The “For Sale” Sign Has Landed



In celebration of all my efforts and the many, many, many buckets of dirty water I emptied out from cleaning…

And because of my blind faith that my house WILL sell…

How I plan to keep my patience while that imminent sale comes about…

And just to prove I’m not a heartless, mean wench who has forsaken the gray man altogether…here you go.


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  1. jenfera Says:

    Whoo-hooo!! That’s a huge step! Congrats getting it all done and ready and best of luck for a speedy, smooth sale.

  2. Laurita Says:

    Yippeeeeee! Now, if you have a few minutes to spare, and want a good laugh…

    Shelley, you think YOUR ‘For Sale’ situation is a wacky roller-coaster ride?, check this out!:

    Of course, your home should be MUCH easier to market and sell than this… 😉

  3. Meg Says:

    So much work and courage — this is the start of better things. You’ve got us pulling for you.

  4. Theresa Says:

    Congratulations Shelley! Your hard work paid off!!! God’s blessings to you as you walk this new path.

  5. texastaylorfan Says:

    Good luck, Shelley. Moving is tough, but I’m sure you’ll be glad you went through it when you’re settled in a new place. I know you’ll have plenty to blog about, it’s always an “interesting” experience. 😉
    From a gal who’s moved WAY MORE than she ever wanted to….

  6. jenfera Says:

    Love the Doobies clips! I saw Michael McDonald on tour with Steely Dan last summer and he sounds just as great now as he did back then. However, if you are going to talk dirty water around a Red Sox fan, I’m automatically thinking of The Standells, not the Doobies…

  7. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    I definitely understand your comment Texas…….I’m in two week countdown to move number 11…..(cross country no less). We believe it to be the last one however, so I’m holding on to that!
    Shelley, good luck and remember that unless your realtor is your best friend and/or family, even the best one in the world has an ax to grind so don’t discount your own good judgement! New beginnings are scary but also exciting and fun!

  8. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    And as for the Doobies………second concert I ever went to. Love em!

  9. nolagirl Says:

    YES!!!!!! Soooooo glad! Now let’s keep this good luck rollin’!

  10. Dr. Bob Says:

    Shelley, I remember reading in Freakonomics that most realtors really don’t try to get you the best deal. They are interested in fast — because (and I forget the particulars) the amount that they make, let’s say on 10,000 is only about six hundred bucks. It behooves them to sell it fast rather than get a good price. I am with Soulmate — don’t go against your instincts.

  11. Quossum Says:

    Freakonomics was one cool, weird, disturbing book. Everyone should read it.

    Shelley, congrats on getting “the sign,” stay the course, and now maybe you can start looking more seriously at houses to buy. That’s the fun part! (Well, it can also be terribly frustrating, as you know, but fun, too!)

    We’re all rootin’ for ya’, girl!


  12. justwatchin Says:

    Hope it sells quickly but at what you want for it….congratulations on the “For Sale” sign!

    Here’s to you (got to be a cup of java, cuz it’s a little too early for me for anything else)…& here’s to Gray for, well, just period.

    Good luck Shelley!

  13. sideways721 Says:

    Congrats Shelley, you got a LOT done quickly!
    We’ve had 2 cross country moves in 2 1/2 years. No fun. I always say “This is IT, no more!”

    Worst part of moving for me is the selling process. Having to always have the house perfectly clean, and leaving the house at 3 p.m. or whatever one a moment’s notice because a realtor is showing the house. But, then, they don’t show up, or show up 3 hours later. Grrrr.

    Good Luck! It’s a good time of year to sell.

  14. sideways721 Says:

    Typo, can’t edit. Meant to say “on a moment’s notice.”

  15. Theresa K. Says:

    Thanks for those musical treats. I love the Doobie Brothers! Maybe that’s why the gray’s one’s voice appeals to me, too.

  16. Laurita Says:

    Shelley, why am I reluctant to admit that I’m a big ole corny Doobie Bros./M.McDonald fan? Just got their double-cd Greatest Best Hits which I love to play while doing dishes and cleaning, singing at the top of my lungs- scary but much fun!

    And thanks for throwing us boogiers a bone… I mean, Taylor’s ‘takin’ it to the streets’…
    you’re a sweetie… hope all the realtors are as good to you as you treat us! 😉

  17. nolagirl Says:

    Random, but knew y’all would appreciate it: My crazy friend Jamie gifted me on iTunes today with a Sanjaya CD. yes, that’s right folks, you heard me — a SANJAYA CD. *shudders* The note said that surely I would burn a copy of it immediately and blare it in my car.

    I did download it (hey, it’s free) and even painfully, though quickly, skimmed through the five songs (all AI re-dos). Where is the erase button on iTunes again?

    Jamie is going down. I need to one-up gift her with something worse. Ideas?

  18. Shelley Says:

    NOLA! I demand you give me back the last two minutes of my life…as I just went and listened to four 30-second clips from Shamalamadingdong’s album on iTunes.


    (If you need help planning the payback on your friend, let me know…I’m IN)

  19. Laurita Says:

    This is the first awful music thing that came to mind:

    What about William Hung, to get back at Jamie?

  20. nolagirl Says:

    Sawwwry, Shelley – I feel your pain. Yes, I would like suggestions to one-up Jamie. Laurita may have something with William Hung. I like the way she’s thinking…

  21. sideways721 Says:

    Ok, I got a song for you nolagirl.
    Listen to this and Sanjaya won’t sound bad at all.

  22. Laurita Says:

    sideways, Camile is sooo scary.. thank god i wasn’t watching AI that season.. how did she get that far?? watching that hurts more than Shelley’s yellowjacket sting.. ;-(

    Nola, I just checked, and WH has 2 albums on iTunes, including one of Xmas music.. Jamie really deserves Achy Breaky Heart, dontcha think?:

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