Gray

March 30, 2007

Well, it’s over…for good this time.

I didn’t cry like I did so many months ago when it happened before.

Instead, I just smiled and sighed a quiet sigh of relief…for me and for Gray.

The angst is gone. The discourse is gone. The in-fighting is gone.

But the beauty of this closing is what remains…all the good.

And there’s a lot of it.

There are new friendships…all because of Gray Charles.

There are new blogs…all because of Gray Charles.

There are inside jokes and lingo…all because of Gray Charles.

There are insights to new artists and music…all because of Gray Charles.

There are enlightened minds…all because of Gray Charles.

There are great memories and great conversations…all because of Gray Charles.

And there is that lasting feeling that we can all hold tight to and remember years from now that we were once a part of this spark of a community that spanned the globe and reveled in the joys of life and the glory of music.

All. Because. of. Gray. Charles.

Gray, I’ll miss you.

Goodbye StrangerSupertramp

I’ll remember you fondly.

Nobody Does It BetterCarly Simon

I’ll smile.

I’ll Be OkayAmanda Marshall

I’ll always love you, and I’ll forever hate you.

The Wind Cries MaryRobyn Hitchcock

And I’ll always believe Captain & Tennille is better than Bob Dylan

We Never Really Say Goodbye
Captain & Tennille

Good luck and goodbye, my friend.

LullabyShelley Powers

You deserve this…and I anticipate your next great venture.

Free BirdLynyrd Skynyrd