Monkbot Exclusive: The Silver Fox at the Foxwoods


Fox Theater Marquis

Our dear, dear Jenfera attended Taylor Hicks’ Foxwood concert and was kind enough to share her tale with us. I have to say…this was an extremely exciting tale to read…as we learn that Taylor…dum, dum, duuuuum…is aware of the Monkbot. Take it away, Jen…


Taylor Hicks’ Foxwoods Casino Concert
Text and Photos by Jenfera

My sister & I arrived at Foxwoods Casino late afternoon and headed straight for the will-call window to get my tickets and meet & greet pass. They had my tickets, but said that the passes weren’t there yet and I should come back around 6 p.m. While still near the theater, I looked for a quiet place to call my friend Leigh who would be joining us later and tell her where we parked.

The piped in music seemed very loud, all I could hear was bass. While we stared at a “You Are Here” map of the casino, the music got louder and we heard someone singing very off key. This was not piped in music, somebody was in the theater. The off-key voice was goofing around, and then a sax started blaring. My sister and I looked at each other and realized at the same moment, “Sound check!”

A Foxwoods employee approached the side door to the theater and swiped a badge through a reader to open the door. We tried to peek inside, but could only see the seats before the door closed again. We hovered around the door and were treated to about 30 seconds of Taylor practicing “Somehow,” very much in tune. After that, things got quiet so we finally moved on to look for dinner.

We finally settled on the buffet, after deciding that the steak house was way too expensive. I would later find out from a recap on Gray Charles that Taylor actually dined at the steak house. I guess my Tay-dar was out of tune.

As we ate dinner, I started getting a little nervous. By the end of the meal, I was getting nauseous and fidgety. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and go back to the will-call for my pass. When we got back to the theater, the passes were ready and fans were starting to mill around and line up for the meet & greet. We rushed back to the car to drop off our jackets and pick up my essentials for the meet & greet; a picture for him to sign for my 9-year old niece, my copy of Taylor Hicks to be signed, and of course, the Monkbot-on-a-stick.

We got back to the theater close to 7 p.m. and waited for the doors to open. I was near the back of the line. When the doors finally opened, they only let in a small number of people to start. By that time, I started to calm down. I was in line, this was really going to happen, people are behaving themselves, it is all going to be okay. A group of fans noticed that there were small windows near the door where people were exiting, so people were taking turns getting a peek. One fan who got a look through the window came over to the line to tell her friends that he was all smiles and seemed to be in a good mood. When it was my turn to walk in, I was behind a married couple who both had passes. They went straight to Taylor at a table while I was told to wait near the door.

First, the wife got some autographs and then gushed about AI. Taylor was cordial, and thanked her for her votes. Then her husband introduced himself and something about what he did, sounded like he was in TV or radio. Taylor’s interest seemed piqued. I didn’t hear all of the conversation, but at one point I heard him say that, “things are tough right now. It’s hard.” The wife was incredulous and said something about this being his dream. Then he clarified and said that it is just a tough business. He sounded like something is beating him down. Maybe even “stabbing at his heart.” Maybe there is a reason he’s singing “Somehow” these days.

They continued to talk, and the Foxwoods security guard asked me what the Monkbot was. I held it up to show him and said out loud, “It’s a Monkbot!” Taylor’s assistant spun around and looked and said, “What is that thing? We keep seeing it at all these shows and we’ve been wondering what the hell it was.” I explained very briefly, “It’s a Monkbot. It’s a cross between a monkey and a robot, and it embodies the best qualities of both. There’s a website – Monkbot Division of the Soul Patrol. There’s a link to it on Gray Charles. We like to think of it as the sign of the sane fan.” The assistant laughed and said, “Huh. I’m going to have to check that out.,” as he looked at me like I was anything but sane. By that time, the couple finally headed out and it was my turn.

The assistant broke the ice for me and said, “You have to tell him what that is.” And Taylor immediately said, “I know what that is. It’s a Monkbot.” He took it from my hand and held it up for a moment, while the assistant laughed and said, “You know about this?” Taylor just said, “Oh yes,” but didn’t elaborate. He got right to business signing my stuff. I had been fairly composed the whole time until he asked me how to spell my niece’s name! I stumbled on that a bit, but finally got it out. The assistant took my camera for me, and he said we should get the Monkbot in the picture. I said definitely, and asked Taylor if it was okay. He said sure, with that same sort of bemused bewilderment that Q reported from San Antonio.

I had to sort of crouch down next to him for the picture, but I was too shy to put my arm around him. If he had reached out toward me first, I would have done it, but I didn’t want to invade his personal space first.

Jen with Taylor

(My eyes look a little crazed and I think I am biting my bottom lip. It all went by way too fast to think about how to compose my face!)

After the picture, the assistant handed me my camera, and as I collected my stuff, I looked Taylor in the eye and said, “I just want to thank you for doing this. We really appreciate it.” He said, “You’re welcome,” and I chickened out offering him my hand to shake. His eyes moved away to the next person and my time was done.

The loot

My overall impression was that he did seem a bit world weary, but he had a job to do and was accommodating. He seemed very small up close, but his eyes are huge and have a lot of depth. And of course the hair is fantastic – very shiny and definitely silver, not gray.

After the meet & greet we had time to kill before the show. I tried my hand at a few slot machines, hoping my luck in winning the meet & greet would rub off on gambling. It wasn‘t to be. I ran through $10 in quarters in about 15 minutes.

The doors opened to the theater at 8:00, and we milled over around 8:30 to get seated before the opening act. Our seats were pretty far back, but it was still a good view. Toby Lightman was excellent. Her voice is like a mix of Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones, with a little Bonnie Raitt thrown in. She sang about five songs from her new CD, and enthusiastically told the crowds that she would be out in the lobby after the set so come on out and say hey and buy a CD. There was a half hour intermission before Taylor came out.

Taylor 2

(Sadly, this is the best shot of the show from either of our cameras.)

The show itself was intoxicating. I was only jolted out of my deep-in-the-music buzz a couple of times by the swarming ushers. One told my sister that she couldn’t use her camera, and another told the threesome behind us to sit down.

(My sister got this video at the beginning. At the end of it, you can hear the crabby usher telling her to turn it off)

It was disappointing that we were being told not to dance, but I got my groove on as best I could from a seated position. I couldn’t help but tap my toes, clap, shake & scream. By the end of the show, the lucky folks down in the high rollers section up front were all up and out of their seats and dancing and nobody was telling them to sit down. I saw a lot more cameras on down there, too.

(They couldn’t stop me from recording from inside my purse! Audio only – “Somehow“)

The set was short. All together with the encore, he only played for an hour and 10 minutes. I was disappointed that he didn’t play more harp. It only came out for the encore, but at least then he treated us to a long, wailing solo during “Taking It To The Streets” with a “Saints Go Marching In” vibe.

(The crabby ushers had given up by the encore. I got part of the song, but stopped it so I could finally dance a little bit!)

I was crushed when it was all over; it all went by way too fast. We talked with another fan as we were walking out who told us that she had seen this before at this casino. The shows are shorter because they want the people out of the theater and back gambling.

Overall, I had a great time. It was a good girls’ night out with my sister and my friend, and meeting Taylor was a thrill, albeit a slightly more subdued thrill than I had imagined. The show itself was way more thrilling, and left me wanting more. I’m hoping to get to a summer tour date, hopefully someplace a little less stuffy than the casino. It really is all about the music, and about the performance and the soul of that guy who puts it all out there for all of us every night.


75 Responses to “Monkbot Exclusive: The Silver Fox at the Foxwoods”

  1. Quossum Says:

    Excellent report, jenfera! The fame of the Monkbot continues to spread! You got a GREAT picture and it sounds like Taylor was in a amiable mood for this M&G, so cheers all around!


  2. double d Says:

    I love all of you Monkbots, but I must say that Jen should be


    for that purse recording of “Somehow”….girl, you made my day!

    Oh, and



  3. Hatson Says:

    Jen, What a great experience for you and MONKBOT. I loved to hear all of the details. Sheesh, how lucky were you. I hope I can be half as lucky as you(that doesn’t sound right) when I attend a concert Mother’s Day week-end in Portland. Monkbot(on the stick) is going with me, but no one could get such a great moment again!! Thanks for building the excitement for those of us who are waiting for concerts in our neck of the woods.

  4. Hickstyeria Says:

    Great review Jenfera! I love the fact that he also knew about the Monkbot – smart guy, he keeps himself in touch even though he probably sees his computer for about 2 minutes a day!

    Interesting comment he made to the TV guy – he might have clarified because he saw a misunderstanding which had no truth to it and so he ‘stamped’ it out before it got out of hand, or he could have made an unthinking slip and realised which is also why he clarified. Hopefully it’s the former as Taylor seems pretty happy and in control of his career more now than previously.

    Running off to hear ‘Somehow’….

  5. jenfera Says:

    Thanks everybody! Glad you enjoyed the report. The link is missing from my sister’s video of Soul Thing. So, here it is including the crabby usher:

  6. Shelley Says:

    Link is fixed up top. Sorry about that.

  7. Dr. Bob Says:

    Jen!!! Wooo Hooo! What a great job — you done the Monkbots proud! The humor and persistence was very monkbotian. Nifty.

  8. rowan Says:

    Oooh fab report Jenfera! Love the intrepid purse recordings, too. The pic with Taylor is the biz. Yay! Respect, sistah!

  9. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jen! MonkBot extrodinaire! I am so dern happy for you gal!

  10. music maven Says:

    Shrew — Any Taylor sightings in Joisy? You KNOW what the buses look like.


  11. wompuss Says:

    Fabulous re-cap, jenfera! Viva la Monkbot!

  12. shrewspeaks Says:

    I had to travel for my client today…so unless the buses are at the Airport between noon and 2 or in Chicago…my chances of seeing the man the myth the MonkBot legend are nil.

  13. KD Says:

    very. very. cool. 🙂

  14. nolagirl Says:

    Thanks for sharing your night, Jenfera! Really cool.

    I’m itching to listen to Somehow, but am at work and can’t! Boooooooo.

  15. leejolem Says:

    I’m so excited–we had Monkbot recognition. I just explained to the girls at work what a big moment this is, and they looked at me like I’m crazy (so what’s new?). I’m the “pharmacist-in-charge” though, so I can’t be too insane, right?
    Congrats Jen!!!! I can’t see the pics or listen to any music cuz I’m at work, but I can’t wait to when I get home. The Monkbot laminate head tradition will continue in Columbus,OH on April 24th. I love the fact that a monkey/robot head on a stick represents his sane fans. Gotta love that dedicated of a fan base.

    Missed you guys while we were out of town. Hope everyone had a good spring break (if it was) and a blessed Easter!
    Vive le Monkbot!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hatson Says:

    Lee, Are we the sane fans?

  17. Shelley Says:

    yes. we are.

    at least…we have been.

    i like to keep it that way. 😉

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah…Jenfera, I’m pretty sure that most people would think we were the least sane…maybe the most sane FANS…but fer sure the least sane overall.

    I wore my MB baseball shirt at my parent’s house this weekend. I didn’t let on what it was about even though my mom commented on it. They already have resigned themselves to the fact that their 34 year old daughter acts like a 10 year old. My mom kept calling me a monkey all weekend though….that was nice. I like monkeys.

    She also thought it said MonkBOD not Monkbot. Hmmm…a MonkBOD.

    Jen- I love your recap. I’m glad you got to meet the Supreme Monkbot…though I’m sad to hear that he was more bot than monk at the meet and greet. He prolly just hadn’t had his bananas yet.

  19. nolagirl Says:

    I want a MonkBOD!!!! … or do I? Hmmm….

  20. jenfera Says:

    The assistant was actually a real sweetie. I wouldn’t have minded having a picture with him! I don’t think he really thought I was total nut – he just seemed happy to find out what it was, and mentioning the link on Gray Charles at least lent it some legitimacy.

    I think the guy in front of me was responsible for changing the mood over to bot. From the reports I heard from the window-peekers and another recap I read on the Gray Charles message boards, he had been more enthusiastic earlier. It was really hard to read him about the Monkbot-on-a-stick. He didn’t really laugh or anything, so I don’t know if he finds it amusing or not.

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, he’s prolly just so beat down right now. I mean, I’m worn out just from being at work for 3 hours…sitting at a desk….doing “officey” stuff. If I were him, I would be dead tired.

    Of course I’m reeeeeally lazy…and have no passion…or motivation….or anything necessary to sustain enthusiasm for my chosen profession.

    I just want to cook the boy some cornbread and collard greens. He really looks like he needs a hot, home cooked meal…and maybe a nap on his old crappy couch….

    (Nola-I couldn’t decide if a MonkBOD was good or bad….)

  22. double d Says:

    Hatson — I refer you to these two posts regarding the “Monkbot on a Stick” and the “Symbol of Sanity” (SOS).

    Birth of Monkbot on a Stick

    Diversity of Monkbots

    These two threads explain the MOS pretty well and illustrate that we are, in fact, the SANEST of fans. That is because we’re not All Taylor, All the Time. We can talk Taylor, pets, TV, music, family, problems, gumbo, and a various assortment of humorous and serious topics. We don’t stalk (for the most part), we aren’t glitterific, and we don’t think Taylor can heal the sick or part the waters.

    Seriously, I think that the Monkbot in all it’s silliness IS a Symbol of Sanity. You know, in the vein that some things that are ridiculous address the most serious issues.

    VIVA LE MONKBOT in all it’s glory. Personally, I think Taylor gets it and likes it. The more he sees it, maybe the more he’ll get it. And, if he or his assistant is THAT curious about what all the fuss is, then he/they should do a little research…..”it’s not that hard.”

  23. Shelley Says:

    well put, dd.

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Monkbot: Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Haahahahaa! I love that….totally forgot about it….but love it!

    Hopefully if Taylor or his assistant “does a little research” they’ll skip the whole “Bama on a carriage ride picture.” I’m still having nightmares about it. Vanity is my middle name afterall.

    When can we have another convention?

  25. shrewspeaks Says:

    Amen DD…(from the airport-nary a Supreme MB insight, however I did see a MonkBOD)

  26. shrewspeaks Says:

    Yes please…another convention!

  27. Hatson Says:

    DD, thanks for the refresher course. That was fun! Maybe we should check with our family members before being certain we are silly and interesting, and sane! I am going to an Arlo Guthrie concert next week, that I am looking foward to, but not nearly as much as I am thinking about the Taylor concert! I have gone”round the bend” a bit I think. Of course silly is always good.

  28. double d Says:

    Honestly, I hope that Taylor does “get it”. My fondest hope is that one day I’ll be at a Widespread Panic or Robert Randolph or John Mayer concert and have my trusty MOS with me and Taylor sits in to jam on Fishwater or The March or Bold as Love and I can proudly wave the SOS, letting him know that there are people out there that associate him hard core music — the kind he likes.

    Then, my friends…..he will know that he has made it.

  29. double d Says:

    Uh, Hatson, I think my family knows that I am silly, interesting, sane, neurotic, witty, brilliant, musical, trivial, wise, and self-depreciating.

    They love me…because; they like me…although.

    Besides, takes the pressure off of them.

  30. shrewspeaks Says:

    *grabs Hatson by the bender tails* WAIT you are going to see ARLO?!?!? I lurv Mr. I don’t want a pickle, I just want to ride my motor-cy-cle”ThanksgivingGuthrie!!!!

    Oh please, please be excited to see this generational legend of American folk music royalty!

  31. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I could relate to your story about the MB shirt. A couple weeks ago at a family get together I was wearing my MB long sleeved t-shirt. My older sister (vp of bank and super efficient, organized, great mom, etc…) said “I don’t get the Monkbot thing–why are you wearing a shirt w/a monkey on it?” I had to try to explain it to my whole family who knows I’m into all things Taylor, and they sort of got it. I’m the “baby” of the family, and I’m probably the goofiest, so they probably chalk it up to that. Might I just add–I love my MB long sleeved t-shirt and would love to have it in 5 or 6 colors!!!!

    I’m all for another convention–maybe late summer or fall. I have to plan financially, so I can fly instead of drive.

  32. Hatson Says:

    I am excited to see Arlo(Should I take Monkbot on a stick there?), just not as excited as I am to see Taylor! I have been to see Arlo before and it was a great concert. He is funny and talented. I promise to report back.

  33. shrewspeaks Says:

    Just not the third week of Sept…I am taking my parents on a trip then…

    Hey that begs a big question…do we need the Supreme MB to have a convention? I for one would find my fellow MB’s enough to traverse the globe for.

  34. jenfera Says:

    So, DD you are going to take the MOS to all kinds of shows, not just Taylor shows? Cool. Hard core indeed! Did you all noticed that he also signed the MOS? You can’t tell in the loot picture, but you can tell in the bug-eyed picture of me. (Speaking of which, bama, you should totally relax about that carriage ride picture. They’ll be too distracted with the Marty Feldman-look-alike chic with the MOS.)

    I believe in my own sane-fan-ness. My one big Taylor dream? Since I can’t sing very well, it’s not a duet like Shelley would like. It’s a road trip with Taylor, in a car that only has a radio, no CD player. We drive along and punch the buttons and sing along with every great song we can find. And of course, Taylor educates me about each artist we hear and why they are so great and what he likes about them. It’s all about the music, baby!

    Okay, that and the hair… the hair that I was this close to! Gaaaaaaaah.

    ~~~slapping self with fish to save Shelley the trouble…~~~~

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- I don’t think the SMB needs be in attendance. As long as 2 or more MBs are there…it’s a convention!

    Jen-I’ll let my carriage pic go if you let go of your “crazy eye” pic. Deal? Let’s shake paws.

    DD-silly, interesting, sane, neurotic, witty, brilliant, musical, trivial, wise, and self-depreciating. That sounds like a fabulous list of fabulous traits! No wonder you are so liked and loved!!

  36. Shelley Says:

    the hair would tempt even me…and i’m not crushed out anymore.


    as far as another convention…i don’t think The Monkbot needs to be there.

  37. Shelley Says:

    i do think we should try to get a Monkbot t-shirt into Taylor’s wardrobe, though.

    anyone else think this is a necessity in life?

  38. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I absolutely think it’s a necessity. Everyone needs an MB t-shirt in their wardrobe. I’m just waiting fot the day the t-shirt makes it on a catwalk…

  39. jenfera Says:

    I think now that pictures of the SMB have been procured with both the TMB and the MOS, the t-shirt should be the next challenge. Getting a picture of him in the MBT (Somebody stop me!) would be like the holy Monkbot grail!

    As for conventions, New England is reaaaaal purdy in the fall, hint hint, nudge nudge.

    Bama, it’s a deal. We’re too smart, pretty and funny to get bogged down in these little things!

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, if a pretty location is what is required for a convention…I guess y’all will never come to Dallas. 😦

    This is one FUN town…but pretty it ain’t.

    Jen- I’ll secret Monkbot handshake on it. Now we just need to make up a secret MB handshake….

  41. Quossum Says:

    Monkbot is on his way to Jan in Austin now. I’ll be writing up the Houston leg of his journey soon.

    I think I’ve finally entered the realm of “sane fan.” I replaced my Taylor Hicks mousepad (Hey, don’t laugh! James gave it to me!) with one of a quilt design. Thus the healing begins.

    (Just don’t look at my screensaver still….)


  42. jenfera Says:

    Aww, bama, I don’t think pretty is required. I just thought it might be a good bribe to get you all to come to me! Okay – another Taylor dream – for him to perform at the Big E, right in my hometown!

    Convenience is just so darn appealing.

    As for that handshake, I can’t imagine what it might entail. I wonder how squishy muffin bunnies greet each other. Rainbow-flavored kittens would probably just hiss at each other. Maybe there should be some air-harmonica involved.

  43. leejolem Says:

    True confession time–Q, in addition to my Taylor “sweet dreams” pillowcase I also have a “I heart Hicks” mousepad. It’s a good converstion piece here at work (how’s that for rationalization?).

    Since Taylor is always wearing a hat I was thinking of making him a baseball cap w/ “SMB” (for Supreme MonkBot) on it (one of my silly hobbies-painting on purses, baby clothes, t-shirts,caps, etc). I definitely think it’s time for him to sport some Monkbot apparel.

    Jen, I can’t see the pics at work, but I’m pretty sure you don’t resemble Marty Feldman. Now I’m dying to look when I get home. Monkbots are all beautiful!

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Umm…Lee? You have a Taylor Hicks PILLOWCASE??!

    Girl…no you di’int!

    Jen- So, is the Big E kind of like a State Fair?

    I might be going to see (gasp!) Daughtry in a few weeks. He/they are playing at Taste of Addison which is basically right across the street from me. I go every year and they usually have really good bands (and food). All my friends want to see Daughtry. I would complain about Taylor not being there…but I kind of think of it as a step down in venues.

  45. jenfera Says:

    The Big E is like a state fair but bigger. It is the biggest fair in the Northeast. There are state buildings for all 6 New England states featuring food & merchandise from all (the clam fritters from Rhode Island are totally over-rated, but those Maine baked potatoes are darn good.) There’s a circus, 4-H type shows and competitions, and always lots of entertainment. Carrie Underwood was there last year. It’s not that far-fetched.

    I told my sister she didn’t need to see Daughtry because she already saw Nickelback this year. heh.

  46. jenfera Says:

    My comment is in moderation. Is D*ughtry a trip-word now?

  47. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I know–I ordered it at the height of my crush and fangirlyness. But, I still enjoy it. The funny thing is when they asked for my name HC4S gave them my whole name so it says “Sweet Dreams, Lisa Hurt. Love, Taylor Hicks”. It cracks me up every time I read it. I think CD would be pretty good in concert. I’d like to see him w/someone else cuz I might get bored after 1 hour or so. He and Elliott would be good paired up.

  48. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- that’s so funny with your entire name! That would be worth it to keep it just for that.

    Jen- my comment wasn’t moderated! Maybe Shelley doesn’t like you anymore.

    Just kidding! 😉

  49. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- luckily the concert is at a venue where you can walk away or come back anytime. So, I’m sure I’ll be wandering away to look at random stuff during the show.

  50. jenfera Says:

    Maybe it has something to do with food, misplaced in the wrong thread. Clam fritter + potato = moderation? Or maybe it is Carrie U. You have to be careful about her, she could do a number on your pretty little souped-up 4-wheel drive.

  51. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I heard that about her…but never believed it b/c she’s so sweet-cream ice cream, with sprinkles on top. Not convinced she would do anything more than stamp her feet and call her two-timing boyfriend a “big meany”.

    Potatoes=good. Clam fritters=Ummmm?

  52. jenfera Says:

    It’s a New England thing. It’s basically a dough-ball that is supposed to have clams in it, and then it is deep fried. The ones at the Big E from the Rhode Island building never have actual clams in them.

    I didn’t even get into the food at the Foxwoods buffet! The seafood section was da bomb! Steamed mussels, cocktail shrimp, snow crab legs, fried shrimp, beer-battered cod….mmmmm. All you can eat. Too bad I was too worked up to really enjoy it!

  53. bamaborntxbred Says:

    So, basically they’re deep fried dough balls? I’m down with that!

    I’m not a huge seafood fan. I love fish, but not so much the shellfish. Although, Shrew’s crab thingys at Arnaud’s in NOLA were to die for! Delish!

  54. shrewspeaks Says:

    Ummm…purty then Joisey is out…

    I would love a whole theme to t-shirts that extend past TH…like ooooh ummmm…”Sly Stone is one…Be a MonkBot” etc. just a thought…

    OH wow…BAMA those crab Claws broiled in garlic butter and herbsaint were KILLER!!!!! Clam fritters kick butt! But nothing beats steamed lobsta!

  55. double d Says:

    I wish you guys could hear what I hear right now…..

    think Conch Fritters…..

  56. Squeebee Says:

    Hey Jen… glad you got to meet the Supreme Monkbot! It’s fun to know that he knows of us! I am glad you enjoyed the show.

    Hmmmmm….we need a beautiful spot for the next MonkBot convention? How about Beautiful British Columbia? (Yes, that is our provincial motto!) Just sayin’……

  57. shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe DD…I so wish i was on Spring break wid ya

  58. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bwaaahaaa Squee and motto,

    Come to Joisey…we promise not to whack you….on your first visit.

  59. nolagirl Says:

    DD, are you on the one and only Redneck Riviera?? I’m JELLIS. 😉

  60. jenfera Says:

    Huh, I thought Joisey’s motto was “Welcome to Jersey – Pay the %$#&!ing toll.”

    How do we determine who is Monkbot anyway? I am picturing the scene from Men In Black where Tommy Lee tells Will all the celebs who are actually aliens.

    Oooo – Squeee, British Columbia sounds fab! Not sure I could convince my husband as to why I needed the airfare there, but it’s nice to think about!

    DD- I would soooo be down with that conch fritter!!

  61. jenfera Says:

    Hey, all – one more bonus video from the depths of my purse… Let’s Get It On!

  62. rowan Says:

    Aww – only had time to read today. Lee, I am so glad you have a TH pillowcase. I am kind of punching the air. Very funny! I toyed with the idea of ordering one from Ebay, but the buyer insisted on Paypal..and I am a wimp who only sends cheques. The disembodied smiley head enclosed within a neon pink heart was sadly not to be.

    Love the pillowcases, though — supremely, insanely, gloriously kitchy to a pitch of hilarity that makes you glad to be alive. Taylor Hicks pillowcases with hearts…it is a sort of emblem of the triumph of the human spirit. I want one! Are they still being listed, I wonder? Maybe there will be a slightly washed out used one up for sale…yet who could part with such an item? Hmmm…have seen t-shirt printing packs in my travels..maybe a diy TH pillowcase is the way forward for the capable techy modern Monkbotess. (Mine would get stuck in the printer, and result in a crazed expression not resonant with peaceful sleep. Something similar happened with my Donny Osmond Iron-on transfer in 1974. He lost part of his grin in a primitive boilwash and scared me just a leetle from then on with the reproachful sneer which replaced the formerly cheerful ‘I heart you’ smile.)

    Do have two TH mousemats ordered from a woman on Ebay who would make them up from your chosen picture. Ah – the choice! She got a little clipped with me, spamming her with pics of Tay in every mood and fetching outfit. In the end, I opted for the paisley shirt pic, and the lovely happy b/w one where he is singing with a guitar against a backdrop of lights, long long ago. The mats are still on the go, but alas, the clock has broken…

  63. double d Says:

    I is in L.A. (lower Alabama) and it’s just beautiful….had a few glasses of wine on the balcony and am relaxin’.

    Jen—I have been sayin’ that Taylor has one of those MIB nuclear blast lasery-thingys that zap peeps. That’s how he “Taylorizes” them.

    Monkbots, however, are special. Must be funny, serious, smart, and love both the Monkey and the Robot aspects of Taylor Hicks.

    One day……I will visit New Jersey and visit my dear friend.

  64. shrewspeaks Says:

    I must close this with a very special….awe.

    I lerv that woman…from the bottom of my toll wanting soul.

    My door is always open to any Monkbot. I mean that.

  65. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shrew — I have “Alice’s Restaurant” memorized. I can launch into it at a moment’s notice.

    Just sayin’ … Another MB talent.

  66. leejolem Says:

    Rowan, thanks for the pillowcase support!!! If we ever meet in person I will so bring you a taylor pillowcase. Really, all Monkbots should have them dontcha think?

    My special monkbot talent–I can do a mean impression of Yoda.

  67. rowan Says:

    Lee,yay to all Monkbots having TH pillowcases! Hope to meet you in person sometime!

    Well done on the Yoda impression. I don’t really have an unusual and inspirational Monkbot talent, unlike you skeeled peeps. I do have double jointed elbows and one thumb…does that count?

  68. rowan Says:

    I mean, one of my two thumbs is double jointed…lol

  69. leejolem Says:

    Rowan, I thought for a moment that you had a really unfortunate accident whilst ironing on your Donny Osmond decal and lost one of your opposable thumbs. That would be very unfortunate. I would thole not having a thumb (typing would be a pain in the arse). Double-jointedness is definitely a monkbot talent. I mean if Yoda impressions are acceptable, then a Ripley’s Believe It or Not elbow is a shoe-in for Monkbot membership.
    (notice how I worked in “whilst” and “thole”–unfortunately “gynecomastic” just didn’t fit this conversation).

  70. rowan Says:

    Lee, you are vocab-tastic! Props tae ye. ( Props was a new word to me, btw, first seen at GC) We are developing our own esoteric Monkbottian esperanto here. Anthropologists this way…please leave your research fee in the upturned tartan tammy, labelled “Convention beverage fund.”

    Had to google gynecomastic…off to check the junk email now for offers of unsolicited surgical procedures…

    Hee hee — the Donny transfer was ironed on to a horrible itchy yellow crimplene vest by my mother, in the hope of getting her poor scratching ten year old to wear it. I would get a dose of prickly heat just by coming within three feet of it. What is your word for a sleeveless garment (usually white cotton) worn by little children and old people under oudoor clothes in cold climates? I know you use “tank” for outdoor vest tops. Is it the same word?

  71. leejolem Says:

    Rowan, there are a couple names–undershirt, tank t-shirt, or the lovely term “wife-beater” when worn by muscley-armed thugs.

    I have to give credit to pharmacy school for gynecomastia–it was a side effect of a few anti-ulcer drugs. Try explaining to a male patient that their tummy will feel better, but they might be growing a lovely pair of man boobs aka “moobs”.

    I gotta go–time to go home. Our internet is down at home, so I probably can’t check in again until tomorrow. Have a good day/evening.

  72. rowan Says:

    Night Lee! Still laffin at the thug undershirt appelation.

    I must definitely try to work gynecomastia into my conversation. My father has been on and off the Zantac for years, and he is forever commenting unfavourably about any upward changes in my weight he discerns on his infrequent visits down from the North. Were I a more horrible person, I would drop that word into the conversation, just to get me own back for years of adipose jokes. However, imagining his expression is enough. I have had enough fun from the virtual schadenfreude. 😀

  73. baby duck Says:

    Great report, jenfera! Thanks for the ingenuity of taping Somehow incognito. Made my day!

    You said, “Taylor’s assistant spun around and looked and said, ‘What is that thing? We keep seeing it at all these shows and we’ve been wondering what the hell it was.'” This has me wondering, have others taken MOS with them, and not reported back? Or does the comment refer to TMB in NO and Austin? Does Taylor know what a Monkbot is from the tour or the blog? Any thoughts?

  74. jenfera Says:

    baby duck, I was wondering about that too. I am thinking it must be the TMB, not the MOS they are referring to. If not, somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do about why they didn’t tell us about their MOS adventures!

  75. Monkbot on a Stick Permanent Page Added « monkbot talk Says:

    […] you feel like printing out a Monkbot head and slapping it on a stick to take to concerts to get signed by Taylor…or, for single folks like me…to take to restaurants so that you can prop it […]

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