“I’m Going to Hit You in the Head with a Hammer”


So…anyone with me in thinking “The Office” was a dud? The whole episode left me gruntled disgruntled.

I did, however, love that Jim now knows about Dwight and Angela.

And I loved finding out that Ryan calls Kelly in the middle of the night when he’s scared that someone might break in.

Oh…and I did like it when Toby asked where he and Michael were going…and Michael simply said, “I’m going to hit you in the head with a hammer.”

Okay…so the episode wasn’t as much of a dud as I initially thought. I guess I just hated that Jim was a such a jerk to Pam about Roy’s behavior.

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Have a great Easter weekend. Hope the Easter Bunny brings you a basket full of treats.

On a personal note, I’d like to give a warm and loving welcome to my new little nephew, Luke Benton Powers, a 10-pound baby boy! (Malia and Beau, I love y’all and am so proud.)


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  1. Hatson Says:

    I was so frustrated with Pam. Why would she even go for coffee with Roy after his many outbursts ? I know it’s “just a show”, but women should be smarter than that. After his awful behavior, he thinks he can win her back. No wonder Jim assumes they will get back together!

  2. Staci Says:

    Was mowing the yard (really) and didn’t get in until after Office was over (what WAS I thinking?). Hate I missed it.

  3. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, it turns out that gruntled is a real word and it means in good humor. I was in good humor after watching The Office. I was a little put off by Jim, but that’s probably a realistic way a guy would act. And I love episodes like this that have fairly simple plots to them, where we just get to see more of a typical day. No weddings or parties or anything. There were a few moments that were awesome. Jan telling Michael not to say “yeppers” so he says, ‘yesh” instead. At the end when Toby took away all of Dwight’s weapons. The woman’s suit. Michael still not getting the 15%/12% thing. Toby suffering sitting next to Ryan & Kelly.

    As for Pam having coffee with Roy, I can see it. They are supposed to have been together for a very long time. They needed closure. I loved when Roy was prodding her about going after Jim and when she says no, he says he can’t understand her. And she just says, “I know.” Jim is wrong. They won’t get back together.

    Thanks for the bunny treat this morning and congrats to your family! I’m off to my concert tonight! Whoooo-hoooo!! Happy Easter everyone!

  4. shrewspeaks Says:

    I absolutely LOVED Angela last night!!!! “I wasn’t here, can you tell me what happened?” “Dwight, want to go home and read it together?” Bwaaahaaaahaa The amazing thing about it is how heathy it made Dwight and Angela relationship seem compared with the PAM/JIM thing.

    And for you wee little nephew a little inspiration derived from his name

    Thank you, Easter Bunny…baawk, baawk…the MonkBot always prevails

  5. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    wow thats a big boy! congrats!!!
    dont watch the office so no comment there lol
    thanks for the video, sure miss last years american idol shows.

  6. Claire Says:

    Welcome Baby Luke! May the Monkbot Force be with you.

    10lbs?? Yikes. Go Malia!!

    Congratulations to the entire clan. A new baby is a big deal for everyone in the family. I’m sure you’re thrilled Shelley. And if he’s half Hawaiian, can you just imagine how beautiful he’ll be???? Watch out Keanu!!!


  7. KD Says:

    Congratulations to you and the family Auntie Shelley!!! 🙂

  8. Dr. Bob Says:

    Congrats to all the clan, and double congrats to mom — 10 pounds is no joke! Hi, Baby Luke! Baby Monkbots are even cuter than otters holding hands.

    Luke Benton Powers. What a great name — it has wonderful presence.

    Special auntie congrats to you, too, Shelley.

  9. ivoryhut Says:

    Congratulations to the Powers family! 10 lbs is heaver than the heaviest bowling bowl I can pitch with two hands. You must be such a proud aunt.

    I like the name, too. Luke Benton. Sounds like a solid, decent man already.

    Hi all! Good to be back online at my own PC. Time for me to play catch up. I’ve never seen “The Office” (I know, I should start already), so can’t comment on the show.

    Ahoy Dr. Bob! 🙂

  10. Dr. Bob Says:

    Ahoy, Ivory! Saw House and thought of you. It was a good episode. Glad you made it home in one piece.

    We got to meet and had a lovely time — we shut the place down. Alright, so it was The Cheesecake Factory, not a smoky dive, but we did shut the place down (after carefully making sure that we were not inconveniencing anyone with our carousing). Monkbots are nice like that. It was a teeny little monkbot convention. I think that Ivory called it a micro-mini-monkbot convention.

  11. Libby Says:


    Congrats on the arrival of your new nephew ! I missed you guys. Been busy traveling and dealing with terrible pollen attack.

    Hope to be back with you guys next week.


  12. ivoryhut Says:

    Haha, yes we did, Dr Bob! Remember the waiter’s oh-so-subtle inquiry as to whether there was anything else we needed?

    Dr Bob was sooo nice. She picked me up from my cousin’s place, and she bought me dinner. (In addition to nice, Monkbots are also very generous like that.) It was great! We talked a lot, or maybe I talked a lot and she listened a lot. Hmmm … that would probably explain my slightly sore throat the next morning. Dr Bob, were your ears sore the next day?

    Dr. Bob is great company, and it was very cool to hang out with her. She’s so wise and insightful, and she has the coolest job ever.

    I’ll be back in Riverside sometime in June, so I hope she lets me buy her dinner this time.

    Libby, sorry to hear about your allergies. Mine were flaring up in California, likely because of the onslaught of all the new pollen that my East Coast system isn’t used to anymore.

    Just downloaded the two latest House episodes. Can’t wait to watch them.

  13. rowan Says:

    Aww Shelley, that is so great about Luke. Yay! Lovely dignified splendid name.

    I am a recent auntie for the first time too, and sister doesn’t mind me sharing this funny story with me Monkbot sistahs. My niece Eleanor was born four months ago, and is now nineteen pounds, and on the hundredth centile for weight and height, a fact which revealed itself on a recent visit to the baby immunisation clinic. My sister queried if this top of the range statistic was okay. The Health Visitor running the clinic looked my sister up and down and said, “Not to worry, dear. Gazelles have gazelles, and carthorses have carthorses!”

    My sister took the comment well, but i would have been seething! Inwardly, yeah, cos I’m a wimp, but fizzin big time, nonetheless!. What a cheek!

    Ivory — Dr Bob is indeed great company, whether dining in a restaurant or when imbibing on the hoof! ;D Hope to join you both for a slightly larger Mini-Monkbot convention before too long. have a lovely Easter Sunday everybody. Blessings to all.

  14. rowan Says:

    Sheesh, my winking smiley didn’t turn out. How do you do a winking smiley? trying again 😉

  15. ivoryhut Says:

    Rowan, the winking smiley becomes you.

    Travels around Europe were part of the conversation. I am eager to someday make a trip to your neck of the woods. Or is it pond?

    Carthorses my foot. I think we can all guess from which end of the “carthorse” the doctor was coming. (Dagnabbit, trying not to end that sentence on a preposition makes it read weird.)

    I am finally caught up on House. I’m all set for next week’s episode!

  16. Shelley Says:

    I probably should clarify that Luke is our family’s third grandchild.

    I have two beautiful nieces, Lily and Sarah…Luke’s older sisters. Lily is 6 and Sarah is 2.

    Luke is my first nephew…our family’s first grandson. 🙂

  17. leejolem Says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you guys. We went to Gatlinburg,TN for 3 days and had a great time. It snowed there today if you can believe it.
    1.congrats to Aunt Shelley. Alexa was 10lbs 2 oz, so I feel for your sister-in-law. Her head was so squished in the birth canal she looked like Winston Churchill when she was born–but she was beautiful.
    2.Rowan, That carthorse comment was so rude, but as usual you had me cracking up!
    3.I think Jim acted the way he did because he’s afraid Pam is going back to Roy, and he doesn’t want to get hurt. I don’t like the chemistry between Karen and Jim. Now Angela and Dwight, that’s a whole other story–that was great. Did I enjoy the episode? Yeppers!

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