When You Find Something Like This…You Just Gotta Share


Yahoo!! My house is clean.

My Realtor will come (hopefully tomorrow) and plant the sign (unless she makes me do more to it…which I’m not really feeling I need to…but, we’ll see).

Anyway…let’s celebrate!

Check out what I found. 🙂


17 Responses to “When You Find Something Like This…You Just Gotta Share”

  1. Quossum Says:

    Oh my gosh. The clothes. The hair. The upside-down-Tabasco-bottle microphones. All the richness and cheese. And I counted at least one lyrics flub there, guess who made it? 😉

    *sigh…Is fulfilled*


  2. Laurita Says:

    What a long road this has been- thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your path Shelley.. it’s been hard but fun too…

    Just found this Stevie Nicks video, singing ‘Sara’, and thought of you 😉
    Another blast from the past, to go along with John and Tenille!

    “I wanna be a Star!
    I don’t wanna be a cleaning lady…”

    “But when you build your house,
    Then call me home”…

  3. Julie Says:

    Oh my God. How were the Captain and Tennille ever let out of their house, let alone put on national friggin television???? Even at the time her hair was a very bad idea but looking at it now, gah.

    Now Vinnie Barbarino…that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  4. Shelley Says:

    Julie…you haven’t been around as long as the others…so I’ll let it slide this time…but know this…


    halibut whizzes through air and beans julie in the head

  5. Julie Says:

    *OUCH* (Geez! Way to let it slide…)

    Oh Shelley, I am so sorry! Not that I dissed the Captain and Tennille but that YOU HEART THE CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE!!!

    (teehee…running and hiding in a very secret place where halibuts cannot possibly find me)

  6. Dr. Bob Says:

    I had almost allowed the memory of the Captain and Tennille Show to gently slip from my memory. Thanks a heck of a lot, Shelley.

    Yeeowch … John Travolta does not have pipes.

    Not to diss the C and T, but for pity’s sake, what were the producers (or whoever it is who makes these decisions) thinking with that set? It is just sad. And it looks like they just let some folks from the sidewalk outside the studios come in and get into the air conditioning. It must be a free-spirited 70’s kind of thing — the whole no-chairs.

  7. sideways721 Says:

    The vid totally put a smile on my face.

  8. Mos Eisley Says:

    I used to have a slight crush on Captain…. anyone else going to admit it?

  9. Shelley Says:

    Mos…I”ll admit it. That hat…you just can’t beat a man in a captain’s hat…and wearing a sweater. He looks like an Old Spice commercial.

    Dr. Bob…the set is beyond comprehension. How in the world did we not realize this back in the day?

    I used to watch this show religiously when I was a kid. As well as the Donnie and Marie Show, the Mandrell Show, the Muppet Show, Sonny and Cher, Dolly Parton…if it was a variety show…I was THERE, baby!

  10. Little Deb Says:

    Cool, someone else watched Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters. Yes, I was country when country wasn’t cool and I think Ms. Mandrell is a very talented artist. Here’s an example with one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs.

    Oh, and I heart the Captain and Tennille too.

    John Travolta – I never thought he was sexy back then. Maybe because where I grew up most of the guys acted like Vinny Barbarino, only sadly it wasn’t an act. Must have been something in the water in NJ (no offense to any other Jersey residents – I grew up there too).

  11. jenfera Says:

    My husband had John Travolta’s hairdo here in his senior picture in his yearbook! Which is pretty hysterical for me to see, as I have never seen the man besides in photos without a mustache or with hair longer than his ears. He might have had the same sweater and shirt on too.

  12. jenfera Says:

    ~~sniffing self ~~

    did i forget my deoderant??

  13. Shelley Says:

    No, Jen…it’s me.

    Eau de Halibut

    (your hubby sounds cute 😉 )

  14. jenfera Says:

    Whew, okay, thanks, Shelley. Personally, I think you smell just fine, halibut or no.

    And yes, my husband is pretty darn cute. Well, if you go for the tall, dark and boyishly handsome type with enormous blue eyes, I mean.

  15. texastaylorfan Says:

    okay, while I was watching that just now, I realized I had a HUGE grin spread across my whole face. hee hee.

  16. Jules Says:

    Congratulations on getting your house in order Shelley – that’s a huge accomplishment. Hope the selling goes smoothly for you.

    That video slays me! Good God did people really dress like that? Egads! I don’t remember this show but I definitely was hip to Donny & Marie & of course the Muppets. Oh and Barbara Mandrell too. 🙂

  17. ruhappytoseeme Says:

    oh great, you just took me to my childhood, watching barbarino on tv, crushing on him (he was cute then and he still is, altho wild hogs is a long way from welcome back kotter, it is extremely funny lol) and I loved Captain and Tennille. muskrat love… hahaha I am guessing as a kid I didnt listen to words much but now it seems a bit silly since they are singing about muskrats , but I loved them just the same (or um I heart them too LOL, but love john much more :D)
    I also watched all the variety shows, I even remember the jackson 5 one and their cartoon (now im showing my age LOL)

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