I May Just Have to Change Our Name to Monk-Blake


(thanks for sending link, ivoryhut 😉 )


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  1. jenfera Says:

    Blakebot rolls off the tongue a little easier!

  2. nolagirl Says:

    Man, that is some backing tape he’s got there! Good performance. Not feeling sorry for McPee, but I gotta wonder why he doesn’t have to sing a crappy “coronation” song a la “My Destiny” on his appearances? How’d he manage to escape that one??

  3. Quossum Says:

    Wowza! A friend of mine was just telling me that this performance was amazing for Blake, and lo and behold, here I was able to finally see it at, of all places, Monkbot. 😀

    Blake wasn’t allowed to display these skills on the AI show, but his talent at looping and manipulating the electronics with his feet while playing the guitar–just wicked cool. Harmonizing with himself–in real time? Awesome.

    I can’t wait to see more from this guy.


  4. Quossum Says:

    NOLAgirl, I think he dodged that bullet due to the fact that they made both finalists sing the same song…and since Jordin “won” it (lucky her), it belongs to her now.

    Blake has said in interviews that he had all sorts of wild beatboxing plans for “This is My Now,” but was not allowed to use them on the show because the song was a contest winner and had to be done “that way.” Hmmm.


  5. nolagirl Says:

    Good point Q. (loving that you are out of school, by the way!)

    And thanks for mentioning the stuff he was doing with his feet. I now feel like an idiot because I was thinking that was all a pre-recorded backing tape, hence my comment thinking “day-um! that’s fancy for a backing tape!” Thanks for eduma-catin’ me, teach. 😉

  6. Quossum Says:

    Hey, I didn’t realize it either. A more…ahem…rabid Blake fan than I told me all about this “looping” thing. All I’d known before is that I’d seen a performance of his where he was glancing down at the floor a lot and I was thinking, “Hello, what’s up with that?” And I was all confused because at some points he seemed to be making sounds and then at other points those same sounds weren’t matching up with his mouth.

    So I had my moment of being edumacated, too! 😛


  7. erinnthered Says:

    nolagirl, that’s not a backing tape. As Q said, he’s looping the sounds and the vocals live – as he is performing. This article on looping was posted at Team Plaid. It’s a pretty good description.


  8. Shelley Says:

    don’t forget…our little kt tunstall was doing this a year ago.

  9. Quossum Says:

    Hey, that’s right! She’s a one-woman band! I never really made the connection that she was using this same technology.

    Thanks for the article, Erinn–that was a helpful explanation.


  10. nolagirl Says:

    I’m ready for another album from KT. Just sayin’…. LOVE her.

  11. Laurita Says:

    Saw Blake do this Maroon5(6!) song on a few other shows recently with the same live looping.. When he did it on Regis & Kelly, it appeared that he and the pianist who’s accompanying him on all these appearances hadn’t had much time to rehearse together yet and Blake was obviously off in his timing… this clip shows him being much more in sync with the keyboards guy…

    And yeah, Juliet’s fangirliness on this video totally cracked me up (“Can I touch your hair?”, etc.!) … (Maybe there will be another bunch of ‘morning tv show woman falls for idol and shows up on the beach somewhere with him’ photos in a few months?) Sorry, but Blake just doesn’t cut it for me… creative, yes, but imho, doesn’t hold a candle to something like this:


    (Please don’t go over to the argyle-plaid side and become a BlakerGirl, Shelley! 😉 )

  12. Shelley Says:

    I’m currently refusing any and ALL party affiliations.

  13. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    hehehe monk-blake what about blake -bot hehe the videos awsome, that young man can do some neat stuff 😉

  14. sideways721 Says:

    Blake is Blake. He was my choice from the beginning. Love Blake! His personality came through immediately on AI. Nice. He had a great rapport with Ryan. I also see more blake-bot than a monk-blake.

    I originally thought he and Melinda would be the top two.
    Then, after hearing Lakisha and Jordin, I figured, ok, well, they’ll cancel each other out and he’ll make top Three. So, it was quite an achievement (only male left, quirky guy? :)) that he made the top two.

    Fun to see Blake enjoying it.
    Whaddya think if our former AI had made Number 2?
    Jordin is kinda Katharine McPhee’esque.
    Would our former Idol have faired better as Numero Dos?

    Throw a wet tilapia or whatever on me if I have fished in the no fishing zone or without a license.

  15. Shelley Says:

    well…i like Monk-Blake…it fits our logo.

    But what do I know?

  16. Dr. Bob Says:

    I miss Blake.

  17. Mall Rabbit Says:

    Cool. Been in Orlando all week and just got back yesterday — catching up. This is a fantastic Blake performance. I bought all his stuff from iTunes and put it on my iPod. Only Blake and Melinda kept me interested each week. I saw KT Tunstall at The Tabernacle in Atlanta last summer. She was in a show with James Blunt and Bo Bice. Of course, I went to see Bo. I was fascinated by KT’s foot work creating her own loops and background. She was a bit indifferent about McPhee covering her Black Horse in a Cherry Tree song. However, it got her a lot more notoriety.

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