WHAT THE…!?!?!?!?!?



I’m so freaking out right now that I don’t even know what to say.

Melinda went home!!!!???!!!

Color me totally blindsided.

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  1. Quossum Says:

    Me, too. Utterly.

    When Ryan declared Jordin safe, I was in misery. I *so* wanted a Melinda / Blake final, and I started saying bye to Blake.

    But then–

    *slack jaw*

    This season’s *shocking!!!* elimination.

    Happy to see Blake…but still…

    *is sad*


  2. shrewspeaks Says:

    I hate to say it…I saw it coming…said it to DD last night. The TV drama out weighed the final.

    On a side note…E-man killed it tonight! And made me really appreciate the depth of talent that was last year. Yamin is playing at a local spot Saturday…hmmm…maybe, just maybe I will go.

  3. shrewspeaks Says:

    Finale…not final.

  4. nolagirl Says:

    I said I didn’t care who left tonight, but I guess that didn’t count Melinda. Cuz I was yelling “what?!?!?!?” at my TV too. Oh well, hopefully Clive will give her a record deal and she can have some level of success. Not surprised that Blake made the final 2 at all (can we say teenyboppers??) but am surprised he’s next to Jordin, not Melinda.

  5. nolagirl Says:

    Oh, and I was so happy to see Elliott again too! He was in studio at the morning show I listen to about a month ago, and I just really, really like him, as a person in particular. So sincere and chill.

  6. Shelley Says:

    nola…i know what you mean. i didn’t think i cared and then i was yelling, too. crazy.

    i guess i figured she’d be a shoe in for the final two.


    i loved elliott. he did a beautiful job…and was so gracious.

    i also loved the hometown visits. believe it or not…i actually cried during jordin’s clip.

    and…please tell me i’m not the only one who saw nigel in the audience doing the axl rose “snake” to maroon 5’s performance. i was crackin’ up.

  7. Dinah Says:

    I haven’t viewed this travesty on the left coast yet, but this news hits me where I hurt!!!
    Have the tweeners taken over the world??? Poor Mel. I tried voting a couple of times last night and couldn’t get through. Hmmm. Cabal, anyone?

  8. Quossum Says:

    It was the “Blake and his dad” segment that made me tear up just a little.


  9. Shelley Says:

    Q…but didn’t you get a little uncomfortable when Ryan basically drop kicked Mr. Lewis off the stage?


  10. Quossum Says:

    Oh, yes–he was a bit rough, wasn’t he? Poor old dude.

    Ryan and Simon’s “playful banter” has had a harsh edge this year, too–has anyone else noticed that?


  11. brc Says:

    Is it just me or does Jordin seem really fake? Fake smile. Fake sentiments. The only genuine emotion I saw in her was when she saw her best friend.

    Sad to see Melinda leave.

    Elliot looked cute and sounded great.

  12. Shelley Says:

    Jordin seems like a normal bubbly 17-year-old.

    I like the kid. She may not be my favorite performer this year…but I don’t want to bash her character.

    slaps brc with a wet fish ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. c4tay Says:

    Sad to see Melinda go tonight. I was just sick about it. She is so good. Maybe it wasn’t the best for her to win though. Maybe better things are in store for her that will fit her better. I don’t know. I’m trying to console myself. At least, she won’t have to endure the mean press and negativity that can surround someone so much in the public eye. I would hate to see her being ripped for looking like Shrek and the girl in the Arthur stories, as she mentioned had already happened, or that she was old-fashioned and boring. She’ll find a good niche, I think, and will have a nice following of fans. She did get some good exposure and hopefully, that will pay off well for her to get to do what she’d like to do more of in the future. I really don’t care who wins now and will only be watching to see Taylor next week on the finale. I hope he nails it! Just can’t wait!

  14. c4tay Says:

    Just want to make clear that those criticisms of Melinda in the above post are not my feelings. I think she’s beautiful and so gracious and talented with a sweet, fun personality. Those are things she said she’d read online about herself. I would hate for it to continue or get worse for her.

  15. Julie Says:

    Sucks sucks sucks.

    Sorry, I haven’t gotten any further.

  16. brc Says:

    Now y’all are making me feel bad for saying Jordin seems fake. I honestly didn’t mean it as an attack on her character. It’s just that IMHO she comes across as somewhat disingenuous. Particularly as compared to the authenticity that exudes from Melinda. However in the interest of Monkbot peace (and not getting any more wet fish snapped at me), I will give Jordin the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is just being 17 ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Mr. Reality Says:


    I don’t know why everyone is astonished to see Melinda Doolittle voted off the island. She is basically the sweet bank teller who sings exceptionally well at the corporate Christmas party. No star quality whatsoever! The same can be said for Jordin (the new Kimberly Locke) and Blake (I can’t even say a poor man’s Justin Timberlake . . . okay, he is a homeless man’s one-man Color Me Badd).

  18. Shelley Says:

    Okay…Mr. Reality…so, basically, you’re saying that none of them deserve to win?
    Obviously you have in mind for someone outside the competition to crash the finale and take home the prize…let me guess…Lindsey Lohan?

    If so…then I simply can’t stand for that kind of talk.

    Go read up on CBS’s fall line-up. I’m expecting a full report from you once all the networks have made their announcements…including an indepth look at the new shows on CMT and ESPN.

  19. brc Says:


    Was Blake wearing guyliner?

  20. brc Says:

    And I demand that a wet fish be immediately slapped at Mr. Reality for stating that Melinda has no star quality.

  21. rowan Says:

    Aww, that is not the result I expected to see this morning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Poor Melinda. She was very fab indeedly. Sigh.

    Colour me surprised and speechless too!

    Hope to buy her cd in the not too distant future. .

  22. leejolem Says:

    I, too, didn’t think I really cared, and then they said Melinda’s time was up, and I was yelling at the tv “I am not watching this stupid show next season”. When Jordin was given the nod to take a seat I was bummed because I really wanted a Blake Melinda finale, and then they dropped the bomb. Did anyone else kind of feel sorry for Blake cuz they were boo’ing? I know everyone was booing Melinda leaving, but it must have been a bittersweet moment for him.

    Here’s my summary:1.Elliott would have won this season if he’d been on (especially w/new hair and veneers). His performance was great, and lerve his personality.
    2.Shelley, Nigel’s dancing was hysterical. What was up with that?
    3.Blake’s homecoming really made me see him as the American Idol–did you see the fans running after him? I got the same feeling w/TH’s hometown visit last year at the mall.
    4.Melinda was not expecting elimination either. She’ll do fine, I hope!!!
    5.If Jordin wins I will run naked around my house and yell “AI stinks”. (nothing personal against her, I just think Blake or Melinda deserve it more).
    6.I’m looking forward to Taylor’s performance at he finale more than is healthy.
    7.Q, I mentioned the tension between Simon and Ryan a month or so ago–I agree! It’s a little weird. Almost like they’re fighting to be top dog.

  23. texastaylorfan Says:

    I think I would have liked any of the top 10 from last season better than these final two this year. Couldn’t care less who wins next week, but can’t wait to see Taylor’s performance. And I’m ready for him to pass on that AI crown.

  24. baby duck Says:

    Now I know how Chris Daughtry fans felt the night he was voted off. I just expected Melinda to win, but never voted for her.

    Which night will Taylor be on, Tuesday or Wednesday?

  25. leejolem Says:

    BD, I’ve heard 5/23 which would be Wednesday.

  26. baby duck Says:

    Wednesday then. I’m more excited about that than seeing who wins, that’s for sure! Last year Carrie sang with *** and Taylor. I was looking forward to hearing Taylor sing with Melinda… just assumed it would happen. Well, phooey.

  27. rowan Says:

    It will be great to see Taylor performing again next week. Yay! Look forward to catching Eliot on the show aired here on Friday. Ah, nostalgia! Those were the heady days. Off to fetch my dvd of last year’s finale for a poignant wallow. Och, truth being told, it is a fun wallow. It was all so much fun, and ne’er to be repeated sort of phenomenon. Still have the finger-gnawing scars from results nights. Was forever yelling, “What’s going on?” only to discover, hours later, that everyone had moved on to another thread! Got caught in a chat timewarp at GC and didn’t find out Taylor had actually won till ages afterwards. Hee hee! Am now posting from my phone. How times move on! Live long and prosper, fellow Monkbots.

    How did Simon react to Melinda going?

    Lee – yep – remember discussing the Simon/Ryan niggles. Agree with yourself and Q – there does seem to be a genuine edge of irritation and less daftness in their exchanges this season.

  28. shrewspeaks Says:

    Seriously, isn’t this the shocker boot moment in the script? Every year it happens.

  29. blueberry Says:

    The one show I actually watched and didn’t record! (just to see Elliott and how good was he!) I got the impression that Melinda didn’t realize quite what happened, or she is the consummate professional, or both. Her talent is simply amazing and when she does her rock thing, I just smile. The remaining contestants are good, but, as I think everyone here is aware, just not on the same playing field as Melinda. Quite agree with Baby Duck that this is how Daughtry fans must have felt and this year I have no emotional investment in any of the contestants. As an aside, I am taking my son to see Nickelback, Stained AND Daughtry this summer and yes, I am scoring major mom points on this one! I’ll be riding that one through many homework fights next fall!

    Also, agree with Quossum, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the whole Mr. Lewis/Ryan bit. What is happening to this show or has it always been this way?

  30. Shelley Says:

    I was wondering if Mr. Lewis came up on stage (invited by Blake) during the hometown clip and then just didn’t realize he needed to get off.

    It was awkward.

    I felt Ryan could have handled it tons better…maybe have said, “So glad you’re here tonight to support your son…now I have to get down to business one on one with Blake…why don’t you join your lovely wife in the audience, please?” (said while taking his arm and gesturing to the guy’s seat.

  31. jenfera Says:

    I just knew that the two girls would be splitting votes, just like the three girls were splitting votes last week. I just never thought the split would go to Jordin instead of Melinda.

    I enjoyed Blake’s visit home. His dad seems overwhelmed by it all. Ryan could have definitely handled his dad on stage a little better. I wonder if the directors are screeching in his ear and he just has to act fast and doesn’t have time to necessarily be as polite as he could. I like to give Ryan the benefit of the doubt!

  32. ivoryhut Says:

    The moment Ryan announced Jordin was safe, I had a sinking feeling Melinda was going. So I did a few neck stretches to get ready for the tons of head shaking about to ensue. (Well, not really tons of head shaking. Not with my motion sickness and all.)

    However, I wasn’t outraged. I just haven’t been that invested in this season. I’ve been entertained, but not sucked in.

    But I am looking forward to watching Taylor next week. I just know the crowd will be on fire.

  33. jenfera Says:

    Going off topic – did everyone hear about poor Jenna Fischer? Man, nothing ever goes right for Pam!

  34. Staci Says:

    Okay, I admit it: I’m way to drawn in to this show, that agreed is much less entertaining than last year. I cried for Melinda. But I know she’ll do better music on her debut CD without the moniker of AI winner hanging around her neck (right, Elliot?)

    Now, two questions:

    1. Someone who taped the entire show, read the closing credits and tell me what I saw. Something about the producers maintaining the right to disregard “Power Votes.”??? What’s that about? or was I seeing things?

    2. Did Simon curse Melinda to her fate by calling her “consistent” many, many times? After all, “consistency is the hobgoblin of foolish minds” (Emerson, not me) and all that.

    Just thoughts. I’m always out for the conspiracy theory.

  35. Dr. Bob Says:

    Ack! I was afraid of this. I think that TPTB have been pimping Jordin soooo heavily. People who liked Melinda are not voters. I admonished my husband to vote for her and he said (a bit dismissively) that he would buy her CD. He thinks her tremendously talented. I said that I thought she might appreciate a few votes and a million bucks, too.

    I am sad — that is not what I hoped for.

  36. Jules Says:

    I don’t know what to say about Melinda except I think she’s extremely talented & have a great career. Can’t wait for the finale with Taylor! Think Jordin will win…but not so sure after seeing the crowd’s reaction to him in Seattle…still he’s gonna haveta do one of the finale’s craptacular songs…that makes me shudder.

    Power voting – (from GC archives)

    You CANNOT type in the words โ€œVoteโ€ multiple times in the same message. That is power voting and your vote will not count AT ALL.

    Also, you CANNOT send โ€œVoteโ€ to multiple texting numbers. That is power voting as well and will not count.

  37. grayhound Says:

    Morning Bots! I read this comment on another blog, and found it to be so funny – the last line just tickled me!!
    “The problem for the show now is simple: Melindaโ€™s considerable voter pool is naturally going to migrate to Jordin, not Blake…”
    ***No way, not from my household anyway. Blake didn’t cost Melinda her place in the the grand finale, Jordin (the Amazon statue) took care of that. Since I am still deeply wounded and highly miffed over the injustice done to Melinda, you can bet we will all be speed-dialing votes to Blake. At age 47, I guess I’ve traveled back in time to my elementary school playground where many a revengeful plot was hatched.

  38. baby duck Says:

    Staci, my take on when Simon declares a contestant to be the best, then complacency sets in amongst the voters. I think that’s what happened with Chris last year, and Melinda this year. The thinking goes, ‘The best singer will win. So why bother to vote?’. Whereas if your favorite is the underdog, with Simon hurling drunken dad insults, then the motivation factor to vote goes way up. So in that way, the judges and producers picking their favorite may influence the outcome. Now the only thing left to be seen is if their pre-crowning of Jordin will create a backlash and motivate people to vote for Blake.

  39. Jules Says:

    BTW – about Ryan’s treatment of Blakes Dad – does anyone remember last year on the final 2 night – Chris Daughtry was in the audience & Ryan walked by & said Hi to him then he got up & started talking & Ryan cut him off & told him to have a seat? It was so rude that I was embarrased for him.

  40. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m shocked that Melinda went home, in the sense that I just figured she was a shoe-in. HOWEVER, I did not vote for her once. I voted for Blake a hundred times b/c I saw it as a race between him and Jordin for the second spot. So, we (or Melinda’s fans) only have ourselves to blame for not voting for her.

    I’m just glad Blake made it to the Top Two. I just wanted him in the Finale for my own personal entertainment. I won’t be wounded if he doesn’t win…although I wanted him to lose to Melinda…not Jordin.

  41. jenfera Says:

    bama, I also wanted Blake to lose to Melinda! It’s a funny mindset, isn’t it? I did vote for Melinda too though. I will be voting obsessively for Blake next week, if only for bragging rights around the office. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Dr. Bob Says:

    Bama – what you said…

  43. Gray Charles Says:

    Going off topic – did everyone hear about poor Jenna Fischer? Man, nothing ever goes right for Pam!

    JERRY: So, what’s on your mind?

    KRAMER: It’s Pam.

    JERRY: Pam? What about Pam?

    KRAMER: I love her, Jerry!

    JERRY: You what?

    KRAMER: I love her!

    JERRY: Is that right?

    KRAMER: Oh, she’s uh…she’s real. She can bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan.

    JERRY: What does that mean?

    KRAMER: Oh, and that voice!

    JERRY: What about her name?

    KRAMER: Pam? Oh, it’s a beautiful name. Pam. Pam. Pam!

    JERRY: She’s got really nice hair.

    KRAMER: Oh, it’s incredible. Although, I might replace her tortoise clip with one of those velvet scrunchies. I love those.

    JERRY: You’ve got really specific tastes.

    KRAMER: Oh, I know what I want, Jerry.

    JERRY: She’s got nice calves.

    KRAMER: Oh, she’s a dreamboat. But, you don’t like her, so…

    JERRY: Maybe I could, you’re making some pretty good points.

    KRAMER: No you can’t, Jerry.

    JERRY: But I might.

    KRAMER: Oh, no you don’t.

    JERRY: Why not? The voice? The calves? The bacon?

    KRAMER: What…?

    JERRY: I think I can! I even like the name! Pam!

    KRAMER (frantic): Huh?

    JERRY: Pam!

    KRAMER: Huh?

    JERRY: Pam!

  44. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    oh man, I cried when she got sent home. me and my daughter voted non stop for melinda and blake (didnt get thru much for blake so in the end I just voted for melinda cause I was getting thru almost every time, wich scared me now I know why)my fiancee voted non stop for melinda and got thru most times. I wanted melinda to win and blake be second, my daughter too, she was going to vote for melinda next week all night, even if blake was there because she thinks melinda is better singing and blake is good at the beatboxing, now all our votes (me my daughter, fiancee and best friend) are going to vote for blake ALL night. This is the first year I got the winner wrong, I was so sure melinda was going to win, voted for her every week.I so wanted to see her and Taylor do a song together ๐Ÿ˜ฆ altho I think blake and taylor could come up with something original)

  45. Julie Says:

    But I voted for her!!! I wasn’t complacent. How could this happen? She’s friggin Chaka Khan/Tina Turner/somebody else really great all rolled into one.

    The thing’s rigged.

  46. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    ok I have the end of ai paused (wish I knew how to do a screenshot) heres what it says (makes me wonder if I been voting like mad for nothing)
    “portions of this program not affecting the outcome have been edited. Production will have in place weeklymonitoring procedures designed to prevent individuals from unfairly influencing the outcome of the voting by generating significant blocks of votes using technical enhancements. the producers reserve the right to remove any identified “power dialing” votes.”
    so does this mean when I vote using one number then as soon as they answer I vote the next number, and so on, I am power voting? If so then why dont they do what some other shows do, you can only call once from each phone line and then you cant get thru again, and same with online voting, make that available but only one vote. then we could all rest. But then they would have so much less so called viewers, because they count 60 million votes like theres 60 million people watching but there isnt. they need the big numbers yet they may be cancceling our calls sighs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  47. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Ahhh, nice to see you Uncle Monkbot. Thanks fer the laugh!

    Shelley- I can’t wait for The Office tonight! I’m thinking that Jim’s g-friend, whatsername, is gonna get that job at corporate….but I don’t think Jim is going to want to pursue Pam right now. That’d be too easy.

  48. bamaborntxbred Says:

    ruhappytoseeme: I think that’s more set-up for things like software that’s developed to vote thousands of times for a particular contestant w/o anyone actually dialing.

    But, what was that sniping thing that was being used last year to vote for Taylor. Does anyone remember?

    I know we went over this a lot back in the day at GC.com.

  49. Mr. Reality Says:


    1) No more IDOL drivel. These are pedestrian talents being exploited by a corporate beast that traffics in mediocrity.


    2) The key concern for today is the season finale of GREY’S ANATOMY.

    3) The endless pontification on the bitchy Ryan/Simon back-and-forth has grown tiresome. This is an obvious contrivance.

    4) Jane Fonda should be crowned High Priestess of the Universe for her unparallelled beauty, intelligence, and commitment to important causes.

  50. Gray Charles Says:

    1) Bait
    2) Switch
    3) Bait
    4) Switch

    Rock on

  51. jenfera Says:

    My next door neighbor also happens to be a co-worker and a long-time friend. Her name is Pam. My husband never just calls her Pam. It’s always, “Pam! Paaaaaaam! Paaaaaaaaaam!”

  52. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    hey gray nice to see you! I have been watching joss stone! got the cd with dvd a few weeks ago and wow love it! she seems guinuinely shocked when people love her so much hehe. I truely would love to see her and Taylor do a song together live, ahhh that would be a piece of heaven!sorry got off topic but I know Gray is all fanboyey over joss lol) just kiddin, its all about the music lol
    or maybe tv according to mr reality

  53. Gray Charles Says:

    I’m over Joss – didn’t you get the memo? I got my new girl’s tune played on American Idol last night.

  54. Shelley Says:

    geez…i go to lunch and come back to find all kinds of mischief.

    mr. reality…jane fonda is a HAG…as wash up as a dead fish on the beach. find a new queen of the universe for me to consider, please.

    bama…i totally think karen will get the job at corporate…OR…maybe pam will have taken her new confidence and applied for the job and then SHE’LL get it and be jim’s boss!!!!

    ruhappytoseeme…i think that only applies to dialidol-type voting. i doubt that any manic texting or dialing by a human will even remotely be thought of “technically enhanced.” i think we’re safe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    julie…of course it’s rigged…it’s television! (if you haven’t already…go watch the movie “Quiz Show”…brilliant)

    gray…what new girl? huh? you’re more mysterious than mr. reality (or I’m just not as smart as you and am missing the obvious reference…which is probably more likely).

  55. Gray Charles Says:

    or Iโ€™m just not as smart as you

    I’ll only quote the relevant part of the post.

    Like DD said, Mr. Obtuse right? I’ll spell it out. During Melinda’s homecoming reel they played a song in the background. Care to guess what it was?

  56. Shelley Says:

    And brave an attempt to match wits with the great Gray Charles?

    I don’t think so.

    Why don’t you just tell us?

  57. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I haven’t actually seen the Idol show from last night. It’s taped and ready to roll (along with America’s Next Top Model- I did hear they picked Jazleen. Whaat? That ole wanna be Janice Dickinson? Who’s she foolin?) when I get home.

    Mr. Reality- Barbarella is now, and always shall be, one of my Top Ten favorite bad movies of all time. Who is more beautiful than Jane Fonda in that movie? And, hello, the band Duran Duran got their name from the flick!

    Also-I took the “Which Grey’s Anatomy Character Are You?” quiz on their website. And I’m MEREDITH!! Whaaaat????! The only thing worse would be Callie the Hairy Beast. I don’t waaant to be the whiiiiiny, cry-baby Merry! Waaah! No fair! I need a man to make me feel better about myself now.

  58. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    well that stinks, but um only girl who sang last night was melinda and shes gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ is that who you mean? I love melinda too and am sure she will do awsome

  59. Gray Charles Says:

    Cue Heavy Sigh . . .

    They played Grace Potter and the Nocturnals doing “Nothing But The Water”. Seems like I’ve heard that song just recently . . . (hint: go to this little ‘ol website)

  60. JulieR Says:

    Gray said:
    During Melindaโ€™s homecoming reel they played a song in the background. Care to guess what it was?

    *Raises Hand*
    I know, I know!
    Hint: check out graycharles.com

  61. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    oh great now I gotta download the homecomming to find out arghhhhh

  62. JulieR Says:

    I swear I knew and was typing my post and trying to figure out how to slip in a block quote when Gray posted. lol

  63. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    wow your fast haha thanks

  64. Shelley Says:

    see…I was going to guess Kellie Pickler.

    by the way…mr. reality…i’m surprised you haven’t cooed over the presence of jackie collins at last night’s AI.

  65. nolagirl Says:

    I love that it p a i n s you to spell it out Gray. Heh. Taking one for the team, huh?

  66. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    great another person for you to get me addicted too LOL and graycharles isnt even a blog any more ๐Ÿ˜›

  67. Claire Says:

    Oh yeah, Grace Potter – I think I’ve seen her somewhere before…….another blog perhaps. She’s good, so is the band.

    Wow, I’ve taken very little interest in Idol this year, but Melinda gone? Who woulda thunk it. I s’pose it had to be someone, though.

    I wonder if the coronation song has a beatboxin’ option?…just sayin….

  68. double d Says:

    I really shocked that everyone is really shocked about Melinda.

    First, they are ALL THE SAME. She wasn’t really any better or worse. Second, as Shrew said, the “shocker” part of the script hadn’t been played yet, so Melinda it is. It likely would have been “shocking” had Blake or Jordin gone, as well.

    I’m hoping Taylor lays all over the AI logo next week a la PTFMWB. Unlikely, I know….but a girl can dream.

    Hey Gray

    NOLAGirl–I too take great glee in the fact that Gray was unable to exercise his obtuseness and was forced to explain his Libra Dragonness of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Life. is. good.

  69. jenfera Says:

    bama, there are worse things. A year or two ago (when I still cared) I took the Which Desperate Housewife Are You? quiz. I was Bree.

    Yep, stick-up-her-butt, OCD, Martha-Stewart-Wannabe Bree.

    Then again, I’m not sure there’s any one of those characters I’d actually want to be.

  70. Gray Charles Says:

    OK, well go put on some old sad bastard music. See if I care.

  71. jenfera Says:

    Oh, Shelley – Pam getting the job at corporate would be da bomb! Unfortunately, Jim will probably get the job and then we’ll be stuck with Karen & Pam being angsty for a whole season.

  72. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, Great Omniscient DD, why oh why did you not share your great knowledge and foresight with the lowly, teeming masses of Monkbots yesterday? If only you could’ve shone the light of discernment on our darkened countenances, for even a fleeting moment, maybe we could’ve avoided the inevitable plunge into shock and despair that our ignorance has caused.

    Have you no mercy? Woman! I ask of you! Have you no mercy??!!

  73. Gray Charles Says:

    Have Mercy

  74. double d Says:

    Bama — speak English. I couldn’t “participate” yesterday as I was sharing my vast intelligence with the people that pay me to do so….hey, that’s an idea.

    Gray — Have some Fat Bastard wine with your old bastard music. Oh, and you know you care.

    Here’s a ๐Ÿ™‚ for you as I know you love them so.

  75. baby duck Says:

    Old sad bastard music like this?

  76. KD Says:

    To Mr. Reality with love….

    And if only I were here earlier…I would’ve taken up the Gray Charles call to “think.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t do much of that lately. I need Gray to e-mail me daily puzzlers in order to keep my smarts now that I’m home.

    And just my one cent even though I’m late….Zan called the Melinda upset last night, so I wasn’t shocked since he’s usually right. His theory that the combination of her (dare I say) boring predictability leaving people unenthusiastic…and the general public’s assumption that Melinda would be a shoe-in therefore spawning the need to vote like mad for Blake and Jordin to keep them in the running—along with the power of the teeny boppers…would all align to see Melinda off last night. Looks like he was onto something.
    Good to see everyone!

  77. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Look how beautiful Ione Skye and John Cusak are. Just so clean and fresh and smooth.

    Kickboxing: The wave of the future.

  78. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jen- Bree? Ummm….I’m sorry.

  79. double d Says:

    Prefer Fat Bastard to old sad bastard.

  80. jenfera Says:

    For the record, my Tupperware is very poorly organized.

  81. Shelley Says:

    for reference…here is the link to the “Which Grey’s character are you?” quiz.

  82. Shelley Says:

    the next person who uses the word b*st*rd gets a wet fish slap.

    language, people!

  83. Gray Charles Says:

    I was referencing “High Fidelity” please slap Jack Black instead.

  84. jenfera Says:

    Phew, I’m Miranda!

  85. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- Speaking English is soooo 2006.

    Please keep in mind that special people are given special gifts to be used for the greater good of Monkbotkind. We are counting on your Libra Dragon-ness to inform us of future events so we aren’t caught off guard.

  86. Shelley Says:

    i got that.

    but that’s the beauty of running a blog…you get to gripe about pappy crap that no one wants to hear.

  87. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’d like to slap Jack Black.

  88. Shelley Says:

    “Speaking English is soooo 2006”


    Bama, pls b my BFF & take TOPOTD..KTHXBAI

  89. jenfera Says:

    Hooray for the return of TOPOTD!!

  90. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oooh. Who’s hims? Hims real pretty! Real, real pretty! I like him’s pretty shiny hair-did and purple upper-body covering!

  91. double d Says:

    Ok, take this to Vegas.

    In another “shocker”…Blake loses. Your first underage American Idol will be Jordin Sparks.

  92. Shelley Says:

    so no endorsements for budweiser

  93. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Actually- it would be more shocking if Blake won.


    Kelly Clarkson was only 20 when she won. So, technically, she was the first underage American Idol.

    Just sayin….

  94. jenfera Says:

    Umm, isn’t 18 the age of majority in this country?

  95. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I guess the word “underage” implies something different to me than the term “age of majority”.

  96. baby duck Says:

    I was referencing โ€œGray Charlesโ€ please slap him instead.

    As far as being angsty for a whole season goes, what are all you Grey’s Anatomy folks going to do next season when The Office switches to the 9pm time slot?

  97. jenfera Says:

    I’ll give you that, bama. We’re thinking underage like Lindsay Lohan underage.

    See, it must be my stick-in-the-mud, Bree/Miranda personality that kept me from thinking of it in the “no bud endorsements” way.

  98. Shelley Says:

    baby…i’ll probably be downloading everything from itunes.

    did i tell y’all i bought an ipod dock to hook up to the beautiful televison bama gave me?


  99. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Baby Duck- I didn’t know that The Office was going to overlap Grey’s! That ruins EVERYTHING. My life is in utter shambles now.

    I guess I’ll have to tape one or the other. I have all summer to mull over the prollum. Thanks for the 411.

  100. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jen- It’s just that my mind goes straight to the Bud endorsements!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. leejolem Says:

    Wow, I’m away for the day and monkbotdom goes to 100 comments. Sheesh, I miss all the fun.

    I didn’t even think about Karen getting the promotion–that would be great. Then next season Jim and Pam could spend time doing their silly dance all over again (and I’ll be hooked once again).

    Bama, I’d like to kiss Jack Black. I find him kinda hawt.

    Gray’s name is no longer in blue– makes me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  102. jenfera Says:

    lee, Gray’s name is blue for me. Link still works.

  103. Julie Says:

    Gray’s only gone temporarily…unlike Melinda. *SOB*

  104. Laurita Says:

    Dear amigos/as,
    What the @#$%^&* indeed?!

    There I was last night, flying back home to Oakland on JetBlue after visiting the folks in FL, watching AI via satellite at my seat with crummy headset… Let out a huge yelp of shock when Ryan told Mindy she was truly ‘going home’.. Major disbelief! Ugh!! Had been voting for her and LaKisha.. Whining… But didn’t feel sooo bad when I heard similar groans from other folks nearby also watching on their tiny glow-in-the-dark 5″ screens.. weird place to watch TV…

    (Melinda being bumped was like insult added to injury after our good-luck Warriors also lost their run at being the NBA champ… bummers!)

    Btw, very glad to see Gray “Graced” us with his presence… always a nice surprise… (G, were you there at the Boston Music Awards where that great YouTube performance was filmed? Fine fine stuff… thx for sharing…)

    BamaTex- did you love Jack Black on the ‘Idol Gives Back’ show? I know I did ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (P.S. Shelley, hope to have my “Monkbot-on-a-Stick does San Francisco” photos & story to you by next week for your editing pleasure!

    May include a few words about cool encounter with Mr. Hicks and Seรฑor AllTheAnswers at the Drive-By Truckers show the night before at the Great American Music Hall… would love to see the Master Monkbot himself do a couple of nights at that great venue one of these years…

    Still recuperating from that truly mindblowing experience at the Warfield; just think, it’ll soon be in the DVD racks — unreal!)

Comments are closed.

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