They Went Down in a Blaze of Glory…Phil and Chris Leave Idol


Well…at least they went out on an up note.

And I know folks were excited to see Taylor pitch for the cause…but let’s please not analyze…let’s just say for the sake of all who care that he looked healthy and sincere. No tin foil hats…I’m asking nicely (and I have a stock pile of wet fish that I won’t hesitate to hurl).

Next week…”Jive Week” with the Bee Gees…well, at least Barry Gibb.

Who do you think will be “Stayin’ Alive” when Barry has a turn at “talkin’ it up” with the Idols?

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60 Responses to “They Went Down in a Blaze of Glory…Phil and Chris Leave Idol”

  1. nolagirl Says:

    I LOVE that clip from SNL! Thanks for posting it — I cracked up the first time I saw it, so enjoyed seeing it again.

    Even though his voice could be annoying at times, I gotta say that Chris is such a cutie!

    Remember this time last year is when we almost experienced the “shock of all American Idol history forever and forever” …. DAUGHTRY’s *shocking* elimination. That face was priceless — still remember it like it was yesterday …

  2. Shelley Says:

    NOLA…not only is Chris a cutie…I thought the little banter between him and Blake was priceless…plus…how great was it that Phil went out and kissed his wife AND sung with his shipmates?

    And…does everyone know who that R&B artist was?

    Robin Thicke is none other than son of Alan Thicke of “Growing Pains” fame.

    I kid you not.

  3. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    lol sorry I was on the last post talkin about this topic, sorry.
    I really felt bad that phil went home, I didnt like him till country week then he grew on me and last night I thought he was great, but oh well least melinda, blake and lakeesha are still in it. I thought it was nice seeing Taylor, but would have loved a song but I guess hes a little busy LOL (hope I dont get a fish thrown at me for that LOL)
    I liked the beegees (now the fish is gonna get thrown at me huh?) I really love the song one, let me see if I can find it (also liked a song called gotta get a message to her (or hold on, or soemthing like that hahah) but heres one:
    oh I love the song to love somebody too, oh man I am such a sap LOL I will like next week (while a lot will gag I suppose, whenever I say I like the bee Gees I always get made fun of 😦 LOL )

  4. shrewspeaks Says:

    For Nolagirl

  5. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    um where is my post 😦 it disapeared

  6. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    ok losing my mind here, its not above the last post haha, hey I ahve robin thicks cd and NO I didnt know he was Alans son, thats cool. I just got his cd with 2 joss stone cd`s (one has a dvd on it too, really cool, she seems so shy till she sings) and some um 80s music lol im weird i know, probably why i like idol, so many different genres in one spot.

  7. Shelley Says:

    sorry…ruhappytoseeme…the spam filters on WordPress are strict..and i really can’t figure out their madness.

    if anyone doesn’t see their post, let me know via e-mail…

    i get notified about comments in moderation…but not when they go to the spam filter. so, if your comment isn’t marked as “being in moderation” and it doesn’t show up…let me know.

  8. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    i mean it IS above the other post, my typos are bad tonight, so i better go to bed, gnight all!

  9. leejolem Says:

    I hated to see Phil go tonight, but I thought he went out with dignity–certainly in a Blaze of Glory! He seems like such a happy, content guy that you can’t help but love him. I hope he gets a recording contract.

    Are they singing only Bee Gees songs next week or disco or what? I liked the BG’s in their day. I always thought Andy Gibb was so cute, and was so sad when he died.

    Robin Thicke was a little too falsetto for my taste. Are all his songs all falsetto, all the time? He looks alot like his dad.

  10. brc Says:

    I thought both Phil and Chris handled getting kicked off with dignity.

    I also was surprised by Jon Bon Jovi. I’ve never been a big fan of his, but he’s got a really, really nice voice.

    I didn’t get the Robin Thicke thing at all.

  11. Dingo Says:

    Phil is gonna be fine. Country will scarf that boy up and he’ ll do great. he did a hell of a job with Blaze of Glory. Gave me chills damn him.

    Its the top 4 now. They will all do well in their futures and if last years history repeats, one of them may just be beggin’ ta be the 4th one to be booted. Just take a peek at Chris Daughtry’s numbers and stone me now but his single “Home” is fantastic and yes, I have the damn thing on my iPod. Give the devil his due. I watched Chris from this year do “Wanted Dead or Alive” and I wanted to cry. Daughtry now owns that song for Idol.

    OK, I’ll go back to the cave now.

  12. double d Says:

    So, it’s “Three Divas and a Babe” left.

    Have to say that I’m still as underwhelmed as I was week one. None left are “wow” like Bo and Carrie were, like Fantasia was, even like Clay and Ruben.

    Blake should win this thing going away as he’s the only one with ANY kind of originality.

    Oh, and Robin Thicke….he’s supposed to be good? Really?

  13. Dingo Says:

    even like Clay and Ruben.

    Glares at DD, whaddya mean EVEN?? Clay Aiken was, is and will always be THE American Idol. The boy was robbed dammit.

    I’ll be seeing him in person (again) this summer in the outdoors cause outside is the only venue big enough for that voice of his.

    Dont go there. You dont wanna get me going on Clay.

  14. Shelley Says:

    Okay…yeah, I want Blake or Melinda to win….BUT…

    Was anyone else bothered in the least about Blake’s use of a computer to create his beat box banter?

    I’m sure this is done all the time…and, yeah, you still have to have mad skillz to perform those computer-generated rhythms…but still….

  15. jenfera Says:

    Folks, I got sea sick watching the show last night and it wasn’t even because of the mad camera angles. It was because my husband insisted on flipping back & forth between the show and the baseball game, and he was in high form. FlipflipflipflipFlipflipflipflipFlipflipflipflip. It was maddening. So, I missed Blake talking about using computers. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that, but he is definitely one modern dude.

    I’m thinking Blake could win it all if only because the 3 ladies could be splitting the same votes from here on out.

    The hour long results show is a bit much, and they were definitely stretching it last night with all those highlights from IGB. So, why did Ryan direct us to the website for the unseen stuff? Why not show it last night? Weird. But, one thing I do love with the hour long results is the Ryan-on-the-street segments! Yeah, baby!!

    I, for one, love the Bee Gees. They had lots of great songs, and not just the stuff on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I remember watching a PBS special on them a few years back, a reunion concert, and thinking, “Oh yeah! I loved that song! Oh, right, they did that song too!” I might have only been in elementary school when they were in their heyday, but I knew I liked to boogie down to their tunes!

    Huh, so Robin Thicke belongs to Alan, eh? Anyone remember a scandal about Alan way back where he left his wife for someone waaaay younger than him? The way younger chick was actually somebody I went to school with! She ran off to New York City right out of high school and somehow ended up dating him.

  16. double d Says:

    AI’s not concerned about music “integrity”. They need something to save this season and Blake’s beat-boxing is the only thing remotely interesting. If it gets viewers and they think it’ll sell, they allow it. If it weren’t for the Idols Give Back thing, their sagging ratings would be telling the real story.

    BTW — I didn’t see or hear where he’s using a computer. I thought he was doing all of that. Naive much?

  17. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    well I guess its like writing a song, you have to get it right (especially if the stakes are so high) so he uses a computer to get it right, and he did get it right, it wasnt a computer singing the song tho. I know I couldnt do it with or without a computer lol (then again I cant sing at all, and I know you sing very well Shelly 🙂 maybe the next song you do for us could be beatboxing hehe (I keep trying to do it and my son tells me to stop cause I dont sound right, but then he doesnt think blakes all that good either, he says boys in his school can do much better, they have competitions, but they cant go on idol with it because blake was the first, another would just seem a copy cat now, its a shame cause id like to hear it, I think its interesting)

  18. Dingo Says:

    All season long I have been trying to figure out if I had never seen last years Idol, if I had never heard of E or taylor or Daughtry or Bucky, would I still think this season’s AI sucked.

    I have a friend who withstood my madness in season two and my insanity last season and never watched AI until THIS year. She LOVES the freakin’ show! I miss whole episodes and she is tellin’ me what happened.

    Dear gawd, was I like that last year cause I wanna stuff her in the trunk.

    Anywho, would I love this seasons Idol had I not watched it before? I dont know the answer.

    Re Blake, I dont like him. Period. I dont like the beatboxing. I only like Jordin but can see the incredible talent in Melinda (who me?) Doolittle and LaKisha. I mean you’d have ta be trippin’ not to see and hear the ridiculous talent they possess. (I think there are too many esses in that).

    Jordin is the one. Blake makes me feel old and dont say it.

  19. brc Says:

    DD… not naive, Blake was doing the singing. He was asked how he came up with his arrangement. He said he inputs the song into his computer and uses a software program to create a new arrangement.

    I personally don’t have a problem with that. I imagine that other contestants have professionals helping them arrange their songs? Just because you can sing doesn’t mean you know how to arrange music.

  20. grayhound Says:

    Ok – it’s me again, adding yet one more funny review of AI. THIS ONE, however, is well worth the read because when you get to the pic of JBJ, well, that is just a reason to live.

    Anyone else love the new Jovi song???!!!!

  21. bamaborntxbred Says:

    My favorite moment was when Katherine McPhee noticed the camera was on her when Chris was singing his swan song…and she suddenly stopped smiling and started wiping her crocodile tears away.

    Oh, wait a minute…that was Jordin Sparks…not Kat McPhee.

  22. grayhound Says:


    I saw that too!! Kinda stunned me because it was soooooo obvious.

  23. bamaborntxbred Says:

    All season long Jordin has left me cold for that reason. To me, she comes off just as polished and fake as Kat.

  24. leejolem Says:

    To be quite honest I don’t understand enough about beat-boxing to even know if a computer is cheating or not. I’m just not that impressed with it.

    JBJ is looking quite good these days, and I loved the new song. He really has a nice voice. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened that closely to him.

    Dingo, “I wanna stuff her in the trunk”–lol!!! I imagine my hubby thinks that about me sometimes when I get on a rant about TH.

  25. grayhound Says:


    me too!! me too!!

    Everyone everywhere is praising her to the gods, but she doesn’t do it for me either.

  26. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I realized last night that that was one of the reasons I’m rooting for Lakisha–she has no professional singing experience at all, and is not so overly polished. Jordin just seems like she has had soooo much training for this. She would have fit in nicely with the Justin, Christina, Brittany and JC on the New Mickey Mouse Club. That’s not her fault, but I guess I can’t help wanting the underdog to win.

  27. jenfera Says:

    bama & grayhound, I will totally jump on that bandwagon. Jordin does nothing for me.

    As for the new Jovi song, for me it was just meh. With the whole “Rock” theme this week, I was a little let down for them to come out and sing a “pretty” song like that. I wanted them to rock. There’s something about that song. Every time I hear it on the radio, I keep expecting it to explode into something else, something that does rock, but it never does. No matter how many times I hear it. 😉

  28. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I like 80’s Bon Jovi for the nostalgia factor….other than that….blech.

    Love Blake. Love beatboxing. Love that he’s smart enough to use the tools of the trade (software).

    Love Robin Thicke. Love that he’s married to the chick that he’s dated since he was sixteen. Love that his album, “The Evolution of Robin Thicke”, was being sold in the cool music shop that Shrew and I went into in NOLA. Hate that I was thiiiiis close to buying it but chose a Harry Connick Jr. album instead.

  29. Dr. Bob Says:

    I think that I like LaKisha because she is just a regular person who tried out — she is unpolished, but has the raw talent to go very far. I like her attitude — but Simon’s attitude toward her gives me the creeps. It’s like a friend I had in graduate school who was very, very well off. She was talking about how difficult it was to manage in school with limited funds. She had to use cheaper shampoo to make it til her next parental infusion of money. My washer had just given up the ghost and I was juggling three part time jobs and a family. I knew that she was genuine, but did not get the first thing about financial problems, for real.

    Simon has this whole “Ah’m wichoo girl” thing going that is really bothering me. I think that he actually thinks that LaKisha has talent, but it is like he is trying to get street cred or poverty cred or chubby-girl cred or something…

    Am I supposed to think that Simon has learned to look past the outward to the inner beauty? Psht …

  30. leejolem Says:

    Dr Bob, I’m wicha on the Simon thing. I didn’t get the kiss the other night at all. It seems kind of patronizing to me. Simon is weirding me out this season with his shirts, his mood swings and his interplay with Ryan.

  31. rowan Says:

    Dr Bob – won’t see the show till tomorrow, but will look out for the interaction between Lakisha and Simon. It sounds intriguing! Your story of your friend’s perspective on going without is a thought-provoking analogy.

    I sense the genuine importance of getting as far as possible in the competition radiate from Lakisha. The tension she displays during her performances sometimes seems related to the urgency of taking her chance and running with it – doing her utmost, but ever walking a tightrope. I like Lakisha too – she is sincere, and I hope Simon, beneath his showman’s gestures, is too, in his appreciation of this gifted woman and her situation.

  32. double d Says:

    I heart Dr. Bob…um, yeah, what you said.

  33. rowan Says:

    Lee – agree on the Simon/Ryan interplay this year. What was playful banter last year has morphed into something more irritable and at times, almost hostile from Mr C. Not gettin it. As you say though…mood swings, gynecomastia…I recommend vitamin B6 and a good Sue Grafton novel. 🙂

  34. baby duck Says:

    No kidding, mood swings. What was up with Simon’s bout of hysterical laughter last night? I can’t even remember what it was in response to (something Ryan said), but it seemed completely out of proportion the way he went on and on and on. Maybe he was sipping out of Pawler’s cup. It was behaviour I’d expect from her, not Simon.

    As far as the eliminations went: Phil and Chris had to go sometime. I didn’t see either of them winning. I would have liked it if they had said who had the lowest number of votes and who was the next. The way it stands, they were both 5th/6th. If I was rooting for one or the other, I’d want to know how far he made it.

  35. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    ahhh I thought it was just me who saw jordan smilling and saw the camera! last week when people complained she was laughing when sanjaya went home I thought she was trying to get him not to cry, but this week I saw the laugh turn to a wipe of the eyes as soon as she noticed the camera, thought maybe it was my imagination, didnt want to believe it, now I see it wasnt only me. If I am tottally honest with myself about this past weeks singing I truely believe she should have went home and phil should have stayed. but jordan has a lot of fans, I just hope she doesnt make it past next week, I believe that the other three have more talent and more sincerety in them (I hope any way, ya never truely know these people)

  36. musicmatters Says:

    Dingo, I with you on the ‘don’t get Blake’ bandwagon. I guess you missed my rant about him yesterday. Today I was trying to figure out why I can’t stand him and it came to me. I was on Taylor’s team last year because he would take a song and show us the passion in it, ie; YASB, or the fun, PTFMWB. It was always about the music. Where Blake is more “check out my beatbox skillz”. UGH! And I also have a bone to pick with Bon Jovi. My poor hubby never watches AI but did this week just to see them. He kept waiting for the song to change tempo and rock but it never did. I can’t believe they went mellow on him. And what’s the deal with Robin Thicke??? My husband and I looked at each other and thought he must be a reject from the early auditions. Well, I guess I’ll go take some vitamin B6 because I’m not liking anything lately. 🙂

  37. bamaborntxbred Says:

    There is more than one way to passion and fun in music.

  38. musicmatters Says:

    Beatboxing ain’t it!

  39. Shelley Says:

    Enough with the Jordin bashing.

    She may not be my favorite singer this year…but I don’t want to make her into some cold-hearted caricature of a scheming, devilish villian.

    She’s a competitor…of course she’d be happy to still be in the game. And realizing that her smile of relief and happiness for herself could be misconstrued as happiness to see someone go, she put on her game face.

    I love snark…but I don’t want to bash or be mean…especially to a young person.

    And to those who don’t like beatboxing…that’s fine. I don’t like rap…but I still appreciate the skill it takes.

    Honestly, folks, discussions are great…but only if they stay constructive.

    Having an opinion is great…but only if you respect someone else’s.

    Let’s keep things on a level becoming a Monkbot.

  40. musicmatters Says:

    Sorry Shelley, but I think I have a girl crush on Bama. 🙂

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Awww musicmatters….yer making me blush….

  42. musicmatters Says:

    My hubby’s favorite bands are Saliva, Godsmack, Rob Zombie and Kid Rock and we get along great. A matter of fact, tomorrow is my 5th year anniversary. And they said we would never make it!!! I’m thinking of taking him to Rockfest for his birthday next month. That is how much I love him.

    Bama, did you not like Harry Connick Jr.’s CD? I think he’s got a fabulous voice and is sooooo gorgeous. Back to American Idol. I thought Phil had a nice voice.

  43. bamaborntxbred Says:

    See, MM….me and your husband would get along great b/c I LOVE those bands! I’m a rock chick at heart. It’s my favorite of all genres. And I love all the little sub-sets of rock: metal, emo, punk, etc. The only kind I don’t like is the Nicklecreed variety. Blech.

    I love all kinds of music though. I revel in music so there isn’t any genre I don’t like….although there are artists in genres that I don’t like…

    I love HC Jr. too! This album is strictly music only….no singing…so I wuz kinda sad not to hear his beeeeoutiful voice.

  44. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, the album is called “Chanson du Vieux Carre”. It’s really good, but I would’ve preferred the Robin Thicke album I think.

    Shelley would hate the HC Jr. album cuz there’s TONS of brass!

  45. Shelley Says:

    i love HC Jr….i just don’t like bawdy saxophone solos.

    A little sax goes a long way….like they say, “saxy…what’s wrong with being saxy?”

  46. Shelley Says:

    (and for the record…i don’t mind brass…just not assy brass…which is different from brass with ass)

  47. leejolem Says:

    Did someone say “saxy”? Brian Gallagher is the official Saxbot. He is so cute and kind in real life, and his sax playing at the concert was unbelievable. I’ve always been a sucker for a sax player. Assy brass; brass w/ass; sassy, brassy assy lass–it’s all good.

    I wish Jordin had tried out for AI about 3 years from now.

    I heart Harry Connick,Jr but don’t have any of his cd’s cuz I’m a cd loser.

  48. jenfera Says:

    I saw Harry at Tanglewood a few years ago. It was blissful. Sitting outside on a late summer night under the shed, with that fabulous music and that sweet voice. I remember I had my eyes closed for a lot of the show because I was just so lost in it. My husband thought I was weird!

  49. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Shelley- This album has lots-o-brass. Not sax so much as horns, horns, horns. And of course, HC Jr. tickling the old ivories….

    Lee-I totally agree about Brian Gallagher. What a cutie.

  50. musicmatters Says:

    I tried to convince my husband to see Harry when he was in town but he was too resistant. He did take me so see Taylor which surprised the hell out out of me. And he actually liked him. Throwing in the Pink Floyd tag didn’t hurt. Thanks Tay! You made a new fan. And Brian Gallagher is HAWT!

    Bama, I knew we connected. You’re the female version of my husband!

  51. bamaborntxbred Says:

    MM- ‘Cept I lurve AI and he doesn’t!!! 😉

  52. musicmatters Says:

    Bama, That’s the truth. Damn you again Bon Jovi for ruining the only interest he ever had in American Idol! It was so hard to watch the excitement drain from his face.

  53. double d Says:

    I really love Harry Connick, Jr.’s acting. He was superb in Copy Cat with Sigourney Weaver and adorable in Hope Floats.

    Y’all do know that Harry’s dad used to be the D.A. in New Orleans, right?

  54. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I remember hearing that DD. I also remember that b/c of that he was kind of given a hard time by his co-citizens in NOlA early in his career. They thought of him as a rich kid, with an easy life….singing the blues….like he had any idea….

  55. jenfera Says:

    DD – I think I remember hearing that too. Did you all know that he also went to music school at Tanglewood? Yep, right here in Western Mass. So I’d like to lay a small claim on him too. Now, watch me bring this all around full circle to the topic of the day – Western Mass is also the home of…

    Idol Camp!

  56. leejolem Says:

    Totally OT, but I can’t wait for the new Office episode tonight!!!!!!

    Shelley, don’t you think TH looked a little constipated last night? (I couldn’t resist yankin’ your chain a little–please don’t throw a fish at me. I’m just going stir crazy working on a boring project here at work and needed a diversionary giggle).

  57. Mall Rabbit Says:

    Thanks for posting the SNL video. I remember watching that episode and rewatching the videos. It is hilarious and captures the essence of Bee Geedom. I’m not so sure how Barry will do with them next week. We shall see.

  58. georgie Says:

    I think Barry Gibb’s show will be the best of the year. He has a huge catalog of songs which have a wide range of styles. He bought Johnny Cash’s house last year in TN and it recently burnt to the ground due to construction problems.

  59. Quossum Says:

    I was a little dismayed when Blake mentioned the computer program he uses. But then, while I don’t know how much the program actually does for you, I know it doesn’t get out there and perform for you, and I still loved Blake’s performance, so I think I’m still okay. I think the producers had him mention it in order to head off another Livegate controversy. *rolls eyes*

    Actually, the topic of computer help in creative endeavors might be a fine one for a future post some day, Shelley. I know that many, many artists use computers now, and need I mention photographers? Does this somehow lessen their own creative contribution, or is the computer strictly a tool?

    In my own sphere, there are some who consider it cheating to use a sewing machine to create a quilt or even software to create patterns or layouts. In a recent article in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, the author went so far as to say that if it was quilted with a machine it shouldn’t even be called a “quilt.”

    Interesting thoughts.


  60. leejolem Says:

    Q, I organized a Women’s Retreat at my church 3 years ago about Leaving a Legacy, and I used quilts as a theme. I brought in 6 or so quilts that my Grandma had made for me and my siblings, we had different quilt patterns on nametags that split us into groups, etc…. When I was researching about the history of quilt-making I was surprised to find many passionate feelings about hand quilting vs maching quilting. Quite interesting!!!! I guess it’s just human nature that even people who share a common interest/passion don’t agree on everything (ie quilters, Soul Patrollers–lol!). Your quilts look bee-yoo-tiful to me, and there is so much work that goes into them. Who cares if hand or machine quilted??? Anyway, just had to comment. Hope you read this.

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