What’s It Like To Be Famous For A Year?


This question was posed by Fox News in an online interview. So, is that all Taylor gets? One year? Does Taylor’s journey end tonight? And what’s with the quote “You gotta screen your getters and screen your givers?”

“Blake might have a shot at the 100 dollars” (Taylor spills on the size of the AI winners prize)

For reference:
Kelly Clarkson = all over the news
Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken = non-existent (don’t argue with me because I’m right)
Fantasia = moderate because of Oprah, otherwise, non-existent
Carrie = all over the news

Of course, this is pop culture news I’m talking about. Not the real fake news like the Daily Show.

UPDATE: Last night Stephen Colbert declared that he was voting for Taylor as a write-in for American Idol because he didn’t believe in term limits. (Guest Blogger Inside Scoop: Yes, the producers of the Colbert report have been approached about Taylor appearing on the show.)


198 Responses to “What’s It Like To Be Famous For A Year?”

  1. brc Says:

    “You gotta screen your getters and screen your givers” = I don’t know who I can trust anymore!

  2. double d Says:

    Interesting quote in “Taylor code”. I lean a little to brc’s thought but may well apply to the fans as well.

    I didn’t hear the Blake comment about the $100, but I am perplexed by the inequities in promotion of idols. Perhaps it’s because of the management behind each one, but I don’t get why AI wouldn’t totally support all idols so that everyone would want to be an idol. By diminishing some of their champions, they are diluting their own franchise. Stoopid.

    The only reason that Kelly Clarkson is all over the news is because she made it, virtually on her own after Idol, and then they jumped all over the bandwagon taking credit for her and pulling on her commitment to them. Same with Jennifer Hudson. Carrie, on the other hand, is easy money. She’s in a genre that needed a new female star, she’s got looks and she’s a puppet who does what they want. BTW, Doughtry is the male Carrie….however, he does wear more make-up than her. (ewww.)

    I cannot wait until the day the REAL story about AI comes out and these ignored past champions put out the real skinny on “the machine”. Taylor might talk a little about it his book — in Taylor code — but I doubt it’ll contain any kind of expose’. Is he the first winner to put out a book?

    BTW, Clay did a funny bit with Jimmy Kimmel on Dancin’ with the Stars last night.

  3. graycharles Says:

    DD you should subscribe to this music newsletter right now.


    Read the last edition as a sample of what you’re in for . . .

  4. jenfera Says:

    I don’t think he said “blake has a shot at the hundred dollars.” I am pretty sure he said, “blake has a shot as the underdog.” Taylor knows all about being the underdog!

  5. graycharles Says:

    jenfera – while you are probably right, I like my misquote better.

  6. brc Says:

    “So, is that all Taylor gets? One year? Does Taylor’s journey end tonight?”

    The optimist in me thinks that Taylor’s journey begins tonight. Though I don’t know anything about the music industry (and the Lefsetz newsletter makes me think I don’t want to know) or how Taylor is managed, I’m hoping that once he is free of the AI shackles he will be free to create the music HE wants to create.

  7. Mr. Reality Says:


    Though I’m not personally a huge Fantasia, I have to offer a counterpoint to the totally off-base assessment that she is nowhere without Oprah.

    * Though not a crossover pop success, Fantasia continues a successful career in adult r&b and hip-hop.
    * Her Lifetime TV-movie was the highest-rated telepic in the network’s history.
    * She appeared in an Elton John tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors.
    * She’s getting raves for her Broadway bow in THE COLOR PURPLE (earning better notices than the actress who originated the role and won a Tony for it).
    * Her deal for the Broadway show topped $6 million, and the increased box office is proof that she was worth it.

    It’s time to download the fact that Taylor Hicks is the least successful AI artist since the show’s debut and get over it.

  8. brc Says:

    Gray my last comment disappeared. Do you have it?

  9. jenfera Says:

    brc, my last comment disappeared too! Weirdness!

  10. Alison B. Says:

    OK, I’m ready to reply in Latin and its not even 6am yet. I’ll just use a smiley instead. 🙂

  11. brc Says:

    I think Mr. Reality hasn’t had his morning coffee yet 😉

    I refuse to accept that TH is the least successful. He’s just gettin’ started.

  12. blueberry Says:

    There is absolutely no way Taylor will be famous for only this past year.

    I know this much is true.

  13. Shelley Says:

    Mr. Reality…you know I love you.

    But enough already.

    Success isn’t always measured by dollars or a fame barometer.

    Plus…Fantasia is a hack.


  14. graycharles Says:

    Mr. Reality makes some good arguments about Fantasia’s relative level of fame in the R&B world. She make in fact be very visible – I don’t pay much attention there.

    I have no one’s post.

  15. graycharles Says:

    Plus, is the Guest Blogger supposed to be writing about DWTS? Because I ain’t got the stomach for it.

  16. brc Says:

    What’s DWTS?

  17. Shelley Says:

    nah…i quit watching that show eons ago.

    however…you may want to do a preliminary look at the Bionic Woman and/or Flash Gordon.

    oh…and the upcoming remake of Barbarella.

  18. graycharles Says:

    The Guest Bloggers appearance time is almost over. Doesn’t his journey end tonight? Or Thursday at best?

  19. shrewspeaks Says:


    How’s that?

    Gray that music biz blog made me cry in my low-fat, high fiber vita-waffles

  20. shrewspeaks Says:

    Gray does it count if you did the approaching to Colbert?

  21. graycharles Says:

    Approached by a “real” person with a “real” job. Not by some nutty blogger with a big idea.

  22. Mr. Reality Says:


    Shrewspeaks must be suspended from Monkbot for at least 30 days (equivalent to the Opie & Anthony XM radio suspension as her post is just as offensive). FATONE was hardly robbed. The better dancer won DWTS! Fatone has toured the world doing synchronized dance routines with the other girls of N-Sync, so his affinity for what it takes to go the distance on DWTS was less than remarkable. All he had to do was basically stop ordering pizza for a few months.

    The robbery happened last year when Mario Lopez was denied victory. Certainly you understand.

    “Daughter to father . . . daughter to father . . . ” *
    * From the Lindsay Lohan hit, “Confessions of a Broken Heart”

  23. Gray Charles Says:

    Mr. Reality – when are you getting your own blog? Soon?

    I can get Susan Powter on the phone.

  24. shrewspeaks Says:

    Obviously Mr Reality is still smarting from my Paula slapping.

    Please…FATONE was such the better dancer. Do I need to bring on >a href=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=4gfoXeRVI6Q”>Paso Doble

    You are just sizest about big butts.

  25. shrewspeaks Says:

    Oh boo to my rushed tag…sorry folks

  26. Shelley Says:

    yes…gray…your time is friggin’ NIGH!

    which is so sad considering the genius of the susan powter reference

  27. leejolem Says:

    I can’t believe I agree with Mr Reality about something–last year Mario was robbed! Joey and Apolo both deserved to win this year.

    Back on topic, does Taylor’s journey end tonight–no way. He’ll just be on less travelled divided highways rather than the big ol’ interstate of network tv appearances. I imagine he’s relieved. I can’t listen to the interview at work, can’t wait to at home.

    Shelley, you stopped watching DWTS? It has been sooo funny this year–the Jimmy Kimmel bits are great and the Dance Center is hi-larious. I have to agree w/you about the female co-host though–she sucks.

  28. double d Says:

    I’m extremely nauseous after reading that blog, but I did suscribe. Why are people so DAMN greedy? It’s everywhere.

    Fantasia also played Aretha Franklin on ‘American Dreams’, however it has taken Fanny 3 years to reach these “heights”. Let’s compare Taylor in 3 years, to be fair.

    Three words: Anton Apollo Ohno. Got to love a guy that can leap like that.

  29. double d Says:

    Y’all are nuts… M-IT! was way better than Maria, I mean Mario.

    Oh, and I’m in agreement with brc, I think Taylor’s real journey starts tonight.


  30. Mr. Reality Says:


    An announcement about my own blog will be coming soon. All I can reveal at this point is that I am taking meetings with key blog talent headhunters at all of the Internets.

    Other matters:
    With great reluctance, I also have to suggest a 30-day Monkbot suspension for leejolem’s criticism of DWTS co-host Samantha Harris, who is absolutely lovely and a true asset to the show!

    Books are published on Tuesdays. I predict that Taylor’s HEART FULL OF SOUL opus will be discounted and on the remainder table by the Thursday after its release.

    “I wait for the postman to bring me a letter . . . ”
    From the Lindsay Lohan hit “Confessions of a Broken Heart”

  31. texastaylorfan Says:

    Sometimes I get a little lost here, because I have never watched Dancing With The Stars (aha! I figured out what DWTS is), nor have I ever seen The Office or Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, really, there are only so many hours in a day. But if you want to talk Taylor Hicks…..

  32. brc Says:

    texastaylorfan… you have given me the confidence to announce that I have never watched DWTS, The Office or Grey’s Anatomy either.

    **brc hunkers down worried that Shelley is looking for her wet fish or that Mr. Reality is going to ban her from the Internets**

  33. KimLoree Says:

    I’ve heard Taylor talk about screening the givers vs. getters several times. I can only imagine how difficult that would be in his situation.

    He also says that he is a see’er (meaning he sees people for what they honestly are?) and has always tried to surround himself with “good” people. I think that the ability to sort out the givers from getters and to select the right people to be in his corner, will carry him far.

    One of the reasons I love (most) Taylor fans, is that they seem to get it. I love hearing the stories where the fans bring Taylor gifts, without asking more from him than what they paid for (a kick-a** concert). I love hearing that they majority of us do not want to invade his privacy when we “run into” the incognito Taylor in the cap/toboggan. To me…that is one thing we can give him…respect for his privacy.

    Other things I think we can “give” him;
    Respect for his business decisions
    Respect for his musical direction
    Respect for one another

    Please don’t feel like I’m directing this post at anyone here. You people are absolutely the best behaved, most mature, intelligent, insightful, funny, group of fans that I have come across on the boards (well maybe except for Mr. Reality…sorry Bud).

    I just despise some of the in-fighting and constant angst and griping that goes on elsewhere. If Taylor is to get the respect he deserves from the media, his fanbase needs to earn more respect. I wanna see a day where I could walk down the street with “Soul Patrol” tatooed on my forehead and not have anyone snicker at me. (Well…maybe not a permanent tatoo).

  34. Theresa Says:


    This site is blocked by Websense:


    Can you unblock it, as well? If so, there will be a sea to part next…

  35. blueberry Says:

    brc – I’m with you on two of the three shows – DWTS and Grey’s, I’ve never seen, guess I’ll have to get the DVD for Grey’s. DWTS, not so much. The Office, though, is completely different – sort of like my addiction to Taylor, I can’t let this one go! The characters are so insane, but, I guarantee, they will remind you of someone in your real life.

    KimLoree – totally agree with your laundry list of what to give Taylor. I, too, enjoy the level of respect most of his fans have for each other, so, in light of that, perhaps you should loving Mr. Reality a bit more! There has to be some good qualities there, like he can spell, string together words to form a sentence etc.

  36. E!!!!! Says:

    Let’s just say I think Stephen Colbert is a genius!

  37. Theresa Says:

    The Guest Blogger’s appearance time is almost over. Doesn’t his journey end tonight? Or Thursday at best?

    Can you say yet where and when your next appearance will be? We need a tour schedule.

    So, is that all Taylor gets? One year? Does Taylor’s journey end tonight? And what’s with the quote “You gotta screen your getters and screen your givers?”

    Taylor’s journey into a foreign land ends tonight. He had to put in one year’s tour of duty in other lands and now he gets to do what he does best…with a horde of fans anxious for his return to the kingdom. I think the quote means that there are NO free gifts in life. Gifts come with a price. He paid the price and now comes the good part for him and for his supporters.

  38. KimLoree Says:

    I was just trying to do Mr. Reality a favor, cuz I kinda sense that he doesn’t like to be “liked”. Probably some kinda childhood trauma thing.

  39. leejolem Says:

    Mr Reality, well at least you suggested my suggestion with reluctance–you must have some sense of decency.

    **note to self–buy copy of Taylor’s book and audio of Taylor reading his book for Mr Reality’s birthday or for Christmas

  40. leejolem Says:

    oops–I meant suggested my suspension

  41. jenfera Says:

    I’ve never been one for audio books, but listening to Taylor read his might be a hoot. Although I might have some trouble deciphering that drawl. Yankees like me & Gray have a hard time telling the difference between “the hundred dollars” and “as the underdog.”

  42. leejolem Says:

    Jenfera, I’m going to buy an audio of the book to listen to while I lay my head on my Taylor pillowcase at night (my dh gave the ok as long as I have on headphones).

    (and no, I’m not kidding about the pillowcase)

  43. leejolem Says:

    I have a question for y’all that kind of goes along with the topic (if it’s ok with guest blogmeister, gc). Which Taylor do you think we’ll see tonight–if he gets to speak–crazy wooing, soul-patrol shouting mall rabbit Taylor, or more subdued true to life Taylor?

  44. brc Says:

    It’s a good question leejolem. I think that unfortunately we’ll probably see AI Taylor. He seems comfortable putting on that persona when he’s on TV.

    I predict, however, that after tonight he will be done with the Soul Patrol. Not that he won’t value them as fans, but that he will be done with any overt references now that he has thanked them personally across the country during the tour. I think (or maybe I hope) that he will put AI behind him and move on.

  45. sideways721 Says:

    I think Taylor will do a lean and a woo tonight. He and Ryan always engaged in great banter, so I’m hoping he will get to speak.

    Question: Why did Blake and Jordin sing the same coronation song? Is that the norm?

  46. Claire Says:

    brc – the Soul Patrol will never release Taylor from it’s iron grip.


    I kid, I kid. Seriously, the screening of getters and givers? I wonder if Taylor has learned some harsh lessons over the past year as to who to trust or not. Probably inevitable, ya think?

    *waves to Shelley*

  47. leejolem Says:

    I was surprised they allowed no chit-chat time for little d last night. Did they talk to Carrie last year? Sideways, I agree w/you–I think we’ll see a lean and a woo. He was doing that at his concerts, so he must be comfortable with it.

  48. Gray Charles Says:

    I hope Rickey Minor can work that piano groove (that right there is a “spoiler”)

  49. KD Says:

    My guess…he won’t get to speak. And no, I’m not bitter. I was just surprised when they gave Elliott time to talk to the judges, because I don’t remember seeing that before. In fact, I remember a very awkward moment when Carrie performed…she faced the judges, and they cut to a commercial. We’ll see…if he does, I’ll bet he’ll be professional Taylor…

    As to the topic of the day….No, I don’t think Taylor’s journey ends tonight. I’m hoping it’s just the beginning and he’ll feel liberated once the night is over. I do sense some harsh doses of reality have come his way, prompting a bit of cynicism….He must be on edge with everyone, wondering what their true intentions are. It’s a good thing he’s as savvy as he is. Last night, as poor Blake was singing that horrible (in my opinion) song, I was thinking of Taylor at this time last year, and the reports that he refused to sing the initial coronation song, compromising on DIMYP. Blake, like Bo, was killed by that final song, and it also could’ve been the undoing of Taylor last year. He was way too smart and business savvy to let that happen at the finish line. I was trying to picture Blake attempting to stand up to the powers that be and refusing to sing the song, and I’m sure it wasn’t even a thought in his mind that he COULD refuse. Or maybe??? After Taylor’s stand last year, they made it impossible by rewording the language in the contract??? I wonder?
    Anyway…a whole lotta rambling on my part, and I apologize. Can you tell Baby Boy’s naps are getting longer??? lol Looking forward to tonight…The suspense is reminiscent of those days oh, so long ago. 🙂 Where are the chatters??? 😉

  50. brc Says:

    I honestly don’t think Blake wants to win. I get the impression that he may think he’s better off in second place. He can move forward without the “baggage” of the crown.

  51. brc Says:

    AAACCCKKKK!!! Gray… are you saying that Taylor won’t have HIS band with him tonight? Or am I reading something more into your “spoiler” comment than I should?

  52. graycharles Says:

    AAACCCKKKK!!! (Apparently: 2nd level sourcing via confidential methodology. Obtuse question answered honestly. Time will tell)

  53. Claire Says:

    Gray, don’t make me haveta get up off this couch…..

  54. brc Says:

    Are they gonna strip him of his guitar and harmonica too?

  55. Claire Says:

    I want a t-shirt that just says “Obtuse”. I think it should be grey in colour. Anybody want one?

  56. KD Says:

    You really MUST not be for real…..After DAUGHTRY had his band, they’d have the audacity to take away Taylor’s???? No….unh, unh….they can’t….they won’t……….won’t won’t won’t………….no way.

    Wait….we’re talking about AI aren’t we? They would wouldn’t they?? No….Grrrrrr!! Those—those———–those—–bad bad people! Grrrr!!! (stomping off to eat a pint of Ben n Jerry’s)

  57. brc Says:

    Now see what you’ve gone and done Gray. Shame on you gettin’ all the Monkbots worked up in a lather while mama Monkbot is gone.

    And I take offense at the suggestion that my question was obtuse — Claire I’ll take a t-shirt.

    KD don’t wake up the baby chowing down on that ice cream.

  58. KD Says:

    Okay…after much deliberation, I’m choosing to have faith in humanity. Taylor will have his band.

    Won’t he?

  59. leejolem Says:

    Aha, now we know why little d named his band DAUGHTRY–so he could be guaranteed having them with him on the AI finale. If only Taylor had thought of it “HICKS performing on the American Idol finale” has a nice ring to it doncha think? (and I’m not talking about Bucky and Kellie P. )

  60. KimLoree Says:

    Yes….because I said so! Or I’ll…I’ll…well…you don’t want to know what I’ll do.

  61. Claire Says:


    *slaps Lee with wet fish*

    Hee heeee…have a creme egg.

  62. graycharles Says:

    Google Translator
    Choose Language: GraySpeak->English
    Option: Parse

    2nd level sourcing = I did not speak with Taylor
    Via confidential methodology = I will not tell you who I talked to
    Obtuse question answered honestly = I asked the question obtusely so as to make it not sound like I was “prying”. The question I asked was answered honestly.

    there you go, clear as soup

  63. Theresa Says:

    God, this is fun. Make it stay, please. I can get used to being less productive at work once more. Really, I can. I always liked the bad boys.

  64. KimLoree Says:

    Split pea soup…with ham? Or is it just me?

  65. Claire Says:

    So, you spoke with Ted then, who confirmed (through secret handshakes, smoke signals and Tuvan throat-noises) that Taylor is playing with the AI band?

    And can I have some soup?

  66. jenfera Says:

    I, for one, will not be surprised if Taylor’s band is not there. Let’s be logical about this. Think about last year’s big show. All those guest stars in and out. They aren’t going to take the time to change out the band. And it is okay. Really. It’s all part of the AI pageant. And as long as Taylor doesn’t try to work the guyliner, I’ll be happy.

  67. graycharles Says:

    I haven’t spoken to Ted since Seattle, his last words to me were “Wait a minute, I’ll call you right back.”

  68. Claire Says:

    Gray, did you feel all cheap and used?

  69. KimLoree Says:

    I knew that Ted was a bad boy! He wouldn’t even hand me a set list after the Seattle show….he gave them all out to the rabid grabby ones in front of me.

  70. Claire Says:

    Gray, did ya feel all cheap and used?

  71. graycharles Says:

    I’m washing my hands. Washing and washing and washing and washing and the stains, the STAINS, THEY WON’T COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. KD Says:

    Jan, why’d you have to go and be all logical and convincing?? I was having such fun being all worked up and irritated over rumors…now I have to put away my ice cream. Geesh! 😉

  73. KimLoree Says:

    Now look what you did Claire….made Gray feel all dirty.

  74. Claire Says:

    Gray has two kids. He’s probably permanently dirty. Filthy things, children. All that mucus and ketchup and cola…

    Gray – try Swarfega for those stains ya got, there.

    Where is my mind today?

    Papa can you hear meeeeee……..

  75. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I can’t wait for all this to be over. I’m tired of fretting over Taylor Hicks. He’s going to be fine. For those of us that love him, we will be thrilled with his performance tonight (and some will put their tinfoil hats on and mull over this and that). For those who do not love him, and there are many, they will either love him or they will not. It won’t change the world in any case.

  76. jenfera Says:

    KD, if you meant Jen not Jan, I apologize for my analyticalness. (I made a new word!)

    I’m sure we can come up with something else to agonize about with ice cream. Like whether Taylor and Joe Perry will start jamming together during the Beatles medley and take over the whole show or not. Now that would be sweet!!

    p.s. – Edy’s caramel praline frozen yogurt is da’ bomb!!!

  77. Julie Says:

    Bama…amen! This year can’t end soon enough. Once he’s tossed off the shackles of being the reigning Idol, Taylor is gonna get back to real music and really blow us away. Trust me, once he’s got this behind him, it’s gonna be a whole different ball game.

    And Lady McGray, Ted just commented on my Myspace. If you hadn’t gone all huffy and deleted yours, I bet he would have gotten in touch with you, too. Shall I put in a good word?

  78. brc Says:

    Gray haven’t you learned by now that if you’re clear as soup with us we will all begin speculating and hand-wringing?

    And KD… who’s Jan? And get that ice cream back out dammit.

    And I swear that if Taylor is wearing guyliner I will stomp all over my autographed copy of IYT.

  79. KD Says:

    Sorry Jen…I make typos when I’m all torqued up. 😉

    Okay….hmmm….Maybe Taylor will pull a Prince, and keep them all on the edges of their seats until the last minute….and THEN take over the show! Now that would be even sweeter!…

    p.s. I know!!!

  80. leejolem Says:

    Bama, I’m really more concerned about whether Pam and Jim will have a successful dinner date!!!

  81. graycharles Says:

    And Lady McGray, Ted just commented on my Myspace. If you hadn’t gone all huffy and deleted yours, I bet he would have gotten in touch with you, too. Shall I put in a good word?

    Would you please? I deleted MySpace to put it out of it’s misery, not because I was “huffy”.

  82. graycharles Says:

    Link to the Colbert Repor


  83. Shelley Says:

    Bama, I’m really more concerned about whether Pam and Jim will have a successful dinner date!!!

    amen, sister

  84. jenfera Says:

    – I have no idea who this Ted person is. For the record, I keep thinking of this guy.

    -No problem, KD. Pass the fro-yo! But I hope we don’t have to wait until 9:50 for Taylor to appear.

    -brc, I will stomp all over UTR along with you should the guyliner scenario play out.

  85. brc Says:

    Gray.. just when you were thinking that you missed all this we go and remind you of why you really don’t 🙂

  86. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Lee- I’m so with you on that!! Pam and Jim! Pam and Jim!

  87. Claire Says:

    Gray.. just when you were thinking that you missed all this we go and remind you of why you really don’t .

    Amen, brc. I can imagine Gray running, screaming, into the Vermont hills far, far away from Blogworld. Would I blame him? Not one whit.

    God speed, GC. God speed. *sniff*

  88. brc Says:

    Jenfera, sigh, always having to bring you up to speed.

    Ted was alltheanswers when he posted on GC. He is Taylor’s stage manager.

  89. Mr. Reality Says:


    Excuse me, but will someone gently inform Gray Charles that he is not Sydney Bristow from ALIAS! The intel on what Taylor Hicks may or may not sing on tonight’s AI is not a dangerous spy mission that requires cloak and dagger secrecy and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE posing.

    “And I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better . . . ”
    From the Lindsay Lohan hit “Confessions of a Broken Heart”

  90. jenfera Says:

    brc, thanks for the clarification as always. Although thinking about Ted from Scrubs knowing anything about Taylor’s whereabouts makes me giggle.

    And, hey, unless you know who Rock and ED are, don’t go sighing too heavily on me.

  91. brc Says:

    As DD would say… now that there is funny, I don’t care who ya are!

    (But I’m sure you’ve confused everyone else) 🙂

  92. Gray Charles Says:

    Get Your Schrute Bucks here!

  93. Shelley Says:

    Get your Monkbot Bucks here.

  94. Gray Charles Says:

    Shelley, our best stuff is wasted isn’t it?

  95. Claire Says:

    Guys, it’s lunchtime over there. Monkbots need feeding. They’ll be back.

    Me? It’s 8.30pm here. I’ve had lunch already.

  96. Claire Says:

    And I enjoyed your little Duelling Bucks thingy. 🙂

  97. jenfera Says:

    Hey, tell us how to earn some Monkbot Bucks and we’ll be all over that action.

  98. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Nothing is wasted on me.

    Consume. Consume. Consume.

    (Ahhh…Sydney Bristow. Now, there was an idol worthy of adoration. She is my American Idol. Kickin’ a** while wearing an electric blue wig. Yeah, dawg…she was so YO.)

  99. KimLoree Says:

    I would have been more interested in your dueling bucks if either one of them would buy me a Starbucks. I just had lunch and I’m sleepy. So what was the topic today? (yawn)

  100. Julie Says:

    Maybe Taylor will pull a Prince, and keep them all on the edges of their seats until the last minute….and THEN take over the show!

    That would be the best ending evah.

    Speaking of Prince, who is going to be the big guest tonight? I can’t remember hearing who any of the guests are, now that I think about it. But that might be because I’ve been fixating on Taylor’s presence. That and worrying about what happened to Gray’s Myspace…

  101. jena Says:

    “# Gray Charles Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Shelley, our best stuff is wasted isn’t it?”

    That was your best stuff?

  102. KimLoree Says:

    Uhh…ohh…I smell a wet fish.

  103. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Green Day is the surprise guest tonight. They are supposedly closing the show.

    Now, Billy Joe is a man that can sport some FINE guyliner. I’m just sayin’.

  104. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Good one Jena!

  105. Gray Charles Says:

    # jena Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    “# Gray Charles Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Shelley, our best stuff is wasted isn’t it?”

    That was your best stuff?


    I saw the best posts on my website destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked . . .

  106. Shelley Says:

    i never said it was mine. 😉

  107. Claire Says:

    I saw the best posts on my website destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked . . .

    You couldn’t help it Gray. It was the Xanax. Let it all out…that’s it….

  108. Gray Charles Says:

    My plans for this evening include:

    Go home, make the kids dinner, eat outside. Start the tape.

    I might watch the show starting at about 10 PM EST so don’t look for me to be updating as it happens.

  109. jena Says:

    Madness I witnessed. Hysterical, that too. Starving?

    Now I KNOW I missed the naked part. Where are those archives again?

  110. jenfera Says:

    There should be some guyliner rules. A subset of man laws.

    1. If one is embarking on becoming famous and thinks they may at one time want to wear guyliner, they need to start immediately. All public appearances should include guyliner.

    2. If one has become famous “overnight”, (see reality show by-laws), and one was not wearing guyliner at the beginning of such fame, one cannot start wearing guyliner after the fact.

    bama, would you like to add on?

  111. leejolem Says:

    I was too busy converting Schrute Bucks to Monkbucks to leprechauns to unicorns to Candy Mountain tickets. So sorry.

  112. Claire Says:

    Well, I won’t see the show until this weekend. Should I bother watching last nights’ segment?

  113. KimLoree Says:

    NO…don’t do it Claire.

  114. double d Says:

    So, we’re just “waste”? Did I misconstrue? pffft.

    When will Taylor come on? MJ’s got spoilers.

    No hometown parties? Dang.

  115. KimLoree Says:

    Who knows? Maybe the guyliner was an inside joke or something.

    Well…just sayin’…it looked like a joke.

    (Do you think there might be people watching “Dancing Queen” and YouTube and wondering?)

  116. double d Says:

    bama — I thought Jennifer was REALLY the Yo as ELEKTRA….talk about kickin’ bootay. Definition of I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR.

  117. jena Says:

    I would like to add on…

    3. Guy liner + Guy shadow = speculation.

  118. Gray Charles Says:

    So, we’re just “waste”? Did I misconstrue? pffft.

    You’re the queen of misconstruetion.

    Note the clever juxtaposition of

    “HOWL” with the opening line “I saw the best posts on my website destroyed by madness”

    Recall that my ramblings rarely make sense. Sometimes a bad joke is just a bad joke.

  119. KimLoree Says:

    That would be….”on YouTube”.

  120. azure Says:

    If the show is patterned after last year’s, Taylor will be part of the first performance (with Blake and Jordin.)

    As far as the band, it was posted on another site (can’t remember where or when LOL) that he gave his band time off until the summer tour. If that’s true, here’s hoping that Ricky Minor, et al, can handle whatever TH asks them to do.

  121. double d Says:

    jen—‘nuther Man Law…..

    Men shall not wear a wallet chain. Ever.

  122. double d Says:

    Well, at least I’m the queen of something.

    Jen– Word on Rule #3.

    Here’s another:

    Never wear sunglasses on Elvis night.

  123. leejolem Says:

    DD & jen, I’ll add another man law–men should not have better coiffed eyebrows than the majority of women running around this planet.

  124. Gray Charles Says:

    Recall that my ramblings rarely make sense. Sometimes a bad joke is just a bad joke.

    What I meant to say is, sometimes a Beat poetry reference really brings a comment together.

  125. jenfera Says:

    With apologies to shrew, another law (more of a guideline, actually):

    Pigtails of Rage are rarely flattering.

  126. leejolem Says:

    Jenfera, what the heck are Pigtails of Rage???

    GC, I’m assuming since you put up the Schrute bucks that you are an Office follower—I think I heart you now even more.

  127. KimLoree Says:

    Ok….I get it.


  128. jenfera Says:

    I do believe it was shrew who named thusly.

  129. double d Says:

    Man Law: Never quote HOWL to a bunch of women.

  130. KimLoree Says:

    Wow…that Howl thing is waaayyy too deep for me. That’s a poem?

  131. Claire Says:

    Bet Gray’s a hoot at parties….

  132. bamaborntxbred Says:

    DD- Fer sure to the Elektra reference. Whatevah to those critics that panned the movie….saying Daredevil was better. My ass.
    Guyliner: If you aren’t in a punk band, glam/stylized rock band, emo band, metal band, progressive rock, or industrial rock band: YOU MUST NOT WEAR GUYLINER.
    If you are in Nickleback, Creed, 3 Doors Down, DAUGHTRY, Hinder, or any psuedoIwannabearockstarsobadbutIdon’treallyhavethegutstolaymyselfbare-andbleedforyouseeearlyblueoctoberormakeapoliticalstatementseesystemofa-downoratleastlaughatmyselfwhilemakingmymusicseeweezertypeofband: YOU MUST NOT WEAR GUYLINER.

  133. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I broke Monkbot with my passionate stance on guyliner.


  134. KimLoree Says:

    See what happens when Shelley’s away…
    It’s almost as bad as when Gray left us alone too long.

  135. leejolem Says:

    I read in an interview with the make-up chick from AI that Taylor was really into the eyelash curler, and he asked her to show him how to use it so he could continue to do so on his own. (per makeup lady it really made his eyes “pop”). Taylor must be ok with eyelash curling, but draws the line at guyliner. And his eyebrows are so much hawter than Chris D’s. Just sayin’

    Bama, you didn’t break anything–it just took my tired eyes a while to process the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious length word.

  136. double d Says:

    Blog Law: Never make a word that is 1,000 letters long.

  137. KimLoree Says:

    Poetry law: Never write a poem that is 1,000 lines long.

  138. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Sawry DD. I was very worked up. You know how excited I get about meaningless and trite things. It’s my curse.

    Should I lobby congress for tougher restrictions on guyliner?

  139. Shelley Says:

    sorry, bama…i had to add hyphens…that drove me NUTS.
    the anal retentive one

  140. bamaborntxbred Says:

    No worries. It was driving me nuts too. I didn’t know I had the POW-ah to do such a thing in the first place!

  141. Claire Says:

    Poetry law 2: never write a poem that makes people go zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….
    then wake up and go WTF? and then drink a bottle of vodka.

    sorry – college flashback there…

    And eyelash curlers??? SERIOUSLY???

  142. bamaborntxbred Says:

    I’m sorry Claire…did you just say that I bored you (and got you drunk) with my rant?? I know you di’int!

  143. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, wait. That wasn’t poetry I wrote.

  144. Claire Says:

    Bama, oh no I di’nt, gurlfrend.

    I was talking about HOWL.

  145. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, thank goodness girrrrl. Cuz I was gonna have to, ummm, well, I don’t rightly know what I woulda done had you insulted me for reals. Prolly nuthin’.

    Well, kids, I’m off! Gonna go home and steel myself for the last two hours of AI for the next year. Such a different feeling than last year….for better and worse.

  146. Souponastick Says:

    Daughtry rocks, Taylor who?

  147. ridearoundsally Says:

    Hey guys, just poppin in to see how things are going…tis the busy season for me so I havnt been around much. I see Tay is on AI tonight so I might take a look…even though I swore I wouldnt watch it ever again after they booted off the best singer last week. Shelly must have a bunch of rotten fish building up there as I havnt been posting for a while…she usually kept one or two to give me a little slap now and then…I have missed that. Hope you are all keeping well and staying out of mischief.

  148. double d Says:

    Wallet chain.

    ‘Nuf sed.

  149. Quossum Says:

    If you need more help formulating rules of guyliner, this might help:

    As for Taylor, right now he seems to be playing his strength: live shows in small / medium venues. I’m very eager to hear what he puts on his next album. I don’t know that he “needs” to be all over the news, but I certainly don’t think his time in the sun is over.

    Though I bet he’s damn glad to be passing the torch to Jordin.

    Uh, I mean…Jordin or Blake, one or the other. Who knows? *rolls eyes*


  150. Laurita Says:

    Good one, Gray… Pulling out Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” in the middle of your (last?) Guest Blogging stint at Shelley’s… Nice…:


    P.S. “the” Ted told me before the Warfield concert that he’s taking about 4-6 months off from working with Taylor to manage the electronics and LED huge screens for DAFTPUNK’s European and Asian tours.. cool…


  151. Gray Charles Says:

    On the car ride home I listened to Wilco’s new CD “Sky Blue Sky”. The guitar solo in “Impossible Germany” is awe inspiring.

    What will the Wilco CD sell? 300K tops? Maybe?

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – widely considered a masterpiece, sold just over 500K.

    Success? Fame? Who needs it. This is about as successful as it gets.

  152. Laurita Says:

    Oops, sorry kimloree, i missed your post of the Wiki ‘Howl’ link while I was posting it as well..

    Mandisa on the live red carpet show just now saying that Blake wouldn’t be a good fit for AI winner, that he’ll be better off not carrying that mantle, and that Jordin will work well for the AI ‘machine’.. “Word!” per Ms.M.

    p.s. I had the good fortune to see Janis Ian sing “Seventeen” when I was that age (many years ago) and then again a few months ago at a free outdoor concert in San Francisco… Thanks for those vids, Gray.. nostalgia rules!

    Mjsbigblog dishing all the scoop, spoilers, etc. “Taylor doing a Sgt. Pepper’s medley with the top 12” – interesting.. which songs would they do in that medley?

    Constantine now on the RedCarpet: “started my own label”… Chris Sligh tearing up.. Gina G. professing love.. okay, enuf play by play.. i’m outta here..

  153. PattyP Says:

    I caught the “HOWL” thing from the first word … just sayin’. But of course, I majored in English in college.

    I do remember reading that Taylor was going to split with the band for a short while before the summer tour begins, and even after that, seems like I read somewhere that not everyone in the band would be available for the tour dates. That was one of the questions I wanted to ask Taylor on the “chats” that the HQ site had, but apparently, my question was not chatty enough.

    I think the AI band is capable of doing a satisfactory job as a backup band for the type of performance that is expected tonight by the general TV-viewing public. Those of us accustomed to Touring Taylor might long for more, but I don’t think the AI band will stink up the joint.

    Taylor, glad you got your year of being famous out of the way. Now, go have some fun!

  154. texastaylorfan Says:

    Just had the radio on in the car and I’m hoping I misunderstood something. There were a lot of distractions, so I probably didn’t hear right.
    It was an advertisement for tonight’s AI show and I thought I heard, “And tonight a reunion of last year’s top two finalists.” Please tell me Taylor doesn’t have to sing a duet with Katherine McPhee tonight. Please.

  155. jena Says:

    “What will the Wilco CD sell? 300K tops? Maybe?”

    Gray, you know what I always say, Money talks bullsh……

    There is a huge difference between moving 300K units when you owe your soul to a big record company and selling 300K CD’s for an independent lable and owning your own recordings, words and music.

    So what’s success? Is it in the numbers? Depends on what numbers you’re measuring. $-)

  156. brc Says:

    Taylor was just on the pre-show. Articulate and handsome as ever!

  157. Julie Says:

    I met Ginsberg once. Really. In Athens. He hit on my friend Paul Thomas. It was kinda gross.

  158. Squeebee Says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

  159. double d Says:

    brc — what did Taylor say?

    What’s the deal with Gwen Stefani’s dress?

  160. Julie Says:

    What’s the deal with Gwen Stefani?

  161. Squeebee Says:

    These PRETZELS are making me THIRSTY!

  162. double d Says:


    Oh joy. The Top 12. The return of blech.

  163. double d Says:

    should we try chat? Monkbot Chatter on the front page…..

  164. Laurita Says:

    Wondering which songs off of Sgt. Pepper’s Taylor will do with the “top 12”?
    For sure “With a Little Help from My Friends”… Wish they’d also tag L.S.D. (that’s a great segue from ‘Medicated Goo’, dontcha think?)

  165. Julie Says:

    There’s a chat here????? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?

  166. brc Says:

    Gladys RAWKKKS!

  167. Dr. Bob Says:

    To get back to the original question, as I live on the west coast and have been working all day…

    Am I the only one who wonders how/if/why Taylor’s AI momentum seems to have either fizzled out or has been mismanaged? And how do we define “journey”? I am not sure if his journey has ended, but I would not be surprised by it. But I am not surprised by much. As someone (too damn lazy to go back and check) said, Taylor seems most comfortable with small and medium venues. Is that an odd choice? I don’t know because I don’t know anything about the music business. Has he chosen this or has he been relegated to it?

    I have never been able to understand the idea that Taylor must throw off the shackles of American Idol and soar free. Is that because I am ignorant? (Prolly, because I just had to re-spell ignorant. Twice.) I am just not sure how that much potential public recognition is a bad thing for an artist.

    but that is just me …

  168. Mr. Reality Says:


    The only IDOL winner who deserved to be on that Kodak stage was Kelly Clarkson, who wowed the world with her fiery performance of “Never Again.”

    Ruben Studdard was an absolute joke.

    Carried Underwood underwhelmed.

    Taylor Hicks did not deliver. His new single “Heaven Knows” is abysmal, and he did great disservice to music in general on the Beatles number.

    There was genuine excitement when Blake Lewis performed the beat box showdown with Doug E. Fresh.

    The most amazing performance of the night came from superstar Gwen Stefani.

    Bringing back the hideous and mentally challenged audition trainwrecks was socially irresponsible and grossly immature.

    Superstar Gwen Stefani thinks the show is crap, but it is a worthwhile vehicle to promote her fantastic music, so she is willing to slum a bit in the name of shrewd marketing.

  169. Delilah Says:


    Taylor uses an eyelash curler? That’s twistedly even hotter than guyliner.

  170. brc Says:

    The show was a combination snoozefest and smarmy hypefest.

    IMHO Taylor did deliver on Heaven Knows. I thought it was one of his better television appearances, though I thought he looked like a contestant with no band around him.

    Blake was great doing the beatbox thang.

    Agreed on the audition trainwrecks. The AI machine will take advantage of anyone and anything in the name of laughs and cash.

    I thought Gwen was lip-synching. And yes, I’m sure she’s just taking advantage like everyone else.

  171. double d Says:

    Gwen was no super performance….puleeze.

    Taylor did deliver…..much more so than Carrie and Reuben. The Beatles number was good and delivered better than Carrie. I give you Kelly…but again, let’s see Taylor on the AI finale in 5 years and then compare.

    I am perplexed why you, Mr. Reality, come to this blog with known Taylor fans and choose to run him down on threads that are on topic talking about Taylor. I know Shelley has some relationship to you, so I respect that….but dude, give it a rest. It’ll be over tomorrow and we’ll go back to talking about The Office and Grey’s Anatomy or Shelley’s tomatoes.

  172. brc Says:

    dd… please check your e-mail.

  173. c4tay Says:

    brc…I so agree about Taylor. He came out totally alone without any introduction of his AI title or his new single or even his name, with no staging at all. I’m not sure people even recognized him at first. It came on so quickly after the commercial. I wonder if he was announced in the theater. I don’t think so tho cuz there was no applause that I could hear, and I’m sure there would have been. I really think they gave him no respect or recognition for who he was. On the Beatles medley, they gave him a song that was such a downer, tho he managed to make the best of it and he sang it well. I didn’t like the Clive comments much either. I was so hoping for Taylor’s sake that he would be happy with the night. Maybe he is. I hope so. “Heaven Knows” was good, but I missed his band behind him. It was good to hear the harp, and he did look great. I’d like to watch it again and be more observant. I was so nervous for him as it occurred.

  174. brc Says:

    Speaking of the audition trainwrecks. Can you buhleeeve they brought up the bush baby thing and showed a photo of an actual bush baby?

  175. Hatson Says:

    Double d…….. Thank- you so very much!

  176. jena Says:

    I though Taylor’s rendition of Heaven Knows was about the same as when he’s done it on any other tv show. he seemed out of breath at time, skipped lines while the backup singers covered, etc. Y’all know the drill.

    HOWEVER, he KILLED on the Beatles tune. THAT was the Taylor who won AI. Soulful, unique, putting himself into the music regardless of the song. No band, no backup singer to cover up the slack. Just crystal clear, pure 100% Taylor F. Hicks.

  177. texastaylorfan Says:

    I think Taylor “KILLED” on Heaven Knows too, just as he has when I’ve seen him perform it on other tv shows. I love that song. He didn’t sound out of breath to me, or seem to skip lines. There is a familiar drill I’m seeing here, but it isn’t Taylor’s rendition of Heaven Knows not being stellar.

  178. Theresa Says:

    I just got back from a viewing party at a bar. Everyone was silent when the Beatles montage came on, especially Taylor’s part. It was a big contrast to Heaven Knows; people weren’t silent then. I won’t say what lots of people did….but it started with an “l”. I was kinda mad, but busy watching him anyway. The Beatles number was divine.

  179. brc Says:

    Hey texastaylorfan… how goes those t-shirts and your domain name?

    I really thought Taylor knocked it out of the park on Heaven Knows tonight. It’s a song much more suited to his vocal range than Runaround or JTFTW.

  180. brc Says:

    Theresa the Beatles montage sucked. Why they picked three such slow songs and gave the only number with any beat to it to Kelly I’ll never understand.

  181. brc Says:

    Theresa my comment came across badly directly following yours. I didn’t mean to step on your comment that it was divine. I was just mad that they gave Taylor such a slow song to sing. Please excuse my rudeness.

  182. Dr. Bob Says:

    How did Melinda do?

  183. brc Says:

    I think my favorite moment of the evening other than Heaven Knows was Gladys Knight. She was great.

  184. Theresa Says:

    BRC, no problem. I guess it just seemed divine compared to his performance of Heaven Knows. I hope he leaves that CD far behind him and either returns to his roots or comes up with something even better. I love when he sings the Beatles.

  185. Dr. Bob Says:

    And who won!!

  186. jena Says:

    Heaven Knows Heven Knows is one of my favorites too. Let’s see, I’ve only seen him perform it live 5 times and I’ve seen him on tv every time he’s been on. (Thanks TiVo) I love it on the CD as well. Not taking the bait on this one.

  187. Theresa Says:

    This planet is big enough for lots of opinions and lots of different performances. No bait. No hurt feelings. Just lots of love for the Monkbots, a little GC comeback and Taylor Hicks on the big screen to make my week. Now if my daughter can just do well on her finals, I will be really happy.

  188. SoulReporter Says:

    I hear rumor that Taylor, Elliott, Bucky and LIMBO are at the Viper Room tonight doing an AI after-party show. Is this true??

  189. Hatson Says:

    Jordin won……… not a surprise to most. Who among us would actually buy AI cocert tickets this year? Just wondering! YAWN!!!

  190. jena Says:

    Theresa, you are a sweetheart! I belive we have the same opinion of the show tonight.

    The little GC comeback is like going home. I’m just sorry for Shelley that the situation warrented it. It certainly brought a lot of lurkers (like me) out of the woodwork.


  191. SoulReporter Says:

    I will not be going to the AI show this year. LOL, for sure!

  192. CaliforniaFan Says:

    I just saw Taylor perform Heaven Knows and I think it was awesome! Finally some ENERGY in that joint tonight!!!! You go, Taylor. Gotta run… don’t want to miss the Beatles thing.

  193. KimLoree Says:

    Gosh…I guess I’m one of the few on the west coast. It seems I’ve been deserted.

    Holy crap…that FINALE was for the most part…the lamest show I’ve ever seen. The first hour+ was so lame, I was cussing at my TV. First, they gave us some of the worst current crap that I know of (Gwen whoever) and then some of the lamest older music I can remember (I liked it when I was 12 years old). What the he** are they trying to feed us?

    The first thing I saw, that was worth my time, was the top six gals with Gladys Knight…and the second was the Green Day performance.

    But I was sooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off after the Clive speech, my kid (26 years old) came out to ask me why I was yelling FU (several times) at the TV.

    Taylor kicked it on “Heaven Knows”. Thank God…NO…thank Taylor!

    Gosh Darn (edited for Monbotism) I’m so darn happy for Taylor that this sh** is behind him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Alison B. Says:

    KimLoree, the Clive Davis speech was not the evening’s highlite for me either. It’ll all work out ok though…

  195. Margaux Says:

    I’d be curious to know if those who liked and didn’t like A DAY IN THE LIFE would sort out between those of us for whom Sgt. Pepper was a watershed musical event (and those younger folks who dig the Beatles), and those for whom it is ancient history. It’s not an easy song, and Taylor did a fine job, channeling a little Ray and Cocker for his interpretation.

    I was shocked at how many people in the thread I was following on another board last night did not know what Taylor was singing. I guess I shouldn’t be. The 40 years ago today (in a few) since Sgt Pepper taught the band to play is a long time. Who’da thunk we’d still be discussing it now.

  196. Dingo Says:

    The finale was fair at best and if i compare it to Prince last year, it really stunk up the joint. No surprise that Taylor got no intro at all and Clive droned on and on about having a good song with good songwriters blah blah blah. Helloooooo, you let Carrie do what she does best and you got a bonafide star. You cornered Taylor into this plastic cookie cutter and you got a CD thats good for playing frisbee and not much else. Come on Clive, this aint rocket science.

    Tony Bennet was fabulous, Kelly was great (love that voice of hers), Taylor was ok but I know he can be better when he doesnt have to sing awful music like HN. He was awesome on The Beatles music and I think that was the best part of the show EXCEPT for…….SANJAYA! Who, IMO, was the ONLY reason to watch this year. You’ll see, the boy can sing AND he’s gorgeous. Still a little green right now but you can see he’s blossoming already and that hair! Those lanky legs! That smile! They ought ta give the boy a huge check cause if not for him I would have tuned out months ago.

    Gladys had her face pulled too tight, Bette was gawd awful and where the hell was Clay?

    I love Daughtry’s “Home”, I cant help it I do.

    On a final note, I was reminded again last night about how freaking GREAT The Beatles are/were. I have been really fortunate to have come of age when they dominated the music world.

    I love you George!

    I aint talkin’ ta taylor till he makes the album ahm waitin’ for. He knows what I mean. Walks away humming “Cant You See”.

  197. justwatchin Says:

    just checking to see if comments are still open…I’m assuming they are not….I thought HK was pretty good, but have seen him do better, still so very much fun to watch and so darn enjoyable…..thought he did great on the Beatles..but much much too short….I personallly needed more Taylor and far less everyone, and I do mean everyone, else. Welcome back Shelley.

  198. Renie Says:

    I agree with all of the positive statements about Taylor Hicks, and I believe that he has also just started. It was his choice to start with the smaller settings for his tour. He wanted to start small and move up to the larger stages. From what I’ve seen and heard, for such a young guy, he does have an old soul, and a brain.

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