What Happened in the 80s Should Stay in the 80s


So I’m walking through Kroger…minding my own business…buying my little foods and such…when my ears are accosted by strains from the past…

I didn’t like this song in the 80s…and it hasn’t gotten any better in the last 20-something years.

I know, I know…the whole point of this totally 80s shopping experience is strictly to target shoppers in their 30s and 40s because we, supposedly, are where the demographic dollars are when it comes to buying for the home, yard, and fridge.

Well, if any real thought were put into targeting my generation with music…the brain trust that put “Safety Dance” on the airwaves while I shopped for toilet paper would get the boot…but good.

The “Kids of America” who grew up in the 80s really loved their music…I mean…really, loved it. It defined us.

You can’t make us buy more detergent by throwing Men Without Hats at us…anymore than you could make us fill our carts with extra frozen dinners with that putrid version of “Venus” by Bananarama.

If you’re going to market us…don’t be wimpy about it. I say either go hard core and all the way…or go back to musak versions of “Lollipop” and “Hot Stuff” like you did for previous generations.

I’d like to see Kroger get gutsy and throw a little Depeche Mode our way. Or how about when shopping for a new lawnmower…Home Depot piping in some REM? And how much would it rawk if, while making a run in Target…you get to pick out a handbag AND hear “Planet Earth”…or, better yet…”Spirits in the Material World”?

But “Safety Dance”? Come on, don’t act like an imbecile.

For those watching “Heroes”…did last night’s episode kick butt or what!? I was about to pee my pants over Peter and Sylar throwing flames in the hallway. That show is amazing.


45 Responses to “What Happened in the 80s Should Stay in the 80s”

  1. rowan Says:

    Hee hee! saw this very early this morning but didn’t have time to comment. Hilarious! I sooo remember that song, and cringeing over it, even as a teenager without a great deal of musical discernment.( Actually, stratch that last bit – i did like Duran Duran after-all:)) I’d forgotten how crazy the singer’s eyes were. Why is he carrying invisible blocks of ice around a dismal mock-up of a mediaeval village? Very mysterious. O_o

    I had to go to my little girl’s school this morning. Walking along a long quiet corridor, I almost overcame my natural reticence and attempted to adopt imaginary ice-block carrying stance whilst whistling tunelessly through my teeth. I guess it would only have brought sympathy and benign grading for my daughter if I’d been spotted..

    Am reminded of Men at Work when I watch this clip. Not sure why. In my aphasic mind, I am thinking that the Aussie guys came onstream about the same time and pushed these whimsical skipping sorts out of the top ten. Men Without hats…Men at Work… Am hoping for a new band who have taken the Safety Dance to heart and come out as “Men at Work Wearing Safety Hats” as a precaution against the daily hazards of crumbling mediaeval masonry. They could spread vegemite sandwiches whilst threading around the maypole, and doing DIY for damsels in distress on their weekends off. I need some DIY…my drier is broken 😦

  2. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, I think you are on to something. I remember being hella excited sometime around the mid to late 90’s when all the radio stations started featuring 80’s shows. And the first few times I heard Come On Eileen and I’ll Melt With You, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But the problem is all of these stations just have the same rotation of 80’s songs, just like they have the same rotations of current songs the rest of the time.

    I was startled the other day when I heard Union of the Snake on the radio recently instead of Rio or Hungry Like the Wolf. But yeah, Planet Earth (or Save A Prayer!) would totally rock my world. Also, when I go to Home Depot, I’d like to hear a little Cure, please!

  3. bamaborntxbred Says:

    The thing I hate is that “kids these days” think that the Violent Femmes only ever sang “Blister In the Sun”….or that Prince only ever sang “1999”…or that INSERT SUPER COOL 80’S ARTIST HERE only ever sang INSERT THEIR BIGGEST HIT HERE.

    That’s so discouraging to me. Sigh…

    I taped Heroe’s last night so I don’t know how much butt was kicked! I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!!!

  4. shrewspeaks Says:

    Ummm….speaking of the immortal gods of teenage ultracool from my youth…anyone else find this Wendy’s Ad beyond disturbing…

    It’s food…NOT what the Femmes were singing about.

  5. Shelley Says:

    shrew…i’m SO glad you mentioned this.

    i have found this incident more than disturbing.

    Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun” should NEVER be used to sell food.


  6. KD Says:

    I still love the 80’s!!! The birth of MTV when there was still MUSIC in the MTV—the first video I ever saw was Hungry Like the Wolf. The moment is etched in my brain…it was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen, and I couldn’t wait to see it again…*laugh* Making mixed tapes during Kasey Casem’s top 40 countdown on Sunday morning. *sigh* Those were the days!!
    Had a blast taking this quiz with some old friends over a bottle of wine and some great conversation…brings it all back! Enjoy!


  7. shrewspeaks Says:

    Previous generations have avaoided this haven’t they? You wouldn’t use “Eve of Distruction” to sell insurance? Would you?

  8. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Love that quiz KD!!! How fun!

    Rowan-you should sell that idea to Simon Cowell. I’m sure he could put together a great group of singing carpenter type men.

  9. Mr. Reality Says:

    “Venus” by Bananarama is one of the finest musical moments from the 80s and a glorious peak from the production trio Stock Aiken Waterman. To blast it as unworthy is an act of cultural terrorism. I call for a Monkbot blog suspension of 30 days!

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Mr. Reality is a funny man!

  11. Shelley Says:

    Cultural terrorism? No, not at all.

  12. blueberry Says:

    Had some fun with that quiz KD! It brought back some memories, albeit distance ones, of some carefree days. It’s interesting how one line of a song can be synonomous with a memory that was all but forgotten – an easy time travel, if you will.

  13. leejolem Says:

    I’m a dork, but I can’t figure my way into the quiz. Isn’t it weird how some songs are so linked to commercials? I will never forget when I found out that Anticipation was an actual song before the cheesy ketchup commercial. Sad, isn’t it?

    I have to admit I loved Hungry Like the Wolf and the video on MTV. I thought it was so hawt!!! Do you guys remember Video Killed the Radio Star? That 1st year of MTV had some stupid videos, but we ate it up like it was candy.

    I think each decade is stuck with a few songs that later generations think are the only songs to come out of it. I thought Rock Around the Clock and Blueberry Hill were the only 2 50’s songs (thanks to Happy Days). I wonder what will characterize the 90’s and 00’s.

  14. double d Says:

    Sorry, I spent most of the ’80’s in Country Heaven. Now, you want to talk George Strait, Garth Brooks, or Hank, Jr. and I’m yer gal.

    Depeche Mode…. pffft.

  15. jenfera Says:

    80’s true confession time – Floating around somewhere in one of our houses are VHS tapes featuring myself, my best friend and my sister lip-synching, and dressed for the parts of, Bananarama, Power Station and Robert Palmer. Our Bananarama video was of Venus, and we tried to imitate their dance moves and their funky/trampy clothes. Which wasn’t as easy back then, as the Juniors department was filled with polo shirts, pin-striped jeans, and ruffle socks. I believe my ensemble featured a denim skirt with gold threading throughout, suspenders, and some t-shirt tied at the waste to expose some skin. I remember that I was Siobahn, only because I liked how she spelled her name. Reviewing the video some 20 years later, my appearance was decidedly dorky, and not at all trampy.

    I fared better as Robert Palmer, both in Power Station with my friend & sister as John Taylor and Andy Taylor, and as just Robert for Addicted to Love with the others as the catatonic back up girls from the video. I was rockin’ the men’s suit look and had Robert’s mannerisms down.

    I miss Robert.

  16. Shelley Says:

    I must demand that you submit that video for inspection…pronto!

  17. jenfera Says:

    Digital copies are not, and God willing, shall never be available.

    My sister, however, may have a Polaroid or two worthy for scanning. I’ll let you know.

  18. AmyMc Says:

    I gotta admit, I kinda like Safety Dance…call me a kook or a freak. LOL Yeah, I’m a loser. But that Safety Dance VIDEO SUXS!

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    On a side note, but not completely unrelated.

    I as a New Joisey resident heartily apologize for the mayhem and what I anticpate to be horrid evening of Idol that awaits you tonight.

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew….I think I might actually die of horror during Lakisha’s performance of a Bon Jovi song tonight.

  21. Shelley Says:

    bwahahaha at LaKisha singing “I’m a cowboy…on a steel horse I ride…I’m wanted (waaaaaanteeeed) dead or alive”

  22. shrewspeaks Says:

    I don’t know what to say…

    some artists work really don’t need highlighting by way of the Idol stage.

    What is next…the complete works of this master artist

  23. Shelley Says:

    Why does that remind me of Gray?

  24. jenfera Says:

    Aw, you just know Melinda and LaKisha are going for a girly ballads like I’ll Be There For You or Always. They’ll reinvent them as sappy Idol coronation-type disasters.

  25. shrewspeaks Says:

    The thought of Gray Singing “Indian Love Song” is just too much. I was mearly refering to Slim’s awesome audio power as demonstrated in Mars Attacks!

  26. Shelley Says:

    Okay…did I tell y’all that Taylor is going to be in concert in TWO places in Mississippi (Tupelo and Vicksburg) and I’ve decided to go to neither?

    That’s right.

    I’m truly done with it.

    However…I’d pay BIG bucks to hear Gray let out a Slim-quality yodel.

  27. Shelley Says:

    Hey…are y’all keeping up with the Idolatry Video Posts by Michael Slezak on EW?

  28. KD Says:

    My head’s going to Tupelo!!! Whoooooo!

  29. jenfera Says:

    At the risk of starting a conversation that reels out of control:

    Shelley, I find that all very interesting. How far away are Tupelo and Vicksburg? Are the shows inconvenient, far away, during the work week? I’m just curious because I think it is plenty possible to no longer be “crushed out” but to still be into the music, the showmanship, the band, etc. Have you decided that those things are just not all that either?

    Do you feel that you’ve already spent enough money? Will you ever go see Taylor again, say if he comes out with a CD you like better?

    I had a somewhat less-than-ideal concert experience the first time around (seats way back, no standing up and dancing, short performance because of the casino), so I am looking forward to trying again next month on the Cape. Since you had an even less less-than-ideal situation at HOB, I would have thought you might be up to try again too.

  30. leejolem Says:

    I have a secret crush on Jon Bon Jovi, and although I have never bought a cd or album, I lerve all Bon Jovi’s songs. I think tonight will be very interesting…. I think JBJ has the best hair in the industry.

    Slim Whitman was the best part of Mars Attacks!!

    Shelley, I can kind of relate. We’re going to go to Goshen,IN this summer, but after that I’m thinking I may need a bit of a break. Maybe we just had a little too much all Taylor, all the time. Who knows?

  31. Shelley Says:

    Vicksburg is 20 minutes away, and Tupelo is three hours away (but I have family there to stay with).

    So there is really no inconvenience factor.

    True…I’m not crushed out (though I’ll always think he’s a cutie patootie).

    But am I still into the music? Well, yes and no.

    I just listened to “Georgia” earlier today when it came up on shuffle mode on my iPod and I really, really enjoyed it…but more often than not, I fast forward through most all of his songs.

    I think that’s mainly because I’ve listened to them ad naseum and am now really, truly sick of them.

    This is not to say Taylor is bad…I’m just tired of him.

    But, hey, I get tired of James Taylor and, even…gasp…Captain & Tennille.

    I do think he’s a much better performer than what I’ve heard of him from the studio but that doesn’t compel me to want to go to a FOURTH concert. I’ve seen him at Workplay, with AI tour, and at HOBs. That’s three times as many concerts as I’ve been to for ANY artist…including James Taylor…and…gasp…Captain & Tennille.

    Have I spent enough money? Excuse my French but…HELL YEAH! And the money I put into Taylor fed my obsession. Now that that’s subsided…I’m back to my penny-pinching self.

    Will I ever see him again?

    I don’t know. I really don’t.

    I saw the Police only once and that was good enough for me.

    I saw JT only once and that was good enough for me.



    Garth Brooks…once.

    The thing is…I’m really not a concert-goer. I don’t enjoy crowds.

    Maybe, if he puts out a really good album…like Ray Lamontagne quality (meaning heart and soul and wounded spirit splayed out for all to hear)…yeah, I’d go see him on some dive bar circuit or at another Workplay-type situation (Lord help me, I’ll never set foot in another HOBs again as long as I live).

    But for now, I feel I’ve already seen him in concert and the only reason I’d really be going again is to try to get my picture taken with him…and, seriously, for me, that’s just not a good enough reason.

    It’s not a good enough reason because I should be going there for pure enjoyment…not for stressing over something that, more than likely, won’t happen (I can say this with total belief because…well…it hasn’t happened yet…and I’ve tried…and even Gray tried for me, bless his little ol’ heart).

    And…okay…I’m about to admit my total snobbery here…but…(hold on to y’all’s seats)…I hate…and I mean HATE that he refers to himself in third person and as “Tay Tay.”

    I know…it’s shallow and has NOTHING to do with his music but I can’t help it. It just grates on me as much as th*dd*ng over an *ni*n.

    I can’t fully explain why this bothers me as much as it does, but suffice it to say it has something to do with my extended family. (Seriously, you don’t want to know…and I don’t want to share.)

    And furthermore…the fact that I know he refers to himself in third person and as “Tay Tay” is reason enough for me to cool it when it comes to Taylor Hicks. I know NOTHING about Ray Lamontage and can’t imagine my life without his music. However, I’m sure that if I learned that he picked his toes with his teeth, I’d get tired of his tunes sooner than later.

    I think the mystery behind the entertainer is part of the appeal. I’ve ruined a lot of that for myself when it comes to Taylor. And that’s not fair to either him or to me.

    I’ve thought about posting how I’m over Taylor but then I thought…why ruin everyone else’s fun? I mean, I still get a kick out of reading everyone’s recaps…and especially their encounters with Taylor and Traveling Monkbot. For me…that’s a whole new way to enjoy the concerts.

    I hope that explains it. If not…maybe I’ll have to push my word count up from novella to novel. (Sorry for being so long-winded on this…can you tell I’ve had it on my mind a long time? Ha. πŸ™‚ )

  32. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, ROFLMBO about the Tay-Tay thing. Isn’t it funny how certain things annoy the heck out of us? He is so not “Tay-Tay” in person. He is intense, serious artist, no laughing matter. I think Taylor is burnt out on himself lately. There is a big bridge to gap between his AI persona, and his real personality, and I think it’s putting a strain on him. This is all imo only–I don’t know him personally, but after seeing “live and in person” it’s just my gut feeling.

    **hope I haven’t opened a big can of worms**

  33. jenfera Says:

    I loved your well thought out answers to my questions! The Tay Tay thing is cracking me up. I have my own hang up there. Whenever I have heard (or read) anyone but Taylor call him Tay or Tay Tay I have bristled. I hate it. I just feel like that is too familiar for anyone but his mom and his best friends. I give Tay-online.com a pass because that is the name of the site, but I still cringe a bit even there. When I saw he signed his last blog post “Tay Tay” I was torn between “That’s cute” and “How dorky!”

    I can see being burned out on it all. And if you aren’t a big concert goer to begin with, then it all makes sense.

    I’m working on getting to the place you are at. I’m not quite there. I have days when I think, “what if my husband is right and he is a talentless hack? What if he’s the stuck on himself, arrogant a** he comes off as sometimes?” Do I care? I don’t know. I am still enjoying the music, whenever it comes up on the shuffle. And then there are those certain pictures that still make me melt. Maybe I am just waiting for whatever the next obsession is to come along and take over.

    Thanks for sharing, Shelley!

  34. Lab Says:

    Shelley, I thank you for saying what you said. Because I don’t post here often, or anywhere any more for that matter, I hesitate to say what I want to say. But here goes….you can delete or not post if you like (it’s good therapy just to write it)

    I just think it comes down, for a few of us…certainly not all, to the over-invested thing I keep hearing brought up elsewhere. I am embarrassed to say that, although I am an intelligent young woman, I became over-invested in something that lasted over a year and now, despite it all, it has let me down because it’s nothing like I expected. Is that my fault for projecting? or is it Taylor’s fault for not giving me what I wanted? I truly don’t know. But what I believed about him and his music is so far removed from the reality, in my eyes. I have been puzzed over many things as they have unfolded, but have kept quiet….maybe because I so enjoyed the atmosphere that was being created and swirling around this new artist. I sometimes think this blog, and others, and the feeling of community, made him more interesting than he truly is.

    I, too, am sensitive in not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, so these are just my thoughts. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me at all. But you brought up something that bugs you and I felt such a sigh of relief….I just wanna add my two cents if I may.

    Here’s what bugs me….
    1. I am extremely dissapointed that he doesn’t talk much AT ALL during his concerts. For someone who professes such respect for the songs, I would have loved to hear a little introduction to, say, Hell of A Day….even if it was just “hey, you know when everything goes wrong?….well here’s a song I wrote after one hell of a day”. I’m used to Springsteen concerts and others who have such an intimacy with their audience that they share their soul. Is that fair to Taylor at this point in his career? Probably not. But, still, it bothered me when I saw him.

    2. For someone who carried his harmonica in his pocket during AI and has talked extensively about being a “musician”….I am shocked that for about 90% of his concert, the tambourine gets picked up more than the guitar or harp. I am so puzzled by that one. And, this is really bad to say, but it does end up looking like a Vegas act. Thank goodness I still have the Snoop performance & AI long walk in my bookmarks to remind me that he can wail on that thing. lol

    3. The ticks, clicks or whatever it is he is doing with making weird sounds on some songs, which totally messes up the melody and throws everything off balance is cute to some, but it has grown bizarre to me. I just don’t get it. Is that a new gimmick? And if so, whyyyyyyyyyy? For a long time, I thought it’s some form of artistry that if you don’t get it, you’re not cool, but if you see it in person…..well I saw it and I still don’t get it.

    4. The show I saw had tons of energy and everybody was pumped, including myself. But, here’s the kicker…. the next day, instead of the feeling that I had truly seen something magnificant, I felt empty. Despite all my wishing and hoping to be able to talk about his concert for days, I quickly forgot it. Music, always for me, has been something to stay with you. You can’t quite shake it when it’s really, really, really good. I was amazed and felt something was wrong with me that it just wasn’t all that.

    So, as a Taylor fan, who has been on this long, um, journey, and has seen all the ups, downs, blondes on a plane, gray’s interview, the f-word fiasco, Vibe magazine, meets & greets, cellcerts, you name it…..I wanted to get this off my chest. And I just hope that one day he will write and perform some music that matters. Until then, I will continue to read what the other fans write and enjoy their enthusiasm. That’s been the most fun for me lately.

    And yeah, the Tay Tay thing bothers me too. lol

  35. Shelley Says:

    Lab, I’m so glad you posted. It takes guts to say what you feel…especially when you’ve seen others take heat for doing such a thing.

    I’m proud you’re a part of this community…even if it’s mostly as a silent voice.

    About what you said…

    I. Agree. Totally.

    I hadn’t thought about about how his conversation with his audience is limited. So true…and a very poignant observance.

    I don’t mind the tambourine over harmonica thing so much as…well…I don’t always enjoy his harmonica playing.

    I mean…I like it…when it’s working…but when it ain’t…please, give me some tambourine.

    Again, I really appreciate your candor, which was done in a thoughtful and thought-filled manner. I just want to make sure that this post (and this blog) don’t devolve into a “this is what I hate about Taylor” thing…partly because he did give us so much fun for so long…but mainly because I’m simply tired of talking about him. (Geez, I didn’t obsess this much over my last boyfriend. Ha.)

    Thanks, again, Lab.

  36. Mall Rabbit Says:

    Hey — my first post here. I’ve enjoyed lurking. Sometimes I think I’ve seen one too many photos where I can count Taylor’s nose hairs and upper lip sweat beads. I know much less about my other favorite performers. I think the American Idol machine combined with the Internet propels artists and their new fan bases into over load. I have a new iPod Shuffle and have all 3 of Taylor’s CDs, Elliott’s new CD, Amy Winehouse, Supertramp, Little Big Town, Aerosmith, soundtrack to Music & Lyrics, and newly downloaded Bon Jovi. I finally heard JTFTW on an Atlanta radio station — in decent rotation. I feel I have graduated and can move on.

    I spent 80’s like Double D — I was all about country and totally into Alabama — driving to Fort Payne — driving up to No. Ga and staying overnight to see them in concert. Goodness help if the Internet had been alive then. I love Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood and Vince Gill. Little Big Town is a new favorite of my with a Fleetwood Mac vibe.

  37. baby duck Says:

    This post and all the music that you’ve referenced has vindicated me for tuning out contemporary music when the ’80’s rolled around. I even searched Depeche Mode on youtube just to be sure. Pffft exactly, double d. My only regret is that I can’t share it as a symbiotic cultural experience with those of you who feel defined by it. Shucky-darn.

    The music I recognise in commercials from it’s former life is Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

    I have tickets for what was supposed to be the last concert of the tour twelve days from now. I’ve been wondering if perhaps some of the newness and wonder will have worn off by that time. Not for me, for Taylor. What if you’re right, leejolem, and”…Taylor is burnt out on himself lately.”? Will he only sing the songs on his album, pretty much as they were recorded? Is he more than ready for a break from life on the bus? Is he tired of smiling and posing with perfect strangers, and just wants to get it over with? Is he thinking now about the time ahead, to write music and his book? So much so that the concert I attend be phoned-in?

    I’ve been willing to give Taylor’s less-than-stellar (to my ears) album a pass, figuring he’ll bring it when it comes time for the concert. I’m hoping that he will still be up for jamming and tagging and playing the harp profusely, like was reported from Birmingham. Or that he’ll sit on a stool with an acoustic guitar and sing The Fall or Somehow or Ain’t No Sunshine with his “heart and soul and wounded spirit splayed out for all to hear”. Still hoping, yes. But getting fidgety.

  38. Dr. Bob Says:

    What a nice wander through the posts. First, inspired by Shrew, I will tell my Bon Jovi story.

    When my husband and I got married, that night, somehow, we ended up at a Black Angus restaurant, dancing on the postage-stamp-sized dance floor with the whole wedding party. The DJ found out that we had just gotten married and played a Special Song for the Bride and Groom. We waited to see what romantic tune would become Our Song. After the first few steel guitar bars, I just started laughing it was Dead or Alive. I was laughing so hard that I could not even dance. It was wonderfully weird (and a little skeery).

    But honestly … Bon Jovi on AI? Yeesh.

    I loooove the video … Shelley, it is a perfect student-project-self-important-overly-obscure-look-what-I-can-do-that-no-one-has -put-in-a-music-video video. It makes me want to dress in my Ren Faire best kirtle and bodice and twirl around a cow byre.

    The Cure and Curel?
    Depeche Mode and Dannon?
    New Order and Niblets Corn?

    getting older sux …

    Tay Tay — 9_9
    Hated it the first time I heard it on AI — for cryin’ in the sink! Thank heavens that I have not heard TH refer to himself in that way, because it would make me a little wooozy and upchuck-y. People should not refer to themselves in the third person. Dr. Bob, herself, never does this unless she is experiencing a dissociative fugue. After she wakes in Las Vegas with smeared eyeliner, an empty bank account, and a suspicious case of prickly heat, she reverts to first person references.

    I do know one person who also refers to himself in the third person — when he is psychotic, he will solemnly inform me that “Andrew is not here right now”. Once I asked if it would be okay to talk to Andrew anyway, and he asked, with annoyed irritation, why the hell did I want to do that?! And then he kindly checked to see if I received the 42 million dollars that he placed in my bank account and apologized for the tax hit that I was going to take. He thought that the money would not fit in the trunk of my car and he thought that the bank was the safest place for the cash. I don’t really think that the money will be there, but I can’t help looking on my kitchen counter for the promised german chocolate cake. (He knows that it is my favorite). Just in case, ya know …

    (great post lab — I have been pondering the whole thing myself)

    Vive Le Monkbot!

  39. Dr. Bob Says:

    I told the bon jovi song story just for shrew, because she made me laugh out loud with the Slim Whitman … very funny!

  40. Quossum Says:

    Word to y’all.

    The Taylor obsession…and the 80’s music…must go the way of all things. It’s part of the natural cycle of life.

    And part of that cycle is looking back and thinking, “What the hell was I thinking?” with a blush and a cringe and a sheepish expression.

    But it’s all good. And the good things last, after all.


  41. Shelley Says:

    Leave it to Q to come up with the perfect way to wrap-up a crazy discussion.

    You’re so right, sweetie. πŸ™‚

  42. rowan Says:

    Dr Bob – liked your ‘Dead or Alive’ story! That song is definitely gets its “Walking on the Moon” merit badge for being difficult to dance to.

  43. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Dr Bob- I liked your ANDREW story! Niiiiice….

  44. Dr. Bob Says:

    : D

    Bama, I know that there is not going to be millions of dollars in my bank account, but I cannot help looking for the cake from time to time…

  45. Mall Rabbit Says:

    Well, last night I loaded my iPod with classic Bon Jovi and some Aerosmith in the mix. I had WDOA in 3 versions, BJ live, BJ original studio, and Daughtry’s AI version. Love them all — I was rockin’ in my cubicle today and wanted to bust out in song — all be it perhaps out of tune.

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