Okay…I’ve got to admit…I felt bad for the Shamalamadingdong when he was crying. (And when we revisited the clips of “Crying Girl”…as seen in above clip.)

It really was his time to go…the kid had a good run.

Plus he (and all the rest of the Idols) was fantastic in the group sing.

But…Fergie? Really? On country night?

That left me crying…just like Alanis.

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78 Responses to “Bye-Bye-ah…Sanjaya”

  1. Quossum Says:

    I’m so glad you found the Alanis parody. Earlier today I saw it referenced in a newspaper article about viral advertising, so I went to see it and just about laughed my butt off.

    I was sad to see Sanjaya go, actually. I thought he had a lot of spunk, and how can you hate on a kid wearing a “Life is Beautiful” t-shirt? I expected Phil and maybe Chris R to go before Sanjaya, just based on his bizarre popularity and charisma, but we all acknowledge that he’s not the strongest singer.

    Now, I had been more or less expecting a **shocking!!** LaKeisha elimination tonight, so I was not surprised to see her in the bottom three. But Blake? Bottom three? After having the pimp spot last night and a decent performance? Color me confuzzled.

    Right now VFTW is debating whether to pick Phil or Chris R next.

    So what did y’all think of the time-honored “have the top person pick the group to join” trick and Melinda’s solution to it? The “noble” choice, but I kind of admire someone last year having the guts to pick a group and doing it in an entertaining way. Interesting thought…I heard that last year producers wouldn’t let him have the option of not choosing a group. Were they not as harsh on Melinda this year, or what?


  2. Laurita Says:

    All I could say was, “there is a God!” when S.M. FINALLY got the axe tonight..
    We were praying that he’d be back on Sunday with his church choir group in Washington State, and the good lord heard us and delivered!

    Wow, huge relief that Kiki has another chance to transform, redeem and prove herself next week! It was painful see her botch the Jesus song last night, especially in contradiction to Jordin’s extraordinary performance which blew us away…

    Thanks Shelley.. love your blog…
    (P.S. we always look forward to something new in Shelley’s World when it shows up…)
    Take care,
    LR & M in Oakland

  3. brc Says:

    It was time. Even my two children cheered when they said Sanjaya was going home. Even so, you gotta feel bad for the guy. At least he went out with a sense of humor. I mean “Let’s give ’em something to talk about… other than HAIR.” Now that was funny.

    Was anyone else struck by the first few words of Martina McBride’s song? Made me think of our friend.

    You can spend your whole life building
    Something from nothin’
    One storm can come and blow it all away

    It made me sad again. But then I remembered… Sanjaya’s going home!!!!!

  4. Lab Says:

    I haven’t posted in like…forever, but brc……..yes. That Martina song is so appropriate in many ways. Sometimes you gotta just tell yourself, do it anyway. Some days it’s the ony thing that keeps one foot in front of the other. Thanks for that reminder.

    Sanjaya – I think he will be just fine.

    Thanks for your blog, Shelley.

  5. jenfera Says:

    I am a little freaked out that Blake was in the bottom 3. Good thing I voted for him 20 times or so. Who knows how many votes separated that bottom 3? I personally could have made the difference that’s helping a lot of us breathe a little easier today!! I’ll be accepting your thanks all day.


  6. Dingo Says:

    I miss Sanjaya.
    Yeah, he had some real crappy performances but he was ballsy. I liked that. In a season of tepid, blah, nothing moments…Sanjaya was the reason I tuned in to watch Idol. If not for him I would have dropped out a while ago.

    His PTFWB moment came when he did The Kinks “You Really Got me” and he was magnificent. Putting it all out there, laying it on the line. It was a do or die moment and I enjoyed every freaky second of it. The way he slithered across the stage. the way he used the stage behind the judges like a master crouching and prancing to the audience and how he went from a whisper in that song to the screaming at the end. Thats why I watch Idol cause say what you want about Sanjaya, he was the only one this year who took a chance. I’ll never forget that performance and I wont soon forget Sanjaya either. He was so bad on Tuesday that even I had to make the decision not to vote as I had been for him. I threw all of my votes to Jordin who was spectacular IMHO.

    Melinda is so talented that its ridiculous. So flawless in her singing that I am bored if that makes any sense. Sanjaya offered me the spice I need. Last night when he got eliminated he looked, for the first time to me, like the 17 year old kid he really is. He had me in tears right along with him. I felt his pain when the audience erupted in cheers that his name had been called. he may seem cocky and solid and confident but that had to hurt as have all the comments around the country must have hurt. They were very personal and that always hurts.

    I’ll miss you Sanj.

  7. AmyMc Says:

    I was cheering good riddance but as soon as he started crying, I felt bad. I tend to forget the kid is only 17 years old and a big on the fragile side. At least he enjoyed himself and will get to go on the tour………eh…….

    I’m embarrassed so say I didn’t even know who the heck Fergie even was. Some friends had to tell me she used to be with Black Eyed Peas….I had no idea. LOL

  8. Shelley Says:

    Dingo…I’ve read others say the same about Melinda…”she’s always good…therefore she’s boring.”

    Okay…I’m about to open up a big can of worms (I’m guessing)…but I have a theory about Melinda.

    She is a very good singer, yes. HOWEVER…I don’t think that’s why she’s boring us. I think she’s boring us because she hasn’t done anything (besides “I’m a Woman”) that hasn’t been…well…boring.

    She could be a killer singer and STILL shake up the stage more. I don’t think she needs bad notes to make that happen. I think she is still stuck in backup singer mode…where she was never supposed to stand-out…even vocally.

    If she came out and sang something that was really off the wall…I think we’d all change our tune about her boringness.

    I think she should sing “Rock Me Right” by Susan Tedeschi or even go old school with something like “Sing, Sing, Sing” by the Andrews Sisters or if she wanted to do something slow and oddball and quirky…how about something like “If I Were You” by the Asylum Street Spankers.

    I really think she just needs to make herself more interesting ALONG WITH being a great singer.

    What do y’all think?

  9. Dingo Says:

    Shelley your absolutely right about Melinda. She is so safe that she becomes boring. If she would sing a really soulful song and show me whats in her heart and her soul I think I could be easily swayed to vote for her but honestly, so far, even though I think she is far and away the best vocalist, she leaves me cold and the comment you made about her being in back-up singer mode is right on.

    She needs to shake it up.

    I remember back when Katherine did SOTR, I had the same feeling. Nice vocal but I didnt feel anything. Then GC told me about Eva Cassidy who, gawd help me but I had never heard of and HER version of SOTR. I listened to it and I began to cry. Something in her voice triggered something in my heart and I was stunned for a moment by her pure angelic voice in that song. Thats what Im talkin’ bout. I want Melinda to mooooove me. Move me hard, make me cry.

    I love to cry as many here know and Im always looking for good crying songs. Beth Hart’s “Lifetime” was one of those songs that made me stop and at thwe end of it…weep. It cant be just any sad song either. I aint easy ya know.

    Speaking of weeping, I wept yesterday when my computer fried and burned. I lost a LOT of good stuff. Things I can never retrieve but maybe it was supposed to be that way. Maybe it was a sign to let go of the past in some way. Well it worked and I did because I had no choice. Now I have a new computer with this damned Windows Vista on it and I hate change which is why Im rambling again and somebody stop meeeeeeeee.

  10. Little Deb Says:

    Hey Dingo. Good luck with the new computer. Music is one of the few things that can make me cry and I play things on purpose just to make me cry sometimes. The Jackson Browne song “Doctor My Eyes” kind of “says it” for me. “Is this the prize, for having learned how not to cry”.

  11. Staci Says:

    I’m a horrible person, but I didn’t feel the least bit sad to see Sanjaya crying… you really must see this clip from Leno if you haven’t already

    and I thought it really sweet that Blake was wiping Kiki’s tears away… He can wipe my tears away, if the voters decide to let him go home before Chris “nasally is a style” Richardson.

    But I have to say this for the guys. If you had asked me during the week of 24 who would be in the top six, I don’t think I would have ever imagined a guy to be remaining. I REALLY thought this was the year of the diva… Stephanie, Sabrina, Gina, I kinda miss you.

    But here’s the kicker. And I think this is Melinda’s “boring” factor (although I’ll never say she’s boring) — while the guys remaining (or at least Phil and Blake) have grown vocally, the ladies have not done the same. They’re great, don’t get me wrong. They’ve shown versatility, singing a number of musical styles pretty well. (Most of the time, anyway) I just haven’t seen growth. If that’s too negative, I’m sorry. I just want to see a breakout performance with emotion and moxie and voice all in one (think Fantasia’s Summertime), and I don’t think I’ve seen it yet this year.

  12. Staci Says:

    What happened to my link to you tube???

  13. Dingo Says:

    Debbi, I love Jackson Brown and I have many of his albums and CD’s. That particular song is really piercing for me as well. Music makes me want to weep sometimes even if it wasnt meant to do that. its a powerful thing.

    Staci, I dont care for Blake but that was very sweet when he wiped her tears away. I was also touched. I dont really like anyone except for Jordin now and for some reason she is the only one who has been able to touch me with her voice. I dont think you will have a “Summertime” moment this year but it aint over yet. I was never a Fantasia fan but that performance slayed me.

    About Sanjaya, he was cocky and I think many had a viceral dislike for him from the beginning but I always liked the boy and you forget that he was only 17 years old. In boy years thats really 14 lol. I felt so bad for him last night. He experienced life doing what life does sometimes. Knocking you down and stomping on you. At least thats how it feels at the time. Could be my age, I think of him as a son and I project. Anyways, he will be fine but last night, in those final moments, I felt bad for him but he was able to pick up the pieces and sing his song and he did good.

    Sanjaya, call me!

  14. leejolem Says:

    Because I had to spend 3 hours getting my hair did last night (for next tuesday!) I didn’t get to watch Idol last night. 😦 I’m sure I would have teared up w/Sanjaya. Dingo you were right on about You Really Got Me being a stand out PTFMWB performance for Sanj. For some reason that performance stirred me and I was cheering and clapping. I didn’t think he had it in him. I also loved Besame Mucho. The only performance of Melinda’s that has stirred me was My Funny Valentine. I felt she really connected with that one. I think Melinda is an unbelievably great vocalist, but is still honing her performance skills. TH was the opposite–he was always a performer, but needed to polish his vocals. He may even be suffering from that syndrome on tour (does he enjoy playing his harp, cowbell, tambourine and jamming w/the band rather than being in front singing? who knows).

    Wish I had seen Blake wiping away Kiki’s tears. That would have warmed my heart. I’m surprised he was in the bottom 3. I’m not a huge fan, but his vocals were far and above Chris R.

  15. jenfera Says:

    I think I’d like to hear Melinda sing some Mary J. Blige. Mary is current, but she is a woman, not a girl, just like Melinda. If Melinda could project that kind of confidence that Mary does, the kind that only comes from experience, she might be able to excite us. As opposed to Paris last year – she managed Mary’s notes, but not the feeling. How could she, really at her age? How’s this for a scenario – Blake & Melinda are the final two and in the big results show, they sing Whenever I Say Your Name by Mary & Sting? That has the potential to be incredible.

  16. baby duck Says:

    Best moments from last night:

    1. Martina singing ‘Anyway’. Of all the guest artists/mentors, it was the most appropriate for the program. Like brc, it made me think of gc.

    2. Jordin and Lakisha singing harmony. Usually I cringe and bear it through the group songs, so it was a pleasant surprise.

    3. Ryan saying that Blake wrangled his inner cowboy on Tuesday night. I laughed through the entire clip.

    4. Blake wiping Lakisha’s tears.

    5. Sanjaya singing “other than hair”. Made me like him… a tad.

    I agree that Melinda needs to work on her song choice. She hasn’t wowed me since “Funny Little Valentine”. Although she sings each one perfectly, I find myself tuning out before it’s over. Dingo, good reference to ‘a Summertime moment’. If anyone is going to deliver it this year, it will be Melinda. I’d choose Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Seasons Change”. It’s contemporary without being one of Corinne’s best known, so she could hopefully avoid the karaoke diss from the judges.

  17. nolagirl Says:

    Was I the only one giggling at the “Look at my Sign-jaya” poster?? That right there was funny.

    Or maybe I’m just a goober.

  18. Dingo Says:

    >>Or maybe I’m just a goober.

  19. Dingo Says:

    Oh crap. I saiddddddd. that I laughed at it as well so that makes at least 2 goobers.

  20. Dingo Says:

    Duckie, that was a pretty darn good recap. I agree with all of the highlights but Sanjaya tearing up at the end while hugging Kiki as tight as he could, that did me in. He’s seventeen for crying out loud!

  21. baby duck Says:

    Dingo, I agree that Sanjaya showed a lot of maturity last night for being so young. His radiant smile, singing ‘other than hair’, and wearing a Life is Beautiful t-shirt gave me the warm fuzzies. He was interviewed on the local tv afterwards, and he was so gracious and grateful: unlike some of the older contestants who were eliminated. That said, when I saw who was in the bottom 3, I would have been pretty disgusted if Blake or Lakisha were booted instead of him. I think either of them could put out an album next year and be successful. Sanjaya, not so much.

  22. Dingo Says:

    Duckie, I agree with most of what you said. How could I not? But I think that Sanjaya’s nerves got the better of him most nights but if he were to go into a recording studio, I bet he wouldnt be nearly as nervous and with age he will learn how to tame those nerves. he’ll never be a Kiki thats for sure and Im still trying very hard to like Blake.

    Sanjaya has a lot of living to do but I think this was a great experience for him. I just hope that he handled the vitriole spewed on him and towards him as well as he appears to have weathered it.

    My girl from this point on is Jordin. For whatever reason, she does it for me. She moves me, she touches me.

    May I call you Duckie?

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Da-yum! I go away for a few days and come back to see a bunch of new faces! Seriously, I only recognize about 4-5 of you!!

    Welcome y’all!

    Looking over the last few days worth of posts…I’m pretty glad I couldn’t be here. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA! Shelley- great job at reining it all in and takin’ care of bizness!


    I was sad for Sanjaya but happy for me (cuz that’s what it’s all about people). I would’ve quit watching the show if Blake left…he’s the only interesting person left. Sure, there are better singers….but he’s by far the most unique. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a sexy little man.

    Jordin bugs me. She’s kind of Kat McPheeish in her smiley-ness. I don’t feel like she’s a sincere person. She’s very “lacquered” if you know what I mean.

    I’m over Kiki and Chris R. I never liked Phil (except he was actually good on country night).

    Melinda should win….although I’d be happy to see Blake win. I just want them in the top two.

    I love Martina McBride but I thought that song was BORING!!

    And, I don’t care what anyone says, Fergie is fun. I mean, her London London Bridges may be going down…but she still maintains her Fergiliciousness….and she’s so G. L. A. M. O. R. O-U-S. She’s glamorous…oooh flossy, flossy.

    Also-I’m so glad they cleared up the “controversy” over Simon’s eye-rolling incident. I knew he couldn’t be rolling his eyes over Chris’s comment.

  24. Little Deb Says:

    So Dingo, about the “Duckie” thing. Do you watch NCIS?

  25. Leroy'sSharon Says:

    I hope it is true that Billy Ray Cyrus and Sanjaya met back stage when Billy Ray was in the building for DWTS. I hope if their conversation I read about is true….well I hope that young man Sanjaya, does end up with an appearance on the Disney show that stars Billy Ray’s daughter and Billy Ray.

    Martina’s song was beautiful….’Life is Good’….and Sanjaya stepped up and ‘took his chance anyway’.

    I was directed by my daughter to Chris Sligh’s blog this morning. And Chris asked that people might pray for Sanjaya and for those in the news media who will be interviewing him now.

    He is a kid….and I am praying for those adults in the media to treat Sanjaya with a sense of responsiblity.

  26. rowan Says:

    Aww, that was very thoughtful of Chris Sligh.

    Sigh…I will miss the hair recaps, Shrew!

    Bama – good to see you back!

  27. baby duck Says:

    baby duck, duckie, whatevah. Just don’t call me late for lunch. I use baby duck because that’s the name monkbots gave me when I first came on Shelley’s blog as anonymous. I think they were hoping that if I used the name of something soft and fuzzy, it would help me from crossing the fine line between acceptable snark and biting criticism in my comments. Posting under baby duck has me doing a lot of backspacing before submitting, keeping me in line with squishy muffins, rainbow kittens, and Hasselhoff puppies. That, and Libby’s mom.

    Jenfera, I’d tune in for the Melinda-Blake finale duet (Not that I will miss the finale for anything since Taylor will be there to perform). I know Melinda could hold up the Mary J. Blige part. I wonder if Blake could fill Sting’s shoes, tho.

  28. Shelley Says:

    “Hasselhoff puppies” πŸ™‚

    Duckie (a.k.a. Baby Duck) wins the

    Official Prize of the Day

  29. KD Says:

    You should have heard my nine year old squeal with joy when she heard the elimination news this morning….that said it all! I guess the Survivor Style shake up is unnecessary now.
    The tears didn’t move me…the fact that he took it like a man and performed with a sense of humor did. Way to go Sanjaya.

    I was quite surprised to see Blake in the bottom three…but really, it’s probably a good thing for them at this point—both he and Lakisha should benefit from that boomerang effect. Their fans will vote like crazy for them next week now that they’ve been in trouble. Personally I think Chris should be shaking in his shoes.

  30. baby duck Says:

    Oh, yay!!! The OPD!! It’s the only thing I ever won other than a jig saw puzzle as a door prize at the Elks Father-Daughter banquet when I was about eight. I’m honored.

  31. Claire Says:

    Hasselhoff puppies – almost as cute as Dingo’s bunny slippers…. πŸ˜‰

    And I’m sorry, but I’ve given up even pretending to be interested in Idol this year. It just ain’t the same. Not even leering at Ryan S. can save it for me.

    Now HERE’Ssomething worth listening to. This is one of the most seamless mashes I’ve ever heard…check it out!!

  32. grayhound Says:


    FINALLY, someone other than me who thinks Jordin is meh. I don’t get it at all. She seems stiff when performing. I just don’t see the same thing as those who have said she’s the new Kelly Clarkson. wha???

  33. jenfera Says:

    Duckie, even if Blake couldn’t quite pull off Sting’s vocal he could definitely pull off the hawtness!

    KD, I liked your analysis. I finally did laugh along *with* Sanjaya last night during his sing out. That was the way to do it. Plus, I hope your boomerang effect theory is correct. I know I will be voting for Blake even more now.

  34. leejolem Says:

    I can’t look at the OPOTD, but I’m really hoping it’s the Hassellhoff w/puppies pic. That image is burned in my brain.

    Bama, welcome back! Can’t wait for our Jim/Pam/Michael/Dwight fix for the night.

    **waves to Rowan across big pond**

  35. jenfera Says:

    bama! Missed you! Loved your Jordin comment. That’s the vibe she gives me too. Thank you for articulating.

    Claire – that mash up was awesome, and I don’t even like Snow Patrol! Super groovy! Okay, as long as I am dreaming about the big finale, how about Sting makes a guest appearance and sings that mash up with Blake doing the Snow Patrol bit? Niiiiice.

  36. Cahaba Lily Says:

    Just popping in to say HI! Been too busy to read a lot of blogs, or to keep up. Hated to read about the meltdown Shelley. But I’m glad your blog contained a coherent explanation.

    Sorry to interrupt. Carry on…

  37. nolagirl Says:

    Flossy, flossy ….

    Damnit Bama. I had just gotten the song out of my head.

    Glad to see you back – I was having Bama withdrawals. πŸ™‚

  38. grayhound Says:

    I think I posted for the first time evah today! Who knew – I was in moderation for the longest time. Hello to all familiar faces. It is good to be among monkfriendbots.

  39. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Aww….y’all missed me! I feel real, real special-like. Thanks y’all!

    Sorry Nola. Between that song and the infernal new Avril Lavigne song “Hey, hey, you, you! You can be my boyfriend!”….I can’t get any peace in my brain.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one weirded out by Jordin.

    Lee- I’m so excited for The Office! Woohoo!

  40. Sideways Says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who got teary-eyed when Sanjaya and Lakeisha were hugging. My husband looked at me like I was a nut job. And, then I cried when Blake was wiping away Lakeisha’s tears

    The idols are very emotional this year when one of them leaves, I don’t remember this so much in past years. ( I do remember Carrie Underwood crying when Federov was voted off)

    shelley and dingo, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about Melinda. Impeccable vocals yes, but she is boring. She needs to step it up, or Jordin will be the next American Idol. She may be anyway.

    Blake is one of my favorites. Shocked to see him in the bottom three. Chris R should have been there, not Blake.

    Ryan interviewed Sanjaya this morning. Sanjaya handled himself very well. He’s a good kid and I wish him the best.

  41. ridearoundsally Says:

    Nice to see Cahaba Lily and greyhound joining us…long time guys..I hope you are all doing well Sal.x

  42. baby duck Says:

    Blake? Hawtness? Sorry, I like my men with upper lips.

  43. grayhound Says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys – I’m always here reading but don’t post too much.

    I felt so bad when Sanjaya was sobbing his little heart out. He seems like such a naive guy but in the end played the show for all it was worth.

  44. ivoryhut Says:

    Quick pop in to say hi to the new posters, and a big ol’ wave to Bama (HI BAMA!!!)

    Me doing spring cleaning today. Only bunnies around me right now are the dust ones.

  45. caryl Says:

    I’m another GC refugee who’s been lost in cyber space for the past week or so. I finally found my favorite GC posters here. I’ll probably just read and stay respectfully silent, since Gray taught me not to post if I have nothing to say.

    Just wanted to pop in and thank Shelley for providing a place for the cream of the GC crop to gather. (and I ain’t talkin’ about me. I’m a “cream-of-the-GC-crop” wanna-be.)

    Carry on. I’ll continue eavesdropping.

  46. jenfera Says:

    Aww, I think Blake’s lips are just fine.

  47. jenfera Says:

    Dang, I had a link in there. I’ll try again.

  48. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Baby Duck- I don’t mind so much that Blake doesn’t have an upper lip…cuz he’s got styyyyyle.

    Hi Ivory! I hope your dust bunnies are at least squishy dust bunny muffins!

    Caryl- you don’t have to say anything brilliant to be welcomed here. Just generally on topic….sort of. πŸ™‚

  49. baby duck Says:

    Jen, OK. You win with that pic. No more or we’ll get hit with the anti-fangirly fish.

  50. baby duck Says:

    And, yes, Bama. He does have capital S Style.

  51. grayhound Says:

    Does anyone read Dave White’s review of Idol each week? It is laugh til you cry hysterical!!

    I hope this link works. It’s his review from last week’s show.

    (Shelley – is this ok to do??)

  52. Shelley Says:

    I love Dave White.

    I just want folks to make sure there’s nothing in their linked material that’s lewd or offensive (I know that’s a broad brush to use…but use the Mom Barometer…if you wouldn’t share it with your mom…don’t share it here.) πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for sharing, Grayhound.

    And to all the new faces…welcome.

  53. grayhound Says:

    Hi Shelley! Thanks and I hope everyone enjoys – it’s not lewd or offensive, but snarky? Yep.

  54. jenfera Says:

    Good idea, baby duck! I’ll try to behave, but the sun is out for the first time in 5 days (at least!) and I have spring fever!

    Double yer cuteness, double yer fun!

  55. leejolem Says:

    Baby duck, I’m with you all the way on the liplessness of Blake. I just don’t find him hawt in the least (he does have style though). My gay-dar goes off with him, but that could be totally wrong, and I have never heard anything even remotely suggesting that. My men must have upper lips!!

  56. Shelley Says:

    jen…those images have OPOTD written all over them.

    will save to use at a later date. πŸ™‚


  57. nolagirl Says:

    See, Blake looks a lot like my future brother-in-law, so thinking he’s HAWT would just be wrong.

    Bama – You ARE special. πŸ˜‰ Smooches!!

  58. Dingo Says:

    >>Only bunnies around me right now are the dust ones.>>

    Dont be so sure. Those bunnies are pesky buggers.
    I hear tell they enjoy music blogs.

  59. Dingo Says:

    >>>I think they were hoping that if I used the name of something soft and fuzzy, it would help me from crossing the fine line between acceptable snark and biting criticism in my comments. Posting under baby duck has me doing a lot of backspacing before submitting, keeping me in line with squishy muffins, rainbow kittens, and Hasselhoff puppies.>>>

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that could have been me who wrote that! Im quite fond of a certain F word and this has been quite a challenge for me. Im pattin’ myself on the back every time I post. So, Duckie it is then.

    OPOTD. WTF? I hate when Im out of the loop.

    HEY!! Jordin has soul. Ahm lookin’ at you Grayhound! She makes me feel stuff when she sings. Stuff I would rather not feel. She has the extra ingredient at least for me. For those who dont know me, Im harmless but very exciteable.

    Debbi, nope, dont watch NCIS but Im thinking something about bunnies?

    Blake doesnt do it for me at all. Im trying to see what he has but it aint coming.

    To all of you who I have seen on an earlier GC blog and in other places, hi and good to see familiar faces.

  60. leejolem Says:

    OPOTD=Official Prize of the Day–given out extra special monkbot contributions. See Manifesto (I think).

  61. jenfera Says:

    Shell, I am more than happy to provide the service! Happy Spring!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    p.s. – watch out all you nice southern monkbots, I’m taking my spring fever down south to Arkansas and Memphis next week! If you hear someone screeching for joy about being warm again, it will be me!

  62. Shelley Says:

    ha…i’ve slept with the air conditioning on for the last two nights.

  63. grayhound Says:

    Hi Dingo!

    That’s ok – different strokes and all that……..good to see you!

  64. Dingo Says:

    Thank you leejolem for telling me what OPOTD means. I coulda just gone on pretending I know cause Im so cool. But it was killing me.

  65. jenfera Says:

    I’ve been sleeping with the down comforter and with socks on!

  66. Squeebee Says:

    I am so glad to see all the “old” faces from times gone by congregating here. Hey Dingo, grayhound, and Cahaba Lily! And all the “new” faces, too! Oh, and thanks to you MonkBots, I am now firmly hooked on “The Office”. My husband is burning the old episodes and we are in the process of watching Season 2. I have to admit that before I saw the show, I didn’t understand all the Jim love. I have now seen the light! I will not watch the current show until I have caught up, but OMG Pam and Jim need to get together!!!! Please don’t burst my bubble if this has already happened/is not meant to be. I will not read “The Office” posts until I am all caught up, but thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

  67. grayhound Says:

    Hi Squeebee! It’s like a mini-reunion of sorts huh???!!

  68. Little Deb Says:

    Dingo, David McCallum is a star on NCIS and his nickname is Duckie. You might remember him from earlier times.

  69. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I love converting people to The Office. Thanks for taking our advice Squee!!

  70. Dingo Says:

    >>ha…i’ve slept with the air conditioning on for the last two nights.>>

    OK, now yer jest bein’ mean.

    Waves to Squee.

    Debbi!! OMG I had the wildest crush on David McCallum when he was on UNCLE!!!!

    See? I wasnt “right” even back then.

  71. rowan Says:

    Hee hee…love the Hasslehoff puppies pic. Think I may just have to see how it looks as a screensaver. πŸ˜€

    Hiya Lee! (waves back from mega-messy kitchen in Dundee) Sendspace me a cyber three-hour hairdo…I am hair-impaired.

    Claire – awesome mash-up!

    Hi Caryl and other new folk πŸ™‚

  72. rowan Says:

    Dingo – LOL – David McCallum! Mega-crushage from me at age eleven. Loved his swinging page-boy hair in “The Invisible Man”.

  73. leejolem Says:

    Squee, welcome to Office-aholics Anonymous. I so am on Team Pam. Karen’s ok, but I want Pam and Jim together. Have you seen the Booze Cruise episode yet? It almost made me cry. Jim’s face is so expressive it never fails to make me laugh or cry. And what can I say about Dwight–he doesn’t have to say one word and I crack up. Big thanks to Bama and Shelley for talking me into watching. HC4S and I are watching some season 3 episodes we missed tonight on ITunes (only $1.99 each).

  74. Jules Says:

    Shamalamadingdong ~ that’s the funniest one I’ve “heard” & I’ve heard many spins on his name. My bf’s name is Shawn & when he was out of town a month & a half ago one of the pranksters in the shop I work changed his tray in the office to say ShawnJaya. It still says that! I would have rather seen Timberfake (quoting Dave White there) leave last night. The Advocate review made me laugh out loud on many points. The VFTW does gradings each week that are pretty hilarious too.

    BYW – Hi, my name’s Jules & I’m an Office-aholic.

  75. Dingo Says:

    rowan Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 2:51 pm
    Dingo – LOL – David McCallum! Mega-crushage from me at age eleven. Loved his swinging page-boy hair in β€œThe Invisible Man”.

    We are two pathetic people for so many reasons when you read this lmao.

    I have never watched the office but, I do declare that I will definitely watch the next time its on.

  76. Quossum Says:

    I wonder if Blake could fill Sting’s shoes, tho.

    (This is an experiment–I don’t know if Monkbot supports the quote function in this way and I can’t find that handy-dandy html guide!)

    It’s funny you should mention this. We were watching the tape of Blake’s performance and James said, “You know…he’s got a certain Sting-type quality there.” James sees it not just in his looks, but his vocals, something about his inflection, maybe…?

    I don’t know that I’d go that far. I will say that though I like Melinda’s singing much more (I don’t find her boring–I was bouncing in my seat with her song this week!), I do find Blake more interesting. The baby face and tatted-up arms, the hair, the beatboxing, the occasional odd, ’80’s-esque dance move randomly thrown into his performance…it just makes me laugh.


  77. Quossum Says:

    ^^^Oops…didn’t do quotes. That first line is a quote! πŸ™‚


  78. Shelley Says:

    What a day!

    Great talks. Well done.

    Until tomorrow, folks.

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