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  1. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Umm…yeah I don’t know.

  2. Carol Says:

    All things aren’t as they seem!

  3. Claire Says:

    Hump to da T like you’ve never heard it, baby. Read it aloud, and concentrate on the sound of the words, Bama. Or look at the picture Shelley posted…..

    More random weirdness from GC. Or is anything random with that guy??

  4. nolagirl Says:

    The turd flinging is a bit much, no?

  5. Julie Says:

    I got it. But who is Gray referencing? Is the Humpty Dumpty he speaks of that guy who won AI last year? Is the fanbase Humpty Dumpty? Or does all of this have something to do with the Gray One himself?

    And ‘Rain rain go away’…which rain? Go where? How? What will happen to Shelley’s garden if the rain does indeed go away?

    This explains the quotations:

    Well, kind of. Pretty darn clever, and the writer spent a hell of a lot of time coming up with this stuff. But the question remains, what does The Great Gray One mean???

    So many questions, so little time….

  6. texan Says:

    I wish the rain, rain would go away, but the drought in the south can use it.

  7. double d Says:

    Ah….so many possabilidies….

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.

    Is Gray pointing to Shelley’s Alice in Wonderland post? Or, making an even more obtuse post about something (one) else? Was this Thing 1 and Thing 2’s bedtime story?

    FWIW — Un petit de petit was written by Louis Wolfen who was a Jewish American schizophrenic who couldn’t bear to hear or read English.

    Google-fu…it’s a wonderful thing.

  8. double d Says:

    Youtube-fu is also a wonderful thing.

    Alice & Humpty

    Certainly, this doesn’t have anything to do with My Humps?

  9. Gray Charles Says:

    You mean my entire fallacy is wrong

  10. double d Says:

    No, I see the parallels.

  11. Shelley Says:

    “Little Boxes” reads like an ode to my house hunting.

  12. leejolem Says:

    I am obviously a simpleton cuz none of this makes any sense to me.

    ***Lee puts on Dunce cap and goes and sits in corner***

  13. Jules Says:

    double d – 364 unbirthdays – aack!

    Why does this whole thing remind me of Gravity’s Gone?
    Maybe Humpty will float after all…

    “And don’t ever let them make you feel like saying what you want is unbecoming. If you were supposed to watch you’re mouth all the time I doubt you’re eyes would be above it.”

  14. Alison B. Says:

    “Little Boxes” is a comment on the state of the music industry?

  15. Mr. Reality Says:


    “Little Boxes” is meandering drivel with no pay-off for the victimized readers who might stumble across it. By comparison, the personal diaries of Anna Nicole Smith read like Proust.

  16. Hatson Says:

    I think Alison is on the money!

  17. jenfera Says:

    Gray, I saw a bumper sticker today that reminded me of you. It said:


  18. brc Says:

    HUH? …brc runs to join leejolem in the dunce cap corner.

  19. Theresa Says:

    The man, the mind, behind DMP -Dancing Monkey Productions- (for Gray is no longer active, as it says on the blog) is a blogger. A blogger can’t stop posting, much in the same way a writer can’t stop writing and a singer can’t stop singing. That’s my theory, anyway.

    An over-analyzation of recent DMP posts:

    Things are not as they seem – might refer to the lie that certain artists are not doing well because certain numbers are analyzed while others are not.

    Typing monkeys revolt – a reference to someone refusing to follow in steps chosen for him

    Little boxes – a clear comment on the mainstream music industry where artists tend to “all look just the same”

    The man, the mind, behind DMP -Dancing Monkey Productions- (for Gray is no longer active, as it says on the blog) is the ultimate blogger. A blogger can’t stop posting, much in the same way a writer can’t stop writing and a singer can’t stop singing. That’s my theory, anyway.

  20. Theresa Says:

    rats…I’m a bad editor. I was texting my DD at the same time as I was posting. sorry

  21. double d Says:

    The Great Obfuscator….

    Malvina Reynolds

  22. Hickstyeria Says:

    Little Boxes can be applied to any area of life, not just the music industry. How many people feel that their own home looks the same as the one next to it and their street is the same as the next street. People get up, go to work on the same train or bus using the same route daily and sometimes sitting with the same companions in the same seat every day. How many people feel boxed in? Look how easily people can settle into an institution if they are suddenly put there – after all, it’s easier to sometimes have others make choices for you. There’s safety in numbers isn’t there?

    How many truly think ‘outside the box’? It takes courage to dare to be different, to be outside of the mainstream.

    And did Humpty fall or was he pushed?

  23. Julie Says:

    You mean my entire fallacy is wrong

    Is that from a Woody Allen movie? It’s disturbingly familiar, but I can’t quite place it…

  24. Laurita Says:

    Gray: “You mean my entire fallacy is wrong”
    Julie: “Is that from a Woody Allen movie? It’s disturbingly familiar, but I can’t quite place it…”

    The internets via Google:
    Woody Allen has Marshall McCluen speak that line in a movie theater in ANNIE HALL…


    The internets via Wiki:
    Malvina Reynolds– (born as Malvina Milder on August 23, 1900, died March 17, 1978) was an American folk/blues singer-songwriter and political activist, probably best known for writing the song “Little Boxes.”

    As Malvina Reynolds explained at a concert, (paraphrasing) “I was once introduced as the woman who’d written so many songs, she must write one every day before breakfast. That wasn’t true, so one morning I decided I better write a song before breakfast, and out came ‘Little Boxes’.”

    [Born in San Francisco to two Jewish immigrants and socialist opponents of World War I, Malvina Milder married William Reynolds, a carpenter and devout communist organizer, in 1934 and had one child, Nancy, in 1935. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and later went on to earn her doctorate there, finishing her dissertation in 1938…]


    P.S. I loved the kid who won the Nat’l Spelling Bee tonight!
    In his interviews before and after being named champion, said that he greatly preferred music and math to words and letters, and talked at length about how piano and numbers dance around in his head all the time… ‘outside the box’, indeed!

  25. Julie Says:

    Thanks, Laurita! I remember that scene now!

  26. double d Says:

    What we have here, is a failure to communicate…..

  27. SoulmateCT (but not for long) Says:

    Gray channeling Cool Hand Luke……hmmmm

    First post here, but been lurking awhile.

  28. jenfera Says:

    Espouse elucidation. That’s what I always say.

  29. sideways721 Says:

    Humpty Dumpty = a fallen Idol

    Ticky Tacky is the theme song for the show Weeds.

    The new Gray communicado. Hmmm.
    Paul Newman sure looks great.

  30. justwatchin Says:

    Y’all have only gotten that far? and, yep, Paul Newman does look great, but I’ve never beena fan of shackles…..

  31. KimLoree Says:

    Hope you guys figure it out over the weekend and I’ll check back Monday. Once again…Gray is too deep/obtuse for me. I would be embarassed to share my interpretation…cuz I’m sure it’s wrong and Gray would descend from nowhere (or Figi or wherever) and make fun of me.

  32. sideways721 Says:


  33. Claire Says:

    Guys – what is the Ticky Tacky thing y’all are talking about? And Where is it??


  34. Claire Says:

    And Little Boxes?? WTF?

  35. sideways721 Says:

    Claire, the Ticky Tacky poem was posted on Gray’s blog yesterday.

    Little Boxes
    by Malvina Reynolds

    Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of tickytacky
    Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same
    There’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

    And the people in the houses all went to the university
    Where they were put in boxes and they came out all the same,
    And there’s doctors and there’s lawyers, and business executives
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

    And they all play on the golf course and drink their martinis dry,
    And they all have pretty children and the children go to school
    And the children go to summer camp and then to the university
    Where they are put in boxes and they come out all the same.

    And the boys go into business and marry and raise a family
    In boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

  36. GwenB Says:

    Claire … Little Boxes has now been replaced by a Missive posted by Gray Charles. Click on the Discuss link below Humpty Dumpty above.

  37. Claire Says:

    Thanks Sideways and Gwen – I didn’t know they had been replaced, I just thought I’d wasted 150 euros on a new prescription for my glasses when I couldn’t see them on the page, LOL!

  38. justwatchin Says:

    KimL…or worse, ignore you! Have a good too Shelley. You are an incredibly articulate writer!

  39. justwatchin Says:

    Oh good lord…I’ve just reread, and think I also see some parallels….from another’s perspective…..maybe Cool Hand Luke is not as depressing as I thought.

  40. baby duck Says:

    “Jeez, it’s just a version of a song… No hidden meaning or anything.

    What’s with all the looming conspiracy theories? Who started that?”

    He’s not writing “The TaHicki Code”.

  41. Laurita Says:

    sideways, Thanks for The Troggs video link.. 1967… The Summer of Love, “Forty” years ago today, (Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play… It’s wonderful to be here, It’s certainly a thrill…)

    SEGUE to:

    Gray (or his alter egos typing with their toes?):

    ” … While I have not really gone “away” I don’t see myself being back regardless of how much I am propelled in the forward direction by others. My notoriety, as it is, has made me shirk from the pale glow of the screen. Happiness is fleeting so I ask you to also be at peace. I don’t seek publicity but sometimes it comes regardless. I’ve given my best please leave me with it

    You know my address in cyberspace and you read what you will. Yes, I have gambled with success in the past but I remain blameless. So please, I besmirch you, my toes ache from the constant pounding. I am sad.

    Loosen the oxygen all of you and your own hearts will expand intensely. Love is all around, I feel it in my fingers and toes and so, the feeling grows. Don’t you see? … ”

    P.S. In case anyone’s unclear on the concept:

    ob·tuse [uhb-toos, -tyoos]
    1. not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.
    2. not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.
    3. (of a leaf, petal, etc.) rounded at the extremity.
    4. indistinctly felt or perceived, as pain or sound.
    [Origin: 1500–10; s]

    —Related forms
    ob·tuse·ly, adverb
    ob·tuse·ness, noun

    —Synonyms 1. unfeeling, tactless, insensitive; blind, imperceptive, unobservant; gauche, boorish; slow, dim.

    Well, okay then, following Shelley’s inspiration, I’m back to housecleaning, where everything makes sense and clarity abounds… 😉

  42. Gray Charles Says:

    If I were doing the interpretation I might say that my post is a response to an email that made the rounds on all the sites the other day from our friend in the red hat. Put them side by side, you’ll see.

    Oh, and one more thing.

    NO MAN CAN EAT FIFTY EGGS! (Mature Lyrical Content Link)

  43. Claire Says:

    Gray, ix nay on the…how does that saying finish??

    Dear God…..can opened…worms EVERYWHERE….

  44. double d Says:

    God Bless ole George Kennedy

    “IF ma boy says he can eat 50 eggs, HE CAN EAT 50 EGGS!

    “Why’d ya have to say 50…why not 35 or 39…”

    One of the best damn movies, evah! Mmmmmmm. Paul Newman.

  45. Julie Says:

    DD! I got your earlier one too, but now I can’t remember (as usual) the movie. Wait…it’s coming…Easy Rider? Deliverance? Something an old boyfriend used to watch all the time.

    And I’m glad to see you here, cause I wanted to tell you that the lady who cut my hair today was from Lafayette, LA! She and I talked about disgusting alcoholic bevviges we used to drink back in the day, her friends wrapping their cars around trees on River Road, and how she saw Jerry Lee Lewis at the Jazz Festival this year. Apparently, even though he came out on a walker, he can still KICK SOME ASS.

    And please, someone tell Gray about the banned topic here at Monkbot before he gets himself in trouble. (*afeared for Gray*)

  46. Shelley Says:

    banned topic?
    what topic have i banned?

    i just don’t WANT to discuss taylor and think this collection of great minds and insight can find richer soil to dig into. 😉

    however…i haven’t banned it.

  47. Julie Says:

    Sawry. Just lookin’ out for Brother G…

    Jerry Lee Lewis on a walker? Now THAT’s rich soil!

  48. sideways721 Says:

    Today’s post by Gray wasn’t too difficult to figure out.

    Heck, he even put in an editor’s note to make it crystal clear:

    (Editors Note: This email follows the structure of another recently popular one. Poetic license has been granted and, as always, obtuseness rules the day! Face value? We’re not about face value are we?)

  49. Shelley Says:

    the editor’s note came later in the day.
    he left us hanging for a while.

    plus…my hunger for everything taylor was satiated loooong ago…so i rarely (read: never) visit taylor boards anymore.

  50. sideways721 Says:

    I wonder if “management” is going to ask that Gray’s post be deleted.

  51. Laurita Says:

    RE: Gray’s embed above to Dan Bern’s lyrics page (‘aliens? no missing link? eggs?’), I found myself back on Bernstein’s home page which has this great note on the web page visitors counter:
    “Must you come up with [#] reasons why we’re alive today?”

    (just go to the site to see what the heck i’m trying to describe!)

    and while there, check out the kids’ drawings and then “Eli’s tattoo” at the bottom of the Fan’sCorner page.. imho, very cool:
    (beats my ole rose tattoo any day!)

  52. sideways721 Says:

    Laurita, very cool tatoo!

  53. sideways721 Says:

    Gray did delete today’s entry, said that management (his brain) said to do so. Gray IS like the rest of us (well, sometimes). He made a typo. And, you know what, that in itself could have been made on purpose, LOL. Like someone else’s e-mails and posts with typos. If intentional? Very funny.

  54. jenfera Says:

    I’m with Shelley. I have no clue about this email. I do not follow the boards. Oh well. Probably just more espousing of obfuscation and eschewing of elucidation.

  55. Laurita Says:

    Latest @ graycharlesdotcom:

    “ is no longer active.
    You can still visit the archives and buy postcards.”

    “buy postcards”?? I have a collection of antique hand-painted weird postcards.. would love to add a GC pc to it– any suggestions how I can get me one?

    sw, seems like your post at 4:58 pm got to ‘the brain’…

    (jenfera, it was an email supposedly from TH’s stage mgr. Ted referring to giving TH and his ‘new’ female friend some privacy, etc…)

  56. jenfera Says:

    Thanks for the elucidation, Laurita!

  57. Julie Says:

    Y’all who don’t read any Taylor stuff anymore have just missed one hell of an incident.

    Damn Gray and his conscience! I was just about to do a side by side comparison, like he told me to do. Now I’ll just have to imagine the hilarity I would have found within.

  58. Shelley Says:

    can you honestly miss something you don’t give hoot about? 😉

  59. Julie Says:

    ‘Miss’ as in ‘not take part in,’ not ‘miss’ as in ‘be sad about not taking part in.’

    I’m out, and off to Tupelooooooooooooooo.

  60. Theresa Says:

    Anyone care to summarize today’s events out of sympathy for curious minds who were away from the internets today…

  61. Malisa Says:

    “NO MAN CAN EAT FIFTY EGGS! (Mature Lyrical Content Link)”

    See, I’m convinced everything can be tied back to DB.

    But I thought more of…

    this song

    when I read the ‘little boxes’ post.

    But I’ve already expressed my dislike of Ani’s DB.

  62. Alison B. Says:

    Does the travelling Monkbot at least still like Taylor? 😦

  63. Alison B. Says:

    stupid comment.

    *wishes for a delete button*

  64. Laurita Says:

    alison, not stupid.. i wondered the same thing recently, albeit in a silly mindset.. there wouldn’t be a monkbot without its TH origins, so it’s all good, right?

    wish i was going to tupelo, julie – elvisfest- gotta be crazy! hopefully there’s still room here for an occasional relevant TH comment, cause he’s doing some great music these days, and that’s a good thing too…

    p.s. malisa, was that “Go to Sleep” you were linking to? cause the whole lyrics page came up for me and I wasn’t sure..

    (Theresa, I’m not sure but I think Julie may have been referring to the B.B. going down for more than an hour late Fri. afternoon… and the thread about Ted’s email was also deleted, but that was yesterday I think… hard to keep track of the roller coaster ride… still, it’s all good there, mostly good people w/good intentions… and yes, i’ve used the word 5 times consciously! just playin’ 😉

  65. Alison B. Says:

    Laurita, you are a nice person.

    Yesterday was very confusing!

  66. Dr. Bob Says:

    I feel like a person who walked into a room where everyone is speaking in code. Very Alice in Wonderlandish. Anyone got a pink flamingo?

  67. justwatchin Says:

    But what I want to know is, so Luke was actually in control the entire movie? lol……I luv the “nonactivity” of the GC site!!!!!!

  68. justwatchin Says:

    …inactivity…so sorry.

  69. AmyMc Says:

    I have A.D.D. I can’t even follow this conversation……..

  70. Jenni Jac Says:

    No man’s a jester playing Shakespeare
    Round your throne room floor
    While the juggler’s act is danced upon
    The crown that you once wore

    And sooner or later
    Everybody’s kingdom must end
    And I’m so afraid your courtiers
    Cannot be called best friends

    Caesar’s had your troubles
    Widows had to cry
    While mercenaries in cloisters sing
    And the king must die

    Some men are better staying sailors
    Take my word and go
    But tell the ostler that his name was
    The very first they chose

    And if my hands are stained forever
    And the altar should refuse me
    Would you let me in, would you let me in, would you let me in
    Should I cry sanctuary

    No man’s a jester playing Shakespeare
    Round your throne room floor
    While the juggler’s act is danced upon
    The crown that you once wore

    The king is dead, the king is dead
    The king is dead, the king is dead…

    Long live the king
    ~B. Taupin

  71. heyhowyadoin Says:

    um…..can someone please tell me what happened??

    who’s the person in the red hat??

    what email???


  72. KimLoree Says:

    Damn…my interpretation was right! I never get to be right. And now it’s too late to say I was right cuz the answer is already out….and you’ll all think that I’m just saying I was right, when I was wrong. Sigh…

  73. sideways721 Says:

    Laurita, yep, I noticed that my post of 4:58 did perhaps get to “the brain.” LOL.

    In a nutshell, Ted/alltheanswers responded to some nasty comments made about a former American Idol when photos of that American Idol in Maui surfaced. Some SP did not take kindly to Ted’s remarks. (I had no problem with them whatsoever!) A brouhaha ensued and “management” asked that Ted’s email/comments be removed from various Taylor boards. Apparently, “management” thought that Ted’s remarks could be construed as official.

    Gray so cleverly mocked the entire dramedy(sp?) of errors.

  74. Julie Says:

    Sideways, thanks. I hadn’t even heard the whole thing, like the part about the ‘management.’ Do they mean the HQ management? The former Idol’s management? management?

    One thing that I would like to add to your version of events is that Ted (The Man in the Red Hat) is actually responsible for the former Idol’s ‘friend’ being identified. He dropped some clues about her, others googled, posted their results, and the rest is history.

    It’s all been extremely amusing and confusing. Dramedy is a perfect way to describe it.

  75. baby duck Says:

    So… “Little Boxes” really was an ode to Shelley’s house hunting? 😕

  76. Theresa Says:

    Thanks, I think I understand…sort of. Now I’m wondering who the heck Luke is…

  77. sideways721 Says:


    Yes, Ted definitely made a few bloopers in his posts. In attempting to combat the disparaging remarks made about the blonde on the beach with a former Idol, he divulged too much. In trying to be a friend to someone, he actually made matters worse.

    Former Idol and his “management” wanted Ted’s posts/e-mail deleted. The man in the red hat made valid points (in my opinion) about some of the overzealous SP. Some of these points were less than flattering of the SP, and ticked off SP. Not wanting to alienate a segment of the fan base is why I think “management” wanted the e-mail/posts deleted.

    Taylorgate, Mauiwater.

  78. Dr. Bob Says:

    Who’s ted?

  79. Claire Says:

    Ted = alltheanswers

  80. Dr. Bob Says:

    huh …

  81. KimLoree Says:

    Please try and keep up, Dr. Bob. Ted is/was part of the road crew for a certain former American idol. He occasionally posted at GC as “alltheanswers” and at times gave us a little insight into what was going on with his boss/friend. Ted = alltheanswers = widespread Ted

  82. Laurita Says:

    justwatchin: …“nonactivity” of the GC site… 😉

    Yeah, I love the latest:


    Check out the photog who took those pics:

    He has a set of some cool photos of Gray’s latest girlfriend G.P. and her band at the bottom of this page:

  83. Nicholas Says:

    Hey, that’s me! Had no idea he was using that picture. Cool. And at least he isn’t linking to it straight from my server. If anyone knows this GC character, ask him to put a link to my site, would ya? Thanks. And glad you like my photos!

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