Wipe Away the Gray…Today’s a Brand New Day


Okay…chins up. Pip pip.

I thought this video would be a great start to a brand new week (plus…it features Monkbots).

None of us are allowed to wallow in what happened over the weekend.

I know we’re all sad to see Gray Charles stop publishing posts…but…we must carry on.

So…I’m forbidding anyone to be maudlin. Gray gave us a lot and we must focus on that.

We must also focus on how to best make use of the hours of our daily lives that have been given back to us.

I challenge all of us to think of at least three things that we are now free to do because we won’t be glued to our monitors. Three things that will enhance our daily lives. Three things (because two is too little and because I’m too lazy to read more than that).

Three things.

Here are the things Gray’s absence will allow me to do:

  1. Finish the afghan I started a year ago
  2. Play with my dog more
  3. Learn to juggle

And because I want to make sure folks don’t wallow…here are five sure fire songs that can’t help but spark a smile…enjoy!

MMMBop Hanson

Sir DukeStevie Wonder

Hippy Hippy ShakeGeorgia Satellites

I Love to BoogieT Rex

Baby DriverSimon & Garfunkle


72 Responses to “Wipe Away the Gray…Today’s a Brand New Day”

  1. Quossum Says:

    I feel better already!

    My three things:

    1. Get more done during my conference period. (Gray’s site was the only Taylor site I could access at school, so I would often surf it there to avoid grading papers or some such actual work.)

    2. I’m gonna one-up the “play with my dog more” and say I’ll actually teach my dogs to dance.

    3. Three little words: Make More Quilts.

    Chin up, everyone!


  2. Squeebee Says:

    Great idea, Shelley!

    1) Finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia with the kids….it has been put on hold for a while!

    2) Spend more time practicing my clarinet. I picked it up again 4 years ago in a community beginner’s band, and at the time, the music was obviously not very challenging. Four years later, I am having a hard time keeping up with very minimal practice.

    3) Spend more time outdoors doing yard work….not a favorite pass-time of mine, but I do love the fruits of my labor!

  3. SoulReporter Says:

    My three things:

    1. I am going to exercise more. I have decided that instead of driving to the Dairy Queen for my banana splits, I will now walk there. It’s only a mile and a half.

    2. I am going to plant some flowers instead of just setting the pots on my patio until they die.

    3. I am going to blow the dust off the books I bought last year and sit down and read them.

  4. TKls2myhrt Says:


    I’m glad to see Hanson on your list! I have three versions of MmmBop on my iPod: the slow garage band version (very good), the radio version we all heard first (OK…too fast, really) and a live version with much deeper voices recorded at a concert in Albertane, France(excellent). I have a fetish of sorts in that I like to have a few versions of the same song by the same person. Live versions are often much better, but you all probably know that already!

    While I am recovering from surgery, my three are things I love but don’t usually have time to do:

    1. Blog more (my own) and fix up the template a bit;
    2. Make jewelry;
    3. Clean out closets and make room for everyday things. (Both upstairs closets are never opened because they are full of unused items, while I have NO room for towels, cleaning stuff, etc.)

    My one thing I’m trying NOT to do while I’m home recuperating is to EAT. I lost 35 pounds for surgery and want to at least keep that off.

  5. Hatson Says:

    Gee Shelley, why do I see you juggling dogs? I know what I’m going to do……. a vacation! Soul Reporter, good idea to walk to the DQ. I love the Georgia Mud Blizzard! I always think of the movie “Waiting For Guffman” when I think of the DQ menu. Hilarious really. Oh has anyone else planted silk flowers? Is that really wrong?

  6. Hickstyeria Says:

    Ha ha Hatson and I’m with you Soul Reporter – Dairy Queen is hard to resist!

    My three things:

    1. Catch up with my friends and my email – all neglected far more than they should have been!

    2. Continue listening to good music and discovering new music to listen to.

    3. Go to bed earlier instead of hitting ‘Refresh’!

  7. Shelley Says:

    I have decided that instead of driving to the Dairy Queen for my banana splits, I will now walk there. –SoulReporter

    LOL…great idea. That cracked me up.

    Congrats, SoulReporter…you win the

    Official Prize of the Day

    (If you can’t tell…I’m a huge “Waiting for Guffman” fan, too….you know…just “do the cones.”)

  8. double d Says:

    Today truly feels like a brand new day…..but so did Saturday. My three things are:

    1. Work out in my yard to get my new yard to resemble what my old yard used to.

    2. Find more interesting music topics to research, write about and discuss.

    3. Dabble more with my camera.

  9. jenfera Says:

    I am going to borrow a bit here…

    1. From SoulReporter, I am going to work out more. (No, seriously! I need to find ways to make exercise more fun. Walk outside more when it is nice out, finally take up golf really & for true instead of just going to the driving range, maybe start ice-skating again, and/or just crank up the tunes and dance around the house more often.)

    2. From Tkls2myhrt, I am going to write in my blog more, which leads to number 3…

    3. Get more experimental with cooking. Try more new things, delve into the cookbooks that just sit there collecting dust. (Which actually circles me right back to number 1 again…)

  10. shrewspeaks Says:

    1. Bond even more with Beau
    2. Take my shutter bug skillz to the next level (you, know like actually READ the manual!)
    3. Spend more time here at MonkBot Central, at Music Maven, and on my site Maybe even venture into Soul Sides a bit more instead of lurking.

  11. leejolem Says:

    1.take my Bible to work and use the 30 minutes I used to spend on GC doing bible study/quiet time.
    2.go back to Curves!
    3.feed my growing obsession with all things The Office (like reading Dwight’s “web log”)

    OK, #3 is probably not a healthy substitute, but I can’t help it. Jim Halpert is sucking me in like a Pennsylvania non-singing/dancing version of TH.

    Only 22 days until our Columbus, OH concert experience. Yeehaw!!

  12. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    Mine are…

    1. Try my hardest to get caught up on season 3 episodes of The Office.

    2. Think of a flawless plan for on how to go to Applebee’s with Taylor (on the day of the concert me and leejolem are going to).

    3. And lastly, try to keep up with the site I created-I just found out that like 57 people have commented, and for the longest time I wasn’t paying attention…OOPS!

    😦 ……….uh oh…I’ve just realized that none of these activities are healthy at all, oh well…

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, seein’ as how I only use the ‘net at work…then my three things will be:

    1. Work
    2. Do some work
    3. Work some more

    Mostly, though…I really didn’t spend that much time at GC’s. Reading took less time than commenting.

    Although in my “real” life in general, I need to get it together. I’m sick of half-assing it through every day. I’m not living even close to my potential and I’m tired of being this way. I don’t want to be 80 and look back at my life in regret…b/c I will if I keep moving in this direction.

    Sorry….I didn’t expect all that to come out. But I’ll leave it here in cyber-space b/c at least I’ve said it now!

  14. shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe Bama! I KNOW exactly how you feel. I am itching for a personal revolution too. Something, anything more fullfilling than looking at a clock think “is it time to go yet?”

  15. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, I’m very happy with my job…just not happy with my life outside of work. I’m bored. All I do is watch tv. The other day someone asked me how I was doing and what was going on in my life, and I started detailing how my best friend was going on interviews and is dating a new guy, etc. and I realized that I have nothing in my life to talk about except what my friend is doing. Isn’t that weird?

    So here are some things I want to maybe do:

    Take a photography course (inspired by you in Nola!), start painting again, complete projects around my house, get involved at church again, plan more vacations, MAYBE start thinking about POSSIBLY buying a house (terrified).

    I’m soooooo bored with my life. I’m a blob of boring-ness!

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- you should become a professional photog!

  17. shrewspeaks Says:

    Aew Bama…you are too kind, but when I saw Shelley’s photos I knew my composition skilz ain’t up to the pay scale.

    Bama come to NJ for a vacay.

  18. Hatson Says:

    Bama, how about a trip to Oregon? Free B&B anytime!

  19. Shelley Says:

    Huh? Shrew…you’re nuts.

    Your pics are georgous.

    I didn’t tell you this but I was jealous of your “Joanie on the Pony” shots.

    I really wish I had a nice camera like you have. I would love to take more pics. My camera SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wonder what Gray is doing on his first official day NOT in the midst of insanity?

  20. Hatson Says:

    Reporter Shelley…… Why don’t you find out for us? Inquiring minds want to know!

  21. Gray Charles Says:

    I’m working on this website I know about. No really! Still lots of details on the “what’s next” front. Better pre-planning would have been nice but when was the last time you didn’t say that?

    Maybe it’ll be just like the US Govt. where you quit your job in order to be a consultant to the same industry . . .

    Cryptic because reality is cryptic.

  22. Shelley Says:

    we wouldn’t recognize you if you weren’t cryptic.

    have fun working on the next project.

    keep us posted.

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, I can plan vacays to Oregon and NJ then!

    Shrew- you have a great eye for photography! You should really consider furthering your skills in that area. I just want to learn how to use my dang camera! I deleted ALL 200+ pictures on my camera…I think…the IT guy I know is checking it out for me. But I’m pretty sure I “chose” to “delete all” b/c I’m an IDIOT.

  24. double d Says:

    Hee Hee….Consultancy is where it’s at, bro. You just sit and think all day and then tell someone else what to do and they do “the heavy lifting”….and you get paid MUCH BETTER for all of that global thinking and planning. And diagrams. You MUST have diagrams.

    I’m looking for another consultancy gig. I’ve heard that Tampa is nice. Cryptic is as cryptic does.

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi Uncle MB! I don’t think you’d be the you we’ve come to (sorta) know and love if you weren’t committed to seeing GC.com through to whatever end there is.

  26. leejolem Says:

    3 things Gray is doing with his time:
    1.Explaining to his co-workers and neighbors the merits of listening to Joss Stone and Tom Waits.
    2. Telling his wife that unless “it’s all about the music” he can’t complete anything on the “honey do” list.
    3.Breaking up petty squabbles between Thing 1 and Thing 2 about how the Wiggles should wear their hair and why they don’t get more radio disney play.

    Bama, you are not a boring mess!!!! You are funny, creative, kind, caring, etc….. I think you’re just suffering from the winter blahs. Spring time is a time for change and growth!!! I feel the same about my activities though sometimes–it’s work, home, tv, bed, lather , rinse, repeat….

    HC4S, don’t forget to add “stalking John Krasinski” to your list.

  27. leejolem Says:

    Yikes, when I typed my comment I didn’t know Gray was lurking… oh well, that’s what I get for being a smart aleck!

  28. Shelley Says:

    Lee…you could always assume he’s lurking and not say anything offensive.

    (Once you get to the first episode of season three of “The Office” you’ll find the above statement hilarious…unless I really “Schruted” it.)

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Haha! Lee, that was good timing then!

    I’m only funny, creative, etc. online. In real life I’m a raging beeotch that only thinks about herself and what’s gonna be on tv later. (Kidding…sorta).

    I’ve spent the last three years digging a giant hole. Now I’m at the bottom of the hole, looking up and realizing I didn’t have the foresight to include a way to get out. So, now I have to just climb out….and I’m not really sure where to start….sigh….

    I’m in a comtemplative mood today. Can you tell?

  30. double d Says:

    Remember, Gray as the 120 decibel alarm on his computer that goes off when Shelley types the letters G-R-A-Y.

    “Like a good neighbor, Gray Charles is there….”

  31. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, Dwight Schrute is the most hilarious character ever written for tv. We watched the bloopers from season 2 this weekend, and he can’t even get thru his lines w/o cracking up. I’ve missed about 8 episodes this season, and I’m dying cuz I don’t know how to access them. They aren’t on dvd yet. Alexa and I were literally screaming when Jim told Pam he was in love with her. That was the best scene evah! Jim crying was almost more than I could bear. I can’t even pick a best scene for Dwight–everything he says is funny. Rainn Wilson is a genius.

    **The Office rant is now over** Sorry!

  32. double d Says:

    C’mon, Bama! Straighten up! Onward and upward out of that hole. Tonight, instead of watching TV, call a friend and go to a movie or to see some live music. Go to the mall…..baby steps.

  33. Shelley Says:

    Lee…you can download all episodes from iTunes for 1.99 each.

    Bama…you need to read “Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel Maryann”. It fits your situation PERFECTLY!

    Mike and Maryanne dug themselves in a hole without knowing how to get out…and they came up with a great solution.

  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, so maybe I should go get that book today and read it tonight instead of watching tv! Except, it’s DWTS night!!!!

    Oh, the humanity!

    How, ’bout I don’t watch tv until 7pm and then I turn it off after DWTS? That’s sounds like a good compromise with myself.

    Lee-I’m so glad you love The Office! That scene with Jim and Pam is forever burned into my conciousness…

  35. jenfera Says:

    I nominate Pam as the Everywoman of our time. Can’t wait for the new show this week – Roy’s gonna kill Jim! Eeeeek!

  36. Shelley Says:

    Jen…is it a new show this week?!?!?!

    Oh man…I’m sooooo excited. 🙂

  37. Shelley Says:

    The Office
    7 p.m. Thursday NBC
    The Negotiation
    When Darryl (Craig Robinson) corners Michael about a pay increase, the meeting compels Michael to scrutinize his own salary. Meanwhile, Pam’s confession to Roy (David Denman) impacts Jim.

    YEAH!!!! This one looks good.

    Can’t wait for Thursday.

  38. jenfera Says:

    They showed a few commercials for the new show during the marathon last week. They showed Roy physically going after Jim with Pam pleading with him to stop. Should be interesting!!!

  39. Claire Says:

    Well, today is slightly better than yesterday. Thanks y’all, for your kind words in yesterday’s thread. I’m still sad, but life goes on. Ob-la di, ob-la da.

    Well, every nurse in Ireland from one particular union is on a work-to-rule today (more pay and less hours, yada yada, so no phone or IT duties), so as a result I was freakishly busy today – y’know answering beepers, making phone calls on behalf of, and in a couple of cases having arguments on behalf of the nurses. Seriously, my boss stood right beside me and dictated an argument down the phone via me to another Manager in the hospital, who in turn dictated her non-too polite responses through me to my boss. I told her that that would NOT be happening again. What a stupid situation to be put in. Apparently the only person at all inconvenienced by today’s Action was me, ha ha. An hour and a half overtime and a thumping headache. Oy.

    Threee things I plan to do to reclaim my post-GC life.
    1. Hang out at GC to see if the New Guys can do it right. Heh.
    2. Nice long evenings now – I may go for a walk every evening. Or every second evening. Well, at LEAST once at the weekend. Maybe.
    3. Become more computer literate so I can communicate better with the soon-to-be-Australianized branch of the family. Any webcam recommendations, Monkbots? And I must become more proficient with my recently purchased Olympus digital camera. Hmmm, I smell a project upcoming….

    Bama- I kinda know where you’re coming from. I’m at a bit of a professional and personal crossroads also. My job drives me crazy, but I love my colleagues, and I’ve been feeling restless at home since the imminent departure of my family.

    Does anybody have any ideas for a work-at-home, computer based business that requires no financial investment and is basically foolproof???
    Bueller? Bueller?…….

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I bet Jim knows karate and can give Roy a karate chop to the head! Yeah, that would be awesome!

  41. shrewspeaks Says:

    BAMA – Gal you are da bomb…and you know it!

    Shelley – what you do with angles with the “crap” camera of yours speaks volumes about your talent

    DD- Can you call my consultant tushie when your consultant tushie is set up…this gal needs a new direc-SHUN

    Gray – Hey, as long as it’s 9-5, no weekend work and if you purchase a hammer you can charge $17,000 for it, it’s all good!

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Claire- if I knew of that job, I’d be doing it part-time on the weekends! You must’ve had a rotten day! Will the nurses be back to work tomorrow??

    I’m sorry your family is going/has gone to live far, far away. I know that must be hard on you. Are you sure you don’t want to follow them over and become an Aussie yourself???

    I don’t anything about computers so I can’t help you with your techie needs. Wish I could help!

  43. shrewspeaks Says:

    Claire I believe you seek the Holy Grail

  44. Claire Says:

    Bama, the work-to-rule will go on until it’s called off or Talks resume to sort out the whole thing. So I will continue to run around like a headless chicken until then. Or until I get fed up and call in sick. Oh, the chaos!!!!

    And I will certainly go and visit the Aussie clan within the next year or so. Who knows, maybe I’ll bag myself a nice Australian sheep-farmer…..

    Shrew – the Holy Grail, indeed. I’d settle for a job where I don’t have amputated limbs sitting (in closed boxes) on my desk. Seriously. That happened last week.

  45. shrewspeaks Says:


  46. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Claire- sheep are cute and fluffy and squishy and would be lucky to have you as a momma.

    Hmmm…amputated limbs, huh? Why was it sitting on your desk? Were they gonna try to put it back on…or was it going to be disposed of? That’s just plain weird…and I’d prolly have nightmares about that kind of thing.

  47. Claire Says:

    Why was it sitting on your desk? Were they gonna try to put it back on…


    It was a leg that had been amputated from a diabetes sufferer. The surgical team had thought he wanted it buried in a cemetary (some people do that) and sent it to the morgue. Turned out he didn’t, so it came back up from the morgue, via my desk! to go out with the rest of our clinical waste for incineration. And it’s surprising what you’ll get used to, working in the O.R. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say I have lost my squeamishness. All in a day’s work. Wanna swop jobs?? 🙂

  48. shrewspeaks Says:

    Wait…the morgue doesn’t have bio waste?

  49. Claire Says:

    That’s what I said, Shrew. Don’t ask me why, but it had to come back up to us to be disposed of THROUGH the Theatre system, seeing as it more or less went to the morgue by mistake. Not sure if it had to be registered through the Theatre Log Book, or something…..

    Anyway, enough leg talk!! What about my soon-to-be webcam??? Let’s talk pixels, people…..

  50. Shelley Says:

    Aaahhh…only at Monkbot would a conversation begin with “Shiny Happy People” and end up with bio waste and amputation.

  51. jenfera Says:

    All I know is that from now on when my desk gets piled up with engineering drawings, exciting literature about HVAC products and manufacturing bills-of-material, I’m going to tell myself it’s better than a gangrenous leg.

  52. shrewspeaks Says:

    because someone had to…

    For Claire

  53. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley-that’s precisely why I love this site.

    Does it annoy you if we veer slightly left or right of the topic? Or completely past the topic all togther?

    Claire- I didn’t know if it was a leg that might’ve gotten separated from its body somehow…and maybe some had it in a cooler so it could be reattached. I know they can do that with fingers sometimes…it seemed a stretch that a leg could be reattached…but, you never know….

  54. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Good one Shrew….

  55. Shelley Says:

    As long as it’s an actual conversation like this one…I’m happy.

    That is, unless, I’ve killed myself writing something deep and thoughtful and the conversation turns to chocolate with in 7 comments. 😉

  56. Claire Says:

    LOL Shrew – you a funny lady. 🙂 🙂

  57. Claire Says:

    Shelley – thanks for MMMBop and Hippy Hippy Shake!! I used to room with a guy who looked exactly like the Hanson boys o’ the time – the flared jeans, shoulder length blonde hair, the works. The funny thing was, he was a sound engineer who thought he was WAAAY too cool to look like a HansonBoy. The rest of us in the house used to sing “MMMBop” to him, usually while we had him duck/duct taped to a chair (don’t ask…) and he used to go MAAAAD!!! Ah, crazy, crazy days….incidentally, that same guy is now a hip and happening music producer in Dublin. He was a sweetie. Permamently stoned, but a sweetie. I used to take him shopping and make him buy clothes that didn’t look like they had gone through a hot wash and three-hour tumble-dry cycle first.

    I have “Sir Duke” on my iPod, and I can never, ever sit still when it comes on. I just love that song. Great “Cheer Up” choices, Shelley!

    I will still miss Gray Charles the blogmaster, but he’ll pop in from time to time, I’m sure. He’s moving on to a new chapter in his life, and it is well deserved. He knows everybody wishes him well, so here’s to hoping that he will drop in at GC, here, and at the Boogie just to say hi occcasionally.
    Hey Gray – will you be wearing a suit and tie for your New Job? (I always pictured him in flip-flops and tee-shirts for some reason…)

  58. leejolem Says:

    Claire, I just have one question–was the amputated leg made of chocolate? (sorry Shelly, I couldn’t resist)

  59. shrewspeaks Says:

    Claire…I always imagined me in flip-flops and a tee too…yet somehow I wake up in a suit

  60. jenfera Says:

    For leejolem…


  61. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jen I am speechless

  62. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Y’all have gone off the deep end now!

    Claire…I’m sure none of really want to know why your friend was duct taped to a chair…

    You just get curioser and curioser dear friend.

  63. Claire Says:

    Jenfera, did you seriously Google “chocolate leg” ? Funny stuff. Y’know, I think I’ll Google “furry lamp-post” and see what comes up…

    Bama, the duct-taping was all in good fun, I assure you. It was purely to torture him with the melodious strains of those adorable Hanson brothers and their wonderful little ditty. He was laughing through the tears, I promise you.

  64. jenfera Says:

    I love Google!

    There is something not quite right about that leg though. It’s creepy.

  65. Hatson Says:

    Speaking of Dwight- Rainn, did anyone else see him in The Last Mimsy? He did a great job. He has to be a good actor to make Dwight be annoying yet endearing and innocent. Tough assignment. I am so glad that Gray checked in, and is still around! Thanks Gray……. keep us posted literally.

  66. Squeebesqueamish Says:

    Well, I wal away to do some housework, and we have gone from 3 things we will spend more time doing to dismembered chocolate legs? Will wonders never cease?

    I love this place!

  67. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    Where is Radiohead, Shelley? Just kidding.

  68. leejolem Says:

    Jen, google is truly a mah-velous thing. I can’t believe you found that.

    Hatson, I’ve read a couple good reviews of The Last Mimsy, and Iwant to go see it. I love time travel/sci-fi stuff. I hope I can set aside my Dwight image of Rainn. I’ve seen him interviewed, and he’s completely different than Dwight (thank goodness).

  69. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah, Shelley…where’s Radiohead?

  70. Shelley Says:

    ha ha ha.

    y’all are a riot.

  71. Julie Says:

    Hey…can I play with y’all?

    My three things:

    1. Get more sleep.
    2. Vacuum more.
    3. um…I don’t have a three…

    I am trying not to be morose but am not doing a very good job. Please don’t ban me! I will be better once I’ve unscrambled Gray’s post and figured out what the hell he’s talking about.

    LOVE the REM video, Shell!

  72. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Julie- good luck with the whole unscrambling thing! Haha!

    If you need a #3, you can add: Vacuum bamaborntxbred’s house.

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