Exposé Photo Reveals GC’s Hidden Past


That’s him in the corner…that’s him in the spotlight.

Sources close to Monkbot have revealed the true past of Blogger Extraordinaire Gray Charles.

This seemingly mild mannered man who feigns pop culture tourettes and the desire to fade into anonymity was, for a short time in the summer of ’82, the fifth member of REM.

Cutting edge even then, Charles was a great influence on the band’s sound and, more visibly, their style. It is a little known fact that Michael Stipe, to this day, tries his best to emulate…the Great Gray.

Monkbot Talk makes no claims of the validity of the above article…but is really proud of the Photoshop skillz used in this post.


31 Responses to “Exposé Photo Reveals GC’s Hidden Past”

  1. Julie Says:

    Losing his, um, something.

    Oh my God, Shells!! The picture, THE PICTURE!! Not only is it hilarious, it is undeniable proof of Gray’s far-reaching influence and general coolness. What instrument did he play, again?

    In his dreams Gray was in Athens in the summer of 1982, unlike others for whom it was a REALITY. Though they would never agree to me being in the band, I did once take a shower in Michael Stipe’s shower. But that’s a whole nother story.

  2. Gray Charles Says:

    These are the pictures you choose to publish? When you could easily publish Joss and I at the beach or Winona and I enjoying our time at Saks Fifth Ave?

    I am shocked, shocked with all this.

    My lawyer Paul Westerberg will be calling with a cease and desist shortly.

  3. Shelley Says:

    Count yourself lucky…I have access to a photo of you in a Speedo in Cannes.

    You tell Mr. Westerberg…if he knows what’s good for his client…he’ll keep his yap shut and his subpoena in his pocket!

  4. Laurita Says:

    Since I’ve started law school recently, I’m in a legal research mode, so I looked up your attorney, and discovered:

    “Paul Westerberg (born December 31, 1959) is an American musician, best known as the former lead singer and songwriter of The Replacements, one of the seminal alternative rock bands of the 1980s. He launched a solo career after the dissolution of that band. In recent years, he has cultivated a more independent-minded approach, primarily recording his music at home in his basement.

    According to lore, Westerberg was working as a janitor, and while walking home from work one day, he happened to hear a punk band practicing in the basement. He talked his way into the band by convincing the singer that the other band members … were going to fire him. The singer quit and Westerberg joined the group, which eventually became known as The Replacements…

    Westerberg is married to former Zuzu’s Petals guitarist Laurie Lindeen. They have a son, Johnny, whose voice can be heard on “Whatever Makes You Happy” from Westerberg’s solo album Suicaine Gratifaction…”

    Wondering.. what is your lawyer’s thing about basements?

    Wondering again… Julie, showers?

    Wondering again… pictures of people we like on beaches?

  5. Gray Charles Says:

    He’ll write you a letter tomorrow. Tonight he can’t hold a pen.

    He can’t hardly wait.

  6. baby duck Says:

    Oh, that Paul Westerberg. I thought you meant the one from Howard Bragman’s publicity firm.

  7. sideways721 Says:

    Ok, I’ve had enough. I’m sending an e-mail.

  8. jena Says:

    uhhh. I was there when that picture was made, standing just to the left of Gray out of camera range. I don’t remember seeing those other punks standing around or Grays missing right foot. Must have had too much to drink at the wine tasting earlier in the day. Hic!

  9. sideways721 Says:


    Isn’t Gray missing his left foot?

  10. jena Says:

    Sideways – damn dyslexia!!! I stand (on one foot) corrected!

  11. sideways721 Says:

    Well, it could have been that Gray’s foot was firmly planted in the lush ground cover, or ( my preference!) that it was the wine talking retroactively. 🙂

  12. sideways721 Says:

    Did y’all see that REM’s fan club costs only $10 per year?

    R.E.M. Fanclub
    The R.E.M. Fan Club is run out of the band’s headquarters in Athens, Georgia, and has over 10,000 members in over 60 countries. The Fan Club got started in June of 1984 after the release of the band’s second full-length record, RECKONING, and continues to be the best source available for R.E.M. news, merchandise, and tour information. An annual membership in the Fan Club costs the same as it always has: $10.00 if you live in the United States and $12.00 if you live outside of the United States.


    Throughout the year, the Fan Club issues 4 newsletters, full of information about the band, as well as exclusive photographs and interviews. Topics range from tour and recording news, side projects, organizations the band members support, and, of course, the music.

    The Fan Club offers a wide variety of merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, and, from time to time, limited edition, Fan Club-only items. Members receive discounts on all merchandise offered through the Fan Club.

    A Must! Holiday salutations from the band and office staff as well as exclusive songs and surprises. Past packages have featured 7″ singles, videos, a CD, as well as custom greeting cards from the band and office staff, posters, calendars, stickers, and a whole lot more. The 1998 package included a two-song video excerpted from R.E.M.’s performance at the Tibetan Freedom Concert. In 1999, the package featured a CD collaboration of two songs from the Bridge School Concert in San Francisco with Neil Young. In 2000, R.E.M. recorded a Beatles’ Fan Club-only song, “Christmas Time is Here Again,” along with two original compositions compiled on 7″ colored vinyl. The 2003 Single featured Wilco who toured with R.E.M.


  13. Hatson Says:

    Isn’t it Can Hardly Wait? Great photo Gray. Your stylist must work overtime. LOL

  14. ridearoundsally Says:

    I swear to god..I must be tired..I read that and actually believed it for about 2 mins!!! Im generally a “30 second behind everyone else person too”…you see with Gray anything is possible and beliveable…except why you Americans say Gray and not Grey..um..you say tomatoe I say mater..you say potatoe I say taters.. potaters tomaters..lets call the whole thing off!

  15. jena Says:

    Oh look!!! His foot is there! But why is Gray kneeing Michael Stipe in the butt?

  16. Shelley Says:

    geez…i find a cool pic and it gets picked apart.

    note to self: no more cool pics for the crowd.

  17. Claire Says:

    I have a crush on Mike Mills.

  18. Alison B. Says:

    Shelley, its a very cool pic!

    And i wasn’t aware that the Monkbot was a time traveller…

  19. Gray Charles Says:

    It’s Can’t

  20. Claire Says:

    Yes. Well. I enjoyed The Replacements, but my eye was drawn to the link for Kat’s video for “Over It”. What’s that you say, Gray? You didn’t realise that there was a link to the video there? Or a link to listen to little d’s song either?

    Gray has gone to the Dark Side. Either that, or he has replaced Grace P already…with Kat……

  21. AmyMc Says:


  22. Dr. Bob Says:

    Ack, Ack! (Speedo reference gives horrifying flashbacks to the time spent as a lifeguard) But Speedos in Cannes? Hmmmm….

    (you have mad photography skillz, Shelley)

  23. morewines Says:

    GC fade into anonymity. Never!
    Lots of requests for other photos. Oh no!

  24. jena Says:

    -> Shelley Says:
    June 2nd, 2007 at 11:20 pm
    geez…i find a cool pic and it gets picked apart.

    *Hangs head in shame* but…but…but…I loved it Shelly. 😦 I didn’t mean to pick it apart. *sniff* *sniff*

    I’m seriously jealous of your photoshop skilz!!

  25. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    hehehe thats great! we always knew Gray was some kinda star 😀 really cool photo shop skills! good laugh for today, needed that, going to be having my third back surgery soon so im a bit stressed, thanks for the smile 😉

  26. Julie Says:

    Laurita, shampoo was involved, and lots of soap. Other than that it’s all a blur…

    I’m thinking about asking Shelley if Gray was there, too. She seems to have an inside track to many mysteries out there.

  27. Laurita Says:

    Re: babyduck’s mention of the firm of Gray’s lawyer—

    On the ‘Links’ page of Professor Bragman’s site, he’s got a great Will Rogers quote:

    “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”

    P.S. Check out the photos of his very cute dog with folks like Paula Abdul and Paul Newman (weren’t we speaking of Cool Hand Luke? 😉 ) on the ‘Six Degrees of Ziggy’ page:


    P.P.S. Julie–
    Shampoo, as in “Trouble”?

    maybe you meant this Shampoo (don’t forget! “Parental Discretion is Advised”)?

    P.P.P.S. Impressive werk, Shelley.. the Monkbot looks like an infant in that Expose Photo; I didn’t know he was celebrating his 25th birthday this year…

  28. GwenB Says:

    Check out Gray Charles this morning. Speechless.

  29. justwatchin Says:

    Well, just when I thought I couldn’t be cheered up (RUF day yesterday was)…..

    Shelley & Gray…..better than movies and popcorn (& I dont’ say that lightly)……

  30. justwatchin Says:

    oh and…I thought Winona got tossed to the curb?

  31. Laurita Says:

    I mentioned this on the “Clear as Gray Mud” Sunday evening, re: justwatchin’s comment about the “nonactivity” of the GC site… 😉

    Yeah, I love the latest:

    Check out the photog who took those pics:

    He has a set of some cool photos of Gray’s latest girlfriend Grace P. at the bottom of this page:


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