LaKisha Is Gone… Everyone’s Invited to My House for a Celebration Salad


My garden has produced its first tomato!

Okay, so my new little tomato is only the size of a marble and it’s still green…but hey…I could always make tiny fried green tomatoes.

A few random thoughts on American Idol’s results show:

  1. First and foremost…Blake + Tuxedo T-Shirt = DORKY
    (I’ve always hated this novel-Tee and have never “gotten” the humor in it.)
  2. Simon + Clapping like Paula = HILARIOUS
  3. Ryan + Telling Paula that her boobs are smaller than Simon’s = AWKWARD
  4. Somebody slap me…hard…because I was actually tantalized at the thought of the Idol tour this year. (What’s WRONG with me?)
  5. Could Pink’s performance have been any more random?
  6. I’d appreciate it if The Powers That Be would fire their sound person…how majorly did he or she screw up during the Idols’ group sing? Terrible.
  7. I thought Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton wrote “Islands in the Stream” not Barry Gibb. Cool.
  8. Note to Ryan Seacrest: Never hand the mic to Jessica Alba…she may be the Invisible Woman ’cause she certainly isn’t the Little-To-Say Woman. Shut her up.
  9. What is with the creepy “whoos” or “owwwws” that inevitably are shouted by random women when little boy pictures are shown of Blake (this happened with Taylor, too)? Am I the only one creeped out by cat calls for pictures of children? This world is certainly filled with some Weird. Ohs.
  10. I guess it was sweet that the contestants embraced and wouldn’t let go for the results…but I thought it was a bit bizarre.
  11. I want skin like Jordin Sparks’. She glows.
  12. I was intrigued with the new contest to find a band. Hmmmm….
  13. Barry Gibb did a nice job for a guy in his 60s …however…what was with the random camera shot of just his outreached hand at the end? Note to camera operators: Do NOT pan to a older person’s outstretched hand…it makes people think they are having a stroke…and nothing ruins a good song like thinking the singer is about to kick the bucket.
  14. Did Randy really call Ryan “Rye”? And does “Rye” have a brother named “Pumpernickle”?
  15. In LaKisha’s “going home” vid…I was reminded how great she was that first week. Truly, she never topped that performance in my mind.
  16. LaKisha’s swan song was a better performance than what she gave on Tuesday…but Note to Mr. Fantastic: Very few white guys can get away with the groovin’ head swivel to “Stayin’ Alive” while a soul sister is singing…and you’re NOT one of the few, dude. You might as well have been wearing a Tuxedo T-Shirt…DORKY.

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19 Responses to “LaKisha Is Gone… Everyone’s Invited to My House for a Celebration Salad”

  1. double d Says:

    Sorry to see Kiki go. She really is the best talent of the last 4 but she just couldn’t bring it these last weeks. Jordin is the frontrunner but that ain’t sayin’ alot. Next week, I predict Blake redeems himself, Jordin does ok enough to make the finals and Melinda is made the scapegoat. God, is this thing not predictable?

  2. jenfera Says:


    The idols tour? This year? Nooooo. Save your money! (But if you won them for free from a radio station or something, I wouldn’t mock you if you went.)

    It was an odd night. Even Ryan is mocking these unnecessary hour-long results show. They are just turning it into a dorky variety show. Unless maybe that’s what they are going for, in which case they should just go for it and stop calling it the results show. “And tonight on the Ryan Seacrest Variety Hour, we’ll also reveal the results for American Idol.”

    And what is with all of these pre-canned performances anyway? If these people are coming to perform on the Idol stage, why aren’t they doing it live for real? I don’t get that at all. There’s always a weird disconnect there while Ryan pretends they are really there. It must be odd for the audience too.

    It’s too bad KiKi didn’t continue to bring it when she really needed to. It’s like she lost that desperation she had in the beginning, and the desperation worked for her. Oh well, I think she’ll be alright. Maybe she’ll do a gospel CD or something like that.

  3. leejolem Says:

    AARRGGHH! I slept thru the results show. I went up to take a nap, and it turned into a whole night’s sleep. It doesn’t sound like I missed too much. I’m not into the guest mentor’s performances too much or the pre-taped stuff. I do love the swan song performances though. Is it just me or does it seem like the sing offs have been so much better this year than the performance that is voted for (ie Nick,AJ,Gina,Phil). Maybe because the nerves are over, and they can let it all hang out.

  4. bamaborntxbred Says:

    The reason those segments, like Pink, are pre-taped is b/c they were supposed to air on Idol Gives Back, but they ran out of time. I guess since they have the performances, they might as well use them.

    It was time for Lakisha to go. Even during the group sing…she had no energy…no charisma….no “x-factor”.

    Can we just give Blake and Jordin their record deals, and Melinda a Broadway show…and call it a day?

    I’m ready for my next Fox reality tv show fix: “So You Think You Can Dance”.

  5. texan Says:

    methinks AI needs to start scouting (recruiting, begging ) for some superstar talent for next year!

    Not that these kids are bad, but they can not pull off the “i-was-a-hidden-megastar” story.

    Watch out AI, the bigger they are the harder they fall!

  6. nolagirl Says:

    I turned the channel when Barry Gibb was singing (wow that was bad) and got so into some show on TLC that I missed the kicked-off announcement!

    “The Band Show”? I’m VERY interested in how that will play out.

  7. grayhound Says:

    Am I the only one who is hoping they do a reality show about bands? I would be so on that program! Kinda like Rockstar, but without Dave Navaro(sp?). Ryan with tatoos and piercings and leather pants?

    Where’s me go phone?

  8. jenfera Says:

    Ooo, I like that Ryan imagery, grayhound!

    Hey, check out this cute Blake video. He’s trying to name the whole Top 24. After he says LaKisha’s name he makes a total Jim Halpert face to the camera:

  9. shrewspeaks Says:

    I think the commentor Stan on EW summed up exactly what I am feeling… ”Where last year we were sent to download original versions of ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree’ and ‘A Little Less Conversation,’ this year I am just wondering if finally it WILL be the most intense House ever.”

    I said as much to DD on Tuesday. Last year I delved into the music as much as I did the contestants…Heck I bought boat loads of Queen and Elvis…This year, I was tempted to buy LuLu but didn’t and am looking for BeeGee handouts (’cause Geico already has my car insured.)

    So Chicken or egg…did the contestents make the music more interesting because of variety? or were the themes better?

  10. grayhound Says:

    The contestants made it more interesting (imo).

    Last year everyone was just nice – made you “like” each of them even when you rooted for your favorite.

  11. Karen Says:

    IMO, Blake did the most to make the music interesting this year, with:
    Somewhere Only We Know — I loved that, and my granddaughter gave me the Keene CD after that — new artist for me
    Time of the Season — guess I don’t hate the old hippy songs as much as I thought
    I Need to Know — made me look at Latin music a lot differently
    You Give Love a Bad Name — who knew I liked Bon Jovi — new artist for me

    Other songs that I liked a lot:
    LaKisha — Diamonds are Forever
    Jordan — I Who Have Nothing
    Melinda — My Funny Valentine
    And, sorry, Sanjaya — Besame Mucho

    But Jordin has stood out for me from the beginning. I told my daughter early on that she reminded me of a young Barbara Streisand, and by his comments last night, I think Barry Gibbs feels that way also.

  12. leejolem Says:

    Grayhound, I lerve me some Dave Navarro!!!!!!!!!!!! His guyliner and tatoos made Rock Star a beautiful event. How come I can love Dave N., Jim Halpert and Taylor Hicks? Kind of a diverse group don’t ya think? I’m one weird broad.

  13. kimmykins Says:

    I call my nephew Ryan Rye. Maybe I’m weird. I also shorten my sister’s name and call her Kath instead of Kathy.

    And as far as the whole why do they tape performances and then pretend they are live thing I’m not sure it can all be rested on running out of time on the Idol Gives Back episode. They did it a couple times early on in the season too. Remember when they showed the tape of Akon? I think with how tight they are keeping the schedule that perhaps having time for the bands to set up and then tear down for the next segment is an issue.

  14. grayhound Says:

    lee: Me too, me too! I lerve Dave too!!!!! Hoping we have another Rockstar this summer – last I heard it was up in the air??!!!

    Crossing fingers………………………

  15. suzi-q Says:

    Hello oh:) Forget AI pitiful, no zip e dee do dah:) atoll! But I am ready for some saaaaaaaa—-lllllaaaaaaaaaaaD!!! Get it atoll ready for saaaaaalaaaaaaad!!! my best Sponge Bob SquarePants! Love the run down Shell, right on the money!

  16. Dr. Bob Says:

    Niiiice spongeBob, suzi-q. Shelley, I am completely jellis of your garden. My niece just brought me a lovely goathead sticker flower from my backyard. They are peach and purple and produce a truly nasty thorn. That is the extent of my garden.

  17. nolagirl Says:

    Forgot to say how cute your widdle tomato is. 🙂

  18. Dr. Bob Says:


  19. Quossum Says:

    Your garden is great, Shelley!

    Just a little comfort for anyone lamenting the crappiness of BeeGees night:

    If you’re enough into this whole thing, try the downloads available at the AI website. Blake’s full version of “You Should Be Dancing” is *far* superior to the live version we saw on TV. The falsetto is smooth and on-key and the beatboxing is much more well-integrated into the song. Hey, unlike a certain gray-haired fellow we all know, not all singers are at their best live!

    That said, I must admit that his “You Give Love a Bad Name” full version isn’t as dynamic as the live version. It’s a little more straightforward, more like the “traditional” version of the song.

    I’ve also downloaded several of Melinda’s songs. Her “I Got Rythym” is great!

    I had a feeling LaKisha would go this week, but from this point I really think it’s anyone’s game. Blake is a cute guy and has a rabid fanbase. (It’s not Soul Patrol magnitude by any means, but then, this ain’t no Season 5.) Melinda has consistent superior ability and has probably picked up a lot of LaKisha votes and Jordin-haters. Jordin is young and pretty and a fairly good singer as well, and we know how those teeny-boppers can vote!

    Last year, in retrospect, Taylor was a juggernaut. This year doesn’t seem so clear cut.


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