“It Was All About the Music”


I know we’re sad, angry, confused, etc.

Let ‘er rip…with respect.


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  1. nolagirl Says:


    Looks so bare.

    Did y’all catch this at the very bottom?:

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out number-one man.

  2. Squeebee Says:

    Wow. I am sad, but really, we kinda knew it was coming, right? Taylor said Graycharles.com would not be going away, but it would have never been the same without Gray at the helm.

  3. Claire Says:

    No ripping required, Shelley 🙂

    I suppose a couple of “Finito”-type sentences would have been nice, just for closure/as a warning, but y’know, he’s done that already. Twice!

    Gray, I’m sure you’re reading. You don’t owe us anything more.

    It’s all good.

  4. osb Says:

    Check out the end of the bio, too. There are going to be a lot of lost puppies out there for awhile – most of us have been through this once before. C’est la vie! It was fun (for the most part) while it lasted.

  5. Shelley Says:

    “So long and thanks for all the fish” — “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” reference

  6. Hickstyeria Says:

    Gray does explain under ‘Full Disclosure’ and it’s true really. But Taylor without Gray and Gray without Taylor is like salt without pepper – just leaves a different taste in the mouth. Very sad day.

  7. Bama Angelfish Says:

    It’s all about the music.
    It was all about the music.
    It was never supposed to be all about the blog.

    Y’all did it good. So glad to experience it. And it’ll be good again.

  8. Shelley Says:

    “He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out number-one man.” — “Death of the Salesman” reference

    Of course Gray doesn’t owe us anything.

    But let’s just hope he won’t hide himself away.

    I vote for a new blog one day…Gray Phoenix…or, whatever.

  9. jenfera Says:

    Hey, Touristas came back. That was nice. At least I have a non-glittery place to get excited about the 6th row tickets I just scored for Hyannis.

  10. baby duck Says:

    Gray left a message at the bottom of the About page.

  11. osb Says:

    Thanks babyduck – I meant the about page, not the bio.

  12. morewines Says:

    I have a lot of respect for Gray.

    As for the new Blog look and content
    I think it sucks! I wonder if it will remain
    this way.

    Touristas is completely working again. You can post messages
    on each concert listed.

    I like that Shelley.
    “I vote for a new blog one day…Gray Phoenix…or, whatever.”

  13. baby duck Says:

    Sorry, I repeated Hickstyeria’s info. It took me that long to figure out how to link 🙂

  14. ivoryhut Says:

    “He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out number-one man.” So the blog dies with a quote from Death Of A Salesman.

    Guess there really is no more doing to be done. I feel good though, imagining that Gray finally has some time to breathe. I just hope he doesn’t disappear forever. I kinda like reading his stuff. (Okay, I really like reading his stuff.)

    Perhaps now he’ll have time to maybe sit at that table somewhere and talk music and books and movies and everything else over a couple of beers?

  15. double d Says:

    Well, I needed a reason to get drunk tonight….it’s all been said.

    For the good times……

  16. leejolem Says:

    The secret is out–all this time and we didn’t know Gray Charles is a dolphin!! Maybe that’s where TH picked up the clicks he uses to communicate with his band.

    I knew this was inevitable, but seeing “it was all about the music” still made me a little verklempt. Gray, don’t be a stranger.

  17. Gray Charles Says:

    Sure, I’ll drop in to talk music sometime – In fact, here is someone selected especially for you guys. Given the Amos Lee / Be Good Tanyas love I now present Sean Hayes (no, not from Will & Grace, he probably gets that as much as Taylor gets the ‘When did you go Gray’ question).

    Sean Hayes Music

    MySpace Page

  18. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD…as if you need a reason to get drunk! Ur a funny gal!

    I don’t have anything left to say to or about Gray except:

    I. Heart. You. Mister!

    Monkey around with us anytime!

  19. jenfera Says:

    Let’s say you have a friend. You see each other every day. That friend tells you he is moving to Europe for the summer for work, and might not come back. When he does come back, you are happy, but you notice that your friend has changed.

    Eventually your friend says they have decided to move to Europe for good. The company offerered him a transfer. You brace yourself for it, you accept it. Your friend gives you his cat to take care of for him. The cat becomes part of your world. You know your friend is packing, but you don’t know when the flight is. Your friend’s boss tells you that this transfer might not happen, that the details haven’t been ironed out.

    One day you come home and the cat is gone and there is a message on the table that just tells you the names of some dating sites you could try.

    Wouldn’t that be sort of abrupt? Wouldn’t you have preferred to know when that flight was, and that even the cat was leaving? If you had such a good relationship with the boss that he was telling you this stuff, wouldn’t you have thought that he would have at least told you what was going on?

    Gray might not owe anyone a thing. But expectations were dragged up, down and all around. Someone, whether it was Gray, Charcoal, or Taylor himself could have posted a message that stated very simply that as of (insert date here), Gray Charles will be shut down. The Touristas boards will remain. We considered keeping it going here, but have decided against it. Thank you for everything.

    Just one person’s opinion.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Boom Boom Goes The Day, huh?

    Thanks for the continued ear-opening suggestions.

  21. jenfera Says:

    P.S. – Shelley said let ‘er rip, so I did. Now that I have that off my chest, I am fine. Really. Life goes on. As usual, I am slow on the uptake. I think you all did your mourning already. I’ll catch up now.


  22. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Wait? So you want the cat back Jenfera? 🙂

  23. Gray Charles Says:

    Jenfera – let ‘er rip baby let ‘er rip! Speculation without knowledge lends itself to overreaction.

  24. double d Says:

    Well, Bama, maybe a validation or rationalization rather than a reason….

    Good ‘nuf. Oh, and me likee Jack McFarland music….let’s face it any song with “Boom, Boom” in the title is prolific.

    BTW, I ain’t given up my cats to NOBODY…

    (Must clarify that I deflect emotional trauma with humor….and self-medication.)

  25. KD Says:

    It looks so empty….lots of people will be wanting “a story” but I think it’s simplicity tells the story. The goodbyes get agonizing after awhile. I think it was done in a way very fitting for the Gray we’ve come to know and love.

    I am so glad that I was there to enjoy the entire ride.
    Zan said it back a year ago…”Leave the dishes and go chat with your friends…this won’t be here forever.” He was right…glad I took the time to get to “know” some neat people, and so glad we went out on a limb and had a mini-convention (as they are now known) with Shrew. 🙂 Looking forward to many more conversations and conventions. And our friend Gray might even have more time on his hands to grace us with his presence. 🙂 I still want a reunion chat, with Gray throwing music at us left and right….that’s do-able, isn’t it?? 😉 Hope you have peace of mind tonight Mr. Charles.

  26. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- we are most alike. Pass the wine and I’ll crack a joke. You will never see my pain.

  27. jenfera Says:

    Bama, I always want the cat.

    So, I’m overreacting, eh Gray? Well, I won’t speculate on what that means as I am obviously lacking knowledge.

    What can I say? I am a neat freak. I like my loose ends nice & tidy.

  28. Gray Charles Says:

    Jenfera – those are YOUR loose ends. That makes all the difference doesn’t it?

  29. leejolem Says:

    Jenfera, Even though I will miss the cat, I’m so glad that he didn’t take the Monkbot. That would have really pi#*ed me off!

    I do find it kind of odd that Taylor made a statment that things would continue–but I have a feeling that it has been a confusing couple of weeks. And it’s not like he’s got live performances to worry about or anything.

  30. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Gray- if you are here…have you heard of Paolo Nutini ? He’s my new favorite.

    Who knows…you might’ve written a 20 page dissertation on the man…and my loser self never read it..

    If not, I sure hope you will put your new shoes on today. Everything will be alright.

  31. leejolem Says:

    Bama and DD, I’m a card carrying member of the use humor to deflect pain club. I might be the president.

  32. Shelley Says:

    Jen…this is for following directions. 😉

    It’s all good.

  33. blueberry Says:

    Oh, to see familiar names……

    Just wanted to say thanks, Gray, you really are the best and your blog is simply the best – that coming from a person who regularly reads maybe four blogs is high praise! I don’t know that my interest in Taylor could have been sustained all these months without your site and that is a shame. The other sites, well, you know, they just don’t do it like you do.

  34. Claire Says:

    OK Gray, the big question – your name (in blue) links to Graycharles.com. Since that site is no longer in action and you are no longer affiliated with it, will we see another site linked through your name at any stage?

    I like cats.

    And the humour/pain thing? *raises hand*

  35. jenfera Says:

    Apparently, Gray.

    Do your thing, be happy, enjoy. I hold no ill will. I’ve already paid tribute to all you did in other posts.

    I’ll just shut up and have a glass of wine now.

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jen- go ahead. Have the bottle.

  37. PennyW Says:

    Jenfera…don’t apologize. There are quite a few of us who feel the same way.

    Say how ya feel, ALWAYS. I live my life that way and I’m alot happier for it.

  38. Gray Charles Says:

    I’m not mad at you jenfera – it’s just frustrating to watch people jump to conclusions based on a total lack of what has went on. Perhaps I overreacted, my apologies. I just expect to see a bunch more of it in the next few days.

  39. PennyW Says:

    Gray, perhaps a little bit more information would calm the wolves. Some of your comments and snippets on the old site lead alot of folks to believe there has been a falling out and you’re bitter. I’m sure that isn’t the case, and no, you don’t owe us a damn thing, but you have alot of loyal fans of your site and maybe a bit more info is warranted.


  40. She's Gone Says:

    I agree with Jenfera. GC’s departure seems very abrupt. Gray – you didn’t need to offer an explanation, but Taylor lead us to believe that the blog would continue without you. It’s like he led people on and then pulled the rug from under. Not cool at all!

  41. Gray Charles Says:

    Some of your comments and snippets on the old site lead alot of folks to believe there has been a falling out and you’re bitter.

    Like what?

  42. KimLoree Says:

    We are left to draw our own conclusions. When I experience a “loss”, I have a need for closure. Closure requires conclusion.

    While I understand your need to free yourself of the ball and chain, I have a need for the community that I came to know as Gray Charles. When Taylor informed us that the site would remain open….that is what was expected. You already said your goodbyes. We didn’t.

  43. e-maginary friend Says:

    formerly Deb Says (said)

    I have a ticket for the Beacon show that I would like to give to a Monkbot at no cost. 1 ticket, excellent loge seating. I have Shelley’s permission to post this. If you are interested post over at Tourista’s attention e-maginary friend (the Beacon NY thread). You need to provide me with an e-mail so that I may obtain your address to send the ticket. Not much time left to do this.

  44. PennyW Says:

    Let me scroll around and find them.

  45. leejolem Says:

    “a bunch more of it”=understatement of the year

    Shelley, the baton girl is really getting a workout today. She’s so purdy.

  46. Claire Says:


    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  47. double d Says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…..what more needs to be said, people?

    Maybe any clarification should be coming from Taylor as Gray has “opened the book” for us since the beginning. C’mon…..cut the guy some slack, here and just let it be.

    It’s done. With class and dignity.

  48. Gray Charles Says:

    I wrote something and deleted it. Think before you ask ok – do I really need to do more?

  49. Claire Says:

    …..What Double to da D said. Word.

    Heh. That just sounds so silly said out loud in an Irish accent.

  50. Shelley Says:

    I’m totally with you DD.

    I don’t think Gray needs to be ripped for closing…especially since we knew it was coming.

    Sure, Taylor’s audio said things would stay open…but who was he to say that? It wasn’t his blog. It was Gray’s. As of April 1, it no longer was a part of J/Records 19E, whatever…it was Gray’s.

    As a blogger…I have to say that it’s scary to think that you put blood, sweat and tears into something for yourself…and others. Then, when you’re too exhausted to carry on…you decide to quit and your blasted for it.

    Think of it this way…Gray was the host of a great party. Then the party ended. Would anyone invited to share in the fun at someone’s house expect to stay when the host has served all their appetizers and the beer is gone? No…you’d go home and wait for the next invitation.

  51. Shelley Says:

    By the way, Lee…I’m thinking of making the majorette our new mascot.

    I love her.

  52. PennyW Says:

    “Do I owe someone an explanation? A story perhaps? A clean and tidy wrapping? I would suggest that the story and the explanation already happened didn’t it? We made it do what it do and now there’s just no more doing to be done.”

    “let ‘er rip baby let ‘er rip! Speculation without knowledge lends itself to overreaction.”

    “those are YOUR loose ends. That makes all the difference doesn’t it?”

    And something to the effect that we needed to make it do what it do and we did that and we’re done..I can’t remember the quote.

    Just a bit harsh from a normally laid back dude.

    I just don’t think you realize that people take things VERY literally at times (most times) and when it was said on number occasions that the site would stay up, etc., and now you say it’s not going to be updated, etc., it sounds like something went astray.

    For me, I’m cool with whatever happens, I’ll find my info, if I need it, somewhere, but you had a great site and folks were banking on it staying up and running (based on Taylor’s words and your typed words).

    Anyway, enjoy your new found freedom and enjoy life.

  53. PennyW Says:

    Sorry for the duplicity on some of the comments…no edit button.

  54. double d Says:

    No, Gray. You’ve done enough, posted enough, explained enough, tried enough, and put up with enough. Don’t take it personally…folks are just in the first cycles of the Kubler-Ross Grief Phases — Shock, Denial and Bargining….to come, Anger, Depression, then Acceptance.

    Take it as a compliment that you’ve meant so much to so many.

  55. nolagirl Says:

    Taking things literally and Gray should never be in the same sentence — didn’t we all learn that pretty quickly? He is the king of cryptic-ness (is that a word?) which was part of his “special”-ness.

  56. Claire Says:

    DD – seriously, get out of my head!

    That is exactly what I was trying to put into words. Damn you and your eloquence!

    *shakes fist at DD – lovingly, of course…*

  57. KimLoree Says:

    This is my first day ever posting here….and it seems I screwed it up. I had no intention of bashing Gray in my previous post. He built a wonderful thing and I appreciated his efforts immensely. I am just feeling a great sense of loss. I am running thru a gammot of emotions and am not expressing them very well. Sorry.

  58. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, put a monkbot head on the top of the baton, and she’s good to go.

    Great point about the blog being Gray’s not Taylor’s. I think many people lost site of that.

  59. Shelley Says:

    KimLoree…don’t apologize…get it out. That’s what this post is about.

    We really try to let everyone share their thoughts here.

    Lee…not a bad idea about the baton topper. I may just do it 😉

  60. double d Says:

    KimLoree– it’s ok. You’re just venting emotional frustration for something you cared about. As I said, it’s a compliment. You’re ok….seriously.

    Take some advice….self-medicate. Works every time.

  61. leejolem Says:

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think Gray ever said the site would continue. Charcoal and Taylor maybe, but not Gray.

  62. Lainie Says:

    Hey Gray,

    Good to hear from you again. You did one Hell of a job, guy, and I, for one, appreciate it very much. I truly enjoyed my short stay on your site. Hope life’s treating you well now and forever.


    Any of us who have worked for corporations, big business, etc. know how much BS goes on behind the scenes in meetings, boardrooms, bathrooms 🙂 that the general public never knows about. Well, Gray started out independently, having fun, sharing his vast knowledge of music, etc. He stayed true to himself just like Taylor still tries to do. Gray wasn’t in that same place when he ended it and I don’t blame him at all for doing so. I also don’t blame him for not spilling his guts about all the behind the scenes BS that certainly went on given all the big boys he was dealing with. We’ve all learned not to burn bridges, haven’t we? If not, today’s the day to learn it…..please trust me on that one.

    Gray is NOT the enemy here……no one is. Hey, it was fun and entertaining for awhile. Let’s move on and grow along with Gray and everyone else in this scenario. Taylor is CERTAINLY not the enemy either and surely said what was in his heart on that audio he left us. Sometimes our hearts don’t match our realities no matter how much we’d like them to do so. Let’s NOT “Let ‘er rip”….let’s breathe awhile and think about the past year or so. Let’s remember how much we enjoyed Gray’s site; checking in when we could to learn the latest; taking more time when we could to learn from Gray’s knowledge of music.

    We are all going to have an adjustment period here but there’s no need to enter it negatively. Let’s figure it out, get our arms around it, and carry on. We’re capable……I know we are. At this moment in time, I believe our best avenue is one of reflection and silence. In other words, we need to engage our brain before our fingers start typing. Go play Taylor’s music for awhile and stomp the living room floor or something. None of us are particularly happy today but let’s do whatever it takes to change directions here. What you type can’t be retracted…..it’s documented……you might not feel the same way tomorrow and say, for instance, you happen to run into Gray somewhere. Gray’s gonna remember nastiness…..I know I do. Taylor’s gonna remember nastiness……again, I do, even if there’s been an apology or subsequent explanation. We, as human beings, do not forget a nasty word said in haste. It’s sits on the face of the bearer every time we see them, whether we like it or not.

    Ok, off the soapbox. Wasn’t it Aaron Neville who said “Tell it like it is”? Well, there you go.

  63. KimLoree Says:

    Off to take double d’s advice…..

  64. HicksChick4Soul Says:

    I love the baton girl–she makes me smile ((: !!! *no comment on the Gray situation–I think it’s becoming more complicated than it needs to be, but maybe not (I really have no clue)*

  65. sandiegosoul Says:

    Gray – Jumping to conclusions without knowing the full story is stupid, I agree.

    Why don’t you just tell us what went on and what will go on with TH official blog and then the speculation might end. Simple, eh?

  66. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m uncomfortable with the atmosphere being generated here. We don’t usually do a lot of blaming and fingerpointing…unless it’s at ourselves.

    Gray is a friend here. And a Monkbot. We don’t ever purposely kick each other. We sometimes respectfully disagree, but we always support one another.

    Why would anyone be mad at Gray for any of this? Good grief, it’s not an unalienable right to have GC.com or Gray himself at our beck and call. And bitterness? The only thing Gray should be bitter about is how the so-called “fans” have abused him…and continue to do so.

    I know I’m being the Pollyanna here…but come on.

    Let’s just be content to sit back together and chill. Maybe there will be something better from Gray (or not) just around the corner….

  67. LI_Hicks_Fan (aka Friend_of_Simon) Says:

    Took double d’s advice. . . Still Pissed Off (not at Gray but the whole CG Thing). The internet archive hasn’t updated GC since last year so mabe if they update we won’t lose all the history.

  68. double d Says:

    Really, what’s the difference. Graycharles.com is not Graycharles.com without the Gray. So, it’s better to be gone than to be a whiter shade of Gray.

    Sadly, Taylor really needs an internet team. I’m sure that the JRecords guys and the MusicToday guys and the Fanscape guys think they got it all figured out, but I’m here to tell you that they are severely lacking. They don’t pay attention to DETAILs and as the old saying goes, “The devil is in the details.”

    If I could give Taylor one piece of advice, it would be to create a good team of people who aren’t “industry minions” that could proliferate his internet presence and strategy. But, I must say, if Gray couldn’t get it done, I have little faith that anyone else has the “street cred” to do so.

    Regardless, Graycharles.com was an anomoly. An intersection of intellect, technology, luck and humor that was an unplanned pulsar. Something you just ride, like a well-timed wave.

    Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  69. LI_Hicks_Fan (aka Friend_of_Simon) Says:

    Nicely said Double D ! ! !

  70. Bama Angelfish Says:

    Hey, Sean Hayes has a CD called Alabama Chicken that starts out with a rooster crowing. Cool. Nice sound, very calming. Not the rooster–Sean’s music.

    I’m a little sad, not angry at all, and mildly confused but over nothing related to the site closing. I do think it would be nice to wait and see what happens on all fronts before we demand apologies or explanations.

    But I do agree we all cared and that’s why it was so good. And I especially agree about self-medication.

  71. Lainie Says:

    Well, I gotta go…..left a post that’s still in moderation…..see you all later.

  72. LI_Hicks_Fan (aka Friend_of_Simon) Says:


  73. Shelley Says:

    I’m not about ripping into Gray…just letting loose with how we feel about the closing.

    It’s healthy to vent…respectfully.

    All the newcomers are welcome here…but I ask that everyone take time to read the Monkbot Manifesto.

    I put this post up so that we could all get it out…and move on.

    Tomorrow will be a new day.

  74. jenfera Says:

    I hope nobody thinks I was ripping Gray. I wasn’t. I was telling how I feel right now. That’s it.

    And if that earns me a flying flaming baton, so be it. I’d prefer it with a monkbot head on top though.

    Cheers, everyone, including Gray. Apologies whether they are needed or not. Squishy muffin bunnies all around.

  75. Jael Says:

    I am sad that Gray Charles as we know and love it will be no longer; however, I understand that there comes a point when Gray had to choose whether or not to continue. I think if you look back at the beginning of Gray Charles and follow through to the present day, you will see that even though an evolution was inevitable, the heart and soul of the site is just not what it used to be. I’m not saying that’s a bad or good thing, it’s just different, and perhaps not what Gray had ever intended. In the last several months a lot of things have happened and I’m not sure I would have dealt with some of it with the class that Gray has shown. We should all be grateful he didn’t just pick up his ball and go home for good long ago.

    Gray, thank you for all the wonderful music and the commentary that made me think, really think, and look beyond the surface of the music (shark business) world and the artists who put it out there on a daily basis. I have often wondered if you haven’t secretly run off and made another blog with a circle of friends from the old days, who know music the way you do. If so, I hope you are enjoying yourself immensely. Oh, and by the way – I’m sure you know, but it’s Joss Stone’s 20th birthday today. Makes me wonder what you would send her for a gift! I think she already has body paints, but I’m sure you could think of something. : ) Maybe some day my family will have the pleasure of meeting you at a concert or gathering – I’d love to buy you a beer (or your drink of choice).

    Well, Shelley, hope you are up for some refugees – I have never posted here before but have lurked a bit and enjoyed your site. I am sure I will be here much more frequently now. Cheers, everyone!

  76. Shelley Says:

    jael…of course your welcome! 🙂

    everyone is.

  77. cali50 Says:

    jenfera, I thought your post was very good. If this had all happened two weeks ago when it all first went down, that would have been fine. Sad, but OK. But, we were reasssured, by Taylor, that Gray Charles would remain and not to worry. It does feel to me like the rug’s been pulled out. I don’t think you need to apologize for anything.

  78. Jael Says:

    Thanks, Shelley! I feel special ***warm fuzzies***

    Ok, I quit being silly!

  79. patty cee Says:

    sorry to even throw my two cents in here as it’s obviously a painful time for the regulars. i very much enjoyed coming to gray’s, esp for the vid links, but it’s basically a fan site and to me it just seems obvious that, one, the management didn’t feel the site was worth whatever it was costing to keep it going, maybe they saw it as a luxury, and that was compounded with gray being tired of keeping it going, impatient with subjects (blogareia or whatever he called it), esp towards the end. if management thought it was essential, they would have hired a replacement.

    i wish all good things for gray and his family! i think it would be nice if he wanted to do some other blog sometimes, just for fun, maybe a general music interest blog, something that would provide no source of income but also a lot less time and hassle. i really love the boogie board and have been there for ages. they have a blog and a message board. there are also other sites that are good to pop into here and there. it’s all good and if gray wants to leave greta garbo like, with some mystique about him, well, that’s just gray imo. take care, folks, and see you in other spaces!

    ps i sometimes got the feeling some posters at gray saw the site as some kind of special “lifeline” (in fact, i’ve seen that word) to taylor himself. i think that’s taking it a little too far. it’s obvious taylor appreciated gray the music lover. taylor had fun over there and did a few things to promote his career. it’s not like there was some huge emotional thing going on imo. it makes me uncomfortable a little to think how far some people take these things. again, sorry if i’m hurting any feelings. maybe i’m just a “cool jerk” but i honestly don’t mean to be and not trying to upset anyone.

  80. texastaylorfan Says:

    DoubleD is right. Graycharles.com is not graycharles.com without Gray.

    That’s why I was so sad when Gray announced he was leaving. And that’s why I didn’t join in on everyone big sigh of relief when someone else took over.
    I was excited when Taylor did his audioblog because I thought maybe Gray was reconsidering. (I know. I know. He’s not going to. I was in the Kubler-Ross Denial phase.) But when I FINALLY realized that Gray was not going to be running it, I knew that what I had loved in Graycharles.com was gone no matter what they try to do to replace it.
    And I’ve missed it every day. And I’ve worried about my mental health because I’m missing a BLOG everyday for God’s sake. 🙂

  81. souleshape Says:


    And now, the end is near;
    And so I face the final curtain.
    My friend, Ill say it clear,
    Ill state my case, of which Im certain.

    Ive lived a life thats full.
    Ive traveled each and evry highway;
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my way.

    Regrets, Ive had a few;
    But then again, too few to mention.
    I did what I had to do
    And saw it through without exemption.

    I planned each charted course;
    Each careful step along the byway,
    But more, much more than this,
    I did it my way.

    Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew
    When I bit off more than I could chew.
    But through it all, when there was doubt,
    I ate it up and spit it out.
    I faced it all and I stood tall;
    And did it my way.

    Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
    Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
    And now, as tears subside,
    I find it all so amusing.

    To think I did all that;
    And may I say – not in a shy way,
    No, oh no not me,
    I did it my way.

    For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught.
    To say the things he truly feels;
    And not the words of one who kneels.
    The record shows I took the blows –
    And did it my way!

  82. PattyP Says:

    Nice site, Shelley! And nice to see so many familiar “faces.”

    Besides Gray’s own posts and comments, I think the thing I’ll miss most now that his site is minimally operating is the degree to which GC kept it up-to-date. No other site is as “on top of things” as that site was. I loved reading all the concert reviews, and I loved knowing what was going on in Taylor’s professional life, and I don’t really know where to go for that now.

    I’ll also miss the music discussions, but following link after link the way I’d been doing was awfully time-consuming. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise for me; I can go back to “real life,” too. Somehow, I can’t quite give up the companionship of all the people who posted at GC’s site, so thanks for letting us all post here!

  83. TeelaJBrown Says:

    In case anyone asks, I’m not putting the NGC blog back up. Just don’t feel like it.

  84. mamaforpeace Says:

    This seems like a friendly place! And if Gray drops in once in a while with some good music, bits of obscure references, and his fabulous sense of humor, that would be very nice!

  85. Laurita Says:

    Shelley, I’ve been reading here off and on for awhile (love several of your other pages…), but this is my first post.. Thank you so much for MonkBot and for hosting this very “illuminating” conversation today…

    To Gray and DD and others re: that Sean Hayes song:

    Do come visit us at John Lee Hooker’s hole-in-the-wall Boom Boom Room in San Francisco someday — In fact, we may have do some pre-partying at this great little spot JLH created years ago on Fillmore St. the night before Taylor rocks the Warfield on May 10th (btw, we’ll have our super AfterConcert-Party at Biscuits&Blues, another great S.F. club…)

    Here’s a little treat while we’re on the subject, the man himself singing “Boom Boom” – sweet…:

    As to GC dot com’s eminent (?) demise, my only lingering question (which I asked Gray at the BB) is whether the archives will indeed stay up ‘forever’, for posterity?

    I believe the answer is ‘yes’, based on other info I’ve read, but since ‘speculation’ is being strongly discouraged here today, some rays of light shed on the subject of ‘what will still be viewable after Touristas closes down’ would be greatly welcomed.. Gracias…

    Take care all..

  86. jem4tay Says:

    Man! What a crap load of thoughts bombarding me. Came back after three days away to see all this and feelings are mixed and really jumbled. The thing about GC was we pretty much always laid our feelings on the table. That’s what we are doing now. Do I like what is happening? No. Do I undertand all aspects. No. Is it my place to understand everything Gray knows. No.

    Bottom line, GC was the BEST place for all things Taylor, everyone knows that. Hell, the other sites know that.

    The best (and worst) way I can describe my feelings is that I spent three days caring for the light of my life (three year-old grandson). During that time I frequently found myself thinking about a way to see what was happening with GC site and Taylor. Addiction, obsession – whatever you want to call it – that is what GC became for so many of us. I felt ashamed of myself this weekend for thinking that way. Kept saying to myself to focus on fun with my grandson. Geez!

    Gray, you did a good thing – a damn fine thing. So let us (women) get the words out of our system. Maybe it’s that Mars/Venus thing.

    I’ll jump around to some other sites. It will take awhile to adjust. I WILL be a forever Taylor fan.

    (Wish like hell I drank right now.)

  87. RubyD1964 Says:

    Gray / All,

    I think the fact that reassurances were made that the GC site would remain up and functioning led a lot of folks to hold out hope that the “familiar, comfy” chair would continue to be there.

    Then, “update will be provided in 24-48 hours” again leads you to leave a candle burning. Who would have imagined that “this” would be the update?

    Not that it matters, but I think those comments should have been rescinded and the truth stated. (Yeah, we’re adults and we can figure it out. But the way it’s being done leaves a bitter taste…at least for me.)

    Gray – No reflection on you, thanks tons for your considerable time and efforts.

    Take care all. See you round.

  88. souleshape Says:

    i heard this many years ago……….that in life,

    “A GOOD HELLO AND GOOD GOOD-BYE” are very important.

    Gray, you did both……………your reasons……..(thing 1 and thing 2 and your significant other) were reason enough………forget about no sleep, feeding the monster and monsters…..etc…..
    i will remember this year with fondness………..
    i will remember that someone thought enough about Taylor’s passion and music that they would devote that time to this blog.
    i will remember and cherish and save “artists with soul” forever………because now i can search for my own…….i learned that at graycharles.com.

    and the most important thing to remember is that the only thing constant in life is “change”…………..and if your not on board with that……..life will suck……
    i do not mourn the passing of gray charles……..i celebrate in joy that it existed at all……….isn’t that the secret? really?

    How do i celebrate Taylor HICKS? Daily. His gift is Priceless and is not contingent on graycharles.com
    someone said his fans might just fall away and apart if there is not a place to go…………HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO there are soooooooo many places to go. does someone actually think a few hundred fans at graycharles is going to dismantle Taylor’s whole DEAL>……….?????????? WTF?
    Taylor is well on his way to being a Super Star…………he already is one in my eyes……………
    feeling……….name them, claim them………and let them go…………
    this is not the end of anything……….it will live in our hearts forever……THAT IS THE BEST NEWS…………..EVAH!!!!

  89. Squeebee Says:

    I agree that the end (this time) was pretty abrupt, but I trust Gray’s judgement. Perhaps to end it this way is the lesser of two evils? Not to start any speculation, but just a thought?

  90. leejolem Says:

    Welcome to all newcomers! Mamaforpeace, this is a friendly place, and in general monkbots don’t bite.

  91. justwatchin Says:

    well, shucks…I went on vacation with my family, snuck away to see the latest Taylor news, and now GrayCharles.com is gone again, this time for good? Is that right?

    I agree with DD, the site wasn’t the same without him, but at least it was there for those who grew very attached to it. I rather thought, unless I misunderstood (wouldn’t be the first time) that the site was going to be around, just with another moderator.

    Gut kicked again. Sometimes, whether it hurts or not, all the information would be more helpful.

    Gray, no rips, none at all. You went way above and beyond…I grew to appreciate all your efforts more after you left, as I delved into the archives….I was surprised to see just how very much I missed your presence…a lot…it was not the same, tho appreciated “Charcoal’s”effort.

    This will leave me feeling somewhat dettached from Taylor…if that’s the intent, it’s accomplished…I’ll pop in on the Boogie..that’s great site…but there is no replacement for the GrayCharles.com site.

    Hope there will be some site where the folks can gather…I will miss some of the bloggers….a lot.

    If the people who are dictating this are the folks who are going to “replace”it, they seriously need to get a clue.

    “Sadly, Taylor really needs an internet team. I’m sure that the JRecords guys and the MusicToday guys and the Fanscape guys think they got it all figured out, but I’m here to tell you that they are severely lacking.”

    It ain’t gonna be the same, none of it…..ever.
    Take Gray…lots of love, and I do mean that sincerely.

  92. justwatchin Says:

    Gray Charles Says….

    see, it warms my heart to see those three words!

  93. e-maginary friend Says:

    My ticket has found a wonderful home. Thank you and take care everbody.

  94. shrewspeaks Says:

    I was blocked with meetings today and seems I missed ALL the “fun.”

    Didn’t even get to do my “Hair” review from last night yet.

    Well…as long as Gray is happy and is going to drop by with opinions and musical nudges from time to time…yipee…rejoice folks.

    As for the peeps and the blog…and I have given this mucho thought. Especially since I posted I “missed Gray the most”…see…to me…GC.com was never just about Taylor and it had a very specific voice…Gray’s voice. Therefore, the blog was NEVER going to be Taylor’s totally. Even when new blog readers demanded an All Talyor Format…it just didn’t have the same “blog with a soul” feel. I am kinda glad that the marketing peeps couldn’t just replace the voice we know as Gray with anyone…it recognizes the talent it takes to author such a demanding creative outlet (Ain’t that right, Ms. Simplicity?) and it also gives credance to the “beyond marketing” human aspect to music analysis and that the power of discussion translates into the power of buy. (Gee, I wonder if the Ray Lamontagne people saw a bump in sales after each of Gray’s posts?) Hmmm…well…I guess they feel the myspace site fills that need. (Insert tongue firmly in cheeck)

    This just prooves Gray was the soul of the blog…

    I am at peace with it.

  95. Jan Says:

    Hi everyone. Sad, but understand. I miss GC. I thought that it would continue. Nothing last forever.

  96. Theresa K. Says:

    I think these two sentences are being overlooked:

    “Over time the author and sole proprietor of this site also became known as “Gray” ….”

    “As of April 1st, Gray Charles (the blog, the man) is no longer under contract with Sony/BMG, Taylor Hicks, The Firm or anyone else.”

    Those two sentences make it clear to me that the blog belongs to him (GC and not Taylor). It still exists…its proprietor still exists.. It is my hope that, at some point, GC’s blog morphs into something more.

    FWIW, I’m glad the blog, as it recently existed, was closed because the majority of the comments were making a mockery of what the blog once was. Like watching a neighbor’s house being trashed by renters.

  97. Cam Says:

    Gray has left a message on the front page of graycharles.com

  98. souleshape Says:

    message from gray on his blog now…………………

  99. texan Says:

    heck i am happy for the screaming fun times and the chance to get to know those who post here and those who keep up by email.

    i never really expected it to last foreva, and if it did I would feel sorry for Gray glued to the server and email inbox. You deserve bettah babe!

    You know we love ya, and we also know you love us too!

    and sean haynes looks a little like amos… whoa baby!

    rock on.

    DD can I come over and watch Pirates if I bring some beer or margaritas?

  100. texan Says:

    ..and if anyone knows where Omphalos posts these days clue me in via email. I loved Omphalos’ posts!

  101. JAG Says:

    You know as sad as I am about this whole situation,this may be a blessing in disguise,I may now be able to avoid divorce court!! As much as I hate to admit it there was nothing that could have torn me away from this site.Now I am forced to resume a normal life,whatever the heck that is!(only kiddin
    I was just starting to get somewhat compitent with this computer,now I’ll probably regress! Well ,when all is said and done I wouldn’t have changed a thing.I am thankful to Gray and Taylor and all of you brilliant posters for the ride of a lifetime.The one thing we all need to remember is that it’s a SOUL THANG!! and no one can take that from us!!

  102. c4tay Says:

    Gray, I hope you find another way to express your wit and to share your wisdom. You made a huge difference to so many…to Taylor and to us, and I hope that you are proud and happy with what you did. How many of us can say that we really made a difference doing something that we enjoyed? I think you taught us by example that more of us should and could. I’m sure, we became a burden in some ways, but your efforts were greatly appreciated, and you really became important to us, not just as a blogger, but as a real person. We do care a lot, and we will miss you and what you created. You and it were a gift every day.

  103. Lainie Says:

    Looks like Gray has responded to requests for a statement on his blog. It’s short, sweet, and to the point but I believe it says what it needs to say. You all may want to check it out. It’s on the front page of graycharles.

  104. jenfera Says:

    Shrewbie, I felt the void left today without a Hair post. Looks like you’ll have your chance again next week!

  105. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jenfera…how much it pains me to say…yes, I guess I will.

  106. Laurita Says:

    For the “Strangely Serendipitous” department today:

    After reading Gray’s note at the bottom of GC earlier — “He had a good dream. It’s the only dream you can have – to come out number-one man.”, (the quote from ‘Death of a Salesman’),

    I just received an email announcing rave reviews for a new production of ‘Death of a Salesman’ at a theater here in San Francisco, co-starring a friend of mine (who, btw, is a cancer survivor – she inspires awe…)

    Life/theater/music goes on.. how sweet it is…

  107. BostonBluesBabe Says:

    Thanks for taking the bright flame of your musical candle and sharing your light with all of us. We are all enriched from the past year and half with you and each other. The beat will certainly go on, and keep on burning brightly.

  108. kimmykins Says:

    “Jen…this is for following directions.”

    I went to BGSU…Go Falcons! For context her uniform would have been brown and orange. I think the pic would be even more fabulous in color!

  109. Dr. Bob Says:

    I am not sad, because I know that Gray did what he could as he could. I seem to have missed the whole on again, off again aspect.

    I am grateful for the whole thing — Gray, Taylor, Monkbot, new friends, some great banter, sharp insights, goofiness, camaraderie. great writing — all of it. I have enjoyed Gray’s keen interest in all sorts of things and subtle-wicked wit. And I get to enjoy Shelley’s generosity and exuberant mind, as well as her penchant for just the right photoshopped illustration and apt turn of phrase.

    I am happy to have been there, I am happy to be here. I am just happy about the whole thing. GC was a good venture and I hope that there are continued good outcomes from it. The ripples from GC still impact my life — maybe that is why it feels a little funny that it is gone. But as a wise Monkbot said, GC without Gray is no GC at all.

    But for me — I am happy that I can come home from a long day, feed the kids and get them in their jammies and to bed and sit down and come have a nice visit with people that I like. It’s all good.

  110. Theresa Says:

    It doesn’t matter anymore, but I was intrigued by this statement: “…Taylor’s realization that he needs to focus his Internet presence on his own sites. ” I checked out each of the links and found nothing that would draw me, as a music fan, to any of those sites. What has happened to the amazing community that drew itself to GrayCharles.com and Taylor Hicks? It now has dispersed. If Taylor thinks that any of his sites would attract the GrayCharles crowd, he is wrong. Are they at his MySpace? I don’t think so. Has anyone read those comments? Yikes. I guess we just weren’t a viable, sustainable crowd…that would be a business interpretation. Or is it just that we weren’t controllable? I tend to take the negative view, especially at this point in my life, so someone else feel free to put a more positive spin on my comments.

  111. leejolem Says:

    Theresa, I think Taylor is aware that these other “official Taylor Hicks sites” won’t fill the GC shoes, but he’s so busy with the tour right now that he can’t solve the problem right now. I’m hoping that he will be able to address the issue over time and tweek the TH HQ to make it more attractive to the GC audience. Then again, I may be totally wrong cuz I can’t really get into TH’s brain. Gray was Taylor’s right and left hands at GC and without him I just don’t think Taylor could take on the blog. For Taylor I think being “all about the music” right now is focusing on his live performances. Hopefully GC posters/lurkers will find each other at different sites (ie monkbot, musicmaven, etc…)

    (after reading dr bob’s post **note to self:feed kids before checking monkbot after work**)

  112. Dee Says:

    Theresa, I’m with you. Unless Taylor’s sites take on a whole new look nothing there to draw me. GC was an addictive site. It wasn’t all about Taylor everyday but how can a site be updated everyday about one person. What GC succeeded in doing was keeping fans happy everyday with stimulating conversations and current updates that made us keep checking back everyday or even several times a day. GC kept the fan base in place ready for any Taylor news. Taylor’s sites are not addictive and fans not having a reason to check in every day because they are not updated very often will slowly stop checking because it will no longer be a habit. Hate to be negative. Hope I am wrong and Taylor’s sites change and become more interesting.

  113. leejolem Says:

    Jenfera, check out the food thread. I left a comment for you.

  114. Dr. Bob Says:

    (lee — I admit to reading while they were eating. Thankfully, I can admire how much cantaloupe my youngest can ingest between posts.)

  115. Sideways Says:

    So, here I am finding many of you!!

    Gray gave us all so much advance notice of his departure; maybe we just didn’t really WANT to accept it. It was HIS blog…truthfully, if it was me, I don’t think I could give/assign/sell something that was so totally MINE see it go in another direction and/or spiral downwards. Better to go out with everybody wanting more.

  116. Alison B. Says:

    I had been trying to stay positive but have to admit I got upset today. I whined all afternoon, drove my friends crazy. Finally one of them said “eat something, you’ll feel better.” So I had some soup with my whine:

    Gray, I will always like and respect you. And I’m happy about the latest message you posted because it explains everything more clearly. That was cool, and its cool that we still have the archives and open tourist talk.
    And you are cool.

  117. Connie8 Says:

    I know nothing. Never have really. I was mostly too intimidated to post at Gray’s (a few tidbit of no consequence occasionally maybe). But gee, does this mean I either have to dig and slog through the piles of goo and trash just to find out what’s going on with Taylor, and to find people to discuss all things Taylor and more with?

    I just cannot stand to spend time at those places with all the pictures and glitter and crap.

    But the HQ site and Taylor’s official site don’t say anything either. I want to be in the loop. And I would really enjoy keeping in touch with other Hicksophiles who talk about something other than thighs and eyes and who don’t feel it necessary to collect 465 Taylor Hicks autographs.

    Whatever will I do?

  118. shrewspeaks Says:

    Interesting…about the worth of a blog for musicians.

    Is it really meant as an outlet? Look at John Mayer’s blog it is a conduit for the artisit’s expression on anything. I actually really like it and in some strange way it has deepened my appreciation of him. Maybe a muscian shouldn’t do a blog unless they are going to author it themselves?

  119. rowan Says:

    Connie 8 – you have come to the right place, if those are the things you seek. Good to see you! The Monkbot sistahs support eachother, laugh together, and think around all sorts of topics, including Taylor. It is a great place to belong to. Hello from across the ocean!

  120. double d Says:

    Shrew — get outta ma head….again. I think Mayer’s blog is a great “view” of the artist both musically and otherwise. It gives fans a glimpse as to what makes the guy tick. I think that Taylor could use some “substance” talk. Most folks want to understand his intellect, which frankly, he doesn’t let show very often. Mayer is VERY comfortable in his own skin. Not so sure Taylor is just yet or he may just want more privacy.

    I think that the lack of attention to the internet strategy is that “the team” isn’t convinced that the numbers warrant the effort (plus, these are generally “hard core” fans who are likely to stick anyway). Like in normal business, the attention will be payed to where the most impact can be made to attract new business. Right now, the energy spent at concerts and in performances will provide the most impact.

    However, like most businesses, they may be forgetting about the importance of retaining the customers you’ve already spent a fortune to attain.

  121. Denise Says:

    Good Morning Everyone~ I’m totally bummed today because of GC being gone forever! I loved the feel that GC had. I agree with many of you that it seemed as if Gray had the inside information that we all loved hearing and seeing. I also think that Gray was very good at letting us debate issues and not getting involved until things got close to being out of control and then he would step in and bring us back to the middle of the ring. I think he enjoyed our debates as much as I did. I know I learned a lot about music from GC. I also loved hearing the concert recaps. Kudos to you Gray! I hope you are enjoying the time with your family. I don’t believe for a second that you and Taylor had a “falling out”. Thanks for everything! I feel like I’m wandering aimlessly today but not to worry, we’ll all settle in somewhere. It won’t be the same, but the appreciation of Taylor and his music will keep us together!!

  122. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, thanks to the link to John Mayer’s blog. He is really funny. I agree–in Taylor’s case if Gray can’t run the blog Ithink it might be better for the artist to author their own blogs. John Mayer may be a special case though because he really has a knack for creative writing and humor, and i’m not sure all artists could pull that off.

  123. shrewspeaks Says:

    Good Point Lee…then wouldn’t it stand to reason that those artists who are blog challenged avoid BLOGS?

  124. Theresa Says:

    I never thought of GrayCharles.com as being sole-ly about Taylor Hicks, but about a kind of quality in music. It was a good music site and Taylor Hicks was our horse for a while (and still is). I think there were two kinds of people attracted (with some crossovers) to GrayCharles.com: People who were there for th e music info from GC and people who wanted to hear every last bit about Taylor Hicks. I’m fine with subscribing to some email list to get news on what Taylor Hicks is doing or not doing. I’m not fine with losing GrayCharles.com as a music outlet. But I obviously will learn to live without it. Any good ideas for alternatives, such as RetroSoul.com (very good site, btw)???

  125. She's Gone Says:

    ps i sometimes got the feeling some posters at gray saw the site as some kind of special “lifeline” (in fact, i’ve seen that word) to taylor himself. i think that’s taking it a little too far. it’s obvious taylor appreciated gray the music lover. taylor had fun over there and did a few things to promote his career. it’s not like there was some huge emotional thing going on imo.


    I agree with the above post and might have contributed to the downfall. As soon as it was announced that this was Taylor’s official blog, everyone seemed to flood the site with long and detailed posts to Taylor, especially after one of his audioblogs, and I really doubt he had the time to read each and every post.

  126. texan Says:

    to blog or not to blog…

    Have you read Gnarls blog? He has a guest blogger. Check it out sometime http://www.gnarlsbarkley.com/

    … and do walter becker’s memo’s on steelydan.com count as their blog? gee I love them.

  127. Jax Says:

    Sorry it just breaks my heart.

    Back in the day (Seems odd to say that after only a year or so) GrayCharles.com was THE place for all things Taylor. The newly wooed could hang together. No way it would have been nearly as much fun without Gray.

    Taylor Hicks … never EVER forget what this young man did for you & your fans.

    Gray … Thank You .. Please don’t be a stranger .. Never forget that for many of us not only are we Taylor Hicks fans …we are GrayCharles fans too.

  128. Quossum Says:

    Love ya’, Gray! Thanks for the laffs.


  129. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, yes, and that’s why Taylor was fortunate to have Gray. He could act as the creative mouthpiece since Taylor probably drains himself creatively on stage. I think John Mayer is a rare case.

  130. justwatchin Says:

    Ya know what? I’ve read thru a lot of these posts….seems like folks are trying to talk themselves into this being a good thing…it is what it is…a job someone used to do, who no longer wants to do it…a service to a performer, who also, perhaps no longer needs it.

    But it was a place for fans, who truely love Taylor to gather, stay abreast of the latest news, and share thoughts…whether or not those thoughts are helpful, or even make their way back to him. It was a central gathering place.

    Boogie is awesome..it is. But it is not central…maybe the blog over there can be, if folks start frequenting it. Personally, I really have no explanation for why this is so upsetting to me, but there you have it, and it is. It makes me very sad, and also, I’m not sure Taylor doesn’t need some sort of central place, for somewhat musically intelligent folk to gather. Anyway, as I’ve stated..I’m on vacation, with two glasses of pretty good wine downed.

    My daydream is that when I check in at week’s end, that there will be something posted at the GC site to the effect of : GrayCharles back online! But I know that’s the wine talking… okay..rambled enuf. This sucks. Sorry folks……see y’all later…or at least some of you perhaps. Best always…JW.

  131. justwatchin Says:

    Amazingly enuf…I seem to spell better a tad touched.

  132. justwatchin Says:

    No Taylor news….what’s up with Taylor? Who knows? I sure don’t.

  133. KimLoree Says:

    Posted this on the MetaGray thread…but seems almost all have deserted it. So, since I was blubbering here on Wednesday, thought I’d come back and let you know where I’m at….moving on.

    I couldn’t bring myself to post here yesterday. I really took the closing of this site hard. I was a “basket case” on Wednesday. Being a “nutjob” was puzzling, but fun. Being a basket case (still puzzling) is NOT.
    I’ve been doing some self analysis (and self medicating) and have come to some conclusions about why I have been a nutjob…and why I am now a basket case. For whatever reasons, I have not experienced a lot of joy in my life. For whatever reasons, I found joy in the music that Taylor and GC brought me. I found joy in the e-relationships that I found in the GC community. I’m gonna miss it TERRIBLY.
    Which brings me to the “basket case” part. It didn’t matter how many times I told myself how foolish I was being, to react that way to losing a (damn) blog. I couldn’t stop the tears on Wednesday. For God’s sake…you would have thought I’d just lost my best friend. But the reaction was honest and real. I think that it left me feeling deserted, which brought back some emotions from other times that I felt deserted in real life….things like my parent’s divorce and my Dad’s death when I was only eleven. Well all that was a long time ago…but the mind is a curious thing.
    I’ve come to this conclusion. I think that I was hiding from “real life” here at GC. And I think that it is my responsibility to work on realizing more joy in my life and also to take more moments to reflect on what has brought me pain….instead of letting it build up, only to release when they close down a (damn) blog.
    So…I’m gonna go off and work harder at real life. I know myself well enough, that with my compulsive addictive personality, I will find myself lurking around other sites on occasion. It would probably be best for me to not find one that I like as much as GC. But I hope I will see you all around (here and there).
    Thanks for all your hard work GC. Thanks to all in the GC community for all the the music, laughs, and your e-friendship. Thanks to Taylor for bringing me out of my coma.

  134. leejolem Says:

    KimLoree, please keep coming around and playing with us Monkbots. We have a lot of fun, but aren’t quite as addictive as GC (I mean that in a good way). Who woulda thunk a blog could have such an impact on peoples’ lives. It sounds like you had some healthy revelations, but if you can’t go cold turkey on the blogging just keep visiting us here!

  135. AmyMc Says:

    Well,Damn! Here’s where all y’all went! I’ve been feeling like crap cuz I didn’t know what the heck to do.

  136. KimLoree Says:

    Thanks leejolem.

    AmyMc….I think we are kind of all over the place. But I do like Monkbots. They seem to be cute, playful and intelligent.

  137. AmyMc Says:

    KimLoree…I’m very playful myself and love to make people laugh, so my sillyness will continue here as it did on the GC site!!! hee hee

  138. Vines&Stars Says:

    Ok. While I admit that the dolphin has some valid points; I am still not going to read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.” I will just listen to the song.

  139. justwatchin Says:

    What is monkbots? This blog? I thought this was just a temp …and by the way, I’m back…sorry about the posts above…the GC site closing did leave me in a foul mood, well & coupled with wine just don’t make for great posts….

    I’ll check in here time to time (hope that’s okay?)..will also probably hang at the boogie board.

    Hope it all works okay, and that some site emerges as a central focal and news site..perhaps Taylor’s own blog someday…I do think he does need something similar to GC’s site.

    KimLoree…okay to work on real life, it is fun however to hang here too…hope you continue.

  140. Shelley Says:

    justwatchin’…if you’ll notice the Monkbot Talk homepage…you’ll see that this isn’t some temporary place for GC refugees. I mean, refugees are welcome, but I’ve been in business for almost a year…since before the first time that GC closed his doors.

    Please read the Monkbot Manifesto for a breakdown of what this site is about. Although I’m a fan of Taylor…the site is about much more than him. The site is one I created for my own outlet and interests.

    Glad you’re here. 🙂

  141. missie Says:

    Ok…. I’m glad I found you guys. Whewwww… what a load off. I have been having DT’s for gray’s blog.

  142. leejolem Says:

    Welcome missie! Kinda quiet here this weekend. Everyone must be enjoying the spring (ha ha! ) weather. It’s snowing here in INdy

  143. Meg the elder Says:

    What happened that caused Gray to end the Blog a day in advance.

  144. souleshape Says:

    don’t know meg. just went poof. to taylorhickshq

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