Five Card Cheesy Stud


Okay…here’s the game.

In my hand I hold five cheesy studs. I’m going to call and see if anyone can top them.

To beat my hand…your studs have to be cheesier…and have, at some point in modern pop culture history (since the 70s) been considered a “stud.”

Everyone will chime in to vote on who gives the cheesiest hand as the game goes along. A stud card can be stolen no more than three times…so READ ALL THE COMMENTS BEFORE SHOWING YOUR HAND. Hands dealt with studs who have already been bet three times will have to fold.

Also, no hand can have more than one stolen stud…or you’ll have to fold.

Only bet five studs at a time. And you must allow at least four other players to take part before you bet again!

All studs mentioned must be hotlinked to a picture or video (see Mad Monkbot HTML Skillz page for refresher on hotlinking). If you don’t link to pictures…you must forfeit your hand.

Do NOT link to nudie or offensive pictures or videos or I will stop the game immediately.

If you steal a cheesy stud for your hand…your photo or video MUST be cheesier than the hand you stole it from!

One last rule…if you don’t want to play and instead want to share some tidbit about something totally not related to the game…kindly don’t. There are plenty of other boards to talk about all different kinds of things. If you really must chat about something unrelated…use the stinkin’ chat feature!

Takes a deep breath, smooths ruffled feathers, and smiles sweetly once more…

Now…for some fun.

Fridays are usually pretty slow around here…so I’m really not expecting this to work great…but we won’t know if we don’t try. Here goes.

I call…

One Scott Baio

One Leif Garrett

One David Cassidy

One Ryan Seacrest

and One Fabio

Who can beat that?

P.S. There is one wild card that I won’t name, but if someone uses it…they will win the Official Prize of the Day.


92 Responses to “Five Card Cheesy Stud”

  1. laurita Says:

    Before getting down to this very serious effort, had to make sure I understood what you’re talking about here, Shelley..
    Came up with the following: Unabridged (v 1.1)
    stud (2)   [stuhd] –noun
    1. a studhorse or stallion.
    2. an establishment, as a farm, in which horses are kept for breeding.
    3. a number of horses, usually for racing or hunting, bred or kept by one owner.
    4. a male animal, as a bull or ram, kept for breeding.
    5. a herd of animals kept for breeding.
    6. Slang. a man, esp. one who is notably virile and sexually active.
    7. Poker. stud poker. – a variety of poker in which each player is dealt one card face down in the first round and one card face up in each of the next four rounds, each of the last four rounds being followed by a betting
    8. of, associated with, or pertaining to a studhorse or studhorses.
    9. retained for breeding purposes.
    10. at or in stud, (of a male animal) offered for the purpose of breeding.

    stud (1)  noun, verb, stud·ded, stud·ding, adjective

    1. a boss, knob, nailhead, or other protuberance projecting from a surface or part, esp. as an ornament.
    2. any of various buttonlike, usually ornamental objects, mounted on a shank that is passed through an article of clothing to fasten it: a collar stud.
    3. any of a number of slender, upright members of wood, steel, etc., forming the frame of a wall or partition and covered with plasterwork, siding, etc.
    4. any of various projecting pins, lugs, or the like, on machines or other implements.
    5. Automotive. any of a large number of small projecting lugs embedded in an automobile tire (studded tire) to improve traction on snowy or icy roads.
    6. an earring consisting of a small, buttonlike ornament mounted on a metal post designed to pass through a pierced ear lobe.
    7. Horology. the piece to which the fixed end of a hairspring is attached.
    –verb (used with object)
    8. to set with or as if with studs, bosses, or the like: ‘The leather-covered door was studded with brass nails.’
    9. (of things) to be scattered over the expanse or surface of: ‘Stars stud the sky. ‘
    10. to set or scatter (objects) at intervals over an expanse or surface: ‘to stud raisins over a cake.’
    11. to furnish with or support by studs.
    12. ornamented with rivets, nailheads, or other buttonlike, usually metallic objects: ‘a stud belt.’

    Okay, NOW with this understanding, I can get down to the important work of playing this game! 😉
    (And I’m armed with all the big-boy tricks from seeing
    “Ocean’s 13” last nite – watch out!)

  2. Jan Says:

    I would like to play my hand…

  3. Shelley Says:

    Jan…you shark! you’re definitely out for blood. the david lee roth was a brilliant strategical move.

    i tend to question frampton’s “studliness” but i have to say…rob lowe is a definite big card.

    well played!

  4. shrewspeaks Says:

    One Ralph

    I see you David and I raise you one Sean

    One Bad Boy Matt

    One C Thomas

    And lastly…Davey Jones

    Heeheehee Whoops…
    I mean this guy

  5. Shelley Says:

    shrew….go on with your bad self. i can’t believe i didn’t think of ralph. great move!

    and the picture of the “real” davey cracked me up. 😀

  6. jenfera Says:

    I have no clue how to play poker, so I guess I am just going to lay all my cards on the table.






  7. The Lindbergh Baby Says:





    and the big kicker

    Mr. O

  8. Jules Says:

    George M.

    John S.

    John S. 2

    The Hoff


  9. Shelley Says:

    bwahahaha at chuck norris.

  10. double d Says:

    As you all know, I prefer older men:

    Rober Urich

    David Jansen

    James Garner

    Bruce Springsteen

    and my all-time stud….the trump…..

    Greg Norman

  11. Jules Says:

    Shelley – Chuck Norris is funny any way you slice it. I work with a guy who has a thing for CN jokes so for his birthday I had this cake made. No one wanted to eat it cause it was so hilarious. I wanted to play this picture in my hand but couldn’t find it.

  12. shrewspeaks Says:

    I don’t care if I am disqualified for not waiting for four people to post…I can’t wait any longer…

    The Bandit

    The Son

    Ask Laurie Partridge

    Hey Venus

  13. shrewspeaks Says:

    Hey it ate my fifth one…
    for texan

  14. Shelley Says:

    there’s still a wild card to be submitted.

  15. leejolem Says:

    I go away for a week and look at all the fun I’ve missed! Shellley–I jsut have to add 2 movies to the top ten list cuz I’m afraid if I put it on that thread no one will read them. Please don’t throw a fish because I’m exhausted and emotionally tenuous from reading like 80 emails at work and catching up on problems, new projects etc… I can’t participate in poker cuz it takes too long to link at work.

    I lerved everyone’s movie lists and will add these 3: Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett, Brian’s Song (“oh how he lived”-sob, sob), My Dog Skip (“he’s buried in my heart”-sob, sob, weep, etc…)

    I know a girl who thinks Hulk Hogan is the sexiest man alive–I hope he’s not your wild card Shelley!

  16. ridearoundsally Says:

    hmmm ok heres my hand

    Burt Reynold (in smokey and the bandit)
    Tom Cruise (cocktail) ….blue stilton!!!
    Matthew broderick (Ferris beuler)
    William Shatner ( Captain Kirk)..a mild gorgonzola…I had a crush on him!!
    John Travolta (sat night fever)…a sharp cheddar..tasty but cheesy!
    Al Pacino (say hello to my little frieind edam)

    Read them and weap…hehehehheheh..any more cheese and you will need a nice dry white wine and crackers. to see Julie got my fish!

  17. Shelley Says:

    sally has a point deducted for using TWO stolen cards and another point for not linking. 😉

    throws fish at lee…I read all posts…even if they are late.

  18. ridearoundsally Says:

    well you know me..I only read every fith line..hehehe

  19. Jules Says:

    How’s this for a wild card?

  20. Shelley Says:

    not bad…but not the wild card.

  21. jenfera Says:

    Is this the wild card?


  22. Shelley Says:

    you’re getting hotter

  23. Laurita Says:

    Wild card’s gotta,/b> be 06 hottest bachelor – come on, S! 😉,,1201344_1203645_1,00.html,,1201344_1203695,00.html

  24. Laurita Says:

    sorry, my hotmetalling is a mess!

  25. Shelley Says:

    Official Prize of the Day goes to Laurita.


    How can anyone NOT think Taylor Hicks is the cheesiest stud ever?

    (I’m having linking issues today…sorry)

  26. jenfera Says:

    I thought it was a trap and that the official prize would be a bombardment of fishes.

  27. Jules Says:

    Way to go jen! That does seem like it should have been way obvious but it totally got by me. I have to try another hand – these are just too funny. Everyone’s hands are great. Not to mention I don’t feel like doing the mountain of work in front of me.

    The Other Corey

    Robert Downey Jr.

    George Clooney

    Patrick Swayze

    Brad Pitt – 2 for the price of 1

  28. Jules Says:

    Oops I screwed up the George Clooney – sorry!

  29. bamaborntxbred Says:

    My list:

    I don’t care what y’all say.

    Duh, as if the whole post could pass w/o mention of this cheesy stud.

    My personal fave “Teen heartthrob turn AlternaRock God” cheesy stud. Now that’s what I call guyliner, ladies.

    The honey-voiced, if not cheesy, stud.

    I still haven’t figured out why I’m attracted to this cheesy stud. “Yer Derek Zoolander!”

  30. jenfera Says:

    It wasn’t me Jules! It was Laurita who guessed correctly.

    Can we really call George Clooney cheesey???? Granted, that is a hysterical picture (nice find!), but if that man is cheese, I wanna be crackers. Or wine.

  31. bamaborntxbred Says:


    I prefer my men from 2007!!

  32. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Oh, yeah:

    I love this funny stud too.

  33. jenfera Says:

    We’ve missed this important cheesy stud! (who knew he had those arms??)

  34. Jules Says:

    Sorry jen! Way to go Laurita!!!! 🙂

    I think George has had his moments…

  35. Jules Says:

    The ultimate Office stud himself…

  36. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Stevie is pretty darn cute.

  37. double d Says:

    How about Vinny Barbarino?

  38. Little Deb Says:

    How come nobody mentioned Bobby Sherman?

  39. Hatson Says:

    Shelley……wzup with Taylor as the cheesy stud. You gotta dance with the fella who brought you!!! Shame on you! A little wet fish for you. Say you are sorry or my Mom won’t let me play with you.

  40. Jules Says:

    I think I’m a little out of control with this but I have to post one more. When I was 11 I honestly thought that I would marry John Taylor when I grew up. Unfortunately there’s been no proposal as of yet…:(

    Ahhh…dreamy! (but 80s cheese all the way!)

  41. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hatson….girrrl…no you di’int. You can’t slap Momma Monkbot with a wet fish.

    A). She doesn’t owe Taylor anything. (She’s already given her blood, sweat, tears, money, stress, etc. to him).

    2). He SO totally is a Cheesy Stud.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that….my list included guys I’m actually thoroughly attracted to.

  42. bamaborntxbred Says:

    Hi DD! Miss you girl! How are the kittens? Mini-DD? Monklex?

  43. Laurita Says:

    I am so humbled by the great Shelley finally awarding me the Prize of the Day – This is so exciting… almost better than getting that $12,000 law school scholarship last week! 😉

    Now, pray tell, oh supreme monkbotmeister, what in the world is Mr.Monkbot looking up at in that prize/photo? I’ve never seen it before..

  44. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    I’m sorry I thought we were playing go fish….anyways he are some cheesy fellas for y’all

  45. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

  46. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

  47. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    sorry screwed up hang on

  48. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

  49. patrickkaddiddlehopper Says:

    and this is for you shell you’re such a………..

  50. shrewspeaks Says:

    Lil’ Deb check out the Laurie Partridge one

  51. Hatson Says:

    Bama, you are right……… Sorry Shell, but to me cheesy stud is an oxymoron.

  52. leejolem Says:

    Has anyone mentioned the Cheesiest 80’s star evah–Don Johnson??? He’s looking a little debauched lately, but I still find him sexy.

    patrickkadiddlypoo–I would like you to be my son-in-law. You’re like the kewlest brother ever, and so witty. Shelley, did you help mold him into such a charming young man? Hats off to you and Suzi-q!

  53. double d Says:

    Um, Shelley….can you skewl pdiddyhop on kewl monkbot skillz?

    That’s just ugly.

  54. ivoryhut Says:

    Can I call in reinforcements? I am out of town visiting my cousin (she says hi to everyone), and I had to consult her because I couldn’t remember any of the names of the cheese muffins.

    Here’s our hand:

    Can someone say blazer and espadrilles?

    I see Shrew’s Sean and raise her a Hardy boy

    My name is NOT alpaca

    And he hangs out with one of Shelley’s cards, too

    Did he get the hair flip thing from Farrah?

    That was fun!

  55. ivoryhut Says:

    Argh! My comment went poof into cheeseland. Let’s try this again.

    I’m out of town and visiting my cousin (she says hi to everyone). Shelley, can I call in reinforcements? Because for the life of me I can’t think of cheese muffins, let alone match names to the faces dug up from the deep recesses of my Teen Beat memories.

    Here’s our hand:

    Hey, he was a fashion limerick. I mean maverick. No, wait. I did mean limerick.

    I learned today that you do not spell his name like the animals. But I suspect he’s just as hairy.

    We couldn’t decide if he was more sleazy than cheesy. But either way, there’s a lot of cheddar in there.

    Cheese of the same dairy mold together. Or something like that. Hey look, he hangs out with other cheese too.

    Did he get that flip from Farrah?

    That was fun! Even if I had to type it up and find the links all over again. Third time, maybe not so much. A girl can only take so much fromage.

  56. Jan Says:

    Hmmm…one post says don’t mention Taylor because you’re sick of talking about him and now he’s the cheesy stud? That’s why he wasn’t picked but that particular is really cheesy.

  57. Jan Says:


    That Charleston Heston picture is tied for the grand cheese whiz with Fabio.

  58. Shelley Says:

    Jan…I only meant don’t mention Taylor that one day and to just not let everything devolve into a downward Taylor spiral of controversy, fangirldom, insanity.

    I never said never mention him again…or that I hated that guy and didn’t think he was awesome. 😉

  59. Shelley Says:

    By the way…for the Heston and Stephonopolous and Snake Pleskin shots…I declare P-Diddyhop the winner today!

    Brava, lil’ bro!!!!

  60. ivoryhut Says:

    Er … Shelley, I tried to comment twice and I think the number of links makes a few comments appear like spam.

    Should I add onions, tomatoes, garlic and some celery and make a casserole of it?

  61. Theresa Says:

    Ok, you are all way in a different generation than me, but I’ll play. The 1970’s didn’t have uber-groomed cheesey
    music studs. We had no videos. We just SNL appearances, concerts, The Midnight Special and Rolling Stone covers.
    We were wooed by the radio alone.
    1. Peter Frampton, as he appeared above my bed;
    2. Lindsey Buckingham, for his eyes;
    3. Roger Daltry, in the movie, Tommy;
    4. Emerson, Lake and Palmer , yep, all three;
    5. I’ll throw in an actor, Christopher Reeve, in Superman I;
    6. And my modern wild card will always be unforgettable in this shot.

  62. MaryS-NJ Says:

    Oh come ON… the KING of my tween cheese stud fantasies was –

    The Ace of cheesy studs will always be –
    The Joker of the cheesy stud deck is –
    And I have a pair of cheesy studs here –

  63. sideways721 Says:



    Ok, checking it out.
    Getting home late is no fun.

  64. sideways721 Says:

    Check out this guy:

  65. double d Says:

    Nep O tism

  66. rowan Says:

    Man – a lot of studs to scroll through. Yer all very funny! Here are mine. It takes me so long to find pics and hotlink that someone may gazump me and post one of my blokes before my post is up!

    Okay – cheezmeister Patrick Duffy. Loved his favourite ‘I am a nice compassionate guy and I really care, but what can I do? It’s the system…’ screen expression in “Dallas”. Making me chortle just to think about it.

    My next fellow has to be Lee Majors. Would post Arnie, but think he might have been done.

    And Roger Moore as he was no substitiute for Sir Sean (dontcha think, DD? 😉

    And Shakin Stevens for having the temerity to appear on Top of the Pops along with Duran Duran (yes, Simon was a cheesy hunk in his own right, I do concur, looking back!)

    Finishing up with Bryan Ferry. I sooo hated on him. He was the greasy antihesis of the bouncy blow-dried Monsier le Bon.

  67. rowan Says:

    Antithesis and monsieur. Grr to typos and myopia.

  68. Dr. Bob Says:

    ROWAN — you are in serious trouble … that was MY Patrick Duffy — Man from Atlantis era, thank you very much. Major crushage on him.

    Oooohhhh … you … card stealer!!

    *stomps away*

  69. rowan Says:

    ROFL Dr Bob – I am sorry for gazumping you, honess. Also regret maligning the dashing Mr Duffy if he had other expressions – I didn’t ever get to see him in The Man from Atlantis. It was on ITV, a channel with adverts. My mum only let us watch BBC. Sigh – I think I kinda missed out on this occasion. Will see if i can find any clips on YT.

    Yeh – felt a bit of a heel posting Bobby Ewing. He was cute, and he was sincere. And he had great hair.

  70. GRITS Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented here though I’ve been enjoying the blog for a long time.

    Just had to pipe in to say that I’m glad someone FINALLY added Patrick Swayze to the list. :o)

  71. sideways721 Says:

    Duh, it’s CHEESEY studs.
    Paul Newman was/is a great stud.

    Ok, here goes. John Stamos,%20Justin

  72. Laurita Says:

    good one on the Justin Guarini, sideways! total cheddar mixed with mozzarella 😉

  73. sideways721 Says:

    Thanks Laurita.

    I’ll try this pic of Orlando, since the other one doesn’t link.,%20Orlando

  74. Theresa Says:

    I’m sure there are no do-overs in Monkbotville, but I just noticed a broken link.

    5. And finally, this guy will always be unforgettable in this shot

  75. justwatchin Says:

    I’ve never associated Taylor with cheese!!!

  76. justwatchin Says:

    If you’re handing prizes for photos, I’m going with Theresa’s, tho the beach is nice this time of year!

  77. sideways721 Says:

    How’s this combo?

  78. double d Says:

    Theresa — Yes!! I still remember when Gray sprung that jewel on us in chat with no warning. I think I audibly said, “Holy Carp”. heh. He really is a cutie. But, I swear…it’s all about the music. 😉

  79. Theresa Says:


    It is all about the music, but a shot like that sure doesn’t hurt! Kind of like Joss Stone and her legs…

  80. ivoryhut Says:

    Yay! My comment was finally rescued from spam-dom. Which gave us time to think of more cheese. We actually came up with an action hand last night:

    Sadly, even music can’t save him here.

    All those splits must have done something to him.

    Where did he go? Did they freeze him again?

    Um, fighter pilot meets Geico spokesperson?

    And the pièce de résistance …


    After that, we had dessert. Then we tried to come up with an all-female hand while driving back home. We started with Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, and Linda Evans. I think that at that point, the sparkling volcano dessert suddenly kicked in, and the brownies and ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate caramel sauce started having a field day in my tummy.

    It wasn’t pretty.

  81. sideways721 Says:

    ivoryhut, good hand!
    Here’s my Ace of Spades for the females:

  82. Laurita Says:

    lord have mercy.. ivory bringing out the gorgonzola, mashed up with some gruyere and jarlsberg.. not pretty at all!

    and s.w., joan collins = stud? i must ask that you scroll all the way back to the top of this thread and read my list of definitions, which took me HOURS to type.. J.C. does NOT cut it! 😉

  83. Dr. Bob Says:

    Alright — taking a deep breath and hoping that the hotlinking skillz work …

    One stud who might have been all wet … but I loveded him

    an oldie but a goodie — my neighbor wanted to marry him. I thought she was nutz

    the hair! You coulda skied on it.

    He does not even need a helmet

    In case he gets too big for his breeches .. a little reminder of where he started

  84. Dr. Bob Says:

    Great job, Ivory! I had totally forgotten about Gil Gerard. What was the fourth one?

    And speaking of aces …

  85. Laurita Says:

    cool hotmetalling d.b., and quite a hand you’ve laid out for us, i must say!

    (btw, in honor of father’s day, and cause i’m here in FL visiting my folks this week, my dad’s name is actually “Dr. Bob” (was an eye doctor…), and every time i see you post, i smile and think of him – 88 y/o next month…) 😉

  86. rowan Says:

    Dr Bob – Donny and Ace are definitely pure cheescake. As for Jonny Depp (casts gimlet glance at Dr Bob) I have to grant you that yeh – that waistoat and hair are kinda high in calcium. Yehhhhh, the dashingly depressed Mr Depp may have a cheesey element to him. Sigh. It is tough to admit, but yeh…when it is staring you in the face, incontrovertibly…

    Hard as it is to accept, Jonny of the molten eyes has a place in the deck, cos he does seem to brood darkly rather much. For his poignant portrayal of Edward Scizzorhands, nevertheless (I reeeally hearted him in that) can he be promoted to cheesburger – you know…with just a veneer of dairy?

    Laurita – all the best to your dad! (Waves from afar.) I forgot it was Father’s Day…>_

  87. rowan Says:


  88. rowan Says:

    Shelley – sorry, am not having my comment post successfully.


  89. Jules Says:

    sideways – Tom Selleck is brilliant!
    Dr. Bob – I had that Johnny Depp (21 Jump St) poster when I was 18 – I was OBSESSED with that show (Det Tom Hanson)

    I realize this thread is pretty much over but I thought of a couple more that I am surprised have’t been added…

    Greatest American Hero


  90. Dr. Bob Says:


    Jules!! Prince?! Cheesy!? Never!!

  91. Jules Says:

    Dr Bob – did you look at the picture? It’s the album cover from Lovesexy. Also have you seen the video for Dirty Mind? Don’t get me wrong I like Prince a lot but come on now…

  92. Dr. Bob Says:

    hey — not every man can carry off that outfit … (’nuff said)

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