Last Chance Romance


These next few days may be Taylor’s last chance to appear in front of the national audience that American Idol provides. Details of that appearance still aren’t clear and spoilers are few and far between. My coughsourcecource remains incommunicado on this issue so we’re simply left to speculate. What though, do you want from this appearance and is there a gap between your expectation and reality? Do you expect Taylor to be able to kick out the jams with his full band in house or is it more likely that he’ll be saddled with a pointy pose sing along?

Me, I’d like to see a duet with Jordin in which she gets to sing Melanie’s part of “Dancing Queen”, young and sweet only 17. Ah, the rapture of it all. Those of you who subscribe to “Variety” have probably seen the full page “For Your Consideration” ad I took out to submit to Nigel on this very topic. (And, yes, Dave White has seen the video as well)

For further consideration, this article in the New York Times entitled “Sex, Drugs and Updating Your Blog” yields some interesting analysis of a rock and roll life lived, at least partially, online. What happens to musicians when the internet removes at least part of the shroud of secrecy of rock and roll?

Yet Kubler sometimes has second thoughts about the intimacy. Part of the allure of rock, when he was a kid, was the shadowy glamour that surrounded his favorite stars. He’d parse their lyrics to try to figure out what they were like in person. Now he wonders: Are today’s online artists ruining their own aura by blogging? Can you still idolize someone when you know what they had for breakfast this morning? “It takes a little bit of the mystery out of rock ’n’ roll,” he said.

So Kubler has cultivated a skill that is unique to the age of Internet fandom, and perhaps increasingly necessary to it, as well: a nuanced ability to seem authentic and confessional without spilling over into a Britney Spears level of information overload. He doesn’t post about his home life, doesn’t mention anything about his daughter or girlfriend — and he certainly doesn’t describe any of the ill-fated come-ons he deflects from addled female fans who don’t realize he’s in a long-term relationship. (Another useful rule he imparts to me: Post in the morning, when you’re no longer drunk.)

There’s something particularly weird, the band members have also found, about living with fans who can now trade information — and misinformation — about them. All celebrities are accustomed to dealing with reporters; but fans represent a new, wild-card form of journalism. Franz Nicolay, the Hold Steady’s nattily-dressed keyboardist, told me that he now becomes slightly paranoid while drinking with fans after a show, because he’s never sure if what he says will wind up on someone’s blog. After a recent gig in Britain, Nicolay idly mentioned to a fan that he had heard that Bruce Springsteen liked the Hold Steady. Whoops: the next day, that factoid was published on a fan blog, “and it had, like, 25 comments!” Nicolay said. So now he carefully polices what he says in casual conversation, which he thinks is a weird thing for a rock star to do. “You can’t be the drunken guy who just got offstage anymore,” he said with a sigh. “You start acting like a pro athlete, saying all these banal things after you get off the field.” For Nicolay, the intimacy of the Internet has made postshow interactions less intimate and more guarded.

and even better . . .

Will the Internet change the type of person who becomes a musician or writer? It’s possible to see these online trends as Darwinian pressures that will inevitably produce a new breed — call it an Artist 2.0 — and mark the end of the artist as a sensitive, bohemian soul who shuns the spotlight. In “The Catcher in the Rye,” J. D. Salinger wrote about how reading a good book makes you want to call up the author and chat with him, which neatly predicted the modern online urge; but Salinger, a committed recluse, wouldn’t last a minute in this confessional new world. Neither would, say, Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies, a singer who was initially so intimidated by a crowd that she would sit facing the back of the stage. What happens to art when people like that are chased away?

It is also possible, though, that this is simply a natural transition point and that the next generation of musicians and artists — even the avowedly “sensitive” ones — will find the constant presence of their fans unremarkable. The psychological landscape has arguably already tilted that way for anyone under 20. There are plenty of teenagers today who regard themselves as “private” individuals, yet who post openly about their everyday activities on Facebook or LiveJournal, complete with camera-phone pictures. For that generation, the line between public and private is so blurry as to become almost nonexistent. Any teenager with a MySpace page is already fluent in managing a constant stream of dozens of semianonymous people clamoring to befriend them; if those numbers rise to hundreds or even thousands, maybe, for them, it won’t be a big deal. It’s also true that many recluses in real life flower on the Internet, which can famously be a place of self-expression and self-reinvention.

Rambling as ususal eh? Dear readers, this isn’t some “stunt” that Shelley and I cooked up so please don’t misread. Shelley didn’t feel up to posting for awhile but realized that a loyal group of folks gather here that would want to continue discussing AI/Taylor for the next few days. I volunteered to help mostly because I know how to use WordPress and because I wanted to do something for my friend. I’ll leave it to her to say more about her personal situation. I’m not trying to be mysterious so I apologize if it comes off that way. As I said, she and her family all remain healthy. She is still employed etc. Let’s stay on topic, send an email if you must. Thanks

For old times sake, how about this Morlock vs. Eloi thread


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  1. Dr. Bob Says:

    Ah, the good old days return. Up before dawn, blearily clutching a cup of coffee, wondering how to make an even barely coherent thought.

    Hi Gray!! Will read and ponder. (you do recognize me since the name change, right?)

  2. graycharles Says:

    Bob the Builder, Bob Villa, The Bobs, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Robert Wilson (ne: Bob), Bob DeNiro . . ..


  3. Claire Says:

    MindDoc – meet Gray. Gray – let me introduce you to MindDoc.

  4. brc Says:

    Good mornin’ all. What do I want/expect from Taylor’s performance on AI? I think there’s a big difference between what I want and what I expect. I’m sure there will be restrictions on what they’ll let him do. And, while I would love to see him sing Hollywood Nights or something that would defy the expectations of AI fans who haven’t followed his career this past year, it would be foolish of him not to showcase a song from the CD. Ironically, given how he achieved his fame to begin with, I haven’t felt that Taylor’s charm and talent have translated well in his TV appearances to promote the CD (Leno being the exception in my mind). I really want him to WOW everyone and leave ’em wanting more.

    The article you posted is fascinating. Music Maven has posted some threads addressing this same topic. I actually found the “business” side of the article more interesting than how the blogosphere may remove the shroud of secrecy of a rock ‘n roller. Some of the musicians referenced in the article really “get it.” They understand how to harness the power of the Internet to further their goals. Unfortunately, like any good thing, you have to take the good with the bad.

    So let’s be honest… in reading about fan behavior, how many of you saw yourselves somewhere in this article? I know I did.

  5. double d Says:

    Well, first….where is Shelley and what have you done to her?

    Seriously, we’re all hoping that whatever the crisis is, that it is lessened and over shortly…good vibes being sent to Shelley.

    Now, to the topic. What do I want to see from Taylor on AI vs. what I think I will see from Taylor on AI….yes, another vs. thread.

    Taylor and HIS band come out to open the show. Big intro. from Ryan, lots of brass with ass and SOUL THING, the Leno version. End up on his knees on the AI logo, wailing on harp. At the end, a slight wave of the middle finger (just to get the folks talking about, “Was that what I think it was?”)

    Taylor will sing a medley of Justin Timberlake hits with Jordin and Blake, dressed in a black tux with his hair combed to the side. His mike will conveniently cut out during his 52 seconds of “triumphant return” and few will remember he was even there (but for the Soul Patrol).

    Sorry to be so cynical, but this IS “The Man’s” show. Even though Taylor has been “off the chain” a bit on his tour, this is their show and they will dictate what he does….taking great pleasure in causing him as much pain as possible, as well as his fans.

    It seems to me that Taylor has been somewhat tamed by whomever — TPTB, The Firm, Clive, etc. I think that he’s experienced the power of the pen that these guys control and that, if they want to, they can make life and success very difficult. Time will tell if Taylor can overcome, but make no mistake, they still all own a piece of him and therefore, control him to an extent. I’ll be giddy if I see anything remotely close to what I outlined above in my “LIKE TO SEE” comments, but I’m not setting my expectations very high.

    Regarding the NY Times article, Gray, I don’t think that artists are really giving up too much. I mean, how much are they really giving up? Taylor hasn’t updated his blog on his site since mid April. John Mayer updates his about every 10 days and the conversation is never about “what I had for breakfast”. Years ago, there weren’t nearly as many artists out there to “get to know”. Now, there are literally thousands, all competing for someone to listen and buy. I think that the internet provides some artists the means to establish a kun-NECK-shun and gain a little ground on the competition. And, no matter what anyone says these artists ARE all competing — for your dollars. Sadly, I don’t think any artist is really capitalizing on the power of an internet strategy — alas, a subject that has gotten many of us in trouble.

    Oh, and I agree with Shelley that WE are the Eloi.

  6. double d Says:

    Oh yeah and email….what is email? Isn’t that when people CORRESPOND to each other?

  7. Claire Says:

    Gray, get out of my head. Seriously. That very thought has been bugging me – the question of how spontaneous a conversation/interaction between fans and their “Star” can really be these days – for some time. Let’s take Taylor out of the equation and talk in general.

    It used to be “what happens on the road, stays on the road.” Now it seems that “what happens on the road will be on all the fansites within hours – “In Colour, and With Pictures!” ” I’m not talking about the general concert recaps, photos etc. that are the norm after a gig. They’re generally very good and positive. Spreading the Gospel so to speak. I’m more talking about the fans who get to maybe share more than a few words with their “star”.
    As a teenager, I followed a couple of nationally famous Irish rock bands. All very innocent, I wasn’t a “groupie”, I just wanted to hear them play, maybe meet them and exchange a few words. Maybe get a picture taken. Fangirliness entered into it a little, but hey, I was a teenager, it was before the Celtic Tiger was born and Irish kids needed something to entertain them. Well, I met these bands, they came to know our little group of bandana-ed, leather jacket-bedecked girls and would greet us by name at gigs and outside their studio, where we sometimes hung out on Saturdays. Back then, the Internet didn’t exist, there were no mobile phones around, and as for having a car??? Fugeddaboudit. We got the TRAIN, dude.

    But I digress.

    I certainly think it would be very interesting to personally revisit those days NOW, with modern technology. Would I be filming these guys on my cell phone, posting pictures taken on my digital camera, blogging my every word with them on a fansite, arguing the nuances of every vocal, every guitar riff? Probably, yeah. Looking back with a mature 32 year old’s mind – is that right? No, probably not. And I’m sure that our group of gals and these bands would not have had the genuinely cool and friendly “relationship” we had way back then, if the Internet had been available to us. A band can be as forthcoming, or NOT, as they want on their own official sites, but it’s much harder to control what their FANS are posting or saying about them. I’ll stop here, because I’m just rambling. Loved the article, I was like Noddy the Nodding Dog for most of it.

    In conclusion – I had beans and sausages for breakfast. With toast.

    And Kevin Costner as Neo? Whoooooooa, duuuuuuude.

    PS: Anybody else think that whole article could have been written about Gray, and Heh.

  8. brc Says:

    A note to teenage Claire:

    “Met them. Hung out outside their studio on Saturdays. Knew us by name.”
    If it looks like a groupie and acts like a groupie…. jus’ sayin’ 😉

  9. Claire Says:

    Ha haaa – All in teenage innocence, brc. There were OTHER girls hanging around for – um – OTHER pursuits.

    It was all about the music, brc. All about the music. And getting a photo taken. And Teenage Kicks. I think I still have my bandana somewhere….

  10. blueberry Says:

    Good morning Gray.

    Good thoughts for Shelley, hope it all works out in a way you’d like.

    My thoughts for Taylor’s AI appearance: not sure and don’t know why I’m not sure, that he’ll be able to perform one of his songs that grabs you and does not let go, but that would be a mea culpa! My wish list would include almost any of those early recordings that we’ve heard, but that most of America has not. Compared to What would be intense, but I don’t know that it would translate on an AI stage. Any of his orginals would be prefect , but again, doubtful they would be chosen, here’s hoping I’m very wrong! Most likely, a song from the new CD, Heaven Knows perhaps or The Maze, no, no, no The Right Place live, now that would be a bit of heaven!

    The posted article was fascinating. The observations Mr. Nicolay makes about his own experiences are interesting and alarming. So much that we read about our “stars” is so banal and humdrum, and, as he pointed out, purposely so, for their own protection, that it becomes a waste of time to even bother with it. Scarier to me though, is this lack of substance is viewed as enlightening and “newsy” by many of the younger readers. This is what they’ve come to expect.

  11. brc Says:

    Claire I did NOT mean groupie in THAT respect. I was using this definition:

    Main Entry: group·ie
    Pronunciation: ‘grü-pE
    Function: noun
    1 : a fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours
    2 : an admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible

    I think this would qualify many of us as Taylor groupies.

  12. jenfera Says:

    What I expect is a pointy pose group sing. I expect Taylor to miss a few notes and I expect my husband to look at me with disdain during every missed note and to say, “Chris Daughtry wouldn’t have missed that note.” I like to keep my expectations low so I am not disappointed.

    What I am sure we will get, even within the confines of whatever cheese-fest TBTB wedge him into, will be that Taylor will still be able to show them how it is done. This whole season of AI has been so flat and dull compared to last season. Taylor will stand out.

    What I’d hope for in my wildest dreams? Hmm. How about some Naked In The Jungle with Blake beatboxing along side? Or maybe some Gin & Juice with Blake and Snoop Dog! Or really – what blueberry said – The Right Place has the power to knock ’em all dead.

  13. jena Says:

    Personally, I would like to see the AI Taylor. The guy that caught us at the audition and carried us all through winter and spring glued to our tv’s every Tuesday to see what he would sing and on pins and needles every Wednesday in anticipation of the results.

    I don’t care what he sings. I just hope that he will grab a new audience the way he grabbed us, making them want to know more about him and his music.

  14. Gray Charles Says:

    Ah, THAT Dr. Bob – the one who tried to get us all killed on the way to LAX (but maybe that’s how all Californians drive).

    And Double D, what are they giving up? I’m not sure other than anonymity which one assumes they gave up in the first place. Privacy perhaps?

  15. shrewspeaks Says:

    What I hope Idol return for Taylor is…on his terms.

    As to the article –
    It is interesting what is being a rock business man/woman today. I wonder if blogging as it exists today were around in the 60’s and 70’s what artists like Dylan, Baez, CSNY or Sly would have made use of it? Or would blogging have only been the corporate music land of Monkees and Supremes? Would blogging have been a personal expression or just another touch point for increased sales? And would have fans been openly welcomed into the fray or seen as greedy intruders wanting one piece more of a commodity that is only on sale at the terms of the seller?

    Are fan bloggers the new millenia version of the paprazzi? Sad if true.

  16. Gray Charles Says:

    Are fan bloggers the new millenia version of the paprazzi? Sad if true.

    I don’t think so. Fans at least have a connection to their subject – the paparazzi connection is strictly monetary – on both sides.

    Pet peeve definition, apologies in advance. Shelley has a blog, DD has a blog, I used to have a blog. We are bloggers. Message board posters are NOT bloggers. Hair splitting? Maybe. Having been a blogger for about eight years now it just tweaks me for some unknown reason.

    Did Taylor’s sales increase because of fan blogs/sites or was it preaching to the choir?

  17. double d Says:

    Ok, I feel like I’m in a bad version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Gray is posting on Shelley’s blog, Claire’s a groupie and jena wants “AI Taylor”? What the hell happened?

    Gray — nuanced point…The internet really doesn’t give up any more privacy than heading out to The Viper Room on Saturday night does. The “talk” just all moves faster. The lack of privacy might be coming from “fame”, but not because the internet is exposing their privacy. Personally, I think that artists can quell some of the “fangirlieness” by being a little “out there” and sharing a little of themselves via the ‘Net. Takes a bit of rabid need of some fans to know all about an artist and basically stalk the artist. Now, they just cyber-stalk, so it may be actually affording the artist more privacy…or is that just my twisted logic?

  18. Gray Charles Says:

    Shouldn’t celebrities just stay home? Or be forced into walled cities like, I don’t know, Los Angeles?

    As for “AI Taylor” which guy is that? The one who sings cover songs with wild abandon and crazy dancing? How is he different from “Tour Taylor”?

  19. KimLoree Says:

    I wrote my review of Taylor’s AI performance in advance. This is what I’d like to see…

    WOW….what hot performance!!!! It was everything we could ever have hoped for and then some. How could we have ever doubted that he blow the roof off the freaking AI house?

    The vocals were strong and absolutely sheer perfection. And that harp??? OMG!!! He had the entire house up, grooving, dancing, screaming, and begging for more. And then when Simon started doing the “Energizer Bunny hop” along with him, I thought I’d die laughing. Then if that wasn’t enough, Randy actually got outta his chair and attempted the “Taylor go round move”. Good try Randy, but Ryan did it better. It was a little sad when Paula slipped out of her chair and melted into that little puddle of goo on the floor, but no one really seemed to notice. All eyes were on Taylor’s gyrating hips at the time.

    I heard that all of the women in the audience who fainted early on in the performance, were all revived after the show and suffered only had a few cuts and bruises from their husbands/boyfriends stepping on them while dancing. So all is well.

    Within a half hour of the show’s airing, every radio station in North America, Korea, Japan, China, Canada, Tanzania, and the UK had played the song on the radio at least twice. blew up trying to keep count of the spins. And I heard that the “Taylor Hicks” CD is now on backorder. If you haven’t ordered it yet…you will have to wait for December 12th, 2010.

    WAY YO GO TFH!!!! Now they all “GET IT”!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. double d Says:

    And, I DEFINITELY think Taylor’s sales increased because of the fan blogs and sites, as well as tour ticket sales.

  21. double d Says:

    AI Taylor was coiffed and polished, with no guitar or harp.

    Tour Taylor is nattily dressed yet casual in NB tennies and “no gel”. Guitar and hot harp abound.

    The songs are a wee bit more edgy, no? Medicated Goo and Take Me to the Pilot haven’t been done on AI to my knowledge.

  22. graycharles Says:

    Didn’t Clay do Medicated Goo during the Top 24 round?

  23. double d Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Not THAT, right there, is fun-nay…don’t care who ya are.

  24. Hatson Says:

    I believe that the fan sites contributed more to Taylor’s initial popularity and his winning the “title” than they did for his commercial success. We were all so fascinated with him and his performing skills back in the day. Then he was saddled with some not so great song choices made for him and the bloom was a bit off the rose. I hate to admit it but as a fan I loved seeing him perform new songs live on tour, but to be honest I would have enjoyed seeing him perform “Trouble or “Levon” also. His concerts and public appearances reminded me of Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party”. There was a difference between the music he wanted to do and the music and performance that many fans wanted. All in all I believe the blogs can still help a performer, but sometimes too much detail spoils the mystery.

  25. KimLoree Says:

    Am I the only one caught up in thinking that the song choice will depend on the message he wants to send? Maybe I’m all wrong….but after the dissing on AI and some of the crappy reviews, I want him to wave the middle finger via the performance.

    How about “Gonna Move, away from here” (AI)
    or “Heaven Knows I tried….won’t you cut me some slack?”
    or “Keepin it real…Compared to What?”
    or “Soul Thing” because it’s all his and it’s great.

  26. Theresa K. Says:

    Cool. GC filling in for Shelley. Way cool.

    All I want from Taylor Hicks is for him and his band to do what they do best – entertain with music and lyrics that dive down deep into my soul and remind me who I am. Big kicking drums, that certain tone of voice and hard harmonica playing help, too.

    I found this comment on the Eloi vs. Morlocks thread very prophetic:

    I disagree with those that think that Taylor, or any one artist, will single-handedly change, or has already significantly changed, the music industry. It’s an unfair thing to say, quite frankly.

    What he represents, however, are the small changes that have been happening in music over the last few years, with the exit of bubble-gum pop for more soulful music. (Ann and Nancy Wilson talk about this change on the recent Crossroads on CMT with Wynonna Judd — check it out).

    In other words, this shift happened long before Taylor auditioned before American Idol; Taylor’s the beneficiary of those that came before, as were other great artists that seemed to single-handedly change the industry.

    This comment, therefore, is also prophetic:

    Too damned weird, Graycharles. Stick to present day and focus less on disturbing analogies.>/i>

    After the AI finale is over, I expect the same poor press on Taylor from majority of the MSM: snarky comments written by people whose souls are impervious to music, but are quite willing to jump on bandwagons.

  27. Theresa K. Says:

    I meant to stop the italics, of course.

  28. double d Says:

    Hatson, I have thought of Garden Party more than a few times concerning Taylor. (An aside — Ricky Nelson was DA BOMB…I lerve him.)

    The reality of the blogosphere, however, is that it’s still a relatively infintesimal number of people who are reading and writing as compared to the buying public, at large.

    I do think that Taylor has a higher percentage of internet “share”, than overall public “share”. In other words, he’s made significantly more inroads on the web than out in the general public. Perhaps not a bad thing as internet users are typically skewed to a higher net worth demographic than the public, at large, but still a very small number, relatively speaking. It would be interesting to know how many of Taylor’s CD buyers are also internet users….and then compare that to somebody like John Legend. My Libra Dragon sense tells me that Taylor’s percentage would be higher.

  29. jenfera Says:

    double d, I must point out that George Huff nailed Take Me To The Pilot in season 3.

    He was just so adorable I could squeeze him.

    And Gray, I think the fan sites/blogs were mostly preaching to the choir. The segment of the population that still says, “You have a what? What’s that?” when you tell them you blog is still bigger than you might think.

  30. Gray Charles Says:

    The segment of the population that still says, “You have a what? What’s that?” when you tell them you blog is still bigger than you might think.

    But those people are losers right?

  31. Julie Says:

    Rambling as ususal eh?

    And drinking, from the looks of it…

    Firstly, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get whatever Taylor the AI executives want us to get…more than likely the spit-polished fella we’ve all seen on this tour. He’ll be cute and charming as usual, but not the down and dirty Taylor I prefer. But it’s AI, of course, which is all about shiny happy singers, right?

    Nextly, it seems to me that this internet celebrity stuff is nothing more than Tiger Beat and Creem magazine all growed up. Wait, make that all computerized, since I don’t feel it’s any more intelligent or adult than the old fashioned fan mags. Rabid fans have been around since rock and roll began…actually longer, if you think about the women who threw themselves off rooftops when Rudy Valentino died. The internet celebrity machine is just another aspect of the technologically savvy world we all live in. Sure it changes life, but like the first photographs, it’s just an extension of our ability to see, to know and of course, to watch.

    I do disagree with what the writer said about Salinger and the Cowboy Junkies singer. Performers who want to remain in the shadows are perfectly able to keep themselves more or less out of the public eye even in the Age of the Internet. Look at Ray Lamontagne for one. He manages to keep a pretty low profile. I’m sure there are others, but they’re doing such a damn good job of keeping out of sight I don’t know who they are.

    And lastly, take care of Shelley, Gray.

  32. Claire Says:

    But those people are losers right?

    *slinks over to to start a blg about, I dunno, trees or something. Just so she stays cool. I’m still cool, right?*

  33. KimLoree Says:

    The blog sites (particularly were extremely instrumental at contributing to my “nutjob” status.
    I didn’t become aware of Taylor Hicks until after he won AI (didn’t watch season 5). A co-worker asked me if I had checked out the AI winner. So….I got on line and was hooked from the first video I found.
    But had it not been for the community of fans, who made me feel more “normal” about my new found obsession for music and all things Taylor, I would probably have just let it go. I doubt I would have gotten on a plane to Seattle to go to a concert.

  34. Hatson Says:

    Gray……………………. Maybe not losers, but a generation of non time wasters! Lol

  35. baby duck Says:

    C’mon, who are we kidding? It will be JTFTW, and then some feel-goody-two-shoes orchestrated number with Blake and Jordin.

    What do I want? Georgia. All seven and a half minutes. The silver bullet that every fan of Taylor’s during AI5 wanted and didn’t get.

    Internet fandom is being taken way too seriously. At the Seattle concert, the attendees I spoke to weren’t cyber fans. They didn’t know what a Monkbot was, for cryin’ out loud. Or for that matter. Granted, it’s was a pretty small sampling, but probably at least as many as Shawn Telford.

  36. double d Says:

    jenfera — I stand ko-RECK-ted, but you got my point, no? I don’t think we’ll see Naked in the Jungle.

    Julie — I agree wid you. The flow of information really is in the control of the artist and how much they want to “reveal”. People like Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan COULD keep a lower profile if they so desired, and that doesn’t mean walling themselves off within a compound with no outside interaction. It does mean not acting stupidly in public so that all the mags are feeding off the fodder. Think about Drew Barrymore 10 years ago and Drew now. Rarely see her in the mags now and she’s a bigger star than she ever was 10 years ago. What has changed is how she acts out in public. And let’s face it….we ALL have to do that to a certain extent, no?

  37. Gray Charles Says:

    Ack, not the dreaded Shawn Telford link of doom!

  38. baby duck Says:

    What, Shelley didn’t give you editing privledges? Hope you have a supply of wet fish at least.

  39. KimLoree Says:

    No worries Gray…they haven’t seemed to have found this site yet. Shhhhhsshhh….

  40. jenfera Says:

    double d, I totally hear what you are saying but I still had to speak up for my boy George. (Not to be confused with Boy George.) FYI – George is from NOLA.

  41. Julie Says:

    Shawn Telford is my hero. After Taylor F. Hicks, of course.

  42. Claire Says:

    Oooh, oooh, ooh!! Let’s all comment on the Shawn Telford article!


    That was the Thread Of Death From Hell.

  43. Julie Says:

    Where? What did I miss?

    Gray started it.

  44. shrewspeaks Says:

    So then what we are really talking about is how the vocality of fans change an artist?

    You mean with out message boards and blogs we might have been treated to a saltier side of Mr. Hicks as initially indicated in an interview? But when hyper examination ensued it tamped down his true spirit and all this analysis is further tamping down who and what he is?

    I ask, if an artist is secure in who they are would fans opinions really change them?

  45. brc Says:

    “Did Taylor’s sales increase because of fan blogs/sites or was it preaching to the choir?”

    I agree with DD and KimLoree. I think his Internet presence (blogs, MySpace, fansites and *gasp* even likely increased both CD sales and attendance during the tour. I certainly wouldn’t have followed his career the way I have if I hadn’t stumbled across GC. That said, I was a “fan” already having watched AI. So I’m not sure whether the Internet is likely to have brought new fans onboard or not.

    Even if Taylor is able to perform a hip-gyrating, kick-ass version of a song like Compared to What on AI this week, it seems from reading the reviews from the tour that people have their minds made up about him already.

  46. baby duck Says:

    Your missing my point. Shawn sampled and highlighted a very small segment of the TH concert attendees. I think the blogs do, too. Stay on topic, folks. This post has nothing at all to do with the behavior of some at concerts.

  47. graycharles Says:

    So one degree of separation or two? Does the existence of the internet fanbase empower those fans to go out and “evangelize”? Or are new fans stumbling upon a fansite and saying – wow, I think I’d like to see that guy?

    Please give an example that is NOT about Taylor.

    Here’s mine, my new pretend girlfriend Grace Potter. I heard “of” here quite a bit in the last few years (Boston Music Awards, Local Vermont Press) but never managed to move beyond that. I was reading some recaps of SXSW and hearing that Grace blew it out of the park. Wow – thinks I – I best check this out. The difference is that I stumbled upon Grace via an established “MUSIC” site that I read – I didn’t hit a fanboard or an “official” board first. That path doesn’t really make much sense anyway does it?

    Now of course I have kicked Joss to the curb and it’s all about Ms Potter. Bought the CD, went to a show, got the laminate/tattoo etc.

  48. double d Says:

    I’d say the critics have their minds made up and maybe have been swayed by some strategically placed thoughts by “the biz”, but I don’t think everyone has their mind made up. Most people simply haven’t seen Taylor since last May. It would be a great exposure opportunity if Taylor were allowed to be Taylor. I’m not optimistic, however, that it will happen.

  49. shrewspeaks Says:

    Woah Baby Duck…not all are off topic

  50. jena Says:

    I ask, if an artist is secure in who they are would fans opinions really change them?

    I ask, if a fan is a fan, do they really want the object of their fandom to change?

  51. shrewspeaks Says:

    So Gray by that example…Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings I discovered ummm…through…ummm You. As well as Gnarls. Now I do get many from SoulSides…what kind of internet information sharing is that? Blogging or more plugged in? (although, as with pharma sales free samples were the key to converting me to a buyer)

  52. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jena…not all fans do, but some yes.

  53. baby duck Says:

    Sorry, shrew. Didn’t mean to indicate that. I just wanted everyone to know that wasn’t my intention of bringing it up.

  54. graycharles Says:

    “pharma sales” – lets keep in clean please. We all know what “pharma sales” is code for.

    Shrew, you got your information from sites you trust, not fansites of the artists in question. That’s my point – I think.

  55. brc Says:

    “Does the existence of the internet fanbase empower those fans to go out and “evangelize”? Or are new fans stumbling upon a fansite and saying – wow, I think I’d like to see that guy?”

    I think it’s both. I have “discovered” new artists as a result of the evangelization of many of you. Joss Stone, Amos Lee, Grace Potter, Paolo Nutini, Ray LaMontagne, etc. If all of you nice people hadn’t either posted threads in your respective blogs or posted links to their music, I most likely still wouldn’t know about them. I have since purchased their music and sought out more information on my own.

  56. texastaylorfan Says:

    Good to see you, Gray. Still sending warm thoughts and prayers out to you, Shelley.

    I would be THRILLED if we could get the Leno Heaven Knows and Soul Thing. Or at least the Leno Heaven Knows OR Soul Thing. I’m sure Taylor will be playing some harp. Is he going to be on tonight or just tomorrow night?

    I have to think about the article. I know I miss the audio blogs though…. I don’t think that was causing Taylor to give up too much privacy when he talked about sitting in the 1970’s chair, or the groovy CD he was working on, or that he was excited to be making a wreath with Martha. There was much more of a feeling of “connection” in the good ‘ol audio blog days (Gray), but I’m spending way less time online these days, so maybe it’s good.

  57. jenfera Says:

    As a general rule, I avoid fansites like the plague. I distrust them. I think the only other “artist’s” fan site I have browsed has been I guess AI contestants are my exception. I love U2 and Sting and Seal and Annie Lennox but I have never once sought out a fan site for any one of them.

    There’s something about AI, I think, that makes us feel we are somehow entitled to more information about these people. We want the backstories. We want to pat ourselves on the back when they succeed. We want to continue to feel like an integral part of their careers.

  58. KimLoree Says:

    “Does the existence of the internet fanbase empower those fans to go out and “evangelize”? Or are new fans stumbling upon a fansite and saying – wow, I think I’d like to see that guy?”

    All it takes is googling one artist, that say…a friend mentioned, and it grows from there. Once you find how easy it is to get info, music, video, etc. online for one artist, you start looking at more. And when I find great music or artists, I now e-mail the links to friends (evangelizing).

    I had used the internet for exploring almost everything but music up to the point where I googled TH. Now I use it for music more than any other subject.

  59. Claire Says:

    The fact is, in the last few years, the fans simply have an OPPORTUNITY, through the Internet, to state what THEIR OPINIONS are of their current favourite artiste’s music/concerts/appearance/choice of breakfast cereal. Those opinions were no doubt always there, just in someones mind. Now, however, the option exists for those opinions to be made public, and for other fans/industry types to ignore them, or to pick them up and run with them. (Dancing Queen, anyone?)

    I think that is the crux of it, for me anyway: the fact that peoples opinions are now OUT THERE. Not in a conversation at a concert, or a bar, or through a phone conversation with another fan. They are on websites for thousands of people to see, including the artist in question, should they choose to look. So the pressure is immediately present, especially if it is known among a community that an artist visits a particular website. The collective mind may say – “he/she sees what we’re saying – WHY AREN’T THEY LISTENING?” It’s easy to ignore one or two zealous fans who approach you at a gig and have opinions about your music/haircut/tennis shoes. It’s much harder to ignore thousands of people who can now communicate these similar opinions and ideas through blogs or message boards. They may feel some validation at the fact that others may share the same opinions, and feel validated enough to think that their opinions should equal a real change by the artist in question. Personally, I would hate to be a celebrity in today’s culture, especially a musician. While we all enjoy the access we have to our favourite artists through the Internet, it surely must be a double-edged sword for those artists/celebs who don’t actively court the medium.

    Of course, all of the above is JMHO. I speak for nobody.

    But we are The Borg.

  60. shrewspeaks Says:

    Hey, I really meant Pharmaceutical Sales…as in dermatology or Lipitor.

  61. KimLoree Says:

    Looky over here…

    Is this on topic or what?

  62. Cahaba Lily Says:

    Just de-lurking for a moment to send good vibes to Shelley. Personal crisis’s stink. I hope everything gets better soon. Maybe adding my good vibes to the collective consciousness will help? {{{{HUGS}}}}

  63. shrewspeaks Says:

    And I see your point about sites I trust…as a stream of cultural content linked by a thread.

  64. double d Says:

    No Feist love…man, I must really suck. Or maybe Feist sucks.

    Two words. Amos Lee.

    Gray exposed me to him then I evangelized…(see my sucky blog for further explanation). And I too don’t like the “fan” sites. Even though I loved and was estatic for Gray that he was “recognized”, when it became “official”, it made my butt cringe a little. (Can I say butt?)

    Shrew — I’m with you on the “pharma sales” sampling premise, I’m just confused about what you can provide “samples” of on a blog without being sued.

  65. shrewspeaks Says:

    DD- tell you I would never have bought some of the artists I have over the past year if I hadn’t been give a sizzle/a taste with a free song(s).

  66. graycharles Says:

    I love Feist, there, we all feel better right? Many if not all of the popular MP3 blogs today are providing “samples” or full songs that artists have released as promo material. I think that’s what Shrew means.

  67. Claire Says:

    Thank God you clarified what you meant by pharma samples, Shrew. I do NOT need any more Viagra spam in my inbox, thankyew. 🙂

    Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

  68. shrewspeaks Says:

    Sorry Claire…I will remove you from my email list.

  69. double d Says:

    I KNOW what Shrew means…but is it only ok to post songs that artists have released as promo material? Is posting samples or full songs of other material ok? What about YouTube and songs included there?

    And, if there’s a “crackdown” by the industry to prohibit “sampling”, will it dramatically and adversely affect the musical blogosphere, forcing people to HAVE to go to fansites? **cringe**

  70. brc Says:

    DD… Feist may suck, but you and your blog definitely do not suck.

    If we look at everyones itunes library… how many of those songs are purchased and how many are “samples?” I have a huge library of “shared” live performance MP3s from Taylor’s tour. However, that library only makes me want to buy more when it becomes available. It maintains my interest in Taylor as an artist.

  71. Mr. Reality Says:


    It appears that Isaiah Washington (Preston Burke) will NOT be returning to GREY’S ANATOMY in the fall. This is off point, but enough about Taylor Hicks!

    Shelley asked me to keep everyone on topic. Preston Burke is not the topic.

  72. graycharles Says:

    Don’t go looking at my library – it’s the Patriot Act gone awry. I am a victim of the availability of music because of Peel

  73. jenfera Says:


    The sound of the original Feist reference flying over my head somewhere. Can’t find it.

    Double D, I lerve your blog! It’s doesn’t suck at all. Well, except for the part where you don’t have a new post yet this week.

  74. double d Says:

    So…is that music made available from THE creator or the CREATOR? And, is said creator, the artist or a musical buyer simply passing on their “sample”?

  75. brc Says:

    I demand that this whole discussion be halted. When one grieves the loss of something and finally comes to terms with it, it is unfair to have said loss be resurrected and thrown back in one’s face. We have all moved on.

    Is everyone else enjoying this as much as I am?

  76. texastaylorfan Says:

    Double D – you have a great blog. One of the few I check out consistently.

  77. KimLoree Says:

    Ha…hah Shelley said;
    “I do think Taylor is in danger of being a tool for the Morlocks but I also see him hitting Clive and Simon in the head with his rock (yuck yuck) and becoming a Morlock himself…a kinder, gentler Morlock…but a Morlock nonetheless.

    But the truth is probably that Taylor is actually the real Time Traveller and he’s here from sometime between 1965 and 1976.

    He’s probably hiding his getaway DeLorean in Brian Less’ garage.”

    This is fun reading. I thought I had read all the GC archived threads, but don’t remember this one. Back later…

  78. texastaylorfan Says:

    brc – “I demand that this whole discussion be halted. When one grieves the loss of something and finally comes to terms with it, it is unfair to have said loss be resurrected and thrown back in one’s face. We have all moved on.

    Is everyone else enjoying this as much as I am?”

    Oh, yeah. Exactly.

  79. brc Says:

    Jenfera… get up to speed girl:

  80. Julie Says:

    Oh please. There was plenty of good music pre-Internet that managed to get out there and find an audience. Take my boys REM. All you had to do was actually get off your butt and go hear live music back in my day. *banging cane on floor*

    Does anyone here really pay that much attention to online opinions about bands and musicians? I mean obviously there is more ‘exposure’ for an artist with some kind of Internet promotion, but who has enough time to sit and read even a portion of the glut of information written by musicians or on musicans or about musicians that is out there?

    It’s all relative: whereas before there were only so many shows you could attend and songs you could hear on the radio or on a friend’s stereo (8-track, of course), now there is only so much information you can take in via a website or fan blog. In the end there are still 24 hours in a day. If Gray wasn’t physically bound to his computer, he’d be out and about in clubs and record stores and on the street, learning about and listening to the great stuff he is finding on Peel. If you have a love of music it’s gonna happen with or without the friggin internet.

  81. graycharles Says:

    So…is that music made available from THE creator or the CREATOR? And, is said creator, the artist or a musical buyer simply passing on their “sample”?

    Based on recent memory. TH never made anything available as an MP3 download. Streaming – yes, Downloads – no.

    Most artists these days are making two or three MP3’s of upcoming material officially available for download.

  82. graycharles Says:

    File Sharing From A Musician’s Point of View Fascinating

    The internet – with its glut not only of information but of misinformation, and of information that is only slightly correct, or only slightly incorrect – fills me with this same weird mixture of happiness and depression. I sometimes feel drowned in information, deadened by it. How many hundreds of bored hours have you spent mechanically poring through web pages not knowing what you’re looking for, or knowing what you’re looking for but not feeling satisfied when you find it? You hunger but you’re not filled. Everything is freely available on the internet, and is accordingly made inestimably valuable and utterly value-less.

    When I was a kid, I’d listen to the same records over and over and over again, as if I was under a spell. The record would end and I’d flip it over again, doing absolutely nothing, letting the music wash over me. My favorite record albums become like a totem for me, their big fat beautiful gatefolds worked as a shield against the loud, crashing, crushing world. I would have laid down my life and died in defense of a record like Tonight’s the Night or Astral Weeks. I felt fhat those records had, in some ways, saved my life. These days, with all the choice in the world, it’s hard for me find the attention span for a single album. I put my iPod on shuffle and skip impatiently to the next song before each one’s over. I don’t even know what I’m looking for.

    Because my work is the most important thing in the world to me, I sometimes feel uncomfortable about it existing freely in the digital Library of Babel, these songs that I worked so hard writing and revising and rehearsing and recording and mixing (and re-mixing) and mastering (and re-mastering) shucked off the album and thrown up on the internet in hissy and brittle low-resolution versions with no kind of sequence or order, mixed in with odd leaked tracks and some sub-par live versions. In a world overstuffed with stimuli and choking on information, I feel like a musical album should have a kind of purity and a kind of wholeness, that every aspect of an album – from the sequencing to the artwork even down to the typesetting – should feels labored over and loved, and that the finished product should feel like a gift.

    At the same time, I am a very ardent supporter of the way in which the internet empowers fans. I truly believe that the internet allows fans to connect with and participate in art in a way that’s far more meaningful than it’s been for decades, in a way that’s more akin to the way folk music worked in the 1920’s and for hundreds of years beforehand. Anyone who has ever been to a perfect rock show by their favorite band in a small venue can testify to the circuit of energy that is created at those shows between the audience and the band, to the way that energy washes up onstage from the crowd and is radiated back out again from the performers, to the way that it becomes less about an artist and an audience and it becomes entirely about a singular unrepeatable shared moment between a group of people. That’s why I go to shows, and that’s why I play music myself.

  83. double d Says:

    Amen, sistah Jules. Bigger question is: Are we all just becoming mega-sloths by blogging and chatting rather than out in the world experiencing or is blogging and chatting a way to share our experiences where we wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to do otherwise? I know for me, I have purchased more music over the last 18 months than in the last ten years and I’ve attended 5 concerts/performances (only 2 of Taylor’s) and I’m scheduled to see B.B. King in early June (did I mention I have 3rd row seats) and another Taylor show with my daughters-in-law who haven’t seen him yet, in July. Emmylou Harris in August. For perspective, the last concert I went to before that was Paul McCartney in the Superdome when Linda was still the keyboardist…vintage 1993.

  84. graycharles Says:

    What I’ve maintained recently is that the Internet allows a band to fail on a national scale. Prior to the internet failure was local, you could fail in your own geographical area because that was where you could afford to drive to.

    Since the Internet is “everywhere” you can now fail in front of a wider, but still dispersed, audience.

    Congratulations, the music industry sucks.

  85. texan Says:

    Me, I would like to see Georgia. Full length version please. Nadachance on Cheeto TV, but since you asked…

  86. texan Says:

    “When I was a kid, I’d listen to the same records over and over and over again, as if I was under a spell. The record would end and I’d flip it over again, doing absolutely nothing, letting the music wash over me.”

    ..those were the days my friends! Just about cut thru the vinyl with Lennon and McCartney, JT and Clapton. Imagine!

  87. texastaylorfan Says:

    I’m with you, Double D. I’ve bought way more music this past year than in the past several years combined.
    And I’ve gotten back to attending concerts, too. During the past year, I’ve been to 4 concerts that involved Taylor Hicks and/or LMBO. But besides that I’ve seen Sheryl Crow, Susan Tedeschi, and Aretha Franklin since last May. I have tickets to Delbert McClinton in a couple of weeks. I had not been to ONE concert for a few years before discovering Taylor. I shouldn’t admit it, but I think my last concert before all of this was put on by Sesame Street.

  88. texan Says:

    hey texas ..didja see Aretha at Nokia? I did!

  89. brc Says:

    “…these songs that I worked so hard writing and revising and rehearsing and recording and mixing (and re-mixing) and mastering (and re-mastering) shucked off the album and thrown up on the internet in hissy and brittle low-resolution versions with no kind of sequence or order, mixed in with odd leaked tracks and some sub-par live versions.”

    Wow. Mr. Sheff’s point-of-view is very interesting. As a listener I guess I never considered that someone spent time on something like sequencing on an album. And certainly I can appreciate that much of the music that gets “shared” is not of the quality that the artist intended. Must suck to be a musician today.

  90. brc Says:

    So this brings us back to the question that has gotten us all in trouble before… is it really all about the music? or is it all about the sales and commercial success of an artist/band?

  91. KimLoree Says:

    While the music industry might suck….I don’t think that the internet sucks.
    I think that the writer worries too much about this;

    “Because my work is the most important thing in the world to me, I sometimes feel uncomfortable about it existing freely in the digital Library of Babel, these songs that I worked so hard writing and revising and rehearsing and recording and mixing (and re-mixing) and mastering (and re-mastering) shucked off the album and thrown up on the internet in hissy and brittle low-resolution versions with no kind of sequence or order, mixed in with odd leaked tracks and some sub-par live versions.”

    The closest that the Taylor Hicks tour ventured to my city, was 400 miles away. I would go see Taylor and several other artists that I’ve come to know lately (via the internet) EVERY time that they came to my city. But guess what? They don’t come here.

    Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, the closest I can get to a live performance is via the internet. That’s not to say that I don’t buy and play the spit polished CD that the artist worked so hard on. But…I would much prefer to watch and listen to the scratchy live version of Marc Broussard’s “Home” video on youtube, than to listen to the CD on a killer stereo system. I want to SEE the performance…and it doesn’t have to be a perfect performance for me to like it. Non-perfect equals human. I like my artists human. Eloi or Morlock…not so much.

  92. katja Says:

    Popping in to say hellouuu…and
    SOUL THING SOUL THING SOUL THING SOUL THING….(I really hope Taylor does it)

    And I’m with Double D and texastaylorfan…It scares me how much music I have bought during the past year. And not only bought…downloaded Taylor’s live sets + other stuff people have shared. I’m telling you…there’s only 1GB left of the 30GB iPod that I bought a little over a year ago. Wheeeee….

    I went to see a guitar player called Tommy Emmanuel last Saturday. It was totally ex tempore kind of thing because he caught my eye in a freebie newspaper I was reading at a bus station a week before. And I though to myself what the heck…I’ve never heard of this guy but I’m going to find out. Did a little research on the internet…found YouTube-videos, liked what I saw and heard…bought some music from iTunes and then went and purchased the tickets for me and my mom.
    The concert was fabulous. So I was happy. And my mom was happy too.

  93. brc Says:

    But KimLoree, I don’t think the issue is internet/youtube vs. live performances. I think he’s discouraged that the work he has created and put all his blood, sweat and tears into is losing the essence of what he created when it is shared online.

  94. katja Says:

    Oh…I forgot to say that I love the internet. 😀
    I did all my research on line…bought the album on line…bought the tickets on line…I would have missed the concert without the internet.

    Gosh. I would have totally missed Taylor Hicks if it wasn’t for internet. So internet most definitely does not suck.

  95. graycharles Says:

    But…I would much prefer to watch and listen to the scratchy live version of Marc Broussard’s “Home” video on youtube, than to listen to the CD on a killer stereo system.

    Isn’t that awfully post-MTV of you? Name some of your top 10 albums of all time and let me know how you first experienced and came to love the music. Here are some in no particular order.

    Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
    – I still can’t stomach anything OTHER than the actual recording. I NEVER want to see Van performing this because I wasn’t around when his head was in it.

    Richard and Linda Thompson – Shoot Out The Lights
    – Really, a live performance of one of the most distraught recordings ever? We’d all be weeping. Better to curl up and drink too much red wine.

    REM – Chronic Town/Murmur
    – Even though I always enjoyed seeing REM live for me the essence of this is the mystery of the lyrics and images. I don’t want clarity.

    Maybe some people I want to see, some I don’t. Depends on the artist.

  96. double d Says:

    brc — while I can see his point about the mixing, etc. What’s worse? Having people listen to your songs out of order or people not listening at all because they’ve never heard of you?

    Hey Gray — do you EVER check your email?

  97. Gray Charles Says:

    EVER? Yes, I even RESPOND.

  98. brc Says:

    Good point as always DD. I was just empathizing with what it must feel like from the musician’s perspective. As I said before, I think they need to take the good with the bad.

  99. shrewspeaks Says:

    Gray that is it…some artists are live vs studio. Early Beatles vs. Late Beatles. Depends on how much control they want over what we hear, doesn’t it?

  100. brc Says:

    Willie Nelson’s Stardust is one of my top 10. But for the life of me I couldn’t tell you how I came to find it. All I can tell you is that I played it so often that I was sure the needle was going to break the LP into pieces. It was the gritty sound of his voice and guitar in his singing of those classic tunes that compelled me.

  101. double d Says:

    Ok, Gray…I’ll play.

    James Taylor – In the Pocket — I got a new stereo for my 14th birthday…the kind with the BIG 3 ft. speakers and a boss turntable. My brother purchased JT’s album for me as a birthday present. At night, before I went to sleep, I’d put the album on and it would play, over and over, all night long.

    The Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 1 — An 8-track tape. I had the sequence of button pushing during the exact moment in a song to get to another favorite song on another track. Take it to the Limit and Desperado were anthems for me then.

    Eric Clapton Unplugged — A re-discovery of a kinder, gentler Clapton. Emotion at it’s finest. I still tear up when I hear Tears in Heaven and I absolutely adore Elberta and Nobody Knows You.

    Willie Nelson Stardust — This cassette tape was a wonderful exposure of classic songs that I may have never listened to if not for old Willie. All of Me is still one of my all time favorites. Stardust also holds special memories.

    Michael Jackson Off the Wall — The dude was uber talented and revolutionary back in ’80. This also was in my vinyl collection and the snaps and cracks made it even better.

  102. Sideways721 Says:

    “These days, with all the choice in the world, it’s hard for me find the attention span for a single album. I put my iPod on shuffle and skip impatiently to the next song before each one’s over. I don’t even know what I’m looking for.”

    This is scary, and I see it happening in my household. And, not just with the ipods. With the computer, the television, the satellite dish, the dvd’s, the cd’s, blah blah blah. Too many choices.

    I am really pissed off at myself. We attended my daughter’s band concert a couple night’s ago, so I dvr’d one of my favorite shows. Not only dvr’d that, but dvr’d another show that comes on at the same time on another television. Got around to watching the one show last night, and I turned into a raving loon when I found out that the last 18 minutes of the show had not been taped. I couldn’t believe myself. I mean, come on! We are so accustomed to things being ON DEMAND. I told my DH this morning that I am really sick of all this crap we have. What did I do before dvr? Well, I watched a show when it came on, or I missed it. Simple.

    So, this a.m. I’m saying that I’m going to cancel all this stuff. Well, then my DH calls and says, “we’re going out for dinner tonight, right?” and I’m thinking, hmm…AI is on tonight, what if Taylor is on? Well, I could dvr it, right? Tough Love for Sideways.

  103. brc Says:

    I’d like to add Simon & Garfunkle’s Live in Central Park to my list. This may have been the first “live” album I ever owned. The experience of live music is so extraordinary and (like Shrew said) so different than studio music. And this Central Park performance has to rate up there with some of the best EVAH.

  104. Gray Charles Says:

    FYI, I’m talking about the difference between recorded music and the need to “see” it. We’re going to be here a long time if we just start listing Top 10 CD’s.

  105. brc Says:

    “Name some of your top 10 albums of all time and let me know how you first experienced and came to love the music.”

    Well Gray we’re not mind readers… you need to tell us what you mean the first time!!!

  106. graycharles Says:

    You’re right brc, I saw it in context but it wasn’t clear. I was respondng to KimLoree’s assertion that she needed to “see” the music.

  107. shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay here is a scary one…

    Continental Airlines introduced me to Ray Lamontagne. They had a little featurette on him right about or right before Trouble was released in the spring of ’04. From the moment I heard the snipt of his live show I knew I would buy everything he pressed.

    I must say until recently, I never liked veering off from the “studio” path. I have always resited live shows. Growing up in the shadow of the Meadowlands will do that to you. Like I have said before, until this crazy little thing called blogging, music was intensly personal thing for me that was best enjoyed in the privacy of my own headphones or car where I could go back and re-experience that twist of phrase or unexpected chord progression. Still to this day the positive minutia captured as part of a live show is not always worth the effort of pushing past others or drowning them out…musical tags and energy are the icing not the main event for me.

  108. jenfera Says:

    brc – thanks for the link… but still I hear the whooshing sounds. DD, were you just lamenting the fact that Gray didn’t stop by your Feist post?

    U2 – Achtung Baby This CD came out when I was working in the music department at Lechmere. I stashed my copy Monday night for purchasing with my employee discount the next day. I brought it home and listened to it once straight through, and the one thing I remember most was how the song One kicked me in the gut. I remember fighting with the other music department employees over the four measly copies of the One CD single that had one other song on it. I just desperately had to have anything that had anything to do with that CD.

    Also, two that I no longer listen to, but had an impact at the time:

    Huey Lewis & The News – Sports, Duran Duran – Seven & The Ragged Tiger I bought these two cassettes on the same day on one of my first unsupervised-by-an-adult trips to the mall. It was a huge indulgence. A lot of money to spend in one day. But I got my money’s worth out of them. I wore those cassettes out. I also stayed up too late on Fridays to try to record my favorite videos from both on my VCR with the pop-up top and wired remote control. The birth of the video age was not so different from the internet age.

    I have never seen U2 live. I want to, but I have never gotten around to it. I saw Duran Duran twice. Loved the first time, hated the second time. It was just over by then. I have seen Huey Lewis at least 5 times. I’ve always been a sucker for a good harp solo.

  109. double d Says:

    Have to be honest and say that many a time, I have been dissapointed by a live performance of a recorded artist I have purchased. Taylor was the reverse, I think. Not that I disliked the CD but his live performances are just SOOOOOO much better. Taylor is the kind of artist you HAVE to see live to appreciate.

    Another is Paul McCartney and another is Jimmy Buffett….oh, and I’ll throw in George Strait (just cuz he’s so damn “ungh”) and Garth Brooks for Texan and leejolem…..oh, and a little band called The Rolling Stones.

  110. jenfera Says:

    aw, crap. Sorry about the bad tag.

  111. shrewspeaks Says:

    Hey why do I see Lower case and Upper case Gray’s?

  112. double d Says:

    Shrew — GET. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD. Soul sistah from anutha mista. 😉

  113. Claire Says:

    Gray, are you familiar with Christy Moore?

    This is a guy that you have to SEE LIVE to appreciate. His work sounds great on CD. Makes you want to experience him live. And live he is something else.

    Just one man, on stage, sweating profusely, with his guitar and a bottle of water. Blisteringly raw vocals, achingly honest lyrics, and some of the most beautiful tunes you’ll hear this side of Ray L. He sells out night after night after night at Irelands best venues.

    Now that is a person you want to see live, believe me. Not listen to on a fancy sound system. Atmosphere, raw talent, and honesty. That’s what a Christy Moore concert is like. And this guy has been around since the ’70’s.

  114. double d Says:

    jenfera — I wasn’t lamenting Gray’s non-participation, I was lamenting the fact that people who DO frequent my blog didn’t mention Feist as an artist that they had been exposed to via the internet but not an official fan site. It was really a joke….cuz I’m funny like that.

    Gray, you’re doing a great job as Guesthost, but I miss Shelley. She would have some great stories and stuff to add to this discussion.

  115. brc Says:

    Jenfera… I think DD was lamenting the fact that she’s apparently the only one who has any Feist-love in her.

  116. katja Says:

    My first album (with my own money) was

    Wonder years – the soundtrack

    after that…

    China beach – the soundtrack
    Moonlighting – the soundtrack
    Twin Peaks – the soundtrack

    I really didn’t have a favourite singer/musician when I was growing up and I didn’t buy much music. All my money went to movies…so I own a lot of soundtracks.

    First album which was totally by one artist was Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World. I have that as a cassette.

    Bryan Adams was huge for me in my teens…the first concert I ever went to was his concert in Helsinki. So naturally I own quite afew of his albums…in vinyl and casettes and cd’s. Then I lost interest and wnet back to soundtracks…

    Oh…and Frank Sinatra has been my favourite for the loooongest time. The duets was actually the first album I bought by the man (I love ‘I’ve got you under my skin’ with Bono)

    But soundtracks. I’ve got plenty of them.

    And when I was little…5 years old..this was my FAVOURITE song in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (this is the original…I have the finnish version and I still know the words…and whenever it plays on radio I smile from ear to ear):

  117. brc Says:

    Oh Shrew. I think it’s a secret message. If you click on the upper-case GC you get the GC archives. If you click on the lower-case GC you get and a message that says… This blog has not been activated yet.

    Me thinks GC misses this on a daily basis 😉

  118. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I don’t even know why I’m about to comment. I ask myself, “Self, what is the point?” and I answer myself, “Hell if I know.”

    Haven’t we discussed this before? Seems like we have.

    I am not a “fansite” person. (I not even really a fan. Not a good one at least. I’m very fickle.) I stumbled across because I am a research person. My mind loves information. I just like to ingest it. I might go through a hundred websites today just following the flow of my thoughts. I was curious about TH and googled him…and lo and behold there was the Almighty Gray. I stuck around, not b/c of my fanship of TH…but b/c of my fascination with Gray and the sense of community.

    I have since moved to MB b/c I was crushed when Gray left the first time and I needed a “halfway house”. I became bff’s with MommaBot and the rest is history.

    I do not spend time at any other fansite. I usually learn about new bands by word of mouth, by my most favoritest ever radio station in the world: The Edge, and by going to concerts where there are mulitple bands playing, most of which I am unfamiliar with.

    Although, I am seriously considering spending the summer on the “Heroes” website reading through the online comics. I miss Hiro already.

    At this point, I would like for Taylor to rock the AI house only for my own personal gain. So that I can say “In yer face!” to all the naysayers in my life. I don’t think this will happen. I think we are going to be served Velveeta over cheddar. But, you know, in the grand scheme of things…so what?

  119. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Well, @3&*$$@$@^^&!!!!!!!

    I can’t seem to keep up today. Top Ten albums already? What the hades?

  120. jenfera Says:

    Thanks for fixing my tag, Gray.

    Urm… yeah DD… can’t say I ran out to get more Feist after reading your post. I am a hard sell though. I take awhile to warm up to new stuff. (ahem… like not reading Gray Charles until after the AI finale… following a blog about an AI contestant? That’s just silly.)

    Here’s an interesting contrast I have no explanation for. I would rank Stevie Ray Vaughn as THE BEST concert I have ever seen. I do not own a single piece of his music. Why?

  121. KimLoree Says:

    May I take a different approach at explaining my interest in the live performance? (I’m sure the thread has moved way past Gray’s question for me…but it takes me a while to write these essays).

    When I was very young, I primarily listened to my Dad’s albumns, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, etc. I had little other exposure to music…even radio. I think I got my first radio when I was 10 or 11.

    As a young teen in the late sixties, I listened to pop rock radio and bought and wore out all of the singles. Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel (I’d have to get out my old stack of 45’s to help me remember all…it was a while back). I’m still in my bedroom with my headphones on.

    As a teenager in the seventies, the music did come to my city. I attended every (rock) concert during my highschool years. These were the days of Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zepplin, the Who, Elton John, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, Santana, Three Dog Night, The Cars, Little River Band, Foriegner (I’ve probably left out some of my favorites…brain on cold medicine today). So at this point…I was very much into the “live” performance, sharing the experience (along with whateve else we snuck in) and feeling the energy of being there (outside of my bedroom walls).

    In the 80’s…I did get into MTV and eventually CMT (after MTV got too hard core for me)….too busy working and being a mom to attend concerts and too broke to buy music. I’d gotten out of the habit of buying music during the disco days anyway. But the videos helped give me the feeling that I missed from the live shows.

    The 90’s….This is where my disconnect with music began. I all but stopped listening, buying, or watching. I stopped playing music at work.
    Too busy. Nothing new that interested me. I’d listen to the radio in the car (usually classic rock…which is great but always the same) or when my husband put in a tape or CD.

    That stayed pretty much the same until I googled TH. What did I find? Videos, videos, and more videos. What did I find on GC? More videos. And while you all had watched TH on AI all year, this was my first exposure. And I think most of you would agree with Dave White, that listening to Taylor and not seeing the performance is like smelling the cookies baking in the oven and not being able to taste them. I guess I’m just a video junkie now. Hell…I don’t even own a quality stereo anymore.

    And just watch that Marc Broussard video…his body language and movement when he sings “You don’t know nothin’ ’bout this!”. Ouch…I wouldn’t have felt that anger/pain if I hadn’t SEEN it.

  122. Sideways721 Says:

    Still enjoying the archives at Gray Charles and keeping my fingers crossed for gray charles.

  123. brc Says:

    I still think we’re comparing apples and oranges. You can’t compare live music to recorded music. Some performers are better live and some aren’t. Some songs are better live and some need the nuances of the original studio recording.

  124. double d Says:

    Bama — your big head, uhm, I mean mind NEEDS info…cuz you smart like dat. Quick! Name the best concert you’ve ever been to.

    jen — I really think that if GRAY had put up a Feist post, she’d be at the top of the chart, right now. 😉

  125. jenfera Says:

    Eeep! Bama, now you are in my head! As I have been trying to keep up with these posts I meant to point out that in my old-fashioned world, the radio is still primarily where I find new music. I am a little put out that ClearChannel recently bought out my fave, WRNX. Seems like it is getting more homogenious now, so maybe I will have to find a new way to find new music. Maybe take DD’s word for it when she says Feist is good. 😉

    But also, bama, I would also classify myself as a research person/information person. That’s how I got here (via Gray) as well. I went for a good month or two thinking I was the only person listening to the downloads I got of HOAD, Soul Thing and Heart & Soul off that Birmingham NPR station. Fan sites? Who would do that?

  126. GwenB Says:

    Oh, I am really glad I peeked in here today! Hello Gray! I’ve not found a blog home since you left – just floating around the internet now. I read elsewhere that Taylor will sing “Heaven Knows” on AI, as his next single. I didn’t hear it from you though, so won’t believe it until I see it! It is my hope this is true as this is the song I voted for as his single. Doesn’t it depend on the artist as to the difference between recorded music and live performance? For some it is all about the voice and for others it is how the music is presented, IMHO. For me, I discover an artist outside of the Internet, then search for more information about them on the Internet. I did find The Musician’s Point of View fascinating!

  127. Shelley Says:

    just for DD…real quick…then diving back into “life stuff”

    i remember when i was in my ‘tween years and took some contraband “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” on our Southern Baptist Youth Trip to Tennessee.

    Only Christian music was permitted…but back then (early 80s) unless I was a 12-year-old groovin’ on some Sandi Patti (no offense to Patti fans)…I was usually limited to Amy Grant or a handful of other artists that lent themselves more for the adult ear.

    So…after my 12 listen of El Shaddai…I popped in Simon and boys into my Walkman and listened and let the visual of the Tennessee mountains (breathtaking to me even then) be my “music video.” The music filled my head and I created scenarios in my mind of how it played against the rain-soaked trees along the road or the crags and rocks embedded in the land…something a girl from Mississippi didn’t see very often.

    Once home from my trip…again, the non-earbud Walkman was wrapped around my noggin…laying against my ears as I would do chores or…better yet…fall asleep at night (I’m shocked that OSHA didn’t devise something to save kids from the hazards of Sleep-Walkmaning).

    I remember coming up with my own images as those sounds spilled into my brain…I remember pressing my hands against those weak banded headphones as hard as I could so I could hear every note…every nuance.

    I never once thought about having to see the music…live or on MTV. Sure, I loved MTV…I wanted my MTV…but not for the enjoyment of listening to music…for the visual stimulation and the hysteria of seeing something innovative…and the cute boys.

    The music, to me, will always be far removed from the visual end.

  128. double d Says:

    Yeah, Shelley!!!! Knew you’d have a great take on the conversation! Hurry back.

  129. leejolem Says:

    Because I am not as deep as y’all, and I’m so lame musically compared to all of you (I’ve been to 3 concerts in the past year–all involving Taylor) I’m going to answer the original question–what do I want to see from Taylor on AI this week:
    Anything that he feels passionately about that they will allow him to perform. I just want him to go out and rip up the stage and remind everybody why he was crowned the American Idol. Heaven Knows, Give Me Tonight, The Maze (all of those were great live in concert). Any of his originals. I will even enjoy him singing with Jordin and/or Blake. Anything, really.

    #48, DD, “if Taylor were allowed to be Taylor”-this really made me think. Who is Taylor? He’s really not what we saw on AI (come on, the smiley guy taking off the mall rabbit costume head is not the same guy I met in Columbus). I hope musically he stays true to himself in his performance on AI, but will he revert to the smiley, twitchy, woo-ing, soul-patrolling yelling guy who was trying to win the title? Who knows.

    #57, Jenfera, “we want to continue to feel like an integral part of their careers”–truer words were never spoken. Isn’t this a big part of the whole AI/voting/fandom thing? A continued internet presence helps feed this, but is not at the root of it.

  130. brc Says:

    leejolem… do you have numbers next to your posts???? I don’t have any numbers.

  131. shrewspeaks Says:

    Ahhhhh Shelley and a DuranDuran story…all is right with the world

  132. Julie Says:

    Hey…where’d she come from?

  133. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- Brittany Spears!

    Just kidding. The best concert was actually Jessica Simpson.

    Kidding again! Although I did attend both.

    Best concert EVER: I think it was Lollapolooza or another one of those multi-band summer concerts…early 90’s. In the same day I saw the Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, The Breeders, The Flaming Lips, Lucious Jackson….It was about 112 degrees that day. We were strewn across the lawn of the “Starplex” in our bikinis. People were being rushed off to the hospital left and right because of heat stroke. Ahh…the memories.

    It’s a toss-up between that and Pearl Jam…right before they hit BIG. They played at the University of North Texas campus. The “Grunge” sound was so new, and so “spitting in the face” of 80’s manufactured pop. I was 20 years old and loving my new found freedom in “adulthood” (hahahahahhaaa!). I was with ACTUAL people who knew the kid Jeremy that song Jeremy was written about. I was SO COOL.

  134. Jules Says:

    Thanks for the PEEL tip Gray – I’ve been all about the Hype Machine but I’ll have to give that one a try also.

    DD – so weird – I also saw Paul McCartney in 1993 only the Metrodome in Minneapolis & I’m going to see B.B. King June 30 at an annual outdoor blues festival.

    I have many albums that are in constant danger of being worn out because I play them so much. The only one that comes to mind where I would actually hear the album than see the live show is Indigo Girls – Nomads Indians & Saints. I’ve had that sucker on cassette – now CD & it is always right next to if not in the CD player. My best friend introduced me to them right after high school – 91. I saw them in 95 & while it was a very good show – the songs lacked the personalness they have when I listen to them at home or in my car. Something was just lacking.

    I think Taylor is going to remind everyone with tomorrow’s AI performance of why he won the thing last year.

  135. KD Says:

    Okay, so just like usual, I’ve been thinking about the original question, waiting for the moment I had time to post, and the thread has moved so far past me it’s ridiculous. *sigh* And now the baby’s stirring…no time to actually write anything meaningful because I took the time to read the thread. *lol* The story of my life! Anyway….loving the discussion today! And Gray…be careful. You’re having way too much fun. 😉 I may be back later with something earth shatteringly interesting to say…but I doubt it! Carry on! XO’s to all!

  136. double d Says:

    KD — smooches to Baby A and of course, to Zan.

  137. KimLoree Says:

    Ahhh crap…now Shelley’s post has me analyzing myself. Maybe I’m just more fangirly than I thought. I don’t need to SEE Joss, Corinne, Sarah or Grace to enjoy their music. Hmmmm

    But then some of my favorite videos of live performances have nothing to do with any kind of attraction. Marc Broussard is interesting, but not all that attractive. I don’t find Blake attractive at all, but love the BonJovi AI performance video. And then there’s the video of Joe Cocker’s performance at Woodstock….powerful….but not attractive.

    How about it Gray?….I remember a certain performance video of Joss and “Son of a Preacher Man”. Do you like just listening to that performance better than watching it?

  138. leejolem Says:

    brc, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Isn’t that weird? There are 2 or 3 different formats that the comments pop up in–I never know which one I’m gonna get. One format has numbers next to the comments. I forgot when I wrote the numbers that sometimes the comments aren’t numbered. Duh!

  139. Theresa Says:

    Sometimes watching a video or live performance makes me change my mind about a performer. Case in point – Joss Stone was recently on some late night show. After singing a particularly soulful song, she giggled…giggled like the girl she is. My perception of her changed right there. She went from being authentic to being an imitator. Not fair, perhaps. Just a gut reaction. Sure I’ll keep listening and give her more chances, but I can’t go back in time and erase that giggle.

    Taylor Hicks performances have always been consistent (not identical, just consistent)for me, from recorded to live, audio to video.

  140. Gray Charles Says:

    How about it Gray?….I remember a certain performance video of Joss and “Son of a Preacher Man”. Do you like just listening to that performance better than watching it?

    If someone forces me to watch that video I close my eyes and think of England.

  141. brc Says:

    Theresa. What do you mean when you say TH performances have always been consistent?

  142. brc Says:

    Gray you didn’t answer KimLoree’s question. Do you like just listening to it better than watching it?

  143. Gray Charles Says:

    Case in point – Joss Stone was recently on some late night show. After singing a particularly soulful song, she giggled…giggled like the girl she is. My perception of her changed right there. She went from being authentic to being an imitator.

    Please explain “authentic”. After you do that in relation to Joss S. please substitute Taylor H and tell me if the same argument applies.

  144. Gray Charles Says:

    brc, I think I did answer it. Mostly, it depends on how I came to the music in the first place. For us cane bangers most of the formative music in my life came pre video everywhere all the time so the music that resonates with me is NOT visual at all. I think I separate live performances from recorded ones and judge them separately. The Replacements meant a great deal to me as recording artists. Live? There is a reason why I own a bootleg Replacements tape called, I kid you not, “The Shit Hits The Fans”.

  145. brc Says:

    Theresa.. your essay is due by 4pm CST. Late papers will not receive credit.

  146. brc Says:

    Being a cane banger myself I understand where you’re coming from…. which is why I think “seeing” vs. “listening” is an apples and oranges discussion.

    However if we’re just talking “listening” I can discuss “live” vs. “studio” more easily. Sorry to use a Taylor example again, but I really enjoy all of the “live” tour recordings immensely. Maybe it’s the spontenaity? Maybe it’s just that Taylor’s style is so well-suited to “live” music? Maybe it’s a little more raw than the studio music he has produced?

  147. Theresa Says:

    She went from seeming authentic to seeming to imitate. My perception. I have not ever perceived a Taylor Hicks performance (video or audio) as being inauthentic or imitation.

    I admit that I could be discriminating based on age, but I’m also discriminating based on my own interpretation of people and how they generally act at different ages. To me, TH has street cred and Joss Stone doesn’t. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have talent and incredible beauty and won’t keep developing as an artist. I think her face, height, long hair, long legs and clothing choices get her in doors, though. I just think that if you are going to sing a really deep song, don’t giggle afterward.

  148. leejolem Says:

    GC just said something that made me have an “aha” moment. Until Taylor I think I’ve always equated “visual” music to MTV videos. To me they were fun, but often vapid and passionless (ie Mickey, Video Killed the Radio Star) or sexy in a slick kind of way (Hungry Like the Wolf). Taylor was the 1st performer that I saw on a consistent basis give a passionate live performance. You don’t get an opportunity to see artists perform live week in and week out (oh how I miss the days of The Sonny and Cher Show, Donny and Marie and American Bandstand). I’ve never equated my commitment to all things Taylor with the fact that I saw him perform, and didn’t just hear him. Very interesting to this cane-banger.

  149. Gray Charles Says:

    Taylor was the 1st performer that I saw on a consistent basis give a passionate live performance.

    Really? I mean really?

  150. shrewspeaks Says:

    Interesting Theresa…what if Stone presented herself as an entertainer?

  151. Theresa Says:

    I’ve only had two impressions of Joss Stone in my life. The first was through the eyes of GC and the second was on that television appearance. Anyone who is interested in singing to others on a stage is, in my eyes, an entertainer.

  152. Theresa Says:

    GC, I think that you’ve probably seen more live performances that the average person.

  153. shrewspeaks Says:

    Okay…Theresa I understand, i guess I was trying to figure out why the giggle would have broken the spell for you.

  154. Claire Says:

    Theresa – Joss was just trying to cover her sadness, ‘cos Gray dumped her for Grace Potter.

    For God’s sake, look what happened to Winona when he dumped HER for Joss…Saks loved Gray for THAT one… 🙂

  155. double d Says:

    If you listen to Susan Tedeschi’s Live from Austin CD, she sings these FANTASTIC, soulful songs and at the end of each one, she squeals in a syrupy, giddy voice, “Thank youuuuu. Thank youuuuu.” While it grates on my last nerve, it doesn’t affect the way I like her music and the songs she sings on it.

    I get what Theresa is saying, though. And, if Taylor giggled after singing “Somehow”, I might change my opinion of him…..


  156. Delilah Says:

    To Gray’s query: Do sales increase because of fan blogs/sites or do they preach to the choir?

    Hm. Such a good question. Sure, on MySpace you can be added as a band’s or artist’s friend. You can read their latest blog entry, and you can post on their page. But is this community or connection, in the true sense? Has anyone ever felt like they’re part of something bigger by posting a “Thanks for the Add!!!” on some band’s MySpace page? (Seriously, I’m asking.)

    Loading the URL felt a little like going to my local dive bar. Familiar faces, conversations picked up where you left off, a jukebox packed with gems. I bought a lot of music after hearing it on there. I stepped up my live music ticket-buying in a big way. When something on the Web creates momentum in the real world, that’s when this whole blog-interweb stuff starts getting good. I suppose I was the choir in this case, but I turned around and did preaching of my own. And I always got the same reaction when I sent a nonbeliever to “This isn’t really a fan site,” they’d say. “There are actual ideas and real people on here.”

    Me, I work for a website and have heard many an exec debate how to “find” or “create” or “measure” “authenticity” and apply it to the bottom line. And I wonder if this isn’t dog-chasing-its-tail territory. As the music industry gets their knickers in a twist over plummeting sales and file-sharing, I think it’s behoovy of them (yes, I stole that from Strangers With Candy) to seriously (re)consider the notion of online community and the momentum it can foster.

    Our boy Taylor benefited from some excellent online momentum in Gray’s site, but wasn’t it kinda Kismet? Authentic musician meets hard-working, music-loving blogger? It doesn’t always happen that way.

  157. leejolem Says:

    GC, you have to realize a few things:
    1.I live in Indiana–not horrible for live music, but not the best.
    2.I work 2 jobs.
    3.I have a hubby, and 2 daughters, 15 and 18, and the last 18 yrs or so haven’t been filled with lots of concert-going (not a lot of money or time or interest actually). Lots of Disney on Ice, N*Sync, High School band concerts and even Garth Brooks, but not much else.
    4.TV is my primary source of entertainment on a regular basis, so when Taylor came on it was new and fresh and exciting to me.

    I’m a 42yo female, and I think I might be more the norm than in the minority. Remember, I also said on a “consistent” basis–meaning week in and week out for 6 or so months. How many other opportunities other than AI afford a performer this kind of exposure.

  158. Gray Charles Says:

    GC, I think that you’ve probably seen more live performances that the average person.

    Well, thats a whole ‘nother conversation right there that I always had trouble understanding. It’s also a big derail so lets not go there.

  159. Gray Charles Says:


    I hear you. I don’t get out nearly as much as I used to. What did you listen to/see when you were in your late teens and early 20’s? Curious.

  160. KD Says:

    Okay, I have a few minutes…but I won’t promise earth shatteringly interesting. 😉

    I enjoy anything I “see” live….There is something about watching a performer perform…feeling the music in the floor and air surrounding you. Maybe it’s the energy, or the full sound…I don’t know. Even if the performance isn’t visually stimulating, or if it’s a performer I have never heard before, I love it. I appreciate the artistry…I may never buy the CD, but I will have loved the concert. Heck, the Wiggles even had me on my feet….

    I think back to going to a WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) concert years ago. I went to see the headliner, Peter Gabriel, but wound up enjoying the rest of the performances of the day as much if not more. Experiencing The Drummers of Burundi moved me in a way that would not have been if I had heard them on a CD. They then accompanied Peter Gabriel on “In Your Eyes” and I’ve never been able to enjoy the recorded version since because it is so pale in comparison. “Seeing” the music (in a live setting) is a completely different thing to me, than “hearing” the music.
    As far as seeing the music in a video format or on TV as in a Today Show concert?? Don’t need to see it, no matter who it is. I’d rather enjoy the recording in my ear without the visual. Unless of course the entertainer is entertaining in their own right—————–or “hawt.” (lol) Just kidding….sort of…okay not really…but strike that last sentence as being unnecessary.

  161. Gray Charles Says:

    Heck, the Wiggles even had me on my feet….

    Wiggles + Greg or Wiggles + Sam? I always felt that Wiggles+G were a bit more contemplative and Wiggles+S were able to embrace a bit more of the experimental side. I saw one of the first Wiggles+S concerts, in the first day’s after G’s departure. While all of us in the audience were saddened by G’s departure the younger in the crowd were gratified that S was tall, had black hair and wore the same color shirt. A blessing really.

  162. KD Says:

    I haven’t yet seen The Wiggles + Sam….Glad Thing 3 came along so I’ll have the excuse to go again….I’d look awfully silly dancing at a Wiggles concert all alone. 😉 I’ll bet the look is pretty similar from a distance…

  163. graycharles Says:

    I can say that I left that concert drenched with sweat. The fact that it was in Orlando and it was 95 degrees outside might have had something to do with it.

  164. KimLoree Says:

    Oops…I fell behind here…but wanted to get this in…

    Claire said

    “Theresa – Joss was just trying to cover her sadness, ‘cos Gray dumped her for Grace Potter.
    For God’s sake, look what happened to Winona when he dumped HER for Joss…Saks loved Gray for THAT one…”

    Claire…I think you’re cool (and funny) blogger or not.

  165. KD Says:

    Awww come on! Admit it! You just couldn’t resist moooooooving like an emu!

  166. double d Says:

    leejolem — As we are the same age…1964 & 1965 were terrific years, I hear exactly what you are saying. Although I did attend Paul McCartney when my 15 year old was 2 and Jimmy Buffett when he was about 4 or 5, I didn’t see live music again until this past year (unless you count random bands at the Flora Bama on vacation). Now that my son is older and the older ones grown, perhaps it has afforded me more time to explore and get back “into” music — both live and recorded — and of course, time for the world of blogging. Hmmm. Perhaps blogging is the bi-product of no longer being needed as a Mommy and only tolerated as a Mother?

    Some of the best concerts I went to in the early ’80’s were Larry Gatlin (did the show with just an acoustic guitar), Little River Band, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Jr., and George Strait. I told you guys that I was country when country wasn’t cool. While Gray was off in a REM fog, I was yee-hawing it up, complete with personalized leather belt.

  167. Shelley Says:

    I was yee-hawing it up, complete with personalized leather belt.

    must see picture, please

  168. E!!!!! Says:


    Fav all time albums…… A little ecclectic I know.

    U2 All that You Can’t Leave Behind… Although the Joshua Tree is a close second!

    Billy Joel Greatest Hits volumes I-II 1973-1983

    Dave Matthews Band-Everyday

    UB40-Promises and Lies, good to boogie to

    Michael Buble’-It’s Time- great crooner of the modern times, yes sappy like Frank Sinatra but love em!

    Nora Jones-Come Away with me, ahhh that voice

    Ray Charles: The Story, Original soundtrack. Lots of live cuts!

    No Doubt- Tragic Kingdom

    Sarah McLaughlin-Mirrorball

    Taylor Hicks-Under the Radar

    Ok there are my top 10, and yes I have seen every one of these performers (minus Ray, I was a late bloomer of his music!) in concert! I am a music jukie! I need the live performance! That is where they can make it or break it to me. Some are far better live in concert than others. Some make you want to come back again and again! And so we do!

    Does the internet change the music industry, ofcorse it does. We use to hear 1 song and go buy the cd and found out many SUCKED! But we still bought it thinking we would like that band or performer. Now you can hear every snipit of every song, allow you to purchase 1 song at a time and that has to hurt the artists. I know I am guilty of only liking 1 song by many artists and have only purchased that one song from my good friend Itunes! How on earth did we ever live without the Ipod? I just do not know!!

    Do I go by the reviews of other people, hell no cuz they dont have the same taste. I do however listen to samples from friends and sites and have come across some great new tunes that way. So in a way the internet also exposes us to new musicians and even new genres of music!

    So I would say it does both! If that makes any sense!

    Gray! So glad to hear your out and about, we missed ya!

  169. c4tay Says:

    I am so loving this. Thanks, y’all! I can’t keep up with you, but I am reading and thinking and having so much fun.

  170. double d Says:

    Ok, Shelley, just for you…I will try to locate and post my “big hair” picture and my “country concert” garb picture tonight. Might take me a while to find.

  171. azure Says:

    Looks like it’s confirmed that Taylor will be singing HK on the finale. Azgoddess posted on the Boogie that a friend (from TMS) who works in radio received official notification – and she passed it on. (Official notice is posted on the Boogie.)

  172. E!!!!! Says:

    Awesome! I love that song! Thanks for the update azure!

  173. KimLoree Says:

    I think HK is a good choice. I will be watching for the message he delivers.

  174. shrewspeaks Says:

    DD…big hair…as in Joisey Hair?…..bwaaaahaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa I am rolling on the floor

  175. leejolem Says:

    Leejolem is sad that the Wiggles came out too late for her to take her offspring to (I did get to enjoy Bananas in Pajamas though–and I think they were the inspiration for the Wiggles).

    GC, I graduated from HS when I was 17, went straight on to Pharmacy School, got married at 20 and had my 1st baby at 23, so all in all I’ve never had much fun (naw, just kidding).
    Here were some of my concerts in hs and college: The Commodores, The Police, Journey, Bryan Adams, Keith Green (unbelievably charismatic Christian performer), Amy Grant, Sandy Patti, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, Earth Wind and Fire, The Monkees reunion tour (I love me some Davy Jones).

    Reading that list I feel like a complete loser!

    I listened to a variety–lots of contemporary Christian, Rod Stewart, B52’s, Stylistics, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, Barbra Streisand, Bread, Dan Fogelberg, Bon Jovi, Wham.

    Wow, am I vanilla and bland.

  176. leejolem Says:

    DD, “blogging is the bi-product of no longer being needed as a Mommy and only tolerated as a Mother”– WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. double d Says:

    leejolem — I right there with you in the white bread world, honey. Livin’ on the wild side, going to see Styx.

  178. Theresa K. Says:

    KimLoree – good one!

    Leejolem – my story exactly, except for Minneapolis and 15 y.o. boy and 18 y.o. daughter. I even went to the same concerts in my teens and early twenties as you! ha!

    I have a confession. I REALLY want to go to live concert, but the big concerts that I perceive as more accessible cost way to much for my current budget and the good artists in small venues are in places that a suburban mom doesn’t perceive as a great place for 46 year old moms. I need to start a book-club-like group for concerts in small smoky bars. I have to credit GC and TH for even wanting to do that in the first place.

  179. jenfera Says:

    Let’s not forget the bi-product of being a stepmother who never was needed in the first place.

    And lee and dd – I was there with you just 10 years later, seeing Hall n Oates, Duran Duran, Power Station, Huey Lewis and…


    Seriously. Worst concert ever. Even as a screaming 15-year-old, I was aware that there were way too many screaming 15-year-olds there.

  180. Claire Says:

    Leejolem – name a showtune. Go on, name one. I know them all. Oklahoma, The King and I, Annie Get Your Gun, Calamity Jane…

    How’s THAT for cool? My point is, I really ENJOYED all the showtunes in my mother’s vinyl collection. I sang along at the top of my voice. I have very fond memories of Ethel Merman and Howard Keel, blasting out from the old record player in the living room while my father patiently tried to watch the News at the same time, bless him.

    If you enjoyed it, don’t think of it as vanilla or bland. It was the soundtrack of your life. How’s that for deep?

    And I wanna see double d’s Joisey hair.

  181. KimLoree Says:

    Leejolem…if you are a loser…so am I. Your list reminded me of several that I forgot to add to mine. I love Journey, like some BonJovi, Bryan Adams, Dan Fogleberg and Barbara Streisand.
    I also forgot to list Head East and Lynnard Skynnard.

  182. Gray Charles Says:

    Stop acting so d*** old. I went to a smoky bar concert just two weekends ago to see Grace Potter. Of course, it was in NY State where the smoky bars are no longer smoky. Other than the logistical challenge of arranging late night babysitters . . . whatever. I can rock out to GP as much as anyone half my age. Of course, I’m “spry” right?

    FYI: Grace Potter Tickets – $10 apiece

    Can I drop “Grace Potter” into the conversation a bit more? hmm, thinking . . .

  183. leejolem Says:

    DD,thanks for reminding me–I lerve Styx!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favs. I also left out Queen and Meatloaf. I’ve never seen any of the aforementioned in concert, but would have loved to in their heyday(s) and with original members. Oh yeah, and 1964 and 1965 rawked (although I’m a Pisces).

    Theresa, Have you seen TH in concert? I’ve been fortunate in that his Columbus concert was only $35 and his Goshen,IN concert at the fair this summer is only $25. I won’t even mention how much I paid for front row seats to the AI concert in West Virginia last summer. You’ve probably heard this a million times, but you must see the Supreme Monkbot live at least once.

  184. E!!!!! Says:

    I will have to go ck out this Grace Potter chick, I have never heard of her. Reminds me of Harry Potter! HA!!!
    Does she have a site Gray?

  185. KimLoree Says:

    Singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” right now……love that song.

  186. graycharles Says:

    Grace Potter Video

  187. leejolem Says:

    Claire, I love show tunes. My favorite guilty pleasure–karaoking show tunes. I can sing a mean Somewhere from West Side Story. And you haven’t lived until you’ve heard me sing various selections from The King and I (Yul Brynner is hawt!!!!!!)

  188. azure Says:

    I was speed reading and saw “Can I drop Grace Potter” and I thought he’s dropping her too. Wasn’t Joss Stone bad enough? What a fickle guy! Then, I finished the sentence! My faith in GC is almost restored (except I still can’t believe you dropped JS!)

  189. graycharles Says:

    Are we off topic yet? Yes, just checking . . .

    So, Taylor is scheduled to sing “Heaven Knows”

    Little d is scheduled to sing “Home” tonight.

    Expectations? Let’s get back on the bus everyone.

  190. Theresa K. Says:

    Leejolem, yes I’ve seen TH live twice! Once in a smoky small bar with maybe 100 people (during LMBO’s mirror tour of the AI tour) and then again in March on his tour. I never saw the actual AI tour (and really didn’t want to), although I’ve watched several clips on the ‘Tube. Other than that, my only other concert in recent years was to see the REO/Styx tour at our state fair a couple of years ago. That was most amazing! Before that, I saw the BS Boys in 2000 with my then pre-teen daughter. They actually put on a very good show. Before that, it was the Flyers (a children’s band) in about 1993.

  191. KimLoree Says:

    Little d?

  192. graycharles Says:

    Little d (DAUGHTRY)™

  193. KimLoree Says:

    Little d should do Marc Broussard’s “Home”. Much better song.

  194. Claire Says:

    Only marginally off topic, Gray – it was still “all about the music”, oui?

    little d – soooo mean… 😉

    Heaven Knows was my personal choice for first single on the GC poll. I loved it from the get-go, and I think That Guy could knock it out if the room, especially if he gets to do that little extended “hoooooooome” thang in the middle of the sentence.

    Back on topic yet?

  195. Theresa K. Says:

    My expectation for Taylor Hicks on the finale show (is it tonight or tomorrow night?) : I wish he’d sing Take the Long Way Home, but that isn’t likely. Heaven Knows is good. Doesn’t matter really. My expectation is that, once again, most people who are looking for someone like the robot or the little d won’t understand Taylor.

    Something very weird today; all WordPress blogs (along with any other blog except mine) is usually blocked by our server at work. Today they weren’t and I randomly checked Shelley’s blog to find GC guest hosting. Maybe things will go differently tonight that I expect.

  196. leejolem Says:

    Where is Kat? Is she making a surprise appearance with Britney on Wednesday night? Maybe they will make Taylor and Kat do another duet. Or bring back Toni Braxton to sing a sultry, sexy version of In the Ghetto with Taylor whilst Blake beatboxes in the background. Sahweeet!!!

  197. E!!!!! Says:

    Wow! She is great! I will be on the lookout for her cd or at Itunes!
    Thanks Gray! See this is why we need u!

  198. graycharles Says:

    My kids responded to “Heaven Knows” and almost nothing else. I actually put some value in that.

  199. graycharles Says:

    Something very weird today; all WordPress blogs (along with any other blog except mine) is usually blocked by our server at work. Today they weren’t

    I made some calls this morning to work this out.

  200. leejolem Says:

    I hope Taylor wears plaid homemade pants in support of Blake. He could yell out “Plaid Patrol” a few times and there would be a merging of the fan bases for one beautiful moment in time.

    Does Grace Potter sing about naughty bunnies and Mr McGregor’s farm?

  201. KimLoree Says:

    Expectations…Talor will sing his heart out and every note will be perfect (like in Seattle). And he always gets the lyrics right on Heaven Knows…so that’s a plus.

    It would be fun if he danced right down to where Simon is sitting, with, “Won’t you cut me some slack?” I know we all like the gracious Taylor, but I really enjoy some…uhhhh…pi**ed off Taylor during performances, e.g. “Hollywood Nights”.

  202. leejolem Says:

    KimLoree, I agree. I would stand up and cheer if Taylor gave some attitude. He’s probably too muh of a gentleman, but it would be sweet.

  203. KD Says:

    Expectations?? little d will have strobelights. Simon will talk through Taylor’s performance.

  204. jena Says:

    I was out in LA a couple of weeks ago and a dear friend suggested I go see an act performing at the legendary Troubadour. This friend promised I would not be dissapointed. While talking to my friend on the phone, they were busy emailing a mutual friend living in LA that I would be calling and to make arrangements for the two of us to go to the show.

    We did as we promised our friend we would do and went to the show. We were blown away! My LA friend was equally blown away at the traditionally unenthusiastic LA crowd. From our perch above the crowd we could see the people on the packed floor rocking out and several young girls headbanging! “You just don’t see this in LA!”

    We were both thrilled that our friend made – uh – encouraged us to go to the show.

    Anyone care to guess who was playing? Gray?

  205. E!!!!! Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, KImLoree I want Taylor to say FU to Simon by dancing right around him! That would be priceles!

    I know they have different musical tastes but you would think Simon couil appreciate Taylor’s work ethic, his dedication not only to the music, but his fans, and to his charity work! He should applaud him on all he has done in the past year.

  206. Sideways721 Says:

    Speaking of Toni Braxton, do we know which “stars” will appear with Blake and Jordin tonight?

  207. E!!!!! Says:

    I only heard Daughtry is coming on tonight. That would be just like Simon to glorify his D boy! GRRRRRRRRRRR!

  208. double d Says:

    That would be little d (DOUGHtry) tm

  209. jena Says:

    So did Simon glorify Daniel Powter last year by having him perform “Had a bad day”, the 2006 kiss-off anthem on the last Tuesday show?

  210. KimLoree Says:

    I keep remembering the “Dancing in the Dark” performance where he takes Paula’s hand and leads her out to dance with him. I think he should do the same thing to Simon. heh…let’s see if Simon knows how to dance. Then again…those man boobs would probably slap him in the face.
    (running away to hide from the wet fish Shelley left for Gray)

  211. Sideways721 Says:

    Check out who will be performing at the Austin City Limits Musical Festival this September.

  212. blueberry Says:

    Just got back here and am pleasantly surprised about Heaven Knows. That should open a few eyes.

    No wet fish please, but you all are joking about Ms. Spears showing up, right? If not, I will never, ever mention Taylor Hicks and American Idol in the same sentence again! Gosh, on second thought, if enough people thought that, he’d probably pay her to show up.

  213. Squeebee Says:

    I don’t play Taylor’s CD straight through very often, but since my husband has seen the light, it is often on in the car. I caught my 9-y.o. son singing, “Won’t you cut me some slack” as he walked by. Funny that the kids seem to gravitate towards that song. It is also my husband’s favorite on the CD. Hmmm…..what does that say about my husband?

  214. JAG Says:

    I would love for Taylor to be able to jam with the band and blow the roof off the place.I envision everyone standing and into the music,including you know who,followed by a ten minute standing ovation and Simon being left speechless ! In reality I think he is at the mercy of the AI machine,but will still deliver a kick ass performance!
    I think the internet plays a huge role in introducing new talent in today’s world. When I was growing up we may as well have had the pony express.That is how long it took to find out any information on performers.By the time we recieved the news,it was pretty much old news!
    I don’t think fans should be privy to every detail of someones life,but being kept up to date about concerts and new albums in a matter of seconds has got to be a good thing. GC,it’s great to see you,I’m glad I wandered over!

  215. E!!!!! Says:

    Hey if anyone is interested at they are having Taylor for a shuffle show at 7pm today EST to play some of his fav tunes, and a commentary on channel 12, PS there is a free 3 day trial to listen if you dont have the service!

    WOO HOO!

  216. shrewspeaks Says:

    Woah…A person goes to one meeting and drives home and the topic goes back to All Taylor? How in the heck did that happen?

  217. Theresa K. Says:

    Shrewspeaks, does that actually surprise you?

  218. shrewspeaks Says:

    Actually…for MonkBot it does.

  219. Squeebee Says:

    Shrewbie….Gray is cracking the whip. You’d think it was his own blog or sumthin’!

  220. Julie Says:

    Daughtry rocks.

    My kids prefer pre-AI Taylor, though they have no canes…yet.

    I’ve seen more live shows than Gray.

    What’s the question again?

  221. leejolem Says:

    Shrew, Gray made us stay on topic. I’m kinda askeered of him, so I obeyed.

  222. AmyMc Says:

    Geez, I can’t believe all the comments in here today!!! Guess I missed out on some conversation!!

  223. Quossum Says:

    RUSH–Signals. I must’ve worn out the dang tape on that cassette. It was like each and every pretentious, angst-filled lyric had been written directly for my depressive fifteen-year-old mind.

    But at least Rush still has some marginal cred. I’m ashamed to mention my affection for REO Speedwagon and Yaz.

    Oh, Soul Coughing’s Ruby Vroom will do strange things to your mind, too.


  224. Margaux Says:

    Gray, I’m glad to see you on the Taylor/Jordin Dancing Queen – only 17!!! bandwagon. It would work on so many levels.

  225. mamaforpeace Says:

    Seeing Gray running this thread, just like seeing an old friend again. My Taylor addiction? Would it be as strong were it not for all the internet access that can feed it? You bet it’s a powerful tool, and whether it’s a good thing or not, there is no turning back. I choose to embrace it. It has given me a much bigger window on the world. After all, I heard this guy on an AI audition, googled “gray haired guy on AI”, and out popped Taylor Hicks!

  226. KimLoree Says:

    mamaforpeace…out popped Taylor Hicks? Makes it sound like you gave birth to him. Maybe I’ve had one too many cocktails, but I found it funny.

    Is AI on on the East coast yet? Any reports?

  227. texastaylorfan Says:

    Did anyone see the show? I’m thinking DIMYP sounds DAMN good!

  228. Julie Says:

    TTF, was that the lamest song you’ve ever had to sit through TWICE? Cause it damn sure was for me.

  229. KimLoree Says:

    I’m thinkin’ I might not waste my time. Except that I hear that Jordin is way ahead in votes. Makes me want to vote for Blake, but I don’t know if I care enough. Maybe I’ll watch to see if it makes me care. I mainly like Blake because he’s paid some dues and Jordin will be successful anyway.

  230. bcath Says:

    Tomorrow night I want Taylor to do Compared to What (with full tour band) including the anti-war verse and “unwed mothers need abortion” x3. But just like Dave White, I never get what I want.

  231. mamaforpeace Says:

    Well, KimLoree, I told you the internet was a powerful thing! I was able to birth an almost 30 year old with no pain at all!

  232. Alison B. Says:

    Well, whatever happens I’m prepared to try to be positive. How ironic that Gray will be moderating the discussion of Taylor’s performance on the AI finale results. No matter how I feel about anything Simon does or says, or about the way Taylor is presented (his mic goes dead in the middle of HK as they cut to Jordin and Blake’s last cheesy Ford commercial) I’m going to tough it out and try to smile. For Gray. For Shelley.

    Either that or fling a dozen insults at Simon and Nigel and every other producer on that damn show. I promise to do it in Latin though and use smileys.

  233. Hickstyeria Says:

    I hope all works out for you Shelley.

    I hope Taylor comes out, is enthusiastically received by the audience and simply gives a great and memorable performance so that everyone knows why he won last year. This will be especially true I imagine when the current finalists sing afterwards since there’s no comparison.

    I read an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun about Michael Buble. He talks about how just doing swing all the time would be boring, how he persuaded David Foster that he should record a gospel song and how many of the vocals on the CD were recorded live because he ‘wanted to be emotionally honest’ and the only way he felt he could be was to sing live. Buble states that doing the album this way was a revelation and ‘an understanding of what his fans meant when they told him they preferred his shows to his CDs … Now I understand what it was about, it was about emotion’.

    As this has been discussed regarding Taylor, I thought it was interesting to see that the reaction of some of Taylor’s fans is not unique.

    Also in the same paper was an article about Canadian music. Artists like Nelly Furtado, Nickelback, Buble, Shania Twain and Celine Dion are undoubtedly successful. But there are many other artists – even those nominated for awards – who aren’t necessarily raking in the money. Quoting a man called Bob D’Eith who works for Music BC, the article goes on to explain that having a number 1 hit in Canada means that the artist or band has been number 1 on the radio but that this doesn’t really mean much – “the radio charts are determined by the number of times a song is played on stations across the country….getting a radio hit still means a band can play bigger venues but a significant proportion of the audience undoubtedly downloads the music for free after hearing it on the radio rather than running out to buy the CD. The entire model right now is in the middle of a huge paradigm shift’.

    I don’t have a link or I would post it so that you could read the article for yourself. Therefore, if I could be indulged a little, I’d like to quote a bit more because the topic has been relevant to past discussions here and on and it proves how widespread this debate is.

    ‘CEO of Netwerk Music Group Terry McBride says that retail sales are not important – you might as well give away the music because ‘where you are going to make money is on live performances, on merchandise, on publishing, on getting your song on film and television’. Some music industry insiders think this is heresy to say but others believe McBride ‘understands the new model and works it completely’.

    Larry LeBlanc, Canadian bureau chief for Billboard magazine doesn’t place much stock on the charts; ‘most are meaningless’. More artists are marketing their music directly to the consumer over the Internet and through iTunes. D’Eith says that when you look at BC musician Jeremy Fisher, you find he is hugely popular on YouTube where his video has been viewed over a million times – and this is more relevant now than any sales marker.’

    So there you have it. You can be seen to be doing well but actually not be; you can have low CD sales but high download sales; you can hope your single is played on the radio but actually you’re more likely to be heard if you’re working the Web.

    Seems Taylor understands the model very well yet somehow, until the ‘old school’ thinking changes, it’s apparently still not enough.

  234. KimLoree Says:

    That was a good read Hickstyria. Thanks. I think Taylor is a smart cookie. He’ll do fine, even if the music business does suck.

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