My All-Time Favorite Movies


Just ’cause I got nothing else to write about tonight.

I never get tired of these 10 films.

These are not necessarily favorite scenes or in order of favoritism…

Amadeus – I’ve always felt like Salieri in so many ways…able to appreciate beautiful creations but never being more than just competent in my own creations.

Pride & Prejudice – The struggle of Elizabeth and Darcy individually to remain within their given confines whilst wanting to, so desperately, break free of them is what I relate with most in this story. This particular version of the film is my favorite…mainly because of the dance scene where the two are seemingly the only ones in the room (I couldn’t find a clip…but the one below is another favorite of mine).

Sense & Sensibility – Alan Rickman is simply marvelous. I wanted to find the clip where he says, “Give me an occupation or I shall run mad.” but I couldn’t. The entire film is about as perfect as a movie gets. I love all the story lines and hurt so badly for Eleanor that I rejoice with tears at the end scene every time I watch it.

Emma – Gwyneth Paltrow is brilliant in this piece…as are Toni Collette and Alan Cummings. The dynamics of the characters intrigue me greatly. The expectations Knightly has for Emma are so wonderful because I want so badly for a man to want me…expect me…to be gracious and kind, while also being his best friend and sparring partner. And Emma thinking she’s so wise but truly being “clueless” is hilarious.

All the President’s Men – I like Robert Redford…but wouldn’t call him a favorite of mine. Dustin is another story…I always love him. Jason Robards, Jack Warden, Martin Balsam, Jane Alexander…all these actors play their parts beautifully. Sure, there are some cornball, overacted scenes (the one with the typewriter and turned up stereo being one…and the one where Berstein is high on like 20 cups of coffee) but the drama and intrigue and dynamics of the newspaper business hook me every time! (Bad language alert below.)

12 Angry Men – Not only is this a collection of incredibly fine actors, the lighting, the staging, the dialog, the writing, the cinematography all combine to make one of the most impressive films ever in my mind. To think this is a “real time” event that never leaves me bored…and it came way before “24” and it has no action sequences…is testament to how wonderful the writing is.

The Empire Strikes Back – I love all the original Star Wars films, but this is my favorite. The story is a little more intricate than the original film and the characters have meshed more. There is a much more ominous tone and, though we have to deal with Lando Calrissian (goober), we are treated Yoda and to one of the best shocking discoveries in movie history…”I am your father.”

Misery – Two actors, one blizzard, one car wreck, Liberace, and a sledgehammer. How could anyone not love this film? First of all, Kathy Bates plays Annie Wilkes brilliantly. Not only do you want her to die…you have sympathy for her…you laugh at her eccentricities…you hate her vehemently. And James Caan…well, I’ve never seen anyone play “pain” like James. He’s sarcastic, dry, terrified, determined, and intelligent all at once. Wonderful writing. Wonderful set. Wonderful actors. Wonderful movie. (I’ve watched it so many times that I know exactly where to look to find the accidental drop of the boom mic into the top of one scene.)

Broadcast News – Two words…Albert Brooks. I have always been secretly in love with him. This movie is hilarious and bittersweet and smart. Sure the characters are all caricatures…but because Holly Hunter, William Hurt and Albert Baby are so wondeful…you forget that and go with it. (Or at least I do.)

Mother – Another film where just two actors (primarily) play off each other beautifully. Again, I’m in love with Albert Brooks …so of course I love him. But Debbie Reynolds is also brilliant. If you haven’t seen this movie…I require you to in order to maintain your Monkbot status. Truly hilarious.

Y’all’s turn…be sure to say why they are your favorites!


71 Responses to “My All-Time Favorite Movies”

  1. Laurita Says:

    Shelley, I hope you’ll accept my current favorite YouTube video…
    Was just turned on to it tonight, in fact – it’s really inspiring…

    Mobile phone salesman from South Wales.. amazing:

    (p.s. he needs Elliott Yamin’s dentist to work some magic on him 😉 )

  2. Laurita Says:

    My link of the actual video (like Shelley’s above) didn’t work..
    Here it is again, hopefully just clickable at least…

  3. Lainie Says:

    Mine are:

    Forrest Gump
    The Devil’s Advocate
    Scent of a Woman
    A Star is Born (Streisand/Kristofferson)
    Dances with Wolves
    The Way We Were

    I’d better stop here with the those…there are SO many.

    Mine were (when I was growing up):

    The Sound of Music
    West Side Story
    Love Me Tender

  4. Laurita Says:

    Can’t resist mentioning that my cousin Arthur Laurents wrote two of your favorites- “West Side Story” and “The Way We Were”, and many other great books, short stories, plays, etc.

    He’s about to direct a revival of his musical “Gypsy” in New York this summer, which a family friend is producing 😉
    He’s about to turn 90- Talk about inspiring!

    (Also… I’m visiting with my parents in FLA, and we spoke earlier tonite about ‘Scent of a Woman’ too, cause we went to see Ocean’s 13 which Al Pacino is in, and my dad is always saying “Woo Haaaa!” the way Pacino does in ‘Scent…”)

    Cool late-night coincidences, huh?

  5. rowan Says:

    Ah Shelley, great choices! I have to admit never hving watched the whole of Misery it was too scuury. I love P and P, but I am one of those peeps who sees a dramatisation, then gets the actors fixed as the characters, ans can thus not appreciate the full merits of subsequent versions. That is the rationale, anyway. It goes a leetle way towards explaining why Mr Darcy will always be Colin Firth for me. Someone has posted a comparison between the two scenes…it is innnteresting. I liked Jennifer Ehle’s Elizabeth Bennett – there was an undercurrent of irony in her which represented the character well. When her sister asks her when she fell in love with the moodily wealthy swain, Jennifer Ehle gives a brilliantly ironic rendition of the line that she fell in love when she saw his grounds at Pemberley. Yeh, she’s funny and she’s making her sister laugh and yeh, she wants to go live there, yes she does. Yes indeedy.

    I love costume dramas, but have problems when the costumes seep into mainstream duds. Empire lines…shudder. They should be okay in theory, cos they have voluminous smockery over the tum region: but hey…it all goes pear-shaped above the sternum. (Props for the modest medical term!) Sheesh. All those theoretically perfect tops for someone like me to whom the word waist is kind of inapplicable. I am no Keira Knightley and that’s okay. It is just the trumpet fanfare those tops give ample wearers – the invisible arrows pointing from the nice flowy bits to the impossibly fitting area. They might as well print, “da daaa!” on the tight parts of those tops. Anyways, the one thing to recommend then is that they conceal the surreptitious hauling up of stoopid low-rise jeans. Iam still waiting for Mr Darcy, btw. Got the top, and the irony off pat, so we’ll see. The problem for me in suspending disbelief comes when I think of how I’d be in those big houses – my forebear would be a toothless grumpy washerwoman deep in a dingy scullery, bemoaning the results of Elizabeth Bennett’s country rambles, scrubbing muddy stains out of bloomer ankle frills and humming political songs.

    My other fave films are The Day the Earth Stood Still (still hard hitting and hard to watch) and A Matter of Life or Death – a wonderfully imaginative and poignant WW2 movie.) I love Mask, for the story of Rocky, but also the scenery – the open roads with the great bikes, the big blue skies and the fab forests.

    Another fave has to be ,a href=””>Kind Hearts and Coronets. It is told in the form of a memoir, written in prison.Alec Guinness plays the lead role, and the parts of all the protagonist’s relatives, including elderly duchesses. It is a comedy about a young man who would have inherited a title and a fortune, had his mother not been disinherited and disowned for marrying beneath her. The fellow sets out to get rid of the eight family members ahead of him in line to the title. He’s caught at the point of success, ends up in Jail but is freed, unfortunately for him leaving his tell-all memoirs behind him. It is quirkily hilarious.

  6. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    Uh….you forgot Jeremiah Johnson Shell.
    Jeremiah Johnson
    Transporter 1&2
    Forrest Gump
    Sixth Sense
    Matrix 1 2 3
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Uncle Buck

  7. double d Says:

    There’s only one movie that I can tolerate watching over and over again. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it.

    The Quiet Man

    It’s got a great story, beautiful scenery and cinematography, and wonderful actors. Simply beautiful movie.

  8. Lainie Says:

    Laurita….Wow, thanks for sharing. I’ll have to research your cousin since he is one of my favorites!!! I’m in FL too, BTW. Hope you’re enjoying our beautiful, but dry, weather!

    One of these days, I’ll get to NYC to see a Broadway play. That’s on my list of “Things to do before I croak”. I’ve been to many plays at our local Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center but, of course, Broadway is where it’s at. I’ll never forget the play, “Miss Saigon”. I’m still convinced that helicopter did, in fact, land on that stage:-) Also, “Cats” and “The King and I” with Rudolf Nureyev before he died!! The earth stood still in that theatre when he danced with Anna. Another thing on my list is to see Mikhail Baryshnikov. Wow, what talent we’ve mentioned here, huh?

    Thanks again for sharing…..brought back lots of wonderful memories!!

  9. jenfera Says:

    Shelley, I love Albert Brooks too! Defending Your Life is a favorite. I love the scene at the end when he finally finds the courage and breaks out of the shuttle to get to Meryl Streep.

    I do love a good chick flick. When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle are favorites that I can watch over and over. I love the old couples in Harry/Sally talking about their courtships. And when Sally breaks down when her ex gets married and cries, “And I’m gonna be forty!” “You are?? When?” “Someday! But it’s out there!”

    The Shawshank Redemption is a classic. Love Morgan Freeman, and I love watching it again and picking up on all the little things Andy was doing along the way to prepare.

    Love Actually is fantastic. Love all the intersecting storylines and the soundtrack is excellent. Anything with Hugh Grant AND Colin Firth is good by me!

    Speaking of Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral is another favorite. Hugh’s brother is adorable. Love when he interrupts the wedding to Duck Face.

    I love Tom Hanks. I could watch Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and Philadelphia over and over again.

    As Good As It Gets was one of the first movies I saw in the theater with my husband. Whatever happened to Helen Hunt? She had a great stretch there for awhile. I loved the whole cast of that movie. Greg Kinnear was adorable.

    The Notebook is totally schmaltzy but gets me every time anyway. To be that old and to have James Garner love you that much? What more could you ask for?

    Every time I see On Golden Pond I end up calling my husband, “You old poop!” for days. Hee hee hee.

    I’m sure I am forgetting a few favorites, but that’s definitely a good starter list.

  10. brc Says:

    Wow great movies y’all. We should all get together and have a Monkbot girls movie night… drink some wine, have a few appetizers, watch movies and talk.

    I’ll add one of my favorites of all time… Shakespeare in Love. The story, the passion and the heartbreak were conveyed so well… both visually and in the dialogue. Gwyneth was unbelievable in that role.

  11. Shelley Says:

    jen…really good calls on “Shawshank” and “Apollo 13″…I officially add them to my list.

    “When Harry Met Sally” is another favorite…yeah…I add it too.

  12. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    Love some of the ones mentioned above but close to the top of my list is
    The Right Stuff. I love Tom Wolfe’s books and this movie not only is as good as the book but maybe even better. The cast is amazing. Sam Shepard, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn and who can forget Dennis Quaid as Gordo Cooper (“who’s the best pilot you ever saw?”). Almost perfection.

    Rear Window. Jimmy Stewart. Grace Kelly. Nuff said.

    The Philadelphia Story. One of my favorite Cary Grant movies. One of my favorite Katharine Hepburn movies. And I crack up at the mom admonishing her daughter about how ladies should never say something stinks. ” If necessary, something smells , but only if absolutely necessary”.

    The Blues Brothers. I miss John Belushi.

    The Prestige. I didn’t see this when it came out because I had just seen The Illusionist and thought two movies about magicians would be overkill. Boy, was I wrong. This was incredible and currently offered on Comcast On Demand. Go watch it. Chills

    Giant. Before Dallas, (I’m dating myself here)and all the who shot J.R. parties in college, there was Giant. I’m not sure but this may have been James Dean’s last movie. Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, sweeping family saga. Love it.

    Hoosiers reminds me of where I grew up (basketball was king). It was set before my time but still makes me feel nostalgic. Plus, love Gene Hackman.

    Braveheart, although it’s hard to watch the ending. When we were in Scotland we went to where some of the battles were fought and it gave me the same feeling I get at civil war battlefields.

    Maverick. I know, I know. Lightweight. But it’s got Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson and James Garner and I love it.

    Contact. Can’t believe how well they did with Carl Sagan’s book. Jodie Foster again.

    For sheer laughs…..Young Frankenstein is king. RIP Marty Feldman.

    Also, Animal House, Ghostbusters, Stripes……..and Rock Horror Picture Show.

    Wow, looking at this list, maybe I should look into therapy……nah, at least there’s no horror on it.

  13. Shelley Says:

    soumate…yes there is…Rocky Horror! 😉

    Stripes is pretty great, I must agree. And I love Rocky Horror…especially Gray…who plays a mean Dr. Frankenfurter.

  14. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    *snork* at Shelley. Of course…….I KNEW I’d seen Gray somewhere before!

  15. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    I love talking about movies! Anyone see Little Miss Sunshine? Maybe not a top 10 favorite, but I still really liked it!

  16. Miriam Says:

    Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorites as well and I cry for joy at the same scene you do. I can’t watch it without crying. LOL. Alan Rickman’s facial expressions are amazing. The clip you have here is a perfect example. WOW.


  17. shrewspeaks Says:

    It’s A Wonderful Life
    Rear Window
    The Princess Bride
    and JAWS all rank high

    But lately these three are rising to the can watch over and over again level…
    Waiting for Guffman
    Best In Show
    A Mighty Wind

    Amazing stuff that is funny and touching!

  18. SoulmateCT(for 2 more weeks!) Says:

    Oh, I forgot about The Princess Bride. *Tosses it up onto my list as well*

  19. Shelley Says:

    love me some christopher guest

  20. double d Says:

    Shrew, WHA!?!?!……No Cusack?

  21. Shelley Says:

    DD!!! you’re totally right.

    Please add High Fidelity to my list.

    thank you.

  22. nolagirl Says:

    Do y’all remember Untamed Heart? It’s not one that I’ve re-watched but it was so gut-wrenching from what I recall that it’s stuck with me.

    My 2 faves hands-down are The American President (love the regalness to Michael Douglas and the cute, snarkiness of Annette Benning) and You’ve Got Mail (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan – duh).

    Also love:

    I Am Sam (oh, the tears)
    Pretty Woman
    Life is Beautiful
    Rocky V
    Never Been Kissed (“I don’t wanna be Josie Grossie anymore!!”)

  23. Hatson Says:

    It’s A Wonderful Life, While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless In Seattle, 12 Angry Men. A Thousand Clowns, Field Of Dreams, Diner, Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. Actually I can’t narrow it to ten really.

  24. shrewspeaks Says:

    DD…it is over between Johnny and I…he never returns my calls

  25. jenfera Says:


    I just received an email. It’s an embarassment of riches. I have won another meet & greet with the SMB for this weekend! What should I do? I’ve already had my MOS signed. I just checked Cafe Press, and I have missed any and all deadlines for ordering an MB shirt to give him. Should I…

    a) Skip it. Been there, done that? M&G is at 5:30. The show isn’t until 8:00. What do I do with my mother and my 9 and 12 year old neices for 2 hours inbetween before the show?

    b) Go for it. Hope for a better picture than the one from this escapade, where my eyes look all bugged out.

    c) If option b is chosen, what could I bring? All my TH loot is already signed, and I really don’t need anything more like that. (never really been a big autograph fan anyway.) I could give him something, but what?

    A thousand apologies for going off topic. Shelley, if you’d like to whack me with a fish for derailing the thread, I will totally understand. In order to redeem myself, I will say that if we are talking Cusack, I love, love, loved Grosse Pointe Blank. Also, Joan Cusack in My Blue Heaven. Also forgot My Cousin Vinnie -“My neice! The daught-ah of my sist-ah! Is getting married before me!”

  26. justwatchin Says:

    Thanks for the videos…I’d seen Emma once, tho I came in after it had started….never remembered the name of the movie, but I was so impressed by it….finally, I know the title and can see it again!

    Here’s one I can watch, no matter when it’s on, or where in the movie I come in on it

    In the Heat of the Night….Rod Steiger (doesn’t get much better)…wants so desperately to be smart, and is painfully aware of his shortcomings, but his heart is in the right place.

    Love Wonderful Life, just for the pure beauty of the storyand the message of hope. A total classic.

    Can’t get thru the brutality in Braveheart (I tried, it was on TV last nite…knowing how it ends, I couldn’t get past the opening violence with the girl”friend”..)

    Angel & the Badman…John Wayne (its gotta be good)…a simple sweet love story.(I’m gonna recheck the title, but I think that’s right)..

    My Cousin Vinny….it’s hoot, and makes me laugh everytime I see it!

  27. Hatson Says:

    Jen, You lucky girl! It may be a “Sign”(Sleepless in Seattle) you should buy a lottery ticket. Also I forgot SOMEWHERE IN TIME! I named my daughter McKenna For that movie. It is so great!

  28. justwatchin Says:

    Yep, Angel and the Badman is correct (John Wayne & Gail Russell)

    Also a fav, charming, simple….You got Mail (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan)

  29. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    True Lies
    Fight Club
    HIgh Fidelity
    School of Rock
    Tears of the Sun
    Saving Private Ryan
    Flags of our Father
    Inside Man
    Children of Men
    The Benchwarmers

  30. justwatchin Says:

    ugh…You’ve Got Mail

  31. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    True Grit
    Angel and the Badman
    Must Love Dogs


  32. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:


  33. Shelley Says:

    jeremiah johnson….Quadruple BLECH!!!! 😉

  34. shrewspeaks Says:

    Jen…give it away and…(not a favorite movie…but seems right)…Pay It Forward

    Speaking of which what happened to Helen Hunt anyway?

  35. jenfera Says:

    Interesting idea, shrew. Of course, they *say* that you cannot give them away, and that only the person who purchased the tickets can use them. But from my previous experience, it didn’t seem like they were checking ID’s by that point. They check your ID when you get the pass, but not at the door. Hmmm.

    And, I asked that question about Helen in my first comment!

  36. shrewspeaks Says:

    I know 😉

  37. Jules Says:

    Love High Fidelity! Also Say Anything I’ve watched a zilliion times. Also love Office Space, definitely Stripes (my BF’s nickname is The Big Toe), Harvey, The Big Lebowski, The Graduate, White Oleander, Love Story, Steel Magnolias. My favorite movie of all time is Jerry Maguire. I saw it for the first time 10 years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I watched it every day for a long stretch & I’ll pop it in when I’m down. It’s like a security blanket.

  38. Claire Says:

    12 Angry Men – Must. That is all.

    It’s A Wonderful Life – ‘cos I’m really a sentimental soul…

    West Side Story – the singing, the dancing…could it BE any better?

    The Field – a powerful drama about the strong bond between man and “the land”

    The Shawshank Redemption – you GO with your bad self, Tim Robbins!!

    Driving Miss Daisy – Morgan Freeman was just wonderful here, as was Jessica Tandy. A gentle triumph.

    The Commitments – ya just gotta.

    Trainspotting – yikes.

    Schindlers List – pass the Kleenex STAT!! (Shelley, did you ever watch the end of this film? I remember a post about it some time back..dear God, the tears…)

    Pretty much the entre Lord of the Rings trilogy – for sheer escapism and fantasy.

  39. Shelley Says:

    Claire…great call on “Driving Miss Daisy.” I gotta say…I’m pretty much in love with anything Morgan Freeman does. (Did I ever tell y’all I stayed at his house? Didn’t meet him,but I know his wife.)

    However, I refuse to watch “Schindler’s List” or any movie dealing with the holocaust. My dad has tried for years to get me to watch “Sophie’s Choice” and I just can’t. I know if I watched any of that I would fall apart for days and days and days.

    Heck, I saw all three LOTRs movies and cried for a full day after the final one. When Frodo gets on that boat…I lost it.

  40. sideways721 Says:

    shrew, Helen Hunt has had at least one, and I think two children. Hawaiian names if I recall.

    Nobody has listed The Godfather.
    Love that one and Godfather Two.
    Goodfellas is also a favorite.
    Terms of Endearment
    Mystic River
    The Wizard of Oz
    About Schmidt
    Sideways (of course)
    Forrest Gump
    Fatal Attraction
    Life is Beautiful
    Groundhog Day
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Jaws (watched that a couple months ago, my kids and I were howling at how corny it seems now, but still love it) I remember the movie theatre being sold out when we went to see it.

    Besides favorite movies, do you have movies that are just fun to watch and zone out? I’m thinking movies like Baby Boom, Overboard, What about Bob, Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.

  41. Claire Says:

    Shelley, Schindlers List is a wonderful film. I completely understand your reluctance to watch it. It is difficult to admit that people could be so completely cruel and inhumane to each other in the very recent past. But ultimately it is a story of bravery, selflessness, and the strength of the human spirit. I highly recommend it as a humbling experience. Although the last ten minutes (at the actual grave of Oskar Schindler) are emotional in the extreme. I have seen it several times and I always cry my eyes out. Real life tends to have that effect on ya.

    I must admit, I shed a wee tear when Ol’ Blue Eyes (Frodo) got on the boat in LOTR. Those films were just so beautifully made, they drew your emotions out, whether you wanted them to or not!!

    Seriously – you want to see me REALLY cry? Show me a film that has a limping dog in it. I’m a goner.

  42. sideways721 Says:

    Oh yeah,
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Grifters

  43. jenfera Says:

    Another good weepy – City of Angels. I’ve heard the original French version is much better, but I haven’t seen it to compare. Depressing and uplifting all at the same time.

  44. texastaylorfan Says:

    Shelley, I couldn’t believe that I’ve only seen two of the movies on your favorites list – Amadeus and Misery.
    I was just telling someone the other day how much I love Misery — my favorite scary movie.
    Another favorite is About A Boy with Hugh Grant.
    What About Bob with Bill Murray always makes me laugh.
    And I wish I could find just ONE other person who has seen Unconditional Love with Kathy Bates, Dan Ackroyd, and Rupert Everett. Julie Andrews and Barry Manilow even have small parts. I LOVED this movie before my celebrity crush on Taylor. I still love it, but it scares me a little to relate to the Kathy Bates character now. 😉

  45. Shelley Says:

    texastaylorfan…you’ll be happy to know i’ve added “unconditional love” to my netflix queue (no. 5 out of 228)

    also…about a boy is FABULOUS!!!

  46. texastaylorfan Says:

    Oooooo Shelley, I’m rubbing my hands together with glee!
    Please let me know what you honestly think of this movie after you watch it. I’ve never been able to find ONE person to talk to about it.
    Warning – it’s very, uhmm, zany. I googled it after I watched it because I liked it so much and it had mostly bad reviews. One slightly positive review I remember reading said “If you like dark comedy, you’ll like this.” Never had realized I liked dark comedy, but I guess I do.

  47. sideways721 Says:

    The Big Chill

    Loved the soundtrack as much as the movie.

  48. Jules Says:

    texastaylorfan – I know how frustrating that can be unfortunately I haven’t seen Unconditional Love & won’t anytime soon as I just checked Blockbuster online & no stores around here have it in stock. A movie that I absolutely love & didn’t include in my list only because I can never find anyone who’s seen it is Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss. If anybody has seen this let me know I think it’s a hoot! Another Jean Shepard movie – The Chrismas Story family (played by different actors-Jerry O’Connell as Ralph) on a family vacation. I actually think it’s funnier than The Christmas Story. I had it taped off HBO for years until I lent it to someone who moved away before returning it. Last year I actually found a copy on ebay someone must have bootlegged somehow onto DVD cause it’s never been available on DVD. The quality is actually pretty decent.

  49. double d Says:

    Ok, maybe one other that I don’t get tired of:

    Fried Green Tomatoes, SPECIFICALLY for this scene.


  50. Lubiana Says:

    Shelley I loved your movie choices! I’ve seen most of them and they are among my faves as well. My all time fave movie series is the Lord of the Rings. I read the books as a teenager and have been in love with them ever since. In my opinion Peter jackson did a Phenomenal job bringing Tolkien’s visions to life.

  51. Staci Says:

    Can I just list the 10 reasons why Pride and Prejudice (2005) is my FAVORITE movie of all time? The cliip you included is near the top (the way he almost gives in to his desire to kiss her… the rain… beautiful). The Netherfield Ball, which you referenced, is THE BEST scene of the movie… The use of Chatsworth as Pemberly (especially the statuary and the veiled woman)… the shot of Darcy’s hand after he helps Elizabeth into the coach as she leaves Netherfield after Jane’s illness… The smile on Darcy’s face as he and his sister and Elizabeth banter about “forcing” Elizabeth to play the piano with Georgiana… the use of the swing and changing climate to indicate time passing… Tom Hollander as a very meek Mr. Collins… Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland as Elizabeth’s parents… The old tree Elizabeth and the Gardiner’s sit on (yes, Shell)… and last but not least “I love…love… love you” at the end. 🙂

    Blah, blah, blah about my top ten movies… all have hints of Jane Austen, or are from Miramax video…
    In addition to P&P 2005, in no certain order…
    Emma and Sliding Doors (Love Gwenyth)
    Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson is brilliant)
    Persuasion (I LOVE Ciaran Hinds)
    Love Actually, Bridget Jones (both versions), Pride and Prejudice (BBC version)…seeing a Colin Firth trend here?
    I can’t believe it! I get to nine, and I reach movie block. Seems like it should be another movie that smacks all things British, since the other nine are… hmmm… Notting Hill is always good for a laugh…
    If I were honest, I would add … prepare for this… Disney’s High School Musical. I know. bows head in shame it’s right up there with admitting to watching Lifetime (which I do sometimes)…. slinks slowly away

  52. jojo Says:

    I love Broadcast News, it’s such a witty film. Especially liked the line where Albert Brooks says of William Hurt’s character, “He’s just clever enough to understand how stupid he is.”
    That’s kinda how I like to think of myself, lol.

    The Apartment – One of my all time favourite films, with Jack Lemon and Shirley Mclaine. It just happened to be on the telly one wet Saturday afternoon years ago and I was completely enchanted by it. It’s great when you start watching a film, not knowing what to expect, and it turns out to be a quite magical experience.

    In fact anything by Billy Wilder could be in my top 10, or Alfred Hitchcock (…The Birds…yikes….I’ll never look at a starling in the same way again!).

    There’s just so many,
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House – I love old screwball comdies.

    The Ladykillers – or indeed, anything with Peter Sellers in it.

    Chocolat or Amelie – just because they’re so luscious to look at.

    The Vanishing (the original Dutch version not the terrible remake) – one of the most haunting and engrosing films I’ve ever seen. It was so compelling I had to watch it right to the end when I first saw it, even though it was 3 in the morning!
    It’s the kind of film that you’re still thinking about days later, and if you get the chance to see it, the ending will make you gasp, I guarentee it!

    Top Hat – yup, you can’t beat a bit of Fred’n’Ginger. Pure blissful escapism…..

  53. wpmpuss Says:

    Ah, yes Shelley…..a period piece gal….me, too! If you ever get the chance (and the time) catch BBC’s 6 part miniseries of P & P wid Colin Firth as Darcy….brilliant!
    I always consider my favorite movies as ones I can watch more than once. Amadeus is definitely one of those. Add to that list “Out of Africa” wid Meryl Streep and Bobby Redford, Raging Bull (Bobby DeNiro), A Beautiful Mind (I’ve watched it three times), Dune, All of the Lord of the Rings movies, The Bridges of Madison County, The Notebook.
    Glad to hear the grunt work on selling your house is behind ya!
    Love all you guys and miss you berry much!

  54. wpmpuss Says:

    Oh, and for the truly weirdolicious, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Buckaroo Bonsai” and “Videodrome”

  55. laurita Says:

    Okay, my turn for a list of ‘real’ movies I love!

    (That link I put at the top of this thread– the amazing ordinary bloke who will blow you away singing “Nessun Dorma” on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ — was just my favorite YouTube video of the moment! — Btw, do check it out, if you haven’t already 😉 )

    Here goes, strong favorites from the last few months first:

    The Lives of Others – Won the Academy Award this year… seen it 2x.. probably will see it another 2 at least!

    After the Wedding – Nominated – could have won.. filmed in Denmark & India… powerful and beautiful…

    Volver – I love anything by Pedro Almodóvar! Penélope Cruz incredible in this- that’s why she was nom’d for Oscar…

    Babel – I also love the other 2 in this trilogy of films by Alejandro González Iñárritu, Amores Perros and 21 Grams

    The Departed – Scorcese never ceases to amaze… One of my other favorites of his of all time is Kundun… the scene where the Dalai Lama is escaping on horseback over the mountains from Tibet into exile, and turns back to see something (which I won’t divulge…), is one of the most incredible film scenes for me EVER… So glad ‘Marty’ finally won the Best Director Oscar this year!

    Little Miss Sunshine – yes, SoulmateCT, loved it!- that and Sideways both had me laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants 😉

    Two other favorites (quite different!) from this past year:
    An Inconvenient Truth (learned so much, and in a very good way..) and Dreamgirls

    From the last few years:
    Give me ‘biopics’! (read every biography in my elementary school library!):
    Walk the Line
    Dead Man Walking

    Also have loved & seen 2-5 times over the years (some, def. bring the Kleenex packets!):

    Il Postino
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Hustle & Flow
    Cinema Paradiso
    Citizen Kane
    AND, last but not least!

    P.S. I recently gave up Netflix (yep, cold turkey!) and have somewhat replaced it with my favorite TV channel these days, TCM – Turner Classic Movies..
    Many of the films I’ve mentioned above are broadcast there– I record and then download onto DVDs by the dozens… (No, I don’t have a life, thank you!)

    They did a Brando tribute recently, where I got another favorite: Streetcar Named Desire

    Okay, Shelley, you’ve gone and opened my closet and Pandora’s Box, and I’ve outed myself – F.L.A. (Film Lovers Anonymous):
    “My name is Lauri, and I’m a wacko film buff…”
    (and even wrote a book about film festivals!)

    Alright then, I’m cutting myself off this thread, NOW!

    (P.S. Would love ‘buddy’ comments from other F.L.A. members!)

  56. wompuss Says:

    and yes, that is wOmpuss, not wPmpuss…~LOL~

  57. jojo Says:

    laurita, the Nessun Dorma clip is really amazing. It’s such an emotional t.v. show. Did you see the young baton twirling guy, Craig? Very moving, and I suppose there are shades of Billy Elliot about his story so it’s kind of movie related!

    Just thought of a few more:
    Freida – another brilliant performance by Penelope Cruz.
    The Piano
    Lost in Translation

    Staci, don’t feel bad about liking Disney’s High School Musical. Why, I’ve always had a soft spot for “Fame”. That’s the movie AND the t.v. show………*goes to sit on naughty step*….

  58. mamaforpeace Says:

    Most of the early Fellini
    A lot of Peter Wier’s movies, old ones like the Last Wave and Gallipolli, and The Dead Poet Society, of course!
    I think Kubrick was great! The Shining scared the hell out of me.
    Some of Robert Redford’s movies as a director, but especially Ordinary People (one of my top 10)
    French directors: Louis Malle, Luc Besson, Francois Truffaut
    West Side Story, the Commitments, Before Midnight
    The last movie I really loved: Brokeback Mountain.

  59. Laurita Says:

    mfp– thanks!
    I can’t believe I forgot Brokeback Mountain in my ridiculously long post! ( I had it written down at the top of my notes… space cadet…)

    I’ve seen it 6 times, and even got to go the first time to a special preview where the director and producer did a Q&A for an hour afterwards..

    It had an incredibly powerful effect on me.. opened my heart big time.. esp. about how short life is, and how we must act on our passions… After that first screening more than a year ago, I made the decision to go to law school – yep, at age 53, after telling myself I was too old and not smart enough! in fact, just got a $12K scholarship last week!
    “Anything is possible…” 😉

  60. mamaforpeace Says:

    Laurita, good for you! What an exciting decision you made. it’s about time that our dreams not be limited by age, or anything else for that matter, but it does take guts. Congratulations about the scholarship.
    Brokeback haunted me for weeks after I saw it. Couldn’t get it out of my head and heart.

  61. Laurita Says:

    Yikes! 😉
    Another “OMG, I forgot —————” moment!

    There’s a truly amazing film from Ireland called “ONCE” which just had its theatrical release in the U.S. and internationally last month..

    I’m going to see it for the 3rd time tonite with my parents and aunt here in Miami where it just opened at their local multiplex…

    It won a bunch of Audience Awards at Sundance and other festivals in the last few months; I saw it in San Francisco with a friend from London – a macho guy who proclaimed it ‘REALLY great’..

    “A modern day musical set on the streets of Dublin. Featuring Glen Hansard and his Irish band “The Frames,” the film tells the story of a street musician and a Czech immigrant during an eventful week as they write, rehearse and record songs that reveal their unique love story.”

    fyi, the ending is NOT what you will expect.. a very unusual story that’s not formulaic in any way…

    Critical Consensus on my favorite film review site (which gives it overall 96% of reviewers saying it’s ‘very good’) –

    “A charming, captivating tale of love and music, ‘Once’ sets the standard for the modern musical.

    Hopefully it’s playing near you, or will be coming soon, cause it’s a wonderful treat to see on the big screen.. no matter what, I’ll definitely buy the DVD of this one, and share it with all my friends..

    Any other Monkbotters seen it yet? (I’ve kept forgetting to write Shelley and DD/MusicMaven about it for weeks!)

    Check out the trailer, clips of a few live performances & some of the songs on their site:

    Listen to “Falling Slowly” which plays which you open the page… it’s completely captivating, esp. after you see the movie… I ordered the soundtrack recently..

    Will look forward to hear what you all think after you see it! 😉

  62. leejolem Says:

    Texastaylorfan, I’ve seen Unconditional Love–very interesting indeed! It did put me in mind of some of the Soul Patrol!

    My extras to add:
    Elizabeth (with Cate Blanchett)—I love historical fiction movies
    My Dog Skip (if you’ve ever owned a dog this is a tear-jerker)
    Brian’s Song (the last slo-mo of Brian P. and Gayle Sayers running–sob, sob!

    Laurita, I love to watch indie type films that no ones heard of on the Sundance channel. the problem is I’ve seen some wonderful movies, but I never remember their names. I’ll have to start writing the titles down.

  63. Laurita Says:

    The performers sing my favorite song from “Once” live in Chicago Dec. 06:

  64. Dr. Bob Says:

    Late, but okay

    The Black Stallion
    Say Anything
    Shawshank Redemption
    The Princess Bride (I don’t think that it means what you think it means … )
    Strictly Ballroom
    Shall We Dance (japanese version only) and The Full Monty
    West Side Story and The Sound of Music
    High Fidelity
    Pride and Prejudice
    Young Frankenstein (Yes, Yes, Yes … He … was … my … BOYFRIEND!)
    The Gods Must be Crazy
    When Harry Met Sally (Today we talk like thees …)
    The Matrix

    I love Schindler’s List, but I can’t watch it over and over. Convulsive tears …

    And the guy from South Wales was fab … thanks for sharing.

  65. Mos Eisley Says:

    Wizard of Oz
    Taxi Driver
    Raising Arizona
    To Kill A Mockingbird
    Good Fellas
    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
    The God Father
    What’s Up Doc
    My Life As a Dog
    Spinal Tap

    I’m so with you on these, Laurita! Everytime I watch I think… “I’m not going to cry again…” but end up with tears streaming down my contorted face EVERY time:

    Il Postino
    Cinema Paradiso

  66. Mos Eisley Says:

    Oh, and one of my favorite underdog movies: “Breaking Away”

  67. Karen Says:

    Late to the party, but. . .

    Great list – I’ve seen most of them, Amadeus the most times of any film in a theater, plus I own the VHS, the DVD, the sound track, and the supplemental CD of music that was referenced in the movie. The first time I saw it, I knew that F. Murray Abraham would win the Oscar that year.
    Pride & Prejudice – I, too, prefer the BBC version with Colin Firth as Darcy. Love it when he throws himself into fencing to hose down his growing desire for Elizabeth.
    Sense & Sensibility – Love the Shakespeare sonnet featured: “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds . . .”
    Emma – wonderful too, for all the reasons you mention
    Empire Strikes back – absolutely agree it was the best of the trilogy
    12 Angry Men – great choice. Did you know that George Clooney did a live version of this on tv? I taped it and then didn’t watch it, but I might still have the tape (if I didn’t copy over it in desperation to tape something else). If I have it, would you like a DVD copy of it?
    And I have seen “Mother.” I love Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks.

    Double D: I love “The Quiet Man,” too. The ultimate John Wayne in kind of a departure role.

    Here’s my list

    “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” with Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson. I was bowled over by JS’s acting in this. Alan Rickman is amazing as the boyfriend who “comes back” because she is hurting so much over his death and can’t move on. That lays the groundwork for a richly layered movie with wonderful dialogue, music, characters, etc. Part of a poem (The Dead Woman, by Pablo Neruda) is featured effectively in this movie as well, in a very touching scene near the end.
    I love the Bach music that is woven into the beginning and end of the movie.

    “Out of Africa,” with Meryl Streep, Robert Redford, and Claus Maria Brandauer. I love the soundtrack, and so identified with the abandonment and loss issues in this movie. Love the poem featured in a heart-wrenching scene at the graveside – “To An Athlete Dying Young,” by A. E. Houseman. One of my favorite snippets is near the end when the main character is leaving and asks her manservant to say her name. When he says “You are Karen…” You wonder what his feelings for her are – admiration, respect, loyalty, maybe even love.

    “Joe Versus the Volcano,” a highly underrated Tom Hanks film. He made fun of it himself on SNL. But it’s a wonderful, quirky movie. Meg Ryan plays three different roles, and does a great job. My favorite scene — they are near death on a raft in the middle of the ocean, MR is unconscious, and TH close to it, when he sees the moon rising above the horizon. The moon is made to appear unnaturally large, TH stands in front of it, arms raised up and says, “Oh God, whose name I do not know, thank you for my life.” I dissolve into tears every time I watch this scene.

    Other favorites, all wonderful:
    Deep End of the Ocean
    The Hunt for Red October
    Searching for Bobby Fisher

    Oh, yeah – regarding Schindler’s list. It’s the only R-rated movie I’ve ever seen in the theatre (sometimes watch them edited on tv, though). I went with a friend who had just gotten a medical diagnosis reprieve. SL was very hard to watch, and once was enough; although I did tape it when it was shown commercial-free on tv. Have never rewatched it.

  68. Shelley Says:

    great call on K-PAX, Karen.. I LOVE that film.

    I’m off to see if netflix has the clooney version of 12 angry men. thanks for the heads up!

  69. Karen Says:

    Shelley: The George Clooney live broadcast might have been “Fail Safe.” I’m not certain — guess it depends on what dimension I’m currently in. ;0)

  70. Karen Says:

    Shelley: Ok, I’m in the universe where George Clooney remade “Fail Safe.” Sorry.

  71. Karen Says:

    Shelley: Quick save. Again, I’m sorry. I promise to always check my source first from now on.

    Here’s another quirky little film you might enjoy: “Everything’s Illuminated,” with Elijah Wood. There is moment at the end that is sort of dark and shocking, but overall iit has an upbeat finish.

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