Romance, Drama, & Big Boobs… No, Not ‘Grey’s’…’The Office’


If I had to make my decision of what show I’d watch on Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (CST) next season based on last night’s season finales…what show had the most romance…what show was the most entertaining…what show made me laugh and made me cry…what show had the most heart…hands down…I’d pick “The Office” over “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Talk about a season finale. Wow. It was absolutely perfect…and the writing was so wonderful.

But let me hold off on the accolades of “The Office” for a second and first get a few things off my chest about “Grey’s.”

Other than the lovely selection of Ray LaMontange songs in the soundtrack…the episode offered nothing meaningful…nothing new…nothing to give me hope. It was the same old same old. Izzy torments George with her emotional tap dance. Callie is ugly and biting and insecure and manipulative (sorry, DD). Christina wants to “cut” someone. Karev is aloof. George is the underdog. And Meredith is emotionally stunted as a human being.

The entire episode played out as a dose of Lunesta…ZZZZzzzzzz.

And to top it off…there were so many inconsistencies and gaps in the writing that I was left with a huge question mark flashing like a neon sign above my head when the credits rolled:

  • Seriously, am I honestly to believe that Meredith would turn Derrick down? (No woman has my permission to EVER turn down those beautiful Patrick Dempsey eyes and tender smile…it’s criminal to do so.)
  • Am I honestly to believe that George failed his exam…and then would quit his career over it? This is the same guy who saved a man’s life while operating on the man’s heart while the two were stuck in a broken elevator…between floors.
  • Am I honestly to believe that Karev really cares about Ava/Rebecca/Whateverhernameis? They’ve maintained a friendship at best…but I’ve never felt the first spark of romance between the two.
  • Am I honestly to believe Christina would study like a fiend for her exams but not write her vows OR that she would agree to wear that hideous choker OR that she would agree to have her eyebrows shaved OR to walk around all episode with rollers in her hair…only to wear an up-do?
  • Am I honestly to believe that Burke would call off the wedding after knowingly putting Christina through her own personal hell?
  • Am I honestly to believe that Callie would EVER be named chief resident over Bailey?
  • And am I honestly to believe that Derrick would turn down the chief’s job offer?

Total. Absolute. Nonsense.

However…on the other channel…just a half an hour earlier…

Total. Television. Magic.

I couldn’t have been more happy with “The Office” if the players had come to my house and acted the episode out in my living…well…maybe.

It is now a requirement of every Monkbot to watch “The Office.” As a matter of fact, I demand that each of you buy or rent all previous episodes and catch up on what you’ve missed. The show…even at its one of the best shows on television.

First and foremost…the haircut.

Now, I think you all know by now how I feel about John Krasinski. The guy is absolute adorableness wrapped in a sexy smile and lanky frame. He has worn the messy “bed head” hairdo with an aplomb that few could have mastered. I think we learned quite clearly the special person it takes to “work” such a hairdo when Dwight recently gave his not-so-spot-on Jim Halpert impersonation.

However…when Jim “Big Haircut” Halpert walked in with his new haircut (which is really closer to how Mr. Krasinski wears his hair in real life…as pictured atop this post)…I almost choked on the Cadbury chocolate I was eating (thanks, Rowan). Very sexy. Very nice.

Meanwhile, Pam was literally glowing for the entire episode (our poor, sweet Jenna Fischer…I pray she recovers fully from her back injury). I LOVE assertive Pam…especially when she told Karen, “I really hope you get the job.” She totally held her own with Dwight when he temporarily took over the office and named her his secret assistant to the regional manager. She stood her ground against Karen…who not only called her a bitch behind her back…but who had some serious “Callie” tendencies last night (insecurity is soooo not attractive).

I believed Assertive Pam when she said she was not embarrassed about last week’s outburst…and handled herself so well with the good-natured ribbing of her co-workers. And I really believed her when she said she was going to be okay with however things worked out between she and Jim. That’s what she needed. That’s what we all needed.

Another shining aspect of the episode was the continuation of the tradition of setting Dwight’s hopes up for taking over the office…and then dashing them. It so needs to be done routinely…to save him from himself. He can’t be a leader…it would be his destruction…and the destruction of his co-workers. (“Good-bye Kelly Kapoor.”) Oh…and let me say…I want more than anything to earn some Schrute Bucks…or even some Stanley Nickels (because, you know, they are as comparable as Unicorns to Leprechauns).

This episode also featured classic Micheal Scott: selling his condo on eBay before getting the new job…getting back with Jan because of her “boob enhancement”…then gallantly, though begrudgingly, taking care of her when she finally collapsed on herself like a dying star after being fired and saying she could move in with him because he would back out of the sale of his condo…even though his ratings as an eBay seller would probably go down. Wonderfully destructive stuff. I loved it.

But the best two moments of the night were ones of quiet and sweetness and ease and warmth. The best moments were when Jim found the note from Pam during his interview…which led to the second best moment…his asking Pam for a date with a charm that was as natural as it was romantic…leaving Pam glowing even more.

Perfect ending to a perfect show.

P.S. If I only had one complaint from last night…it’s how Ryan broke up with Kelly. Harsh. (Though I have a feeling it won’t stick.)

P.P.S. However…how awesome will it be to have sleazy Ryan as Michael’s boss now?

P.P.P.S. Finally, there is blog good enough to replace Check it out.

Entertainment Weekly’s Write-Up on “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale

Entertainment Weekly’s Write-Up on “The Office” season finale


120 Responses to “Romance, Drama, & Big Boobs… No, Not ‘Grey’s’…’The Office’”

  1. shrewspeaks Says:

    The Office…This is where NBC got the Upfronts correct…30 episodes…5 of which are 1 hour long! This show deserves it. I read somewhere around the begining of this past season that if it weren’t for the amount iTunes downloads, NBC would not have renewed the Office. If that is true, it does make sense that NBC cheif is trying to figure out why the Neilsons are low…and my bet is they are using iTunes as the real marker of the show’s popularity.

    Oh and WHAT? DD gets to be Chief over me? I don’t think so, Stephens.

  2. shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh and this

  3. Shelley Says:

    thanks for the link, shrew. i had no idea. i’ve updated the link in the post. 😉


  4. jenfera Says:

    The way Ryan broke up with Kelly was pretty harsh, but I never quite understood why he stayed with her anyway.

    I can’t wait to see how the new Ryan-as-boss dynamic plays out, and I love that they threw us a curveball with that one. And Jan coming completely undone through the season! Fantastic.

    Oh, and the haircut – love it. I am always a fan of a good haircut. It can make a world of difference.

  5. KD Says:

    Aww…they’re reporting that Jenna Fischer fractured her back???
    Here’s the article…they expect her to make a full recovery. Thought all you Office fans would want to know.

  6. baby duck Says:

    What a way to end a season! Last night’s episode left us with so many unanswered questions: Will Ryan really take the job, and if so, will he still make appearances on the show? Will he and Kelly get back together? Will Jan really move in with Michael (DEVCON 30, I’d say)? Will Michael get sued for backing out of the eBay sale? With neither Jim nor Karen getting the job at corporate, will we be treated to another season of the love triangle? Did Jim just leave Karen in NY and drive back to Scranton alone without saying anything? Next year we get 30 episodes to get some answers. Yay!

    Thanks for the link to Creed’s blog. It didn’t occur to me that there actually was one.

  7. Hatson Says:

    I loved last night’s episode. It is so great to actually have good writing! I loved Michael saying that he sold his condo for “80 percent of it’s value” and being happy about how quickly it sold! Great stuff! Also the subtle ways they showed Karen was about Karen. Until now she has been hard not to like even though of course I want Jim and Pam to be together. It is nice to watch a show that you don’t feel like saying well there is an hour of my life I will never get back! Lol

  8. leejolem Says:

    That episode rawked! I totally didn’t see the Ryan promotion coming. The thought of Ryan being Michael’s boss is too funny. Dwight will die. I hope Jim talked to Karen and didn’t just leave her in NY (although I really didn’t like her last night). HC4S and I were cheering and clapping when Jim asked Pam out. I felt like it was happening to me. Jim’s haircut–ugh! I must be in the minority, but I lerve his bedhead.

    Best funny line of the night–“swing low sweet chariots”–Creed is one weird and funny dude.

  9. Mr. Reality Says:



    Monkbot creator Shelley has been removed from her blog duties at the site after this morning’s appallingly off-base take on the season finale of the ABC mega-hit GREY’S ANATOMY.

    “This is MY site,” Shelley sniped when asked for comment. “I can’t believe I’ve been forced out. This is insane! But at least I’ll have more time to watch tapes of all my favorite T.J. HOOKER episodes.”

    And that is a good thing, sources say, as the emotional complexities of the GREY’S finale obviously by-passed Shelley’s analytical abilities. The episodic police procedural format of T.J. HOOKER (in which Shelley can always count on Heather Locklear to be kidnapped and William Shatner to give chase in tight pants and at some point slide over the hood of an automobile) will be better suited to her critique style.

    No one is more pleased to see the High Priestess of blogging temporarily out of the picture than the elusive Gray Charles, whose plans to develop a multi-media site/online shrine to AMERICAN IDOL Season 5 contender Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais is now on the fast track. “Every breath I take is now for Chicken Little,” Gray Charles said. “Taylor Hicks is so over.”

    Monkbot will be removed from the Internets at 5:00 pm Eastern time today.

  10. bamaborntxbred Says:

    SWEET! I love Chicken Little. I know Gray can do him justice.

    Anyhoo- I freaking LOVED the Season Finale of The Office. It was so “yo”.

    I actually liked the way Ryan broke up with Kelly. She seems like the type of girl that wouldn’t actually believe they were broken up if he tried it in a kinder manner. It’s going to be a very interesting dynamic to see Ryan “The Temp”, Ryan “Get Me Some Coffee”, as the new corporate big-wig. Comedy gold people, comedy gold.

    I, too, wondered if Jim just left Karen in NYC. Hmmm….

    AND- I’m sure he assumed she was the only other candidate interviewing for the job, and that if he didn’t take it, she would get it….leaving him free to be alone in Scranton with Pam. Except, he never figured on RYAN!!!

    AND- Pam getting misty-eyed when Jim asked her out. I started boo-hooing. Such a wonderful TV moment.

    GREY’S: I think the show left tons of open ended possibilities and story lines to ponder upon. I also think it was cool that the writers played upon the persistant media rumors about T.R. Knight’s and Isaiah Washington’s possible departures from the show by having both of their story lines ending up in the air. Very cool.

    I really thought the show was very well done.

    Although- I totally agree that McDreamy would NEVER have turned down the Chief job. Puhleeze.

    I do believe they woulda picked Calliope the Linebacker over Bailey. Bailey’s interns were jacked up!!! Izzie killed the patient she fell in love with, Karev spread Gonorreah to, ummm, everyone, George failed his intern exam, Meredith tried to kill herself (taking all the major surgical resources to save her life) on the same day that hundreds of people were dying in a horrific ferry accident….and all of Bailey’s interns are having inappropriate relationships with the surgical staff. Soooo, yeah, I can see them not choosing Bailey as Chief Resident.

  11. leejolem Says:

    Creed’s blog is hysterical, but I wish he had mentioned “swing low sweet chariots”.

    Gray needs to devote a whole thread to the musical significance of Kevin Covais’ contribution to Tobacco Road on last years AI finale. A fine moment in 21st century musical history.

  12. jenfera Says:

    I just want to point out for any and all who did not know before that Kevin Covais…


    on Paris Bennett’s new CD. Just digest that for a minute.

    Oh, and lee, I am with you on swing low sweet chariots. Hysterical!!!

  13. Shelley Says:

    for the record…i’ve not been removed from anything. 😉

  14. Gray Charles Says:

    for the record…i’ve not been removed from anything.

    I removed your ability to comment on my website.

    I’m so over the Kevin Covais jokes especially when wrapped up in the Sting illusions.

  15. Shelley Says:

    I can still comment on your website…look…
    Gray Charles’ website sucks.

  16. leejolem Says:

    Touche, Shelley, touche!

  17. AmyMc Says:

    Argh, Iwas so frusterated last night…I watched all but the last 7 minutes of The Office and then I had to put my son to bed. WHAT HAPPENED? Jim asked Pam out?????

  18. eastonwest Says:

    The Office, hands down the best show on television today. A little perplexed by it’s success/popularity though. The amazing writing, and wry humor usually doesn’t resonate with viewers of “screwball” comedies that have succeeded in television’s past.

    How many of us have worked with at least one or more of these characters? In my lifetime, I think I’ve worked with just about every one of them. I can relate to the frustration incurred by their overbearing personalities. Everyone in this cast is perfect for their part. The one scenario I haven’t seen (as yet) in this great show, is the birthday cake scene from the movie, “Office Space”. Hardly a week would go by without all of us standing around that damned birthday cake, singing that damned song for somebody we didn’t even like!

    This show reminds me of how lucky I am to work for myself now.

    One more thing: After 3 attempts, I couldn’t read fast enough to make out the note in Jim’s papers. What did it say? Gotta go to work now, thankfully not in an office.

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    OMG Mr. Reality is the Shrute of Monkbotness

  20. Shelley Says:

    the note was from pam and it was written on a “message pad”

    it read:

    Jim…Don’t forget us when you’re famous…Pam

    And she had attached the gold foil Office Olympics medal he had won.

    I thin you hit the nail on the head with your second paragraph about why the show is so popular. It’s because so many people can really so well to so much in that show.

    I’m not a big fan of crass, bathroom humor…but I still laugh at this show because it’s not really about that kind of humor…it’s usually about how it’s delivered and by whom. To me…that makes a huge difference.

  21. shrewspeaks Says:


  22. Gray Charles Says:

    Final Clip

    And Shelley I really enjoy your website and all the hard work you put in to entertain us. I’m not sure why I deserve such disrspect. On a Friday. In May.

    Why just last year, I remember it well . . . .

    Shelley # 85 May 18th, 2006 at 8:24 pm


    I think someone named Shelby was on the site, perhaps it was that person.

    But SHELLEY never said that.


  23. Shelley Says:

    ROFL @ Shrew

    “Mr. Reality is the Schrute of Monkbotness”

    Please accept this

    Official Prize of the Day

  24. shrewspeaks Says:

    and the monitary equivalent?

  25. Mr. Reality Says:


    I am going away on holiday and will be unavailable for postings for the next several days. But I WILL be back. Don’t think that I won’t make a triumphant return to Monkbot!

  26. Shelley Says:

    1/100,000,000,000 of a cent

    thanks, gray. i appreciate your reference to a conversation i had a year ago and don’t even remember the context of. caught me. i was mean. i was bashing skulls and taking names.
    these days, though…i work to be a kinder, gentler Shelley…so let me say…
    Gray Charles’ website only sucks a little.

    and for what it’s worth (ohh…how i wish i had the rss feed to the chat)…it wasn’t too long ago you called this place “Monkrot

  27. Gray Charles Says:

    it wasn’t too long ago you called this place “Monkrot“

    did not

  28. Shelley Says:

    i hate that you know i’m too lazy to search out that stupid feed.

    did too

  29. jenfera Says:

    The United States of Monkbot! Haaa!!

    Um, people, this could be a sign of the apocalypse. Chicken Little rapping. Something to the effect of:

    Yeah, Paris calls me Chicken Little
    And I guess that it fits
    But rappings not my full time thing
    I just do it to entertain my chicks

    And then there is something about “I’m just trying to do better than Kevin Federline.”

    I swear, I am not making this up.

  30. leejolem Says:

    Shelley, how does that convert to leprechauns and unicorns and Schrute bucks.

    I loved that Dwight had printed on the Schrute bucks “motivational tool”. Only Dwight. Stanley’s reaction was priceless (pun intended).


  31. leejolem Says:

    Jen, I missed Chicken Little this season. When he gave Simon attitude I always cheered. He was a spunky little thing.

  32. Shelley Says:


  33. shrewspeaks Says:

    WOW…Mayer has a Tim Burton-esque sized head there

  34. jenfera Says:

    Kevin was indeed spunky. And I don’t mean to be all not-monkbot-like, but rapping? No doubt the boy sees the comedy in this. And really, good for him for being able to do so. But still, if he thinks it is funny, and I am sure he does, I am not going to feel sorry for thinking it is funny. And perhaps the end of the world.

  35. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Jen- It IS a sign of the apocalypse. Look it up in 2nd Federlonians 4:16.

  36. Mr. Reality Says:


    I am back! My flight was cancelled (it leaves tomorrow), so I will be posting all day.

  37. jenfera Says:

    2nd Federlonians! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  38. bamaborntxbred Says:


    It’s Friiiiday.

  39. Claire Says:

    Awww, I love it when Shelley and Gray spar. Makes me feel like I’m home. *curls up on couch, after a hard day at work, clutching mug of tea and chocolate sponge roll.*

    *also wishes she could comment on Grey’s and The Office, but lives in a land far, far away and doesn’t see TV from America Land…..well, not for a few weeks anyway…*

    *wishes Jessica Simpson would grow a brain…*

  40. shrewspeaks Says:

    In that case, can I be Secret Assistant to the Reality?

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Claire! Isn’t it nice? It’s like being home for the holidays and watching Mom and Dad scream and throw things….ahhh…the sweet memories of childhood.

  42. leejolem Says:

    Claire, by the looks of John Mayer’s head in that pic he has brains enough for the 2 of them.

    Jen and Bama, I’m hoping Kevin is laughing all the way to the bank. He was season 5’s Sanjaya but with a little more brains and testosterone. (though I do love me some Sanjaya).

  43. Shelley Says:


    I just finished half of my raw brocolli that I packed in my little lunch when I noticed something had hopped into the dressing I was dipping my brocolli it…that something was green and had legs and was fighting to free itself from the grip of Hidden Valley Ranch (story of my life).

    Upon further investigation of the rest of my brocolli…i found that it was totally infested with spider mites and affids (sp?).

    Yes, folks…for lunch today…I ate bugs.

    I guess that’s what i get for buying organic…more bugs.

    shakes fists at world for turning down lunch at Japanese restaurant for the bug-infested sack lunch i packed this morning.

  44. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, think of the extra added protein!! Mmmmm.

  45. bamaborntxbred Says:


    Grooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssss, Shelley!

  46. Mr. Reality Says:


    In response to Shelley’s riveting Monkbot post about bugs on her brocolli, NBC has announced immediate plans to bring back FEAR FACTOR.

  47. Shelley Says:

    my produce guy DID look a bit like joe rogan.

  48. jena Says:

    No ladybugs Shelley? Ladybugs love to eat aphids! They stick their little sticker in and suck the life out of them leaving a tiny crusty shell.

    Shelley = Ladybug

  49. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m feeling a little queasy….

    Not much for the bug eating, sucking convo. And Shelley said the sp**er word. Me no likey.

  50. KimLoree Says:

    Well…I wasn’t going to post, because Shelley might kick me out when I say that I’ve never watched “The Office”. (I’ve also never eaten bugs with my broccoli).
    But I couldn’t resist coming in to watch along with Claire. Got any more of that tea Claire?

  51. Claire Says:

    *pours KimLoree a lovely steaming mug of tea*

    Chocolate sponge roll, dear?

  52. Shelley Says:

    (I’ve also never eaten bugs with my broccoli).

    that you know of.

  53. nolagirl Says:

    What’s a chocolate sponge roll, Claire? (now that the most important thing is out of the way…)

    I will sit here in shame as you all scoff at me for not watching The Office. Sawwwry. I see that I’m missing out, and that makes me sad. I DID see the moments you speak of with the note from Pam and her getting asked out. But I didn’t know the context behind it all.

    I did however watch Grey’s and wanted to throw something at the TV. Meredith is so annoying, and Callie and her baby talk is icky. That is all.

  54. KimLoree Says:

    mmmm….good tea. Are those the low cal sponge rolls?

    Shelley….now stop that. I did have some broccoli salad for lunch…and I’m not gonna inspect the bite that’s left either.

  55. Hatson Says:

    Is a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT the same as a MAJOR AWARD? If so, nice lamp!

  56. KD Says:

    If it makes you feel better, Shelley, I also bought organic, and luckily spotted the bug on the piece of broccoli on my fork before eating it—of course, that was the last bag of the five frozen bags in the package. Still wondering how many I DIDN’t spot. *ack* Must be the week for broccoli bugs.

  57. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Doooood. Nola. I can’t stand Meredith or Callie. Ugh! Crying, whining, self-absorbed, insecure. One, a stringy headed, drowned-rat, “feed me, feed me” gutter snipe….the other an overdone, ratty-haired, beast of a Vampira wanna be. Barf.

    Not everyone can be like Izzie. (Although her star has been tarnished slightly by the whole “adulterating tramp” thing. I guess she needed to have ONE flaw.)

  58. Mr. Reality Says:


    Regarding the Meredith bashing from GREY’S watchers: I simply will not stand for this sort of talk.

    Meredith, as brilliantly played by soon to be Emmy, Golden Globe, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Pompeo, is one of the most emotionally true characters on television today. She is alternately needy, aloof, insecure, arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical, sweet, bitchy, loyal, disloyal, loving, cold . . . as most women are. Look in the mirror, ladies!

  59. Laurita Says:

    Before I head off to the annual Greek Festival to get me some galaktaboureko, does anyone else besides me think that John Krasinski and Brian Gallagher look even a teensy-weensy bit alike?
    [When I was up close and personal with Brian after the Warfield-S.F. concert– at our Biscuits&Blues/Jason Ricci (very hot!) after-party– this comparison was planted in my brain and has been growing ever since! Weird, but ‘true’, dontcha think?]

  60. bamaborntxbred Says:


    Whatever Mr. Reality! I’m perfection personified.

  61. Shelley Says:

    Mr. Reality…I only counted three compliments in there…you certainly need to reasses the glory of womanhood.

    On the other hand…I counted at least eight characteristics that seem to describe Y-O-U.

    I’m proud to be a W-O-M-A-N

  62. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Laurita- On “secret assistant to the blogmeistress” mission to find out whether John and Brian look even an eensy weensy bit alike!

  63. Mr. Reality Says:


    I will soon be launching my own blog–

    More details as they become available . . .

  64. bamaborntxbred Says:


    After much investigation, I will have to conclude that Brian Gallagher, though very handsome and delightfully candy coated, does not, to mine discerning eyeballs, look to resemble Jim Krasinski.

    IM(oh, so)HO

  65. Mr. Reality Says:


    Another blog (this one an entertainment buzz site) is reporting that Taylor Hicks will NOT be performing on the IDOL finale. The producers have decided to showcase Chris Daughtry instead.

  66. AmyMc Says:

    Hey,Gray! Thanks for sharing that clip…that’s the part I missed. Now I saw the whole show! Hee hee!

    Hope you are doing well…and hope you are having a great spring!

  67. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Mr. Reality- you’re breaking your own rules about talking about TH. No fair.

    Besides, I think somebody’s pants are on fire.

  68. KimLoree Says:

    Hah…Mr Reality, Do you mind if I quote you on other boards? We could light up the internet for entertainment. It is a slow news day afterall.
    Well maybe not…I might want to get on the internet tomorrow and would hate to find that the Soul Patrol blew it up.

  69. Captain Anthill Says:

    for Shelley…

    Love, love will keep ‘us together
    Think of us babe whenever
    Some sweet talkin’ blog comes along, singin’ a song
    Don’t mess around, you just gotta be strong

    Just stop, ’cause we really love you
    Stop, we’ve been postin’ with you
    Look in our hearts and see love keep us together

    We(you, do do do) we belong to you now (do, do do do)
    Ain’t gonna set ya free now (do do do)
    When those blogs start hangin’ around, talkin’ ya down
    We’ll hear with our heart and we won’t hear a sound

    Just stop (stop, stop) cause we really love you (really love you)
    Stop (stop, stop) we been thinkin’ of you (been thinkin’ of you)
    Look in our hearts and see love keep us together, whatever

    We said it before and we’ll say it again
    While others pretend
    We need ya now and we need ya then…

  70. leejolem Says:

    Laurita, OMG, I wrote the same thing a couple weeks ago about John K./Brian G. after seeing Brian in person in Columbus. I don’t think it’s so much the looks alone, but also the mannerisms. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that sees it. I thought I was crazy (no comments on my sanity or the overall sanity of womanhood from Mr.Reality, puh-leeze).

  71. Julie Says:

    I don’t mean to be rude, but don’t you people wash organic broccoli before consumption?

    And John Mayer’s head always looked big in that picture…

  72. Shelley Says:

    no…i never wash any food…especially not raw meat or vegetables covered in horse manure….

    of COURSE i washed the broccoli.

  73. Julie Says:

    Sawry Shells. Of course you did. Bad little aphids! BAD!

  74. Hatson Says:

    BAMA…………….Somebody’s Pants Are On Fire!!!!! Perfectly Brilliant.

  75. Dr. Bob Says:

    I would just like to say how much I enjoyed all of this. Except for the bug-eating. No likey bug eating. Although, I guess, if one was to eat any sort of bug, aphids would be acceptable. Ants keep herds of them and use them like cows, so maybe you are just eating little insect hamburgers on the hoof. Sort of like the huge strawberries that they had in Land of the Lost, but in reverse.

    It has been a long day — because the above makes perfect sense to me.

    Claire, got any more of that tea? I could use a cup right about now.

  76. Dr. Bob Says:

    Oh, and I am planning on netflixing The Office, as I fear losing my Monkbot status.

  77. Laurita Says:

    High ten knuckles n’ elbows to Leejolem for sanely recognizing the B. Gallagher/J. Krasinski separated-at-birth FACT…

  78. Claire Says:

    There’s enough tea for all!!

    Why do I feel like the Mad Hatter, lol…..

  79. Squeebee Says:

    My husband has been downloading and burning episodes of the office over the last few weeks. I am definately hooked! Last night we watched the Season 2 finale……WOW! That was where Jim told Pam he was in love with her and kissed her. I was SHOCKED! Looking forward to Season 3…then I will be all caught up for next season. Thanks again to all the Monkbots for steering me in the right direction!

  80. ivoryhut Says:

    If somebody’s pants are on fire, methinks we will need to dump more ice cubes. After all, we’re a helpful bunch, aren’t we?

  81. Quossum Says:

    Mr. Reality is the poor man’s Alex.


  82. KD Says:

    I miss Alex….ahhh…those were the days! 😉

  83. Shelley Says:

    I happen to think these are the good ol’ days 😉

  84. Quossum Says:

    Oh, on topic…

    I don’t watch either of these fine shows, but Shelley’s critiques of the shoddy writing / character development on Gray’s typifies what I hate about TV shows in general.

    Shows often start out strongly, and I especially love the character-driven ones, whether dramas or comedies. *HOWEVER*–if the show starts getting popular, it seems virtually without expception the show continues long past the time when it should have ended–when story arcs should have been wrapped up, characters age past the time appropriate for the show, or whatever. The writing gets bad, characters “character” gets dumped on in interest of keeping stories alive, people get manipulated into saying and doing things that longtime fans who know those characters know they would never say or so.

    It always happens.

    Once the show has jumped the shark in this way, its miserable and painful for the fans. We want to follow it, to see what our people are up to, and at the same time we want to spurn it for what it’s become.

    Did anyone see comments from the guy who played Pippin and is also on “Lost” (uh…Billy Boyd, thank you IMDb) when he was on Leno the same night as Taylor and the top 3 Idols? He talked about this same topic. Basically (for those who didn’t see it or fast forwarded past his portion to get to Taylor!), he said that “Lost” had a finite story arc with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The producers were told by the network that they could do their story…but they would have to be able to milk the “middle” part of the story arc for as long as the network could make money off it before going into their “end.”

    This actor talked like that “end” portion was coming up. I don’t watch Lost, but I know people who do and have been getting very frustrated.


  85. Claire Says:

    Shelley – the big question – did you like the Cadburys chocolate?????

    Q – Dominic Monaghan is the Hobbit who is now in “Lost”. I have a weird crush on him.

    In all seriousness – I am Internet-weary from another Boogie implosion. Go check out the Seattle Review thread and prepare for much bemused head-shaking.

  86. rowan Says:

    Claire – is there a new brew on the boil? Not had a chance to post this weekend and missed out on my fragrant cuppa.

    Musssst see The Office! Saw the UK version on sale, but want to see the same version as my fellow Monkbots. Am tracking down a multi-region dvd player, which has proved no mean feat. One outlet said they were rare, another plentiful, but only revealed their willingness to play US dvds in the manual, which was sealed inside the box. No clue on the box itself. So — the advice was for me to take pot luck, buy one, try it out and return it to the store if it didn’t play ball – or US dvds. O_o Could they not just have checked for me – – looked online, or called a manufacturer? I dunno. Sigh. Claire, put an extra tea-bag in my cup, please. I am in need of a tarry beverage solution to electrical-retail gooberdom. Will try Ebay…wanna see Monkbot tv.

  87. Laurita Says:

    fyi, update to Claire’s post above: that ‘Seattle Review headshaker’ is now in the “Various Locked Threads” Forum on the BB, if anyone’s looking…
    Meanwhile, there’s an interesting followup thread about blogs, netiquette, and other stuff in the ETC. section… [Thank goodness the Monkbot is in a different orbit and misses out on some of the weirder stuff.. but of course there’s still much goodness on the Boogie too…]

  88. Mr. Reality Says:


    Where are the detailed recaps for the season finales of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS & SISTERS? This is a critical measure of Monkbot’s relevance to society as a whole!

  89. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Poopy on DH and B&S. I’m not relevant to society though, so that probably explains a lot.

  90. shrewspeaks Says:

    Bama…I knew there was a reason I liked you 😉

  91. jenfera Says:

    bama, you are relevant to me!

    And besides, who is watching DH when The Sopranos is on?

  92. jena Says:

    Update on DH? Okay, you got it! Warning – spoiler for those of you who haven’t seen it.

    Susan got married. Gabby got married. Whats-her-name and Carlos broke up. It looks like whats-her-name hung herself, but all we saw were the dangling feet. Bree is pretending to be pregnant because her daughter is pregnant. I think she is going to pretend the baby is hers.

    The end.

  93. shrewspeaks Says:

    Her Rowan…were you a Monarch of the Glen fan? I am up to season six. Paul was just made Laird even though Lexie is back from New Zealand.

  94. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Aww thanx Shrew and Jen!

    I finally watched Dreamgirls last night! Now I know what all the fuss was about. But, seriously, when Beyonce sang that “Crossroads” song…I was blown away. I think I was so worked up for J-Hud to be fanfreakintastic…and they downplayed B-Dawg so much throughout the movie…that I was fah-loored when she performed that. Man, oh, man. What a great movie.

    And Adele, the Chief’s wife was in it too! Sweet!

  95. Claire Says:

    No Shelley today?

    I watched Monarch of the Glen occasionally. Don’t remember any of the character’s names, but I do remember that they all wore really cosy looking sweaters.

  96. shrewspeaks Says:

    Awe Claire…you nailed it. “Cozy” is exactly the way I would describe Monarch.

    Loved DreamGirls! Knocked my sox off.

    Yeah ummm…is Shelley okay? Do we need to send up the MB skylite?

  97. Shelley Says:

    dealing with personal crisis…don’t know when i’ll be able to post or comment.

    keep me in your prayers.

    i’ll share more when i’m not about to crack up.

  98. Claire Says:

    Hope all will be ok Shelley….))hugs((

  99. jenfera Says:

    We’re all pulling for you and thinking of you, Shelley.

  100. leejolem Says:

    Leejolem an HC4S sending all kinds of Monkbot love and support and prayers Shelley’s way. We love ya sistah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Mr. Reality Says:

    For Shelley aka Monkbot High Priestess . . .


    1) Channel the glorious Kate Walsh as Addison Shepard from GREY’S ANATOMY

    2) Purchase Small Convertible (Mini Cooper, Porsche, or Miata)

    3) Drive with top down and hair flying

    4) Make out with Tim Daly in hospital stairwell

    5) Situation Resolved.

  102. texan Says:

    thoughts with you Shelley!

    can you make me a difficult situation to do list that involves a pirate?

  103. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Sorry Shelley. Call me if you need anything that I can do from 800 miles away!

  104. nolagirl Says:

    Same here, Shelley. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  105. shrewspeaks Says:

    Woah…sorry Shells…Do you want me to hit Mr. Reality? I know that will make me feel better. 😉

  106. jena Says:

    I have the miata, Shelley, and you have the hair. 🙂

    Stay strong!

  107. Hatson Says:

    Keep the faith Shelley! We all love ya.

  108. KimLoree Says:

    Awwww….now I feel awful for just feeling bored today. Sounds like feeling bored is a good thing in comparison to whatever Shelley is feeling.

  109. Laurita Says:

    Shelley.. you are missed and deeply appreciated.. know that there are many folks out here supporting you in whatever you’re dealing with..
    (You give so much to all of us on a constant basis through your writing, wit and consistently-wise output.. )

    Since you mentioned prayers, I hope this might put a little smile on your face:

    Aretha– I Say A Little Prayer For You – Rare Live Version

  110. baby duck Says:

    Love and prayers for you, Shelley.

  111. Julie Says:

    Shelley! I hope you are okay. Take care and come back soon. And don’t crack up!!! If I can do it you can, too!!

  112. Quossum Says:

    Hey, Shelley! I’m thinking of you! Come back soon before Mr. Reality starts throwing things around!


  113. ivoryhut Says:

    Shelley, look! A big circle of Monkbot love for you. (Don’t mind Mr. Reality there in the center. Or Shrew laying the smackdown on him. It’s still a circle.)

  114. Hatson Says:

    If Shelley had to get a sustitute “teacher” for us I am glad it is Gray! I promise no hijinks…………. I don’t want to go to the principal’s office.

  115. c4tay Says:

    Shelley, prayers are with you and hope all will be ok. I have experience in “cracking up” if I can assist you. Thanks for leaving us in such good hands. Glad to see you, Gray. Thanks.

  116. texastaylorfan Says:

    Shelley, warm thoughts and prayers your way. Hope you’re back up to it soon.

  117. brc Says:

    Shelley I hope that the collective prayers and good thoughts of the Monkbot community can help you through your crisis. We’re thinking about you.

  118. double d Says:

    What is going on? Color me confused….and worried.

  119. Laurita Says:

    DD- in case you missed it over on the home page, Gray posted the following update earlier Monday evening:

    “Some Time Off
    Your esteemed Monkbot blogger will be taking a short hiatus to take care of a few personal issues. For those who have expressed concern – thanks. Everyone behind the scenes is healthy. Sometimes, real life intrudes in a way that just needs to be handled. I’ll hold down the fort for the next few days. I have just a little bit of exposure this blogging thing so please be patient if I make some early mistakes.”

  120. Alison B. Says:

    Shelley, you have the well wishes of all your Monkbot friends. please let us know if there is something concrete we can do for you. You must have built up some great karma in your life, Shelley. Surely it will come full circle.

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