Whiskey and Mold


Whiskey and Mold


My brother, Ben, thinks I’m insane and told me to post about what I’ve been doing this week…so…here goes…

I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning earlier this week and wasn’t prepared to leave there hurting more than when I had when I got my git tooth repaired (which was the reason the dental mold pictured above was made).

The dental assistant said I had gingivitis (gross) and that I needed to floss. Well, truth be told, I’ve never been a big flosser…so I wasn’t sure that’s why this cleaning was so painful.

However, I’ve always been fastidious with brushing and swishing/gargling with Listerine (or Dr. Tichenor’s)…which I think has kept my gums fairly healthy and, since I’ve been out of mouthwash for a month and keep forgetting to buy more, I think my cleaning was painful because of that.

So…until I could get to the store…I’ve been using Jack Daniel’s this week as a mouthwash and just keeping the fifth on my vanity in my bathroom.

When I told Ben, he read me the riot act.

“Shelley, there’s just something really wrong with that.”

“Well…it’s killing germs…and it’s not like I’ve been doing it for years…just until I can get to the store.”

“You’re a moron.”

“Thank you. I know.”

So…there, I’ve posted. Now I’ve got to run some errands…PetSmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, and…oh yeah…the drug store for some non-moron mouthwash.

Have a great Saturday, y’all.

P.S. I promise to start flossing, too…so LAY OFF ME ABOUT IT!


38 Responses to “Whiskey and Mold”

  1. Claire Says:

    I’ve NEVER flossed. In my eyes, once you start flossing, you have to continue for life, otherwise stuff builds up in the gaps you’ve created between your teeth from flossing, gaps which wouldn’t be there if you’d never started flossing in the first place!!

    BTW, an orthodontist quoted me 4,500 Euros for train track braces last year. Yikes! Needless to say, my teeth remain un-tracked !

  2. AmyMc Says:

    I always floss…..The thought of food and nastyness in between teeth is vile to me…

    OMG, the Jack Daniels is hysterical!!!!!!

  3. Dee Says:

    Hate to burst your bubble but if you have gingivitis you should actually stay away from alcohol.

  4. Shelley Says:

    Dee…do you plan on explaining that…or just bursting my bubble?

  5. Shelley Says:

    Okay…since Dee left me hangin’…I did a little research online.

    The only advice I could find that relates gingivitis and alcohol is promoting healthy gums by avoiding the CONSUMPTION of alcohol.

    Well…for anyone who knows me…and especially the Monkbots who went out with me in New Orleans…you know I rarely drink. The fifth of Jack that I have will last me a year or more. So, I don’t think my alcohol consumption level is contributing to any problems I’m having with my dental well-being.

    As for rinsing…I found nothing that said it was a cause of gingivitis or harmful.

  6. rowan Says:

    Hee hee! Am with you on the Jack Daniels. I think it was very perspicacious of you, and pretty innovative and mould-breaking, so to speak. I have similar drinking habits and have a bottle of whisky in my cupboard which has been there for over a year, and is now used periodically as disinfectant if the need arises. My stepdad finds this behaviour bizarre – he hearts whisky, and thinks it is kind of an unspeakable act to use it to pour over one’s toe to stave off blood poisoning after standing on a nail, and suchlike. I am kind of proud of thinking outside the box on this one. I like to imagine myself in an old western film, disinfecting a graze obtained when prospecting or being thrown from my poorly broken-in horse. I do the whole wincing thing like the guys do in these films, but the whisky doesn’t really sting. We Monkbot women are tough, as well as resourceful.

  7. rowan Says:

    I tried flossing, but an too clumsy and myopic and keep cutting my gums, which I figure is more dodgy than just brushing and crossing my fingers. The livid blue mouthwash I buy from the Dutch discount supermarket LIDL – (they sell fab cheap but great mainland Euro stuff) contains alcohol and blows the top of my head off when I rinse. That’s how I know it works. We Brits are the same with all our over the counter remedies. Cough medicines which ‘really work’ have to contain creosote and make your eyes water, and have labels that look like the contents were made in the 1930s when the Empire was at its height, and cake and custard was deemed a healthy pudding. There is always the possibility that the stuff was indeed botttled in the 1930s, but I’m choosing not to go there…

  8. Shelley Says:

    Rowan…you are SO cracking me up today.

    Official Prize of the Day totally goes to you, dearie. 🙂

  9. rowan Says:

    Awww, Thanks Shelley! That is fabulous! She is my body double. I heart her. Where do you find those hilarously apt pics? I am all glowy and retiring on a high. Yay!

  10. MaryS-NJ Says:

    No lectures, just a confession.

    I floss because I’m vain – and cheap.

    The stuff that gets stuck in your teeth – plaque and decaying food particles – stinks. I don’t want stinky breath (also brushing the tongue helps). Also, flossing keeps dental costs less expensive because your gums will be healthier, which makes your teeth healthier.

    Also – the more you floss, the less it hurts because your gums will be healthy and not bleed-y and tender. The converse is also true.

  11. Shelley Says:

    I always brush my tongue…almost to the point of gagging myself.

    And though I’ve never been a big flosser…I’ve never had problems with bad breath…well, other than when I chew on my dirty socks. 😉

  12. rowan Says:

    Was sitting in a hospital waiting room a year or so back, and read an article where women were writing in about their husbands’ unusual jobs. This one woman (and I kid you not) wrote that her husband was employed as a dog food taster for a supermarket chain. Seemingly, it has to be deemed fit for human consumption. O_o She remarked, remarkably airily, I have to say, that her nickname for him was “dog breath.” I wanted to laugh, but couldn’t – there is only so much a person is willing to summon up in one’s imagination, and having owned three dogs in my life, I can’t imagine how much they would have had to pay me to get me to consider such a post. Am hoping very much that that gentleman had a state-of the art oral hygiene routine, but perhaps he just chewed on a hide bone. Yeesh!

    Might consider getting some of those groovy spiky stick things my dentist recommends, that are colour-coded to fit between the teeth and act as solid flossers. They are a bit lethal looking though. Flossing means getting a bathroom bin for all the curly bits of string, and having a bin means that it will fill up by osmosis and I will have to get off my behind at some point and empty it. Um – by not flossing I am minimising the impact of my carbon footprint. Am also kind of afraid that my enamel is so thinned by years of immersion in diet cola that any sawing activity would actually break bits off. Those spiky sticks are intriguing though…will ponder.

    Have a great Saturday evening everyone! Night 🙂

  13. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, I applaud your ingenuity! I am a sporadic flosser. Sometimes I go for weeks flossing daily, then I go for weeks not flossing at all unless something gets stuck in there.

    My dental hygenist has been giving me grief, so I have been trying to be better about it. I complained about making my gums bleed, and she showed me the more gentle method. I was always just jamming it in and slicing straight down. The proper technique, apparently, is to gently wrap the floss to the side of each tooth, and barely even touch the gum. By the way, Glide floss rules if any of your teeth are really close together like mine. I tend to shred regular floss.

  14. texan Says:

    All I’m sayin’…..

    Soultrain, dental hygenist extrodinaire, will get ya! Slacker flossers repent!

  15. Mall Rabbit Says:

    Well, my grandma poured white rum in my ear once…. JD outta run out the ginga-germs. I had deep cleaning a few years ago — youch. I now use an Oral-B that really cleans my gum line and leaves my mouth feeling like it just left the dentist chair.

  16. Shelley Says:

    I’m sorry…excuse me, please…but did you say your grandma poured white rum in your ear once?

    Mall Rabbit…you simply caNOT put that out there like that without a story behind it.

    I must know why this happened…and if possible…let us know whether your grandma used her secret stash of rum or just pulled a monogrammed flask from her purse, grabbed your lobe, tilted your head back and started pouring…just because you sassed her or something.

  17. Soultrain Says:

    Ok, listen up peeps…….. Registered Dental Hygienist here.
    I got a great big belly laugh from everyones comments today but here is the way it goes……
    Gingivitis is simply inflammation of the gums which presents itself as bleeding and inflammed (swollen) gum tissue. It can be caused by many things but primarily is caused by bacteria. It is quite simply a bacterial infection. Brushing does not remove bacteria between your teeth. I don’t care if you use one of those super sonic toothbrushes or not, it aint gonna happen. They help but flossing is the key.
    As for technique, so as to avoid harming yourself with floss (which can be done), keep the small amount of floss that will actually be going in between your teeth very tight so that any slack in the floss will not “snap” down into your gums.
    Now, for mouthwash….. alcohol can be harmful to gums because it dries out the tissue leaving it more susceptible to bacteria.
    However, chlorhexedine gluconate or “peridex” as it is more commonly called used on a regimine of 7 days per month has been shown to greatly reduce the numbers of “bad” bacteria in ones mouth thus reducing gingivitis. You must get this by prescription from your dentist. I highly recommend it as a preventive adjunct to your daily oral hygiene regimine. It also has been shown to substantially reduce the rate of decay by lowering the numbers of bacteria known to cause decay.
    There are some people, whom regardless of good home care, will have bleeding, tender gums. Be careful not to use this excuse with your local friendly hygienist because she knows all ……Some people who fit in to this category are redheads (especially strawberry blondes) and people with very fair skin. I don’t know why, I don’t make the rules but I know this to be true.
    An interesting tidbit…bacteria in ones mouth has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and more recently, alzheimers disease. Good reasons to floss, monkbots!!!
    Well, this has been pretty boring I am sure but I thought I would clear a few things up.
    Thanks to the lovely Texan who “tattled” and brought me to this lecture.
    Hope this helps interested people and really, don’t fret, you don’t have to floss all of your teeth, “just the ones you want to keep”
    (some dental humor there)
    Signing out…. Soultrain, R.D.H

  18. Soultrain Says:

    Jenfera, make sure that you keep the floss tight up against the tooth and ease the floss gently between the tooth and gum until you meet slight resistance. You don’t want to just “touch” the gum. There are awful, terrible, tooth bugs down under that gum just waiting to destroy your gums and teeth…….

  19. texan Says:

    “just because you sassed her or something” ROFL!

    My mom gave me a shot of whiskey for cramps!!!!!!!

  20. rowan Says:

    Texan – that “sassed” comment had me rolling in the aisles too! Very funny. 😀 Would love to hear the whole of Mall Rabbit’s ‘back story’ too!

    Aww at having cramps. Did the whisky help at all?

  21. Shelley Says:

    Soultrain…thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I’m SO glad you showed up! (I’m picturing you flying in with a floss for hair and holding a giant toothbrush of justice….oh, and your cape is made of listerine breath strips…or maybe peridex strips…

    Really, your comment explains so much. I’ve always tried to floss but stopped because it never became less irritating to my gums…and, guess what….I’m a redhead with fair skin.

    However, I’ve been really trying these last few days to floss with my floss in the “c” shaped curve the dentist recommended and my gums do feel better.

    I’ll probably keep using mouthwash…just because I like the fresh feeling it gives and gargling with it sounds really neato. But, I promise, promise, promise to keep flossing and improve my technique…or else Mall Rabbits Grammy might come and pour white rum in my ear.

  22. texan Says:

    Soul Train does have a Listerine super hero cape, hand stitched in dental floss!

  23. Soultrain Says:

    Shelley, you are welcome. Didn’t mean to imply that all mouthwash was bad. It can be just ONE factor contributing to gingivitis. Actually, for most people, Listerine helps with gingivitis more than it hinders. Your dental hygienist should look at all of those factors. However, the higher the alcohol content, the more drying it will be, hence you may want to discontinue any use of Jack Daniels. You crack me up!

  24. Dr. Bob Says:

    I figure if I floss once a year it is a 100 percent increase. Is that bad?

    Actually, I try to floss, but worry about my fingertips turning purple and dropping off due to the floss wrapped around them. I like my fingertips. I keep waiting for something mechanical that will be fun and not painful. Or that will do it for me. I want something that I can put in my mouth and have everything zapped off. Why, why, why can’t it be made more easy?

    I am lazy. And I am with Rowan — baskets of trailing dental floss are gross.

    On an amusing side note about the little flossing picks — my niece and son were playing at being ninjas yesterday, using the little picks as weapons. They are admirable ninja-claws.

  25. Mall Rabbit Says:

    The white rum was for an ear ache. I was a kid so I don’t remember where it came from. Does Soultrain have tips for flossing around a bridge? Thanks for all your info.

  26. Soultrain Says:

    Ha Ha, ya’ll. Welcome to “ask Ask Soultrain”. No, really I am happy to answer questions and just let me say, I am so proud of all of you who are trying to take care of your oral health.

    Dr Bob, you are in luck. There is a product on the market that is a battery powered flosser. It is quite effective actually. It is called a “hummingbird” and I believe it is made by Oral B. Check it out. It can be bought in the toothpaste section in most stores such as Target. I don’t really think it replaces flossing but it better than not flossing at all. P.S. tell your niece and son that they are going to put their eyes out!!

    Mall Rabbit, there are products in the toothpaste section of any supermarket called floss aids or bridge aids. They look like needle threaders. You thread the floss through them like you would a needle and then poke the end of the threader in betwe the the abutment tooth and the fake tooth; then slide under the fake tooth to floss the other abutment tooth. (the abutment tooth will be any tooth at the beginning of a bridge). Hope I explained that sufficiently. You will catch on. There is also a product called a proxabrush or interdental brush that you can use depending on how large the spaces are between the teeth on your bridge.

  27. Soultrain Says:

    oh wow, typos on last post. I floss better than I type.

  28. texan Says:

    Dear Soultrain,

    Is there some device that will floss while I sleep?


  29. Soultrain Says:

    Yes, Texan. That would be the tooth fairy.

  30. Claire Says:

    Listerine burns. It burns bad!! It makes my eyes water and my cheeks go bright red, while I do the “oooh, I’ve got lava in my mouth and it burrrrrns” dance around the bathroom. So it must be doing some good, right? Right??

  31. Shelley Says:

    ROFL at tooth fairy

    Soultrain wins the…

    Official Prize of the Day

  32. Soultrain Says:

    ROFL Shelley. That is one scary tooth fairy.

    texan, if you evah wake up and find the prize of the day trying to floss your teeth, call 911 asap.

    Claire, it burns because of the alcohol content. But yes, it is killing germs. Try diluting it a little with water.

  33. nolagirl Says:

    This is so apropo, as I just bought some floss this weekend and made a pledge to start using it! My brother is about to finish his orthodontics residency (so that’s dental school plus 2 years) and the only thing he gets on to me about is eating popcorn. That is REAL bad, apparently. Pesky kernel pieces.

    Shelley, I have to agree that you’re a champ for not wanting to miss a mouth washing, even if it meant being a moron (according to Ben, that is).

    (we’ll always be morons to our brothers though, so that’s nothing new!)

  34. jenfera Says:

    Thanks for all the advice, Soultrain! I’ll try to get down better at the gum, but I am fair-skinned too, ya know. The blood, the tenderness!! Waaah! But I’ll try.

  35. Mall Rabbit Says:

    …runs off to floss….

  36. MaryS-NJ Says:

    Tom’s of Maine – Spearmint Mouthwash. No alcohol, all natural, makes mouth feel cleeeeeeean (but probably does nothing to kill germs) without burning. I love the stuff muchly.

    Also? Word to whoever mentioned GLIDE floss. Best floss ever, imho. A lot of floss is too thick to fit between my teeth but GLIDE slides effortlessly.

  37. eastonwest Says:

    As a bonafide dental lab technician here today (who happens to make teeth for a living), I’d like to state that I think flossing is greatly overrated. I also suggest the mass consumption of sugary chewing gum, extra sticky taffy, chocolates, hard candies, and carbonated soft drinks($$$!).

    Just be sure to brush before going to your dentist to have all of those crowns($$$!) prepped for me. Some of the impressions I receive are pretty nasty! Your help would be greatly appreciated for all of us dental lab technicians.

    P.S. forgot to mention cracking walnuts with your teeth (that’s good too, $$$!).

  38. Soultrain Says:

    eastonwest……. You are my sworn enemy!!!!

    lol….. Soultrain

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