On A Much Happier Note… Happy Birthday, Patrickadiddlehopper!


My sweet little brother turns 16 today! Happy birthday, Cooper!

Here’s my gift to you. Love ya, bro.


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  1. shrewspeaks Says:

    The CoopDawg!

    Happy B-Day bro! Here are my gifts for you…

    cause your band has an old school punk vibe

    and from the wholy cow who new they made a video of this file

    Hope it’s a great day.

  2. Dingo Says:

    Ahhhhhh, to be 16 again. Happy Birthday kid. Enjoy, cause you wake up one day and if yer really lucky, you’re 55 years old.

    I cant even imagine the kind of electricity Haley can voltage through a 16 year old half man half boy. Thats some kinda crazy power she has though. Ironically, I thought she sounded very good on boot night. Better than I had heard her ever.

    My mission is still Sanjaya to the top 5 then Jordin all the way.

    Hope its a day to remember.

  3. leejolem Says:

    PKDH, Hippo birdy 2 ewes! How long until you can get your driver’s license? Watch out Mississippi drivers!

  4. jenfera Says:

    Have a great day, PKDH! Did you know that today is a holiday in Massachusetts? It’s Patriot’s Day, but you can call it Cooper Day. Sometimes my birthday falls on Labor Day and I tell myself (and anyone else) that the reason we all have the day off is that it is Jen Day.

  5. nolagirl Says:

    Happy Birthday Cooper! The big 1-6, huh? Awesome. Is there a drivers license in your near future??

  6. Holeigh Says:

    Yay, Happy Birthday, Cooper! 16 was fun, 17 was better; there’s nothing but positive in your future, haha. 😉

  7. double d Says:

    Wooo….SAWEET 16!

    Happiest of Happy Birthdays! Enjoy!

  8. AmyMc Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!! Haley was on Regis & Kelly this morning…did you see it, Cooper?

  9. ivoryhut Says:

    Yeah, when I saw the blurb for it while watching Good Morning America, I wanted to get on the phone and call Cooper to tell him to watch Regis and Kelly.

    Thanks, Coop. Now I can never again see her or hear the name Haley without thinking of you.

  10. Claire Says:


    Have a fantastic Day!! Sweet sixteen. I think I had a monobrow.

    And Dingo – nice to see you again 🙂

    I’m thinking of your fellow Americans in Virginia today. (((((())))))))

  11. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    TO ALL: Thank you to all for wishing me a happy birthday. For those who asked about my liscense…yes I can get it in June I have an Itermediate Liscense right now. To those who asked about Regis and Kelly, I have school and I believe the show comes on at 8 or 9…right in the middle of Latin class!

  12. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  13. Hatson Says:

    Happy Birthday Cooper from Oregon. Make sure you take Driver’s Ed!! Even if you think that you are already a good driver!

  14. nolagirl Says:

    I took Latin in 8th grade – wow, was that nuts. We had this practically deaf, old lady named Mrs. Doskey. Needless to say, we didn’t learn much. Hope you have better luck, Cooper!

    Claire – I’m intrigued by the use of “monobrow” … I assume that’s the same as “unibrow”?

  15. rowan Says:

    Enjoy the rest of your birthday Cooper! Hope it has been a blast. I am impressed with your driving prowess – I still only have a provisional license, and am learning to drive pretty late in life. I am told by my instructor he won’t let me out of the industrial estate and out on to the open road till I increase my speed. Hey – I have done that already – have got from 10mph up to 20! Lol.

    Ah – dream cars…. When I was 16 I wanted a Citroen 2CV . I still want one, though they are now only collected and cosseted by hippy types who give cars names, and stuff. Anthropomorphism – that’s the word I think – investing inanimate objects with human characteristics. Anyways, thought I would share this video which features a lovely 2CV and some unfeeling modern fast car enthusiasts. It does illustrate that high winds and little tin cans on wheels are not a good combination! I still want one, though. We all need our dream car.

  16. texan Says:

    I am sure Shel will loan her car anytime you need it! Happy B’day!

  17. Dr. Bob Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  18. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    I can’t handle Shell’s beast of a car 🙂

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