I’ll Be There for You (Blake)… These Five (Six) Words I Swear to You


There are very few times in life when I literally salivate and food is not involved…one of those rare times was last night…as we began Bon Jovi night on American Idol.

I actually rubbed my hands together in anticipation as the camera panned across the contestants…

Blake with BLACK HAIR! Yum.

Jordin with HUGE HAIR! Umm.

Phil with NO HAIR! Oh wait…that’s normal.

I was so excited at the prospect of the cheese about to be laid before me in a blaze of glory…and Ryan, looking particularly scruffy and scrumptious in his charcoal suit sans tie, made the promise du fromage even more compelling with his deeply analytical lead-in question…”Who has the chops? This…is American Idol.”

(At this point, I had to wipe the drool off my chin with the back of my hand. I just KNEW this night would be special.)

After the intro, Ryan came out and told us that we (AI junkies) raised nearly $70 million for the needy…pretty amazing. And then he totally blew any sincerity out of that $70 millon dollars with a segue worse than “Who has the chops?” He introduced Idol’s resident “needy children” Randy, Paula and Simon. Am I the only one who had the taste of bile in their mouths on that one? For the future, Ryan, how about you not compare starving and diseased children in Africa with three rich, immature celebrities? Just a suggestion, man.

We next were treated to a nice little montage of Bon Jovi over the last 20 years. They’ve performed more than 3,000 concerts in 50 countries. I have to say, I was pretty amazed…especially since I think about half of those concerts were all in my hometown of Biloxi, MS. I swear, they were ALWAYS there…like some weird hair band dimensional stop-over portal on their way to their other venues.

For the Idol coaching sessions, Jon Bon Jovi played guitar and band keyboardist, David Bryan, accompanied. As far as celebrity coaches go, I thought Jon was pretty involved from the clips we saw.

Phil Stacey kicked off the night with “Blaze of Glory” (mmmm…Emilio Estevez as a cowboy). In his interview clip, Phil told us that he was the kid who sung this song in the mirror with his comb in his hand. Stop. Was I the only one picturing a bald 12-year-old holding a comb, trying desperately to find its purpose, and finally busting out into “Blaze of Glory”? Despite the unfortunate visual, this was his best Idol performance ever and a great way to start the show. I just hated that he went first. It’s tough this week to make predictions with the votes from last week being tallied with this week’s, but if this week’s performance was the only thing that counted, Phil would be safe. (Oh…and not even Velveeta is as cheesy as seeing Phil knock knuckles with Randy “Dawg Pound” Jackson while singing “Blaze of Glory.” Beautiful.) That said, if Phil does go home this week…what a swan song this will be, huh?

Jordin Sparks sang “Living on a Prayer” and It. Was. Rough. No…It. Was. Horribly. Rough. I actually loved her with just the guitar and piano in the coaching session. I think, had she gone with that…she could have given it a rock edge and kept it less shrill. Plus, that hair. It was so scary that I hid behind my armchair until she left the stage. I’ve never before witnessed party favor hair extensions…but, sure enough, as she banged her head, those curls shot out and then furled back in just like those obnoxious horns with the paper curls attached. Plus…standing next to Ryan with all that hair and height…I couldn’t get this image out of my head. I will give her props, though, for getting out of her comfort zone of ballads to take on a rock song. That took guts. I think her personality and frankness about her performance will save her.

LaKisha Jones was more than just a bit saucy this week. She professed to give us a “little some’in some’in” and she delivered with her rendition of the lesser known Bon Jovi track “This Ain’t a Love Song.” I think she did fine…but it was a soul-singer’s song, so, it wasn’t really a challenge for her. What was a challenge was Jon Bon Jovi trying to get all skreet with Kiki. “You got to think of yourself as pleading, and that man is walkin’ out da doh.” It made me so uncomfortable that I had to hide behind my armchair again. This wasn’t LaKisha’s best performance. It wasn’t bad..but it was nothing I remembered five minutes later. However, her kissing Simon full on the lips is burned into my brain for eternity…and probably did more for her than the performance did. Still, I think she may be the upset tomorrow night.

But no amount of kissy face with Simon would have been enough to keep from being upstaged by one Mr. Blake Lewis last night.

Blonde hair, black hair, big hair, no hair…it wouldn’t have mattered if he was covered with hair, Blake was absolutely amazing with his beatboxing version of “You Give Love a Bad Name.” It was fun and entertaining and fresh and original and edgy and contemporary and fantastic. This guy is as much about strategy as he is about entertaining with a cool edge. Saving the beatboxing for a week when it really counted was genius. This performance really put Blake in a different league from everyone but Melinda. It’s tough to think how the votes for Blake will flush out on the heels of last week’s uninspired “Imagine”…but I know I was charged up enough to vote for him more than once last night. He really kicked ass.

Until I can get a video of last night’s performance…I’m putting this one up for Cooper. It’s someone creating a Mii image of Blake on their Wii.

And after all that is golden from our boy Blake, I have to admit I really felt bad for little Chris Richardson. Not only was he following a superb performance, he was singing a song that Chris Daughtry nailed last year, “Dead or Alive.” And to top it off…he wasn’t good. Bless his heart…he was REALLY not good. I think he tried to make it his own…but unfortunately that meant making it nasally. This may be Chris’ week to go home.

Last but certainly not least was Melinda Doolittle. Now, I stand by the fact that Blake was hands-down the best of the night, but Melinda wasn’t any slouch. She reached past herself to rock out on “Have a Nice Day,” which isn’t a great song with its go nowhere verses and all-too-short chorus. But she sounded great and looked even better. I also loved her stage presence…she really had the rocker chic persona down. I threw some votes her way…which I would have done even if she had stunk simply because she cracked me up when she tried to figure out the proper way to issue the “rock on” sign. I think she’s safe.

So what did y’all think? Would more hair have helped Jordin? Will Phil be going down in a “Blaze of Glory”? Did Simon enjoy LaKisha’s kiss a little too much? Will Blake marry me? Is Chris really a cowboy or does he just twang like one? Can Melinda do anything wrong? And, was it just me, or did the appearance of President and Laura Bush seem really random and weird…especially his awkward shout out to Bono?

Entertainment Weekly’s write-up


45 Responses to “I’ll Be There for You (Blake)… These Five (Six) Words I Swear to You”

  1. Quossum Says:

    Official Announcement: I am now in love with Blake.

    Seriously, I couldn’t *wait* to turn on the ‘puter this morning and see what you had to say about this performance, Shelley, and I have to say that we’ve got some Monkbot synergy goin’ here. I was blown away last night!

    Like you, I was a little worried about Blake after that snoozy “Imagine” last week, and I think he pulled it out where he needed to here. Yes, I agree with Simon in a way–it was a polarizing performance, in that it was quirky and…different as all get out, but it was SO different and just do dang ballsy a thing to do at this stage of the game, that I think it will be galvanizing for him. Even James, who is not typically a fan of “that type” of music, turned to me and said, “I want the full version! Download the full version!” I must have rewound and watched it three times, giggling with multifaceted glee each time.

    And the buzz, oh the buzz. People will be talking about it. Talking equals votes. (Just ask Sanjaya’s hair.)

    The others…I felt sorry for Chris R. having to follow Blake, and “nasally” is not a style suited for rock ballads. Phil did a much better job with his song, but to me it was too karaoke. Jordin–whew. I’m worried. LaKisha did a great job, really brought it back from a couple of mediocre weeks. Melinda–loved the sass, loved the attitude, the disdainful expression as she sang, “Have a nice day!” and flipped her hair. Love her!

    Just based on performances…I’d say Jordin and Chris in trouble, just like the fake ousting last week. If Jordin’s fans rally big-time because they sense she’s in trouble, maybe LaKeisha or Phil? They both had good nights, but that can lead to fan complacency, so…who knows?


  2. jenfera Says:

    Blake rocked my world last night! LOVED it! I don’t know if I would buy it, but it impressed the hell out of me. The daring, the strategy, the AUDACITY! Whoooo, baby! (Shell, you are cracking me up with the “wouldn’t have mattered if he was covered with hair! Bwaaaaah!!!)

    I am interested to find out my co-workers reactions this morning. My boss, who is in his late 50’s, never got Chris Daughtry, and I doubt he will get this either. Another co-worker seems to just hate everybody this year, and she also seems to enjoy saying the opposite of whatever I say, so I won’t be surprised if Simon’s polarizing theory holds true in this cubicle farm.

    I’m hoping VFTW helps out Phil, although I don’t think they have much umph left now that Sanjaya is gone. I voted a few times for Phil and LOTS of times for Blake, hopefully together forming an anti-Chris vote.

    I’m going to go against the grain a bit now though and say I wasn’t digging Mindy-doo’s performance last night. I don’t even think it is her fault though. I hated the arrangement, hated the back up singers. I liked the Tina Turner tough girl thing she had going on, but it was like every single line had the exact same sound, that same Tina shout at the end. For me, I would have been good with a little less shout, maybe just build it up towards the end.

    Jordin was a trainwreck last night. And as far as her look standing there next to Ryan, the RuPaul thing was right on track. I said to a friend that it’s not that Ryan looks tiny, it’s that Jordin looks huge. I know she’s a big girl, and that’s not her fault, but that hair was outta control!

  3. KD Says:

    Alrighty then…..Blake left me with the biggest stupidest grin on my face last night!! That took balls of steel, and he stole the show…I rewound and rewatched his performance several times, which is an absolute first this season. Here we see another artist…different, but an artist. Loved it!

    Phil was awesome! I’ll actually be sad to see him go if tonight’s his night. Shelley, you’re right…what an awesome swan song if it is his night! Goin’ down in a blaze glory!

    Chris should NOT have taken on that song. ( There are certain songs you just don’t do if another Idol has done them….Bo’s accopella number, Carrie’s Independence Day, Taylor’s anything but Country Roads 😉 Constantine’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Daughtry’s Wanted Dead or Alive….) I have never “gotten” Chris anyway—I’m thinking he’ll be going down tonight.

    And poor Jordin—God love her. She had a rough night. I agree that her sweet acceptance of the stinkiness of her performance will touch the voters though.

    Predictions: Chris and Lakisha. Why? Just a feeling. Interestingly enough, I’m suddenly feeling invested. First time all season. Amazing what one awesome performance can do. (Thanks Blake!)

  4. Staci Says:

    I really wished I could just vote for Chris to go home, and give all the others all my votes. I loved Blake’s version of a beloved Bon Jovi song… was really worried after JBJ’s comments, but Blake “brought it”! I was glad to see Melinda and, yes, Jordin both bring a different quality to their styles. Kiki didn’t bring it. I’m sorry. This is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Simon. I’m not sure why he felt led to kiss her. She didn’t sell the song. (go ahead, boo) Now for my boy: Phil Stacey/Staci. I thought he did a good job, but knowing he’s been singing this song in front of a mirror all his life, I expected a little more… but I think he’s safe. I’m with KD: bye to Chris and Kiki.

  5. baby duck Says:

    Blake’s performance last night merits induction into Monkbot membership, don’tcha think? That was the first time I really “got” him.

    Shelley, give yourself the OPD for “party favor hair extensions”. Too funny!

  6. jenfera Says:

    Oh, I also wanted to mention that when Ryan made the Justin Timberlake crack about Chris, I was ready for Chris to go home immediately without even performing. He just had that smug look on his face like, “Yeah, that’s me! Heir to the throne! Watch out Justin!” Ugh.

    Also, I wanted to thank Blake, or whatever it was (perhaps the laying down of burdens in yesterday’s comments?) that seems to have brought back Shelley’s joie de monkbot. You’ve seemed a little out of sorts lately, but this post is on fire. Hooray!!!

  7. grayhound Says:

    Here’s the link to Dave White from last week – hope it hasn’t already been posted. Lurved Jovi night – I was actually surprised how good most did.

    Lakisha – great rendition – I would buy it.
    Blake – just really creative guy – definitely going places.
    Melinda – a pro who can do everything even if it’s not her preferred genre.

    Phil, Timberfake, Jordin – eh.


  8. Dr. Bob Says:

    Great write up — extra points for using the word “fromage”. I was completely prepared to hate last night, but I was wrong. It was a surprisingly good show. I worry about Phil, having violated the “don’t sing about being voted off, going home, or going out in a blaze of glory” rule. But if he does go home, he will know that he did a good job. He seemed to be having a lot of fun, and personality does count.

    Poor Jordin — I liked it when Bon Jovi winced when she said that her mom loved him. (Generally, implying that the guest coach is ancient is not a good idea …) She is funny, seems very nice and sweet, and can sing. Why do I not like her more? Dunno.

    I was happy to see LaKisha do well. Did not get Simon’s reaction at all. What was all of that about? It was like watching a middle school improv skit — almost the right emotional resonance, but not quite.

    I loved Blake — no two ways about it. The show is also about performance and when someone makes you say “hey — I would go see them in concert” that is a good thing. I am glad that he redeemed himself after last week.

    Chris …. zzzzzzzzz

    I liked Melinda, but I did not heart her. I thought that she was funny and self-deprecating. She is so good that there is little to say about her, which is kind of sad … when you are very good, people tend to only comment when you do poorly.

  9. leejolem Says:

    I wish 2 peeps didn’t have to go tonight. I’m worried about Phil. I loved his Blaze of Glory performance. Blake’s dark hair didn’t do it for me, but his performance was gutsy and sooo creative. Lerved it!!! I’m really hoping Jordin and Chris go home, but I’m afraid it will be Kiki and Phil. What was that kiss all about? Sometimes I don’t get Simon, but it made for great tv.

    Did anyone watch DWTS last night? AI needs to take comedy lessons from them. The Dancecenter evaluations of the contestants was so funny!!!!!! As always Jimmy Kimmel rawked. I was sorry to see John R. go, but alas, it was his time.

  10. grayhound Says:

    Self-edited to add clarification of Phil, Timberfake, Jordin performances from last night:

    Phil – has actually pulled out his charisma these past couple of weeks – sang the song great but still “something” missing for me.
    Timberfake – sang the song with a nasal twang, not great enough to last.
    Jordin – hey – did anyone here know she’s just SEVENTEEN??? Lest we forgot, John BJovi reminded us of this. I have never gotten the kudos for this girl (I am sorry I wish I could get it). Anyhoo – last night – just. not. good. And, for anyone who doesn’t know – SHE’S ONLY SEVENTEEN!!!

  11. Squeebee Says:

    I am not watching AI this year, but did the Wii mock-up of Blake remind anyone else of Chicken Little? Just askin’……

  12. Holeigh Says:

    Alright, here I go, being all different from people…well, just a little. 😉

    Phil — I have liked this guy pretty much from the beginning, I can’t help it. I think he’s incredibly genuine (despite how maaany others feel) and just so happy to be alive. He’s really stepped it up lately; last night was his best performance so far, IMO. He really felt the lyrics and while he didn’t mix it up, his voice was beautiful. He goes home and…grr.

    Jordin — Ah, poor girl. I knew this would be difficult as soon as Ryan told us her song…she did well with the chorus, when she could let loose, but the rest was quite an adventure. This will be her cue to make better song choices, but her fanbase will keep her around. If she goes home, I’d be shocked.

    LaKisha — LOVED this. I thought she did a wonderful job with a song I’d never heard. She was all about the personality, which she has been missing lately, sounded great, and sold the song. Better than Melinda I think, but that later.

    Blake — Best of the night, period. This kid will shock us all, and I’m having fun watching! (And did I see some guyliner? Niiice…)

    Chris — I can’t say poor Chris. He should’ve gone home a couple weeks ago, I think. The song may be iconic, but think about reality v. what would be fun to do, here. He seems to be giving a lot of attitude lately as well, which I don’t care for. He can leave and I’ll be fine.

    Melinda — To quote Simon: “Sorry”, but I don’t like her. I know she’s a great singer, blah, blah, but she should be as a background singer. I haven’t felt anything from her in weeks, and last night my parents and I spent her performance trying to figure out what her shirt said, as that was more interesting than she was. There, that’s my harshness for the week…and does anyone else think she’s gone last like every other week? I swear, she gets the pimp spot more than anyone else this season.

  13. double d Says:

    MSNBC makes a good point that last night’s votes likely won’t make any difference because so many more people voted last week.

    Libra Dragon prediction: Chris and Lakeisha go home.

  14. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Cancer Rat prediction agrees with Libra Dragon’s. Believe it or not. 😉

    I was waiting for last night to blow chunks…instead it was really entertaining!

    Blake was AMAZING. I want him and Littledoo in the Finale…with MD taking the win.

  15. musicmatters Says:

    I’m sorry but the beatboxing boy did nothing for me. I despise that crap in music. I only watchd the show because my husband’s a fan of Bon Jovi. Another form of music I can’t stand (80s hair rock). I just don’t get the love for Blake. What was with the hair and guy liner? He’s about as goth as my grandma. Thanks Blake for making me agree with Simon. Something I NEVER hoped would happen, but I guess some people really loved it and some hated it. Put me down for intense hate.

  16. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, musicmatters, at least you know how to speak your mind. We like that around here.

    But for the record, guyliner and dark hair isn’t always about goth….it’s just another way to stylistically express yourself. Comparing Blake’s look to goth is like comparing Duran Duran (who wore lots of make-up) to The Sex Pistols (who wore lots of make-up).

    Just wanted to clarify.

  17. texan Says:

    not watching this go ’round..but good to see ya all!

  18. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    well my oldest daughter sat in front of the tv and tapped (on her cell phone lmao) Blake singing, and watched it over and over and told me that she loves blake like I love Taylor, she wants to go to the ai concert with me (I had to tell her I had no intention of going this year, for wich she screamed WHAT??? haha maybe we will have to go sighsss)
    I thought phil did great, I am suprised I actualloy watched him (usually I look away and listen )and he really did the song good. but I didnt vote for him, felt bad about that, I hopoe he doesnt go home, but I am trying hard to keep my favs in.
    Jordan, sighs that really was bad, I knew from the time with bon jovi that she wasnt gonna do well, and she really didnt. I didnt care for the hair either but I guess it was her rocker look, and shes not a rocker . If it was all about last nights performance she would be going home but since its not just about last night Im not sure.
    Lakeesha, never heard of this song, but she blew me away, I liked her version a lot and she got a lot of votes for me last night because im worried she may go home tonight because last week noone cared much for her 😦 I think shes great and would like to see her in the top 3 , I would buy this single if she sang it.
    Blake, OMG he freaked me out when bon jovi was rehearsing with him, I thought oh no hes gonna mess up, and bon jovi thought so too from the sounds of it, didnt like his remark that this is a singing competition but eh he found out when blake got on stage that blake can make it more then just a singing competition. HE ROCKED! I was amazed at his beat boxing, I always thought those sounds came from doing something with the records lol he amazes me and I truely want him in the top 2. My daughter wants him to win, but I have to say I dont care much for his signing if he doesnt add his beatboxing into it. I will definately buy his cd when it comes out (and it will lol) as long as he does beatboxing in the cd.
    Chris, ugh, I really cant think of anyhting good to say so ill leave it as goodbye and good luck.
    melinda, ahhhhhh, grrrr baracuda! she has a rocker side hehehe that was awsome , in all honestly she amazes me every week, because Ill think oh no, this isnt her genre, and she pulls it off, and last night she was a hot rocker heheh loved her loved her loved her lol she got the most votes for me cause I love her and want her to win this year, (but blake got many votes too hehe, if he goes home my daughter will have a FIT lol, I gotta get her a good download of him singing (only the beat boxing ones) so she can have them on her phone, shes definatly a blaker girl hehe) shes walking around today saying blakes the cake lmao reminds me so much of me about taylor, I was always walking around the house screaming wooo soul patrol and the kids would respond with the same 😀
    I really enjoyed last night, Im actually worried about tonight, who I think should go home and who do may not be the same.

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    Duran Duran compared to the Sex Pistols…heh

  20. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shrew- you know I like make-up on boys.

  21. KimLoree Says:

    I’m trying not to watch AI, cuz I’m pissed at them. But…I caught a couple of Blake’s performances while flipping channels….and I like the guy. I loved this performance (the only one I watched last night). I don’t like his style of music but love his performance skills. Does that even make sense? I wouldn’t buy beat box music…but if he held a concert in my home town, I’d be tempted to go. Would I travel hundreds of miles to see him, like I am for Taylor? No.

  22. double d Says:

    For Bama

    I take it you like Fall Out Boy, then?

    I. despise. guyliner.

    (But certainly respect your opinion to like guyliner. Even though I think it’s ludicrous.)

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Aww DD! You must really like me to post that!

    I actually do like FOB. They have gotten a lot of flak from the “alterna-rock” community for being sellouts b/c they got hugely popular so fast…and b/c they date retarded starlets/wanna be pop-princesses. But, the truth is, Pete Wentz is a stellar song-writer. Very witty…

  24. jenfera Says:

    For the record, Roger Taylor was always my favorite Duranie, in no small part because he was, to me, the least guylinery and the most manliest. However, there was something about Nick Rhodes that I always sort of applauded. He took it to the extreme. That was no guyliner, that was eyeliner AND mascara AND shadow AND blush AND lipgloss. I liked his “I don’t give a crap what you think” attitude about it, I guess.

  25. bamaborntxbred Says:

    See how cute and self-effacing they are: This Ain’t a Scene. It’s an Arms Race.

    Actually, Shelley, this is the song they sang at the MTV awards that impressed you so much.

  26. Holeigh Says:

    Hahaha, good video, DD. Not directed toward me, but I think Pete Wentz has gone a little far with his guyliner…if you have to try too hard, it doesn’t work. 😉 I like FOB’s new CD, they do have a way with words + Patrick Stump does actually have some range, which shocked me.

  27. musicmatters Says:

    Hey Bama, I don’t know the history of Duran Duran but that Nick Rhodes guy scares me 🙂

  28. Jules Says:

    I thought Phil was in great form last night & even looked slightly healthier than usual. He got a couple of votes from me. I hope he sticks around longer because he’s grown on me more & more every week.
    What was Jordin thinking? Taking risks are good as Blake proved but WTF?
    Although what Bon Jovi song could this girl ever pull off? Never Say Goodbye or I’ll be There for You came to mind but then left after serious consideration. It just wasn’t a good week for her & it never was going to be.
    Lakisha did better than she has in weeks but I didn’t really care & was weirded out (& still am) when she kissed Simon.
    Blake was very good & entertaining & got votes from me. I also downloaded the song & a guy from work asked me to e-mail it to him.
    Chris makes me violent so I really REALLY no really hope he goes home. I’m with Staci on wishing I could vote for him to leave – Cingular would make a killing off me. I would literally text nonstop for the entire 2 hours of voting like I voted for Taylor last year to win. I really don’t like saying bad things about people but Timberfake is an exception.
    Melinda was in good form & I liked her showmanship but I did not feel compelled to throw any votes her way.
    My guess for tonights castaways are KiKi & rounded headed “nasally is a form of singing” CR

    Also thanks to grayhound for the Dave White link – he slays me!

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Musicmatters- careful, there are some RABID Duranies around here. They might take thems as fightin’ words! Personally, I was all about John Taylor and the incomprable Simon LeBon!

  30. musicmatters Says:

    Hey it looks like they can apply makeup better than I can. Would that be a merit?

  31. bamaborntxbred Says:

    When you’re a single gal like me, it’s definitely a plus! That way if I date a guyliner man we can share make-up tips!

  32. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I’m with you on the guyliner thing–I think it’s kinda sexy! My 18yr old daughter is crazy about it. I even think Eddie Izzard is kinda hawt in a weird way (Have you seen him in The Riches–he’s not cross dressing, but he’s doing a great job). Can you see Jim Halpert w/guyliner? That’s a hoot. How about Dwight K. Schrute?

    p.s. I blame you and Shelley for my Office addiction!

  33. leejolem Says:


    Check out this sexy piece of man makeup!

  34. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee…ummm…well…yeah. I’d have to say the jury’s still out on that one! 😉

  35. Shelley Says:

    Umm….not to change the subject back to American Idol or anything…but check out this truly bizarro image. I label it…”People I’d have never guessed would be photographed together in a million kazillion years.”

  36. Shelley Says:

    wow…i’m a thread killer.

  37. Dingo Says:

    Oh gawd I think ahm gonna puke. Am I the only one who REALLY doesnt like Blake? I mean he grates on my last freakin’ nerve. Having said that, I thought he was good last night but not great by any measure. Melinda is so great she bores me to tears and my girl Jordin blew it last night though she wont be going home. I think Phil was fantastic but being the first one out of the gate is always a disadvantage and by the end I had forgotten why I thought he was terrific. I dont like Kiki but I thought she kicked 7 kinds of butt last night. Heh, go figure but I really dont like Blake. He can take that beat boxing and put it where the sun dont shine. BUT, he’s an original. Sticks finger down throat.

    Why dont I just say it, since my boy Sanjaya got the boot (I think they took him out, I dont think he got voted off at all but then I wear my tin foil hate 24/7) I have lost all and any interest in AI.

    I hope Taylor Hicks wins. Slaps self. Oh, that was last year.

  38. Dr. Bob Says:

    I sang Bon Jovi all day … very funny. You giiiiive looooovee …. a bad name, bad name …

    I am actually curious as to who is going to be voted off this week. The first real flicker of interest this season.

    Dingo, I like Blake, but seriously … Sanjaya is kinda freaking me out. Shelley, thanks for another indelible image 9_9 … Is there a way to surgically remove images from my memory?

  39. Dingo Says:

    Dingo, I like Blake, but seriously … Sanjaya is kinda freaking me out

    LOL Bob, I know but ever since he did his PTFMWB thing with his craptastic version of The Kinks “You Really Got Me”, well, consider me bitten. I watch that over and over and over again and when I see this lanky kid slithering across that stage (front and back) and going from an almost whisper to a scream, just laying it all on the line…well come on! He was da bomb that night!

  40. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    craaaaaaaaaaaap, I knew I shoulda voted for phil some 😦 hes off 😦 I never liked this guy till he sang country and this week he blew me away, sighs, well im glad melinda and lakeesha are safe, chris BETTER be saying goodbye tonight
    dingo, I too wish Taylor would win again this year LOL

  41. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    wooo taylor was on, but he didnt sing, still glad he was on to help the needy, 🙂

  42. brc Says:

    Is it just me or did Taylor look like he hadn’t slept in a week? I mean you would think the guy was on tour or something 😉

    In spite of all the twists and turns over the last few weeks, all in all I think the final four is a pretty good group in terms of talent.

  43. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    Taylor tired? never LOL hes just sitting around doin nothing LOL yea ok 😀 I think Blake saying he would trade places with chris was a bit crazy, um hello what ARE you thinking? your fans surely wouldnt like that!
    Any one else see how hard Melinda cried for Phil? I never seen her get that upset, they musta been kinda close. well now Phil can at least spend some time with his baby and wife and other child before the tour (well maybe, if interviews dont keep him going till them lol) I cant believe how he creeped me out and now I like him, I mean not to win but I thought he was better then chris for sure, and he did bon jovi really well. oh well time for him to get a tiny bit of rest, then he wont get non till septmember lol

  44. texastaylorfan Says:

    hahaha Shelley, that WAS a strange combination of people in that pic. When I first glanced at it, I actually thought, “Wow. Roseanne Barr is looking good these days.” Sorry, Valerie.

    Guyliner? EWWwwwwww, yuk. Sexy? You HAVE to be kidding.

    I don’t really get the Blake thing either. None of them do much for me this year. My kids are into it, so it’s on and see a lot of it. They’re all talented at this point, I guess. But no one would cause me to buy a CD or go to a concert.

  45. Laurita Says:

    ruhappy, you said your daughter taped AI with her cellphone..
    did you know about http://www.rickey.org/ ??

    he’s got all the mp3 songs downloadable from each AI show.. amazing.. also vids to watch and i think download (i just do the songs i like.. )
    just click on the name of the person on the right side lists and you’ll see the whole season’s songs for them.. and other stuff too..

    pretty cool site.. i didn’t see a link for it on shelley’s home page, so i hope it’s okay to mention it here..

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