Raiders of the Lost Archives


Why do I feel like I’ve faced challenges and perils…having had to use my cunning and bravery to survive…only to emerge into a lost, buried room of untold treasures…and now must choose wisely?


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  1. ivoryhut Says:

    Yeah, just noticed that now myself. Was about to email you, then decided to check here first and saw that of course, you announced it already.

    I don’t know where Gray found the time to do this, but if he were around, I’d stand ten feet from him, be too shy to approach him, and settle for sending him thoughts of gratitude telepathically (and pathetically).

    As for choosing wisely, I don’t know about that. First I gots to gets me some of that wiseness thing. Is it edible?

    So sad there is no top secret code there. Heh.

    Happy spring to everyone!

  2. baby duck Says:

    Yes-s-s-s-s!!! Thanks, Gray!

    I’m glad to see Monkey vs. Robot at the top under Greatest Hits.

    Decisions, decisions. I could start with most recent and work my way back, since I tuned out March 30th. Or with the oldest and get all nostalgic. But to do it wisely would be to read the Monkbot archives and just click on the links.

  3. shrewspeaks Says:

    Glad to see the archives are there for posterity.

    “Choose wisely”…remember the coke ad they made from this scene?

    AH the golden age of summer flicks….Please Mr Speilberg, can you do a summer flick again?

  4. Shelley Says:

    Didn’t he do “War of the Worlds”?

    That was pretty fantastic.

    However…yes, we need more films like Indiana Jones.

    How about Indiana Jones 4?

  5. shrewspeaks Says:


    “Nazis, I hate these guys.”

    “Indy? We named the dog Indy.”

    OOOOOOOOH Karen Allen…is Shia LaBeouf their son?

  6. shrewspeaks Says:

    You know…the archives…the quotes…it’s all about reliving more innocent times. I think I will re-watch the Indiana Movies this week at night (after Idol gives us sappy songs of inspriation)

  7. Shelley Says:

    Cooper and I had an interesting conversation about Karen Allen’s ability to wear lipstick the other day (okay…so it was interesting only to me).

    Coop had seen the picture of me playing the violin in the post about classical music and commented that he had never seen that picture before.

    Then he said, “Shell, you look really pretty with lipstick on.”

    “Thanks, Coop. You are sweet.”

    “No, I mean it,” he said. “There are some women who look terrible in lipstick…like Karen Allen.”

    I thought about the final scene of Raiders and how she was dolled up. “You’re right,” I said.

    “Karen Allen is an unusual beauty,” said my 16-year-old brother. “She just looks so much better without any make-up…when she wears it…ugh…shudder.”

  8. shrewspeaks Says:

    Wow…he is so right!

    Think about her in Scrooged…in Bill Murray’s vision of the future…see in both Karen’s in little thingy

  9. bamaborntxbred Says:

    How in the world does Coop Dawg know who Karen Allen is anyway?

    I’m going to stand outside the nearest theater right now for Indiana Jones 4 tickets. I know I’ll be out there for a year…but it’s of utmost importance. The IJones movies are to me what Star Wars is to Shelley.

    Wonder if Gray will be watching DWTS tonight to see his little missy, Joss….hmmm….

    (Shelley-Really? You liked War of the Worlds? I was laughing so hard through the movie that I was crying…and it wasn’t supposed to be a funny movie.)

  10. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…next MonkBot Convention…at a theater?

  11. shrewspeaks Says:

    Wait…what? Joss Stone on DWTS?

  12. ivoryhut Says:

    Wow, Coop. That’s a really keen observation you made. I was already impressed that you even knew who she was and didn’t just say, “that chick in that movie.”

    Or maybe that’s partly because even though I have the trilogy on DVD, I wouldn’t have remembered her name, and “that chick in that movie” is exactly what I would’ve said. That is, if the whole lipstick thing ever occurred to me. Which it wouldn’t, because make-up and hair color are among those things that just escape my attention.

    As my co-worker said to me, I’m such a guy. Then again, with guys like Coop, I guess there’s hope for me yet.

  13. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Yeah Shrew, can you believe it!!?

  14. double d Says:

    Tom Cruise is atrocious. B-AAAA-D acting.

    My favorite recent Spielberg di-RECK-shuns were The Terminal and Catch Me If You Can. Perhaps the common denominator is Tom Hanks?

    Oh, and Jurassic Park IV is scheduled for 2008.

  15. seh Says:

    Gray has the “donations” button back up also if anyone would like to show their appreciation for his time and efforts. Just go to graycharles dot com.
    He also still has the T Shirts at Zazzle. Maybe we should get them while we can.

  16. Theresa Says:

    Thank God!

  17. shrewspeaks Says:

    “As my co-worker said to me, I’m such a guy.”

    I love Ivoryhut!

  18. Shelley Says:

    Y’all don’t forget to vote tonight…on “Idol Gives Back.”

    Do I need to do a post?

  19. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m gonna give back Shelley. Don’t you worry yer little head about that!

    Blakey-poo-poo AND the charities are gonna benefit from my votes!

  20. Laurita Says:

    ivory, Gray ‘found the time’ cause according to his automatice email replies, he’s on vacation in Fiji (with the Things and Mrs. G?), and somehow he must have found internet access there, and wanted to give all us GC addicts a little gift, perhaps in honor of APD tomorrow?:'_Day

    p.s. on the Joss watch, I missed her on Leno last night, but hopefully he got to see her via the satellite + Tivo he has in the shack on the beach where they’re camping out… (of course, this is all speculation on my part, and we know how much trouble that can get us in! – ouch, my tongue got stuck in my cheek 😉 ooh, a smiley.. better get out of here fast!)

  21. Dr. Bob Says:

    Yay to archives. If I ever get the time to peruse them (9_9) … The amount of work that Gray put out is just staggering … amazing.

    It would be nice to re-meet some of you. I remember being too shy to post, but had to because I was in total distress because I could not download an mp3 …

    Yay to vacationing in Fiji — I hope that the Grays are all having a wonderful time.

  22. texastaylorfan Says:

    I’m so glad to see the archives back. Was going to start on Day One today and read one every morning. But I already ruined that plan by jumping all around.
    There was an excellent read on Van Morrison under Other Artists With Soul that I don’t remember seeing before. I think it was March ’06 — too lazy to go back and look — but it was probably right before I discovered Gray’s. It was very interesting though – had all sorts of great info and there were only NINE replies to it! Nine! I couldn’t believe it.
    I know there are lots of other jewels I didn’t discover the first time around that I will find now. So glad to have them.

  23. Laurita Says:

    hey you all.. ms. stone update:

    Well, yes indeed, DWTS barefoot debut tonight for Joss…

    I’ve actually never watched DWTS before, but Tivo’d it after seeing your postings earlier, in order to see how she’d do and what the show was like..

    So she first sang ‘Super duper love’ which was a bit weird ’cause 2 couples were dancing to it while she performed…

    But then later she did ‘Tell me ’bout it’ with only her 3 awesome backup singers, in the club/concert-like setting, and was super hot as always.. long standing o…

    (Don’t think this has made me into a new fan of dwts, though.. However, I do like ‘So you think you can dance?” and just found out that Season 3 premieres in 2 parts on May 24 and 30th– anyone else watched that?)

  24. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Laurita….I LOVE SYTYCD!!! I adored Benji last year!!

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