I’m sure I’ll write a scintillating recap of what surely will be THE TELEVISION EVENT OF THE SEASON.

Sometime later tonight, after the kids are in bed and I watch it on tape. Feel free to comment.

I think this says it all


Who need a recap right? You all saw it. A few random thoughts

  • I think Blake threw it – he doesn’t want to win. Look at his face the night Melinda got voted off, watch as he sleepwalks his way through the “Boreonation” song. The dynamics have changed. I’m sure he’s happy to be in the Final 10? 3? 2? but winner? Not so much.
  • Lot’s of haters on the Internet for Jordin because of her “talent show kid” background. I gotta figure she grows up in house with a professional football player so maybe there’s a bit of a family competitive streak you think? Your kid is good at something, you want her to be a competitor. What else do you do with a competitive singer who is to young for karaoke bars? I’ve got no problem with it.
  • Loved, LOVED the DAUGHTRY guitars players looking for all the world like they were jamming to the greatest licks ever invented in Rock and Roll as they strummed G-D-C over and over again. Dudes, take it easy, you’ll pop a string.
  • Sgt. Randy Pepper
  • Constantine, shower, stat

Now that performance was the bomb baby! I want to jump off a bridge, obviously.

She can keep it real even today.


60 Responses to “Lewis v. Sparks – TUESDAYTUESDAYTUESDAY”

  1. double d Says:

    Um…B is for Boring? Man.

    Ok, Ryan says Bitch, Paula says Frickin’ to a 17 year old….and THIS is a family show? Sorely disappointed in the whole season and this “meh” finale. Dancin’ with the Stars is MUCH more exciting.

    I see a great white on the horizon.

  2. Julie Says:

    Damnation. I think Jordin just won the thing.

  3. jenfera Says:

    Blake – You Give Love A Bad Name – fantastic. Very entertaining. Might have been just as good as the first time, but hard to tell without the element of surprise. Beatboxing Bon Jovi? What? How’s that gonna work? Holy crap! It works!

    Jordin – Fighter. Oh, please. If this was mid-way through the competition she would have gotten the, “I dunno, dawg, Christina, you know, she’s tough. Tough song, tough song. That was a little rough for me.”

    Blake – She Will Be Loved – good, but as Simon said, very safe. Smart though – no beatboxing, current, modern song. Works for voters.

    Jordin – Broken Wing – I’d like it better if I just closed my eyes and didn’t watch the expressions on her face.

    Blake – coronation song. Bad song for him. Very blah, uninteresting song. Not as excruciating as My Destiny for sure, but possibly less tolerable than DIMYP.

    Jordin – coronation song. Much better song type for her. It was very good, until the end with the crying. Gotta save the crying for when you actually win.

    Bama, I was thinking of you when Daughtry was on. Man, that was some SERIOUS guyliner!

  4. Julie Says:

    May I be off-topic? Taylor is being interviewed by Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols here:


    At the moment they’re discussing how Elvis used to pick up girls in the audience of his shows, among other things. Very interesting pair of individuals…who’d a thunk it?

  5. Quossum Says:

    Did anyone sense a certain resignation on Blake’s part?

    His first performance, redux of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” which I wasn’t totally wild about him doing again. Little did I know it would be his best of the night. =\ Lots of jumping around, almost a frenetic vibe.

    Second performance…Okay, I can see why he chose this one: to show all those naysayers that he can actually *sing* as well as perform. I can also see why Simon said he shouldn’t have chosen it.

    Jordin’s first: Fighter. I liked it okay, but I don’t think fast songs are her strength. And her second: Did great, just like the first time she sang this one. I’m not into the ballad-y songs much.

    Okay, so now for the crappy coronation song. Now that Melinda’s gone, I’m Team Plaid all the way, so here I am thinking, “Okay, Blake gave us his beatboxing side, he showed us some good singing, now by golly he’s gonna take this crappy coronation song and do something really cool with it!”

    And then I could only sit in shock while he sang it pretty much straight, and with obvious discomfort. I kept waiting–okay, there’s gonna be a change in tempo comin’ up here…surely he’s gonna beatbox somewhere in this thing…where the hell is he taking ownership of this song!!! Where is the really cool part???

    Then of course Jordin swept in and sang a song of the type practically written for her quite well, and complete with Tears of Sincerity at the end.

    Someone, please tell me that due to time constraints concerning the band or some such hooey that Blake wasn’t allowed to “mess with” the crappy coronation song too much. Please, someone? Anyone?



  6. shrewspeaks Says:

    Best moment of the night-

    Melinda’s face during Jordin’s “This is my Now” Seriously, if you have TiVO go back…worth the price of admission

  7. Julie Says:

    I’m going to be banned, but I have to tell Gray that on the aforementioned radio show they’re playing the Jam’s “That’s Entertainment” sung by Morrissey.

    I’m sorry, Shells. Back to the topic.

  8. JAG Says:

    Ooops,that good old coronation song did it again,up until tonight I thought Blake was going to take it because he is so unique.He took the song which appears to be difficult to sing and it was flat ! Jordin knocked it out of the ballpark,her vocals were spectacular tonight.Based on tonight’s performances I think Jordin will win it.I watched just the last three weeks and Blake is a great performer and will do very well with or without the title.

  9. jenfera Says:

    shrew, for the TiVo-less among us, and those of us who must have had a lapse of attention, please describe Melinda’s face.

  10. shrewspeaks Says:


  11. shrewspeaks Says:

    No…whoops that wasn’t it

  12. jenfera Says:

    Happy? Surprised? Shocked?? Thrilled it wasn’t herself up there?

  13. shrewspeaks Says:

    Kinda like this with a little of that but mostly a subcontext of this

    But that could be me…

  14. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jen my comment is a waiting moderation

  15. Shelley Says:

    I’m with DD on this one…ZZZzzzzz…..

    However, my quick and dirty recap

    first song – great
    second song – even better
    third song – i curse the back-up singers and bandzilla for mucking up his originality

    first song – not so great
    second song – okay…but i liked her first take on it better
    third song – she power-noted it…but lacked finessing the nuances on the minor chords like blake did

    jordin will win.

    daughtry wore more make-up than paula

    poor paula for her nose getting broken

    ryan’s vest was too short

    constantine must have less of a life than i do…’cause he’s always there

  16. jenfera Says:

    Haaa, shrew – I think that’s just sort of what Melinda’s face looks like!!

    Nice to see you Shelley! Don’t count out Blake. I’m still voting. 🙂

  17. Quossum Says:

    Here’s a screencap of Melinda’s face at the moment indicated. (Hope this works.)


  18. shrewspeaks Says:

    Shelley classic Constatine!

  19. shrewspeaks Says:

    Q!!!!! I love you! That is it!!!!!

  20. jenfera Says:

    WOW! Thanks, Q! What an efficient Monkbot you are! Sweet.

    That is an incredibly interesting face. What does that mean???

  21. Quossum Says:

    Here’s another screencap from tonight’s show, especially for double d, Shelley, and many, many others–I think you will find this reflects your opinons of the night’s entertainment.

    What so many were thinking…


  22. double d Says:

    Q– I saw that at the very beginning! I even said out loud, “Is that guy yawning?” A premonition of things to come….think he’s a Libra Dragon?

    Shelley — yeasss on the Chris make-up….WHAT is up with that? It’s just wrong.

    AI finale tickets: Way too much

    Randy’s Confederate Jacket: Way out of whack

    Pauler’s supposed broken nose: Way not true (noooo swelling…hello)

    Simon’s remarks: Way scripted

    Ryan’s “B” remark: Way inappopriate

    Mindy Doo’s expression: Way PRICELESS.

  23. leejolem Says:

    When did Ryan say “b***h”?

    My dh and I have been trying to vote for Blake and all 3 lines are busy. I still am afraid Jordin will take it all. Her tears on the last phrase of the coronation song made me kinda nauseous. She’s just not my cup of tea. I sort of heart Blake.

  24. jena Says:

    Ryan said the b-word at the beginning when he was introducing the Judges. Paula said she tripped over the dog, but the dog was fine. Ryan said “so the bitch is okay.” or something like that. It was followed by a few silent seconds.

    I’m almost sure it was an ad-lib.

  25. Shelley Says:

    i’m almost sure it was a bad-lib.

  26. jena Says:

    Damn! Why didn’t I say that?

  27. double d Says:

    Ok, Shelley….a surprise for you at Music Maven. Haven’t located the cowgirl picture yet, but there’s another that I’m sure you’ll find amusing. Scroll down from the first post. (Gawd. awful.)

  28. Dr. Bob Says:

    I bless tivo — really. Is it a bad sign when you are fastforwarding through the big show? Sigh.

    Back to work … It wasn’t even a fun break.

  29. Dr. Bob Says:

    Except for Shrew’s face composite that made me laugh out loud. On an odd side note, I was in Hollywood today, but not with Gray and not at the taping of AI. That was a pretty fun night last year.

  30. Julie Says:

    Shrew…the cat…oh my God!

    Watching the big to-do tonight made me all nostalgic for this time last year, forcing me to spend the last couple of hours going through YouTube videos of Taylor’s performances over pretty much all of Season 5, including the final two. Tonight’s show was Little League compared to that.

    (No offense intended to any Little Leaguers, parents of Little Leaguers or ex-Little Leaguers out there.)

  31. Laurita Says:

    Julie wrote:
    “May I be off-topic? Taylor is being interviewed by Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols here…”

    Hope we don’t BOTH get banned, but I haven’t posted yet all day, and can’t resist adding that all of you who didn’t hear this radio interview Julie referred to MUST check it out.. it’s ridiculously funny..

    A number of us over on the BB also listened to it, and Blondi the Mediawonderwoman recorded the ‘Jonesy’s Jukebox Radio Interview’ (including Taylor’s live performance of The Fall from the station studio there in Santa Monica)

    There are some priceless moments of Steve and Taylor talking about ‘chicks who smoke’, hypnosis, etc.

    The link Julie gave only worked when it was airing live twice earlier today (and apparently it’s not in any archives), but just go to the Boogie Board to the ‘Television & Radio Appearances’ section and the edited MP3 download is on Page 4 of the thread called “Taylor on 103.1FM today…” –
    I think it’s the best interview with Taylor I’ve ever heard, and hilarious as well…
    – Enjoy!

    p.s. Shelley, I feel very glad every time I see your name and posts earlier today and tonight… Hope you’re doing okay with those trials and tribulations…
    Of course, it’s really great having Gray around too…- Just sayin’ I wish you two could trade off a couple of times a week on a regular basis (any chance of that someday?)

    p.p.s. I hope Sparks beats Lewis in a TKO, but I was only ever interested in Melinda (and LaKisha at the beginning..) Taylor will blow the roof off the Kodak, I’m sure…

  32. rowan Says:

    Aww, help ma kilt – poor Melinda. That face says it all.

    Brillllliant, Shrew! The cat is a hoot.

    Dr Bob – remember the fab taping recaps, and the sign, “Scottish Chicks Love Hicks” sequestered by TPTB for another audience, but forever imortallised in a smokin’ dancin Taylor pic. Hee hee. Very fun.

    As with some other folks, the show hasn’t held anything like the same interest for me this year. I will tune in to watch Taylor, but am hoping he will pull Melinda in a swashbuckling manner out of the Audience and sing a duet with her instead of one of the final two.

    Good to see you, Shelley. Enjoyed the quick and dirty recap. Can’t wait to scrutinise Chris D’s makeup and the length of Ryan’s jacket. Such details are the stuff of life and keep me sane.

  33. rowan Says:

    Gak — I meant, immortalised..

  34. double d Says:

    Ok, so was Simon pissed or serious when he was saying “You don’t have to win” right before Chris went on? I said it from the beginning that if you diminish the prize, you dilute the competitiveness and the quality.

    Voila…Season 6

  35. Dr. Bob Says:

    Rowan — thanks, now I have something to hope for tonight, that Taylor will grab Melinda and they both do some sort of victory/freedom/exuberantly silly and great duet — Paula dancing and waving her arms in the background. I felt bad for Blake last night — I am not an expert on all things AI, but has there ever been a more tepid review of a finalist’s performance? Sheesh. Poor guy — they might as well have been David Spader at the plane exit, saying “Buh-Bye”.

  36. Dr. Bob Says:

    (happy to see you, Shells!)

  37. texastaylorfan Says:

    Gray, your “few random thoughts” about last night’s show….THIS is why I miss you so much. I haven’t been this amused by something so early in the morning since, well, since your blog ended.
    I thought the coronation song made DIMYP sound damn good.
    Couldn’t care less who wins although I’m pretty sure it will be Jordin. I hope, at 17, that she can handle the next year.

  38. KimLoree Says:

    I agree that Blake threw it. All I could think of when he was singing that pathetic song, was, “Dude…you should have refused to do it, like Taylor did.” I’m sure that he knew,when they gave him the song, that it was selected for Jordin.
    He’ll probably be better off not winning. And they’ll probably turn Jordin into some crap pop rock queen who sounds like everyone else on the radio. Not that I don’t think she has talent…but she is too young to be thrown to TPTB.

  39. KimLoree Says:

    Oh…and ain’t it sad that mainstream society will be happy as hell that the beautyqueen won out over creativity and originality.

  40. graycharles Says:

    KimLoree, expect for the fact that Jordin is a better singer.

  41. KimLoree Says:

    Yeah…yeah…I know.

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    JENFERA-I’ve only read to the second comment, but before I go any further, let me state for the record: CHRIS DAUGHTRY should be banned from any and all guyliner! He obviously did not get the memo that it’s not supposed to look like he just got back from the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom. WHATEVER!! He might sound okay (if you like Creedleback), but he shouldn’t play dress up like he’s fronting Tool. Give me a break already.

    Back to the coments!

  43. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Okay, done reading! That didn’t take long. I see a few others noticed Mr. Daughtry’s make-up too.

    (GRAY- I know, right? How funny was it to see “Daughtry” rawkin’ out to a mediocre, pop-rock ballad. It was almost like Alanis’s parody of My Humps. Hee-hee. Maybe it was supposed to be funny?)

    Bye-bye Blake! I’ll buy your album buddy.

    Jordin- good job, I guess. Please don’t grow up and marry a money-sucking, wanna-be-a-thug leech, shave your head and go to rehab someday!

  44. sideways721 Says:

    I listened to Janice Ian and Phoebe Snow in my late teens, early twenties.
    When the discussion came up yesterday about who we had listened to when we were younger, I visited Janice’s website. She’s currently working on her autobiography. I have never seen her perform live, although I would like to. I couldn’t afford to as a broke college student.

    Chris D.
    My teenage daughter noted that “he has way more eyeliner on the one eye than the other.”

    I love that Blake looked so relaxed last night. I really think he does NOT want the AI crown. He’ll do just fine.

  45. KimLoree Says:

    I missed the end last night…Chris’s performance, so went and found it today. The make-up….ick. The performance….eh.

  46. KD Says:

    Shrew…I KNEW you’d be laughing at the same time we were at the whole Melinda face….perfect! Almost called you. 😉
    Okay, so I admit I was wrong….Chris didn’t have strobes. But Amen to the guitar players reference Gray….too funny!

    If Jordin isn’t the winner, I’ll choke from shock.

  47. leejolem Says:

    C’mon now–DAUGHTRY is/are serious rawkers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although the guy-liner made little d look more like an egyptian pharoah than a rocker. Does he always look so pi**ed off?

  48. Gray Charles Says:

    Chris is happy when distracted

    See, I took this with my own camera

  49. jenfera Says:

    bama, I dared not suggest that you actually liked Daughtry’s guyliner. I merely wanted to note that now I shall always associate guyliner with you. And Nick Rhodes.

  50. Julie Says:

    Daughtry rocks. Only a man very secure in his sexuality dares to sport guyliner.

    I agree that Jordin is a better singer, but it pisses me off that all through this competition the judges have praised Blake’s originality and his willingness to take risks, but in the end they penalize him for those very qualities by giving him the most hideously ‘traditional’ and singer-y song in the world. It’s not fair.

    Laurita: Thanks for the info about the link to the Taylor interview. Y’all have to go listen to it. It’s hilarious. To see him being interviewed by an ex-Sex Pistol is to see him in a whole different light. Favorite moment. Steve Jones: “Hey…you want some reefer?” Taylor: “Nah, man, I’m good.”

  51. Brenda (AnotherTaylorFan) Says:

    All this Chris talk reminds me of when I met Chris last year in Dallas. Here’s what I wrote after that meeting and seeing him in concert:

    Chris: wow. What can I say? He was smiling and soooo friendly outside. Now he’s dead serious, no smiles, no fun and… he has eyeliner on. My six year old granddaughter announces that fact quite loudly to everyone five rows away. She gets looks. She gets shushed. Momma is loving Chris’ eyeliner. He has the fire behind him on the big screen. I like the outside Chris better.

    I see he has not changed.

  52. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I like the happy distracted Chris photo. Very nice. Reminds me of early AI Chris. The guy playing pool with his step-kids Chris.

  53. Jules Says:

    That horrible song really did Blake in! It was painful to watch – I actually started getting misty when Jordin started crying. Although I did on my way home from work yesterday also when “Broken Arrow” came on the radio so that says something about the mental state I was in – yikes!

    Daughtry appeared to have on eyeshadow along with the liner & I think his eyebrow shaper does a better job than mine. I thought his band almost seemed like they were exaggerating the rocking out cause of the show but maybe that’s how they always are I don’t know.

    Janis Ian still sounds great! I remember listening to my best friend’s Dad’s albums in her attic smoking cigarettes (we were such rebels). Janis Ian was one of them. We’d listen to “To Old to Go ‘Way Little Girl” over & over.

  54. AmyMc Says:

    Gray, when was that photo taken? It’s a great one of Chris

  55. Gray Charles Says:

    AmyMC, that was taken on the night of Clive’s Pre-Grammy party in the tiny bar of the Rock and Roll Hotel in Studio City.

  56. AmyMc Says:

    Oh cool!! I don’t care for Chris’ personality but I really love his music!!

  57. mamaforpeace Says:

    Laurita and julie, can’t get to that interview between Steve an Taylor. Damn! I’d really like to hear it. Anything you can suggest (the links you gave don’t work anymore). Thanks!

  58. Julie Says:

    Mama, I’m looking! Hold yer horses!

  59. Laurita Says:

    Mama and others- The link to download the outrageous hilarious ‘best interview Taylor’s ever done’ (with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols) is found by going to a particular thread on the Boogie Board.. (in case somehow you don’t know about that site, it’s:

    tayloristheboogie dot com – (i’m not sure it’s okay to paste the URLs here for this, that’s why I’m writing it this way…)

    then click on ‘visit the boogie board’ on the right side under ‘Basic Info’

    then go to the Main Thread called Taylor Hicks , and then go to Television & Radio Appearances section, then to the thread called “Taylor on 103.1FM today …”

    On Page 4 toward the bottom Blondi posted the revised link to the sendspace page where you can download her capture of the radio program…

    I can’t wait to hear how much you loved it 😉 I listened to it again, and was laughing so hard.. and Taylor plays “The Fall” live in the studio that’s pretty darn good…

    (email me at laurirose at mac dot com if you still can’t get it…)

  60. mamaforpeace Says:

    Laurita, thank you so much. That was great!

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